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WEATimn FOR OHIO. Warmer nml generally, fair tonight nnd Saturday: light to moderate south winds.
, , HO. 9.
; a sbrk emus foii
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"l fr'
A i
jui goes
Golden State Limited on the
' Rock Island is
, , - Demolished.
Wreckage Takes Fire Burn
ing Fiercely.
Rlief (Workers are Rushed
To the Scene.
FIto Bodies Hnvo Been Recovered
nnl-Ff(ccn Others nro Believed to
bo In tho Wreckngc Sprcndlng
. Rolls Is said to Havo Wrecked tho
Train Which was ono or tho Rock
1 Island's Finest.
By United Press Wire.
Trenton, Mu., Deo. 31. Tho Call,
fornla limited on tho Rock Island
railroad, carrying through passengers
between Chicago, los Angeics, Ran
Francisco and EI Paso, was ditched
by spreading rails two miles north
of -hero today and a numbor of paa
sehicrfl wero killed and Injured. Tho
trkn toppled over Into tho ditch.
Tho fireman was burled under tho
"engine.' Flames broko out In tho
wrecked baggago car and spread to
the rest of tho train. Tho train was,
.mado up of sleeping cars, club err
-and diner.
'ThO latest reports from tho scene
say flvo bodies havo bcon recovered,
fifteen aro believed to bo pinned in
thowrockngo and that moro than a
sijord -were seriously hurt. It Is feared
ihjJtf trto. Injured 4 under tho wreck
agtfyfil .bdburnOd. A wrecking
crow, from Kansas City Is endeavor
lng;Mo. check tho flames and rescue
thai pinned under tho wreckuge.
i.';Hundreds of mon from Kansas City
jwprp rushed to tho scene on a wrcck
ingUraln, and aro desperately trying
to, get. the bodies out of tho wreckage,
and to fight tho flames. Tho fireman
6'f lhi trriln Js supposed to havo
bcn Instantly killed. Ills crushed
bpd.y Is under tho engine. Tho cars
wcrp badly smashed and tho pass
enters who escaped had to fight their
way out. Many of them crawled
tnfaughHho .windows and over heapr
of -wreointWntrinacos of safety.
t AU thd physicians at Tronton have
Wn'-'rushed to tho scene and othors
Irom Kansas .City havo been sent.
It is' bClievdd tho heaviest loss of
life was In tho sleepers. Tho cava
were frightfully broken up by tho
Impact and pasdngors wero pinned In
the berths, unable to escape.
Wrcokerp With axes uro chopping
at. tho sleopers In on effort to rolcaso
tho Imprisoned passongers boforo the
flames cut' oft all chanco of escape.
(Many Tronton women aro at thu
wreck, acting as volunteer nurses.
Jto'n. havo volunteered In tho work
of helping tho. passongers and tho
Injured qre. being taken to Trenton
as' fast as possible
t ,
Chicago,, peo. 31. It was stated nl
tho' offices df tho Rock Island rail
road at noon 'today that roports thnt
.many persons had beon killed In tho
VrecK of a itock Island train at
Tronton, Mlsourl, wero greatly exag
gerated. Officials of tho road sal.l,
however, that owing to wlro trouble
they had bodh unable to got much In
formation regarding tho wreck. Thoy
siita tho train was tho California
ipVwlal. and not tho Golden Gate llm
Redf'thafc tho' onglno was derailed
.'and that throe, cars loft tho track
and turnod pvor. Their roports Indi
cated thot tho fireman, namo un
known, was killed and tho engineer
probably fatally Injured. Several
powetigers were Injured, officials said
biit how muny thoy did not know.
Thrpo persons wero killed outright
and at least twenty-llvo othors wero
Injurc'd, flvo sorlpusly, In tho wrook,
Sdtng to a report to tho Ilod,
Island office hero by Genoral Super
intendent Ar B. Smalloy, who Is In
charge of thp work at tho scono of
tho wreak. , .,
Sinalley says tho wreck occurred a
0 a. m., thrco miles outsldo of
Tronton. Tho causo Is not known.
