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OHIO WEATlifen. Partly cloudy t onhjhtj not so cold til western mid southern portions Friday pnrtly cloudy nnd warmer) niodernto Botithcrly Hinds.
i Mw'M&6tm wants
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Three Boats Sink While
Battling Against the
Holes Pounded in Bottoms
By Ice.
-'Steel Tug Finally Forces its
Way Through.
Tho Cold Wave Is Ilnglng over the
Wliolo of tho United States In
- Somo localities tho Mercury Is
Ixwcr than It Has been In Years
; A Number of Fatalities Reported.
By United Press Wire.
New York, Dec. 30. Three
launches belonging to battleships In
tho north Atlantic (battleship fleet,
anchored In tho North river, were
sunk today in endeavoring to plow
tholr way through tho Ico at tho
river bank, where thoy sought to
tako on board 200 shivering sailors
who had been unablo alt night to get
to tholr ships. It was only by bring
ing Tip a powerful steel tug from tho
navy yards that a hole was broken
through tho ico pack sufficiently largo
for tho launches to pass.
Tho west wind began Jamming Ico
against tho Manhattan sldo of the
river early Inst night and by 10
O'clock, there was 100 foot of lec
plied in tho river. Through this the
launches tried nil night and part of I
toaay to plow a way.
,Tho first of tho great steel launches
built ' for hard work, to sink, was
launch No. 1 of tho battleship Wis
consin, which tried to break through
tho ico at Ninety-Sixth street. A
half submerged young Iceberg
pounded a nolo In her bow and tho
water, rushing in, caused her boiler
to cxplodo. Her flvo sailors were
thrown into tho Icy water, but a tug
managed to smash her way through
tho Ico and pull them out with boat
hoka, all suffering terribly from ex
posure. .. Steamer Ncy. 2t of tho Minnesota,
got mixed, "up "In tho Ico floes off
Ninety-Seventh streot, lost her pro
peller and wandered aimlessly about
In tho Ico unUl her bottom was torn
out and sho rank. Boats from tho
Wisconsin and Connecticut picked up
her crew out of tho water and sont
them to tho ship's hospital.
Stoamcr No, 3 of tho Kansas had
a holo punchod In her stern and
niled rapidly. Sho did not go down,
boing supported by tho Ice, but her
water soaked crow had to IcapJpom
iceberg to icoborg to reach tho Wioro
and they, too, hod to go tou hospit
al for tho thawing out treatment.
Officers and men later, woro forced
to go to ono of tho docks awny down
town and got a boat to tako them up
tho channel to tho fleot.
It has been impossible to got frish
food nnd meats to tho fleot, but a
tiig has been chartered to start from
downtown and fight her way up to
tho floot. .
Chicago, Dec. 30. When tho shiv
ering Chicago looked at Its thormom
otcr today tho mercury showod six
below zero and tho police reported
that four persona had frozen to death
during tho night.
Tho government weathor forecast
er o(tcred scant oonsolatlon when ho
roportcd that tho wouthor today
would bo "not qulto so cold."
Desplto tho fact that no snow has
accompalncd tho chilly blasts from
Modlclno Hat, tho railroads all ro
port great difficulty In keeping tholr
schedules and trains nro today ro
portcd from half an hour to olght
hours lato, especially thoso from tho
Tho dead roportod aro: Henry Jol
ly, twelve, fell exhausted whllo look
ing for work and froze to death; un
t' identified, woll dressed man, found
frozen to death on sidewalk, Jacob
Kotz, slipped and foil on icy pavo
mont fracturing his Bkull, found al
most frozen and dying; Charles A
r'Johnson foil In front of his houso
and was frozen when found.
