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Section Two
Pages 9-16
t',4'1 iBpwwwpwji"iaiiwMffP
Tho earth Is a hollow globe, and
that Its Interior can bo entered
through a holo several hundred
nllc wide ut each pole, which was
first exploited In the Sunday World
two years ago, seems to bear n
charmed life.
ThA t.ivn M.ti -o ,..i,i t.
(William need an lnsuranco agent,
aeemod eo fantastic that Tho World
devoto almost a page to It; since
then Mr. Reed has elaborated his
ideas In a book nnd addressed sov-
oral more or less learned societies In
advocacy of his theory. As a result,
ft company was incorporated lost
tunnV llin nl.lnt nt -t,l..1i la 1.. v-
v...,, v.. -J uirgn, ,,. 111.1111 .o lU v.-
('iwiu mju niiiiiiuo vi tliu caibii. ' vi
this purpose an expedition Is to bo
fUipd out. with Niilunjirlnn Imntjt. 1ml.
loons, wireless telegraph, gyroscopes,
nnd other paraphernalia of which no
Arctic explorer hitherto has thought,
Tho company Is called tho William
need Hollow Earth Exploring Club,
and It is proparcd U spend $1,500,000
In its search for poof that thero Is
no North Polo. It Is going to hnvo
Bcout boats capable of resisting tho
Ice, smaller tlinti, but of 'tho samo
pattern as tho Fram; automobiles
BUca as thoso now innkliic tho New
York-toParls onduranco run; "scoot- iWhcn Mr. Reed was seen at Ills ,'!& tn enormous water pressures
tors" much like those used on Great home, No. 215 West Ono Hundredth w,1'c'1 might bo necessary for deep
Gouth Bay to assist fishermen nnd street, he would only say: HClt navigations and explorations un
oystormon In overcoming Ice bar-1 '',lt Is time for action not n tlmo l(,or the Ico. At tho time that I was
Tlora. for mere talking, nut tho earth is 'nuking experiments for tho Holland
Tho position of theso disciples or liollow and our Investigations will Uoat Company I built a quartcr.sjzo
William Reed appears to bo that they soon prove It. Tho poles so long ""bmarlno with two Btccl shells, nn
havo been misunderstood from tho sought nro but phantoms. There aro oulcr sllcll and an inner, with coni-
Btart; their Ideas as to tho shape or openings at tho northorn and southern nro8SC1' water botwecn tho two. I
the earth aro not based upon a kind extremities. In tho Interior or tho foun,l by actual experiment that this
of rollglous enthusiasm or fanalclsm, earth aro vast continents, oceans, ,)0at would resist prossuro almost to
Ibut upon cold solcntlflc facts nnd up. mountains and rivers. Vpgotablo and tM0 P,nt of tho breaking point In
on deductions drawn from tho re- animal llfo Is evident in this now tho stool Itself. As I now recall It,
ports of Arotlc explorers.
Financiers '.associated with Mr.
Rcd say that whllo thoy do not
agree with him In nil his deduc-
tions, they are nevertheless convinced
ruiu wiu wnuiiBH oi men into runn- uro ni wo. 50,j mgiitli avenue. Bald: "ui"-" ui uumvun 'iuu mm uuk itei.
