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Prom Far-off Washington
Where Poindexter Cleans
up the
In a Brilliant Triumph Be
fore the People of his
-1With the President Putting
In all His Forces In Opposition
Colonel Miles Polntle.ttcr Even Cur
rylnjr His Opponent's Comity .by
Ooo Plurality And Also Eiery
County In llio Stole.
ny United Press Wire,
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 14. Another In
surgent landslide.
Thin wan the Verdlet of tho nepub
llcuns or the state or Washington In
tin- contest between Miles Poindexter
and the slandpntlerB ror tho United
States sohatorshlp, fought out ut tho
strtte-wldo primaries yesterday.
lomprelipnBlvo returns rrom nit
over1 tho Btatn enrty today Indicate
that Polndextor's plurality over Thom
as Ilurkc juid J. Ashton. his standpat
ojtponcntH, will exeeed 25,000 a niueh
larger plurality than even IiIh most
enthusiastic admirers had expected.
In the First congressional district
Thomas P. Hevell0 Insurgent 1ms de
Teated William Humphrey etc.
The result Is conceded by standpat
Republicans to he a blow to tho In
fluence or President Toft and tho na
tional administration In tho North
west. The Issuo between Poindexter
nnd tho administration was clearly
drawn when President Taft ten days
ago requested former Senator John
Wilson, of Seattle, to withdraw rrom
the race In order to concentrate the
standpat atrenffth nnd dereat Poln
dexter. Wilson declared ho retired
at the direct reouost or the president
William La Follette, Insurant, and
flrt cousin of United States Senator
iAV'olIette, has been nominated In
tho Third district, giving tho progres
bIvpm clean sweep In Ufo congres
sional districts,
Iltirko'n own county, King, was car
ried by Poindexter by a plurality of
not less than 600 and the Indications
today are that tho Insurgents have
also carried evory other county In the
The Insurgents also carried every
congressional district lu tho state and
the legislature. In tho Tacoma dis
trict. Congressman McCredlo has been
doreated by Worburton, radical Insur
gent. Congressman Humphreys or
the Seattle district, who championed
tho ship subsidy bill, has been de
rcoted by Thomas P. Itovelle, Insur
gent. An Insurgont nopubllcan has also
boon nominated In tho Spokane dis
trict to succeed Poindexter In the low
er llOUBO.
Polndexter's friends aro Jubilant
nnd predict that tho Washington re
sult will go far toward swinging other
Pacific coast and northwestern states
Into tho Insurgent column.
Poindexter was regarded ns tho
most radical or tho Insurgents In
congress, and tho standpatters con
centrated their efforts to dereat him.
Poindexter eollod Into tho fight. Victor
Murdoclt of Kansas and other Insur
gents. Commenting on the returns nt Spo
kane, nt his home, Poindexter said:
"With full appreciation or tho honor
dono me, I congratulate tho people or
Washington on their victory, not bo
eauso they nominated mo, but be
cause they havo shown unmistakably
that political machines, receiving
their mntVfl power rrom corporate
Inriuence, can no longer bo cfToctlvo
In this state." ,
Miss Esther Qulnn or Cambridge,
.Mass., who Is suing Pror. Harry Thurs
ton Peek or Columbia University, al
leging urencn or pronuso to marry
Her. Tho suit has been hanging fire
for some months, Professor Peck bat
tling It chloriy up to now on techni
calities', such as demanding a bill of
particulars. Miss Qulnn somo time
ago declared that ir sho gavo all or
tho particulars on Prorcssor Peck the
eollcpo faculty would not want him
around 'any longer. Tho prorcssor Is
popular lu university circles and tho
charge and suit havo caused consternation.
Of the Crippen Case Appeal
to Actors and Playwrights
English History and they
Will Likely Find their
Way .Into
The Stage Battle of the
Legal Aspects of the
In Tennessee Going Ahead
With the Compact to
Unite With
Will bo Over tlio Admission or Dr.
Pepper tlint ho did x,t at First
DIstliiRttloli the Ueinalns at Human.
