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WEATHER POn OHTO rnrtlr cloudy And colder JonlRli(j Wednesday fnlr.
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A Governor, Three Congressmen, State Legislature, United States Senator and
Most of Local Offices are the Fruits of the Victory Also Condemnation of
Aldrichism, Cannonism and Extravagant Expenditures of the Public Money
Are the Results of Victory.
An Avalanche, or Opposition Started Agnlnst the O. O. 1. Which Will
Roll on Gathering Strength ns It Goes Over New York mid Ohio nnd
the Groat West, Sounding tho Death Knell or Special Privileges nnd
(lot eminent liy tho Magnates or Monojtoly.
4MAI.NE Romoct-nla swept state,
f.lfvWllln irmnrnni. Hiium. tt l..t ft
four eoiim-esNineii nnd prolwtldy
obtained control or the slate,
legislature, Insuring eleellon or
Democrat to miivml United
States Senator lfnle, whoso
tenn cthIi-ch March :i. 11)11.
NEW YOltlC Progressives, on
mo oT iirlnuiry battle, wild
HoomwoK forces would win
their Unlit!
NEW JERSEY Relent or United
.Slates Senator Kenn In primary
tndny expected liy lenders.
AHIiftO.VA Democrats eleetrd a
majority or delegates to 'on-
ventlon which will ili-nTl con-
filltutlon for new slate, Insuring
Inclusion or Inltlotlw, referen-
dutn anil recall In constitution.
ARKANSAS Adoption or Initio-
8 tho nnd referendum amend-
ment to constitution carried.
Governor Donnghoy (l)em.) re-
elected hy usual Democratic
Portland, Mo., Sept. 13. Knrly ro
turns today Indicate that the entlro
Democratic atnto ticket was elected
yesterday, three of the four congress
men, from the state, aro Democrats
with the Fourth district In dnulit. and
the legislature Is safely Democratic
on Joint ballot, ensuring a Democratic
United States senator.
Portland, Me., Sept. 13. General,
though Incomplete, returns from all
over Maine at 11 n. m. today showed
there Ih still a chance ,that tho Dem
ocrats will capture all four congrcs
Hlonal scats. With Harpswoll still
unheard -from. Asher lllnds. Ropubli
. can, claims only"between 100 nnd 200
In the First district. Hnrpswell is
near tlio homo of William Pennell.
Democrat.' nnd It Is possible ho may
poll enough votes thero to win.
In the Fourth district with Wash
ington county Incomplete,' Indications
nro that Gcorgo Hanson. Democrat,
will defeat Congressman F. K. Guern
sey. In both cases recounts will bn neces
sary to decide tho winners.
Portland, Mo.. Sept. 13. With com-
ploto returns from C13 of tho 628 elec
tion districts affecting legislative can
didates received It Is certnln that tho
Democrats will iinvp control ot both
houses, of tho legislature They will
elect tho successor of United States
Senator Eugene Hale, thus empha
sizing thn utter collapso of tho Hale
machlno In this state. The Repub
lican loaders conceded today that 90
Democrats had certainly been elected
to tho legislature. Thero aro 1G1 mem
bers of the houso and thlrty-ono sen
otors necessitating ninety-two mem
bers to elect on Joint ballot. That the
Democrats havo not lens than ninety
three and thnt this figure Is certain to
bo added to wu conceded by all bul
the Republican machlno managers.
Augusta, Me., Sopt. 13. With only
a few, scattering backwoods towns
unheard from revised returns of tho
Maine election this afternoon glvo
Frederick W. Plhlstod, DomoVnt,
73,849 votes for tho governorship, a
majority of 9,123 over Governor
Bert M. Fernald, Republican, who
has polled 04,726.
Asher Hinds, Republican, Is elect
ed to congress In tili'o First district
hy about 180 votes. Congressman F.
E. Guernsey, Republican, In tho
Fourth district, claims victory hy
200 votes. In both of theso districts
a recount will bo demanded. In tho
Second congressional district D. J.
