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Competes With Circus In
Mississippi Town.
Dwells receipts at fair
Is First Chief Executive to Honor
Jackson With Presence and People
I Show Their Appreciation Even
Former Governor Vardnman Calls
to Pay Respects Negroes Refuse
to Deliver Address of Welcome.
Question of Wine Gets Into Pulpits.
Si .tnolronn Mteo Tn o MMI. X'mn
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Orleans behind him, President Tatt
Is on tho last leg of his long Journey.
Mo has nlno days more in the- south
ern states, hut ho already has seen
enough of tho south to enable him to
8ay that hia two months study of
conditions throughout tho country Is
practically finished. Tho Impressions
.that ho has gathered from his trip
-jvc re summarized by him in a speech
here. Said he:
KI have- gone from tho Atluntlc to
tho Pacific "ocean, down tho Pacific
const to tho southwest corner of the
country, through tho territories and
that great domain to St. Louis, down
jthoMIsslsslppl to New Orleans, and
I havo made tho Lord forglvo mo
and the Lord help them who have
iieard me two hundred-odd speeches,
Jiavo survived the hearing of two
hundred more, and I am ablo to say
' that wc never in our country's his-
, tory wero ns on homogenous a peo
plo, as closely allied In all our hopes
. and ambitions nnd in all our pride of
hi country nnd patriotism, as wo are
"It Is posslblo that thero is a cor-
.ner in this country that escaped me
where thero is discontent, but if so
I havo not found it. But in "eVery
town I had almost said every ham
letin every city nnd county, in
" every state, I havo found the Individ
jial saying to himself: 'I am content
ed hero becauso I know what will
"iriako this city, or this town or this
county tho best in tho slate, and I
am going to do that very thing.'"
Tho president spent 1G hours in
this city, more time than ho gave to
Chicago or San Francisco. Hero in
,, Jackson thoy oay that Mr. Taft is
the first president who ever discov
ered that tho city is on tho map.
President McKlnloy's special train
stopped hero for n second or two,
,rbut no chief cxecutlio ever honored
tho city with a visit. In view of this
fact and becauso of the great men In
'American history that Mississippi
has produced, President Taft insisted
that Jackson had to havo a full mens
uro of presidential presence. Jack
son appreciated tho compliment and
old her best to mako tho president's
Jong stay In tho city pleasant. Every
body seemed to havo in mind tho
jvords of Mississippi's famous Lamar,
'If wo knew each other better, we
would love each other more." Tho
IIsslsslppl folks certainly did their
pest to mako the president's ac
quaintance, and Mr. Taft was cordial
nnd chummy. In carrying out this
Taft celebration Jackson had n good
many things tb contend against.
There was a stato fair, a circus, n
ballaon ascension and a parachute
drop Tho circus and the balloon
ascension nlono would have dlscour-aged'the-
ordinary city, but Jackson
iaanngod to keep tho circus parado
imtll the Taft show, Tho circus out-
tflt, with its long line of animal cages,
Indians and rough riders, waited in a
sido street until the Taft procession
had passed and disappeared into the
fair grounds. Then tho circus bands
f struck up and followed on down tho
troet, thus enabling tho Jackson
oiks to kill two birds with ono stone.
Thb president helped swell the
gate receipts of tho Jackson fair just
t its he has those of many other shows
on this trip. Tho president acknowl
edged when he started out from Bos
ton that this .gato-recelpt swelling
.business was to be ono of bis chief
functions, and fair managers have
inet him more than half way.
. Tho dinner given in honor of tho
distinguished guest had caused con
siderable of a fuss botween tho' wets
and drys in tho city. The drys wero
jnpnosed to having wlno sorved and
thoy carried tho matter Into tho pul
frits of soma of tho churches. The
JTvetB, howoVdr, refused to gtvo In,
Jond then tho teraporatica i peoplo
threatened to got out an Injunction
restraining tho ivets from using wine
'at tho banquet. The wlno drinkers
carried tho day by going to Now Or
leans and buying their supply In Lou
isiana. Now tho teetotalers say thoy
will carry the matter to tho polls.
I ,A good inany Jaeksonltes wero sur-
. Ifrlsed when ax-Uoveruor Vardaninn
called to sey tho president. Jlu has
(spokou bitterly against Taft and la
.'seeking an election to 'be sonato on
ri platform that Is opposed to Taft
and his southern policy,
(Alabama Club Ssnds $25 to Help Dig
" Big Ditch.