Overthrow of Patter
Who Pardoned the ,
Murderer of Senator
Senator Taylor Ready to
Raise His Voice For
Peace Among Democrats
Ilut Ills .Pleadings Would Fall
near Kara h Hie People nro T)e
H'rmlui'd to Wlpo out PntUThOii.
Among the Government
Weighers in New York
Where three are on
Trial in Circuit Court.
Ity United Press Wire.
New York, Sept. 14. That govern
ment weighers on tho various steam
ship docks in this city, on a salary
or. four dollars a day, wero ablo to
deposit rrom ll.ROO to $2,000 a month
lu savings banks, was tho amazing
revelation 'developed In tho United
States circuit court where throo
weighers aro on trial today. Tho "lid"
was tak,en, ofr the Import graft system
and-the manner in which government
officials Kolloltod and nccoptod bribes
and tho extent to which tho entire Im
port wolghlpg division or tho federal
government was honeycombed with
graft was shown eclipsing In sordid
detail QV9n tho developments of tho
sugar graft cases.
As tho result thero Is to bo a gen
eral grand jury Investigation and
while t, Is admitted tho statuto of
limitations will, probably provont, as
sond So
sugar ensos, prosoqutlnn
:rl;Wlnals,,tho federal au-
jyo, they v' '1 aliltj 10'
i knoVri' mdrVhii'ilt3"t(l'
ny United Pres Wire.
Nnshvlllo Tenn., Sept. 14 Tho Ton
ncsBoo Independent Democratic con
vention met nt noon Wodnesdaywltl)
every Indication of a short and har
monious session. Desplto tho with
drawal or Governor Patterson rrom
tho raco for governor nnd th0 urgent
proposal In behalf or harmony In tho
party submitted Tuesday by tho Pat
terson stato commlttco, tho origin
al program is to bo .carried out.
H. W. Hooper, nopubllcan nomlneo
for governor, will bo endorsed and
n. A. Knloc, railroad commissioner,
will bo nominated to succeed himself
A now stuto commlttco will bo chosen
and a platform declaring for tho ro
tentlon of tho prohibition laws and
tho election laws will b0 adopted.
Thero has been Bomo possibility of
discord arising over tho question of
ondorslng ft eandldnto for state comp
irouer. Tins possibility bas been ro
moved by tho candidates themselves.
Nono of thorn will ask endorsements.
Senator Itobcrt Ii. Taylor who lias
bceomo a strong advocate for har
mony, Is In tho city but will not bo
given an opportunity to mako his ap
peal nt tho convention. Were It tnodo
It would fall on deaf ears. Tho trains
havo been crowded with tho rank nnd
lllo or tho Independents. Thoy nro de
termined on tho original program, nnd
will hear to nothing In tho way or
compromising with tho PattorBon cle
ment. The convention was called to order
by Chairman W..O. Vcrtrecs, or the
Independent, stato commltteo, nnd
Captain a. T,. Fltzhugh, 'of Memphis
made temporary chairman.
Tho platrorm reported demands law
onrorcement; condemns efforts of Gov
ernor Patterson to nullify lawn, by
conniving at their violation and de
nounces nbuso or pardoning power and
offort to mako work-houses and penl
tontlriry asset or machtno; approves
tho rour-mllo law nnd amendments
nnd manufacturers' bill, mid denoun
ces Patterson's effort to nullify thorn;
approves election laws approves fnlr,
Just and equltablo rcdlfltrletlug of tho
stato; llboral pensions; liberal educn
tlon and modification of fellow ser
vants law.
An unusual sight was witnessed
when a company of old Confederate
soldiers, somo onq legged and one
armed, nnd Democrats almost to a
man, marched through tho streets of
Nashville, on their way to tho con
vention hall t" nsslst In endorsing
jloOper tho nopubllcan cundldnto for
'governor, .
By United Press Wire.
