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r J eS l&Ka
The double wedding of Mr.
Lnwrenco Uryan to Miss Pattlo
Hull Enner nnd Mr. Roy A.
Hjdieo to Miss Anna Eager
woh celebrated Saturday even
ing at half nftcr eight o'clock by Itev.
Cleorgo M. Itourlco nt his rcsldenco
on south Mnln Htrcet. Tho young pco
pie wero unaccompanied.
Mra. Brynn nnd Mrs. Bybeo nro oc
comptlahed young Marlon ladles, popu
lar In their social crowd. The grooms
arc cntlmabln men, both employed
at tho Marlon Steam Shovel shops
They will make their homes In this
Thrro will bo a meeting of the
Stitchers club tomorrow evening nt
the West Columbia street homo of
Miss Illdla PnngIorn. This will bo
tho first mooting of tho club year
nnd a largo attendance is desired.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ebert returned
to their homo In Sandusky City Sat
urday. They havo been tho guests of
Marlon friends and relatives for tho
past weck.Last Friday evening they
and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wagner of
Sandusky wero tho honor guests nt
Mr. nnd Mrs A. II. Howscr's pret
tily appointed dinner.
Tho second nnnnal reunion of tho
Dal Veil family occurred Saturday, at
tho Grand nvenuo home of Mr, nnd
Mra, Gus Huncke. Tho morning hours
werp spent soclnlly and at noon an
eleganl dinner was served at which
covers wero laid for sixty.
following tho dinner hour, tho
lection of officers wns hold with tho
following results: J. P. Noff, of Ma
rlon, president; David Morrill, of
Agosta, vice president; Mrs. .1. W.
Campbell, of Lnltjie, secretary and
treasurer; Mrs. David Morrnl, of
Agosta, Miss Emma Holland, of Ma
rlon, and MIph Hachel Dean, of Ken
ton, executive commlttoe.
The next mooting will bo huld In
Lincoln park, In this city, the second
Saturday In September, 1911.
Guests wero present from Kenton,
I-nlttio, Agosta, Morral, Novnda nnd
In honor of tho forty-eighth birth
day anniversary of her husband, Mrs
Terry Dowcll entertained a number
of her friends plcasuiably at her Son
ate street Jiome, Saturday evening.
Eight tables wero filled at progres
sive ouchre and at tho close of tho
card series, Mrs. Brown and Mr
Wayno Thompson held high score, for
which they received pretty awards.
LouIb Search received tho consolation.
At 10 tho card tables wero covered
with, snowy cloths and a delicious card
luncheon wns served at tho close of
which Mr. Dowell was presenled with
a handsome gold watch and chnln by
his friends.
Those present woro: Mr. and Mrs.
O. Sadley, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. 10. Pontic,
Mr and Mrs. John Severn, Mr. and
Mrs. Wnyno Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Search, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Collng, Mr. nnd Mrs. Olllo Brown,
Misses Thelmu Thompson, Mildred
Postle, nnd Jennings Collng, Georgo
Young, Elmer Wycnrd and Mr. John
Dowell and daughter, Gladys, of Fos
Mrs. Estollo Wilson left today for
Poughkecpslo, Now York to tako up
her duties na dramatic critic- nnd fea
ture writer on tho Poughkcopslo
Evening Star.
Mrs. Allen Mills and daughter
Lucllo spent yesterdny In Columbus,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plotner of
Star City Indiana nro guests of Mr.
nnd Mrs D. It, Crisslnger at their
West Contor street homo.
M,rs. II. C Badlx of Wilson nvenuo
Is visiting relatives In Monroevlllo.
Allco O'Donnell of Bucyrus Is tho
houso guest of Miss Gertrude O'Don
nell nt her homo on Chestnut street.
Boy Click left yesterday for Chicn
go where, ho will tako training In
Miss Grnco Weston retuned to her
homo in Akron yesterday after n
weoks visit with Mrs. Clmrlea Smith
of Orchnrdj Btreot.
Miss Ethel Flndlay left today for
Boston to resume her violin studies
In tho New England Conservatory of
Music at Boston.
