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NO. 9.
Volume xviii-
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OHIO' W12ATHER Fnfr In western nnel soulhcrn portion?, snow (lurries In norlhcnst tonlglit or Thttrtdny; colder tonight In eastern and southern portions; moderate northwesterly winds.
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r La
Plot Against His Life is Re
ported and Police are
Cpnsideres Himself Still
Will be (Held Virtually 'a
A, Hitch In the. Proposed Pence Parley
netwect Estrada and Madrlz Is
i Threatened and Madrlz is Hushing
i Troops to Intercept EsUttdn'd
'Forces Estrada Itcfusccs to Yield
.,up Arms of the, Revolutionists.
By United Press Wire.
Mexico City, Dec. 29. Joso Santos
Zolnya, former president of Nicar
agua, arrived In Mexico City today
and was received unofficially by the
government. A largo delegation of
Central Americans awaited his arriv
al .and ho was cheered when ho
reaphed hero n a special car at
tached to ono of tho regular train
Zolayn was not greeted by Presi
dent Diaz, nor did ho pay a call on
the president today; but It is under
stood he will confer with Diaz soon
over tho Central American situation.
It Is believed tho conference will take
placo before Friday nnd that It will
have considerable effect on Instruc
tions to bo Issued Ambassador Do La
Barra, who leaves for Washington
on' that day with special Instruc
tions regarding tho Nlcaraguan sit
uation It Is openly admitted In diplomatic
circles now that tho mission of Spo
plal Ambassador Crcul In Washing
ton has falfed and Do La Barra will
endeayor to secure cooperation In a
new plan.
It Is generally believed here Zclaya
will be hold virtually a iirlsoncr and
should ho leave Mexico lio will be
watched, .to. prevent his returning to
Nicaragua. vIt Is rumored that a plot
against Zelaya's life has been dis
covered, and tho pollco aro using ev
ery precaution to prevent him meeting-tho
fata of General Barilla, who
was murdered hero two years ago at
tho Instigation of Estrnda of Guate
mala. Cabrera Is also an enomy of
Tho government Is planning a rc
coptlon to Zelaya nt which Diaz will
attend. Just what atlltudo tho gov
ernment takes toward Zolnya's Nlc
oragUan position cannot bo deter
mined, but It Is known, however, that
Zolayn considers hlmsolf still presi
dent, although ho resigned. It Is
thought ho Will soon endeavor to ro
turn and resumo his nuthorlty.
Zelaya Is in good spirits slnco ho
reached hero. Ho jokingly remarked
that ho had come to offer tho Nlcar
aguan presidency to Zunglay MIrand,
tho man mentioned hero as candldato
for' tho presidency of Mexico against
Managua, Doc. 20. A'' hitch in tho
proposed poaco negotiations ,botwcen
Prosldont Madrte and Provisional
President Estrada Is threatened to
day as a result of Estrada's evident
determination to Insist upon terms
that Madrlz will not ugrco to.
Madrlz Is so approhonslvo of tho
falluro of the plans that ho Is today
rushing troops to Acoypa, In Central
Nicaragua, to Intercept Estrada ln
his murch against Managua. Ho says
ho will bo nblo to throw a force of
3,000 Into Acoypa, although there
aro not moro than ono-thlrd of this
nilmbor available now.
The now thing that Estrada Is ob
jecting' to abovo all others Is Ma
drlz's prqposul for tho revolutionists
to lay down tholr arms, ponding a
general election, tho fairness of
which Madrlz says ho .will guaran
tee. Tho provisional president has
curtly replied that In no caso will
tho revolutionists yield up tholr arms
until tho election Is actually hold
and ho Intimates that tho result of
the, election must favor a man of
ltio revolutionists' chosing, or tho
fighting Will DO runu""' .
Ignoros tho presidential claims of
Madrla entirely. H ,w'ulns t0
nogotlato with him as tho heir to Zo
laya's leadership of tho government
forces, but absolutely refuses to rec
ognize Madrla as tho country's ex
ecutive, nor tho recent acts of con
gress U8 binding.
