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U Storonoly 'WordedDemand (f'Tap.
'iff Reduction le1 MadeDank De.
i ' pot Should Be Guaranteed
Postal. 3avlng Banks
Are Indorsed.
Denver, July I ft. Following n lli
Oftmocmttc national platform:
We, th rcprcnlAMvs of llm nmn
erals of tho Unllrd Stale In rntlonn'
convention cvinttrd, rrnfflrm our tllM
In nnd p1dg our Jojally to the print
elplfsi of Inn-rarU.
TVe reJok l lli Incf-nKlnc rntM el
n' RTMUcnlnR tliroiurliout tlio cnunliv
The Vnrloui InvFrilgMloriv Iiarn lrorl
gvftfl nnd political cjorrlipllun to the rep
rnlatlvc of prrdntnry vvcultti, nnd
laid bare the unscrupulous methods bv
tvhlch thej have-dcbuuhed elections and
preyed upon n dofenftetesi public ttirnush
th ubrvlrnt oftlclnl" whom they lmve
raised to plac nnd pu'v-v.
The contHence tf tli nation In nnrv
atoued to free the kov eriiniont from tin
ffrlp of thoe Who have made It a buM
res asset of the favor-seeking corpora
ton; It must become ngnlnA people'
govtrnmont. nnd he administered In all
ils" departments nicordlng to the Jcffer
apnlan mkxlm of "equal right to all nnd
special favors to none."
"Shall the people rule?" Is the over
nhndowlng lue nlilrli manifests ltstl
Jn.all the questions now tind-r discussion.
The Republican congress In ssslon Just
ndcd has made appropriation nutounl
lOB to ,11.008,000.000. exceeding the total
expenditures of the turn fiscal Near by
IJ0.000.&00 and leaving n deficit of more
limn $Ctf,000,000 for tho fluent ear. We
dextounio that needless wnrte of tho pen
pie' mrnw) which has rsulteil In thl
appnlllng Inorcajfe an a shameful vlivlatiot
Of all prudent condition- of government,
aa no lss than a crime RKalnnt the mil
lions of worklngmen" ilnd women from
hos narnlngi tho great proportion of
thM colofsa) sumn hiunt e oMorted
through ecesle tariff ennctments and
otfier Indirect methods. It Is not surpris
ing that, In the face of this shocking
record, the Rupubllcun platform contnlns
no reference to economical admlnlstrntlon
or promise thereof In tho future. We de
mand that a stop lie put to this frightful
extravagance mid Insist upon tli" strict
est economy In every department compat
ible with frugal niuj efficient adntlnUtnt
Coincident with the enormous Increase
In expenditure It a like addition to the
number of officeholders. D.urltig tho past
3 ar ?3.784 were Added, rotting $1!,U6,.
e0(V and In the.- past sl jears of the
Republican administration th total num
ber of new offices created, aside from
many commjsslono, has been 99,31. en
tailing an adultldnul expenditure of near
ly $70,000,000, lnsacalnst onli lf.2i new
Offices created midci the Cleveland and
MeKinley admlnlslrntlous uhlch inxolicd
an eibendlturo of only JiJ.oeo.000 We
denounce this great nnd growing In
create In tho number of officeholders as
not ohjy unnecesairj and wasteful, but
so ns clarly Indicating a deliberate
purposa on the part of the administration
tb keep tho party In power nt public ex
pense by thus ItKTeatdng the number of
ft") tfltalnrs and dependents. Sui h pro
cedure we declare to be no less danger
pus and corrupt thin the open purchase
of sotes at the pollu.
Wc demand that the hoiie of repre
sentatives shall again be omn a delibera
tive liody; cbnlfolled by a majotltynf the
people's repre"0latles and not by the
speaker, and we pledi$ oursehes to adopt
aach rules and regulation to goern tho
ho-iso of tepreyentsthvn as will enablo
majority of Its ipeinbers to dlroct Ita
Oellberntloriii and foptrnl leglrlntlon.
t attsusn of i'.vtkonagj:.