Miss Roma Hofstottor went to
West Snlem today where sho will
tako charge of tho Trecco Millinery
aliop. i I
Mra T. J. Osborne and dson Wll
lardMeft yesterday for Chicago where
they will mnko their homo. Master
WUUan! Osborno wjll resume Ills
lessons ou the violin under tho super
vision of Prof. Hugo Kortschak. Mr.
Osborno tylll follow In a few weeks.
Mrs. D. F. Edwards loft today for
Cleveland whero sho will meet her
daughter Elolso and accompany her to
uchoqt at Whente,n near Hoston.
Mrs". T. J. Osborno and Mastqr Wll
lard 'Qsborn returned to Chicago yes
terday wilicro tlio lattor will resume
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only the smartest styled
hats in town, but they .rep
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123 B. Center St.
his studies at tho Chicago Musical
"Mr. J. Golbaugh, of Iroy avenue, left
yesterday for Holly, Colorado, to mi
perlntcnd tho erection of a dredge for
tho Mnrlon Steam Shovel company.
Mr .and Mrs. John Severn spent
Sunday In Waldo the guest of Mr. nnd
Mrs. John Ilclchnrdt.
Emll Edmondson, of this city, is
visiting his nunt, Mrs, A. O'Hnra, In
Springfield, Missouri,
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Clenry went
to Cincinnati to attend tho Ohio Vnl
ley exposition.
Llttlo Miss Emma Shcrrer returned
to tho Mt. St. Joseph convent school
nt Cincinnati today after spending
the summer with her parents Mr.
nnd Mrs. Arnold Sherrer, of South
Seffner nyenuo.
Mismates Are Given
Court's Time.
Week Will be Given Over
to Divorce Cases.
Pleadings nro riled In n Number of
Cases Itccchers Ask Leaio t
Expend Money for n Car Ilarn.
Judgo Dan Babst took tho first
whirl at thu divorce cases on thu
docket today and six of them wero
disposed of In short order. Flvei dl.
vorces wero granted nnd tho other
case was dismissed. Tho work In thu
dlvorco court will continue through
out tho week and It Is tho Intention
of the court to clean up this cluss of
On tho grounds of adultery, Hansom
B. Wllgus was granted n dlvorco from
Maude Wllgus. The collide was mar
ried In West Mansfield, September 7,
Hebecca It. Kuutz wns divorced
from Martin Kuutz on the grounds
of extreme cruelty, drunkenness, wil
ful absenco for three years and failure
to provide. The couple was married
In January of 1908.
The caso of Hannah M. Carllns
against Edward L. Carllns was dis
missed, It being reported to the court
that they aro living together In Mans
field. Alice Moohrman wns divorced from
Claud L. Moohrman on tho grounds
of gross neglect of duty nnd wilful
nbsonco. Tho couplo wns married
April 2, 1904.
Blanche M. Beta wn8 granted a di
vorce from Hurry E. Beta on thu
grounds of wilful nbsonco for threo
years and gross neglect of duty. The
lietz were married April 23, 190r,
Nellie Johnson wns granted a di
vorce from Wllllnm B. Johnson on tho
grounds of gross neglect, fnlluro to
provldo, extreme cruelty and that ho
had threatened to kill her. Tho John
sons wero mnirled December 11, 1890.
An application for tho right to pur
chase lumber nnd hardwaro for tho
construction of a- car house has been
filed by Attorneys Crisslnger nnd
Guthery In tho caso of tho Cincinnati
Trust company against tho Columbus,
Marion & Bucyrus Itnllway company.
The nmouiit sought by the receivers.
Georgo Whysall nnd F. E. Guthery, 'h
An amended answer and cross-pe-tltlon
has been (lied In tho enso of
Emollno Powell ngalnst Henry Powell.
Tho defendant asks for tho degree of
dlvorco upon tho grounds of deser
tion. '
fTho Bryant Brothers against
Georgo T. Baughman, R. Ander
son B. H. Brown, C. II. Topllff, J.
