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C. ',,B Mony In Tfiy Pnrws" by
(Kjltlrift through a "Yr Sale" Ail
aomo ol Uio too-ninny things you
"Ton nmy Icnrn Jasl what" yo
want to know ulinut your chanced
to hay u homo hy studying todai'i
Of the World Will Soon be
Narrowed to the Roman
Catholic Church
Of Agnosticism Declares
Rev. Vaughn, English
Prelate at Montreal.
Fever Rush for Pleasure is
Leading the People to
Prelate, thinks It Is n Grand thins
to Sec n Woman taking In "Washing
Mather tlian taking In Men.
Tv United PrffB Wire.
Montron), Sopt. 10. "The ilomnn
Catholic church rflono enforces obed
ience to tho law of Ond governing
rnclnl milclrto. From whnt'I hoar of
conditions In the United States, the
Catholics will hooii control that-country
through forco of numbers,' 'todav
paid Father Rerun rd Vaugli. most fa
mous of England's Ttoman Cnlhollc
prelates, who Is a delegate to the
'Thicharlstic congress.
. "Christian fecundity Is fighting ster
ile paganism. The buttle for tho pos
session of tho world," ho continued,
"will soon be narrowed to tho Ro
man, Catholic church and tho destruc
tive frirccs of agnosticism. Protestant
Ism Is disappearing. To mo nothing
can bo moro contemptible than those
married women who shako their little
n.sts In the fneo of God crying: 'Wo
Ignore you and desplso your laws!'
Tho fever niHh for pleasure Is lead
ing them to paganism nnd the destruc
tion of Carthago, of Phoenlecln, of
Greece and Rome, Women no longer
want tho trouble, of rearing children.
Children Interfere too much with
their pleasures, their figures.
"Tho empty cradle and the empty
nhui-oti nre thn nront nroblema of
modern lifer Raolal, sulcldo-'and ra--
Unions Bulclue act and react upon eacn
other. The Roman Catholic church
stands alone In Its enforcement of
the law of God concerning mnrrlagcs
and tho Roman Catholic church alone
has no complaint to make of empty
pews. , ,
"I can understand the unmarried
'woman who feels that she docs not
want to bo-loft out of public affiilrn
nnd who wants hor sharo of the prizes
of life. I find no fault with her am
tltlons but I think It Is a grand thing
to seo a woman taking In washing
8ho Is far hotter than her richer sis
ters who spend their time talcing In
men. I think It Is unfortunato that
women havo to work outside tho
home, but It seems to bo a necessary
economic condition of tho day.
"Wo must all aim toward Ideals wo
ran never reach, but neither the na
tions nor their peoples nro striving
toward a Christian Ideal. Our ngi
has no sense of proportion, of tho
fitness of- things, and It has lost sigh'
of God and His laws."
Is the Question be De
cided in Spain Which may
Precipitate Civil War.
nv United Press Wire.
Madrid. Sopt. 10. Tito choice- of up
holding Premier Canalojas In his
conduct of tho dlspulo with tho Vati
can, thus precipitating a clorlcal re
volt, or of forcing folm. from offlco
nnd causo a wldo spread uprising of
Republicans, will bo prcsonted to tho
cortea in itn October session.
Tho premier has expressed com
plete confidence that tho cortea would
uphold him. His reply to tho recent
noto of tho Vatican In which ho do
clared 'that the, bill prohibiting tho
creation of relfglous establishments,
until tho concordat Is rcvlBod, will bo
adopted, means that it will rest with
tho cortes as tp whether tho rupture
botweon tho Vatican nnd tho govern
ment becomes pormanont. Tho pass
ngo of tho bill will mako tho now
brcacli Irrpmodlable.
