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Mmost an All Night Session was
vHeld Thursday Night and the
Nomination was Not Made Un
.. , ' til Almost Four O'clock in
the Morning.
Delegates Seemed Determined to Have the Question of the
Nomination for President out of the Way Before Day
'light The Platform as It was Reported From the Com
v mittee was Adopted at the Night Session Governor
- Johnson and Judge Gray were Placed in Nomination but
Showed Little Strength when the Balloting was Begun
The First Ballot Gave Bryan, 892 1-2; Johnson, 46;
.Gray, 59 1-2 Wildest Scenes Follow the Announce
ment of the Vote.
Donvor, July 10 A second wild
dojiKHiBtratlou for Bryan urokc out
last night whoa Ignatius J. Dunn
placed his namo la nomination, Tho
chcora broko 'out as booh as Dunn
flulnlicd. Each delegate and many
of tho visitors had llttlo flags which,
they waved Incessantly. A bannor
with. 'Bryan's prtralt was lowered
oVcr U10 platform and a. white dove
was, loosened and floated over ttw
auditorium. ,
. Again the state standards woro
Btartcd In a mnrcli to the speaker's
staud.all but llvo slates, Maryland,
'Minnesota, Now York, Georgia and
.Delaware Joining In tho domoustra.
tlo'." y,A peculiar feature of tlio
scouo '-was, tho explosion of flash,
llghja every fow moments.
TI16 cheering ceased for a moment
whjle the, ,cntlro audience Ming tho
" "Sjaa $paugled Jlantief' only to
breaks out, again- with Increased In
tensity. , I'innlly Chairman Clayton
AbndpiiC() all cftorUj to control tho
gaThorlngftatid tho crowd began
singing "4Wo Won't Go Homo Till
Morning"; Tho sceno In tho hall
oon becaino n bedlam," tho crowd
and- tho bund vlolng with one an
other in making tho most noise.
After forty-llvo minutes of tills
noise Cualririqii Clayton again tried
to )?ot order, but failed.
-Th'o delegates wore culled to
order In tho night session at 7: 10. A
Hiniall Amorlcau flag iliml boon plac
ed on every delbgate. This was tho
unmistakable uvJdcnco or tho nomi
nating bctaou of Uie convention ami
quickened tho interest, of thu specta
tors; who niailo an eaily rush for tho
pallorlcs, lining thorn t' overflow
ing, At i o'clook, howeve, thoro
wero fow of tho dolegalcs In tliolr
'places. They had lingered long at
dinner, tho slow dying twilight of
the Colorado cvonlnfcs 'proved docoi
tlvp as tho hour. A male quartet
wius an added reaturo of tho musical
program of tho night session. They
sang their l!rt selection through a
megaphone and got u royal recop
'tlo'ii,' A Chicago band rcllovcd tho cow
ihoy musicians, who had served so
loyally" slnco the opening or the con.
vontlon on Tuesday, The bandsmon
nfVtho plains, It was generally
fltfrced, had earned their rest. TJioy
have bpRU untiring In tholr ciror,ts
td'-cntea-taln tho multltued and tlio
excellent quality 0f their nuwlc has
boon widely commontcd upon.
1 srr. Clayton .recognized Jlr. ,Mc
Qu'lslen of Pennsylvania, who an
nounced the selection of James
Kerr n member of tho national
I'onunlltro from that suite.
,f(Vllhout objection tho selection
of Air ,Kerr will be considered as
ratified" said tlio chairman and a
mpmcDt later nddod; "Tho cimlf
hears none, and tho selection of Mr.
Korr Is ratified.1'
Chcprlng and a few hisses greet
ed tlio annouhcomont.
OUIo James of Kentucky moved
that a coipmlltoo of three bo ap
pointed again to wait ujhh tho
plutforni committee, and ascertain
when It would bo ready to report.
