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' "Wp" IPT1
i i i
and her Jolly
Com pan y in
Arthur Nelsons
lusical Comedy
A New Comedy.
"Troubles of a Policeman", Travel
Picture Scenes in and about Norway,
an Educational Film, and many othors
Just keep uplhqhabit and come to
the Luna( you willaKvaysiind a good
oow. J
The MeiuBaters Club
A bright summer corriedy. Magnifi
cent scenes.
would nji
ling. Tho
girls vowed they wou
er love or
marry, but the awlu
young men
brought them to terms
Also other good pictures.
Song Miss Durst
Easy Money.
Two Coney Island waiters wcro talk
ing about short changing.
"It's bud to take n raw chance." said
one, "because you uever can tell what
"Will happen If you're caught. The best
picking I ever had 1 didn't tako any
chances on. 1 wns selling tickets at a
fifteen cent attraction. Every tlmo n
guy shored In n two dollar bill for ono
or two tickets I counted out carefully
5 or 10 cents In silver too much. If ho
bought two tickets I'd lay out 80 cents
In silver. Nino mcu out of ten would
grab tin change and beat it, thinking
1liey had bent mo out of n dime. TUey
seldom remembered that I bad a dollar
more to give theiu they wore In such n
hurry to get away with my dime.
"Tho tenth man who dli't fnll for
tho game was generally honest enough
to shovo my dime hnck, so I seldom
lost anything. I made $10 a day be
Rides my pay. all without taking a
chance." New York Sun.
, What Thsy Intend to Do.
"1 hear." said Mrs. Oldcnstle. "that
Mr. Goodman Intends to leave his for
tune for the purpose of founding sonio
kind of nn eleemosynary Institution."
"My good gracious!" exclaimed her
hostess as she tried to pick n chunk of
paint from n genuine Kcmbrnndt,
"Why should ho want to do that? 1
tblnk If ho didn't want to leave It to
his family he'd give It to charity.
That's what me nnd Joslah Intend to
do with most of ours." Chicago Hec-ord-IJornld,
Ladies! Save Money and Keep in
s Style by Reading McCall'n
Magazine and Using McCall Patterns
McCttl'i Miilowlll
liulii you dross Myl
(stiff nt a modoralo
cxionso by kuoiilntc
you pouted on tlio
latest fas li I oti.i In
ctulliPH nnd liatf. 60
New Vnvtilon Doslciis
In nai li Iimio. Alo
vxttinliln Information
on nl limnn nml nor
fonul iniiUnm. Only
UM n yciir. Iiicluillnc
n Tito pattern, fiuli
Kcrllm today or fend
fur frco (amnio copy.
MCII piiicru n III cn.-ililn ynu In mnko In ynur
on n lioinc, wllli iniinwu IihihH. c-1o11iiik for
ymmrtlt mid rhlldu'ii nliUli -n III liu perron
In itylo nnd 111. I'rlrn wmn liluhcr than 15
conli. Bond for froo I'attrrn ( hiuIokuo,
Wt WillCUi You Fin Pr.i.Mi rpr netting, null
KrlnlloniiRinonrooiirrrlriiili. tatwlnirfrcu
1'romltini C'alalostm ar I ( iisli I'iIo Dfl'cr.
THE UcaiL COS WIT, 2:3 1. ZV Wut J7lh Si, MWI ORK
M QOTt b 9 ffft 4VfH A foal
Ti eats Chronic Diseases. OlTice McNeal - Wolford
' Block, No. 117 1-2 WesQenter Street, Marion, Ohio.