King AlphonBO, has surprised every
one by hlH continued stand by his
premier. His' firmness Is attributed
to a knowledge that should ho desert
Canalojas, ho will launch a clean cut
stn'KK'o hotwe'en monarchy and re
publicanism, as1, In such case, tho
church would stand hy Alfonso and
Don Jnmlo, tho pretender, wolld not
flguro In the light . ,
Tim ilnlleziev of thn IMmr'fl nosltlon
Is emphasized by tho doubt that tho
Itepubllcans will not stand hy lilm
permanently, ovon should ho uphold
Cnnalejas. Tho question whether of
foctlvo reforms in Spain nro possible
under n monoid. This would con
nqquontly resolve Itsolf Into a triangu
lar conflict betweon Don Jnlmp and
the clericals, Alfonso nnd tho Conser
vative nntl-clerlcals and tho nndlcals.i
Colonel Roosevelt
Delivers Forty-Minute Speech In Co
lumbus Today.
"?. . ""V
.'. - - 'T
i.tf." !.'"'
Photo by Amerlcuu I'rcti Association.
Will Replace Fifth Regiment on Duty
at Columbus.
Columbus, O., Sopt. 10. Aftur e
conference with Colonel Harry Knoi
of Alarlottn, Adjutant General Woy
brecht decided to call out six com
panies of the Seventh regiment, 0.
N. (., for strike duty In this city.
Tho order will be Issued today und
the troops arc expected to arrive
Sunday morning, a few hours aftor
tho Fifth regiment, now on duty,
takeB Its departure for Fort HonJa
mln Harrison, I ml.
While no definite timo limit has
been set for tho withdrawal of Htato
tioops, 1Mb understood that they will
ho retained until after the grand Jury
meets Sept. IS. Now that order has
been restored through the presence
of tho mllltla, tho governor proposes
to keep It until after such Unit! as
ho Is assured there will bo no more
lo1cnce In connection with tho
streetcar strike.
Refuse to Attend Adjourned Meeting
of Balllnger Probers.
Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 10. Tho
Balllnger-Plnchot Investigation com
mittee adjourned upon declaration by
Senator Knute Kelson to 'meet In
Chicago at 0 o'clock 'Tuesday morn
ing. Ills tilling followed a long par
liamentary tangle, The Republican
members Sutherland, Denby and
McCnll refused to come into tho
meeting, nnd Senator Nelson as
chairman hud i tiled that the only two
motlous ho could cutertnln would ho
ono to adjourn and another to tnke
steps to bring the committee togeth
er. The Democrats say they will not
attend the Chicago session, and that
so fur as they aro concerned tho
committee Is still In session, and
they will glvo out their report here.
Wilson to Open at Kenton.
Columbus, O., Sept. 10. Secretary
of Agriculture Jumeu Wilson accept
ed an Invitation to speak at the open
ing of tho Republican campaign at
Kenton, Sopt. 17. Secretaries Knox
and Xagol of the cabinet were
obliged to-decline invitations.
During a period of political agitation
a stranger arrived la Magdeburg,
where, ou applying to the authorities,
ho obtained a permit or ticket of resi
dence. He had not been long In the
town before lie became- uware thut his
steps were being dogged by a miiu In
blue uniform. He bore It for days,
butut lust said to the spy: "Sir, do you
wish to drive me mm!? Why do you
pursue mu hi this wdy?"
"1 am a detective, and my Instruc
tions arc not to lobe sight of you," was
tbo iilet answer.
"Why, what fault have the police
to Und with me?" shouted the stran
ger in the greatest excitement. "My
passport ia In order. Hero Is my
ticket of residence. 1 mini citizen of
Herllu. Why do you follow mo about?"
"It stutcs In your passport," was
tho reply, "that you were going to re
side here for pleasure. That looked
suspicious, us It. Is tho tirst time uuy
one enmo to reside In Magdeburg for
MB doctor ez: "Ypuso ter da conn
Git out wld de hayseeds on' rest."
An" me, fcolln' dopey. Jlst beat It,
Dellcvhr 'twas ull fur de best.
Bo hero's whuro 1 lunded las' We'n'sd'y,
Itlelit here wld do come-ons an' Rubes,
Wld uotllu' around mu but scenery
An' breal'ln' fictfli air t'rough mo tubes.
Rut rest? Jumpln' Felix! Wheie U Itl
Well, mebuo do country Is fine;
Rut, say. It dese iiolncs la "qulot,"
De clans ' da trolloy fur inlnel
I ain't ulcp' a wink, on de level)
1 ain't closed u peeper ut night.