The motion prevailed anil Mr, Jumcs
J. Thcww lloniu of Alabama and
P. ""P. Lynoh of Minnesota woro
named. ftlv. Lynch's appointment
was tho llrst recognition the ndhor.
oiits of Gov. .Tohnion had received
In tlio choice of convention com
mittees. .Pending the report of tho coin.
nilttoe' of Inquiry, Thomas P.
of Texas was Invited to address tho
convention. ALr. Hull called out
cheering when ho said It was '
great pleasure to address such a
notable ratification convention an I
declared Mr. Uryan. would bo nonit.
nated becauso the peoplo of the
states who sent their delegated to
tho convention wanted him nomi
nated. Before tho convention was called
to order tho crowd had assumed
proportions that mado It almost
dangerous, A ticket of admission
was no roqulslto for admission and
Inasmuch as everybody In Denver
and all the visitors were most
anxious to witness a presidential
nomination, it wan but a nhort time
before all scuts wero occupied. In
addition, tho aisles In tho galleries
and many of those- on the conven
tion floor wero jammed so tightly
t hut tho peoplo who occupied them
were held almost Immovable. Tlio
windows 1 111 tho hull wero packed
with spectators who choked ofT nil
circulation of air and made tho at
lposphero In the hall almost as foul
as It was hot, and tho heat was
"In November nuxt' said Chair,
man Clayton, "we will witness In
Now York, tho Tviiuiiiany .tlgor
drowning tho Republican elephant.
Therefore I Invito to tho stand for
a speech from- a Democrat to a
DomooraUo convention, cnulor
Thomas V, Grady or Now York".
Senator Grady was given a mast
cnihuslnsllo welcome us .ho nppcarcd
on tho rostrum. .When ho declared
Unit tho convention could uomlnalo
no candidate am adopt no pint
foim that would not receive U10
united and enthusiastiu support of
tho iNow York Democracy, ho was
rjivon still gicator applause and ro
tuned lo his seat amid crlos of
"Grady,'' "Hurrah for Jlrady",
Followlug Senator (Jrady, Chair
man Clayton Introduced Judgo N
J, lVndo of Iowa, tho representative
of tho grciit corn stato."
lly tho itliue Judge Wndo had con
cluded his address (ho crowd Jind
Incioascd still further, and tho
doorways wore packed in a manner
that Bhowed lulsmutugoniont on
the part or tho doorkoipcrs that
was pot far from .criminal. All tho
doors -worn opon and no placo in
tho entire building was nu Impas
sablo as tho oxlt. Thcro was hut
one degrco of congestion in thorn
all. and that was tho highest pos
sible. Tho only difference was llio-.
tho more commodious they wero,
tho more peoplo they hold
Just as Judgo Wndo finished his
Hpopch a woman soatcd in tho rear
of tho pre seats fainted away. It
was out of tho question to carry
fhor out through tho jammed aisles
and It was found necessary to Hit
her bodily over the railing ot ono
of tho boxes, and sho was only
carried to the outsldo with tho
greatest difficulty.
"I am suro the convention wl'l
bo ftlart to concur Jn tlio request
of Missouri to .hear from old Champ
Clark of that state, ono ot tho
knlghtllcst Democrats who ovor
drew a glittering bludo In doronsa
of tho party." It was lit theso words
"that Chairman Clayton Introduced
tho noxt speaker whoso appoaranco
on tho platloim was a signal for
great cheering. '
iMr. Clark predicted that tho
DenKcratH would sweep the coun
Contlnuea on Page Boron,.
rlpn. William Jennings Bryan
New York, July 10 With ovory
record of th'o bca smashed, tho great
Ounaidcr, l.usltanla, reached Now
York today. 'Her lluio of passage
was four duys, la hours and 'id
minutes, III minutes faster than her
provlous record. Tho Lusltahla Is
I now tho only 25 knot uoat on mo
Riotiog in Tabriz Continues
and Hundreds are Being
Kt. Petersburg, July 10 Tho spe
cial correspondence of the Novoo
Vremya who has Just arrived at
Tabriz, reports that tho situation
thcro has reached a stato of oxtrumo
emarchy and that the bomliard.
ment of tho town Is Imminent,
According to u despatch to the'
Novoo Vremya Kachln Khan, who
Is In command of a largo force,
ontored the city yesterday at tho
head of sevoral battoiies of quick
fire guns and presented orders pur.
porting to come from tho shah,
that all Itussinu subjects cvacmito
the KJilavana quarter, wJioro the
revolutionists aro mussed and liavo
been holding' uninterrupted .meet
ings in tho mosques,
Aftor atachln Khan's urrlvnl the
ltusslan couiuol, iM. Phltonoff lied
to his country villa a fow miles
distant, taking along with him as
nn Cocort, a majority of tho avail,
able Cossacks, illo left a inero
handful of Cossacks In Tabriz to
protect tho lives and property cf
tho Europeans and thn consular of
ficials. .