sen, Peary and Dornacchl, that some- i "Somo of our plans nro so fcaslle iHudson, Maxim, tho authority up
thlng Is wrong with tho acceptod set- that lf wo should mako thorn public on explosives, when told that tho
cntlflc conclusions regarding tho at this tlmo other Arctlo cxplorora subniarlno experts say a boat can bo
poles, and that the tlmo has coinb would at once adopt them. Prema- built which will run under tho water
when tho unknown country boyond turo publicity will only injuro us. for 150 milesabout tho distance
tho Arctlco Circle, a torrltory largor However, I do not mind saying that that tho latest Arctic explorers have
than tho cntlro United States, must In tho work of organizing this ox- stopped short of tho North Polo
Cb '1sciQ'ntincalIyf ,oxpJorcd. jpcdlUon wo .shall have-only ono rule nl asked to ug.?oat tho best cxplos-
iMr. Rood Is by no means n dream, set tho best. Wo are going to tiso Ives to bo used In forcing away tho
cr. A thorough business man by all 'tho old.cTashloncd mothods, In- Ico and pormlttlng a submarlno ' boat
training, ono of tho best known cludlug devices for long treks over to seek tho surface for nlr and for
among tho flro lnsuranco men of tho tho Ice, but we aro going to omploy tho purposes of exploration, replied:
country, spmo of li.'a stanchest sup- also tho latest nnd most up-to-dato j "Nltro-gclatln would bo tho best
porters nro his former associates, sclentlllc methods. Holland boats, thing. Tho hydrostat ought to show
bankers and flro lnsuranco mon who dirigible lml loons, wlroloss tclo- tho oxact dlstanco of tho submarlno
have known him for many years. (graphic- and tolophonlc Instruments, bolow tho surface of the wator. As
Whllo It is n llttlo loss than two tho gyroscope anything and every- I now recall it, Arctlco explorers
ycara since tho Sunday World first .thing, In fact, that will aid us In ugrco that In most plnces tho ico Is
pri-un ims men uiai mo cartn is
hollow, and that Nanscn, sailing in
clear water for fourteen days, must
havo passed hundreds of miles bo
yond tho polo, other explorers mak
ing similar mistakes becauso of tho
Jmislcadlng variations of tho mag
netic nccdlo, probably not since Mrs.
Eddy first propounded Christian Sci
enco hag any geographical theory 'so
caught tho popular fancy or mado
greater strides In tho rural districts.
Wr, Rcqd has been obliged to an.
nwer tens of thousands of loiters of
Inquiry from all sorts and conditions
of, mot). Mr. Reed estimates that
his followers number upward of 10,
000 scattored all over tho world.
Dr, Horace Dobell, at ono tlmo
senior phslclau to Uio Royal Hos.
l'ltal In Iondon, and a high au
thority on dlsoasas of tho ohest,
has enumerated what ho considers
cno of tho most common caiises of
ordinary "colds, In 21 per cent of
the-cuses ho Investigated tho causa
was oj BUddou ohango of tompera
turo. Fogs and damp air were "tho
cauijea n 10 por cent, draughts of
cold air In 1G por cent, cold wind
In 10 nor cent, gottln-; wot .in 1 1
per cent and wet foot In 17 por
tent. n tho remaining :t por cent
tho cuuscs could not bp traced.
Tho nbovo ttatcimcnta woro mado
by tho jiailQiits, who may havo been
mistaken, For oxamplo, a told may
develop aftor exposuro, or a I tor
getting; wet, wlum olthor tho oxpos
tiro nor tho wotting 1 responsible
for It. Whllo other niithcrltlps ngrco
with tho opinion of Dr. Doboll, yot
the question romalnsnre thoso
tho trm causes of colds? For ono
may get wot and chilled through
or ho may oxnoso himself to cold
winds and damp air, and ctlll not
take cold. fTlioeo uncomforLiblo-con.
dltlpns, tho, somctlimes do, but
often o not produce bad oiTect
Tho cononsus of opinion spoms to
bp Uiat colda aro soquolao of ells,
turbincoa of tho circulation,
broi?ht on ofton, though not In.
arinbly, by exposuro to cold and
wot, and tnat theso disturbances
tpnd to produce Inriiunmatlon in
the weakest Prt of tho respiratory
In th? writer's opinion Uio chlof
caiue of colda aro dioat which Is
Tho officers or tho William Reed
Hollow Karth Club for Now York arc
Frank M. Ashley, president- Dr.
Ito3wcl. O. StcJ.bhis.Tst "ico prSjl
dent; Frank R. Millard, second vice
president; Albert Opcrtl, treasurer;
Capt. Dradlcy s. Osbon, secretary
-wrtin t-.i ii-.i... n .,-.,-.. ....