We condemn n u lolatldn of the spirit
of, our Institutions tho itiMlon of the pres
ent tlilsf executive tn using th iintron
g;o of his high office to scturo the noinl
nation of ono of his cabinet offhers. No
pood Intention on the part of thy eecu
tlvc. and no lrtue In the one selected,
tsn'Juslify the estubllsluncit of u d
ijsslj. The right of the people to freely
select- their officials l Inalienable,
IJUTON.S. We idemand federal Icglsldtlon foreicr
tffmlnatlng the partnership which has
Mlst-,3 between coi'poratloim of the roun
tw and tfie RepnbllrBn" party under the
ajprazitd or Implied agreement thdt (n re
turn for the contribution of great sums
of money wherewith; to purclmto elec
tions, thq sl)ohld bo alloTMd to (ontinue
substantially unmolested In their efforts
ti? encroach upop the rlghta of the peo
ple '"Any reasonable doubt n to the exist
Wort of lln ralatloi) has b$ci forever dls-peHd-
bjr tho iwrn "tesilmony of wit-nye-
examined. In tho Irauranee lnics
tfnttlons In Htvr Jorjc and the pjjett nil
jnltslJmjundiallentRd by tho IK-publkan
;il?ia cdrntpHfeis 3fr a- jingle indfvldujl
jhtl' he- hlniMif, at tti persona I request
Otjlfia ntrUbiifi ndldae for'Jhe pros.
plihty, rMfd vr tI0,OOO ,to be-used In
a'ainui stable iir);igithe closing hours of
ifrkjlti campaign In .order that this
ffiflco ill He afoWed for all time, wp
demand Ur pa . oi i aUtiite punish
IrtfMiltli inidrlSonnirnt kny orflcer of a,
I'rperjUTpn ho nl(all either contribute
in bahalf of, or consent to the contrlbu-
lttnby, a corporation of any money orj
th(nt of value to be tued In furtlierlngi
xhK emotion of prestdent or lc pres
Mtnt of. theitJnlted Btatea or any mem
bff of conarets thert-of,
l'.CWi .dnoUnce the action of the Itepubll
Bj)artr. havlnn omple control of tho
rmrt govtrfirrteit for 'Its' failure no
Visit thfl bill Irilroduced lntho last con.
JtfM te compt th publication of the
inmea of Contributor and tho amounts
Wajfbutert totimrdn campolgn funds, and
poj( to- tlte'eVidenee; of their Inslnfcerlty
wUe llieciitfurtfht h urt.nhsnhttAii-.iyi.
eh,nt atileBdiieht Id d9?eaC,tbflil)sift!(i.
m tli bill. A" 'I furthpr orldewoomhelrdR!
intoiitloa ,tc conduct thcli 'camjrafjra
--r --
mmmmm0mmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmimmmmmitmim,im im
fH A 4 VvJ ffiWailllllllllllllll X
" iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHr9IIBCla
Hon. Win.
the coming contest with last nttiun o'
money wrested from favor-seeklng corpo
rations, we call attention to the fact tha'
the recent Itepnhllcnn nntlonal conventlor
at Clilcngo refused when lln phnk wni
presented to It to dcclatc against sitel
"Wp pledge the Democratic arty to th
nnctment of a law preventing uny cor
poratlon contributing to a campilcn funii
and nny Individual from contributing nr
amount above i reasonable minimum nn(
providing for Ihe publlc-illon lfor elec
tion of nil ouWi contribution'
Wo assrrt our confidence in nnd ad
miration for the wisdom of the fcther;
in o oiganl7lng the f"deinl government
sa to return home rulo to tho peoplo ol
each state: and we pledge ourselves tc
ombat with unceasing lgllnnre Ihe ef.
forts of thoso who nre striving by usnrpii
lion to Sflze tho powers of the people
of the Mates, for exploitation by Ihe fed
Tal government.
thi: TArurr.
We nelrcnio the helH(e promlso ol
tariff refoim now nlTed'Hl bj the Keputi
iMn party In lardy recognition of tli
rlghloutiess of the Democratic posltlur
mi thi') question: but the people ciinnnl
afely ,-nlruit the execution of this Im
portant .ork to a patty which Is fh deep
Iv ohlinted to the highly prote-teil lntr
nts n Is the npilbll'-an artv. We nl
tttntlon to tlic slgulfiCHiit fin I Mint tin
iromlseii isllef was pistpond until after
'he innilng electlni o.li nlectloii to hiic
eed In whl'h the Ttepnlill"nn r.'rtv nmul
hnve tliHttKamo support fio'ii th" bcnell-i-liii-len
of the high pinteothe tin Iff an it
lina nlwncN herelofoie lecelved from
them nnd to the further fact that during
j ears of uninterrupted pvno no action
whatever has been tuKcn bv the Itepnbll
wn cnngiess to correct tile mlmlttedlv
exNtli g tnrlffe Iniquities
We favoi lsuiiedljile rev tsfloii of the
tariff bv the redintlcn of linpoit ilutles
Articles entering Into conipetlllon with
trust controlled products should be plm.-d
upon the fieo list, nnd mnte'lal reilui
tlons liciill be made hi the tariff upon
the necessaries of life, espfclully upon
articles loiupctlng with iuih Aiiierlcun
manufac lures as nn- sold abroad more
cheaply than at home, nnd gi.iijnnl iedu
tlotis should be made In Audi other
s"heduli bk mny bo tieeeatArv to re-
rtoro th tariff to h iev'cnio lils.