..iki s.. :. ,..,!i . .vv.t -
mmmamtrntLmw .Msmsmt
William J. Bryan Says That if Elected He will Ask but
One Term and will Not Spend His Time Trying to
Fix Things for a Re-election but will Devote
His Time to the Best Interests of the
lUueolu, Neb , July 10. ilmmedl.
ntoly after Hrj.in lOCelved assurhnco
of this nomination, he gavo out this
HTho Presidency Is the highest of
ficial position In the world and uo
ono occupying It can afford to havo
litis views upon public quoUous
biased by pcivftuul ambition. Per
Eouhlly recsgnl.hig hlH jcpouslbllty
and his obligations to his country,
Wniltfttorth. O . July 10. Mrs. Lo
Yl Leulltormnu Is at tho point of do.it li
hero today, whllo a Iwso Is hunting
two men who saiurd entrance lo tho
Jioiibo Into yonlorday' when the woman
v(3s nlopo, bound, gagged nud assault
ed her ,theu ivblicd tho l)oiitc and fled,
WJion tho husband returned, ho found
Mrs. Loathormuu unconHcIons on tho
Uiiulon, July 10. (America won
first honors in tho 200 motor ovent In
tho International shoot at Blsloy, to
day, by a 3ooro of 128 to fSwodon's 123.
Walter Wlnans, tho American shot,
who yesterday tied with Itnnkln, tho
nnglUhman, in a double shoot run
ning deer event, shot off today ami
wqn (Capturing the gold modal,
' .'V
itNj.w Ayii).
ho should enter upon the discharge of
his duties with a singleness of pur
pose.. HIeloving that ono can beot
do this when ho Ih not planning for
a Bpcoud term, I announco now, that,
ir elected, I shall not bo a caudldato
for re-elect Ion.
''This Is a noniliiitlon as purely
from peoplo as am be, and It elect
ed, my obligations' will bo aa purely
to tho peoplo."
Says the 'Platform Suits
Him and Will Add Strength
to the Fight.
Fulrvlow, Lincoln, Nebraska, July
J 0 . ' ' I am very much pleased with
tho platform. It is clear, specific,
tuul strong, and I am grateful to tlio
convention for tho work It ha-3 dono In
stating tho Issues. I am suro that tho
platform will greatly strongthouua
In tho fight upon which wo aro ontor
Ing." Tho abovo statement was mode by
Mr. Bryan today.
jilBgfcaM.AuAiWjfa-MiA.lVjtiiliw..., tt-.Wi ti .iiv
Immediately After the Nomination
was Made the Convention Ad- ;
journed Until One OClock
this Afternoon.
Delegates Spent the Morning Hours in Sleep and When
the Time Came for the Convention to Convene no one
Knew who Would be Selected for Vice President -'4
Number of Men Were in the Race but no One Could
Strike Governor Folk Developes a Boomand Congress
man James Pulls Out The Fourth Day of the Conven
tion Begins with the Enthusiasm Unabated.
Denver, .Inly 10. -William J. Bryan
was nominated ifor president by tlio
Democratic national convention at
3:03, Dcnvor time, today.
Tho total otes stood: Dryau, 892
1-2; Johnson 1C; Gray, r9 1-2; not
voting S. Necessary to a choice, 071.
Tho nomination wa then mudo unan-
linoiis before tho totals woro an
nounced. Tlio convention then ad
journed until 1 p. m., when the vice
presidential candidate will be nominat
ed. The vote was mado unanimous on
motion ot the nominator ot Governor
Johnson, seconded by two of the Gray
Stnugo to say It was tho vole of
Pennsylvania, the homo of Bryan's
arch enemy, Guffey, thut first gavo
the Nehraskan the required two-thirds
071 votes. The session closed amid
wcones of wildest rejoicing by tired-
out delegate.
Polls were taken of two of tho states
during tlio call, Pennsylvania and
New York. Tho result In the former
cavo illrvnn 4fl i-1 votes. Johnson !!
nnil fliiiv fl 1.-V wlHi lr nnf vnttnir.
In tho Now York oaso tho demand
for a poll waf mado, by J. K. O'Con
nor, or Utlca. who hail challenged
''Big Chief" Murphy's announcement
that under tho unit rule New- York
would east her cutlro vote for Bryan.
It was O'Connor's purpose merely to
put Murphy and other Tammany lead
ers on record. Thoy took their med
icine with a wry face, but answered
"Bryan" as each of their names wero
oilled. A detailed vote at New Yorlc
showed six for Johntsjn, but accord,
lug to tho rule, the cutlro 78 votes
wero cast for Bryan.
