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Contest Over Planks in the Platform Causes Some
Delay and the Program Has Had to Undergo a
Change-Nomination May not be Made Before
Friday, After Everything Else Has Been
Cleaned up.
Vote of Wednesday Night on he Proposition to Qust the
Guffey Delegation is Claimed by the An ti-Bryan Men
to Indicate That Bryan will not Have the Required Two
thirds but Their Figures are Wrong Draft of tho Pro
posed Anti-Injunction Plank Pleases Gompers, but the
Trainmen Enter a Protest with Bryan Delegates Suf
fer From Heat but Stick to Their Task with Determina-
Denver, Juy 9. Jn the hope of be
ing able to roport a completed plat
form to- tho national convention Im
mediately after tho conclusion of tho
Hgoech df PermUnent Chairman Clay,
ton, tfio- political carpenters took on
unusually early breakfast.
The general subcommittee or tho
lull platform committee got together
at 8:30 to receive the report of tlip
representatives of tho sub -commit tees
to which had been referred prepara
tion planks on various ubjects.
rohe'se committees hold sesdonn dur
ing tho night and agreed upon prac
tical all of tho planks In question.
Those on tho Injunction, railroad, cur.
rency and trmts were yet to bo
agreed upon whon tho general sub
committee met this morning to for
mulate Its full report to tho full
committee, scheduled to meet at
(Before the national convention
-warf called to order at U o'cloo fc to
day, .the 'Mdicatlbns were- that thoro
would, bo oonslderabble debate In tho
full resolutions commltto on come of
tho Important plaka, especially those
with roferenco to Injunctions, curren
cy, tariff, railroads .trusts and water
Denver, Col., July 9-Tho third
day's pesBlon of national convention
at 11 o'clock. (Permanent organi
zation and speech of permanent
chairman Claytou.
iPlatfbrm, upon which planks aro
now being nailed Jy io resolu
tions committee, to bo presented
and adopted by the convention prob
ably Into In tho day.
A possibility or nominating
speeches for the presidential can.
dldato tonight,
Vice presidential situation still
Total void Is now 100C, four
votes having been added to tho roll
through am lncreaso of tho Okla
homa voto from 14 to 18 by tho
credentials committeo, The two
trds- voto necessary tp n choice
for tho presidential and vlco presi
dential candidates Is thereforo 071.
Denver. Col July 9 Effort Is be
ing made today by the nntl-Bryan-lteatoshow,
as a result of the vot
ing In Democratic convention Inst
night In Uio Guffey case, that Bry
uu ihaa not tho necessary two-thirds
to nominate him. This claim Is
lmneil on the fact that only GIG
votes could bo mustered to carry
out the 'Bryan plan of ousting tho
quffey delegates. If tho delegates
Who voted to sustain Curfey wero
to stand firm, it Is argued, thoy
could prevent tho nomination of
Bryan ore the first ballot.
In this speculation It Ib however
overlooked v that many delegates
who -cam hero under posltlvo In
structions to voto for Bryan for
president, did not consider them
selves boUud by Instructions to sup
jxxrt oil of his policies, and voted
for Guffey. Among tho votes cast
In favor of Pennsylvania wero tho
(following from delegations instruct,
ed for Bryan, Callfornla,G; Colorado,
a; Illinois, 54; Iowa, 2; Missouri,
6; 'South Carolina, 4; Tennessee, 12;
Virginia, 22; West Virginia, 23; Dis
trict of Columbia, G.
TJiU Is a total of 123 votes. Add
ing thorn, to OJG votes cast In the
convention ngalntt Guffey, makes
tht grand, tot til of at least 738
which wlll SO to Bryan on the first
bftllot far president. As tho number
necessary to nominate Is only 071,
Bryan nas 62 raoro than two Uiirdo
of the convention, -
J( i V.
, . '
At ll:3i) a. m. toilav Tomnornrv
Chairman Bell "called tho Domocratto i
national convention to order for tho
third dayB session.
Desplto tho lntonso heat and the
general belief thnt It would bo
hours and possibly not until to.
morrow, beforo the nomination
would bo reached, tho crowd piled
Into tho building, filling every seat
and standing In the topmost galler
ies. Tho delegate! were slow In ar
riving. v
In tho meantime .tho platform
committee, niter brier discussion,
had adopted unanimously tho antt.
injunction plank an recommended
by the sub-committee. It Is said to
be satisfactory .to . President Gomp
ors, but tho heada of tlu trlamens
Oingnuiatlon havo telegraphed a pro
test against It to Bryan. After
Chairman Boll had secured order,
Rabbl Samuel Koch, offered prayer.
The report or tlyj committeo oil
permanent organization was received
and adopted and tlio permanent
chairman, Jlenry C. Clayton, of Ala
bama was escorted to tho platform.