Kxlitlng duties Im'.o given to the ninn
ufaiturcrs of piper a shelter behind
which thej Imvo oipiiilxnl comblnntloiii
to inlse the price of pulp and of paper,
thus Imposing a ta upon the npiutd ol
knowjodge. We demand the Immi'dlnto
tepeiil of the Hi Iff on pulp print poller,
lumber, timber and logs mid tl;at thenc
aillrlcH be plated upon tho free list.
ii.vii.noAD iu;oijj.ation..
We demand nuch enlargenn i.t of thei
powcrx of the Inlcisiato lommerco com-j
niission at may ue uecesarj tn compi'l
railroads to peiform their duties an com
mon carriers and prevent dfccilmlnatlon
and cNtortlon.
Wo fuvor the efficient suncrvlHlon nnd
rate regulation of nillroiils mgnged In'
Interstate coniniette. To this end ws
tecommend the valuation of tallroads b
the Interstate commerce (Ommlsston,
sudr valuatlcii to take Into consideration
the plijslcal value of tha property, thej
cost' of reprodud'on and 1111 elements el
vnlne that will r4uder the valuation inudel
fair and just. I
We faTcr such legislation as will pro
hibit the railroads front engaging In burl
hums which brings them Into mmpctltloji'
ith their shlppra, also legislation which
will assure sdeh reductions In transpor
lajlon rates as condition will permit.)
care bMng- taken to avoid reduction thai
would compel a reduction of wags, pie-'
vejit aneqiiat servbe or do InJuMleo to
legltln'itu Investments We heartily ap
prove th laws prohibiting the pass nnd
the rebate and via favor anv furthfr
rfeieswrj legislation to restrain, control
and prevent uel abuses
We fnvdr wtefi legislation ns will In
crease the power of the interstate com
merce commlsin Blvli'g to it the Ini
tiative with reference to rates ami trans
porta Hon charge pu' Into effect by (he
railroad tompanlea nrd )wrmttlng the
ltitertt commeno commlwdoti on lit
evn Initiative to declare a, rate Illegal
and as bcliiR moie Hun miotiid It
cliarged fot ailt'li e"iivh Tie ptcdei t
law relating thereto Is It adequate by
reason Jf Hhe fac thol tho Intiistvt.'
pommwre oiii'ul'rtii h without -ivei
iv nx or lniptisit,y s iHie'uti.i ixhh.
plillnt Inn bi-iHi nuile to It, hy (',., f:i)p.
furor Hi eruitilei t if 1 n Mitj
t'.t. IlllClTA..'.!! IWllll IJL C01..lldi4lllf
rmC MAWOrJ DAILT WTftftbH FIUDAY, .IMA' 10, 1908.
the power to Inrpcrt proposed rnllrond
tailft nites or schedules bforc they shall
take effect nnd If they be found to be
unrenoonablc, to Initiate an adjustment
The panic of 1007, coming without any
l"gltlmnte f.cuso when the Republican
partv had for n decode been hi complete
control of' the federal government, fur
nlrhes additional proof that It la either
unwilling or liirompctent to protect the
Intel est of the general public. It Ma so
linked tho rountrv to Wall ntreet that Hie
chia of Ihe rpec ulators arc visited upon
tin- whole poople
Wo believe that In so far ns the need'
of commeico require an emergency cur
roncv. such currency should be Issued,
eonti oiled bv the fcdeinl government ami
loaned on adequate no-MirUy to nntlonal
nnd state binlts. Wo pledge ourrclves tn
legislation under which nntlonal bntilo
idiatl be lequhcd to establish n gun uti
le o fund for the prompt pn. iticnt of tho
depositors of uny Insolvent national bank
Wo fivor a postal Mavlngi lunik If the
guaranteed bunk comic t bo rccurcd and
Hint 1,1 bo constituted m hs to Keep the
deporlled money hi the communities
where It Is established
The coutts of Justice nro the bulwark ol
oii Hbertle.-i and we vlcld to none In our
luirposn to unlntahi their dlgnltv. Our
Iii I li.i" given to the bench n long line
of distlngiilrhed Judges who have added
to the leaped and confidence In which
this dcjmi Intent mutt be Jealously main
tained We resent Ihe ntlenipt of the
Republican pulv to raise a false- Issue
icspettlng th judlil.irv It Is nn unjust
le.leitlon upon a gicat bod of our cltl
xens to ncciinm that they lack respect for
the com Is.