Tho n I slit and early morning hours
wero replete with sensational Incidents.
For an hour and a querter paudemou
lum relsned after Bryan had been
placed In uomlmtlon by Ignatius J.
Dunn, of Omaha, In his thrilling
speech. As to volume It surpassed
Thursday's demonstration.
Tho speech of W. S. Hammond, of
Minnesota started a twentv-threo min
uted demonstration on liehalf of Gov
ernor Johnson, and Judge Gray's namo
w.is recolvcd with Ics enthusiasm
whon It v,ax preceded by ti. Irving
illangy, of Delaware.
Uryan was seconded by orators from
nearly ovory stato, except Now York,
Minnesota, Delaware, New Jersey and
Tho report of tho resolution com
mlttco 38 presented by Governor
Haskell, of Oklahoma, ana was adopt
ed unanimously,
This morning tlio delegate? aro
Taft Receives Many Telegrams, Some Urgirig Compter
mise but Most Urge Forakers Death Knell- Sheldon
Says He will Keep a Record of ail Contributions .
Made to the Campaign Fund.
Hot Springe, Va July 10 Antici
pating tho Democrats on their own
plank, Gcorgo It. SholdOu declared
himself for tho publicity of cam
paign contributions whon ho arrived
hero today to confer with Taft and
Hitchcock. Sheldon personally doos
net agreo with tho publicity plan,
''But," said ho, "wo will keep a
complete record of all donors and
receipts of ononoy and list will bo
a kmih)!ximMibu -ii&fltiitikb
slumbering with nu thought of tho
work of selecting the vice president.
Judge Gray Is still talked of as tho
leading candidate, while tliero la also
strong sentiment for Governor !-1k,
ctf Missouri. Folk 1 willing. Tho
Now York delegation has doclarod for
.Judgo William Gaynor, while Charles
A. Towno, of New York, and OHIq
James of Kentucky, aro ('till In Uta
running. K
All Btates and terrlrtorle?. except
tho following, cast tholr solid vote fqr
Bryan .beforo his name was mode
unanimously: .j
Connecticut, Bryan 9; Johnson, C,
Delaware, Gray G.
Georgia, Bryan, 4; Johnson, 2; Gray
20. ',?
Maine. Bryan 10, Jolinsou 1, , not
voting, 2.
Maryland, Bryan 7, Johnson 0. J.
Minnesota, Johnson 22.
iNow If?inpB.ilretJBryanJ7, Johnson 1,
New Jerbey. Gray 24. (
(Pennsylvania, Brj-hp'4 l-2";"Johnsoa
3, Gray 9j 1.2. not voting, C.
Rhode Inland, Bryan C, Johnson 3. '
Vermont, Bryan 7: uot voting, lv
Denver, July 10 Ono feature ot
tho final ,cssIon or tbo'reoolutlons
commltteo was tho defeat by a ris
ing vote of the proposition offerl
by Governor Noel, of, Mississippi,
that "Horoafler a majority voto
shall be sulllclout to effect a nonil
nation of any candidate for presi
dent or vlco president In tho nat
ional Democratic convention, InBtoad
of tho two-thirds ru.u now existing.
Tho biggest fight, however, waa
over tho plank condemning poly
gamy, which waa defeated 20 aaj(a
to 18 aye. This was tho only fijyht;
in the resolutions commit teo that
was at all closo. On th.o otner sub
ject tho big Bryan majority on tie
committee mado Itself folt, and the
"pile driver" wasuscd to crush out
opposition wherever thoro waa anyj
As to how Bryan wishes planka
worded, one of his lieutenants would
call him up at Lincoln over long
distance telephone and ask him what
ho wanted. JIo would return and
say "Bryan wants It 'this way' and
tho commltteo would agree. The
absoluto control exercised by Bryan
was shown to a greater extent jix
tho construction of platform thi
In any other feature of tho convent
tlon. . ,
Denver, Col., July 10 Just .bo
foro tho convention went Into, sea-
Continued on Pago Four ' y?
publlslted la uccord&noft with tho
Now York law. All moneys -"will t
bent to mo at Now York."
Ono result of tho Ohio situation
Is likely to bo tlio doom bf Foraher
as a political force. Bcorea ')ot
telograms aro iwurlng In to Taft;
some of tlioni Imploring h. comprol
mlso in tho state light, hut m6k
of them squudlng the call for -FoV
auea-fl political ueatn jcneii.- .
1 ' H .

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