Washington. Nov i. -A "donation"
pf $25 "to aid the government In tho
construction of tho Panama canal"
v va received at tho treasury. It
4rmaQ frojn tJP Peoplo's Nntlonul Pro
greegive club b Illnnlnghain, Ala.
TJie samo organization contributed a,
like amount for tho. samo purposo In
April jast. Tho money hnB' bqou con
vrted Into tho treasury as directed.
After Six Yoara of Suffering Sho
Found Just the Romcdy for
Woman's Ills.
The fact that ouo woman h bright
eyed, rosy-checked, stroug nnd cheerful,
While another is pale, weak and de
pressed Is duo moro often than other
wise to tho coudltiou of tho blood.
When this is at fault everything goes
wrongj palunud discomfort are felt nil
over tho body, tho licadatMesand is full
j of noises, stationary objects appear to
movo, nnd tho sufferer seems to herself
to bo Blukhig down when olio Is standing
1 upright. Tho sensations aro often tcrri-
1 fviiiK.
Tho way to remedy this condition is
to build up tho blood and for this pur
pose thero Is no better tonic thnn Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Thoy aro for
, men and women but they benefit tho
i lnttcr in a special way.
Mrs. R. B. Carver, of No. C20A North
I Forty-Second street. East St. Louis, 111.,
! gives ovidenco which should interest
every woman who is suffering. Sho
I "Six years ago I was taken very ill,
but before this I had been in a run-down
condition for somo time. I could not
get around nnd could hardly straighten
up as my back ached continually. 1
was an invalid, just ablo to drag around.
I had no color. Thero wero dark spots
under my eyes. My strength gavo out
"I was treated by a physician nt Freo
port, 111., who said I would have to un
dergo nu operation. I had about mndo
up my mind to do so when a friend beg
ged mo to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
I tried tho pills to please her but after 1
had taken a few boxes I had Improved
so much that I gave them a pood trial.
Tho result was that I foon felt liko a
now person nnd wns cured. 1 gladly
recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to
ovcry suffering woman nnd to every
woman who needs strength."
Those who are interested in the treat
ment which cured this ense can obtain
further information bv writing for the
booklet, "Plain Talks to Women,"
widen we send freo on request.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
nil druggists, or sent by mall, postpaid,
on itceipt of price. BO rents per box; six
boxes for $2 CO, by tho Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
Geographic Society Ready to
Admit He Reached Pole,
Washington, Nov. 2. A report do
rlnrlng that Commander ltobert VI.
Peary has substantiated his claim to
having reached the north polo on
April a of this year will be given to
the public about tho lust of the week,
bearing tho indorsement of the board
of managers of the Nntlonul Geo
graphic society. Soon thereafter
Commander Peary probably 111 go
on tho lecture platform, and it he
accepts an Imitation about to be ex
tended to him ho will mako his first
public appearance Iti Washington un
der tho direction of tho Nntlonul Geo
graphic society. Tho society bus In
dicated that It would bo pleased to
have Commander Poary lecture) on
Nov. 12. The indications aro that he
will accept the invitation. Thnt the
National Geodetic society Is satisfied
that Peary reached tho polo was Indi
cated when a member said: "Wo will
Invite him to address us here this
Commander Peary arrived hero In
responso to a request of President
Willis L. Mooro of the geographic so
ciety that ho appear before a sub
committee of tho society appointed
to pass on his data and Instruments
and -to offer such evidence bearing on
his dash to the pole as ho cared to
submit. This subcommlttco Is com
posed of Henry Gannett, chairman of
tho United States geographic board;
Admlrnl Colby M. Chester, U. S. N
retired, former superintendent of tho
United States naval observatory, and
O. II. Tlttmnn, superintendent of tho
coast and geodetic survoy. It was
named by tho board of managers to
make tho initial Inquiry Into Peary's
elalm. A portion of Commander
Pear's data was placed In tho hands
of the uubcommittcii last week. This
committee wanted moro light on cer
tain features of Peary's Journey
northward, nnd it was furnished by
Negro Shoots Detective.