Tho engine ivas derailed, his to-port-
says, throwing everal foachcj
off tho track. Tho combination car
j, .i.'i.nni turned over and
' 5dught flro Two women n -the
slooncr wero killed In an unknown
mahner. Tho fireman was also
Sly killed, while Engineer Mill
frfcton I was probdbly fatally hurt
Four pascngers In tho sleeper we.fl
tiftiiHiv hurt and a "coro or moro
' ""pttSvod less serious Injur-
lo8' Whta that tho dead bod-
. W the " Mo seriously Injured
Kayo been 'ken to Trenton, while
nayo aw . H DQOn taken
tno oiner ti'j'
to Kansas City. i
but' unofficldl finnouncement today
SSlares that tons Albert "
S'tV resignation- of tho ant ro o vll
Sd' military .Uffii of the lato K ng
Lobnold. Inciuaing i...v.- ------
WalS ,, governor general of tho Bel-
C9Sn by thP new k.n : I- -
SmSS i A n end to the
KS, that have for wJ,J
rtockeo, the Clvl)ld world. Albert to
Bald to consider thnt all of tho lato
king's advisors wero Implicated In
theso abuses.
By United Press Wlro.
Washington, Doc. 31. A great ag
gregation of wealth ad powor crowd
ed tho train that brought President
Tnfo back to Washington today from
Now Yory, whero ho attended tho
wedding of his niece. On tho first
section of tho train to which tho
Taft prlvato car was attached, rodo
J. Plorpont Morgan, tho railroad
magnate, and Postmaster acncrnl
Hitchcock. On tho second section
wero VIco President and Mrs. Sher
man. Tho train, dcsplto Its precious
freight, reached Washington about an
hour lato.
Red Cross Plan for Perman
ent Relief for Cherry
Mine's Families.
By United Press Wlro.
Chicago, pec. 3X. Plans aro being
mado today by ibrncst P. Blckncll,
national director of tho Red Cross,
to call a meeting of tho foreign con
suls In Chicago, and tho cxecutlvo
committee of tho United Mlno Work
ers, to adopt a permanent relief plan
for pensioning survivors of tho Cher
ry mlno disaster, whoso brcad-wln-ncrs
lost their lives In tho St. Paul
mlno flro. Tho Red Cross socloty has
adopted a plan whoroby tho widows
will bo glvon a sum every week until
Uio question of permanent relief Is
sanctioned by tho consul of tho
United Mlno Workers.
There Is a fund of $50,000 set nsldo
for tho pormancnt relief of tho
Cherry families and Blcknell says It
will bo equally divided and that none
will bo forced to wont for anything
for several years to como.
It Is thought tho question of per
manent relief will not bo decided bo
foro tho latter part of February. The
legislature convoncs In January, and
rtho minors hold their stato conven
tion In February, and theso two bod
ies will havo to concur In tho plan
beforo tho Red Cross can distribute
tho relief .fund.
Count De Castellane Alleg
es That His Children are
Poorly Coached
By Unltcd'pfcss Wire.
Purls, Dec. 31. Jay Do Castollano,
son of Bout Do Castelano and the
Princess Do Sngan, his formor wifo,
though ncurly nlno years old, can
scarcely read or wrlto, nccordlng o
a story told today by a bailiff of tho
court of appeals.
In serving a paper on tho prlncow,
which charged her with neglect ot
her children's education and making
her u party to an appeal brought by
Bonl, tho bailiff was requested to
watch an oxerclso given Jay to writo
by his governess, M'llo Murtho Todo.
With frequent promptings und t'ao
greatest labor, acc8rdlng to tho bail
iff, tho boy wrote: "Tho smoko of
coke," "two pounds of moka," "tho
cap of tho Mikado" and "tho frlond
or Emllo."
Tho hid signed his namo unaided,
tho only writing Iw did In which ho
did not havo to ho prompted. It was
tho alleged neglect ot young Jay's
oducnton that caused Count Do Caa
tollano to vainly seek tho courts' aid
In competing his formor wlfo to
select tutors for her children who
would bo acoptnblo to him and who
should report to him weekly as to
tho children's progress.
Municipal Ownership Wins
In San Francisco by a
Large Margin.
By United Press Wiro.