London, Sept. 14-Dr. Pepper, gov
ernment analyst, admitted today at
tho resumption of tho Crippen trial
that when he tlrst mw tho remains
or tho woman supposed to liave been
Hello Ulmoro Crippen ho thought
uiey were animal remains. It requir
ed closo Inspection ho said, to deter
mlno that they wero romnnnts of. a
human body. h
Attorney Newton, who Is now ap
pearing for both Dr. Crippen and
Miss Kthcl Claro Lcnove, mndo the
most of Pepper's admission, for It
wn8 Pepper who ilrst claimed to liave
Identified tho body uh that of a wo
man who had undcrgono an operation
and to bnvo found evidences of hyo
sclrf poison.
"You mean to tell tno court," Now.
ton said sharply, "that you wero able
to arrive at theso conclusions after
tlrst huvlng mistaken tho pieces of
nesn xor those of an animal?"
"Oh, I quickly saw my mistake,'
Pepper replied. "Thero was no ones.
tlon after a closo Inspection that the
romalna wero those of a middle-aged
woman of rather heavy build. Wo es
tablished beyond a doubt the facts or
tho operation and of tho hyoscln
Pepper said tho remains occupied a
spaco under tho cellar floor of the
Crippen home, about tho length of n
humun body. Dr. Marshall, tho other
analyst, was with him at the time
Ho said tho will whoro tho body was
found consisted of clay and loam
mixed nnd that llmo had been sprink
led over tho remains.
Pepper sought to removo all doubt
as to tho correctness of his conclusion
by declaring that tho next dny, July
in ho and Dr. Marshall held a post
mortem which eliminated tho IohI
doubt as to the remains being those
of a woman.
Nowton has not yet disclosed how
ho Intends to combat tho testimony
regarding tho Ideutlllcntlon of tin
body, but It was said today Hint he
has engaged a number or medical
specialists whoso testimony, based on
hypothetical questions will bo adverse
to the conelUHlons or tho govcrnmen1
analysts. So rar Noxton has not had
any medical exports examine tho ro
mains nnd unless ho does so ho will
havo to examine his witnesses along
hypothetical questions. Tho dramatic
renturcs or tho "Crippen case" are
nppcullng to actors nnd playwrights
as no other case In tho history or
English criminality and features of It
will undoubtedly Ibid their way on
to tho stage. This was evidenced to
day by tho nppeuranco in the now
street court room- of Sir John Hare
and II. n. Irving, lending English
actors, nnd or S.lr William Gilbert,
tho playwright. They bad seats close
n ti witness stand and made rre-
quent notes. On two previous occa
inn Gilbert was honored with a
aeat by tho side or Judge Do ltutssen
On Strands or Hnlr.
T.rn Sent. 14. Dr. II. II. Crip-
pen's Hfo depends upon the Identifi
cation or severnl sirauun m h
'"uiiiler shrewd and merciless cross
ovnminntinn today by Attorney Arthur
Nowton, Dr. Pepper, the government
analyst, practically lepudlnted much
or hlH rormor testimony and admitted
that It was Impossible to determlni
tho sex or the remains supposed to
havo been tho body or Bello Elmore
Crippen from an nnatomlcal study
of them. , ,
"Isn't this tho only wny to deter
mine tho sex of a body with certain
ty?" thundered Nowton, when he saw
that ho had tho government's star
witness In a bad corner.
' "Yes," was Pepper's reluctant re
ply. "You ngroo with Dr. Marshall, the
other government analyst, when he
declared at tho Inquest that It was
Impossible to detormlno tho sex of
tho remains?" asked Nowton, draw
ing nearor to tho perturhod witness.
"I'll admit that It was Impossible
to dorormlno tho sox by nnatonilcnl
study," replied Pepper.