Titus K. Smith, Kxccutlvo Commlt-
too.. Several of theso mon are old
hands nt Arctic exploration,
As nearly ns can bo ascertained.
two plans have been considered scr-
lously by the Kxccutlvo Committee.
Ono plan calls for a general render -
owis, at Tromsoo, Norway; near
i.-l.n Ifl. r.,11 . i. ,
S. w iTromw n Nbp'ny , ".Car . nn ordinary boat,
where Walter Wollman has for two . , ,. .
seasons been threatening tho polo', ,As rJ!r,ll! d'BtnIlc wl mlRht
with a dlrlglblo balloon. Tho othcp n tho event of an open
calls for a general rendezvous In I'olart,8,f )ol",?f cntcTcd," said
.lllliiv OllllVI IIVMIIII.UI I lil HIT IWO
Greenland, near ICtah, whoro Dr.
Cook has several times mado his
headquarters. A letter has been
sent to Roy Kmibcnshuo, tho Toledo
aeronaut, osklng hltn It tho largor
balloons which ho has been at work
constructing for olghtccn months aro
sultablo for use In tho Arctlo reg-
Ions, and whether ho can bo Induced
to tako charge of tho aeronautic
branch of an expedition of this nn
iwirld, and It Is possibly nconled by
'races yet unknown to tho dwellers
upon tho earth's oxterlor."
I .Walter S. Rockov. business nianiiir-
er or the- expedition, whoso orflces
maicing our way tnrougn tno Arctic
regions. And, whllo I am not
n-.au uj uiiu, i win -Euy uini j niu ot iiiirogoiaiin, wnlcli would not
ready to listen to suggestions from cost much, ought to blow a holo
Arctlo explorers iij nil pnrta ot tho through Ico fitly feet thick. This
world as to tho best methods for nltro-gclatln could uo laid after tho
making progress in tho Far North, fashion or a mine, nnd by attaching
iFrunk M. Ashley, president of the a copper wlro to It and dropping
club, who is a lawyer, with orflces In It down four or five hundred feet Into
tho Tribuno Building, said ho had tho ocean tho occupants or Iho sub.
uuggestoti to Mr. Rrcd tho uso or marine could oxplodo It. If no uccl
tho gyroscopo na a subftltuto for tho dent occurred an explosion or two ot
compass In the work of determining this sort ought to put tho subinn
whethcr tho earth curves sharply In rlno scouts right In tho heart of tho
tho Arctic regions, and ho added 'Arcllc regions. But lo hunt tho
that this particular plan among oth- , North Polo with a submarlno boxtt
ors was now receiving aircful ennsld. Vcll that Is certainly 'going some!'"
oration at tho hands or the executive ' Now York World.
especially dnngbrou.' In wlntor
and sudden changes or tomporature
li one could avoid hot rooms and
.bad air In winter ho would raroly
tako cold. Sedentary omployiuont
J reiulora ono peculiarly llablo to
colds on aoaount of Its depressing
pffect on Uio circulation. When
ono' occupation necessitates 'his
dttlng still for several hours ho
should bo not vory heavily clad,
land the toinporaturQ of the room
'BhDiild be 70 or 72 ilogrees Fahr
enheit, then on going out Into tho
leold ho hould not only don warm
outer cloUilnfc, but should walk
birskly to quicken his elrcula.
As tho netion nolthor of the air
hor of tho water will rust Iron,
While their combined action will,
ho nro colds caused nelthor by hent
hor by cold but rathot by a sud
den transition from either to Uiq
, Whllo It will bo conceded as n
w oil-known fact that a auddon
transition, from hoat to cold may
cause a cold, yet the furthor con-
itentlon that transition from cold
Uo hoat may equally causo a cold
twill, In somo quartors, bo disputed.