W. KnliTIn, trustees nnd building com
mltteo of tho Frco Baptist church
In LnBuo ,ls tho tltlo of a suit which
lias been begun In court by Attorneys
Thomns and Hays, of Columbus.
Tho petition prays for a ludgoment
for $325. with Interest from May 2C,
1910 on a contract for art glnss fur
nished nnd labor porformod.
Tho enso of Wlillnm Miibso, who
was convicted of havlpg kicked his
wlfo In tho breast lias boon cnrrlod to
tlio common pleas court on orror,
Twonty separate Instances of error
nro cited to tho court.
Masslo was tried by a Jury In Justlco
C. E. Gompf's court nnd was do
clarod guilty. Justlco Gompf son
tenced hln to, four month In tho
york houso nnd assessqd a lino ot
U00. .
K ; JUT "771
Pennsy Freight Runs Away
And Leaves Track.
Might Have Wrecked Steam
Shovel Office.
Excursion Business Good .Sunday.
Erie's Wnler Softening I'liinl About
Heady for Use Provident Under
liooil on flip Owr Lines.
A most extraordinary wreck oc
curred on tho I'l'iiliHylvanlii, Just south
of Center street shortly nftcr lust mid
night when leaky air hose on n freight
thnt was standing south of t'olumbli
street, allowed tho train to start and
gain considerable momentum as It
came down the grade In the yards.
The engine was detnehed and on an
other track, tnklng water at the tlm
The train, consisting of fort freight
cars came down the siding mid turn
ed onto the track that runs along sld.
of the freight house and kept on go
ing across -the lawn around the Ma
rlon Steam Shovel shop offloi- 'I lu
cars plowed Into th'i gieuinil and tin
front ono stopped a feu fiet from th
sidewalk on Center street, nrter tear
rng off n side entrance to the build
ing, stono steps and wooden storm
entrance. The cars nnrroivlv missed
hitting the corner of the brick build
ing which they might In"" lout out
us they were moving fast at the time.
As It was none of the ears turned over
nnd thero wns no pile-up as would
havo la-en tho ease had the front car
not turned slightly befoie reaching
the building and the others followed.
Fivo enrs went aeioss thu heavy
bumper nt the ond of the truck.
Excursion IiiisIihsh was mighty
brisk Sunday and large numbers of
Marlonltes went to Columbus, Toledo,
Detroit and Cincinnati. '
Tho Erie's water softening plant Is
about ready for use, tho final tests
now being under way. When In use
tho qew plant will glvo the Erie a
much greater water supply ami will
reduce boiler troubles to" a giV.it ex-,
G. T. Dopew, muster mechanic of
the Cincinnati division of the Erie,
was In tho city today looking after
business In his department.
Thomas Tracy, nssstant master eav
builder of the ICllo, with headqiiarteis
at Meadvllle, was a visitor heiu to.
The special train of President F. D
Underwood went through the city Sat
urday night, carrying the Kilo ebb f
executive nnd party of officials en
route from Chicago to New York The
observation otiglno whlih nttruetc
much attention here last week, wo
pulling tho train
Chief Dispatcher McNeil, of th
Erie, wns here today on business
kSKSk mil &93MH
A Scene in Rosalind at Red Crate at tho Grand Sept, 19
i 77'
R. A.
Burnett Drunk in
Party Refuses to Pay for
I.enl Garbage Plant .Superintendent
Went to State Tali' on Friday and
Family lum Been Gi cully Worried
Owr his Failure to lictiiin Will
Sent! Sentence.