Iteorts received today from all
ovor tho Mlddlo West indicates still
colder weather. KunBas City roportcd
zero weather, whllo Norfolk, Nobras
la, had clghtoen bojow and Huron
South Dakota, twolvo below. Throug
out Iowa tho temporaturo ranged
from six to fourtoon below, whllo
Missouri points drew about six bolow
all around. Oklahoma nnd most of
Kansas got milder weather, westorn
Kansas roportlng tempcraturo of on
ly eight to ten above
Detroit Mich., Dec. 30 Records for
cold weather were set In many places
in Michigan for tho lust twonty-fivn
or thirty years today, when tho thor
momoter dropped bolow zero for sev
eral hours. Locally, It was coldest at
Sjast night when It was two bolow
zero. At 10 this morning It was ton
above. InyBaglnuw the thermomotor
registered nine below early today, nnd
thSt' section 1 experiencing tho cold
est weather of 1 generation. Traffic
1n Impeded, nnd many wires havo
Chicago, Deo. 30. Alexander Clo
Pliane, motorman on a crowded
street car, screamed In his vestibule
an his cur started down a grado and
then foil unconscious from tho cold,
early today. Tho conductor stopped
tho car nnd a panic was provontod.
Tho ofllclal tempcraturo at 7 a. m.
was three degrees below zero, tho
coldest of tho winter. An extra forco
of physicians worked at tho Cincin
nati hospital, and thirty cases of
frost bites wero handled In a few
many die or EXFOSUHE.
Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 30. Follow
ing tho heavy snows of tho past few
day, zero weather provalls today
throughout Pennsylvania. Tho cold
est reported Is from Cresson, whoro
tho mercury registered eleven below
zero. Other points report from four
to nlno below. Many deaths from
exposure aro being reported.
Tho railroads havo not yet boon
ablo to get back to their regular
schedules nnd trains wero from thirty
minutes to two hours lato.
Louisville, Ky., Dec. 30. Tho tonv
pcraturo this morning wont to one
nbovo zero. Tho Ohio river, which
Is wldor Just nbovo tho falls than nt
any other part of Its course, Is froz
en across, and if tho cold continues,
tho Ico will becomo heavy enough to
permit teams to bo driven from shore
to shoro as was tho caso in 1893. The
prico of coal is $4. B0 n load with
further udvanco is threatened.
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 30. Indi
ana Is now In tho grasp of tho cold
wavo which has broken all records
slnco 1905. At soven o'clock today,
tho mercury In tho government thor
nlomoter registered eight degrees bo
iow zero, which Is tho lowest it has
been slnco February, 1905, when tho
thermometer showed sixteen below.
Thoro are fow reports of suffering
among tho poor, however.
Now Haven, Conn., Dec' 30.
Itcports coming In from various
parts of Connecticut indicates that
last night nnd curly this morning
tho thermometer regstcred tho low
est tempcraturo of tho winter.
Norfolk was perhaps tho coldest
town in tho state, tho temporaturo at
0 o'clock this morning being twolvo
below. At WInsted tho temporaturo
was ten below at tho sumo- hour.
Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 30. Tho
coldest weather ever experienced in
Alabama in DecemDor, according ro
tho ofllclal government weather fore
caster, reached a climax today when
tho thermomotor renched twolvo de
grees nbovo zero at 7 n. m. Intense
suffering Is roportcd from all por
tions of tho South.
Columbus, Dec. 30. Reports from
Ohio show that Inland portions of tho
stato nro suffering most sovorely from
tho cold nnd snow. Inland county
scats report tompornturcs from two
to Hvo degrees below zero. No fatal
ities havo been roportcd thus far.
Boston, Dec. 30. Boston todny suf
fered practically zero weather, tho
coldest of this winter. At 8 A. M.
tho thermometer stood only two bo
low zero. In tho poorer quartors of
tho otty tho suffering Is Intonso.
Gnlllpolls, O., Doc. 30. Tho Great
Kanawha river Is gorgod and closuil
by Ico at its mouth this morning.
Provisions of the Decree
are Unusual, if not
By United Press Wlro.
Chicago, Doc. 30. Can a court
grant n "trial" dlvorco oftoctlvo for
only a limited number of years? This
Is tho question countless) Chlcngo
Jurists and lawyers aro asking each
othor todny, following tho greeting of
such a decreo to Mrs. William Wo
holo, of Hammond, Indlann, by Judgo
Vergil S. Itlotor, of tho Lako county
superior court. Tho Woholcs aro dl-
vorcod for a porlod of flvo years, aft
or which tlmo thoy can llvo together
If thoy so deslro. If, during that
tlmo thoy should mako up and wish
to bo ronmrrlcd, thoy would havo to
wait until tho flvo years havo ex
pired. Again, If within that spaco of tlmo,
tho couplo should go out of tho stato
and ro-wed, and then decide to got
a dlvorco after tho expiration of flvo
yoars, thoy would havo to got two
dlvorcos to bo legally separated.