It Is the function of tho courti to In
tel pret tin- laws which thii peopl create
and If the hr appear to wprk economic,:
tcH.li! or imlltl'-nl Injti'.ttie Is Is our dut
to c Imngc them The only bnjds upon
which the- Integtltj of our courts can
si, mil Is that of unswerving Justice ami
pictectlon of life, personal liberty and
piopeity. If judicial processes may be
tUiuM-d we should gn.ird Ihepi against
Uperlepco has proven the nccesslt
of n modlllcntloii cif the present Isw re
lating to Injunction) and we reiterate the
plndgo of our iiatb nal plilfonps of Jbt
nnc' lant In favor cf the inc-usuro which
p.iiihCd the United States seuatn hi Igjii,
but which a ftcpuhllc.ui congress Ins
over hIiico ii fused to en.ic t, iclutlng to
c-ontcmptK In fodeiul louils and providing
for tilal by Jmy in canes of liidhcct con
tempt. Quentlomi of Judicial practice- hive aris
en, cspiclnllj In connection vvllh Indus.
ttl.tl illiputeH Vc- cteotii Hint the parlies
to nil Judicial pioccedliigs should be
(rented with rigid lmp.it Hi lit mill that
injuuctloiiic (diould not be Issued hi any
mi mon In which Injunctions would not is.
sue If no Industrial dlsputo wna Involved.
Tho ouMiHIng oiguiilAitloii tit Indus
try limited It c-tHcullul that thcie should
bo no nbrldgrmcnt of tho right of wage
enrners and producers to organize for the
protection of wages and tlio Improvement
of labor conditions to the- end that such
Ijbor orciinlzjitlonx mid their inemhe
iilioiild not be rcgat dec! aa Illegal combl
)Mtloun III leulmlnt of trade,
Wo fuvor the clght'liour day on at"
government work.
Wo pledge the Democratic pprly to the
i-nni tment of a lavy lij cutigiesK, us fat
aa the federal Ji.rlsdlctron cstends, for n
gennul cinplo.vcr' IImMIUj- act coverlntf
Injury to bod or loss of life of employes
"Water Jurnlshes Hie cheapest means o
trunpoi;ti(iilnn' nnd the; rational govfltn
meyt Inning the rrtntre) Qf pavlgable wa
tcts, alfiull Improvn thcrn to Uilr fullest
eapdcltv Wo earnstly fator Hid ndop.
tlcvn of it rphmraheliah t plan'fc'r ItnproV.
Ibg evcrj vvnteroourse In.llis t'nlort Mtt
Is Justified by tho needs rf commerce.
The platfoim dcclires In favor of In
cle)ieiilence to tho I'hlllpplne Islands si
aoon as rtable gnvcrtttnent can lio estab
lished, fitVors nit Im onio lat and the elec
tion of United Kta,teM Henutjrs. by tlit
poople. derlarCff for ai stlong (utvyi op
poses tho ndmlnlstratldn of Anlaiin Imml
grantui rtoelnrort against nlilp stlbrHlei
find (jvii.'S a generous pension Wllqy
Tho protection of tho naUon'a im turpi r
uinrii-B is drnvtxded. toaothcr vvltn tin
li..-.ai n Hon of the nnhll'V tllllde.
A strong dcolaratjfort In favpr f Punlsli-
nc trust hingiiatl Is made. . ,
A rocomntondatlon In favor of it hn-
tloni! crK'bnilhui of tho i ctntenctry of Ah
film in !,lm obi's btrlh on Kobi'ti'ity ii
1W v.a.3 aluo idado.
flMPiWHIB v1 iK
i -'"-' W
' 1 1
M kl
Wild and Tumultuous Demonstration
Followed the Speech by Mr. Dunn
Placfhg Bryan In Norn i
Denver, W. J. Bryan nominated fot
president on '.he first ballot.