San Francisco, Deo. 31 Cltlzons ot
San Francisco aro today rojolclng
over tho victory at tho polls yestordoy
of a municipal ownership projoct
which hatt been under consideration
for seven years and which will glvo
to San Francisco tho distinction of
having tho first municipally ownod
and operated stn'Ot railway In tho
United States. By a voto of 31,185 to
11.C94, bond Issues to construct tho
now railway wore approved.
Tho new'llno will bo -a modern con
duit olcetrlo road, about eight mllca
in length and running through 'tho
heart of tho city. Tho road takes tho
play of tho old Oaary street railroad,
formborly an Independent corporation,
but recently controlled by tho United
rullroads ot which Patrick Calhoun Is
president. Strenuous opposition to
tho bond was mado by tho United
railroads, and it Is estimated that tho
corporation expended $100,009 against
tho project. .
Tho samo project was dofeatod In
1902, 1903 and In Juno,' 1909, tho latter
tlmo by only 400 votes,
i r
i f V
ff'w F& Xj3g!k.
F mM21k
I .aw3Rfe'J?M5vl4BiBBHN.
Union miners nil over tho country nro concerned over tho election of
a president for tho United Mine Wotkors nssOclntloii, soon to take plnre.
Until recently It wns thought that Tom Lewis, who succeeded John Mitchell
In that olllco nt tho last election, would lmvo no opposition. However, Mr.
Lewis hns found n strong opponcift in Wlllluhi Green of Coshocton, and tho
irlends of tho latter confidently believe (hut lie will win iu the balloting,
which began several weeks ngo. As tho counting of tho votes proceeded
Green gained rapidly. Ho has been nctlvo In tho counsels of thu union for
many years and Is highly regarded by n Inrgo following.
Unfair Stories About Him
Have' Been Published in
United States.
Says United States Foster
1 ed the Revolution.
Declares U. S. Marines
Fought with the Rebels
Tho Report That ho Rilled tho Xlu
iiraguuu TrcitMiry Is Vehemently
Denied Rumor of a Plot to As
Mlksliinlo Him Will not Down mid
a Closo Gunitl Is Kept Former
President Is l'rco to do lis llq
By United Press Wlro.
Mexico City,' Dec. 31. "American
havo been misled by biased reports
and mado to order stories regarding
alleged crimes, defalcations, murders
nnd tho liko In Central America, but
I fooj, slnco I havo been given an
opportunity to stuto my sldo nt tho
caso, that they will begin to under
stand tho truo stato of affairs," said
Joso Santos Kolaya to a roprescnta
tlvo of tho United Press hero today
" 'You can fool some of tho people
nil tho tlmo; but you can't fool ull
tho peoplo nil tho time,' ma an
Amorlcau exprcssol It, appllo to Nic
aragua,' ho continued. "It Ih amus
ing how some, peoplo freely dlsciics
my movements venturing opinions for
me, which I myself havo novor enter
tained, Thoy seem to know all
about It when, as a mutter of fact,
thoy know nothing.
"I havo enomlcs, but I nlso Irivo
friends. Many of my friends aio
Americans. Tho latter firmly bollovo
that no matted what faults may
havo boon found with my policy, tho
uctlon of Sccrotary Knox was fir
from proper from a dlplomatlo point
of vlow.
"Correspondents may talk all thoy
want to talk and add any color to
their stories that thoy choose, but
tho fact remains that you can't fool
all the pooplo all tho tlmo."
Zoluyn was uskod about tho ro
ports that ho hnd plundored tho
ticasury of Nicaragua. Ho laughed
at th question, and replied that ho
hud paid tho Emory claim. $00,000,
out ot his own pocket.
Ho Was told that tho ofllclnls nl
Washington woro amused by his
statomont that United Stutcs marines
participated In battles with Nlea
raguan troops. Ho replied that he
was glad they had beon amused,
slnco thoy Boomed to havo nothing
hotter to do, but added "sorlously '
that ho had proof ot lntorferonco of
tho United States In Nlcnragunn af
fairs, declaring that thb olUclalH at
Washington woio fostorlng revolution
itinrn for their own ends.
A Bub'SPcrotary of forolgu aff.ilie
heor doclared today that tho stones
that SSelaya Is a virtual prifconor, ate
not true. Ho said Zolnyn mlBht gu
as ho pleased, "spend millions build
ing palaces, drink, talk, gamblo, be
merryt sloop aud llvo In Mexico
without fenr of molestation."
