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Frisco Police Hear of Men
Who Buy Carload of
President of National Bank
er's Association Delivers
Harsh Speech. '
Count De Beaufort And
Wife Figure in Shattered
Wisconsin Desperado Bar
ricades Home And Defies
Would-be- Conquerors.
! n
wi, mwm,x ;m
Three Men Were on Board
When Powder is Bought.
They Are Thought to be the
Leaders in Outrages.
liont Cannot Now be round Police
Think Nnino Wiih Changed Tin
nicnso lUwmls llns Coinerled
1'tcry Fourth Jinn Into n Sleuth.
Great Excitement l'rovulls in Los
Angeles, Wlicro Coroner's Iiifiucht
Is Now Hcing Held CrliiiliuilH
Cnnnot Escape. '
lly United Press Wire,
l'ollco Strike Trull.
Han Francisco, Oct. 4. The polled
of Han Francisco nro almost positive
that the thrcn men giving thu niiincs
of Leonard, Morris and--nryson, who
purchased BOO pounds of dynamite
from the Qlant Powdor jilant at Oak
land on September 24, are responsi
ble for the dynamite outrnges at Los
Angeles, Including the blowing up of
the Los Angeles Times.
Attorney J3arl ltogers and Detec
tive William Burns, who nre here In
vestigating this clow, learned today
that the threo men In question anch
ored ti launch at Sausallto from Sep
tember 21 to 23 and that on the night
of September 22 they gave the ves
sel a new coat of paint. On Septem
ber 23 the detectives learned, the throo
men went to an aluminum goods store
In San Francisco and purchased two
sets of name plates bearing tho name
"Peerless." Tho next day tho three
men In the launch, with thu name
"Peerless" very clear and distinct on
thu sldo or the launch, appeared nt
the Giant Powdor company's plant
und purchased fiOO pounds of dyna
mite. Ilnrns and Uogcrs arc both
convinced that on the night of Sep
tember 21 the throo men again chang
ed tlio name of tho vessel and possl
,luX.pulnted It over in .order to. throw
tliu police oft tliV scent. No launch
going under the name "Peerless" la
Known on the bay and tho niiuioritio.
nro now working on tho theory thai
the missing la'uncli Is still In this vi
cinity under another name.
Uurns and Hogers found further
confirmation of tholr theory when
residents of A'lvlso, which Ih on tho
extreme lower end of San Frunclsco
bay, reported today that they saw n
launch answering tho description of
tho inlBslug vessel enter Alvlso Slough
on tho afternoon of September 25. The
launch tied up at a wharf and three
men were seen aboard.They remained
quiet during the afternoon und early
evening but near midnight they woru
Been to unload their cargo und place
It In a. wagon or automobile observers
could not tell which.
At daybreak on "September 2C, three
men and tho launch had disappeared.
Jt Is believed that tho launch Is
beached somowhuro In tho marshes.
Thu police- theory Is that this was
tho hamuli which took on dynamite
at tho Giant Powder company's
plant on September 24, that tho cargo
unloaded ut Alvlso was dynomlto und
that tho explosive was taken by auto
Hiubllu to Los, Angules via Kan Jose.
A United Press launch today began
u search of tho marshes near Alvlso
Tor tlio missing luuneh "Peerless."
Several residents of Alvlso saw tho
mysterious launch and three men on
September 23, and all deelaro thai
tho descriptions of th0 vessel tally
with tho description of thu launch
which took tho trco men tu tho Giant
1'owder comjiany's ulunt.
.Many Aro lKtrclhcH.
y Los Angeles, Calir., 'Oct. 4-Tho moat
widespread search for crlmlnuls in
the history of tho West is on today,
following tho unnoimcoment of ru
wards aggregating $1,000,000 for tho
arrest and conviction of tho muii or
men who blew up tho ljlant of tho
Los Angeles Times. Thousands of per
sona throughout tho state of Califor
nia aro enguged In tho search and It
Is bclloved certain that it the guilty
aro still within tho borders of tho
state their capture Is Inevitable.
Tho offor of hugo rewords bus serv
ed to lucreuso tho excitement In Los,
AngeleB which Immediately followed
tho ilro and about every fourth man
In tho city has turned sleuth. Tho ton
slun was udded to by tho announce
ment of Chief of Police Gulloway that
within a fow hours ho oxpoctcd to
liavo one or all or tho men responsi
ble tor tho dynumlthtg under arrest,
Whllo Galloway would not suy so, It
Is practically certain tliat ho places
most of his faith li tho Sun Fran
cisco clow pointing to throo who pur
chased COO pounds or dynamlto from
the Giant Powder company at Oak
land on September 24.