In commenting on tho unusual dl
vorco, Judgo Jesso lloldoni said;
"I think Rioter's decision Is very
Inconsistent. It Is a gal list tho pol
icy of n stato to kcop married peo
ple apart, except, of course, in caso
of crime, Mnrrlago Is a contract,
and tho court cannot doprlvo a couplo
of their rights to keep that contract.
Tho Idea of a. llmltod dlvorco is
foolish." .
By United Press Wlro,
Madrid, Deo. 30. It was officially
announced today that tho Moroccan
const natives had resumed hostilities
against tho Spanish forco undor Gen
oral Marina, and had attacked tho
town of Alhucotnas, whoro thoro Is a
military fortress. Tho engagement
Is Bald to havo boen slight with but
fow, casualties. Tho deepest depres
sion prevails hero over tho ronownl
of tho Moroccan war.
built , Lv f ? '" "IC";0 f
1, whie , , Z I S,n!" "n0 nt R"lfflSt:
i i which tho ship Is being constructed.
mo lower puotosmpli. Tho Wl.lto
:.,.,. "'" "'" UL' "' eoinmission early In 101 1. Tholr launching
II I Bliriin iio n most itnporta.it era In nmrlno ncl.ven.ent. for they Vvlll to
by nl odds the largest vessels In tho world. Tl.? Titanic nnd Olympic will
rl'"" toMh. 02 feet bcam.l.-.OOO tons Ulster and GO.OOO ton"
IntM.llllltlll. r. . .1 ll...
mi . ...
j.iii."l' enormous lumens nn nm !,., .,.-....i ... .,
iHo JtoV?? 5??? -rr 'S 5r,r' f00t "lB" nl,d t'o MetTopolltan towcV
n , ?Z ,rlclt rlscs '00 '.fc Tho combined tonnage of the Olympic
and Tlinntlc far exceeds the tonnage of nil the vessels engaged on both
sides n tho historic conflict of tho Spanish ar.nndn. nnd It Is even more In
tercstlng to know that tl.o Santa Maria was only 00 feet long and 233 tow
burden, yet on this vessel Columbus journeyed to tho new world
ays Stake Deserves Per
centage of Winnings of
Judge Proposes a Ten Per
cent Tax.
The Larger the Fortune the
Higher the Tax.
Hill I't-CMiiiiiK u Tax on Fortunes
.Marled by Foreign Noblemen Will
Probably bo Presented nt Tho
Coming .Session of tho Now York
General Assembly Transfer Tax
Also Proposed.
By United Press Wlro.
Now York, Dec. 30 Justice James
W. Qorard, of tho Now York supremo
court, bolloves that tho stato of Now
York should lmpiso n tax on forolgn
marriages and on nil furtunes that
arc Inherited by nllons within tho
stato. In nn nrtlclo in Collier's for
January, ho explains that only In this
way can tho stato collect a "pcrsont-
ngo of tiio nobleman's winnings" nnd
ho declares ho will try to havo a bill
to carry out his plan Introduced nt
tho coming scssloa of tho stato legis
lature. In his nrtlclo ho says:
"Tho llttlo Amorjcun heiresses,
strolling arm In arm up tho Ruo Do
La Palx, roeplng In to tho shop win
dows and laughingly picking out the
kind of crown tlfey would llko to
huvo on tholr belongings, nro becom
ing fjulto nn ccouomlcnl problem. In
rocont yoars but a few females In
heritors of swollen American for
tunes havo scon lit to marry In their
own lan.l, I claim that monoy should
bo sont whoro lt was mado and that
If theso girls chonso to becomo nbsen
too landlords nnd drow what now
amounts to a grcnt annual trlhuto
from tho Unite! States to spond
abroad on nmlablo Italians nnd high
priced Highlanders that thoy should
pay a tax. .