According to n I'nlted Pj-ess tele
gram to tho Mirror, under Columbus
date lino today, Bobert A. Burnett,
superintendent of the local garbage
disposal plant, was tills morning sen
tenced to thirty d.ivs hi the Colum
bus workhouse for Intoxication fol
lowing a Joy ride, tile members of tho
p.uty refusing to p,i the auto hire
which resulted In their arrest. Tho
telegram follows:
Columbus, O., Sept. 12. Ttobcrt A.
nuilictt, mipcrlnteiidnnt of the Mnr
lon garbage disposal plant, received
a sciitencu of thlm tiavs In the work
house here this .morning for Intoxica
tion. Ho caino here yesterdny tind
an iic(Uulutui)ce of D.
n traveling salesman,
Huff, n "'local bartender.
tluee ordered all outoniobilo am
ordered all ntltomobllo
spent tin cin Hinting tno nii-nrriict-eil
ltv. When tluCv returned, none
of tin-in i ould, or would, pay for tho
iiimihluc The woro all arrested for
drunken . liovlo jwas also charg
ed with diiraudlng a liveryman.
When the Mliror mn,n talked to
Harnett's ilnughter lit her Heed
nw-uiin Imme today, sho said
she luii w uoLllIng ef her fnther'n
whereabouts i xcopt'tluit ho hud gono
to the Slate Pair oil Friday, expect
ing to be b.icK Saturday night and
that she and her .mother havo been
gri'iitly worried over his failure to
return. The daughter was greatly nf
fee toil by the news of her fnther's
Incarceration in tho workhoiu".
It. A. Burnett has been .superin
tendent of the disposal plant several
eors. in fiut oor slneo tho plant has
been In operation. Ho has been
known as u man who attended strict
to his duties and city officials havo
many times said that !ho was a most
efficient man His son, Emmott Bur
nett ha sheen Burnett's assistant and
nett has been Burnett's nsslstnnt and
Is now In chargo of tho plant.
Canity lodge K. of P. will confer
'the first degree on n class of candldnt
e-s at their meeting Tuesday evening.
Mrs Margaret Leo leaves for Mans
Ilel todu after Rpondjng u few
days with relatives hero
SEPTEMBER 12, 1910.'
Breaks Into Shop and Steals
Runs Auto Without Having
a License.
.Toliri Bliislinin, Who Iq Arrested For
DellierliiR Penclies on Sunday, Es
capes illli n Ilopiliiiiind I'loni the
Major Other Notou of the Loe-al
Police Court.
Hedmond Lawrence Is again In bad
with the authorities, this time for
breaking Into a small shop at the rear
of tho Clenry blacksmith shop on north
Mnln street and stealing J.I worth ei"
baling wire, belonging to Charles Wit
ter, on Saturday night.
Lawrence Is snlel to have1 used a
key to enter tho shpp. He secured the
wlie nnd then sold It to Bay and
Floyd Slpes, hay balers. The owner
of the property found out that his
place had been entered nnd Investi
gated. It took him less than half an
hour to find out where the wire had
gone. Lawrcnco's arrest followed. He
will be arraigned today on n charge
of burglary.
Milton Buhner, a Ple-asant township
fnrmer, who wns arrested for driving
his automobile without a license, ap
peared In the police court this morn
ing for a hearing. He changed his
plea to guilty ond wns fined $f. This
Is tho amount thnt It cost hi into run
his mochliie trom this city to his home
before he had secured his license and
John Blnghnm, who was arresti'd
Sunday bv Officer Schrock, charge 1
with delivering penehes ou Sunday,
contrary to law, was dismissed by
Mayor Seller this morning nfte-r W
P. Moloney, Bingham's attorney, hail
explained to tho court thnt n car of
peaches from Toledo, which was sup
posed to arrlie on Saturday had not
i cached hero until Sunday and us tho
fruit was perishable It was necessary
to make deliveries at once. The orders
for the penehes hail been given earlier
In the week. The mynor warned Bing
ham not to make a practice of deliv
ering his goods on Sunday.
.Tamos Newcomb, of 820 Patterson
street, told the police last night that
when bo opened the door of his lions'
In response to n knock, a man dress
ed In a gray suit stepped up. to him
and hit lilm a blow In he nose with
his fist nnd then ran away. Newcomb
professed not to know the man or tho
reason for the assault when Officers
Powdl and Jone-s arrived on the scene'.
Tho police spent some time looking
feir the man but did not find him.