Ho at onco bejsan his speech, ns
follows: ,
-Mr. Chairman and Follow Dcm-
ocrattj: This is n Democratic vear.
Democratic idoas are now popular.
Doctrines always taught by our party
and scoffed at by our opponents nro
now urged as a gospel or their own.
Measures" and policies or Democratic
origin aro now pretondedly advocated
by tho leaders or tho Republican par
ty. It Is no longer ''anarchUtlc" to
declare private monopolies to be ln
defeiiBiblo or that the great transporta
tion companies should bo regulated
and controlled by public lay. Former
questioning of the decision d! n bare
majority of tho supremo court In tho
jlncomo tax caso cannot naw be heard,
because of tho greater nolso of tho vo
hement and embroidered denunciation
of Judges and Judicial acts that have
shooked the country. A demand for
t)io revision of the' tariff Is no longor
n throat to deploy our Industrial
system. Trusts nro not to bQ tolerat
ed cyen by tho Republican party. Wo
need not now enlarge on the list df
(Republican admissions and promises
for election purposes only. Tho Re
publican party has mado marked pro.
gross In promise, to the peoplo and
much greater progress In aiding sel
fish Interests and special privileges.
That party, guided by oxpedlency and
campaign necessity .would camp this
year on Democratic ground. If Its ap
parent recont progress Is to continue
It does not roquiro a very groat nweep
of tho Imagination to seo written Into
a Republican platform four years
henco tluciao abuses and failures on the
part of tho pivoont ndmlrilstrntlon. I
urge the Impossibility of separating
tho present occupant or tho White
House from hN own nnnolnted one.
lit has been mado evident In the
ponding campaign that tho Republi
cans will seek to eonjuro with tho
name or Roosevelt, and will rely upon
tho president's policies as a prized as
set. Tho prcsidont ha advertised
hlmseir and his policies with a fre
quency and ability that surpasses tho
best efforts of tho shrewdest press ag
ent. A distinguished Republican a
former cabinet officer onco publicly
proclaimed tho president ta bo the
greatest exponent of the art of adver
tising the world has known. Tho
eountry has boon told and not nllowed
to forget that In his opinion his oner,
gles havo been devoted to ttito accom
plishment of jnany high purpo30i, and
iiht. If hi uAnlr In vnf tnntmnlnfn It
,a B0 only ecauso his undertakings
'woro too yt to uo carried to sucoesa
during tits term Of oKIco,
( "My policies" must continue; so
tho champion of these would trans
fer office and power to his fuvorlto
cabinet minister, and his spear Is to
ho to a fellow. The pretenie Is that
tho fight must go on under tho lead
er designated by him until tho last
foe shall have surrendered ot lies In
glorious In tho dust. Tho nomina
tion of Ids would-bo successor was
larQely accomplished by tho uso of of
ficial partonngo and coaro machine
methods, and linn delighted tho chief
apostlo of strenmslty, and nt the samo
time has not perturbed the conscience
of tho one.tlmo civil service reform
er, now tho boss, a n adept In tho he-
!st0wal of public plunder and forget
nil of all his resounding moral com
monplaces. No fair minded American
could read tho dally neeountB of tho
recent political doings at Chicago
without foellng mortification and re
gret; mortification that tho preddent
Bhould havo so abided his power In
dictating to a. great party his cholco
of a successor, and regrot that tho par
ty should havo submitted so cowardly
to a humiliation thnt was as manifest
as It was degrading,
What aro the policies which consti
tute tho capital of tho Republican par
ty In this campaign and that are ro.
lied upon to support tho candidacy
or Mr. Tart?
To recall Democratic platforms,
speeches and measures Is to convlneo
any man that many of tho president's
utterances were derived rrom an
avowed familiarity with the teachings
Of our party. Ills utterances that are
Domocrailc have given him his only
claim to bo a roformer and havo con
tributed largely to tho popularity he
has onjoyed. Tho heir and the parly
are committed to 'unfaltering ndher
onco to tho policies, of tho prcsidont.
What nro these policies and what are
tho achievements br president and
It must bo admitted that tho ro-
publlc cannot long survive ir fraud and
corruption bocomo material factors In
our elections. No man has said nioro
than tho president about corrup
tion of elections. You recall his mes
wigo to congress In Decenibor, 1905,
whero he said that ''It has boon only
too clarly shown that certain men at
tho head of theso largo corpora
tions take but small note ot the
ethical distinction between honesty
and dishonesty; they draw tho lino
only this sldo ot what may b'o
called law honesty, the kind or hon
esty necessary In order to avoid fall.
Ing Into the clutclo of tho law."