Say, listen. I'm canned be de racket
Deso country bhds makes -when dey
"Katie did!" yells one bird; den anud-
lie ups an' ho tolls him, "You lie!"
Pen dey're off In a bunch, de whole party,
Au.rcneo. now no lanawiuge does uy:
Flynn's boiler shop simply ain't In It
Wld dat aggregation. Kit! Nelnl
If deso country noises Is quiet
De clang o' do trolley fur iqlnol
Hack, back to olo clvller?atlon
I'm niakin' do btralgbtcs' heo line.
It est up wld do Itubcs it yousu wants ter.
1)0 clang o' do tiolley ;ur mine!
T. A. Ualy In C'atbollo Standaid and
HHIHHk l& OpMhS?1 to 4hh ,
. k. -
On tho right In tho foreground,
Hthel Clare La Novo, nnd next to
her Dr. Hnwlcy Harvey Crlppen us
they nppenred at tho bar ot tho How
Street court, London recently. While
Fell After the Ripping
Roosevelt Had Seen the
Immortal Rud Kynicka
Wlio Nominated Editor
Harding at Columbus,
But the Country Can't Quite"
. Differentiate Between
Boss Cox
Anil Jho ('omit ItotNircnilnl Hill
Lorlinoi' of Illinois Tt'fl Most too
Complex and Sublimated for tho
American Citizen.
E; United Pres Wire.
Cincinnati, Sept. 10. Colonel
Theodort- Hoosevelt met Georco I).
Cox, the Republican boss of Cincin
nati, nnd his two lieutenants, Itud
Hynlcka and Garry Herrmann, nt the
recoptlon given In Itoosevolt's honor
at tho homo of Congressman Nicholas
Longworth on tho fashlonablo east
hill lato Friday afternoon. Hy con
senting to meet tho throo bosses of
Hamilton county ho made n distinc
tion between Senator Lorlmer, with
whom ho refused to dine nt Chlcngo,
and tho Cincinnati triumvirate, the
ruler pf which President Taft de
nounced In a speech at Akron, Ohio,
In 190Ii.
Taft, thon secretary of wnr, was
sent to Ohio by Roosevelt, then prei
Idont, to snvn the party In tho state,
It being In danger becauso of tho Issue
nf Pnvlurn tlint hnil been raised.
Tho meeting between tho colonel
nnd tho boss yesterday wns somewhat
"How do you do?" said Roosevelt.
Tho boss replied that ho had met
Roosovolt bofore wheroupon tho col
onel naked him where that had been.
"In Washington," replied Cox.
Tho boss got his legs mixed up like
nn abashed schoolboy as ho steppe 1
back nut of tho ilerco limelight of
greatness anil stumbled over tho
Longworth front stoop.
Aftor tho colonel hnd been Intro
duced to Hynlckn, thero was a great
gap of sllenco which was broken after
a while hy Hynlcka himself who said:
"This has been a beautiful day."
Tho colonol agreed that It had been
Tim .llatlnf linn mnilo bv TtOOSOVelt
betweon Cox and Lorlmer has th
politicians hero guessing. Congress
man Longworth, itoosevolt's son-in-law,
has been nominated nnd renom
inated by tho Cox organization und
dopends upon It for his reelection.
When Roosovolt mot President Pnb
noy, of tho Cincinnati university,
Dabnoy'sald: "Keep up tho good
work you havo started. "Wo aro all
with you". . ,
"1 am In for tho war," declared tlw
Colonel. lt .
"I wna glad to seo Longworth do
what Im tlJil lahout JCnnnon," na
iled Dabnoy. Longworth was standing
hesldo his father-in-law. "Rut that
sn't far enough." Dnbnoy continue.
"Von should go further Lmmwo .,
bo nn insurgent as well as a progres
Hive." .... ..., ... i,-t.
Nicholas biusncu ami "
Location of N"rtJ:,,n "'"toii
columbuB, O., Sept. 10. Canton.