This clew Ih generally conceded to
be th'o most promising yet discover
ed, Tho three men, two or whom gavo
tho names of Morris and Bryson, and
tho third, "whom Is said to bo known
us Lconurd, liavo vanished absolutely
since tlui Times explosion, and tho.
launch Peerless, In which they plac
, ,, ed tho dynamlto ufter illurchuslng it,
Jlias also disappeared.
,AL No furUior word has como today
from Attorney Earl Ilogors, represent
Ing tho Times, fiuid Detcotlvo Wil
liam J. Hums, yho uro in San Fran-
Miss Margaret rtuthcrfurd now In
Paris In whom Kerinlt Hoosevolt do
spllo many denials is still declared to
bo Interested beyond tho point of
slmpl cold friendship. Itecently when
Kcrmlt went abroad ho did so it is
avorrcd that ho might wundjer near
whero tho young lady abode. Hut on
his return ho denied nil this. And
then his friends smiled. Tho young
lady is described ns "beautiful, ac
complished and a heavenly tllsiosttlon.
Cisco working on this clow
Nearly every other largo city on tho
Pacific coast has nlso reported a clow
most of them apparently worthless.
The coroner's Inquest Is In session
today, but Is not expected to get
down to any real work until the
search of tho ruins of tho Times build
Ing is completed.
Mennwhllo , heavy guards continue
on duty nbout tho homes of General
Otis, general manager Chandler of tho
Times, President Zcohnndoloer, of the
Merchants Manufacturers association
and a number of public buildings.
Postmostcr Harrison has recently ro
eclved letters warning him that tho
postotllco would bo blown up und this
structure Is nlso under guard. Gen
eral Otis Is accompanied by a personal
bodyguurd wherever ho goes.
Subscription .Stalled.
Washington. Oct. I. The National
Prcjjsplub today opened subscriptions
to "ruLsiTn fluid to aid tho fitmlllcs of
newspaper men killed luetic exclu
sion which destroyed tho 'building or
tho Los Angeles Times.
If unlet' Sees lloul.
Agnew, Calif., Oct. 1. Tom Hur
ley, n hunter, asserted today that .i
launch answering tho description of
thu launch In which dynamlto was
taken from tho Giant Powder plant
on September 24 was abandoned on
September 2t! on Indigo Mud tints, six
miles north of Alvlso, In tho marshes
Mo asserts that ho saw empty dyna
mlto boxes In thu launch.
West Point Men Set Free
But Still Remain
Hy Hulled Press Wlro.
West Point, N. V.. Oct. I. Al
though freed after niuu day's con
finement nnd arrest for "silencing"
Captain Unfits Loug)i, tho one
question that agltnted tlio West
Point cadets corps was whether tlioy
or tho military officers of tho ac
ademy have won a victory.
Following tho arrest of tho corps
for the "silence," every eudot posi
tively refused to dlvulgo to tho court
of Inquiry tho reasons or tho names
or those who Instigated tho episode.
This put tho eutlro cadet corps In
nraetlcully a state ot insubordina
While tho freeing of the cadets
from arrest looks like a victory for
them, It will not be definitely known
until tho court of Inquiry makes Its
report whether or not such Is tho
caso. Should tho court havo suc
ceeded In discovering who tho in
stigators were, and should It ask
that sovoro punlshmont bo inflected
upon them, the cadets admit they
will como off tho worse for tho en
counter. This will not bo known for
sovoral days yet, as tho court has
not summed up tho ovldonco It has
secured. Tho freeing of tho cudots
from arrest camo last night. Ordors
were Issuod for every member of the.
corps to ussomblo In tho gymnasium,
Whn all woro th oro tho doors woro
locked and General Harry In full
uniform and surrounded by his stare,
irnvo tho cadets a heart-to-heart talk
on military discipline. Then thoy
were freod. The- cadets at onco gath
ered on tho campus and cheered for
ton ' minutes until thy happened to
remember that tho finding of tho
court ot inquiry might still moan
sovero punlshmont ror a scoro or
moro or them, when tho cheo.rlng
Following tho freolng ot the cadets,
tho coaches at onco began work to
whip tho football team into shape,
Tho scrupo of tho cadats has put tho
team back nearly two weeks lp its
practice and prospects for a good
showing this season aro considered
Pierson Wants Uniform
Banks Accounting.