(Vo have hero tho condemnation
of the practlcn. Has ho proved his
Continued on Paige Four
y.i.w.. i- iVlify, ytrfmfai ifv V'Hnf
St. Petersburg, July 9. (Twenty per.
sons weie killed today and twice this
number badly Injured In the collapse
of a largo building in course of erec-j
Snake Indians in Oklahoma
aro Becoming Threaten
ing. Guthrie, Okla., July !l A com.
pany of stale miiuia waB ornereu.
this aternoon from Chandler to
Henrietta, to protect tho residents
there from tho Cnako Indians, who
ure holding a corn danco at Hick
ory camp grounds. The Indians
are repotted to have rlhen and the
situation. Is believed to be serious.
Adjutant Oneral Canton Is at
Henrietta. Acting Governor llellamy
will accompany tho mllllla.
Thousand Perish in
Flood in Asia Minor,
Constantinople, July 9 One
thousund peoplo wero drowned to
day In a flood that wiped out the
town of Tokal, on the Yeshll
Irmak Uvor, in Anla Minor, ac
cording to a news agency report.
Highly Seuhoned Candy.
Tho following Is accredited to tho
Uto Sonutor Hoar: At a Fourth ot
July celobrutlou In a Canadlun town,
whero both English and Amerclan
guests woro assembled, tho Hugs of
tho two countries wero used In deco
lutlous. A filvolous young English
girl, loyal to tho quoen, but with no
lovo for tho Stars and Stilpes, ox
claimed: "Oh, whut a silly looking
thing tho American flag Is! It sug
gests nothing but checkor-berry
enndy." "Yes replied Souator
Hoar, "tho kind of candy that has
mado ovorybody sick who over trlod
to lick It."
V -
Burlington, N. J., July 9,A fir-teen-mlnuto
courtem preceded a
romantic leap-year wedding last
night at tho parsonage of tho Union
-M. (E. church when Rev. John W.
Lynch 'the marrying parson" tied
the knot for iHoward Bills Applegate
of Camden, and Miss Ellabetli Car.
penter of 'Mti Holly. The couple
had left (the county seat for a
phaeton ride.
Tho bridegroom would not ac
knowKdgo It, but friends of tho
pair iy Uiat pretty Miss Carpon
ter popped tho question and Apple.
gate, not to bo outdone, made tho
counter proposition that the cere-
V.ony be performed at onco. A
quarter of an hour afterward they
knocked at tho parsonage door.
Bryan Men May Nominate
Him Believing He will
not Desert.
Denver, duly 9 Judgo Gray Is to
be forced to accept tho Vice Presi
dential nomination with Mr. Brayn
The announcement which was mado
jesterday that tho Bryan leaders
were planning to stampede tho
second place nomination to the
Delaware man has received posltlv
The Vlco Presidential situation Is
sill In abeyance, with the Bryan
element silent, but determined tb
make this bold Btroke, Wlf a mul
tiplicity of Vice Presidential can
didates to choose from and ixono of
thorn desired, the leaders figure Uiat
they havo everything to win and
nothing to lose In drafting Gray
on tho ticket. In fact, the famous
announcement of the Commoner
last November, when lie said that,
whllo not a candidate for the Presi
dential nomination bMU If tho party
drafted him ho would not desert
will bo used as aui argument.
Scribners Wins Out in Fight
for Articles From Teddy's
iXew York, July 9 The prize so
eagerly sought lor by publishers
throughout tho United Stated a
contract with Tlieoiioro Boosevelt
for the chronicle of his big gamn
hunt In South Africa, has gone to
the firm of Charlea Scrlbner's Sons,
Tho Scribners stated that the
piesldent would not bo paid "per
word"' but would receive royalty.
Donahey In Cleveland Plain Daaler.
imift ., t ;
,w.ifv- i , i .rKrti.
Hunger Mad Mobs of Men, Women and Children are At
tacked in the Streets by Cossacks and the Most Bloodyi
Slaughter of the Persian City 1b in Progress
Hundreds Have Been Killed.
Odessa, July 9.-JUotlng and blood
shed and merciless slaughter by Cos
sacks broke out In Tabriz, Persia,
again today. A food famine Is the
causo or tho latest outbreak.
Thousands or citizens of tho
strloken city early this morning be
gan a bread riot In the streets. Mobs
ot starving people made raids on the
bakers and provision houses Soldier
and cavalrymen charged the frantic,
Two of the Largest Hotels are Destroyed and the Guests
are Compelled to Leap From the Windows Leaving'' '
Their Clothing and Jewelry Behind Property n
Loss is a Quarter of a Million.
(New York, July 9. More than a
quarter of a million dollars wont up
In smoke early today In a fire which
nearly wiped out Coney Island. Two
famous hotele, Vanderveers and
Palwts, were destroyed and 25,000
Hobson is Called to the Stand for an Address and He
Makes Another Prediction of War with Japan Re
port of the Credentials Committee is All of the
Business Transacted.