Mcnilllcuddy, Democrat, has won zy
3,000 majority, and In tho Third S.
W. Gould, Democrat, carried tho
district by 2,000,
T;ho Democrats liavo captured
twonty-ono of oho thlrty-ono seats
In tho stnto senate- nnd while tho
houso returns aro not yet In, they
will surely havo n majority of tho
182 votes on Joint ballot.
Portland, . Me., Sept. 13. "Local
conditions wofo not responsible for
yesterday's Democratic victory. Tho
people of Malno voted on national Is
sues. .High prices, control of tho Re
publican party in tho Interests of tho
trusts, CannonlBin, all contributed to
our victory. Tho peoplo of this coun
try aro tired of Republican misrule."
Govornor-olect Fred W. Plalsted,
Mio swung Republican Maine Into
tho Dmnooratlc column for tho first
tlmo lp thirty years, sumtnarlzed In
tho above statement tho opinions of
tho Democratic leaders as to tho re
sponsible causes for tho turn-over.
Thoy nlsp admit thnt tho progressive
moyoment. which Is sweeping the
country, was a potent factor.
Tho Republican leaders are today
clalmlngi.twfl .congressmen from the
wreoknoJntlielr, njach(uo... ,f,Thoy ny
inni ine onicuu returns y,n snow inp
election of Ashe.r C. Hinds, and Con
gressman Guernsey In the First and
Fourth districts. Hinds, they claim,
has born saved by less than 200 and
Guernsey by about 300 votes. Tho
Democratic leaders dispute theso fig
ures 'nnd Insist that all four of their
congressional candidates havo been
It seems reasonably certain that the
Democrats will havo a majority on
Joint ballot In tho legislature. Till?
means -thnt the successor to United
Stntes Senator Eugeno Halo will be
a Democrat.
Returns so far Indicate the Demo
crats havo elected twenty out of
thirty-one stato senators. Three dis
tricts aro In doubt nnd tho Republi
cans wero successful In tho other
eight. Thero aro many missing house
districts, owing to their remoteness,
hut Indications nro that the Demo
crats will control tho lower body
The last Democratic United States
senator from Malno wos elected In
1817. lie wos James W. Bradbury.
Governor-elect Plalsted this morn
ing claimed his official plurality will
probably exceed 9,000. Complete re
turns from 478 of the 521 election
districts In the tate. showed that
Plalsted leads Governor Fernald by
8, 4 no.
It Is ndmltted that Plalsted out
genernlcd his opponents In tho con
duct or the campaign. Realizing that
ho must depend upon the cities for
his vote, he concentrated his efforts
upon them. The result Is that tho
Democracy swept every city In the
stato excepting Belfast and Calais.
The sentiment spread from Jho
cities to many of tho smnllcr towns,
with tho result that Democracy has
captured four out of five of tho minor
Tho Roppbllcnn leaders decllno to
comment on tho result. As In every
election held slnco the Payne-Aldrlch
tariff bill was passed, It was the "si
lent "vote" that determined tho re
sult. Ah lato ns Sunday night Con
gressman McKlnley, manager of the
Ropubllcnn congressional campaign,
assured President Taft bio figure In
dicated tho election t all four can
didates of his party.
The last Democratic governor of
Maine, elected In 1889, was Harris M
Plalsted, father of tho governor
elect, lie was a candidate of the
Greonback and Democratic organiza
tions. Ills plurality In tho stato wo'j
109 votes. Prior to that tlmo Maine
had Republican governors slnco 1855.
Colonel Plalsted, governor-elect,
was born In Bangor In 1804. Ho was
four times chosou mayor of Repub
lican Augusta and also sheriff of
Kennebec county. He Is past grand
commander of tho Knights Templar
nnd editor and publisher of n weekly
As a result of the- election there Is
a possibility that tho Malno prohibi
tory law may bo resubmitted to tho
people It Is also certain that tho so
called Sturgls bill, which govo tho
governor tho power to send liquor
enrorcement deputies Into a county
without consulting tho county author
ities, will bo repealed Immediately.