'Office Hours: 7 to 11:30 Mofrungs 2 to,4 Afternoons
7 to 8 Monday, Tuesday,
nings 2 to 4 Sunday. No
day Evenings and Holidays.
iness Confidential.
n you havo any 'oTlsnxlaltt. ol(, rullrovl, or Industrial stookB,
dlly 'otn out ot yoac tra-ik ocfrom tlislr old litdliv plUoo. I on-n find
you a tnirket for tlnra. SsoMhiac; uew. I havj reports on ovor
10,0)3 oirp iMiion anJ itn la toirah with buyars ovory whoro. Look
your old ta3lc ovar, tlx)ti oouaaprtiUioe ins nud ynt nmv And that
yju nr.iftil in'tknv It. A,UbAlu9 strlotly ontti ontlnl. The old
stasia viioli yo on nil diti'e know about mvy moan a fortuno,
Diti't delay but loak It up at onco.
313 W )it'( Onntnr Btroot, Phono 1(1011 or 1587. Room 11.
''L, l miiJX''.J , , , - r
H& 1 1 1 11
Z arn"nr-fTiL- sg
&&&? J2&JM
John T. Brush, tlio chief proprle
tor ot Iho Giants who announced re
cently Unit IC ho found Ilia nubile ana
tlio nowspniicrs wnntcit n post season
ecrlcs between his team nml tho
Yankees ho woulil take tip tho propo
sltloii. Thcro Is no doubt tho Now
York funs want tho series and It has
Boy Nods Over Geography
Dream of Restaurant Feed.
ESLEY'B undo had n bald head
nnd u quiet volco and might
have been Justly called prosaic.
but to Wesley ho was Invested with a
peculiar and romantic interest because
ho lived in a hotel and ate regulnrly ut
n restaurant. Wesley thought that
any ono who ate nt a restaurant every
day had littlo left to sigh for in this
World. They had ico cream every
night nt n restaurant and batter cakes
every morning for breakfast. In Wes
ley's homo they had ico cream for
dinner on Sunday only, nnd batter
cakes appeared on Thursday nnd Fri
day mornings. At these times batter
enkes wcro like sunrise and sunset
natural phenomena. But batter enkes
every morning that was like the sun
rising nt bedtimo or school in August,
utterly uuheard of hud not possible
anyway. Why this should bo tho
scheme of tilings wns a step beyond
Wesley's imaginings.
Ills mother was chiding Wesley's
undo for eating nt restnurants,
"I could eat in a restaurant forever
and ever!" cried Wesley.
"Sorao day, my son," said ills moth
er, "you mny havo to cat nt n restnu
raht." Even twisting tho warning Into n
promise, this was empty for Wesley.
It wns quite likely he would bo a rail
road engineer. lie had determined to
bo that. But to cat nt a restaurant
wns not n matter of volition; It was n
privilege. II o had no Idea how It was
secured, hut in a despondent way, he
felt that it would ho denied him.
Still, in spite of nil. dreams aro
pleasant, and pretty soon tho map of
England slipped nwny somewhere nnd
Wesley was seated In n great reditu
rant with shining mirrors, rending n
bill of fare. There Were batter cakes
nnd two kinds of sirup and boiled
eggs, which they wouhl bring nlreni..,
opened in Jittlo goblets omelet with
Jelly, too, nt tho samo time, and
ornnges and bananas and apples nnd
Jam nnd pickles over otvtbo side. All
ho had to do wns to point out these
things to tlio courteous attendant
standing besldo him nnd ho would
bring them to him.
Then there wns dinner to bo or
deredraw oysters nnd oyster soup
and clams (lie didn't know which ho
liked tho most), olives, turkey, duck
and 'sparngus. and then n confused
stretch of nil tho tilings lio liked until
ho enmo to where it was plainly print
ed thnt ho could havo chocolato ico
cream and strawberry Ico cream and
vanilla and all kinds of plo nud tbrco
kinds of pudding. And then there
would bo 'sorted cakes, which meant
lady lingers nnd macaroons, and littlo
cakes with a cherry In tho frosting.
And ho would nevqr have to cat any
liver or boiled rice or luishbnlls ever.