Medina, navonna. Warren mid Hu -son
had ropresenattlvos 1 n foro I
stato normal commission at tho state
houso'yostordny bidding for the , now
state normal schoo that Is to bo lo
place is willing to furnish "'
tho HChool free, Hudson is willing to
1-J--mvw 1 "
the Kugllsh courts and ICngllsh Hya
tt in are supposed to he muii morrt
rtrenuoim than the American rou
tine, tho fact that both of the ac
cused are permitted seats adjacent to
give a college which belongs to West
ern Iteserve, If the normal Is located
there. Tho commission will visit the
towns before making a choice.
Cincinnati, Sept. 10 Former Presi
dent Ilnosovelt left C'lnclnnutl for
Columbus on tho Pennsylvania rail
road at !:1f tills morning. Ho was
accompanied to tho station hy his
Nou-ln-hiw Congressman Nicholas
Loiigwnrth who arranged to go as
far as Columbus wher,i tho colonel
Is to mako a speech.
Ilefore departing the colonel ex
pressed himself as well pleased with
the entertainment C'lnclnantl gnvo
him and said ho especially enjoyed
a visit to Its nrt museum.
Almost ns largo a crowd saw hhn
off as Hint which greeted llm here
Krldnv morning. It was composed
niimtlv of women and children. Tho
colonel slgiidl numerous autograph
albums before he left.
lie was alono on "the platform of
his prlvnto tar as It drew away from
tbo station nnd waved his hat as tbo
ciowd shouted good-bye.
Appealed to by the Chicago
Tribune Which Exposed ,
Lorimer and Browne.
Hy United Press Wire.
Chlcngo, S pt P Tho Tribune today
culls upon the peoplo of lllnols to
continue the light against legislative
graft. The Ti Ilium- Is. tho uncom
promising toe ol Senator Lorlmer and
Its publication id' tbe Hrowno bribery
charges Immediately lirecodeit the
Indictments und nm-sts. Of the
trial of Lee O'Neill Ilrowne, which
ended yesterday lu acquittal, the
the Trlbuno says:
"The second trial of Lee O Nehl
Browne bus resulted in tbu verdict
of twelve men thut hu is not guilty.
"lint docs this verdict hold him
gulltles-tV There Is another court, un
other Jurv before which he stands
Tbe court of public opinion, the Jury
of his fellow men. The fulluru of the
Cook county prosecution does not
....... i.i... ,. viniiii-iitu him. Neither
eieiu ii ... .......
would tho failure nt uio prusccuuuii
which he still must face In Sangamon
"fflur decent eltlsenshlp In Illinois
110W aroused as It has not been for
2 ny years to .nuke clearf politics
.'.'.. ...i.. in-.. ,,r tho state, t would
K weak and foolish to feel ser
have grown fo. years nro not abolish
"'"lUln'ols will still fight on. A recent
.,,' !uro here and thoro may bo ul
owe o 11 bach. wlM "'lVe
,ss con imi.y f tliln kind than he
ireaml hewma wlserlf nota
better man-"
In Wild Wales.
Tourist-Good morning, mj pretty
nuild. Whose hbeup are these?
Sheplienli'-s-Tlu'y belong to Mr.
Gorouwy Ciulwuliidi'. sir. v
'i Oh. a eiy nice linmo too! And
where does lie llvnV
S.-At rie'igelligw.vlltlon.
T.-Iluvu .van '"-L'M niueh from
s.(ini In Anulosey, sir. I . went
with my brother and my Hlstor to Liu
nerchyineddyminoiitlo nnd from there
to see Civlgl.ui Cimryll and enmo hack
to Lliiiifnlriiiii'hafiiiiiellhaf, ntiil luoii-
T. Hold hard' l-i't ihe breathe a
littlu! Well, where a ft or ward?
S.-Woll. my broihiT liliil'to go back
to Chwurel Ciiehrali'liyiafn ami my
sister to l.liiiuifilinlarii, inn on our
way homo w uont toseo the, llltlc
clitircli by the iImt ihIivii fiuiity old
fiiHbloiicti cliiucli. lr.
T.-Wliere li It? I menu wljnl par
ish? S. - In I.laiiraii'pwIlKw.vngyllgagery.
ch wy rndiMlovlll.' lllKOogoh.
T.-Meivy on 'A'uut'n enough!