Omaha, Nob.. Nov. 2. -City Detec
tlvn Mlko Sullivan was Hhot and fa
tally wounded by Albert Prim, a
negro. Prim narrowly escaped lynch
ing at tho hands of a crowd which
gathered, Prim was under tho Influ
ence of morphlno and tho shooting
was entirely unprovokod.
What Hayward Claims,
Lincoln Nob., Nov. 2,--Nebraska
will elect tho supremo judges and
three regouts of tho university nt to
day's election. Chairman Hayward
claims that tho Hcpubllcans w'll car
ry tho stato by from 10.000 to 25,000
Thero is moro Catarrh In thin sUoU
of tho country than all other diseases
nit toftother. and until tho lnt row
cars was supposed to bo Irtciuralile for
ureal many years uociors pronounced
It a local disease nnd prescribed locul
remedies, and by coiibtnntly railing to
euro with loeol troatnicitt, jronounccl
It Incuiable Sclunoo luu proven caturih
to b" n constitutional disease nnd tjiero
foro requires conntitutloiinl treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cttro, iimmifricliircd ly
V J. Cheney & , Co.. Toledo, Olilo. la
tlio only coiiHtltutlona! euro on the mar
ket. It Is taken Internally In don from
10 drops tu a tcaapoonful. It actn di
rectly on tho blood and mucous Hiirfnccs
of tho (ty.sttni. They offer pno hundred
dollurs for any caso It falls to cure.
Bond for circulars and teatlmonlaln.
Address X'. J. Cheney Xc Co., Tpledo, O.
Bold by DniRKlHtii. 75c.
Tuko Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation, . .,
Two New Yorkers Doomed
to Disappointment
Contents Himself With Predicting
That Judge Gaynor Will De Elect
ed Dannard Reiterates Prediction
That Victory Will Perch on Repub
lican Banner, While 'Hearst's Man
ager Is Equally Confident That His
Favorite Will Land Mayoralty.
New York, Nov. '2. Tho municipal
campaign closed with each of the
threo candidates for tho mayoralty
announcing thnt ho will win. Though
Charles F. Murphy still refused to
mako known tho figures ho received
from hl3 district leaders, it- is protty
well known nround tho wigwam that
tho relurnn they handed in predicted
tho election of Judgo Gaynor, but ex
pressed somo doubt on tho election
of tho rest of tho city ticket and of
tho Manhattan borough and Now
York county tiokcts.
Otto T. Dannard, tho Republican
candidate, said: "I Just want to re
peat what I said on Saturday, and
that is, 'Wo win.'"
Chairman Parsons of -the Republi
can county committeo said: ' "Ban
nard will havo a plurality of moro
than 50.000."
Congressman Bcnnet, looking still
further ahead, said: "Tho adminis
tration that Mr. Dannard will give to
tho city will bo of such an ablo char
acter that hereafter ovcry caudldato
for mayor" will bo nomlnalod not be
causo of his political utnilatlons, but
becauso of his business abilities."
Charles Gehrlng, manager of tho
Hearst campaign, said: "Hearst will
run first. The Gaynor campaign has
resolved itself into a fizzle, nnd al-,
though Bannnrd will probably run
second, ho has no chanco of beating
Hearst. Hearst will havo a majority
of all tho votes polled."
Entire Police Force Arrested.
Gary, Ind., Nov. 2. Tho entire po
llco force was arrested and troops
wero ordered by Governor Marshall
to bo In readiness to movo on tho
town at n momonts notlco. In antici
pation of election riots today 200
deputies wero sworn in by Sheriff
Grant of Lako county on Governor
Marshall's order and niado tho arrest
of tho pollco as tho first official ac
Aeronautic Soglety Files Answer to
Infringement Suit.
Now York, Nov. 2. Tho unswor of
tho Aeronautic society to tho suit
brought by tho Wright brothers for
alleged infringement of their aero
plane patent was filed in tho clerk's
ofllco of tho United States circuit
court. The answer is a general de
nial that tho Wrights wore tho truo
and original inventors of "nny now
nnd useful Improvements in flying
machines used by others in tula coun
try before their invention."
The answer also denies that the
letters patent issuod to tho Wright
brothers on May 22, 100C, woro law
fully issued, or that thoy conferred
on tho patentees any right to mako
or sell tho alleged lnvontion. Tho so
ciety denies that It has Infringed and
that it intends to infringe upon any
right of the complainants.
Send Strong Delegation.