Washington, Dec. 20. Belgium Is
to bo the flhal haven of Joso Santos
Zolaya, tho deposed Nlcaraguan agi
tator. .
Special Ambassador Enrlnuo Crcol,
of Mexico, today mado public this In
formation, stating that It was gon-
orally understood by his government
that the ox-prosldoht of Nicaragua
would romalp a short tlmo In Mox
led City and then reside In Belgium,
where his mother now lives. .
Benor Creel called on Presfdent
Taft to bid him farowoll, his mission
having been completed.
He also called on Secretary Knox.
Although the preclso object of Senor
cfee?' ml ion still remains more-or
fess a mystery, It Is practically cer
tata tin? t his visit was duo to be a
Sure before ho left Moxl co Socro
tary Knox has pursued his own
coarse apparently, ""dl,lcia
any suggestions whatsoever. As to
the Nlcaraguan situation, Senor Creel
expressed tho opinion that tho mat
ters wcro now shaping themselves to
ward a peacofut conclusion. Ho al
so said that nothing could bo dono
at tho present tlmo or until tlioro
woro further developments.
By United Press "Wlro.
Boston, Dec. 2 P. Advices receiv
ed hero today from along tho Now
England and Nova Scotia coast Indi
cate that tho gales of Christmas week
wrought great damago, both at sea
and on land. " It Is bcllovcd that at
least a dozen ITshlng boats and echoon
ors, which havo not thus far report
ed, have foundered In tho storms and
that between forty and flfty lives
iiavo been lost. Tho gales lasted for
six days and there, aro still high
winds, though abating somowhat in
their fury.
Tolegrnphlo communication with
tho Interior towns along tho Now
Foundland coast Is still off, and It Is
Impossible to cstlmato tho property
Washington Times Says he
Will Assist in Dethron
ing Joe Cannon.
By United Press Wlro.
Washington, Dec. 29. "President
Taft has pledged himself to do all ln
his power to bring about tho down
fall of Speaker Cannon," declared
tho Washington Times (Independent)
Continuing, tho Times says:
"This statement was made today
by a member of tho house, who has
been commissioned by tho president
to deal with tho insurgents.
"Tho rr'sldont'ij plan Is to post
pono any nenvo campaign against tho
speaker until after ho has submitted
his legislative program shortly after
congress convenes ln January. Ho has
reason to believe that mmo promises
mado to him In regard to that pro
gram will bo broken, and If his sus
picions prove to bo founded on fact,
ho will lino up with tho Insurgents
on an earlier dato than would or
dinarily bo tho caso.
"Tho president's promlso to aid
Vin inanrirnntn In donoslng Cannon
was mado during tho trip down tho
Mississippi river. Ho had been bo
slegcd on tho ono hand by tho fol
lowers of Victor Murdock, and on
tho other by Speaker Cannon's fol
lowers, Tho latter persisted ln ex
pressing tho belief that Inasmuch as
Mr. Tnft had given Senator Aldrlch
his endorsement It would bo only
fair to treat Unclo Joo llkowlsc.
"Tho fact that tho president de
clined to do so Is now a matter of
history? Neither did ho deal with
tho Insurgents on tho trip as a body.
Ho did, howovor, send for a member
of tho houso who had boon promi
nently Identified with tho Insurgents
up to tho close of tho tariff session
when ho became 'rcgula r' at tho
earnest solicitation of tho president.
"To this member, tho president
volunteored tho Information that he
was in hearty sympathy witn mo
movomont to nmona tho rules; that
ho was unalterably opposed to Can
non, nnd that ho would opposo his
election as speaker of tho Slxty-Scc-cng
congress. Tho prosldont author
ized tho momber to convoy his sen
tnnonts to tho insurgents, accom
panied with tho suggestion that ho
would prefer to postpono tho fight
until after his legislative program
had had a chanco."
Turns Revolver Upon Him
self and Both Die
By United Press Wire.