! Nevertheless ithe- latter sUilomont
is logical, If It Ih a fact that colds
como from disturbances of tho cir
culation. The vigor or tho olrcula.
tlon Is proportional, within limits
to tho tomppraturo of the air that
nets on It. The mechanical ar.
rnngomonta In tho body for main
taining nnlimal iieat adopt them,
solves to Uilia eurroundlng tem
ppraturp and wheu It clmngea Bud-
commlttco of tho flub,
I Whon lolin p Holland ilnr
L ., . i I,0,m,Ild' lnvcntor
C ,c or a sTbnnrhm "of To Sto
C iy Po wuld bo Llol a si
(, ffen to tho relic Ocpim n
fie luod u an auxiliary Tr o
"'"re uscu as nn auxiliary for cx-
plorlng purposes, ho said It would
bo follsh to think of holding tho
subniarlno on nny polar exploring
ship, for tho reason that the subnia
rlno could proceed to the Arctic under
'n lve nm er and t hot Zn
' KoVcn of sto ms a nn f would
' " r f 1 '""' TV?,"!
,, n nr.iinnrv imm
i"" il" ""Hilary OOBl.
I ,,
!r' ., " 'I need only say that
, lll t.lmo ' ,jro"Kht 0,lt lo Fulton
l ?ttcrcta to t,ro3a tho Atlantic In a
lail01mar," nntl tll0 "vo ton miles
!" ,f th,0 i01" " tho otl,or sl,lc'
J , , s"ow Ulc I5"Sll9hmon what wo
d , 0 Alu! ,'tnat wou,d bo fnr
i,noi,8h' everything considered, to
, , , tho ,,lmIls of unv IoIiir SP(i
, UllUK ' b"'"
''Vou ask mo whothor a subninrlno
oouid bo built capable of withstnnd-
.,lot a cck could ho found until tho
onormous presAurc of 182 pounds to
t.lc squaro Inch was reached. This
would Indicate that a subniarlno
,ct,u,(l uo 'm"t which would sink to n
not inoro than ten or twenty t'ect
In thickness: However, halt u ton
donly, whetlior horn heat to cold,
or from aold lo heat, Uio circula
tion Is disturbed and may produco
a cold.
fllio abovp tlieory proved prac
tically triio In tho following In.
stanco. Two men grossed the At
lantic Ocean In an open boat. Tho
voyago lasted sovpral months and
during that tlmo storms woro on.'
countered and tho mon, while lab
oiirr at tho oars, wero often ox-
liaustcd. wot and chilled th ranch
yet throughout tho wholo of their
irjing oxporionco nelthor caught
cold. Dut when having arrived safo
on tho other side, they soucht
Shelter and got thoroughly warm.
od( both' developed vory heavy
colds. Tho roason thst tho colds do
volopod after and not during Uio
exposure . may novo heen that
when tho ihob blood whlcih' the cold
wind nnd -water had forcod back
to tho Internal organs, suddenly
rotuxnod under tho lnfluonco or
warmth to tho o lorft depleted
mucoiiB Hiirtaces. It set up an In.
Humiliation that manifested Itself
as a colda striking Instnnco of
tho effoct of a disturbed clrculnUon.
IH. W. Gardner states n itho Ulr
mlng'.iam Medical Kovlow, .March
1898, that NaiiBon wrote Mm that
nolthor ho nor his companions
caught cold whllo in tho Arctlo
regions but that all or thorn im.
piodlntoly itook cold when thoy re
turned to Norway. A Blmllar com
munication was lvcolvcd from Kot
tlltz, who wan tho modlcal olllcor
to the Jackson-Harmsworth oxpodl.
A Cholmonskl concludes from a
number of investigations that cold
Hoes not In tho ordinary sonso pro
duco disease, since its offect is but
pllffht, moroly preparing the way
for imlcrcorganlsms. Ho romarka
tho skin to cold indicates whether
n person will leadlly tako cold or
not, Micro being no relation be
tween tho' reaction and the condi
tion of Uio Individual's nutrition or
ofc bin temperature sense. From
these considerations ho concludes
Hint tho proper method of protect
lrt against cold s not to wont
an cxccsaivo amount ot clothliiK.
but to 'Btlmulntc tho skin in rapid
reaction. All of which l Interesting
ns explaining the why or tho notor.
lous fuict that, children who aro
swathed Jn .heavy clothing In
winter nro nioro prone to cold than
aro poor .oWUlrcd, who aro more
lightly e clad.