Speaks in Favor of Many
Other Reforms.
Association Convenes TIilrty-sltli
Annual Contention at Los Angeles.
Mnyor Gles Address f Welcome.
President IMeivon Thlnk-r Well or
KuroK.an System For Frownllng
Political or SiHvuluthc Control or
Hanks Meeting Is of Great Im
portance. Hy United Press Wire.
Los Angeles, Collf., Oct. 4. An at
tack upon tho rostal savings law fea
tured the opening session of tho thirty-
third nniiunl convention of the Amer
Icai Hankers' association which con
vened hero today. The attack was
made by President Lewis K. Flernon.
In replying to the addresses of wel
come delivered by Gcorgo Alexander,
mayor of Los Angeles, and W. II.
Holllday, president or tho Los An
teles clearing house..
Pierson declared leports had reiu'i
ed his ears that there Is being exert
ed politico! pressure to use the neil
created bank for individual bonellt,
"repugnant to nil principles or good
President Pierson urged a uniform
system of bank accounting as th
best aid to the statu and national bank
examiners. lie nlso urged that som
system bo devlsod whereby the true
vnltio or commercial paper might lie
learned by banks beroro purchasing
It In tho market.
" In tho matter or currency reform-"
Pierson favored the European cus
tom, preventing tho control of bank-t
from passing Into tl.o handR of a rev.
by giving each stockholder but one
voto, no matter bow much stock In
held. This, ho thought, would, .pn-
vent "political or speculative eontro'
or banks, would bisuro better iimn
.ORoniont and would keop undesirable
men out of official positions In bank
He urged many technical chnnges in
tlio matter of reserve, rediscouutlng
and currency Issues and demanded of
congress n proper levlslon of Him
banking nnd currency system.
"In every other nation of tho
world," ho said, "a banking and mono
lary system, leading up to an Institu
tion of discount and currency Issue,
has demonstrated its beneficial In
fluences In keeping business condi
tions steady nnd stablo by oonsomi
llelv controlling tho expansion of
credit through Its rate of discount und
automatically Increasing und decreas
ing the volume of nolo Issues with
the requirements of tho trade."
Man Has Two Revolvers
And Rifle to Protect
Hv United PrnH Wlro.
Huston, Oct. 3. There will bo no
kidnapping of pretty Heatrlce Anita
Haldwln Tumbull, It a. couplo or high
callbored automatic pistols and a
rllle, In tho possession or Dr. Wil
liam U. Turnbull, nro sulnciont to
protect Heatrlce, Dr. Turbull said
tuday that ho had boon warned that
there would bo an attempt to kidnap
his foster daughter and that ho had
armed himself to protect her. Miss
Turnbull Is a claimant ror part of
tho estate of tho lato E. J. (Lucky)
Haldwln, und her suit Is being pre
pared for filing with tho California
"My foster daughter Is back homo
becnuso wo loarnod that an nttotnpt
to kidnap her from hor school near
New York had been planned," said
Turnbull today. "I will shoot tho
llrst man that tries to Intorfero with
her. When sho and hor mother start
west I shall go with them and will
bo well nrmed nnd stand no non
sense from detectives hlrod by other
By United Press Wlro.
New York, Oct. 4. Sporting men
uro today trying to find a scrapper
who can stay in tho ring ton rouuus
with Knockout nrown and win. Tho
llttlo lighter added another victory
to his nlready long list last night
by defeating Fighting Joo Hylaiul at
tho Olympic Athtctlo club, llyland
was substituted for Hert Keyes. who
injured hla hand In training. It was
Hrown's light In every round and on
two occasions his left upporcuts near
ly put hs antogonlst down anil out.
By United Press Wlro
Portland, Ore., Oct. 4"-Tommv
Hurns, former iqtvyvlglitr ,p)ui-pIoi-i
Fulled States Senator Thcorode K.
Hurton of Ohio, who is being persis
tently talked of as the probable sue
cesser of Woodrow AVIlson as tho
President of Princeton University.
The reason for tho rumor is hard to
find, as the Senator's friends point out
that he Is not a Princeton man to
begin with, and that his ambitions
are political rather than srholustlc.