Peru, Ind., Dee. 20. Boy MpKtn
noy, of Indianapolis, shot and In
stantly killed Miss Dora Chappol, a
waitress, at noon today ln tho din
ing room of tho Bcarss hotel, then
killed hlmsolf with tho same revol
ver. Tho tragody occurred In tho
midst of tho dinner nnd created a
panic in tho dining room, which was
llllod with guests at tho time. Me
Kinney's address Is 038 West Pearl
street, Indianapolis. According to
papers on his person, ho was a dep
uty United States marshal, having
full Identification papers on his per.
son. He catno to Poru Tuesday nnd
registered as L. B. Lenhart, of Chi
cago, Evidently ho enmo to Poru with
tho Intention of meeting Miss Chap
pol. Sho had boon employed as a
waitress at tho Oneida hotol In In
dianapolis until two weeks ago, when
sho catno to Poru, It Is ald, to escape
his attentions.
Her father Is Frank Chappol, a
Peru painter. Sho was about twonly
years old and a recent graduato of
tho Poru high school. Tho Incentive
for tho dood was evidently joalousy.
Miss Chappol was bervlug McKlnnoy
his dlnnor. As sho poured cream,
ho caught her In his urms, shot her
twice. h tbo breast, killing her In
stantly, then used tho remaining
charges on htmsolf with the samo
Instant effect.
Borne, Doe. 20, Cardinal Satolllo's
condition took another turn for tho
(worse today, Ills end Is bcllovcd to bo
Mario Eugenie do Guzman y Porto
of Moya nnd widow of the Emperor 'Napoleon III. of France, was born nt
Granadu, Spain, on May 5, 1KU. She was the daughter of n Spanish grandeo
and of n Scotch emlgroo. At the tlmo of her man luge to Louis Napoleon
she wns regarded as the most beautiful woman hi Europe and was n favorlto
at all tho fnshlonablo watering places of the continent, whero her beauty and
wit attracted the admiration of many of the foremost men of the old world.
Sho was known then as Mile. Montljo, and her love affair with Prince Jcroino
Uoimparto was tho talk of the watering places three years before her mar
rlngo to his cousin Louis. After the buttle of Redan sho lied to London with
her sou nnd educated him there. After his tragic death In Afrlcn she re
tired to her homo nt Fanisborough Hill, nenr London, and rarely appeared ln
public. Ono of tho accompanying photographs was taken when sho last np
poarcd nt Westminster. ' J
Only a Few Englishmen can
Feel Certain of
Premier Asquith Will Win
In His District.
Conservatives are Sure they
Will Win.
Chnmbcrlht Will Dictate tho S.otcn
Birmingham Seats But Tlicru Will
ho n Great Contest Tim Coining
Election In England Seems to bo
as Much In tho Air its In Tills
Country Speaker Is Suro lo Win.
By United Pi ess "Wire.
London, Dec. 20. Tho English
political situation Is so uncertain thai
of tho 6C8 aspirants, clthor already
nominated or yet to bo chosen, for
scats In tho next parliament, nol
moro than sovontocn nro today con
sidered to bo absolutely certain ol
olcctlnn. Of this number, nlno are
Irish Nationalists nd seven Irish
Conservatives. Tho j-Vivouteonth Is
tho Bight Ilonornhla James Lowther,
Bpenkcr of tho houso of commons.
By Immemorial customs tho speaker
Is chosen for life anr ...nsenuently
entitled to re-election after ro-olec-tlon,
Promlor Asquith will ossurodly win
In his old district of East Fife,
Chancellor of tho Exchequer Lloyd
Qoorgo cannot lose Carnarvon, and
War Minister Ilnldnno and "Foreign
Bocrotary Grey aro safo In Hadding
ton and Borwlck, respoctlvoly. Tho
only member of tho probont cabinet
who la ln tho least danger Is Post
muster General Buxton, of tho Lon
don ward of Poplar.