However sliall I ilml miclra pluee?
Loudon spectator.
euch other Is being commented upon
by American lawyers and jurists. All
sorts of rumors fly about London as
to tho real story of Dr. Crlppen and
his pretty typewriter,
Discussed by Col. Roosevelt
in a Speech there
Today J
That the First thing to 'be
Done Was to Establish
Law and Order
And then Endeavor to Se
cure Justice for the
Parties in Contro
versy The KiiipIo.M-r, tho ICinplo,v and the
Peoplo as a Wlioic Not MuMi
Light tin-own on tho Heal Situa
tion. Columbus, O., Sept. 10 To a crowd,
putiolleil by regular soldiers rom
the Columbus burrarks. Colonel Roosc
velt today discussed the Columbus
street ear strike which has kept this
city In a turmoil of excitement and
rioting for weeks.
Tho fnlluro of the authorities to
suppresH lawlessness during tho strike
received a bitter excorlntlon from thn
colonel. Whllo tho Colonol shouted
Hint It wns tho ilrst duty of tho
nuthoi Hies to put nn end to tho riot
ing, Mayor Mnrshnll, of Columbus
sat beside him on the platform,
which has been erected In (loodale
A committee representing the North
Sldo chamber of Commerce met the
colonel's train curly today. J. A.
Metcalfe. Judge J. H. Sntcr nnd
Dr. J. F. Jones escorted the colonel
to the park. Thousands had gathered
under the trees to listen to Roosevelt
analyze the trouble.
Mayor Marshall, who sat on the
platform, will after today have full
control of tho Bituntlnn ns Governor
Hnrmon has determined to withdraw
all stato control.
"Ilefore. I came to Ohio, I, of cours,,
knew of'tho lumcntnblo condition of
things which hud continued for so
many weeks hero at Columbus, tho
stato capital. As soon as I entered
Ohio and ever since I havo from tlmo
to tlmo been addressed by letter and
even personally by buth sides, asking
mo to come to Columbus nnd speak. I
will say frankly that I did not llko
to como here, but I llko still JeBS
dodging, and so I have como. I no
tice I havo been advertised to speak
on tho subjectof wnl and order, and
so I shall, nut I shall also speak on
Justice, for exactly as It Is tho duty
of all good dtlens to seo to It nb
Holutily nnd without reserve that law
nnd order prevail. It is JHt ""cl
their duty to Seo that Justlco pro-
V'"Tho first requisite to the establish.
r i..uii.... Ih the establishment
r law ami order. ...id woo to the
man public official or private citron,
wh ' fa Is to rwillw this fact. And
especially should wo abhor nnd rep
Xto the conduct of tho PjJHo Per-
vnnt who for any reason falls In hik
i .- in regard .but wo must
JlIBtioo ;f Vi, govenment to
lli whole itfM ,", inhH ,)Wjn Anntu
''.'Now at o outset, lot mo say as
rmN' a."ii.i .i,nt 1 do not and
. ii ...- ritlff
IK lli" . ..
me on behalf of tho two sides, lltaly
contradict one another. Hut thero
are certain broad principles directly
applicable to your present situation
which can bo laid down without hesi
tation. There Is no question whatever
that many acts of lawless violence
have been committed, Including bomb
throwing and the use of that weapon
of the worst, the meanest, the basest
and most cowardly typo of asiastlns,
"Now, the first duty of the govern
mental authorities, high and low, from
top to bottom, Is to put an end to the
reign of violence and disorder, to
i heck nnd punish every crime of
brutality and lawlessness. No ecus
i an be accepted for any government
oiTU-Iul who falls to do his duty lu
this regard, and no excuse can be
accepted for any private citizen who
fulls not merely passively but actively,
to perform the prlmo duty of good
citizenship In Joining with the au
thorities In helping to put an end to
such mi Intolerable condition. 1 call
your attention to what Judge Satvr
did a ear ago lu the case of the
striking miners in noutherii Ohio. T.ie
employers applied to him tor an In
Juiictluii iigulust the miners. He de
clined to grant It, but he gnw to both
parties n leeture from tbe bench to
which I am kIuiI to say they paid
heed. He warned them that violence
would not be permitted and that tin
whole power of the state uoulil. IT
iieees.ir. In- Invoked to suppress it
He warned the miners particularly
that tholr worst eiientles were those
among their own number of their sni
pathlzers who committed deeds of
violence, and alio warned the capital
ists that deeds of violence by their
employes did Jtt.st ns much damage to
their cause and were Just us flagrant
outrages against tho public as the
deeds of violence committed by tli.