As ilio vjwlun fntlrwl -ind tlio nmn of
FridTlv nnd Saturday Eve
n'esdav. Thurs-
atlon Free. Bus-
been known fur soma years (hat mull
n. program would bo agreeable Km
Home rcaBon thcro has always been a
ballc at tho end of tho regular season
when it seemed just on tho evo of
taking place. Tho Polo Grounds In
Now York will bo tilled to bursting
If Brush and Frank Farrcll, owner
of tho Yankees como to on agreement.
England suddenly came back under
his elbows, looking like a queer roost
er, Wesley sighed. Anyway, if ho
ever did cat in a rcstnurnnt he
wouldn't come to his sister's house
every Sunday for dinner, where they
had only ono kind of everything. Still,
Sunday would be the best dny to
come, for then they would havo ico
His uncle wns saying good night.
Wesley allowed him to pinch his nose
without tlio usunl protest, and with
wistful eyes followed him out of tho
room. Uo wns going to have batter
cakes in tho morning, on n Tuesday!
They would bnvo only white broad
becnuso it was ironing day. Harper's
Something Worth Weeping For.
Tho old gentleman who lind seen
bettor dnys picked tho yelling urchin
out of tho gutter.
"Come, comcl" ho wild. "What's nil
this trouble?"
An attendant youth volunteered the
"IMense, sir, 'o's lorst 'Is glnrss alloy
ii-plnyln' marbles.'-?
"Well, don't cry," soothed the O. G.
W. II. S. 11. Ji patting tlio still sob
bing youngster on tlio back. "Here's a
penny for you to buy sonio more."
Tho tears burst forth afresh.
"I wouldn't cry if I were you,"
urged tlio benefactor.
"Y-y-ycs. yer would," gnsped tho
weeping one, "If you'd b-beu nn' lorst
yer farvcr's glass eye." Answers.
Saved by Business Method.
Man With Gun (nt bank wlndowir
I'm tlio dead shot of tho gulches.
Hand over that moucy.
Cashier Itcally, you must bo identi
fied. It's our r'ulo. (Itobbcr gets cold
feet and bents It.)
Too Much Light.
"Well, Undo Ben. it seems nwfully
nice to have you hero with us. I'm
so glad you could como, nnd I hopo
you Intend to mnko us n nlco long
visit. I supposo you .ire nil tired out
ufter riding In tlio Proper all night.
If you -feel sleepy remember that you
can go to your room nt nny time nnd
tako n nap. You aro to do Just as you
plenso here, you know."
"Thanks. I guess I will Ho down
awltllo if you don't mind. I think I
could of slep' nil right if it lmdn't
been fer that durn electric light they
lind goin' right up in the corner of my
buqk. I tried hnngln' my sock over It,
but It got so hot I was nfrnld things
might ketch n-llre, so I Just had to
let tho tiling shine, nnd I never could
sleep wutli n cent unless I could bo
where it wns dark. But I s'poso you
city folks git so used to hnvln' things
lit up nil the tlmo that you couldn't
Kit ulong without hnvln' tho lights on
nil night." Chicago Itecord-IIcrald.
A Prediction.
"What nro you going to bo when you
grow up, Tommy?" nsked tho clergy
man while waiting for Tommy's
mnmma to come down Into tlio parlor,
"A orphan," said Tommy proudly.
Harper's Weekly.
-ETw w Ji, wr1 "'.. "K.ir.1.
rr.ii i
1.I.,J. r XJ
Utt.ft.llk .
w br
6yW?!l .1'II In lUJn-i lloia tnemllAVX
e r'wr3 k?'?' i"i.Wih niu Kibbwi.v
W WXftJ Tain no olk.rVllur or 'your V
I fir L'P'wI'l-.A'w.Ti'iiiJyiieerr.n
rf 'AMIIftll IIIIA-Vll l'i
Sell that property for its real value by finding
the buyer who NEEDS it. The man who buys
for speculation thinks always of taking advantage
of your anxiety to sell but the man who NEEDS
YOUR PROPERTY will pay a fair price, and BE
GLAD TO DO SO. lie's to be found, He reads
ads. He misses some of them, too. But he reads
them again the next day, and the next. He will find
Wanted Miscellaneou
WANTED Family washing.