It Is pcrsistenly rumored that a
plot to assasslnat oZealyu Is on foot,
and tho' secret police nro on the
lpokut for the plotters. Zeiaya seoini
to bo undisturbed by this rumor, lie
E.iys ho has no fears unless tho plot
ters strike from behind.
Tho hamo sub-necrctary refused to
discuss Creel's mission at Washing
ton. Kven though Creel is now cm
his way buck to Mexico, tho exact
purpose of his trip to Washington Is
not mudo known.
It Is believed tho stato department
at Washington paid no attention to
his representations.
Kellners now Believe Alma
Is Being Held in Chicago
For Ransom.
TU TTnltnl Pros Wlrn.
Chicago, Dec. 31. Frank Folir,
mlllonatro browor of Louisville, Kon
ttii'kv who offered a reward of $3.
00 for tho safo return of Alma Kol-
- ....
lir, central figure in mo now tum
'oft kidnanlnc case, m-rivold In Chi
cago today and wont Into conforenco
with tho police. Immediately ufter
tho parents of tho missing girl re
ceived n letter yesterday, supposedly
fmm tlin klilnaners I'elir. who is u
cousin of Alma, left for Chicago, and
It Is thought today that tho llttlo
girl is being held captive hero.
Thn niilcuiro nollcu are maklmr ox
trnodlnnry offorts to local o tho mis
sing gin mo j,uuu ruwuru iiuiiik ui
mil to thorn. ('ai)taln of dectivcs.
Woods, who was consulted In tho
caso today by Fohr, refusod to say
whothor ho had soon tho lottor writ
ton to tho girl's parents, or whether
ho hnd any clow that tho captors of
tho child wero In Chicago, but Im
mediately after tho talk with Fohr
ho called, In two of his prlvato men
and sent them out to "run uown a
llttlo theory," as ho put It.
Fohr said today that no would
doublo tho reward If ho thought It
would muko tho police moro active
T.nnluvllln. l.'v. Finn. 31. Thnt let
ters with propositions for rnnsjin
liavo uoon rceiven wuicn near mu
signs of bolng genuine communica
tions fiom kldnupors, is confirmed by
Fred Knllner, father of Alma Koll
,ner. Mr. Kollner says tho loltnrj
nro bolng Investigated and If tho por
sons who claim tovbo tho kidnapers
can glvo any ovldenco thnt Justlllcj
negotiating with them, busliicbs no
egtlatlons loklng to tho return of
Alnm Kellner will begin, Mr. Kollnet
said: "Wo havo received two letters'
thut look genuine. Of course, we
1-nvo been getting lottors In ovoiy
mall from persons who say thoy wi'l
turn up tho child whon tho rnn3om
iu nnlil Imt tlifsn twn letters look
moro llko tho real thing than any of
tho othors, wo no not expoci no
vclopmunla for several days."
Ono of tho letters Is known to ha
boon from a town In Ohio. It de
manded $5,000 ransom. Whero tho
othor cumo from, tho, family will not
Mounnelon Lo Grand, Franco, Deo
31. Whllo making an noroplano
(light today, M. Baodor'H hlplano
fell into tho top of a largo treo. Tho
treo probably"savcd tho' aviator's life.
Ho dlsentanglod hlmsolf from tho
wrecked machine nnd climbed down
tho tree unhurt. Hl3 machine was
badly damaged,
Not a Single Sport is Bet
ting on the Result of the
Old 1909 is Due to Take the
New York Ready to Greet
Nw Champion.
Itcstaiirantcrs aro Trjlng to out do nil
Others In Their Preparation for the
New Years Celebration Tonight
Ringing ot Bells and Popping of
Corks Will Drown tho Chimes of
Old Trinity Church.
Bv United Press Wire.
New York, Dec. 31. Old 1909, Uio
nntldlluvlan scrapper, who for 3R4
days hns hold his own against ull
comers, will faco "kid" 1910 iu the
world's ring tonight for a finish fight
for tho championship. Like all typ
ical ring contests, It will bo "tho
best ever' 'and there will bo plenty
of bottlcholdcrs, handlers and Unlets
at th ringside at midnight. Here In
Now York possibly not all will he
able to stand tho gnft until tho rcf
ereo's count of twelve puts tho vet
eran champion out and announces to
tho wnltlng world tho advent of tho
new champion, but It Is certain theie
will bo enough on hand to properly
greet tho coming here.