Nowton pausod significantly nrtor
this startling admission. Tho whole
court-room was surprised at tho sen
sational turn In tho case, all believing
that It marked an early collapse or tho
Poppor's admission leaves tho ques
tion or tho body's Identity dependent
upon a row strnnds or hnlr round In
curlors near tho body, another lock
or hair round knotted In a man's
handkorohler, and tho remnant or a
woman's undervesti
Tho evidence or tho hair, however,
was rondored practically valueless by
Pepper's admission that tho hnlr
round In thq curlers was dark, while
that In tho handkerchief was light
und much shorter than that in tho
imm If
lit BS'HBtuMKf rMAWM
yflKlRMKMifi I
Tho Panama Canal Raised
By General Keifer
iii tr
-xwO im
Seth Low, President of the Itepubll
can Club ot New York and a for
mer mayor of the city, wlm ha giv
en an Impetus to, the Hoosevelt side
of the conflict 'with the machine by-
rrOelltlv flfV'Inrlnf-' .tiinltntln..lt.. .t.n.
lie Is with tho former president In
...r. l.HMI. UKllllinL' Mil' 'Ml tliaitl. Il
will aid In every efTort to dereat Vice
President Kherman fur the tnmfinmii-v
chairmanship of th nepubllcnn. State
vonveniion tins monin. ins nccession
to th lloosevelt rnnkn Is a bad blow
to the Uariies-Woodruff faction.
t'ntll today's resTimpllon of tho
hearing In the IlowUrpet police court.
Pepper has stouttjl maintained that
the Identity of tluDfrcmaltiH as those
of a woman wnsSatabllshed beyond
Even tntTUy
i doubt.
In his direct
examination by -Trovers Humphrey,
the crown attorneys he maintained
that th? rcmalnsjW'ro those of a
woman and evenjj'nt so far as to
Hive It as his opltilon that the victim
was of middle atfnWand or robust
build. Mf
Ills ndtnlislnn today, coupled" with
a similar admlsslotTlhv Dr Mnrshall,
makes the whole question or tho sex
or tho body hingoyupnn extraneous
evidence nnd the best legal opinion
Is that this will prove wholly liiRuf
flclent to prove th"corP,,B delicti.''
or the identity or thjierson Tor whose
supposed murder Crippen Is now rac
ing trial.
Crippen appeared elated nt. tho ov
erthrow or Pepper's testimony nnd
Hiniled cxultlngly. Even Miss Ethel
Lcnevp, who Is charged with being an
accessory after the ract lu tho al
leged murder or Mrs. Crippen, be
came cheerful nt this unexpected de
velopment. She had entered th-eourt-room
with her cvpry reature
showing tho utmost dejection.
Pepper testified that -the person
who removed the viscera or the hodj
must have been both n student of
anatomy and a clever surgical opera
tor as the work equaled that of a pro
fessional surgeon.
Pepper said that tho scar on the
body, by means of which tho prosecu
tion Is also tnlriK to prove the Iden
tity, was probably old.
"Whnt makes nu think the seai
resulted from an operation'.'" Nowton
"Ilecauso from the nature of It and
Uh poHltlnn, It eould hardly have come
from nu accident." Popper replied.
Pepper said that two experts on be
half of the defense made n inlnuto ex
amination of the remains last Friday.
These experts, It Is expected, will
be called by the defense to complete
the destruction of the crown's con
tention that the body was that or a
woman. Today's developments tend
to confirm the opinion or many legal
lights that the defense will havo no
difficulty In getting all the expert
ovldcncti It nu desire In Its efforts
to show that tin Identification of the
remnliiH Is impossible.
Pepper said the remains had probab
ly been burled under tho cellar floor
for rrom four to eight mouths Ho
could not (let 'rmlno tho calico of
death ho sola inini a study of tho re
Where Pepper Hot UN Foots.
Newton attempted to "show that
Pepper got all of Ills facta rrom In
spector Dew b 'fore he made nn ex
amination or the body, His question
ing grew so sharp that Humphreys,
the opposing counsel, 'cautioned Pep
per not to "mind lib .Insults.."
Pepper admitted that ho might havo
obtained much or his Information
from Dow but bo maintained that ho
did not know before reaching tho
Hllldrop Crescent house of tho ago,
sex or profession of thu supposed vlc-
After Pepper l'lt tho stand the
hearing was adjourned until Friday.