WANTED Two young men to room
mid board In private family. In
quire at southwest corner of Ben
nett and Uuciipher Sts. -ll!-3tp
WANTED First class carpenters fur
insldo finishing. Apply at now of
fice building, Ahirldii Stcnni Shovel
Co., or call phone 133. W. ('. Staf
ford. :i-8-3lp
WANTED Men ut the Owens t.liilu
kiln and stono quarry. Apply to
foreman ut our ortlco, Owens, O.
0-0 -If
MEN Learn Automobllo business. Wo
teach by mall. (Jet you $!!5 weekly
Job. Itochcstcr Auto .School, G10
Rochester, N. Y. 9-10-2tp
FOIt SALE Household goods, side
board, sowing machine, dressers,
gas range, heatltigStove,, dishes,
Mason Jars, etc, 0t0. Phone 9S0.
FOU SALE Standard bred gelding
road horse, bright hay, double gutt
ed. Meat market In good ligation.
Will sell cheap If sold at once. Cull
Mirror office. 9-12-(!t
FOB BENT Nicely furnished down
stairs front room for light house
keeping. Outuldo cntrnncc. 33G
Monroo street. 9-10-3teod-p
FOB BENT Furnished rooms In a
now modern house, 220 S. Vino St.
WANTED Family washings.
OOD Mrs. ilony nnd Mrs. Fanonl
And Mrerlnmes Zalirlsky and Jones
With Mrs. M. Hosonbaiim lived. In a
Old flat house of tlvo Moor zones.
Ono over another, each opulent mother
Would dnnelo her gay Ulalinblllo
Out of window all day In tho hot July
Anil talk, parlcz, sprcchon and nplcl.
And I, who was dwelling across from
their yolllng.
Quito pitied tholr families' fate.
When tho husbands wcro fed thcro was
surely no tolling'.
I know tho poor kids never ntc.
Their "mas" did tholr dlnlnc whllo enro
fully twining
Their necks through tholr neighbors'
front panes.
Tlioy hung from thoso sills, on pink cush
ions reclining, .
Through storm, darkness, sunshlno or
Ono dny a delightful and, I'm convinced,
Mlsfortuno befell tho flvo dnmes.
For Mrs. Mnloney I hope I'm not splto-ful-Fcll
out of tho top window frames.
Slio fell on tlio frisky young Mrs. '.a.
brlsky, And Mrs. Zabrlsky fell, too.
And cro Mrs. Jones saw tho Journey was
She'd joined tho aerial crew.
Thoy paused for tho tony old Mrs. Fanonl,
And on Mrs. Koscnbnum's car
They landed, nil four, and, without acri
mony, I felt my dcllvcrnnco near.
But tho sun in his glory conciliatory
Had "rubbered" 'tho asphalt so right
That each rubbernock hounded back to
her story
Wo'ro laying rock pavoment tonight!
Chester Firkins In Puck.
East Buffalo, N. V Supt. 12. Cat
tle Bcceliits 3,7Ji0; market lalrly ac
tlvo and steady; prime stours 7fa'7ri0;
butcher grades R dJiO.70.
Calves Bocclpts 1,200; market ac
tive and 50c higher.
Sheep and lambs Becclpts 11,000;
innrkut ih-tiw and llrm; cliolco lambs
0. 5051)7; cull to fair G.ri0QG.G0; year
lings 5(."i.r.O; sheep 3ty4.7G.
Hogs Jtecolpts 11,900; market ac
tlvo and higher; yorkers 10.20 10.25:
pigs 9.00; mixed 10j)l0.20i heavy 10
6i 10.10; roughs 8.C0fl)8.U5; stags 7.2F.