"A woman who marries an alien
becomes by law an alien, An nllon
has no constitutional right to tako or
hold proporty hero. Tho stato may
annox nny condition It pleases to tho
Inheriting of proporty by nn alien.
Formerly In this stato an alien could
only inherit land by coming hero to
rcsldo and filing a declaration of In-
tontlou to becomo a citizen. Bo thoro
is nothing now, nothing unconstltu
th0 st("'Il Titanic, which Is being
a,S0 n v,cw of tl,c fia,lt 1 "cradle"
The keel of tho steams!.!., i. ,.,. m
Star company . t ,nVn ... r ti..
ttonaT"ln"tno law I propose. I propose
whoro nn alien. Inherits property by
will or ddent fron a rcsidont of nny
stato thoro shall bo a stato transfer
tax as follows:
"Wher tho amount Inherited Is
over $100,000 nnd less than $500,000,
ten per cent; over $300,000 nnd less
than $1,')00,000, fifteen per cent; ovor
$1,000,000 nnd loss than $2,000,000,
twenty icr cent; whero tho amount
Is over $?,000,000, twenty-fivo per cent.
Tho samo tax will also apply to
transfers of projerty mado to aliens
by living residents of tho state, under
pain of tlno and Imprisonment to
tho rcsidont If th i tax bo not paid.
By United Tiess Wire.
Loxlngton, Ky., Dec. 30 Flro de
stroyed tho largo brood moro barn at
Pntchcn Wilkes farm last night nnd
twonty-nlno trotting bred brood
marcs owned by W. 15. D. Stokes of
Now York and other horsomon, wero
destroyol. Flro was caused by tho
heating plant. Tho stallions, Including
Peter tho Qrent, wero saved. Tho
loss will reach about $50,000,
marcs boing valued at $1,000
und tho born which Is almost
costing moro than $30,000.
Missouri Thelephone Merg
er Probe Soon Strikes
Pay Dirt.
By United Pren3 Wlro.
Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 30 Thu
telephone merger probo began by
Attornoy Goneral Mujur promises to
dovulopo a test of ovory technical
point In tho Missouri nntl-trust laws.
MnJor, in asking an examiner from
tho supromo court declnrod tho Am
erican Telephone nnd Tolograph com-
pnny, tho Boll nnd tho Missouri,
Kuusas nnd Kastorn and Kasturn
companies nro In a combination to
control tho business of tho stato.
To provo Jt, ho dcolurod tho tele
phono companies bought up tndo
pendant concerns, Increased tho cost
of sorvlco and dlvldod tho business
of tho state between them.
Tho officers of tho companies ad
mitted a mutual nwcnershlp of thu
thrco principal companies and that
(liey bought up indopandont 'com
panies, divided torrltory nnd Increns.
ed rates.
It Is believed, thoroforo, that tho
tolophono pooplo enn mako only ono
defense, and' that It that thoy havo
committed no prfouso against tho anil
trust law To do this It will bo noo
essary to read Into tho luw a number
of things that tho Standard Oil anil
Wntors-Plorco attorneys failed to
read, and which, according to nt
tornoys, tho Missouri supremo court
did not find,
Submits Two Propositions
to The Nicaraguan
Revolutionists to Choose
The President
Other Proposition is for an
Marirlz Makes n Clear Diplomatic
Stroko by Appointing tho Pnnls
loi.nl President's Brother on the
Penco Commission Mmlrlz Is Pre
paring for a Battlo ilth Kstrnda'H
Forces at Acnynpn.
By United Pi ess Wire.
Managua, Dec. 30 It Is rumored
hero to lay that provisional president
Estrada has sont an ultimatum to
President Madrlz that tho only con
ditlons under which ho will agree to
a suspension of hostilities nnd nn
abandonment of tho proposed attack
on Managua aro tho selection of a
man of tho revolutionists' choosing fot
presidency or tho cnlllng of n gencrnl
presidential election, tho revolution
ists to rrtnln their nrms during tha
Neither alternative, It Is believed,
will bo agrccablo to Mmlrlz. To ac-
copt cither would mean his loss of tho
presidency. Tho revolutionists hnvo
already announced their dissatisfac
tion with him and wero they to retain
their arms during tho proposed elec
tion, lt 's conorded they would con
trol tho election and bring about tho
success of their own candidates.