Kcgarduig influenza, which Ib
imtlilnc inn-rn Limn :i ihonvv nnlil. II
0rcs9well In the lancet. Sept. 18,
1807, makes the remarkable obser
vation that ho hits round thai
healthy persons nro mora likely to
bo lufcotcd Willi this dlsoaso than
aro thoso who have been previously
in had health.
Tho normal temperance or the
human body Is ns everybody
knows, about 98.4 degrees Fahren
heit, and this temperature must bo
maintained constantly In both cold
and 'hot Bcasons. How docs the
body effect this? Undoubtedly by
tluctuatlons ot tlio circulation. The
blood in tho lo.ly that is exposed
to fold U driven back to tho in
tornal organs, tho skin becomes
dry and tho pores contraot, thus
rcduelt)r t'ho radiation of heat and
moisture to a minimum. Contratn.
wise, when the tpmpcraturo or tho
surrounding air is lilgii or when
ono by physical exercise makes
heat, tho blood rushes to the stir
face, tho pores open and exude
moisture, and wo 'havo a maximum
heat radl. Hon, aided by tho cool,
lug elrcct ot rapid evaporation. Tho
bodily tomporature then is icopt
constant, icihlofly by (ho opposite
physical offrcts of cold and hent
on tho skin and underlying tissue
T.horo Is reason to bellovo, how
ever, that colds uro otherwise catiB-
cd than by exposure to cold and
wet. Whntevcr depresses pulmonary
circulation, such as a weak heart
or cxjcsslvo brain work with do.
llolent physical activity, predisposes
to welds. Dyspepsia- also and over
eating which eurohargo tho blood
with Impuritloa, 'muso a feverish
condition that often eventuates in
cranio local lurianvmatlou.
In conclusion wo may say tint
best way to avoid colds Is to avoid
whenever possible, "thojo conditions
that profoundly- and suddenly din.
turb tho circulation; that Is to nay
wo Bhould avoid extremes In tom-
poraturc, nnd when wo cannot do
this wo can at lea3t modify their
oirocts by proper clothing. Also wo
should by systematic and vigorous
exorclAo and caro in tho diet, keep
uio Dioou rroo irom Impurities nnd
Its circulation actlvo. A gonernl
robust health aiid an ability to
recover qulclclyfrom .unavoidable
syHtoniatls disturbances explains
tho immunity somo persons enjoy
rrom colds. r 'Elliott Flint.
'Mrs. Ixjla Rlloyrriffectlonate daugh
ter of V. K. andJNancy A. Miller,
nnd beloved wifo offG. Willis Riley,
.was born In Montgomery township.
Marlon county, Ohio,' Juno 10. 18C5,
and departed this llfo at her lato
nomo, iour nines -northwest
. - ...
r miles northwest ot f.a. hlbltlons ot nerve and ability to tako some fun, sho mado no sign and, ap
, Monday, April 20th, 1308. enro of herself. parontly satisfied with her Inspoc-
d 12 yenrs 10 months and In tho abs'onco of hor father, sho tlon. resumed hor work.
Rue, Ohio
bolng aged
l uays. hiio uniicu in marnago with
G. W. Riley, May 20th. 1801. To
them wero born 'thrco children. Ono
llttloson. named .George Bdwln, died
January 1st, 1007, nt tho early aco
or in (lavs two hrrn l min inii
.. , . . .
tors, Blanche, aged near 11, and IM -
. ..p..V HHIV lIltllQI
th near llvo years old. remain of
ho family Sho was never of rugged
UU.1IUI ui nu.i.is wiiiBiiiuiion noui
a year sinco shofoll a victim to
lung trouble, por five weeks pro.
vlous to death (sho. was qulto sick
and suffered greatly; She Informed
husband and parent previous to
death sho was not afraid to die. but
would lovo to Hvq for their bako and
tho rako of tho children. And each
day becamo moro kind and loving to
them all S3 tllOipnd drew OU. Dying
sno ii.is icu ii nusuanti, parents anil -
two daughters with other relatives to
iFunorol sorvlces woro held Wednes
day artornoon in tho IlRllO .V. B.