Chicago, Sept. l'i. Wheat Septem
ber, open 95 3-1, eloso 9G; Decomher,
open 99 3-4, close 1,00 1-1; May, open
1,00 1-S, tloso 1.00 ,3-8.
. Corn September, opop G7, closo
57 7-8; December, nnon GG 3-8, clot.0
GG 5-S; Mny, open G8, close 58 .)-).
Oats September, opon 32 ,1-1, closo
33 1-8; December, opon 34 7-8, closo
35 1-1; Ma, open 38, closo 38 1-2.
Toledo, O.. Sept. 12, Wheat Cash
and Soptembor 1.00; December 1.01
Mny 1.09 1-8.
Corn Cash and September 00; De
cember 57 3-4; May 00 7-8.
OatS No. 2, 71,; No, 3, 09 1-2.
Cloversced Cash and October
10.22 1-2; Decomher and Maroh 10. IG
Alsllio Prime and October 9.1G.
Timothy Prime, September and
October 4.00.
Butter, eggs nnd liny Unchanged,
ChlCUb'O, Sept, 12. Hqgs uccolptsl
FOB SALE SO acres near Prospect,
Ohio. Excellent soil and buildings.
Ten days only. Address Box G20,
Prospect, Ohio. ' 9-1-Clp
WANTED Men to learn harbor
trade; fow wcclta required; best
paying work within tho reach of
pdor man; wages up to $20 week
ly; small capital starts shop; fAw
barbers tnko apprentices; demand
Increasing. Write fur frco particu
lars. Molcr Burlier College, Cincin
nati, O. 9-3-Glp
WANTED A truliser and el milker,
or ti general helper In tailor shop.
Apply to T. .). Davis, 110 ('mitt SI.
. !l-12-3lpd
WANTED All Yxperleiiced girl for
general hiiusoAurk. Apply .Mrs. II.
M. Buriiliurt, BHZ12. Center.
LOST A pointer doff.l ono year old,
with lemon colored li-nrs und spot
on neck. Answers tolnamo of Duke.
Howard for Under. Notify Fred C.
Lutsc, or this office. "' 9-12-3t
WANTED TO BUY Good second
hand wood heating stove nt ti low
price. For Information ndilrcss
C. M Mirror office. 9-5-3tp
WANTED Young woman for general
housework; small family; no wash
ing or Ironing. Apply 1G1 S. Main
street. 9-7-3tp
WANTED Boy at Crafts for delivery
and to learn tho business. Cloud
wages. 9-10-2tp
FOB SALE Household goods consist
ing of beds, bedding, rockers
stoves, dishes, curtains, carpets,
20,000; inurKut G ft 10c higher; mixed
and butchers S.SGJi'lO; good heavy
8.(inri''..7ri; rough heavy K.iiOft S.'.iu,
light J.S0fiilO.10; pigs S.70(i( 9.75.
Cuttle ItccelptH .I.I.OOO; iiuir!t 10
(ft 15c lower; lieovcs l.75ri 8.. "10; uows
und heifers a. 24) f Mi 10; Blockers mil
leeders 4f(.G.I0; Te.xuns 3.70d(5.80,
calves 0.75 (ii' 9.25.
Sheep Bcceliits 10,000; market Is
steady to 10c lower; nntlvo 2.755 1.55;
western 3 2B1?' I.R0; lambs, native, 5.2"
Ti 7; western 5.25 41 ii.uo.
old and new wheat 02u
Old ami new oats OOe
t-'orn 03s
Corrcctol Dally by Chas. Turner & Co
Paj lug Price.
Butter, 22$) 24c iter pound.
Eggs, 20c per dozen.
Selling Price.
Butter, 28Ci30c per lb Bggs, 2 le per
do n ecse N. T. Cream 25c per lb.