Most of tho big Conservatives are
equally certain of ro-electlon. Ar
thur J. Balfour, tho Conservative
lender, and Sir Frederick Bunbury,
tho most cunning obstructionist In
parliament, nro absolutely certain ol
success. Thoy aro tho two represen
tatives from tho original city of Lon
don, a patch ono mllo square In the
hoart of tho metropolis. It Is tho
center of tho financial district, and,
unlike tho erratic outor London
wards, Is nlwoys'Consorvatlvo by 10,
000 or 12,000 majority.
Joseph Chamberlain will dictate
tho sovon Birmingham soats a us
ual. Ho will have a contest, how
ever, Tho Liberals mado tho mls
tako In 1000 of leaving him unop
posed, as a result of which ho stump
ed tho country at largo and did In
calculable damage to tho Llboral
' candidates This tlmo ho will havo
Carrero, countess of Teba. marchioness
to remain at horVio to fight his own
campaign. "JEff
Though ha was howled down at a
recent meeting In his own constitu
ency of East Worcestershire, Joseph
Chamberlain's son Austen Is suro, In
his father's opinion, of ro-olectlon, or
It Is certain that the elder Chamber.
Iain would see him safely taken care
of ln Birmingham.
Tho Labor leaders, Arthur Hender
son, Kler Hardlc, Bamsay MacDon
nld and Gcorgo Barnes will win eas
Woman Says She Saw the
Attack Made on Mrs.
Catherine Lindner.
By United Press Wire.
Newark, N. J , Dec. 20. An nf
llduvlt charging that Mrs. Cathcrlno
Lindner, Is believed to bo tho woman
whoso skolctou was found ln an
abandoned building of tho Essex
county hospital for tho Insnno sov
oral weeks ago, died on February 25,
1001, ns tho result of nn attack up
on her by three nurses at tho Insti
tution, was given to the authorities
today by Mis, Franclsca Hlnkol.
Mrs. Hlnkel declares In her nflldav
It that she witnessed tho attack and
sought to stay tho hand of ono of
tho nurses, who wlolded a chair up
on tho head of Mrs. Llndnor while
two other nurses ana an lnmato pin
It.nod her to tho door.
"I saw blood flow from her cars,
nose nnd mouth nnrt tho woman lay
In n pool of blood," tho allldavlt
says. "Then tho nurses roleased
their hold. Two days later, I was
visited at my homo by ono of tho
nurses, who cautioned mo to say
nothing of what I had seon. Thoy told
mo that If I talked thoy would havo
my dnughtor just reloasod on proba
tion, taken back to tho asylum. I
was afraid, and for my daughter's
sake havo held my peaeo."
Dr. Daniel M. Dill, superintendent
of tho asylum, sajs tho woman's stoiy
Is not true.
By United Press 'Wlro.
London, Dec. 29. Tho London Ex
press today charges President Church
hill, of tho board of tnido, with con
coaling from tho public his own do
partment's statistics concerning tho
proporty of American worklngmcn
for fear thoy would prove an Impetus
to the protective- movomont In Eng
land. Tho Express Intimates that
Liberals aro afraid of losing tho com
ing election should tholr froo trado
panacea bo shown to bo unwarrant
ed by conditions lit America.
Albany, N. Y Deo. 20. Governor
Hughes today authorized tho return
to Now Jcrsoy of Carollno B. Martin
and Mrs. Mary Snoud, who are de
tained In Now York upon the charge
of being Implicated In the murder of
Mrs. Ocoy W. M. Snead In Nowark
on November 20.
Everything Depends Upon
Success of Perham's
Question of a General Strike
Not Decided.
Strike Benefits Will soon be
J'or tho First Time Slnco the Strike
Began Violence lias Been IlCHortcd
to on tho Northern Pnclllc Where
Strlko Breakers aro Attacked by
Twenty Men 'I lie Men Mado Their
Escape on n Switch Engine Arm
ed Guards Placed on Duty.
By United Press Wire.