Of Panama Between Ameri
cans and Negroes Daw
son to be Sent Down to
Take Charge.
By United Proas Wire.
Washington, Sept. 13. Critical con
dltlons In Panama about which tho
stato department maintains nnntHtmin
of utmost sourotlveness, culminated to-
uay in the recnll of R. C. Marsh, sec
retary of tho American legation at
Panama, who has boon acting ns
chargo, and tho announcement thut
Thomas Dawson, tho mlnlstor to Pan
nma, will procoed from Washington
tomorrow to take up his duties on
tho 8C0I10.
It la believed hero that thero Is Im
minent danger of trnublo between the
Americans and negroes.
This nctlon on tho dny beforo tho
election for lithe selection of a vlco
president to' servo during tho unex
pired tOI'ln Of tllO lfltrt PreaMnnt
Obaldla Is behoved to hovo grea.t
significance it Is behoved that
Marsh has been active In tho sup
port of Samuel Lewis, a former
American who Is a cnndldnto for tho
place. It Is said tliat Colonel Goethals
who Is in chargo of tho canal zono
HU80 is favorable to Lewis
Tho Impression prevails hero that
tho department won unwilling to sup
port tho attitude of Goothuls nnd
Marsh and that It was tho desire of
tho department -to take, no part in the,
election, .
, A musBngo wnu sent last week to
Marsh Instructing him to repudiate a
reported Inaervlow In which ho was
represented ns indicating that tho
United Stntes might Intervene If
Mcndnza, nn active candidate, were
elected. As It has. not been announced
that Marsh repudiated tho inter
view and ns tho department abso
lutely refused to comment today, It
la supposed that Marsh did not repud
iate It. -
A cahlo messogo from tho canal
zono announces that Goethuls nnd his
associates yesterday cabled tho de
partment urging that Marsh ho back
cd up In his position. Tho department
today refused to ndmlt receiving
Goethals message.
Tho reply to Goethals evidently Is
tho order recalling arsh.
Pi.nrM Pumnliell. of St. LolllH, now
third secretary to Tokyo, will succeed
Marsh ossccretary bl uim.
It wos stated, will bo assigned to
work In the department hero Minis
ter Dawson has been acting ns head
of tho division ot Latln-Amcilcan
affairs here
Little Cholly Dick so He
Needn't try Such Stunts.
By, United Press Wire
Columbus, O., Sept. 13. Senator
Charles' Dick refuses to be lost In thr
shuffle. His friends here have re-
co.'vrd word thnt ho will attend the
o oning of the Republican campaign
at Kenton next Saturday. Ho has not
been Invited to speaic uut no win mix
with tho crowds and listen to what
the others havo to say.
Dr. John AVesley Hill, of tho Brook-ii-ti
tnhernnelo. will make a number
oV Republican speeches In Ohio dur
ing the campaign. Congressman Ed
ward L. Taylor of the Columbus dis
trict, has ottered his services to til
Etato committee.
Master" Says Talbott.
Lorimer Probably Thinks
Him "A Jack Astral
By United Press Who.
Chicago, Sept. 13. Coolnel Roose
velt has been placed, Ho was onco
Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte
Alexander the Great and perhaps oven
Washington nnd Lincoln ot later
Many of tho colonel's enemies have
soen resomblances of Caesar and Na
poleon in his acts but It remained for
tho Thoosophlc society in convention
hero to properly classify and label
T. H. Talbot declared ho hod no
doubt but that the spirit of Roose
velt had achieved prominence in
tho world's nffalrs In other genera
tions. Ho declared Ills present statue
Is ovon greater than In tho past ages,
for It has grown with, tho experience
of each physlcnl life. A study of his
character shown, ho asserted, thnt he
bus developed his greatness onh
through many ages of training.
"Ho Is a great astral master," said
Talbot, "a master of men in every
PC-rlod In which ho has appeared. 1
don't havo at hand the astral name
for Roosevelt but ho probably lived
In tho person of Aloxandor the Great
or Julius Caesar."