I.urd-ioc per lb. Syrup 40c per gnl.
y-'ugars-fi 1-2 to G1-2C per lb. Tcua -40c
tr, $t i er lb. Vlncgur 25o gal. Salt
Jl 2G ; t-r bhi. H.md picked Navy beans
.': por lb. Cnrollmi head rlco 10c per
11). cr 3 lbs. 25c. Clucked Hominy (c
hi. cr 3 lba for 10c. Marrowfat beans
7j It., or 4 lbs for 25c. Lima beans
1-3 to 15c lb. Seeded Bulslns 10c nnd
12 l-2c tier 1, Clouncd Currents, 12 l-2c
per lb.
Clover Lent. (1-1 bbl.) $1.00. B.
I'rido (1-4 bbl.) SI. GO; Carnation (1-4
bbl.) $1.50. Golden Flnko (1-1 bbl.)
$1.50; Ollt Edgo (1-4 bbl.) $1.40;
White's Best (1-4 bbl.) $1.00; Gold
Modal (1-4 bbl.) $1.80; Monarch (1-4
bbl.) $1.40; Knickerbocker (1-4 bbl.)
$1.40; Graham Flour, 20a per sack;
9 7G.
The Marion
Opera House Block
Day nud nJglil school; night hos-.loii-.
Mini!u. WimIiicmImv und I'll
1 1 1 1 ou'iilug of ciM'li week: hours fiimi
7 to ll;;i(l, lC(piutiidMiutage.s to each
hludcnt. Vp-to-iluto htmlles tuiighl by
tciiclicrs or hoci-ali'ars' uperleiHt,
IhiIIi In coiniiicicliil, lilgliscliool anil
I'lcincutary brunclu".. llooKKc4!ilng,
(Jl(g hllOllllllllll. hpclllug, IhiglJsli,
liuicli l pew riling, urllliinctlc, rapid
calculation, commercial law, anil cor-re-pondciiii'.
lui'Mlato our school
anil our iiiotlimK, if jou nru tlilnUIng
of taking u coniiiieivlnl course.
The Marion Business
Opera House Blk. Phoie I 1680
rugs, sideboards, tables, sowing ma
chine, etc., etc., I'hono 980.
r 0-5-Ct
LOST roskutbook, containing iibottt
fix dollars, bank receipts nud two
tax receipts, September 3 on Church
between Main nnd Botilovard, Kind
er return to this office and receive
roward. ' 0-5-3t
A'ANTED A girl for general houso
work. Orod wages. Apply nt 410 E.
Church street. 8-12-tf
FOIl SALEyA leatn, hujrncss nnd
wagon. 17 Eaton street, Delnwurc,
Ohio. 9-7-itd-2twkypd
WANTED iwu young men to work
for their tuition. Apply at onco
Tho School ot Commerce, or telo
phono K.-GG2. 9-8-ood-tf
AGE Wo move, crate, store and
do transfor work of any kind.
Phon 1(01, I. Xnook, 111 Bel
mont FOR SALE Homes in all parts of
tho city. Some special bargains,
with small payment down or will
take vacant lot and balance- In
monthly payment. See Cox & Qer
hart, office over New York store.
Phone 800. 6-29-cod-tt
General Repair Shop.
Motorcycles, Bicycles, Automobiles,
Guns, Gna Fitting.
Pumps and Windmills, n specialty
112 E. Mill street. 8-13-3m
HAVE YOU trlod E. J. Stanly & Son's
grocery, 1,000 East Center etrcot?
Prompt delivery; right prices.
A bargain seldom orrcred. A well
known contractor will dispose of 11
head of horses and mares, uges 7 to
9 years, weight from 1,200 to 1,600.