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 29 Tfie
strlko situation In tho Northwest has
becomo a waiting game, all further
action being contingent upon tho suc
cess of IT. B. Pcrham, who Is on his
way to Washington, to try to sccura
federal Intervention In tho controver
sy between tho northwestern rail
roads nnd their switchmen.
It could not ho ascertained today
whether tho nllloJ unions havo voted
upon tho question of a general strlko.
President Hawloy of tho switchmen's
union would sav nothing when tho
question wns put to blm, and Vivo
President Harshlmrger said ho could
neither affirm or deny that tho unions
nro ready to strl,;o on short notice.
Hnrshbarger said, however, that
thcro wero Influences nt work both In
St. Paul and Washington which mny
result In tho termination of tho strlko
In a very short time.
Ilobcrt J. Martin, chairman of the
general board of directors of the
switchmen's union, leaves for Buffalo
tonight. Tho board mooting Is
scheduled for Friday and tho first
steps will bo taken toward providing
boneflts or tho striking switchmen.
It Is feared that Immediately after
wards, tho American Federation of
Labor through tho railroad division,
will meet to nrrango laws and mcnn
of continuing theso bencllts whenever
It Is nppnrent that tho switchmen's
resources nro being exhausted.
Tho railroad managers In tho Twin
Cities rcfuso to discuss tho situation
Tho companies coutlnuo their efforts
to inovo freight with moro or less
Acts of vlolenco havo entered Into
tho strlko situation for tho first time
A number of Northern Pnclllc strike
breakers mado their escapo from as
sailants near tho Bcpubllo elovator In
tho north part of tho city by getting
away on a switch engine. Later twen
ty men attacked a crow of a swltsn
englno c n tho Northern Pacific,
operating In East Minneapolis when
two of tho crow wcro beaten.
Tho railroads say armed guards
will bo placed to lay In every yard ln
tho Twin Cities.
Chicago, Dec. 29. It Is learned on
good authority today that tho rcpro
scntatlveH of tho Chicago switchmen
now negotiating with tho railroads
for an Incrcnso In wages, havo llttlo
real hopo of getting an nmlcablo set
tlement. Ono ofUclal at labor headquarters
stated today that ho did not believe
tho railroads would grant tho swltch
mon's demands and that ho was suro
tho rank and file of tho switchmen's
organization would not arbitrate. "It
looks vory much llko a strlko not
only of tho Chicago switchmen, but
of othor departments of tho Amer
ican Federation of Labor unlcbs
something happens soon," ho said.
Tho railroads continued tho pre
sentation of their sldo of tho con
troversy nt today's conference with
tho switchmen.
The offer of tho railroads to roln
stato In their old posltons nil strikers
In tho Twin Cities and tho north
west who applied for work was
withdrawn at noon today and tho gen
oral managers concerned conforred
as lo tho advisability of sending ad
ditional strlko breakers and guards
to tho Twin Cities.
llallroad ofllclals hero do not be
lieve Prcsldont Tuft or tho luter-stulo
commerce commission will httcrfero
In tho northwestern" strike.
Cincinnati, O., Dee. 20. FIvo
trainman wero Injured this morning
In a head-on collision between two
freight trains on tho C. C. C. & St.
L. railroad Just outside tho Cincin
nati city limits. Downard Dark, en
gineer, 2-125 llCth street, Chicago,
was tho most seriously hurt. Ho Is
In tho City hospital with his fnco and
other parts of his body badly scald
ed. ' v t kj.J&M
By United Press Wlro.
Chicago, Dec. 29. Stato'fl Attor
ney Wayman's grand Jury criisadti
against alleged grafting In tho sale
of coal to tho city, boro Its first fruit
today whon trim bills wero returned
against two olllclals of coal concerns
(charging common larceny and ob
taining money under false pretenses.
Tho two men ifro James P. Connery,
sccretnry nnd treasurer of tho Chi
cago Flro Appllanco company, and
M. II . Bogets, president of tho M.
H . Bogers Coal company.