Tiptonville, Tennessee For
Attacking two G-irls.
By United Press Wlro.
NnshyJIlo, Tenn., Sopt. 13. Will
Sharp nnd Dob Bruco, both colored,
wero lynched at Tiptonville, Tonnes-
see, Monday night by a mob of about
fortv men. Thin- worn phnrunil with
attacking Sulllo and Cnlllo Downing,
children or Jock Downing, who lives
uvo miles from Tiptonville.
Sheriff Ilnvnes hud tnknn thn nn.
groos to a cypress brake about threo
quarters or a mno rrom town where
ho wag holding them nwaltlng dovel
onments. Thn mob nnnenreil nnv.
pectedly nnd the prisoners woro seized
ipuvny, vi" peopio or Tiptonvilio
Wf ra unaware of tho tragedy for some
Miss Marlon Oliver, diim-hi..,- nr
the Assistant Secretary of War,
Robert Shaw Oliver who has Just set
an example for tho army otllcci-H that
come under her father's departmental
Jurisdiction. Miss 'Oliver traveled near
l r,00 miles out wrst, horseback.
There was no halting for a day or
two nor no retrtlng until sli0 might
feel better She kept right at It and
seemed to' like It the longer It last
ed. General Oliver Is exceedingly
proud of his daughter. Although it
great horHcmnn himself, lie says Miss
Marlon beats any male Oliver ho
ever heard of.
Chief of the Northwest Ex
pects to be Nominated
Senator From Wash
ington, Today.
By UnltPd Press-Wire.
Seattle. Wash . Sept. 13. Friend
of Congressman Miles Polmlexter.
nri-h-IUHurgeiit of the Northwest, were
confident that he would ho nominated
by the Republicans for the United
States senate when iho Washington
voters flocked to the polls today, after
the hardest bittle In tho history of
Ilexldis candidates for United States
senator, the two leading parties will
also nomlnat" three congressmen," an
entire new legislature and county
tickets. The Issue of Insurgency and
the stnnd-pattlsm has been clearly
drawn. The chief interest In the
candidacy of 1'olndexter Inasmuch as
the result will furnish a direct test or
the strength of President Taft In the
Northwest. At tho beginning of th-
campaign there were threo Republi
can senatorial candidates besides
Polmlexter John L. Wilson, of Sent
tle; James L. Ashton, of Tncoma, and
Thomas lluike, of Seattle. All of th-i
three aro 'regulars." At the dlreit
request of President Taft, Wilson
withdrew ten daja ago In favor ot
Burke, In order to dqfent Polmlexter
Tho friends of the regular candidates
claim the national administration does
not care who l.s nominated Just so
Polmlexter Is not. A now congress
mnii must be nominated in tho Spo
kane congressional district to succeed
Polndevter and an Insurgent is ex
pected to win. In tho Seattle district
the only two Republican cnndhlntoj
are Insurgents with chnncea favoring
Congressman Humphrey, In the Tu
coma district Congressman MeCredle,
htaud-patlcr, will probably be renom
inated KILLED BY
The Police Arrested John
Walker and Are Looking
For Andrew.
ny United Press wire
Willccshim-c I'll . Sfnt. 1.1 While
keeping the Inst watch over th body
of his daughter. John Walker, thirty
years old, was shot through t)u, )leart
last night at his homo In Edwards
nilin lllu In-other Georiio WiilWor wn
arrested later and tho police nro
searching for the dead man's hrother
Andrew. i :
n'lin Klnthlnir near thn wound was
powder burned and within nn arm's
longth of the iieau man iny a thirty
two calibre revolver. Near tho weapon
two loaded nnd one empty shells were
Tin, discovery or tho murder wns
mado by the police who'lind been no
tilled that a HKht lind1 taken placo in
tho hmfe Knrly In tho evening It Is
said. AValUer quarreled with his two
brothers and ejected thsm from tho
Higher up" the Law Has
Laid its Hands on
Meeker, Connors,
all told, ten of
the Leading Pack
ers For ..Violating the Law by
"Forming a Combination
in Restraint of Trade."