miners and sympathizers of the min
ers, and that ono would be no more
tolerated than the other. Therefor",
friends, your first duty Is to establish
law and order nnd It's especially to
the Intei est of the wage workers thai
law and order should be establlsbe-l
and they should be the Ilrst to Join
effectively In the movement. No plei
should be entertained for n momen
that would delay tho putting of an
end to the relun of lawless violence.
"Let the employes remember that It
may well be to the Interest of soui"
of their leaders for political or other
reasons to havo lawlessness and dis
order ciintlnue, but that It Is pre
eminently ngalnst the Interest of the
workingnion themselves.
"Then your duty has only begun
Then you will hnvo obtained law and
order, but you should treat this mere
ly as the first, although a necessary
and all-Important step In obtaining
"It Ih not merely your duty, bill
your right, to Insist on knowing nil
the facts that led up to and brought
on this strike and pass Judgment up
on It.
"To dismiss men for asking for an
increase of wages would be such an
Infamy that I can hardly believe It
occurred, but you should llnd out
definitely. The union Is Just as much
a necessity of our modern Industrial
system ns the corporation Itself. Roth
must obey tho law, but ench Is a ne
cessity. "I'lilon men hnvo no right to fore"
other wupe workers Into the union ns
was well set forth In the report of tin
anthracite utrlko commission. Such
action is ns gross a violation of right
as Is the so-called secondary bnxcott.
"Hut It Is equally an outrage fo,
tho employer to discriminate agnlust
tho unions and to fall to work with
them In a spirit of cordial good faith,
on both sides.
"Moreover. If your present arbitra
tion, low Is not sufficiently stringent,
make It more stringent, and If It '
unconstitutional, amend the consti
tution. "The state and tho municipality
hnvo power to force nny public ser
vice corporation to do what Is right
and It is tho business of the people to
seo that they do. In conclusion,
friends, your duties are two-fold, Ilrst
to at once enforce order, suppress vio
lence, nnd seo that the law Is obeyed
In letter and spirit.
"Second, exert your whole power
to find out the facts. If Injustice has
been done, exert the whole power of
the government to see that It Is rem
edied forthwith nnd take stops that
will effectually prevent a repetition
of tho Injustice.
"You people of Columbus face one
of the crises which from time to time
In our American life demand tho ex
ercise of tho highest qualities of good
citizenship. It Is your Immediate
duty to secure law and order and
once this has been done. It becomes
your even higher nnd more pressing
duty to seo that Justice, full und com
plete, Is guaranteed nllke to the cm
ployer, the employe" and the people
as a whole."
Charles K. Hamilton who was bad
ly Injured by a. fall from his acro.
plano nt Sacramento, Cnl., yesterday
lu a sixty mile per mjnuto flight may
not recover.
Ludlngton, Mich., Is mourning to
day for tho 27 wen lost In yester
day's disaster In tho mysterious wreck
of car ferry No, IS.
Licking County Wins Vrlzo.
CnluHtbiw, O., Sopt. 10. A Jury of
experts at tho Ohio Stato Fair de
cided, yesterday .that Licking coun
ty's exhibit of fruits, vegetables and
grains was tho best In tho entlro
lot exhibited hy clghty-llvo of tho
eighth-eight counties of tho shite.
Second plnco went to Clark county,
third plnco went to Union county,
fourth to Franklin, fifth to Hardin
nndxth to Medina.
Hard on tits Egg.