New York expects to ccllpso a new
record In welcoming In a now year
tonight. In every restaurant In town,
preparations have been mado to han
dlo tho crowd. In n few of the
churches thcro will bo "wutch night"
services, but It will bo in tho snow
covered downtown streets, whero
thcro will bo tho most doing.
Everybody will go away down In
tho WJtll street sections to hear 'lie
chimes of Trinity enureh usher In
tho now year. Now York has been
doing that thing over sinoo the
church was established long hofero
tho revolutionary wnr.tbut it is tt
o bo recorded that any ono uvti
heard tho chimes.
Tho chlof requisite to hearing Iho
chimes is to equip with a cowbill,
a horn nnd a giant rattle. With
theso Instrument? of torture, mm,
women and children block Broad
way and tho ndjncont streets and
turn loso a pnnodmonlum ot noio
whleh would make tho crash of a
slxteon-lnch gun sound llko a fl.ld
flreci acker In comparison, but i'U
think thoy havo heard tho chlmis
und dono their duty and rctlro to
tho ull-nlght restaurants and hotels
to contlnuo tho celebration.
That prosperity has returned :o
tho city is best proven by tho state
ment that thcro Is hardly a restaur
not In tho city that has any tablo un
engaged for tonight. And all of tho.
Whlto Light hotels anil lousier put
aces havo an ironclad rule that noth
ing but wine will bo served tonight
and owing this year to tho new tar
iff law, they will get fifty cents a hot
tie moro for tho bubbling water than
In former years. Tho coin Is to bo
squeezed out of tho celobrntors wlih
tho celerity and certainty of a elder
mill, and no matter who suffers, the
restuuranter and "mlno host" will nil
get theirs, to s.iy notnlng of the 111 1s
toeratlo waiter who will disdain any
thing but greenbacks as a tip.
At tho Plaza hotel, gueatB will be
furnished with silk masks so that
they can visit ft 0111 tablo to tablo
"Incognito" as tho managor puts it.
Thoro will bo novelty souvonlrs In ail
tho restaurants, many of whluh will
glvo away mlnlaturo airships Impos
ed for tho occasion.
At midnight tho lights will be
turned out for a few seconds, bo.ls
will peal oft tho rated twelvo strokes
then tho rovelry will ho resumed. In
threo or four of tho blggor reHtaut
rnts, Now Year's ballets will be
danced by well known chorus people
and over all will bo tho sound of 'ho
popping corks and tho maudllng
cheers of tho diners. All In all, it
promises to bo a "big night tonlgnl.
Not So Iu Chicago.
Chicago. Dec. 31. "Censored Joy"
will bo tho brand of celebration used
to aeompany In tho year 1910 In Chi
engo if an order sont broudcast to
day by Chief ot Pollco Stoward Is
oboyed. Tho (lowing bowl will cense
to How in all Biiloons and cafos aft
or 1 o clock, and thoso seeking to 4o
through contortions with I In pans,
horns and hnrdy gurdlcs, will have lo
go down to tho lako It thoy euro to
"do their worst" And to emphusuo
his order, Steward declared that tho
policemen would bo brought In from
all outlying station wind dutalled In
tho downtown districts to Jog tho
merrymakers' memories.
Steward's ordor will cause many
men to spend tho llrst day ol tho no.v
year behind bars, as a grout miny
of tho clubs and soclotles havo plan
nod to usher in th year 1910 with
moro nolso than thoy over havo bu
By United Press Wire.
Now York, Doc. 31. Tho Rocke
feller b)blo class of (ho Fifth Ave
.,,,., no.itiut (.imri.ii in "buEted." The
members havo not beon contributing
regularly and tho calss now laces a
.i.ii. ni.M V Tnfnl. nrosldont
of tho class, has sont a letter to all
tho members, tolling them thnt It
costs $1,000 a year to maintain the
class. Tho nverago per capita con
tribution of tho members, the letter
rays, has fallen from 12. CO cents to
10,39 cents, showing thnt tho Rocke
feller Blblo class Is good on statistics.