Denver, July ,)0.-pTwn imsrjotii of t lir
lJeniocrntlc uutlonnl I'pn.M'iitlnn, the llrsl
at 11 o'clock Tlnirsdayniiil.llie cecond be
ginning at 7 ii-jii'( mHniic-d Hie, work well
nigh to completion, Tle opening pension
lasted three hours rilicl brought about th
completion of the pernmnepl organlmllnn
of tho conxentlon. with tile address ot
Congressman Clnvton of Alnbnnm. per
inaneut chatrnmu of the convention,
Ihe nddrcss of Chairman Clayton tint
n caustic arraignment of the allure ot
Honseelt prtllili'M nnd. an riiunclfttlon ol
ueinocrnuo iioeirinr. I no ringing voic
of the orator pud tbo empli,sls of lilt
gestures nuirted life listening thotisandi
to frqilenl drmonelrntloiia of cn(liuelii3
tic npproinl. At 2:!0 tho loiuentlon took
n recess until evening.
The defeat of Col. .7. M auffey of nttv
burg, national committeeman from Penn
sjlvnnls, ns a. candidate for re-election
was nconipllshed by the (action headed
by Jnmes Kerr of Clearfield, at n meet
ing held In the roincntlon audltoilum
Immediately following th iidjournineut ol
, the first session of the contention.
At lh night sosilon Him convention
proceeded to the riomluntlon of u chiMI
dato foi president of tho t'nlted fa'tles,
tho nominating mid seconding apechci
being made '
The upeech p'aclng William .1 UrjL,, In
nomination awakened a whirlwind ol
demonstration ilvaling In intensity and
duration Hie rctorcl breaking tribute, ol
The names of llecrge Grny ot Delawartt
and of tlov. .Ichnson of Jllnnesotn wei
nlro placed In nomhiatlon with demon
ctrallontc of approval from their limited
follow legs.
The spc-ech placing Wllllmn J Jlrjnii In
neiiihmtloii wan made by Ignatlui 3.
Dunn cf Nobrnska, a youthful oiator ut
lire and elociucme, vyhoso closing phrase
Mil red the vast uifscthblago to a wild
"I nominate." ho exclaimed, "ns the
standard bearer of our parly the. man who
In tho thrilling dojs of 'DO pud 1900 bor
the linttlo senrred banner of Demooincy
with fume an untarnished aa the cruwiil
era of old Amerlca'n great commoner,
fv'ebran'cn's gifted son. William J, Hrjatt,"
Immediately a perfect pandemonium ol
sound and iiioIIqii was unloosed ns dele
gates and bptclatorn ro?o en maabo and
joined In Ihe chorus of ttlbuto to the
Ncbniulia ceudldatc.
The ntandards of tho alatcs vver
wrenched fmnt their places nnd borne
through tho hil) to tho platform, while
banners hearing Itryun's portrait were
waved aloft unci the multltudo Joined In
lopg continued tribute. At times tho In
tensity of tlio demonstration threatened
n panic.
The platform wns adopted nt 1 o'clock
I'rlclny morning and then followed n num.
Per of seconding upeechos,
At :::p a. m. tho convention was Ir
great confusion, dclegatort culling time or
tho orator nnd showing their dlslncllnu.
Hon to hear niiy moro spopches.
An American Oot Second Prize.
lllbhty, Knfilniicl, July 10. Oen
JanicuA. Drain nnd hla team of Ame
If tin niarkHmen failed to cuiry off the
flra( gold 'medal wonnt tho Olympic
rifle Hhootlng contestB, which began
TliutHdnv, but they have dpno ncxl
best, capturing tho silver medal 'In the
Individual competition on tho 108
yanln range. Cajit, K. .Casey of Dol
nwaro won thq Filter medal with tho
second highest Bcore.
A Doubly Fatal Fight.
Mayfjeid", Ky., July lp. In a rub
and knife flgtt at )t protracUd'meety
Ing near TJackusburg, Waypo Lavv
fijnF shot, ahd, killlld Andrew Ilannla
tr And was htifltSelf jiorfirtps" fatally
litnt'ibe'd. Tho t-tpjible arosV over Ban
nlster's obeotlcfriifjlo , naw;rcnco ca
sorting1 his tlauijbVof home.
Forest Fires In Maine.
Portland, Mo.J,uly 10, Herloui
forest Jlres arji rfGllK l" Yarlous hco
(Ions of this, sttitd and much proper!)
Is rnenuctMl by the Haines. The woodl
are dry, from facjt of ra.n and rtl( ef
forto to checlc thft, fires seem fruitless
Old CdUple Burned to Death.