In fact some of- tho' r-'enator's closer
friends declare the story was started
by political opponents, many of whom
would like him to resign Tlio Tact
remains nevertheless, that be Is being
constantly talked or as Dr. Wilson's
of the world, has turm d bis atten
tion to baseball and plans to tour
Austr.iltu with an nil-star team made
up of players Trom the Pacific coast
and northwestern leagues. Jlurns cab
led his Australian agent today tu
negotiate for the tour.'
Former London Mayor
Finds Living Costly in
New York.
Hy United I'n-ss Wlro.
New y.irli. o t 4. Sir William
Trclour. tunnel- i..ni ninyor of Lon
don, who has In in In this country and
Ciiniiitii lor two wiilis, Is wondering
today what would happen' to him if
be ofiered a "ti ppeme" to, tin Ameri
can bellboy for a tip.
"Wli, I can llvi for n,.pound a dav
In a llrst-class I.nudoti hotel, but It
costs two pounds a day lii A merit, i
Still, I must admit oii ggt vury good
value for your money. Hut your tips
are continuous. They are, too, for
that matter, In London, but- there wr
do not give so much." '
The former lnrd mayor jt sorry he
didn't conic to Atueilea tu llvu Hcituo
forty years ago. ?
"lly tills time." he said, "I might
either have bei n a Taiiimnuy boss or
tho governor of some province, or at
least land .sunn- ullier good Job when
there wok plenty of graft." '
"What IniprcH-'cil mo ' most iibiiii:
America is the Imim'nao energy and
uorMug powei hi American men, who
Hceni to live lor imtlilng but making
money. I would perhaps, do Hie
same tiling it l wu-.- loriy years
younger. I Ii-r no m v-inaklng senilis
to be taken up .i- a man In any other
part of tin- in lid '"ild tnko up some
sport like io ininiiug, When you
have Mur t'v i " -I'ort Is over."
Four Hundred Infuriated
Men Avenge Assaulted
lly fiiltnl Pi ess Who.
Mobile. Ala, M t-An (ururluteil
mob of four hundred mini took. Uush
Withers, a negio from tlio Jail ut
Andalusia, Alabama, today and burn
ed him at the sialic .TJie negro hud
sMiultid Mis. llir.nn StuOkeTy. of An
dalusia .
Withers, who wus a trusty ut tho
Henderson cnuvlit camp, was drag
ged from the Jail pleading for mercy.
Hi, was klck.-d and beaten' and then
dragged along the grounding,, thu pub
lic square where bo wu3vQhalned to a
post, pieces of pine and logs of wood
plied mound him and selSii.lire. He
was quickly buruHd to dentil" and tno
body reduced to ushes. ,-
Tho mob gathered as soon as if bo
camo known that Mrs. Stiiekey wus
seriously Injured and demundod that
Withers, who bad boon 'placed under
arrest be turned over to it, For u tlmo
tho Jailer refused but tlnnl)ya com
mittee of relatives of tho Injured wo
man called on him and ,d6ld him
thut If Withers was uotvtijriwd over
to' them they would carry ' tho Jail
by storm '' ,
Tho negro wus then "surrendered; and
tho lynching took plnce
Count Fatally -Hurt, Wife
Search Fails to Find Alleg
ed Dying Man.
Mystery Slit rounds Hiillrei Tale Is
Hellcxed That Couple llaxe hepur
iltcil Slor. or I)) Ing Condition Un
proven Count Is Man or Varied
Career Works us laborer to Win
Hy United Press Wire.
New York, Oct. 4 Carefully seclud
ed in his apartments on Thirty First
street Count Mourlku Do Huuufort
waited today for tho arrival from
Chicago or his brldo of a fow months
tho daughter of M. II. Kllgallcn, the
Chicago steel king All efforts to sec
tho count wert. useless, n stalwart wo
man who announced that . sho was
his landlady mid "an old friend or
tho futnlly" standing guard nt tho
front door and refusing to penult
iinyonhu to get beyond the vestibule
The report that the count was "dy
ing" as a result of a horseback ac
cident In Central park, was denied
by tho landlady who said that It was
true that ho had been thrown rrom
his horse but that beyond a "sklnncsl
noso" bo was unhurt.
"Ho Is -able to be about the hoiisi
all right" said she, "but has no desire
to bo Interviewed. He has not been hi
liny -hospital and we do not know
Whero the story started that he was
fatally hurt."