If theso contributions nro Increased
only twenty-flvo per cent., thcro will
bo no deficit. At least $100 Is needed
to make good, and tho members of
tho class arc urged to pay up at
By United Pivss Wire.
Constantinople, Dec. 31. News
was received today ot tho assassina
tion on last Tuesday or Hassan Ta
shim Pasha, governor general of the
Yemen vilayet, whllo he was on his
way from Sana to the Red sea. Has
san recently mndo charges that tho
Young Turks lenders were respon
sible for tho granting of valua'j'o
concessions and rrnnchlscs to ror
clgncrs without sulllclent return to
Turkey. As a result or this, ho be
came Involved In a serious squnbbio
with tho Young Turk's party and his
assassination is directly attributed
to this.
No detail' of the crime havo beon
Chinatown in Chicago
Being Thoroughly Gone
They Give the Police Very
Valuable Clews.
Girls Warned Against Chop
Suey Joints.
Chliie-o Whllo Shu its aro Becoming
Moro Bold In the Itomcc-uIIoii of
Their Buslncris Chicago Chief ir
Pollco Saj.s ho Proposes to Wlpo
Out thu Tralllc Iu Wldto Cli'N in
the Windy City.
By United Press Wlro.
Chicago, Doc. 31. Tho pollco arc
conducting n systematic search of
Chinntown today In an effort to find
many whlto girls said to bo held in
Virtual slavery In tho numerous dens
of that quarter. Informatoln gath
ered today from two whlto girls, ono
aged twenty, who wero found pris
oners In a Chlneso houo, eonurinj
tho previous suspicions of tho police
that 11 regular truffle In whlto girls Is
carried on by tho Celestials. Tho
young woman who gavo the nnmo of
Kdnn Morgan, and said sho formerly
lived In Dotrolt, mado sensational
revelations prior to tho arraignment
and fining of Lai King, who was
found In tho snmo room with tho
tw women. Slto told the pollen she
had been taken totho houso where
sho was found, by a Chlnanm.i
whom sho met In a chop suey ics
taurant, that ho had taken hex
clothes and thut sho had been unable
to cscapo.
Mary Moy, tho other woman ar
rested, said whlto girls frequently
wcr taken to Chlneso dens to meet
Chinamen. Sho uttered 11 warning
to whlto girls ngulnst frequenting
chop suey places.
"If 1 tOld you all I know, prob
ably tho tulo would bo so startling
thot oven tho police wouldn't be
llcvo It," she said. "About 3 o'clock
in thn morning. I havo seen China,
men bring white girls to thoso houses.
Some times I havo seen two dozen
girls thcor at a tlmo. Tho Chlneso
meet somowhorn nnd tnko them
thcro. Thy muko merry until day
break and then tho girls disappear
as mysteriously as thoy camo "
Pollco Inspector John Wheeler an
nounced this fatcrnon that ho pro
posed to wlpo out tho trafllc In white
gills at once. Ho declined that thcro
V-as been a grout Influx of Chinese to
Chicago from Now York aud othr
eastern cities nnd thnt theso have
been getting bolder ot late. Young
whlto girls aro dally Insulted und
even attacked by tho Celcbtlals, ho
declared. ...,,, .
Wheelr statod that ten Hlghblnd
ors irom Now York Chinatown ar
rived In Chicago yesterday, and that
more aro reported to bo on the way
Ho looks tor Tuilher trouble botwoui
tho warring tongs In Chinatown ho
foro many days.
Philadelphia, Dec. 31. PrilJft.it
Horuco Fogol, of tho Philadelphia
National League Busebail club, an.
nounecd Thursday afternoon that
Charles P. Taft, of Cincinnati, has ex
ercised his option on tho Philadelphia
basoball park and has purchused It.
It la roported that tho prlco paid was
Fogol also announced that the
Philadelphia club has secured Pitch
er Humphries of tho Grand Rapids
club; McBi-lde, a pitcher of Knst
Liverpool. Ohio, and Inlleldor Walsh
of South Bend, Indiana.
mnnin.uiti. Dec. 31 Manager Grlf-
i.of tho Reds huB nsKecl wuivum
imiini. xtiiL'nlna who played seconu
for the Reds for seven yeais. xno
n Pinii was tho first 'to put
claim for him. OrlfJUh says Hug
wlll not bo sold or traded unless
prlco Is offered.