' Tt6c(iester, J, y.7July l6.Mr. ani
Mrs. Ed Intlrid Smith; who Jlv'ecl 6h i
fbrm i6 ntjjea '?aat or NorU ftbst
TrVero baKieir to Math Thursday, In a
tiro vhlch iltiictroy'til tiiefr rsldtfncti
Doth wore80'y4ar8 of fo. .-. .hl
Btorles of a Dtyi'Delnps at ReooivrHI
by Telogrnpli for This Pnper.
Ellin Knocko Out a Salary Increase.
CohtmbUB," O.', July 10. Attorney
Gonotal Cilia has rendered nti opin
ion (o Sttile Snjierjntonilcnl of Irinur
nnco I-otucrt to tho bffoct that the
ntttitiry In the clopnrtmont of Inmtr
mice Prof. S. A. Stlllwcll, In entitled
to only tho ntntutory nRlnrs, $2,-100
though the Bcnoral'.proprlntloll hill
carrloH $3,000 for that office. This 1$
ft complete reversal of tho cutstoin
that hau Jirevnlled for many yeaiM In
the alntn. Tho stnttttoii sjicrlflcally
jirovldo whnt the tca'nrles of all stale
ofllcrra nnd ilopnrttncnt subordlnatef
hliall lr,
Coror.er'6 Verdict In Fire Horror.
Cleveland, duly 10 Tho verdict ol
Coroner llttttto h that th" Krettjc
otciv lire, In which aevrn person?
loat llmlr lives, was due to rarelcin
nesB In handling fircworki. Hutko
iai's an clct'trle nparlti't' liclnc cktnon
flrntcd Ignltecl HioT-orI:s which net
tho storo nflte, "The mi'incr In whirl
the firrwtr'sB vvrto :je( did not
nmoilnt 'In 'rrlrolnut raielnRnncj),"
ltittkc l-ald. "hoe.-xii-co the persons wltr
ordered the dcnionsl ration of the
apntker and uscl It nun neilu p
the hrllef Hint tho, cbvlco was haim
lesi." Political Clubs Will Consolidate.
Yct;tit;ftown. O.. Julj 10. CouhoH
da' Ion of the Tnft Ueptibllcdn and the
Korakcr ltn)tibllenti rluba will ho ef
fected thlo vveok. The nuivo Ir for
tho pitrpotje of efertlnp harmony Hi
the party In anticipation of the open
Itit; rf t!i natlotiHt rnnipalgn here.
rruVr men cro not wl'llnc tn come
In u ml' r the nnnio ot Taft, lint wnultl
acfopt n inepORcd new name, tho Ma
honing fti'intlillcan eluh. Tatl peoplo
want Tafl'n name retained,
Wire Thieves Made a Bin, Haul.
("cv eland, duly 10. Tlilrty-sK 'otiR
ill tanco tcdeplione lines fiom t'lcve
land lownid the cast wero put out of
ermmlhnlon early Thuraday hv wlro
robbeji. The wit en vero cut nt Thlt
v seventh s-tiect rnd Hroadway. The
thlrvea climbed tho telephone poles
nnd clipped it blf,' trunk, line. They
had a vvngen to tart (ho who away,
m It weighed huiidtcils of poiiihIh ntnl
wiv of tho.beut ccjppcr nnd very nl
tiabl". Mob Hunted for a Scraoper.
Flndlav, O. July 10. Th' homo of
Tllrr.m Aber ot Carey war Htormed
WccUierday nlpht by mobs of 10 or
M men nn two different occasions In
an endeavor to get Wllllnm Aber. The
front dorr waa forced open, but when
tbi mob entered and teat cited tho
premlsea It learned that Aber wns In
roslerla. It la alleged his fighting
piopentdtlej nro unbearable to tho
Indorccs Youngctown for Opening.
Voungptnwn, O.'.luly 10. Senti
ment of the subcommittee of (ho na
tional Republican eornmlltco at Hot
Springs, Va., was In favor of Youngs
town for tho nntlonal cntnpalgn open
ing. A message from Mvrnn T. Her
rick to Joseph G. nutter snys: "Pro
plA hero think YoungMowii Is tho bet
p'aro for It." A incubate fiom W. 11.
Tuft eprsca a similar vlovy.
Price of Glass to Bo Raised.
Cleveland, July 10.A rnhr. qf to
and 20 per rent In tho nrlco of class
was decided upon by tho window
g'ass manufacttirerH of tho Vnlled
meeting in this city Thursday, (i. w.