New Orleans, Nov. 2. Adopting
President Tatt's suggestion that tho
tlmo for oratory was past, tho Lakes
to tho Gulf Deep Waterways conven
tion decided to send COO lobbyists to
Washington to demand that cougrcss
deepen tho Mississippi river.
Independent Concern to Reopen Mar
tins Ferry Sheet Mill.
Pittsburg, Nov. 2. It is reported in
Pittsburg iron nnd steel circles that
tho American Sheet and Tin Plato
company has about closed a deal
selling its big Aetna Standard mill at
Martins Ferry, O to tho Whltaker
Glessnor company of Wheeling,
which will Immediately reopen tho
plant as nn independent concern nnd
run it with union labor. Tho plant
closed July 1 owing to a strlko, and
efforts of tho American Sheet and
Tin Plato company to start tho mills
with nonunion men havo failed.
Young Gypsies Elope.
SL Louis, Nov. 2. Soon after King
Joe Adams of tho Gypsy camp hero
returned from Oklahoma bo tele
graphed his brother, King Aleck of
Chicago, to intercept Spero Nicholas,
!), and Mary Ubonlwlch, 12, beforo
thoy aro married.
Two Masked Highwaymen Get $5,000
From Registered Pouehes.
Vancouver, Nov. 2. Two masked
highwaymen hold up tho Cariboo
stago at Olio Hundred and Fifty Mllo
House, In Cariboo, nnd stole soveral
r-ackn of registered mall. It is be
Jlovcd thoy obtained about 1.1,000,
The robbora wero armed with rifles.
He Left.
"I may have remained a trifle late,
but her remarks woro too pointed."
"Wlint.dJd Bho say, Cordy?
"Told mo their Icaso wns about to
expire." Loulsvlllo Courier-Journal,
Items of Interest to people In All
Parts of Ohio.
Arlington, O., Nov. 2. Tho body of
John C. Beth, a well-to-do farmer,
was found near tho Toledo & Ohio
Central track. Ho was probably kill
ed during tho night by a train.
Jealous Lover Ends Life.
Columbus, O., Nov. 2. William
Lompcrt, 28, shot himself through
tho head In tho midst of n crowd of
Hallowe'en morrymakerH becnuso ha
saw his sweetheart enter ti restaur
ant with another 'man. Ho died on
tho way to tho hospital. ,
Lanlng Is Indicted.
Korwnlk, O., Nov. 2. Tho grand
Jury returned two Joint indictments
ngoinst James G. Glbbs, formor presi
dent, and ex-Congressman J. I Lnn
lng, formor vlco president of tho de
funct Ohio Trust company, for writ
ing letters with, intent to defraud.
Drinks Acid In Public.
London, O., Nov. 2. After her hus
band had sold' nil of tho household
effects nt auction Mrs. William Lowls,
30, wandored tho streets tu despond
ency nnd ended tho day by mounting
tho courthouse steps and draining a
bottlo of carbolic acid. Sho will prob
ably die.
Germantown Distiller Assigns.
Dayton, O., Nov. 2. David Hohror,
well-known distiller at Gormantowu,
mado an assignment to Former Pro
bate Judgo Charles W. .Dale and John
H. Rohror. Tho schedulo of liabili
ties and assets has not yet 'been
filed, but It is said that tho liabilities
will reach several hundred thousand
Dies to, Save Children.
Canton, O., (Nov. 2. A number of
school children wero playing In the
street near jvhero a looso olectrlc
wiro was dangling. George Fotters,
a Wheeling & Cako Erie brnkomnn,
saw tho danger fof the children nnd
attempted to remove', tho wire. Tho
current shot through him, killing him
Detectives Flra Into Crowd.
Steubenvlllo. O., Nov. 2. Prosecut
ing Attorney Paisley is preparing af
fidavits for the .nrrest of detectives
from Pittsburg who fired into crowds
on tho streot when a gang of strike
breakers wero being t'scortcd to La
Bello iron works. Three innocent by
standers wero slightly injured by the
detectives' bullets, which wero fired
to keep tho crow.d' back.
Calls Undertaker, Inhales Gas.