This Is a useful lot of horses that
will suit butcher, grocer, baker, milk
man, Ico man, truck man, farmor or
most any general business. Speclul
attention Is called to a buy team of
horses 6 and 7 years old, weight 2, COO
pounds; this Is as good a team as
unyono would wish for; cost present
owner 6 months ago $550; would sac
rifice thorn for $350; anyone that buys
this team and don't think they have
purchased n bargain can return them
In G days' time. Also tho fast trotting
horso "Hector," family broken, can bo
driven by a lady; IG 1-2 hands high,
has been a mile In 2:18 last sutnmor
and is a groat road horse: this Is a
handsome blooded bay norso, will bo
sold and a written guarantee will bo
given with him for 10 days. Anyono
looking for a good, honest work
horso can buy ono very cheap. A
written guurunteo given with each
horso. These horses nro being sold
on uccouut of present owner going In
to another business. Can bo scun at
31G Mulberry strcot, Toledo, Ohio,
,rst door from Summit street. Tako
u. Summit street car. Ono handsome
bay team of brood marcs, weight
about 1,400 pounds each; this Is a
good chanco for someone that wants
to raise colts. P. S. No dealers neod
call. 6-25-lGtd-12t-tu-wky
FOR SALE A good houso In West
Marlon; wll tako vacant lost as first
payment, balanco easy terms. Boo
Cox & Gcrhart, offlco ovor New
York store. Phono 800.
'LAST CALL" I can una will prove
that $100 will bring you $10,000 a
year in a safe, sound, honest In
vestment. Latest, best opportunity
on earth. Write quick for particu
lars. J. R, Ryan, Sec, Snulte Sto
Marie, Mich. 8-lG-Gtp
To Exchange.
WANTED To exclmngo a good lit
tlo factory for houso and lot In
Marlon, O. This factory will make
money It owner can dovoto whole
attention and tho use of a small
sum o( money. Call phone 347 or
304 N. Prospect St.
Shoe Repairing.
SHOES half-soled while you wait. All
work first-class nn3 fully guaran
teed. Quick repairing a spoclalty
Bend us n trial order. LouU Jovaa
141 north Main street. Open even
ings. 6-16-lyr
Glasses Fitted.
J. S. LUNOER, M. D., South Main
street, fits glasses, removes adenoids,
new treatment for catarrh and
deafness. Ofllcn hours, 8 to 11, 1
to 6. Telephone 85,
For Ren
FOR RENT Houso of six rooms on
Fish nvouuo; good woll and cis
tern; very convenient to Silk mills.
Inqiuro at residence, James Morgan
on Giirdou City pike, A-G-Uti
DON'T neglect your teeth. Bee Dr.
Lawson, Dentist, No. 108 1-2 wost
Center street.
Wanted Agent
WANTED Cigar Balesrnan Experl.
nco unnecessary. Bell our brundi
to tho retail trade. Big pay. Write
for full particulars at ones. Qlobi
Cigar Co., Cleveland, O.
WANTED 100 houses to paint an
Transfer "Storag
paper prices guaranteed To bo th
lowest; material and workmanship
tho best; fully 25 to 60 per cent,
savqd on wall paper from now until
Sept, 1. Phono 14G1. D. B. Good
sell, 123 N. Main, 6-25-tf
AUCTION SALE Of household nnd
kitchen furnlturo, Saturday, Sept,
10, nt 2 o'clock p. m. J. W. Clark,
auctioneer, . 9-9-ltp
cti will glvo lessons In piano play
ing to advanced pupils or beginners.
Studio corner Center and Sargent
streets. Phone 1292. 9-0-Gtp
FOR SALE Cow, six years old; will
be fresh nbout October 1. A. A.
Moslcr, Route No. 3. 9-8-3tp
FOR TRADE Good stock of goods,
west Broad street, Columbus, Ohio,
for triido for Marlon property. Call
und seo me. Box 2G3, Marlon, O.
OOING TO CANADA? Our prlvati
car, "Luseland." will bo attached to
fast train No. 19, leaving Lima, O.,'
Sept. 0, at 10:63 a. m. Tills Is
an Ideal way to vrovel and will af
ford you an opportunity to seo tha
last cheap lands In tho Last West
Reservation should bo made at
onco; car faro for the round trip
$39 from Marion, O., the only addi
tional expense will be $1.60 per day
for mcnls and berth. Seo Fred W.