Mofcnus of tho Knno tPa.) Window
Olasa nnd Door Co,, president of tho
association, announced tho rnlse.
Alleged Embezzler Is Arretted,
Yoimgstown, O.. July JO. Hnrrv
Ra.v. artcstcd hero WediioHilnv nlclit
on a charge of embci'.lonicnt, wnn
taken ack to Detroit Thursday. Ray
waa tho financial secretary of' tho ma
clilnlsla' union of Detroit and is al
leged to havo ombeszlod $200 of tho
Was Held Up by Robbers In an Auto.
Cleveland, July 10. Albert' Conrad
was held up by a. trio of robbers, who
kept their seat In an nuto while ho
handed over $32 and a gold watch.
Tho holdup took pluco on tho Hast
Boy Lost All His Fjnoers.
Youngstown. O.. July 10. Rov fhs.
nnyj dged Ife yearn, playing with art
oleetrle planer nt his father's shop
Thursday, sheared oft the, fingers of
uuiii jiniicce.
Anarchy Reigns In TabHr.
Ht. Petorsburf. .Inlv 1ft. Tbo ono.
ilut cori'eHpbpdent; of the Nono Vrtv
my who has"vJust nrilted at Tabrh
reports that the hUnafloji there has
reached a state ot gttiente unnrehy
nnd tha,t he bombardment of the
town la a-questfon only of n'ours'.
1 ,
VenszbeU's Envoy Is' Recalled.'
Washlneflnn. .Inlv 1ft Tho .llnl...
matlq relallona Jjetween America and
VAflArlinln ihtkl 1intn sVlialiv.i In. maa
(Had half a tentury, thougji In recent
pietoiy sovered Tnursdny when
ploie)yl sevorad ThniMday when
Hennr Arelh7..f!nltleon tha Voootii.U.i
charge i'tiffatres, called at the state
pepunineni, to present to AciingfjBec
retary llacon nolleo 'from tola KoveVn
ment that ha was to autt Ills' post
here, close up tbo logatloa lAfSTjUi
Our Prices beat
f 9
Taft Wants to Oe Alone Next Week
Writ Spring,, Va, duly to. William
It. 'fnft hits plnvd to ilcfotc ne,t
week to wrltliiR hU npetli of accept
attro of the lfpubllfatt nomination
for tho piesldenry. Uiiilng thnl llmo
he will not hullo any no here, and
would rccntd II an a favor If hlu
frlendt would mnlto thin ncduslon as
complclo as posrilblo cluiliiK that peri
od. Her Viewpoint.
Mr. Scrnpplngton Family quar
rel! arc tho man's fault nine tlmc3
out of ten.
Mr. Scrnpplnglon I'crhapn! And
In tho tenth Instnnco?
Mis. ferrnpplnRton Oh, then they
don't riiiarrcl. Woman's Homo
The Cat Step Vp.
A babtt In charge Of tho docu
ments ot a cortaln tow(i In India
found that they wero being seriously
damaged by rats. Ho wrote to tho
govcrnmont to provldo him with
w'oeMy rations for two cats (o clo
droy tho tats. Tho request wns
graVited, and tho two cats wero In
stalled ono, tho largor of tho two,
receiving slightly bettor rations limit
tho other. All wnt woll for a few
weeks, when the supremo govern
ment of India received the following
despatch: "I havo tho honor to In
form j mi that the senior cat It ab
sent without leave. Whnt shall I
do?" Tho problem somed to bafflo
tho supremo government, for tho
linbit received no answer. After wait
ing a few dajs, ho scnl off n pro
posal: "In ro Absentoo Cnt. 1 pio
pose to promoto tho junior rat. and
f In tho meantime to tnko Into govern
ment sorvlco n probationer cnt on
fnll rations." Snn Francisco Argo
Insttransc Companies Are Suspicious of
all Injuries to the Knee.
"Accident Insuranco companies arc
very sneplrious of all accidents In
volving Injuty to tho knee, "for It la
on his kuco that tho accident faker
mainly rcllut,."
Tho speaker, n surgeon, frowned
Mid went on:
"Thcro am ni'in who make a llv.
liitT out of fuko accidents. They trav
el from city to city; they Insure in
sverj company that Isbucs accident
policies; then, with u f.tKo Injury,
I in-) piocecd to collect dues.
"An nccldent raker for bo wo call
Iheao mqn hn3 usually a kuco tint
hd can slip out at will. Ho purposoty
stumbles over aa open trap or spmo
hard, sharp obstacle, puts his kneo
out deftly, rulscs a big holler so as
to secure a lot of witnesses and tlicu
hobbles home.