ThcM Men Faro n PosMblu Pine,
Kncli, or $.1.",(l()0 anil Sewn Years
In the Penitentiary.
Ily United Press Wire
Chicago, Kept. 13. Reiicli warrants
were Issued today for the indicted
puckers, but they will not bo served
unless the packers fall to appear In
court today to sign their bonds.
Allorneys John S, Miller and Levy
Mayer, representing tho packers, ap
peared In court and asked Judge I.an
illH to IK the amounts of the bonds.
Thn court named $10,000 on each In
dictment or $30,000 for each defend
ant. Then the attorneys asked thai
warrants be not served as they would
see that each defendant was In court
to sign the bonds toda. This was
agreed to.
All of the defandants are In Chi
cago with the exception of Lewis F.
Swift and hoinas J. Connors. The at
torneys aro out of touch with Swift,
who Is In Germany, but Conner.s ca
bled from London today that he would
hurry home on the ilrst boat.
The Indictments returned go back
ten years hi reciting the allegations
against the defendants, saying that
during this tlmo they have engaged
In a combination In restraint of In
terstate trade In fresh meats, which
had for Its object tho elimination of
competition between Swift, Armour
and Morris group packers.
The men against whom the charges
stand, are:
Lewis F. Swift, president of Swift
& company; Edward I'. Swift, vice
president; Charles II. Swift, director;
Francis A. Fowler, of Fowler Broth
ers: Hdwnril Tilden, president Na
tional Packing company, and also of
Llbhy. MeNeal & Llbhy; J. Ogden
Armour, president of Armour &
company; Arthur Meeker, general
manager Armour & company; Thoas
J. Conner, superintendent Armour
& Company. Kdward Morris, Presi
dent .Morris & Company; Louis H.
He.Munn, manager Morris & Com
pany. As tho indictments now stand each
defendant faces a possible sentenco
of noven years In the penitentiary, n
lino of $35,000, or both. Of tho
threo Indlcments returned, the first
contains Uvo counts, tho other two
en oh contain one count and tho sep
arate counts aro punishable with a
prison sentenco of one year or a
r.,000 fine.
J. Ogden Armour, head of Armour
& Company, Issued a statement to
day saying that tho charges aro un
founded. The road is loft open for the prose
cution of Kastorn packing companies
by tho Indictments returned today
and the evidence Introduced here
may be used ngalnst them.
In South Carolina, Today.
Prohibition Against Local
Ry United Press Wlro.
Cohunhl.i, S. C, Sept. IS Keen In
terest and a large early vole Is re
ported In the )enio-ratlc prlmmry
from all parts or the state today
Candidates are to be chosen for gov
ernor, adjutant gc.icral, railroad com
missioner, lepresentathe.s In two dis
tricts and lUcinlmi'K oi congress In the
districts In the Ilrst. primary no
candidates for iicniluatlou for the-i
HHees succeeded In mustering n ma
jority of tho otes cast. The contest
today Is between the two men who
nrelxcd tho largest vote for each of
flee. The main contest Is between C. O.
Fcatherstone, s nte-wldo prohibition
iidvccatc, ana C. L. Illcusc, champion
of tho local option Ideas. Tho liquor
iiutlon has long been a burning Is.
"in- in South Carolina, and a fierce
pi Irlt of battle marks today's light
f'cigrcKhmeu J- O. Patterson and J
R I'llerle have been compelled to
enter the second primary In their ef
f it to win nomination for reelection.
By United Tress Wire.
Lootnnln, O., Sept. 13. William
Brock and Frank Bradley are undor
arrest charged with having dynamited
tho Presbyterian church here, a year
ago last June, as the oiitcomo of the
antl-llquor activities of Rev. A. L.
Mark on the State Super
numeraries And iSucced
Do they Spin But Solomon
in all His Glory Was Not
Like one of These Parasites.