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 2. Fred Pa
gels, "idertaker, got a letter asking
him to ch)' at the jmo of Mrs. Mil
ton Sater. u,v4cjii as ho stoppod
Into tho house ho smelted chloroform
and gas. Investigating ho found
Mrs. Sntcr's lifeless body across u
bed, Brooding over t)io death of her
husband, Attorney Milton Sater, a
brother of Federal Judgo John 13. Sit
ter, is believed to havo caused tho
womnn to take her life.
Four Murdered; Bodleo Burned.
Bluoflolds, W. Vn., Nov. 2. Tho
charred bodies of four members of
tho family of George Hood, an aged
man, wero found in tho ruins of the
Hood homo at Harper. Tho house
was destroyed by flro- for tho pur
poso, tho pollco bcllcvo, of covering
up a quadruple murder. Itobbery is
believed to havo been tho motive for
tho crime.
Aeroplane Catches Fire.
Hamburg, Nov. 2. At tho aviation
meeting hero the gasoline tank ol
tho aeroplano of M. Pequet, n
Frenchman, exploded.. Tho wings of
the. machine caught flro and tho uaru
plane fluttered towards tho earth.
When It was eight feet from tho
ground Pequet Jumped from it. Ho
war. not serlouslyiinjurcd.'
Gas War Is Ended1.
Canton, 0.( Nov. 2. After a real
war lasting slnco last November,
Canton und tho L'ast Ohio Gas com
pany canio tu terms. Tho city coum
pll acceded to the, torjnflofv'IlTa gas
company, whlrU iu tutu withdraws
its action to EhuC off gas hero Nov,
1"! .V,
f: Tho Modesty of Voinoii
'.faturally makos them shrink from the
Indelicate questions, tho Obnoxious ex
aminations, and unpleasant local treat
,monts, which pomo physicians consider
essential In tho treatment of diseases ol
women. Yet, If help can bo had, it is
better to submit to this ordoal than let
tho dlseaso grow and spread. Thp trouble
is that so often tbo woman undergoes all
tho annoyance and sharno for nothing.
ThonsandsSoJ women who havo been
cured bV Duoerco's Favorlto Prescrip
tion wrlt In arHirrclatlon of tho euro
which dlspW&QUi tho examinations
und local trcatmcntSTfiern 1b no other
medicine n nre nnd ",tfe for tlellentt)
. -mil -. un .111111 ill! HI UIU HI III Jl l.'J
women n L,n...iri,A trAd-ti..tinr. Tt
cures debilitating drains, irregularity and
femalo weakness. It always helps. It
almost always cures. It Is strictly non
alcoholic, non - secret, all Its Ingredients
being printed on Its bottlo-wranpcr; con
tains no dolotcrloua pr habit-forming
drugs, and every native medicinal root
entering Into Its composition has tho full
endorsement of thoso must eminent In tht
soveral schools of medical practice. Some
bf these numerous and strongest of pro
fessional endorsements "of its Ingredients,
will be found In a pamphlet wrapped
around tho bottlo, also In a booklet mailed
free on request, by Dr. K, "V. Pierce, ol
Buffalo, N. Y. Thcso professional en
dorsements should havo far moro weight
than any amount of a ordinary lay, or
noh-profcsslonal testimonials.
The mosf. Intelligent women now-a-dayb
Inalit on knowing what thoy take as mod
Iclno Instead of opening their mouths like
a lot of young birds and gulping down
whatever is offered them. "Favorlto Pro
scrlptlon" Is of knowH coir-osrnoy, It
makes weak wonion strong and sick
women well.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser Is tent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing only. Hwd to Dr. Ut V. Plerco,
Buffalo, W. Y 21 ono-cont stamps for pa-per-covorcd,or3l
stamps for cloth-bound.
If sick consult tho Doctor, freo of cliarso
by lottor. All such communications are
bold sacred) confidential.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet Invigorate
And regulate itonmcb. liver and bowels.
Atlanta Merchant Says She
Abducted Daughter.
Fourtcen-Year-Old Girl Sues For Di
vorce From Elghteen-Year-old Boy,
Whose Mother Is Charged ,Wlth
Having Employed Cajolery and
Force to Bring About Union 8ald
to Havo Wanted Rich Daughter-ln-Law
In the Family.
Atlanta, Gn., Nov. 2. Accused of
kidnaping tho 14-yenr-old daughter of
C. 1). Barron, n well-to-do business
man of Atlanta, ns a brldo for her
18-yoar-old son, Mrs. F. C. Lambert
was arrested and hold In heavy bond.