"Ho doesn't notify his Insuinnco
companln till tho uoxt day. Hy thon
his kuco Is so svvdllcn that nn ntetir.
ato examination of It Is Impossible.
We cannot tell whether It Is ono of
those fako solf-sllpplng knees or not.
So wo pay tho man his money niid ho
ncek new pnstt'rca.
"Thcro was ono man iq Is In jail
now who In nltio yeara collected ov
er cl,000 In accident policies with thr.
help of a Unco that ho could slip out
as easily us I slip my hand out of my
Jj"o was tho flrht tramp of tho Kca
sou, ami mcrrli) wn welcomed h ni tn
Hero, wo said, Is a glasu of water..
Pure rto, dpllctoiis water, What
jqU rctjdso It, mttn?
lln't-hookhis head arid signed.
I havo to Blr, ho nad, ou rscp,
I'vo got an Iron roiiatitution, and
water would rust It.
If you will show mo tho style of ft
man's amusements and recreations, I
wll. tell j'on what are his prospects
for this world and the world to come,
T. D, Talmadgo, D.D.
Unounj; bongs checj-'no hearts.
Emigration Benefits Sicily. '
Umlgratlou lirnv benbnted the woik.
ug cIbbbcb In Sicily. Labor Is scarce
Uow. nnd In unlim nlaenn wlicVrn cinlv
. ., . . .w , ......... .. .
1 30 cents a day was formerly tho
' wttad rrtte 70 routs iir tffJwpo!tlTho
fiiilKi'unis loitvlutt Palermo fur the
United States lust -year numbeied
i A Vei i
Ice" Cream Fnezers.
anything In town.
'.' I l'fl. ...t.
4 f-
Onion Station
Time Card
J riv iiW'M
BKFKai'lVK JUNM 22, 1008. t
No. 31 7;t(f am
No. 33 1UJ15 am
No. 3(i .,.,..,.,..., ,, 4:20 pin
No. 37 , ,.10:C0 pni
No. 39 G:10 pm
No. 30 5:r0 ntfi
No. 38 7:20 -nui
No. 32 10215 nm
No. 3t l:3(i pm
No. 30 7:15 pin
No. 38 ntait-s from Marlon. ,
No. 39 Blona nt Marlon.
No. 39 will leavo QolumLiu- at 0
p. m. on Sundays. i-
Chicago Division.
4r 0107 pra
'2 4:C0 nm
8 , 8:35 nm
Bl .. 12:io pm
"22 c:20 ptn
wi:st UOUND.
' . ...10:25 nm
7 ,....
,..ii;yv put
3 12:45 am
Ml 7:10 am
"13 ; 1:30 pm
Cincinnati Division. .
It tt-fttt OctlS pw
10 tcctltyt2il Am
lc tcttiaftst 1mhU 'ftDl
8 0:00 am
1G 12;C2 ptn
3 10:27 aiu
' ttfctittot 1 1 1 nm
15 ..... 4:35 pm
Dally n Dally cx,cdpt s'unday
M(w York Central linis
H n 0:25 a. tn.
46 Ui:25 noon
1q 72w p tn
20 10;B7 p.m.
18 11:19 p. in.
10 0:27 p. nl.
No 10 dally excopt 8unt!ar
11 2:38 a. ea.
41 5t 33 & m
it) MMMMMIIMlMIMt 'tV' "
f t aitpj p m
43 '. 7:25 p. m.
E , 4:27 p.m.
No. 5 dally except Sunday.
All trains dally xtpt. locjJr M4
Mon, f and 10.
Phone 248.
Effective, Oct, S6th, im. .
I.. JB. NKBBnOAtJi.. ' "
Ticket Agtiai, "
For further Uformntton regarding
tralnu, call lnformatlom oytntor,
either 'phone.
u.lfijJUOiJl..ilL,l.j .J. i. IUA.JI.J, j iji-u- '''r t
Niagara Falls
Through Detroit and Uajiidu,
Tuesday, July 28, M
Hocking Valley py,
Parlor Cars on Special
Train. -vf.
' Sleeping Cars on Regu
lar Train. v
For further Information
aec Agents, H, V. Ry. T
I1 Mil1 1 IBWWBta
- itrf3
I.-.-1 Cmday
$1.00 Round Trip Ir6m Mation, train '
und Trip Ir6m Mat
leaves 9:53 a. m.
, S
u i
$& , $ u.'fit-JiOfeaa

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