Perham Meets Chairman of
Interstate Commerce
Hope for Settlement of the
Strike. i
President Taft is Asked to
Federal Inctlgatloii lu (ho .Switch
men's Strike In tho Northwest May
Proc .Successful lu Bringing Alxiut
mi Arbitration of The Differences
Ken After IJITorts of (ho S(n(o
Oocrnmcnt has Failed (o Accom
plish the Kud.
By United Pros Wlro.
Washington, Dec. 31 For tho pUr-
poso of bringing 1 bout an adjustment
of tho dispute between tho switchmen
nnd tho northwestern railroad's, II.
B. Perham, head of tho railway de
partment or tho American Federation
of Labor, hod a conforenco today
with Chairman Knapp, or tho Inter
state commerce commission and Com
missioner ot Labor Nclll.
Tho telegram sent by Mayor Hcy-
nes, or Minneapolis, urging President
Taft to lend his ofllclal lnflucnco
(oward a bcttlement or tho strike, waa
referred by tho president today to
Chairman Knapp and Commissioner
Pcrham's conterenco with tho two
government ofllclnls Is in nccordanco
with tho terms ot the mediation and
arbitration law, ot which ronner
Congressman C. J. Erdmnn, or Penn
sylvnnln, wns tho author.
Tho so-called Erdman act was sign
ed by President McKlnley on Juno 1,
189S. It provides a comprchonslvo
schemo which may bo adopted for tho
amicable settlement of strikes and
lockouts wherein uro Involved a com
mon carrier, dolng-nn Interstate busi
ness, and Its employes. '
Two methods of adjustment aro
specified, tho second to bo adopted
only after tho llrst shall havo failed.
Tho law grants cither strikers or em
ployers the privilege of submitting
their differences, In tho first pluco to
tho comnlsslonor of lnbor and tho'
chairman of tho intcrstato commerco
commission for meditation. If tho at
tempts of theso two government ofll
clnls to effect an amlcablo adjust
ment of tho controversy aro unsuc
cessful, a second plan Is provided,
this, howovcr, requiring consent of
both parties. '
Tho law stated that thero may bo
threo arbitrators In tho second plan;
ono named by tho. employer, a second,
by tho lnbor organization of which tho
striking men aio members, or olfthey
aro not members or such a union, a
man named by 11 majority or thorn
and n third chosen by the two al
ready selected.
To this board of arbitration tho law
provides that both sides may sub
mit their grievances In writing. Tho
thrco arbitrators havo tho power of
examining witnesses. A final decision
must bo reached within thirty daya
after tho selection of tho third nrbl-
Meanwhile, tho law declares that
tho statuto of tho controversy shall
not bo changed. ' M
Whatever decision tho arbitrators;
may roich, Is filed In tho United.
States court of tho district whorcIiV
tho dispute occurs, and Is Until Unless'
legal error la discovered, and may bo
enforced b. court decree. Ten days
aro given either sldo dlssatlstlcd with
tho decision In which to fllo with tllo
court exceptions.
After tiward by tho arbitrators tho
employers nro 'orbldden to discharge
employes, or tho tho cmployeo to ro
sign, without Justifiable causo, for
threo months, without thirty days'
notice In writing and tho award shall
bo considered In force for ono year
without uppeal unless by legal pro
Cincinnati, Deo. 31. "I was Iho
easiest mark In Cincinnati," Is tho
way Louis F. Runck, Insurance agent
oxplulnod his nctlon for bankruptcy
Thutsday In Unltod States court.
"I not only wrote polices for-peoplo
who mudo promises to mo and paid
tho proinluma out of my own pocket,
but I was suseoptlbln to ovory kind
or hard luck story. I loaned money
and I endorsed notes." Runck nnntca
his liabilities at $28,030, and his as
sets at $23,740.
Tho turbine derives Its powor riot
from tho expanalvo prcssuro of steam
as in a cylinder engine, hut from
its momentum, impinging ut high
velocity on vanes attached to tho re
volving shaft.
Tho greatest cotton crop In tho
United Stutos was that of 1008. whlcli,.
orr tho farm, was valuei at $732.-i
000,000. ,,
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