Mrs. Lambert's arrest Is tho sequel
to a dlvorco suit Hied by Mrs. Lucy
Lambort, who alleged Hint she was
kidnaped and forced to marry thu
Inttor's son.
Young Lambert nnd his mother
lived noar the Barrons, nnd tbo for
mer becamo infatuated with little
Miss Barron. When Barron learned
of thlB ho ordered young Lambert to
keep away from his daughter. There
upon, it is nlleged, Mrs. Lambert un
dertook to bring about a marriage
between her son and tho Barron girl.
It is allcgod thai Mrs. Lambert won
tho girl's ronlhlcucc nnd uxtullcd the
virtues of her sou, telling what a fine
husband he would make; thnt he
would never tell her a story and she
would never regret marrying him.
Flnnlly, It Is alleged, Mrs. Lambert
enticed tho girl to n placo where her
son was in waiting and' had them
married by a magistrate who was a
friend of Mrs. Lambert. Tho Barrons
allcgo that Mrs. Lambert wanted to
get a rich brldo for her son.
Big Strike Is Made on Farm South
east of Austin.
Austin, Tex., Nov. 2. Tho excite
ment over, tho recent discovery of
g61d near tho town of Hope, In La
vaca county, !)0 miles soulnVast of
Austin,, is causing an enormous In
crcaso In land valued In that section.
T. L. Oliver, the owner of tho tract
of land on which tho strlko wns
made, has been offered $110,000 for
10 acres by a syndlcato of northern
Tho gold Is found In a formation
said to 1)0 tho counterpart of the fa
mous Itand district In Africa. A num
ber of namples which havo been as
sayed run from $32r. to $1,200 a ton,
It Is slated by men who have Just
visited tho place.
Justice Moody's Condition.
Boston, Nov. 2.--ABSoclato Justice
Moody of tho United States supremo
court is resting comfortably nt tin'
Corey Hill hospital, In Brookllue. He
Is suffering from Inflammation of the
Joints, commonly called rheumatism,
and comes hero for special treatment
for tho relief of tho iuflnmiuutlon of
thu Joints. Ho Is not critically ill
and no operation Is intended.
Love For Her After-Dinner Pipe Fa
tal to Boston Nonagenarian.
Boston, Nov. 2. Mrs. Itebccca
Roach, 94, died at the Wnltham hns
pjtal becauso sho was. addicted to. tho
ifablt of seeking comfort in a pipe.
Mrs. Poach was living with her
granddaughter, Mrs, usan Melnnsou,
For years sho smoked a plpo after
dinner, and when eho went to her
room nnd lit tho customary pipe,
soon afterwards Mrs. Melan&on no
ticed tho odor of burning cloth.' She
Investigated iind -found that smoko
was coming from hor grandmother's
room, Opening tho door, sho saw tho
old la'dy'a form on tho floor, her
clothing on Are, Mrs. Ilouch wh.n hur
ried to tho hospital, but sho did not
regain consciousness.
Fighters Remain In East.
Now York, Nov. 2.Jonrlcn has de
cided to remain in this rlty until tho
first of December, when bids for tho
light with Johnson Will bo opened
und the battleground deckled upon.
Johnson says ho will also remain cast
until this Important question has
been settled.
Maximum Sentence n Richardson's
Case Is 240 Yecrs In Prison.
Pittsburg, Nov. 2. After being out
loss than half nn hour a' United
States Jury returned a verdict of
guilty agulnst David J. Richardson,
former cashlor of the Cosmopolitan
bank of Pittsburg, which failed a few
mouths ago for $1,000,000. Richurd
son had been tried on 20 counts of
falsifying tho bank books, ranking
false returns to tho comptroller of
tho currency. Tho nggi'cgnto sen
tonco of Richardson can be 240 years
to prison, with a lino aggregating.
Hitchcock Approves New 8tamp.
Washington, Nov, 2. Postmaster
General Hitchcock has approved tho
issuance of a 12-ccnt postago stamp.
With tho lncrcaso of tho registry feo
to 10 cents such a stamp Is needed to
Cover tho registration and a elnglo
rnto of letter postage. The new
stamp will bear a profllo of Gcorgo
Washington from Houdcn's celebrat
ed bust.