They are Drawing Thir
ty Thousand
dollars Annually
Sen Ice ii, in,.
Rig Shake up.
Km Practical
People of Ohio.
Ry Pulled Press Wire.
Columbus. O., Sept. K,. .lame R
Marker, chief engineer of puhlle
works, gave out a statement to tin
board of nubile works this afternoon
that he was directed hy Governor
llariuon to recommend the dismissal
or Ih,. oflleliilH or tin- canal depait
luelit. -
Columbus, O., Sept. 13. At the
monthly iiiHuiIng or tho state board
of pdbllc! woiks today. James It
.Marker, the new ehler engineer, rec
ommended the discharge or about iu
employes hi tho state canal depart
ment. . lie also reports that he has
discharged the carpenter foreman,
llrnce Watklns, of Portsmouth a
brother of Member of the Hoard' G.
II.' Watklns. His promised mivroll
culling according to his figures. 'will
net the state a saving of $30,.-.7f. vear-
In his communication to the board
Marker says that nn Investigation
leads him to the conclusion that the
state Is paying a large amount in sal
aries ind receiving no work In re
turn. He recommends that all th
canal collectors be discharged, and
the collection be made from the cen
tral office In Columbus. Figures he
submits with his n-ports show that
1. For 'this itniiiuiri 82 collections
and expenses to eleven collectors $0..
37.G0 during the year ending August
1. For this amount S2G cnllccoln
have been made. .Marker reports that
'. . Hnlklns. collector at Waverly.
also draws a Hilary as foreman. Wat
klns Is a nephew or Board Membei
Watklns, and draws $7S0 per yeni
salary and $lH7.'jr expenses ns fore
man, and J-RI0 per year salary as col
lector. K. C. Booth, at Mlddletown.
Ill addition to hi $400 per year ax
collector, last year drew $ J10 addi
tional as inspector tor three months
Marker says that two superintend
ents of canal repairs can handle th"
work now being done by six. This
Job pnH $1.70fl yearly with about
$800 per year for expenses. There
are llfteen foremen In this department
who receive $f.r. per month and ev
peuses, a total of $80 per month
Many of these foremen have no men
under them and draw pay for doing
nothing. Marker suggests the dis
charge of at leant live foremen.
Marker reports that he has order
oil 'reductions In the salaries of the
Held engineers, as he haH power to
do this In their ease.
Columbus, O., Sept. 13. Thomas
Wiekeliden, of Toledo, Held englneei
In tho state canal department, tender
ed his resignation to Chief ICnglnfer
Julilcs R. Marker today
Marker was prepared to announc
Wiekenden's discharge at tho meeting
of tho state board of public works this
afternoon, but Wickcudcu forestalled
such action by resigning
Tho board or public woks, af
ter reading Marker's lecomiminda
dation for tho wholesale dlschnrgo of
canal men, refused to acedo In tho
appointment of A. II Hinkle. Colum
bus nttuched to the Ohio State uni
versity, to succeed Thomas Wlcken
ed, Toledo us Held engineer and by
resolution discharged W O. Sanzeii
Imelicr, Held engineer. Tor the not th
crn division of Ohio canals.
Continent and Carried
Message From Mayor
McCarthy to Mayor
Ry United Press Wire.
Now York, Sopt. 12. After
lug from, San Francisco to this
on n motor cycle In twenty-eight days
and three hours, William Streiff, of
San Francisco, took n spin down to
St. James, Long Island, at noon to
day niul presented to Mayor Gaynor
a lettor front Mayor McCarthy of
San FmnclHco.
August at Panama.
Washington, Sept. n -Ghlefff En
gineer Ooetlials in a cablegram to tho
lathmlnn canal commission today re
ported that tho excavation record for
August was 2.813,162 cubic ynnls, an
Increase of more than 400,000 over tho
provloils month. During August IJfi.GSS
cubic yards of concreto was Inld, and
052,514 cubic, yards placed at dums.