church, Rov. .I.-A. Sutton offl - lat -
ing, assisted by-Rov. B. N. Img of
tho v. II. andRov. o. F. Klnnoar
of M. IS church 1'Tollowlng servl.-o,
tho body was laid to final ret In tho
LaRuo cemetery. ,-Thn neighbors and
friends who wore ovpr. kind and good
to those afflctod ones aro thus sin -
coroy thankodor their continued
klndne-ss to themj and also all thoso
who so kindly presented tho perfusion
of beautiful flowors'whlch gnicod tho
CttBkOt. ,
Take Notice
Special for 'Vono month I'ananm
jllnts Bleaohod, Blockpd and Clean
ed by Smith, poK-xpert Hatter,
lit) Koulh Mnlif-irtreet.
' .4-22-Ct pd
" """
.; :?,'
i'.?? ::v:-..'-
. ... av:
Caught Cold
Mrs. I.E. nondonoii,221 Ninth St., Milwaukee, WIb., writes:
I never had nny fnlth in patent medicines until I tried Peruna, but mv
oxporlenco with this rollablo medicine has taught mo that thor is ono which
can bo trailed, nnd which will not fall In tlmo of need.
'For tho past fow years r havo found that I caught cold owlly, which
would bo tlo In a most unpleasant catarrjurf the head. I had to ,. especially
enroful about being out of evening, nnd not to got chilled when drscd thin
for parlies, but siueo I havo used Peruna my gonoral health la improced, nnd
my 8ys cm is in such good condition that ovon though I am exposed loin
clement wentnor it no longer nffects mo.
"1 havo n splendid nppotllo nnd enjoy llfo, being in perfect health."
Pe-ru-na Tablets.
For two years Dr. Hnrtmnn nnd his
nnsistnnts havo labored incessantly to
croato reruna In tablet form, nnd their
strenuous efforts havo Just been crowned
with bucccsb. Peoplo who object to
liquid medicines can now socuro I'orunn
tablets. Theso tablets represent tho mo-
Handv with 'Hlv-nlinotr" mid
tho mistress of a phenomenal "nerve.'
Miss Moslcy Dagley, the buxom ohcol
gin daughter ot the Sheriff of Ander-
son county, Tenn., holds a roputntlon
aa a shooter equal to that of any man
in tno lenncssee mountains. Her
'reputation has not been won by her
'doxterlty with her "Kun." but by ex-
" "
:ls tho solo guardian
'cotintv iall. nnd nt
of tho Anderson
no tllno has sho
failed to meet the requirements or
.the office. Recently a migratory
confined on a charge of
- '
attempted robbery made an attempt
to get to timber, but changed his
'mind after hearing tho ping of tour
or five bullets from Miss Dagleya
i - Kun" ellp.tlio wind about his oars,
and returned to tho jail and his cell
'jjHcd with a profound rOHpeet for tho
sheriff's daughter. That was only a
part of tho routine for Miss Dagloy.
nn.i !. mwh n snrw-ini r.Hit
for It. Sho Is strongest and at her
...... . , ., . .....
host when dealing with real' had mon
Stanhury, tho "yoggmnn," Is not a
mountain man and has a ''gelatino
nlnn." A wralnrn of Mm! snrt no-
cording lo Miss Dagloy, would hardly
mako talr sport for children
Her reputation Is wide and every
body of tho mountains has' n wholc-
'goiho resnpct for her. fo her oonortun-
jtcs to got Into a Knmo with u- real
billl man uro Um,iw, I
Bllt hor vory roputntlon once gavo
1l0r ,ho opportunity or a Uro tlmo.
A half-blood Indian, Bill Bnerfeld by
namo. slnro despatched lo tho happy
, Rr0UI11,s by a map ho had
.RUen,pto dto brain with a hntehot.