The Brussels' Conference
Seriously Disputed in
President Taft's Message
Cited as Showing he
Held Against
The Contention' r Koirei Ilut the
Matter or Propriety And Desir
ability or Fort I lien Don a DinVrciit
Senator Hoot Induced the Ualllnger
Investigating commlttco to adjourn to
Washington without niaklng a report
The exposition hall collapsed at
Charlerol, llelgium, and lt Is fen red
there will be n heavy' loss "of life. Two
bodies have been recovered,
Hanson, Democrat,, claims a ma
jority of 2fi votes overaiiornsey, lie
publican, In the Fourth jMalne con
gressional district. Guernsey claims
It Is run-wed that Frank II. Kellogg
"trust buster." Is to succeed nowers
is solicitor general.-'? ., .
It Is believed tho.French siren,
Cavallerl, will not gotnYuch of tho
Chanler entato It Hob nglita It.
ny United Prsi Wire.
Washington, Sept. 14. Formidable
opinions were brought forward today
In direct contradiction to the state
ment made by Representative J. War
ren Keifer, Republican, of Ohio, upon
his arrival from the nrussels confer
ence, that the United States has no
right to rortiry tho canal.
"he right or the United States to
Tortiry the canal undoubtedly ex
ists," declared Senator IJurtoii, ne
publlcnn, or Ohio, who Is one or tho
highest authorities hero on the nego
tiations which marked the adoption
or tho Hay-Pauncerorto treaty Hur
ton's statement is given additional
weight by the fact that he personall.
Is not an advocate of fortification.
When shown Kelfer's statement
fortification advocates produced tho
following extract from the message on
tno subject sent to congress bv Presi
dent Taft.
"It Is the right and duty of the Uni
ted States to defend the work upon
which It Is expending such enormoiH
sums. An adequate defense requires
suitable fortifications near the ter
mini." In order to present the Hrltlsh view
point on the question the following
memorandum, written by Lord I.ans
downe. when the treaty was under
negotiation, was quoted:
"In my despatch I pointed out the
dangerous ambiguity of an Instru
ment of which one clause permitted
tho adoption of dorenslvo measures,
whllo another prohibited tho erection
or rortlllcntlons. As to this I under
stand that by the omission or all ref
erence to the matter or defense, tin
United States government deslto to
reserve the power of taking measures
to protect tho canal, at any time the
United Stntes may be nt war, from
destruction or damage at the tin nd"
of an enemy or enemies. On the oth
er hand, 1 conclude that, with the
above exception, thero Ib no Intention
to derogato rrom the principles at
neutrality laid down by the rules. As
to the Ilrst or theso propositions, I
am not prepared to deny that contin
gencies may arise when not only from
a national point of view, but on bebalr
nf th" commercial Interests of th"
whole world, It might be of supreme
Importance to the United States that
they should bo free to adopt measures
for the defense of the canal at a mo
ment when they are themselves en
gaged In hostilities."
It woh with this understanding that
Great Drltaln agreed to omit the
clause contained In the original draft
of the treaty prohibiting fortifications.
The treaty as now lu effect has no
reference to fortifications.
Tho opinion of President Taft is
considered of tho highest -aluo be
cause of his reputation as a lawyer
and particularly because ho was secre
tary or war when the canal zone pass,
ed Into the hnnds or the United States
In executing the terms or the trent
ho had the advice or thos men who
wrote It.
'X. . .HTriMHr.
To be Represented in a dry
Farming Congress
On October 3-9 When $10,-
000 in Prizes Will bo
It is to be an Educational
Convention to Help Dry
Farming Interests.
Will bo a St(4 r Smoker and
llauquiMs For Knicitalillnent or llio
Miss Eleanor Hobiuson. who i-cc. i,t-
l.v mairled Frederick Dow on Coun
tlss, president or the Chicago Ex
chango' nnd n member or tho New
York Stock Hxchnnge. Tho bride is
a daughter or the millionaire, John
K. Itobliisou, formerly treasurer of
the great? Diamond Mivteli Coninunv
ano n wcq Known ngure in tiie llnnn
clnl world The wedding took place
In New'York, the home or the
bride and.' oer two hundred guests
or the in'iHt t-xiluslve set attended
tho cerenlony, nt tho Hotel Gotham.