Vant to Know Where Taft Standt on
Collector Loeb'a New Polloy.
Nqw York, Nor. 2.--Importors who
havo been connected with tho gen
eral ring In tho customs aorvleo aro
planning to sond representative to
Washington to find out whether Pres
ident Taft and his advisers Intend lo
back Collector Locb in tho policy of
protecting confessed customs 'thieves.
Thero aro a number of Importers who
havo received tho tip that thoy aro
to bo prosecuted for participation in
or conniving tit fraud. Thoy have
heard that tho government has In
preparation moro than 100 eases deal
ing With organized tblovery. Their
attitude Is, simply, that if they aro to
bo brought to court they want to boo
tho crooks within tho servlco pun
ished, not rowurded,
As matters stand thoy have eon
reluctant (o glvo ahy Information to
United States District Attorney Wise
or to tho government's special pros
ecutors.. They don't see -whoro they
aro headed. A few days ago an im
porter was sent to Jnll and tho cus
toms mon who had tcstllled against
him wbro protected from punishment
nnd retained In their Jbbs, although
thoy confessed beforo Judgo Holt
thnt they woro guilty of thu samo
crlmo of which tbo Importer was
Joseph Donnclln, an assistant Unit
ed States welghor, was arrested
charged with admitting an Importa
tion of raw sugar at leos than tho
logal duty, no waB held In $2,500
ball for examination Thursday.
Columbus Attorney Continues on
Trail of Hocking Valley.
Columbus, 'O., Nov. 2. Attorney
Italph R Wostfnll of Columbus filed
suit In tho common pleas court ask'
lug nn injunction against officials of
tho Hocking Valley railway, enjoin
ing thorn from refusing him permis
sion to oxnmlno tho company's ac
counts. Wcstfall, who holds a num
ber of proxies of minority stockhold
ers, charges that tho ofllclnla havo
maintained an alleged combination
with tho Ohio Central railway nud
havo portnlttc-d tho Sunday Crook
Coal company to bocomo deep in ar
rears for freight charges. Ho sought
to havo tho complaints brought to
tho attention of stockholders at the
annual meeting Oct. C, togother with
protests ngalnst soveral trunk lines
dominating tho, Hocking, but a hasty
adjournment rntorfercd with his
At Lenox, Kan., Marshal Hankln
was shot and seriously wounded by
burglars whom ho caught In tho act
of robbing a store.
Residents of Mcsstun, Italy, live In
constant terror-by reason of slight
earthquake shocks thnt occur at fre
quent intervals.
Two Englishmen and four China
men, rcfugocs from a shipwreck-, wero
devoured by cannibals in the Admi
ralty. Islands.
An unknown man ended his life In
a Cincinnati hotel after destroying all
means of Identification.
Two suspects aro under nrrest in
Chicago, charged with throwing
bombs 33 nnd 34 'In the gamblers'
Tho supremo court has refused to
grant rch'carings in the caso of Jo
soph Shlpp and others of Chattauoo
ga, convicted of contempt In permit
ting tho lynching of a negro whoso
caso was under consideration by tho
supremo court,
Cleveland Youth Says He Killed
Hoenlg Lad In 1907. ,
Cloveland, O., Nov, 2. After con
fessing that ho Wns tho murderer of
thrco-year-old Alox Hoenlg, whoso
body was found in an ash barrel In
tho Jewish East Sido on May 4, 1007,
Alva Coan, 17, admitted that tho con
fession was a hoax. "I did it to lead
do gang," ho uald. Ho waa sent to
tho county Jail ponding further In
vestigation. Alva Coan, who Bays Ills aliases
aro Jesse Jnmes and Hairy Tracoy,
and who carried a revolver in a hol
ster oh hia hip and u knlfo in his
trousers leg, Was "brought beforo
Judgo Adnins with two other boys.
Tho other boys boro aliases of Frank
James and Poker Pole, tho Judgo waa
Informed. Thoy had found them
selves lu troublo following a disturb
ance, tbo result of Poker Pcto'a lh
slstoitcn that "do gang' do something
big. Judgo Adams called Coan Into
hia private chambers. Thoro tho
youth confessed tho murder of Alox
Hoenlg, Haying:
"I met, uo kid in do street. Ho had
a dimo and I coaxed him into do
back ynt'd of Cohn'A moat market and
threw him on do ground, Ho
Bcreamcd and I heard a woman yell,
too, so I tlwflYf somo sawdust down
do kid's throat and ran."