,loar nl)ollt Mlga DiB,oy. Ku r
Untompt for womon that had been
, Bllll0( , hlm wllll hh lnaittll
Blood, ho mado a wager with somo
of his pals that lie would make Miss
Dagloy cook nun n nico dinner,
What ho got was .hot enough, but it
wasnt dinner and It wasn't nlro.
,BI11 took no chanco on compllca-
tlons nnd selected a day whon ho
1(ew tho Sheriff was miles away
Ii the brush after desperadoes. Ub
assumed his fiercest mien and deco -
""w x''"1 -"ii kv xcu me
.v- rxs.tt ..rr.'' .'
Sinco 1 have.'
y. used Peruna I
Vhavo n splendid
f$$. appetite, on Joy
?iVtf??Mllo and perfect
?W health.
.a -v
dlclnnl IngrcdlontB of Peruna, nnd i-ach
tablet is equivalent to ono nveragn do.o.
Mm. Josophlno Hoist, 102 E. First Si..
Portlnnd. Ore., wrifnx tlmi. .! .....
troubled sorlouflly with catarrh of the '
throat, that sho used Poruna nnd was
wonderfully helped in two weeks, nnd
in a llttlo over two months hor system
was rid of all traces of catarrh.
mi ml nlih n i.i, nr.-i -.n .,
sawed - off Uiotgun for good measure.
naunte.cd leisurely and
lously into the jail yard
Mlss Mos-
'cle was busy with household duties
ou tho rear porch, but sho paused
lone choiikIi to hand 'Mllll thn inrti-
an" a disqulotinjr look of Inquiry If
she folt that sho was m,n..t m , hv
.- .,......- .w ""
There was nothlnir about tho look
'In Mliw MnSnl-R ovn t ,iiuif
Rill, oxcont that ho ).:..! n.mvti t,i.
armament to insplto trepidation, and
tho look told him that its offect had
boon lost. But ho sUU had con-
Getting out of his slouch, tho In-
dlan walked boldly, up to the porch,
stood a row feet from Misa Mosslo
and ejaculated "How-deo-doo?" In his
very ilerccat tones.
',Howdy" returned Miss Mosslo
mildly "What you loklng for?" And
Ri. ,.,n,in n,n iw uh nnhni,
.Bill over.
t,m. " -
''Dinner," BUI answered, and ho
said It an If ho lutondod to dine off
iSHss Mosslo If nothing olso was In
"Dlnner yo' foot." said tho girl;
'this ain't dinner tlmo."
"Well, It's my dinner time
"If Rlyou'll shore hav to get li? ,5 l, th0 UUdpr
,uo'crs eIEo. thor' ain't nothing 'J f cl ,d ' " "f n '8 f "
ni,A,i in fi.iH i,nn ,a Krl wa!i ,lt t' corner of the
cookeil In this houso.
,.ftl0k ,, thon! Anil ,)0 amn nlI,ck.
'about It." eomma.ided Bill In his
most awful register.
, Until that moment Miss Mossle had
studiously avoided taking BUI serious-
ly. Her gun" was In tho house, but
tor that matter sho h.td felt no nee,)
of ,t. His Insolent command angered
hor. but sho kept her head.
ir yo nnt It that lad." sho
said as sho turned toward tho opon
door, "you'll have to wait." And as
sho got in tho doortony sho addod,
"but when you get it It will bo so
hot you can't eat it."
.mil hud depended on oowinir tho
girl. Hp know batter than to offer
.violence for though tho jail was so JSn later ITL 1..M1!
'questered It was not far enough away ,mounttt'n 'aer, a" " s business
from tho store to guarantee his get-' Continued on Pago Twelve. ,'
fi f iriiAur ., nu i.n a nn.u
irum doui rc-rti-na.
The Value of Health.
Who can set a monoy vnlne oa
hoaltli7 It is absolutely prlcoloRg.
No ono in good health can fully
oppreclato what it means to havo
poor lioalth. Tho clays oro long and
tedious, Tho nights horrlblo and
painful. Nothing goes right. Even
tho mind becomes deranged nnd in
jured by continued poor health.