Denver, July 9. At tho night ses
sion or tho convention tho galleries
wero woll rilled long beforo the first
delegates and alternates began to
mako their appearance. A great
crowd of sight seers wus gathered out-
sldo the auditorium. In tho hall the
cowiboy band, unfatlgued by its htren
uoub urternoon work, ontortained tho
assembling delegates and spectators
with a lopg program of popular se
Under tho glow of thousands ot
olectrlo bulbs the convention hall
showed to the best advantage. With
the vast audlenco In Its place tho
night scene was a brilliant one.
Apparently It was the opinion or
many of the visitors that the night
Besslon was to roveal reproduction
clr the spectacular scenes enacted
during tho day. The delegates wero
however, r another mind, ana bav
in b worried themselves by their en
thusiasm earlier In tho day, did not
pour Into the halt with tile same
alacrity an wns shown by thojpub
11c. Tho convenllon officers and tho
members of the credentials commit
tee woro In a panic as the tlmo ap
proached for opening the conven
tion becauBo tho majority roport of tho
commlteo was mUstng. The precious
document wa in tho possession of
tho stenographer and he could not bo
found. Tho samo Individual was al
so In 'possession of a opeech to bo
delivered by Representative Olllo
James, of Kentucky, who was also In
mental distress because ot tno nu-
senco of his oration.
Tho officers, after a Bhort confer
ence, decided that no work should bo
undertaken by the convention except
to consider tho report ot tho cre
dentials committeo, Tho report oi
he committee on permanent organ.
Izatlon and the speoclv oi uuairawu
Clayton wont over until tomorrow.
'At 8:30 tho report of tho commit
tee on credentials was brought to tho
hall but Chairman Bell had wanderod
off and could not bo located and tho
delogatcw and spectators put In an
other porlod or Inactivity whllo pageB
and messengers wero -scouring the
hall to bring the chairman to his
desk. M k ,
v 1
, ,.., .ti HkAuiijiviAW-&iUii8MSB
hungor-mad mobs and the fight Is now
raging more bitter than tn any tof
the previous encounters. Women and
children Joined In rioting and fell
with tho men tn the blood-stained
BtreetB. ,
Tho casualties ot tho day will run
Into the hundreds, and no one can,
predict what tho end will bo for a
largo part of the population Is craz
ed wth hunger. '
peoplo saw their guesta leap for llfd
from tho blazing windows. Scorea'r
men and wumon leaped to unburned
awnlngw when tho flames started.
Nearly all of the ' guests lost oil
clothing, Jewelery etc.
Col. Guffey, abaut whom the atorm
of tho night waa expected to center.
appeared on the floor boou after 8
o'clock and Immediately was eur
ounded by several or hla lieutenants
and sympathizers who woro prepared
to take up tho battle In his bohAlf.
When Chalnnan Boll had been
brought back and after bringing down
his gavel In a rapid tatoo he gave vent
onco more to his stereotyped cry:
"Tho convention will bo In order.
gentlemen will tako tholr soata.'
The convention, however, did not
at once come to ordor, nor did the
gontlemen 'take their seats," for the
reason that several letter carriers were
distributing mall among the delegates
and thoy were for the time being
more Interested In letteni from home
than In reports ot convention mat
ters. It was 8.37 whon tho business or th
ovenlng was taken up.
Mr. Ormond, of Florida, was recog
nized io- move that Representative
Richmond P. Hobson, of Alabama, b
Invited to address tho convontlon.
Mingled with tho cheers ror ''Hobsori,
Hobson," wero many cries of "No,
no." Chairman Boll put the motion
to a viva voco vote and there waa -rousing
storm or 'aye' and 'no,"
soma of tho delegates supplementing
tholr negative voten by demands of
'IGlvo us committee reports; ro
want to do business."
'(Pleaao permit tho chair to an
nounce the result," said the chairman
an soon as ho could bo heard above
tho confusion. l havo a very sen.
sltlvu ear, and I dccldo that the vote
Is a tlo. It Is thorofora the prlvjl
ego of tho chair to cast tho decid
ing voto. 1 cast In the affirmative,
and Congressman Hobson 1b luvlted'to
address tho convention,"
Cheers and a fow hlssea followed
Hobson to tho stand, and he re
ceived a warm wolcomo as 'he stood
behind Chairman Bell. After Mr.
Jfobson had been speaking for fif
teen minutes the crowd began to
grow restless and crlea of "Time"
carao from floor and galleries.
In concluding bit address Congress
man Hobson declared that, if tho'Dem-'
ocratlo party wati successful In tU't
r i
i t
,i ;
wrp. j

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