Tho pcaco commissioners chosen by
Mndri. to confer with Estrada's
representatives, consisting of Colonel
Joso Estrada, a brother of tho pro
Visional president; Benjamin Vldaurro
and GllUcrto Soballos, will put fouth
every effort to havo Estrada recede
from what Is termed his dictatorial
policy, but there Is scant hopo that
ho will yield.
Tho appointment of Estrada's
brother to a plnco on tho commission
Is considered a clever diplomatic
stroko 'ind mny bo tho means of a
successful conclusion to tho peace
In tho meantime Mudrlz Is pro-
paring for n battlo nt Acoynpa and Is
still hurrying troops to thu point
Should Estrada attempt to roach
Mannua by another route, tho Acoya
pa forco will bo diverted to whatever
point necessary to Intercept him
Thoro Is no confirmation "f tho story
that- former President Zclaya dls
trlbutcd 10,000 guns nmong tho gov
ernment hupporters Just prior to his
retirement from olllce, but from the
fact that tho now Mndrla recruits nro
woll nrmed, lt Is lnfcired that tho ro-
port Is true
Tho Nicaragua congress und Presi
dent Malrlz continue to glvo convin
cing proof of tholr hostility to Zclayn.
Tho best evldenco of this yet exhibit
ed Is tho granting of authority to
War Minister Bncnyii to levy wnr
taxes nnd to tnx tho fi lends of Zola-
ya, who c&capcd former lovles, for ar
Tho recognition of Mndrlz as presi
dent by Mexico, Ilundurns, Snlvador
and Costa Hlcn, 't Is hoped, will In
fluence tho United States to tako
similar action.
Deserts Murirl.
San Juan Del Snr, Dec. 30. It Is
reported hero that tho commander
of tho government troops nt Acoyapa
has decided to Join tlio revolutionise
en uso and that Instead of opposing
tho Estrada forces ns planned by
Madrlz, ho will nld them. If this ro
nort Is true, and It Is nccepted hero
as correct, Estrada will havo no dif
ficulty In ndvnnclng on Managua, n
is believed that it will mean that At
Ing President Madrlz will ylold to tho
terms Estrada has demanded mid
that a general election will be called
at ouec.
Anlbnl Chovez, who refused to car
ry out Zolaya's orders for tho execu
tion of tho, Americans, Cannon and
Groco nnd who was degraded and Im
prisoned for this act, left Corlnto f r
Panama, from which place ho will
mil for Now York.
Washington, Dec. 30. Thnro semvu
to bo no abatement of military activ
ity at Managua, according to deb
patchos received nt th stato depart
ment today. General Toledo, who
conducted tho Kohiyuu campaign ,
Groytown and who Is supposed to be
In possession of tho arms distrib
uted by Xolnyii boforo his departure.
Is at Manugua superintending mili
tary preparations practically in tho
capacity of minister of wur for tho
Madrlz govormnont.
Tho stnto dopnrtomnt has not yet
boon Informed or the, action of Mex
ico or any of the Control Amorlcar
countries In recognizing tho MadrU
government. Even In caso of recog
nition, it Is dofinltely Ktnted that tin.
lnltod States will pursue Its poll y
without change
By United Press Wlro.
Cincinnati, Dec. 30. W. Kcslcy
Schoepf, president or tho Cincinnati
Traction company, nnd of the Ohio
Traction company, wns Indicted b
tho grand Jury on four counts today,
charging falluro to keep cars on four
city lines up to the tempcraturo o'
sixty degrees required by law. Thj
technlcnl chargo Is that this tom
peraturo was not maintained in the
motormon's vestibules. In his fight
for bolter traction service in Clndn-
natl, Prosecutor Hunt, a few woons
ngo scouted tho Indictment nnd con
viction of President Ernest of tho C
N. & C, the over tne river traction
lines, on tho snmo charge The
chargo was based on tho tlmo tho
cars wero in Cincinnati. Ernst plead
ed guilty and was fined.