Fnt Lady-Yes, sir; Hint's the beauty
of keeping fowls. If hover I run short
o' meat or I'm In a Mirry. I always rail
hack ou tt hPtfg.- London ftystirurtnr,
Swindling Deception, In
trigue, Sharp Practice
and Base Desertion ,
In Her Dealings With Rob-
ert W. Chanler, Who is
an Artist and
Prominent Society Man of
Upper Tendom in New
York City
Trnusrei-liig to her the Hulk of Ills'
roituno She Xon- n,,s thrown hlni
OtprlHNinl After Hating Srciiml
UN .Money.
-New -Jork, Sept. 10-IIls nCom.i
or Won a year transferred to tho
woman ho married, who now offers
him :in y,.aP r t , defray hit
Personal expenses, Robert W. Chnn
lor grandson of John Jacob Astor.
politician, society man nnd artist, Id
today hiding from his frlonds, a
broken, despondent man, his dnenm
of romance utterly shatter!.
Over In Paris, his brldo of two
months, the faseinutlng opera singer
Llniv Cavnllerl, from whom his friends
sny he is parted forever. Is accepting
the attention of the. set In which sho
formerly moved, while secure In her
strong box nro the papers sho forc
ed Chanler to sign before she would
marry hhn and which transferred to
her tbo bulk of his fortune.
New Yoi k IntlmntcH of young Chan
ler members or the ultra fashlonablo
set. nro aghast over the stories from
Paris telling of the manner In which
he wns hoodwinked by tbo opera sing
er who has been characterized ;w
"the most beautiful unman In thn
world" Those who hove seen her dW
traded man since be hurried hen
from Paris are fearful that his mind
may become nrteeted by tho strain
and tbe few. personal friends In,
whom lie has fully contlded are care
fully guarding him from Interview
ers nnd from tbe curious public.
Chanler courted Linn Cuvallerl for
twelve months und bis courtship was
tbo most spectacular ever seen by
spectacular Rrondway, where tho lovo
affairs of millionaires nnd chorus girls
are hardly ever a matter of com
ment. Chanler ilrst met her lu tho
spring of IWjd Just before the closo
of tho opera season. From that
moment sin- wns th. "ono woman In
the world."'' for hhn. Night and day
he was constantly ut her side. Ho
lavished Klfts and flowers ou lier.
took he- to breakfast, driving In tho
park behind his fast horses, accom
panied her to the tbeatro where,
whllo sho sung, he sat In a stago box
anil cast soulful ecs on her. After
the performances he nnd his clobo
Intimates lu the so-called "Hohemlan
set" dined at fashlonablo restaurants,
with the dlvu as the guest of honor.
For nearly n year this kept up Chnn
ter having eyes for no ono but the fa
clnatlug Frenchwoman, whoso proud
boast It was thut no man could re
sist the appeal In her eyes. Time and
iigulu he nsked her to marry' him
only to bo put off with a laughing
refusal that but added zest to tho
Cavnllerl nil this tlm0 had nnother
string to her bow. ikilgoroukl, a Hus
slan prince, blood relative to tho
Czar and enormously wealthy. Thnt
he could not marry her was not
known to Chnnler aw It wns his lack
of knowledge of Russian court regula
tlons that finally led him to .u.m.-u
their marriage two months ago.
Three days beroro their marriage
on Juno IS. Chnnler nt tho domain I
his bride-to-be signed over his for-
mo to her Just how valid this trail,
f r is In the question bothering Chan
and his relatives today. That ut
attempt will be made to have lt not
UHlde Is certain and It In ; jc neral
believed that n good part of It mty
VlXTfow days after their mar
rlage Bald MVs. Chalner toM
her lushand sho would allow I
i0 a month spendlm? money. hut
that 1 ! must go to work and earn Wh
7 Kgrnm from Mrs. Chnnler.
separation story I true.
Alr"nMlon To Ann'. -
Uevpard the Clement-Raynrd TI an,
"'raoftho two army corps was
Liu.li oi I ....ronlnnou nr.
ennlnpeii u .----
atmospheric conditions. prior to Hi-
ascent of tno uinm""--"-
Th0 pomocrats and InsOrgent min
ority of tho ItaHlnwr Investigation
committee havo quit and will Bo l.bn
They havo already given out tholr
report condemlng Ralllnger, the oth
er members will likely wulte waflh
him. . J -
.. ....H
.&& v.
. TSu.i.-cji -

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