Ho followed It with tho talo of re
turning day after day to help search
for tho body. Neither Judgo Adams
nor Inspector Rowo could shako his
story. On lib return to tho county
Jail Detoctivo Dornn took up i tho
cross-examination. FJnnlly tho hoy
broko down and said: "Aw, wot'a do
usot I didn't kill tho kid. I road
about It in do polpers. Da, gang want
ed a leader what had done some
thliigs a moldor or worse and I
told dem t killed do Hoeulg klrti"
Base Burner
A betfuty with i 3 -inch
flre-pbt, highly trim
Hied iri' nickel, onlyi
Our prices on base burners
sire the lowest.
219 West CeritetfSt. '
Stoves, Hardware
Dead Football Player Burled With
Military Honors.
- :r
West, Point, N. Y., tfov. !$.i- Th
announcement that tho balance 'of
'tlio gnmes oh "this suaqon's Motball
schedule would be called off dldmat
surprlso tho cadutrt. With 'thnltv grief
Btlll bearing hoavlly upon '.thorn, they
havo llttlo inclination for tho tgauie,
nlid'thu membors of tho toumh.v
no desire to contlnun tl)ls season,
Under an escort of classmates, Ca
det Byrnes' body wan taken from tho
hospital to the Catholic chapel,
whero, guarded by aentlnols from h'U
class changed every hour, the body
lay in sttito until tho funeral, which
took placo today. Tho burial was,
with full military honors, tbo body
being bomo from tho church on an
artillery caisson, tho cofTtu draped
with tho American flag. The corps
of cadots fired threo volloya before
tho trumpeter sounded taps.
North 7a. in.;1 10:1G a. m. 4:20
p. m.; 12:'J0 u. nt.; 15:10 p. in. Logan
to Marlon only.
South 5:15 n. in.; 7:20 a. m.
10:15 u. in.; 1'.3G p. m. 7.1S p. m.
Dally except Sunday.
ma vovn.
Kustbound 9:25 n. in.; 12:25 noon;
7:22 p. in:; 10:57 p. in.; 11:10 p. m.;
C:27 p. m.
Westbound 2:38 u. in.; C:S3 a. in.;
U.CG a. in.; .1:55 v, m.;,7:2G p. in,;
4:27 p. in.
Wet 10:2G in . in.; 1:G4 p. m.
12:32 a. in.; IMM0 p. in.; n7:10 u.
liist 5:1S a. in.; 0:50 a. m.; 12:40
p. in.; 0.20 ji. m.; 0:12 p. m.; 11:48
p. in.
Dally except Sunday. I runs to
Lima only. u; runs to Huntington
only. runs Huntington to Murlon
only. ,
Soutliwcbl 10:27 a. m.; 4:10 p. m.;
12:45 a. in. . '
East 12:53 p. m.; 12:01 a. m.;
Northbound 12;1.0 tAq.i 6:25 p.
m.; 17:65 p. mf " ' ft
Soutlibouud alOtll a. in.; 7.10
pj mi j- . vuy. jntta 9.
.Dally except BuuaylBunday on-
c , i &,m. eleOtiuc' .
South Cars lnavo ovory lidur for
Columbus from 0 u. ni. l6'9 t. nland
tilt 11 p., in. for Dclaworo, 'oxccptlni:
tho car which leaves at 10:1G a. in.
Xorth Cars leave. Columbus on
tho half hour froin;(1U;f,Q,(, a, m, till
7:30 p. in. Thp laut car . )cavca at
8:40 p. m. f Y
C. M. Jfc II. KliKOTJUO.
North Cam iwiVo -Marlon for Bu
cyrus ut C, 8, JO a. in,, 12 in., 2, 4,48
und 8 p. in. , ,
ijoutli Cam nrflve. ' from Bueyrns
nt'7iG5, U:55 nud 11.05 u. m.j .1:55,
3:65. G.GG, 7GG and 9:55 p. in.
A Journey
In Any
May be easily arranged
if you will consult ah
agent of )he " '
Hocking Valley Ry.
who will cheerfully give
you full information as
to the lowest fares, train
time, service, etc., for
the asking.
Mr. L E. NEBimiL, Agent
Lijki -fit:

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