Will Stand Pat on their
Methods of Managing the
Canal System
The Recommendations of
Engineer Marker Made
at the
Two Years in the Atlantic
Prison And $5,000 Fine.
Bail $25,000.
ny United Pi ess Wire.
New York, Sept. 14 Two years
Imprisonment In the Atlanta prison
and n lino or $5,000 was the punalt
Imposed by Federal Judge Martin to
day on Ernest W. Gerbracht, former
superintendent of the Williamsburg
refinery of the sugar trust, who was
recently convicted of conspiracy to
defraud the government. A stay was
granted pending appeal.
The sentence of Charles It. Holke,
rormer secretary of the trust, weni
over until tomorrow. Gerbracht was
given until tomorrow to furnish a new
bond of JL'fi.OOO.
ny United m-p Wire
Cambridge, Mass , Sept 14 Tho ad
vance guard of Harvard's football
colony Is worried today over the re
port that Tacklo McKay and Full
back Mlnot, two stars of thu VMM
wn. will be kent from this year's
team by conditions In their Btudles.
There Is hope tnai iinui win no m
fn ninnr himself but McKay Is said to
bo so far behind that the coaches are
not counting on him. McKay's- defi
ciency dates from last spring when
ho was kept from tho baseball team.
Direction of Governor Har
mon that there be a
Wholesale Dismissal
Of the Supernumeraries and Holders
of Sinecures And Useless Em.
plo.X-cs A His riuhi Is on.
I!y Uulteil Press "'Ire
Columbus, O.. Sept. II. .Members
or ulio tut hoard nT public works
havo let it be known that they are
going to stand pat In their methods o
managing the stnto cuuul syster
and will truu down tho recommenda
tions or Chief Engineer Marker,
mndo at the direction of Governor
Harmon, th.it there bo a whole
sale dismissal of officials and employ,
es rrom tho department.
A"stand pnt" course Is Indicated
In a statement given out by George
II. Watklns, president or tho board,
answering Engineer Marker's state
ments ulmt more than K.O.000 a y.ir
can bo .saved by getting rid or use
less employes.
In his ,statcmont Watklns points
out thut tho state's canal properties
are worth $20,000,000 and that only
about 100 men, oxcluslvo or laborers,
nro employed to look niter It. He
charges that Marker's action was In
spired by politics that the Markor
charges of extravagance "are made
on tho ovo or a camimlgn with the
Idea or bolstering tho waning pop.
ularity or a prominent politician."
mennlng Governor Harmon. Watklns
s.iys the board will prepare a detailed
statement or Its work.
Hoard Declare War.
The board has virtually declared
war on Marker. The members have
not recovered from the shock caused
by his recommendation that a saving
of $30,000 be made annually by th"
discharge of twenty-five useless em
ployes, mm made a studied effort to
Ignore his recommendations, it is
safe to predict they will not make the
$30,000 saving as recommended.
".Marker's recommendations don't
amount to that." exclaimed William
Klrtley. the member from n,.iiimn.i
snapping his fingers. "What does hi!
kiiiiw aonui tno canal. Any one can
mako recommendations, but tho bonrl
has the final action."
ho only time tho engineer's recom
mendations wero referred to today
was when Klrtley tried to put Alarker
In a hole by asking him to define tho
duties of collectors und inunnot,,,
Marker said he would glvo thu board
a report. If It desired. Klrtley wasn't
satisfied with this answer, and In
sisted that Marker reply at once. "You
know very well you haven't heen over
ono-inim or the canal," remarked
"I have been over as much of It
as you havo," wus .Marker's reply,
When Markor polntod out tho ex
tra pay of Watklns' relatives, tho
president of tho board remarked;
(Continued On Pago 5.)
By United Ptpm wire.
Spokane. Wash., Sept. l (.Govern
ors or tlve northwestern states and
possibly several rrom other parts or
the country, three members nf tho
United Stntes congresi, representa
tives or six rorelgn natloiiH, beads of
federal and state departments and
transportation companies will join
with scientists, experimental and prac
tical agriculturists and development
experts from numerous districts In
the United States and Canada In nmfc.
lug Hie fifth Dry Farming congress In
Spokane, October 3 to C, the most Im
portant and Interesting In the history
of the organization.