The police Inst night He-arched tlm
apartment of Mrs Ingle over the)
Storacl wholesale house on nort'i
State street for liquor after neighbors
hud reporte'd that the forbidden fluid
was being dispensed there to thr
thirsty. The police found the n-ports
entirely unfounded.
Important Matters Will be
up For Consideration.
Some Definite Action May Iio taken
In the trouble oT the Board or Hx
aniln'Ys. The board of education will hold n
regular meeting Mils evening and tako
up tho consideration of a number of
Imnnrliint nnntters." 'I lie crowded
condition of the schools is ono of tho
serious proposition with which tho
board has to cono and nnelTort will "o
mado this evening to Iron out tho
trouble for tho best interests of all
of tho children and tea oilers In tho
The difficulties existing In the
board of exnmlners may como up for
some discussion and action. It is re
norled that W. A. Longbon has re
fused to sign any of tho certificates
which were granted nt tho examina
tion whloh was Iheld. August 31st and
September 1st. Mr. Longbon raised
tho ouestlon of tlio legality of tho
certificates and submitted to tho
board an opinion from City Solicitor
Elmer T. Boyd In which ho stated
that It Is liels belief that tho certi
ficates nro not valid.
IVhnther or not nnv definite ac
tion will bo taken by tho board of
education Is not known, though such
a thing is hinted by thoso who nro
closest to tlio situation.
Through Attorneys Crisslnger nnd
Guthery, tho Hall-Cronln company
has answered tlio petition of John
Tho nnswer ndmlts that tho plain
tiff wns In tho employ of the com
pany on construction work for tho
Marlon Steam Shovel company, but
denies all other allegations. It seta
up Ulmt If tho plaintiff wns injured,
ns recited In tho potltlon, It wns
through tho nogllgonco of a follow
employe nnd that tho company Is in
no way responsible.
Council will hold n regular moot
ing this evening and dispose of somo
matters that have been In tho hop
per for somo time A number of
Improvements havo been nsked by
citizens of various parts of tlio city
and disposition will be mundo of somo
of tho petitions.
Mr, nnd , .Mrs. Uplert Wnltpra. of
itlils city welo DcCllffo visitors Saturday,
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Out of the High
. 0. 0. F.
.Morral Order Enjoys a big
Speaks on Subject "Truth"
InlereMlng Program Itciidctvel Old
:I00 Picont.
The members eif the I. O. O. F
lodge of Morrnl and thedr families
held their annual picnic S.iturilay newer
Morral. This was one of the largest
and most successful ever given by tho
order, as nenrly three hundred visit
ed the big grove. The morning was
spent In a social way. the Marseilles
band was present and rendeied a
number of selections as the people
At the noon hour two great tallies
were constructed on which wero
placed dcllcleuis viands fioin out of the
overflowing hampers. Around these
the guests gathered to partake of the
Mimptuous dinner.
Following the noon hour, several
addresses were given. Tho program
was opened by Itev. Mr. Altaian, win
gave the' address of Welcome. Tho
large choir next nng America, after
which Bev. J. II. Bagwlll delivered nn
excellent address. He dwelt ul length
on tho history of the state and Its
progress. Ho said that tho lncrcnsol
Milne of the farm lauds and liiestouk.
during the past ten yeiii'K, had mink)
Ohio one of the foremost states In
tho union. Ho also contended that
Ohio has produced nome of the great
est men in tlio union, and hero hi' pal 1
a tribute) to tho lute William McKin-le-y.
Hon. Grant E Mouser gave the
jlH'Clnl address of the day. He) dealt
with tno Hiiiijeci "iriun, in wnien no
said that what the woild needs today
Is men who stand for truth and hon
esty, not only In politics but In everv
phase and office of life. He said that
Theodore Hoosevelt stands for truth
nnd honesty In politics, and Is not
afraid to denounce dishonesty In po
litical life. Mr. Monger's address was
heard with tho gre-atest Interest and
was freeiuently punctuated b the ap
plause of his hearers
A quartet composed of Mrs Schnlti,
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Mrs Bridie-, He .Mr Bagwlll nnd Mr.
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rending after which nil repaired te
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