Ah Hoon a Noted Chinese
Actor Murdered in New
York City.
Murder Said to Have Been
In Retaliation.
Police Admit They Fear
Grave Results.
Dcnlli Notice was hont to The mark
cl Man ami His Enemies Ijst no
Tlmo In Cnrrjlng It Into Effect
Victim uh u Prominent .Member
of the IViir Ilrotlicrs Tong, a KImiI
of the On Leung Tong.
By United Press Wire.
Now York, Dec. .10. Tho war of
tho Chlucso tongs has been renewed
with Increased vigor and today the
pollco admit that they fear grnvo re-
suits from the murder, cnrlier In the
day, ofJAh-Hoonr h nnted Chinche
actor, who was formerly a mombet
of tho Four Brothers, which, how-
ever, ho deserted for tho On Lcong
Ab Iloon wns killed, a is said. In
retaliation for the murder, last .Mon
day night, of Low Fung, treasurer of
tho Four Brothers, und Low Jung
nnother Four Brothers, who were
assassinated by members of tho On
Leong tong nt 30 1-2 Pell street.
Commissioner Bnkor has thrown
scores of policemen and plain clothes
men Into China town todny and ad
mits that nnother tong war Is feared
Tho On Leong tongs and the Foui
Brothers have been nt deadly enmity
since tho murder of Elsie Slgel b
Leon Ling, a member of tho On Lu
ong tongs and the Four llrothen
did their bent to nld the police in
capturing him whllo the On Leong
togs successfully aided him to cscnpe
Ah Hoon wns thlrty-flvo years old
nnd wns assistant stago manager
and nn nctor In tho Chlucso thentot
ut fi Doyer street. Ho was very pop
ular with tho other members of tht
Chinese colony and was well known
In San Francisco. In tho Pncllii
coast city, Ah Hoon was an nrdenl
member of tho Four Brothers and
was associated In tho theatrical )us
lii".s with Jo Quau.
When six years ago Ah Hoon came
to Now York ho deserted tho Four
Brothers and Joined tho On Leong
tongs. Tho Four Brothers hated him
for this act and selected him as thcP
Yestorday ho received tho death
notlco and wns greatly unnerved He
mado preparations to leave Now Yorl
until tho feud hnd died out, but took
his part as usual In tho cast at the
Chinese theater last night, going to
his homo next door, nftor tho per
formance, through a secret passago
wny that had been prepared for him.
As ho reached his room shots wore
heard. Whon othor Chinese actors In
tho hoiico rushed to Ah Hoon's room
they found him shot to death. There
was no other Chinaman In sight.
How tho murdorers escaped tho po
llco cannot guess.
The police have arrested as mater
ial wltnesbes Mrs. Clara Qunn, widow
of Jo Quan. tho Chinese nctor of San
Frunclsco, with whom Ah Hoon lived
and Loo Jung, a friend of Ah Hoon'f
llvng In tho samo house, but admit
thoy do not suspect them of tho mur
By United ProE3 Wlro.
Traverse Cty, Mich., Dec. 30 Of
ficials of tho Poro Marnuotto railroad
today declnrod tho falluro of the
brakes of a heavy logging train was
responslblo for tho wreck of that
train yesterday, when It broke loose
on n hill near hero nuil crashed in
to a snow plow that was following
It up tho grade. Genitfo W. Phelps
of this place, conductor on tho snow
plow, and Arthur Kennlcott, n feoc
tlou hand, wero killed, and Train
mnster Drew of Petoskey seriously
Lomburg, Austria, 30 Tho pollco
aro today rounding up all tho crim
inals In tho city In tho hopo of Hurt
ing tho pickpockets who aro charged
with exploding llroworks during u
moving plcturo show at a local
theater last night, cuuslng n panic
that resulted In flvo deaths and tho
serious Injuring of twenty-ono
Some Railroads are Anxious
To Settle the Switch
man's Strike.
JNotniner Accomplished, mr .
. .... ,'
j j -r-i 'if
Either Side.
Many Things are Promised
For Tomorrow.