The Devil (Aldrich) took
Him up Into a High
. .
The Kingdoms of this
World If he Would Bow
Down and Worship
And Mr. Taft Thought He
Had Struck a Bargain
Now lu Knon.s the Poor limit
Doomi'i Own One Comity on Knrth.
'I hey are all Held by JleinocratN
ami hiMiigcniH.
By Untf(1 Press Wire
Beveily, Mass., Sept. 13-Tliero wns
"no statement for the public" given
out at tho summer cnpltol today. Thn
r. suits of the Maine election was n
d-dded shock and llttlo attempt wan
made to conceal the fact. On the
other baud It wiiH quite apparent that
Jlie result contained a double sting
hecaiiHo Republican leaders had pre
dicted a beneficial result from the re
cent visit of the chief executive to
the Pine Tree Htnte
Although nothing bordering on n
statement or even an Intimation camo
from the president direct the Idea
was adopted by common consent her,,
that President Taft will not l. n
cnmlldnte for reelection. Political prop
cm loresee in me recent successe
of the Democrats the probability of
a national cry for a Republicon
Moses. Pro.sMent Taft has never In
his public utterances or his prlvntu
conversations with the newspaper
men evinced any desire to shoulder
tills role.
While administration supporters
still deny that there Is any breach
between President Tart nnd his pre
decessor tnday'H returns from Mnlno
again demonstrated he luck of lovo
they bear Colonel Roosevelt. Just now
they are crediting hint with another
demonstration of an uncanny gift of
farsightedness mid nro privately de
claring that he Is dully figuring that
an appeal will soon be made for a
"savior of the party."
The eyes of all the political gener
als of the administration forces aro
now turned on Ohio, and New York,
and the best strategists In the part)'
will be called on to lend their aid
In the contests to be found in theso
two states.
With Cheap Grades of Au
tomobiles and Retrench
ment is the Order.
By United Press Wire,
New York, Sept 13 Uesplto tho do
nluls of the dealers along "nutomobllo
row" that there has been any reces
sion of the buying boom It was learn
ed positively today that all of tho
manufacturers of tho cheaper grades)
of automobiles are retrenching Tim
market. Is overstocked on these cars.
Ily rushing their establishments at
top speed an output of 1910 enrs wna
produced which promised fortunes for
many of tho newly established ptantH.
Now. with mn-iy of their last year's
crop of cars on hand, the dealers aro
conl routed with the necessity of mak
ing expensive alternations to convert
them Into l'JU models nnd In every
plant where the more popular priced
grade of cars are produced orders
have been Issued to keep down thn
year's production and to muko only
enough cars to llll booked orders. Tho
big Clcnciul Motors company Is be
ing readjusted and Its ontho financial
plan changed. Tills ns much ua any
thing else has had un III pffect on
the trade as It caused numerous ru
mors that funds wero scarce and that
the banks were calling in paper back
ed by automobile plants. Tho Gener
al Motors people, however, say that
tliey have been assured of all tho
money needed to meot present obliga
tions and to retire all paper duo or
Immediately becoming due The com
pany controls tho Rulck plant at
Flint, Michigan; Cndlllno at Petrolf.
Olds nt Lansing, Michigan, and a,
number of smallor concerns. Tho
Rulck manufactured 3.0M machines
last season more than It could dlsposo
or. So tho Rulck plant was shut down
"for tho summer," and this did not
add to the stability of the trade
A number of tho concerns have Is
sued a "ish with order" suggestion
to agents which Is also expected to
cut down sales Rut by taking thin
method It Is claimed nil danger of
overselling will bo avoided and 10
will not be necessary to tie up thou
ands or dollars In pupor whoso valuo
Is more or less problematic.
Itls already proposed, with the ap
proval or the mayor, to re-establtslt
tho nlcklo In tho slot machlno In tho
cigar stores or Stin Francisco nndi
to .restore 'th,o rWenf suspended' "
prlvlicg6 of bnfoKtus'ln street 'earn;

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