Once liberated from tho thraldom
of sickness words fall to oxpresu
tho Joy and relief.
Peruna has been tho means of ro
llovlng moro women from 111 health
in tho United States than, perhaps,
nny other mcdlrlno.
A multitudo of woraon stand roady
to glvo testimony in favor of Peruna
whenovor occasion otters.
Dyspepsia Entirely Relieved.
MlssLinio O. Martin, Hhelbyvllle,
Tonn., writes: "Everybody Bays I
look hotter than I hnvo for two or
thrco yearn, and 1 sincerely thank
you for your kind ndvico.
"I bollovo your treatment has en
tirely cured mo. I can eat anything
I want. 1 believe your'rcmodlcs will
euro any casd of Indigestion or dys
pepsia." O-
W.V .'i
.' 'ry jr
Head and Throat.
Mies Helen Sauerbior, fil5 Main St.,
St. Joseph, Mich., writes:
"Last winter 1 caught a sudden cold
which doveloped into an unpleasantcn
tarrh of tho head nnd throat, depriving
ineof my nppotito and UMial gooi spirits.
"A friend who had bconcurcd by
Porunn ndvlsed mo to try It and I sent
for a ,,ottl at once, nnd I am glad tnsay
mat in uireo uays tho phlegm had
loosened, and I folt bettor, my npputlto
returned nnd within nlno days I was hi
my usual good hoaltb."
away, and when Miss Jlosslo gavo
her first Intimation that she Intend
ed to llht, sho was out of reach of
everything but his shotgun. Ho
.stood for a moment undecided, but
discretion got tho upper hand of hl.i
Instinct and scenting what was to
,COmlrC' -' n V l ,?U.dB aTS ,
rock wall of tho ;all toward a high
fence, bulwarked oy Uilck under
brush. Noar a window ho halted. The jjlrl
was In that room and ho could hear.
, r inano"vrlnE for n shot. Mayljo
hc would try for It from the window
her manouvrlng for a shot.
. If ,lrt ,11, 1, j ..,. 1.1 l.I l..
If she did ho could get his handa
ou her. But sho didn't. Tho In
dian crouched ni tho wall; Mlsa
uMosslo climbed to tho proch rail to
'""'""" """swessiy crepi, ami
t."?n'..,n .heT orils sll ''9"t-
, . .,, 8llnKlns In(3lan wl
her revolver.
Sho had to bend around Uio pro-
jcctlng corner of tho wall and tho
Zi!Z! mthA the Indian,
i?,1, 1 1 wP r -
shot went wild. So did tho Indian.
1" , , "I . -.-.-... .(
n,00)?1' hard'., J',mnl1uf ,m
,? , , Bfound;1 tho Brl Klf
, fas? " Jat aa thf ntaWo
'?'" J L , n'6,0'" "'o behind tho
.rnr corner or tho wall, l-nt tho forpo
ioi uio noivv pan passliiK ns ear
tumbled him to tho ground and ho
lay for a moment ns If dono for,
imt It was only for a moment. Ho
know tho ball hod mjssod and did
not stay to feel himself, but gaining
his feet mado like tho wind for tho
iUMVV' imhw tv niviwui Buraji-
, '""so uemro uio orusu uirougii w.nirti
house herore tho brush through which
'11",'". i , I'i'B '
'f " L? fi ?d ' . - ,T
it0"L Z nn tin '.
L o2, i li !n ' ?'.'a
SJS Zl tlkcnm? th S"
?f" h? i-!!l S iP 1 .
1 Jo The all n,,i n,TiW
'?nP,m f! In. .J Ind-H
Tn .hJ?.wa unHl Ul" e "a( f"'1
' "i, i i,i S'.r
, "'s V.TIL fnr mi ' ,.
' .,. Min ,infnia ,, ,hn ii;i ?,T-
J but lie is modesAd
C.,S i . i. ?? V 2d
"5","1? "fa"d mada "gU ofUho
ftt4B"lr 90? raWmirrn r T L
', r;.
I m
' Xi
' tS
. kL,
jM!x a-AAV!

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