They aro charged with taking
money from the city for a certain
grado of coal, and delivering fuel
much Inferior In quality. Tho pen
alty for this offeno Is a fine of
$2,000 and n penitentiary sentence
of two yenrs.
It wan reported In tho criminal
court building that a true- bill was
oho voted against n city cmplojo,
but was not returned ns ho had
turned stato's evidence.
By United Press Wire.
Cincinnati, O., Dec. 28. Mrs. Ma
ty Llpp, thlrty-clghl, nttempted lo
burn to death four of her ,lght
children. Tho lives of tho tots weic
saved by neighbors. Mrs. Ltpp sud
denly bocamo crazed. Sho set lire to
nn outhouso and hurled Into the
blazo a dog and many chickens.
Next sho seized two children, and,
r.s they fought, attempted lo cast
them Into the fire.
Sho felled tho first rescuer with n
chair, but was overpowered by pollco
and arrested, charged with lunacy.
Tho woman llve8 on McMlcken av
enue, a crowded tenement district,
and her act created a panic.
Chicago Board of Trade
Men Will Try to Block
Reform Measure.
By United Press Wire
Chicago, Dec. 29. Tbo traders on
the Chicago board of trado do not
propose to let congress pass any law
curbing dealing ln futures"" without
n vigorous protest. It was stated on
tho board today that a delegation
would go to Washington soon to lob
by ngalnst such legislation and to ex
plain to tho president nnd leaders or
tho houso and sonato Just how pit
trading benollts tho farmer.
"The troublo Is that people are
prejudiced because they don't under
stand tho present system and Its ben
efits," said James A. Patten. "Tho
farmer nt present Is enabled to get
daily quotations and to know exactly
what his grain will bring when mar
keted. A law preventing dealing in
futures on foods products and cotton
would Injure consumer and producer
alike, In my oplnon. I bellcvo trado
would bo simply paralyzed. Tho
farmer would get less for his grain,
cattle und hogs nnd tho public would
havo to pay more. I don't bellovu
congress will pass such a law."
Dynamite .at a .Wisconsin
Mine Lets go With Ter
rible Results.
By United Press Wire
Mineral Point, Wis., Dce.20. Four
men havo boon blown to fragments
at tho Ohio Boll mlno between Min
eral Point and Plr.ttevlllo by the ex
plosion of 100 pounds of dynamlto
which wrecked tho upper workings
of tho mlno, according to advices re
ceived today. They are:
Edwnrd Sullivan, foreman, fifty
years old. murrl.Ml.
Thomas Clegg, one of tho Clegg
family which owned tho first mlno
In southwestern Wisconsin.
Charles Morton, forty-three, single.
John Olborg, thirty-two, jnurrlcd.
The men had taken tholr tools to
tho powder room In a drift near tho
top of the mlno shaft. It is thought
thoy dropped a cap whilo putting
nkuy tho tools and powdor.
Immediately after (tho ',oxpIdon
other miners wont Into tho pit left
by tho forco of the explosion nnd tho
remains of but throo bodies wero
found, tho fourth could not bo locat
ed. Tho flesh on tho bodies wns so
terribly torn It was almost Impossible
to Indentlfy any of them.
Tho proporty Ib owned by tho Min
eral Point Sconle company, of which
W. A. Joiioh, former United Stutos
Indian Commissioner, Is prosldont.
By United Press Wlro.
St. Louis, Mo , Dec. 20. Mystery
surrounds tho death of Hurry Onud
rcy, eighteen, ton of Congressman
Coudroy of St. Louis, who wns found
with a bullet through his heart In
tho Buckingham hotel hero. It Is
believed ho killed himself. A revolv
er was found on tho bed beside him.
Ills body was found by Mrs. Frank
Cottdrey, his mint, who followed by
her husband, entered tho room an
hour after Harry had left them ln
tho hotol lobby and gono tip to his
room. Ho wns cheerful and had boon
Joking during the evening and no
cuuso for tho sulcldo can bo dlscov
Relatives today rofuso to see nny
ono and will not talk of tho posslblo
cause of the young man's death.