Itallroatl Managers Deny Tlicro Is Dls
M'lislon In tholr Hunks hut It Is Ap
parent Somo nro not .Satisfied
With Hi cuts Freight Handlers
.May Join the Strikers If a Settle
ment Is not Beached.
By United Press Wire.
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec 30. No
devclopemcnts todny mark tho pro
gress of tho switchmen's strike, ns-
Ido from tho wlhdrawal by tho rail
roads of their offer to abldo by tho ,
decision of tho Chicago confcrcnco
men as soon as they havo places for
them nnd the removal of tho em- i
bargo of wheat shipments' In somo of
tho rmall towns of tho stato by tho
Great Northern road.
Important events In tho strlko sit
uation nre promised for tomorrow,
howcer. At Washington Preald(ent
Tnft will meet Chairman Knapp of
tho International stato Commerco
commission. United States Labor com
mlssloncr Noll, and II. B. Perham,
president of the railroad department
of the American Federation of Labor.
Tho freight handlers of St. Paul
met In largo numbers last night and
took tho samo action ns their Min
neapolis brothers did two wccko ago,
Tho strike voto being taken rapidly
throughout tho northwest among tho
various organizations nfllllatcd with
tho American Federation of Labor.
General Superintendent Hunting
ton of tho fSoo road said, today, thoro
was no truth" In tho rumor that tho
railroad managers woro disagreeing
.imong thcmselvoi. " All Is peccful
and tho managers scorn to bo a unit
on this proposition. '
Thrco Northwestern roads, the Min
neapolis & St. Lois, tho Soo, and tho
Mllwuakeo wero said to bo prepar
ing to secedo from tho railroad assoc
iation und scttlo tho strlko insofar
as thoy aro concerned by making con
cessions to tho strikers.
Chicago, Dec. 30. Tho switchmen
or Chicago aro growing Impatient
oer tho long drawn out negotia
tions between their representatives
and tho railroad general managers'
committee, nnd threaten to strlko
quickly, according to a statcmont to
day by a man close to tho otllclals
of tho Switchmen's Union of North
At today's conferonco tho railroad
managers had oxpectcd to conclude
their nrgumont ngalnst Increasing tho
wages of switchmen employed on tho
Chicago roads. Informed union men
stated today that thoy soo llttlo chanco
of getting a settlement from tho rail
roads. Tho recent statement of Pres
ident W. C. Brown of tho New York
Central system that, In his oplnoln,
tho wliolo dispute hinged on tho ques
tion whether thero actually had
boon nn increase In mo cost of liv
ing, had encouraged tho union men.
If living does cost more,, Brown said,
ho felt suro tho railroads would In
creaso tho wages of tho men.
Union men complain, it is said,
that the railroad managers In tho
Chicago conforenco aro disposed to
deny that tho cost of living has In
creased, something which tho union
men bollcvo to bo obvious.
Ono ofllclal at labor headquarters
stated today that ho would not bo
surprised should tho swltchmon call
'mass meetings for Saturday night or
Suuduy nnd declare an Immediate
strike They havo been aroused by
the attltudo of the railroads, ho de
clared, and will not wait any longer.
By United Press Wlro.
Chicago, Dec 30. Worklngmon,
Jdlo and destitute, rccolvcd a bit of
encouragement today In tho ann
ouncement that un enormous (now
steel plant of two modorn blast fur
naces Is to be added to tho present
establishment of tho Iropuolso Iron
company of South Chicago, as soon us
tho cold weuthcr unhides sufficiently
to permit tho beginning of constru
ction work.
Tho now plant will cost $2,000,000
and will moro than duuhlo tho ca
pacity of tho pre&ont equipment, ris
ing Its output from COO tons of pig
Iron dally from two furnaces to 1,300
tons dally with four.
This announcement camo with an
increiiHo of tho companys capital to
$3,000,000 und tho financing of a
bond lesuo for nn equal sum. Tho
combined plant will glvo omploymont
to 1,000 men.
Homo, Deo ,30. Cardinal Bishop
Sntolll Is ntlll unconscious today, hav
ing lain In that state for nearly two
days. Extreme unction was admin- t
lsterod to him last evening,

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