Five billion acres of land In Amer
ica. France. Germany. Hussin. liriiiui.
South Atrien. Australia. India, Turkey.
Hungary. Ital.v Urazll, Argentine and
Algeria are represented by the dele
gates nlreadj appointed. Thore will
oe conipielienshe displays of the pro
ducts or tho Held, orchard and garden
at the International exposition, Octo
ber 3 to 6. to demonstrate what has
been accomplished In the so-called
seml-nrld and nrlrt districts in ';ill
parts ot the world by tho practice of
dry farming principles. Prizes of a
total value of $10,000 aro offered In
the various competitions, which aro
lice and open to all dry farmers.
Congressman P. W. Mondnll, of
Wyomlntr, president nf the orgnnlzn
tlon, will formally convene the con
gress in the Washington state armory
nn e oning or uctober 3, the dele
gates and visitors being welcomed by
Governor Hny Tor the state, and May
or Pratt Tor tho city. There will bo
Ight regulor sessions, and In addl
tlon six meetings or tho Institute sec
tions of North nnd South Dakota.
Utah. Idaho, Montana and Washing
ton on October 4 to (1. Dr. T. V.
Cooke, state director of dry running
In Wyoming, will havo chargo or ses
sions ror members tho mornings of
October r, and 0. The meetings nro
Tor delegates desiring speelllo Infor
mation on dry farming problems, soil
cull are and seed breeding.
.Speakers presenting sot addressee
or papers at the sessions of the cou
giess will be limited to 20 minutes,
unless the time Is extonded by vritu
of the delegates, nint following enoli
address the congress will duvoto 10
minutes to questions pertaining di
rectly to the subject under discus
sion. All subjects not related to dry
farming problems will be ruled out of
the discussions, unless presented to
the executive committee In session.
The board of governors says In Its
rules and regulations ror the govern
ment nf the congress-
"This Is n business convention,
maintained by the Dry Farming con
gress for educational holp to be ox
tended to dry land farmers and for
the exchange of theories and Infor
mation upon which can be bulldcil a.
perfect rystom of bettor agriculture,
and the board or governors requests
that delegates and speakers assist lu
carrying out the program as outline l
bv aiding the chairman In the matter
of rules and discipline " .
The Spokane board or control has ' '
prepared a program for the enter-
talumeiit of officials of tho eongres.i
and speakers and delegates at tho
convention, and thore will also bo a
series of smokers, banquets, theater
parties and excursions for visiting
newspaper writers. The commlttco 'i
charge Is composed of 10 representa
tives of each newspaper lu Spokane.
The list of speakers, most of whom
will be In attendance and participate!
In the deliberations of the congress,
Is announced by John T Hums, secretary-treasurer
of tho organization:
.ny United. Pruss WIro.
Petersburg, liul., Sept. 14. Ilocnuso
ono of his children told him ho wasn't
"game." when he threatened to kill
himself, today. George Gordon, thirty
eight, shot himself through tho right
temple, dying Instantly
He had been quarreling with his
wife when ho made the siileldo throat.
Ilo had tried to kill hlmseir a few
months ago.
IWmI Men Elect Offlccix.
Toledo, O.. Sept. 14. Tho Groat
Sun council of the Improvod Order of,
lied Men has elected tho followlntr
officers; Great Incohnneo, George E.
Griggs, Dallas, Texas; great senior
Sagamore, Carl Foster. Bridgeport,
Connecticut: great Junior Sagamoro,
Fred 0. Downes, .Ifoston; Great Pronji, ,
et Josenf, Fqrrq PhtlaQnhlaU'VC.0,'.
chief of r;Rpriln,,A;iln4nrooUH, Chl "
engo; great keeper or wampum. Wll-
Ilnm Provln, Wesllleld, Mnssaohusottx,
.hi .i

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