Peters, district manager, No. 110 1-3
south Main street, Marlon, O.
For Sale City Property
FOR SALE Good 8-room houso nud
35 lots on Cottage street. Will sell
for cash or on time. Inqulro of
John Schwcckcndlck. 9-2-Ctp
For Sale
(! room house on JJoulovard. l'rlco
less than S1700,
Lot on Flog avenue less thou $300.
See II. E. Ohh, Ohls Dec. Co.
For Sale Miscellaneous
FOR SALE The Busard business
property, 2G4-25C north Mnln St.,
about 41 feet frontage. S. B. Ilau
liuuscr, Cummin Memorial Bldg.
FOR SALE Flvo horse-power twin
cylinder Indian motorcycle. Good
ns new. Will sell cheap. Address
Motor, euro of -Mirror. 9-7-6t
FOR SALE A set of blacksmith tools
nnd u good business. Will glvo
someono n bargain, as I nm golni;
West; also some household goodj.
See Earl Butler, Georgo St. black
smith shop. 9-10-Ctpd
FOB SALE Some ot the very best
farms In Marlon county; also many
farms outside of tho county, and
city property In an almost endless
variety. New catalog Just out, got
one and post yourself; It's free.
Philip Bauer, Real Estate, 112 1-2
S. Main St., Murlon, O.
FOR SALE iiusehurucr, good an.I
cheap, or will trade for wood hcut-i-r.
JiKinlro at 113 west Columbia
street. 9-10-3tpd
FOR SALE No. 1 farms for sale In
tho famous Scioto valloy near Pros
pect. Call on or address J. W.
Hughes, Prospect, Ohio, 9-1-Ctp
FOR SALE A moving picture show.
In this city, doing a tine business
and that will stand tho fullest In
vestigation, Reason for selling,
owner has other Interests to look
after. This Is a fine money making
opportunity tor a llvo man, as the
business Is how bringing big re
turns on the Investment. Price
$2, GOO. For complote Information
address T. a., caro Mirror office.
LOST Somen hrru between Marlon
and Kirkputrlck, a brown sack cou
tiilniiig a set nf automiibllo tiro
chains. Finder cull phono 3G at
Klrkp.itrlck and receive roward.
LOST Strayed or stolen, a black tor
rlcr with owner's name on collar,
T. J. Schramm. Return to 285
Burnh.irt street and receive reward.
A Stitch in time,
We are told saves nine.
When needed saves
Man.y a dime,
And trouble arid worry,
All the tHmc.
Loans on Furnitue,
Pianos, etc.
Cheapest Plans, Easiest Rates
12(li s. MAIN ST.
Just What You Want
.Modern homo on Olney thnt is it
model It Is Tor Mile, look at It J on
will buy It 8I50O. Near Church St..
On west Cliurt'li street 11 room lioiiho
largo lot, Imrn a bargain. On OluCy
uvciiiio u lino modern lioino nt $3000.
On Coluiuifla street n lino modern
liomo nt Siioon. On Columbia street
. ruuiii iwii iicui ij
This Is u cuilck sale.
Church stivetV Soma
Clin buy tltciiiiit cl(
7 room Uih neat nlaco only $2200,
This Ih ii luilck sale, bargain on cast
mo M'vy fine, you
closo figures. On
ark hired rlsltt closo to C-'ntro u,
modern home, prlec Is cry reason
able. Wo luitu hoerii honri's ut trront
liatgalns rroni $53r up "to $25000.
Do not forget them 8 1-2 acres
Joining corporation, jur last cltniico.
Itciiicinlici- we lino nunc ftirins for
Mile than any oilier firm In Mnrloti
Comity, Soma very rousouablo con
sidering tlio price of farnw. 'Always
call on Iho ,1, , CUMtli Of), lit
Court St. ,1

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