Ills father, Congressman Coudroy,
was notfled by tolaphono of tho trag
edy. It was somo tlmo boforo ho
could bo convinced that his son was
dead. Today ho Is hastonlng toward
St. Louis on a special train,
Lively Fight Waging in the
Ranks of the American
Headquarters May be Mov
ed to Chicago.
O'Brien is Confident of his
OpMslt(oii to the 108 Gnmo Schediilo
Will Probably not be Strong
Enough to Effect a Change
Number of Phijers Carried by each
Club may not bo Limited to Six
teen Between May and August.
By United Press Wire.
Chicago, Dec. 29 With tho stago set
for one of tho finest little scraps in
tho hlsto-y of tho organization, tho
club owners of the American associa
tion of Professional Baseball clubs
began their annual meeting at 10 a.
m. today. Threo questions wcro para
mount when tho mngnntes went Into
executive fcsslon In tho Grand Pacific
hotel: Who will be elected president?
Will tho rssoclatinn stick to tho 163
gmno schedule? Will tho headquar
ters of -he asso station bo transferred
lo Chlcijo?
Tho 'lrst of theso furnishes tho
basis for the best scrap. Despite con
ferences lasting nil of yesterday and
most of l"st night tho outcomo of tho
presidential row wns unccrtnln whon
tho meeting began. President Joseph
D. O'Brien of Mllwatikco today ex
pressed entire confldenco that ho
would bo chosen for another term as
executive, while Ton Chlvlngton, of
Louisville was equally confident that
he will jo elected. It Is believed that
Presidents Armour of Toledo and
Schoenbo.-n of Columbus hold tho
balance of power. Neither ono Is
pledged and a conference thoy .held
Just boforo today's meeting was cx
IHjeted to determine tho outcome.
While Micro Is porno opposition to
tho retention of tho 108-gamo schedulo
It Is not believed to bo strong enough
to effect a change. Tho club owners
declare tho players themselves llko
tho lCS-gamo plan ns each ono gets
two weeks extra pay under It.
It Is uUo probable that the magna
tes will nbollsh tho rulo limiting to
to sixteen tho number of players that
can be -arrled from May 15 to August
Whether tho headquarters of tho
league will bo established In Chicago '
depends upon tho outcomo of tho
presidential election. If O'Brien 'Is
chosen the headquarters will probably
lie retained In Milwaukee, whllo Chlv
lngton faors Chicago.
J. P.
Denman Proposes to Find
Out About his Telephone
Plant Deals.
, By United Press Wlro,
Columbus, O,. Dec. 29 J. P. Morgan
will bo put on the rack and com
pelled to toll for whom ho purchased
tho Independent telephone In Ohio and
what disposition ho has mado of tholr
stock, if Attorney General U. G.
Denman rnn find a lead strong
enough f bnoo a suit on tho theory
that the telephone interests aro being
Tho New York laW Is such that
Morgan may bo grilled as freely hi an
Ohio suit as though It wcro brought
In New York state Tho hitter's law
provides that in tho taking of de
positions In a suit by a sister state,
tho witn ss may bo yunked boforo n
New York couit and punished for
contempt, If ho refuses to answer.
Mr. Dinman will do nothing wltli
respect o tho tolaphono merger until
nftcr January 1, Until which tlmo ho
has given those concerned to convince
him through written statements,
that no arrangement Is to follow that
would result In telephone rates being
controlled by a common set of men,
w bother thero bo actual merging of
tho Bell and Independents or not.
By United Piohb Wlro
Beadlnr, Pa., Dec. 29 FIvo men
wcro killed by I ho explosion of a
boiler In tho now plunt of tho Motro
polltnn Electric compuny in West
Beading today.
The dead uroi
Frank Colo, Jumcs Conoy Water
burg; Clifford Martin, Toms IUver,
New Jersey; Klmer Dengler, Mount
Pnnn ntifl Alnrtln T.vtint. llwu..ilv-
i ille, Pennsylvan'n.

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