Tho countess arrived today from
Chicago. Her father was responsible
Tor the story that his son-in-law had
been fatally hurt und was In a hospl
tal. This report, following on tile
heels of another story that tlio count
and countess had hud a bitter quar
rel and that tho former had lohl
his wife that hu was going to leave
her forever caused a sensation among
friends or the pair In this city
Police headquarters woro asked l
locate the Injured man and evcr
hospital was visited Willie tlio Ib'tel
llelmout where tlio family formerly
stopped and several of tho chilis were
scoured for Information. Finally It
was learned that tho count was In
the lodgings which ho occupied when
ho lirst came to this city. Alter In
laid refused to sen Interviewers, a
friend of Ills said that there had liet-n
a "slight misunderstanding" between
tlio count und his bride anil thut he
had sent word to her of the incident
hi order to get her to come to tills
city to see 1 1 ill). If this was ills ob
ject lie was successful as when the
countess arrived sho showed by her
attitude thut she was very badly wor
ried and hustled Into a waiting auto
mobile at the station and was rushed
to the apartments of her husband.
Heyuud admitting that shu had pass
ed u sleepless night sho refused to
bo Interviewed and when questioned
icgardlug tho report that shu and her
husband had separated in Chicago
said tho story was a "cruel lie."
Later In tho day one of tlio count's
business associates said that the ac
cident took place, not m Central park
but in Van Cortlaiidt park. Accord
ing to this informant, the count was
thrown clear over his horse's head
and landed heavily against u tree He
was rendered unconscious and was
taken to his apartments mid Dr. S.
S. Kolle summoned Ho was also
said to bo moro seriously hurt thun
his housekeeper was willing to admit.
Dr. Kolle refused to make any stale
incut regarding tho extent of his pa
tient's Injuries, saying It was no one's
business but tho members of the
New York, Out. I. Following tho
lgorouvly denied ruports that Count
Mourik De Heuufort, son-in-law of
M. II. Kllgallen. of Chicago, and his
heiress bride liavo sep.iratodi there
came a ihysterlous rumor today that
the count Is dying soniewhoro in New
York, after an accident sustnlnod nt
Central park yesterday whllo riding
horseback. Tho report reached Now
York from Chicago and was told In
clrcunistantlnl detail.
Despite the apparent authenticity,
however. if the Chicago story, the
Now York pollco have found no tracn
of tho "dying" man, nor havo any
of the larger hospitals reported hi in
as among their patients. Neither has
the count been living at Hotel nob
niont, whero his father-in-law told
the Chicago reporters ho had been
making his home. The Chicago story
also said tho count was being treat
ed by Dr. Lnudes. No such physi
cian Is known In New York.
Op tho heels of all these denials,
Kllgnllon added to tho mystery by
refusing to tell in what hospital tho
count is a patient. Whon seen in
Chicago last night, preparatory to
coming to New York, tho mllllou
ulre steel mini was in tears. Ho de
clared most positively; "The count
Is dying and tho countess Is dy
Ing of grief."
Count Do Beaufort has had a vcri
od career. Ho served In tho Dutch
urniv for six years. Then ho camo
to America determined to woo and
wed an American girl Ho fell in
vr te?csi2 i-j-t7"" ' SOB.
Mrs Fn-il Cmnett. who
Dished wh.tf is esteemed In lie ti most
Important club In the trial of Dr. II
II. Crlppen In London, for the murder
of his wife Mrs. C.lnnett was a close
friend of Dr. Crippon's wife, Hello
Elmore, whom he Is accused killing
and burying In the cellar of Ins Lon
don house. She now declares tnnt
when Helle Elmore was In Philadel
phia eighteen yen is ago und under
went an operation and a long scar
was left by tho surgeon's knife. Mrs.
Olnnett declares that when this In
formation Is given to the London
surgeons who examined the body
round In the cellar they will positive
ly Identify It ns Uello Elmore She is
sending details abroad nbout tho scar
love with the beautiful Miss Kllgal
lcn and at once determined to be
come the American business man
Donning Jumpers and currying a din
ner pall. "Jack" as he was known
by the mon In the steal plant, tolled
for several months as a laborer on
the payroll of his futher-ln-law to
be. When he had grasped the details
of the business, Kllgallen consented
to the marriage and motif the count
his buslni-ss manuger ill New York.
Managers of Big Auto Race
To Kill Few As
Hy United Oioss Wire
New York. Hit. I. The ollleiuls
of the motor cups holding compiuo
today declared that cwry human
agency possible wool be culled Into
service on Saturday October 15, la
an cITiirl to eliminate deaths and
accidents from the Grnnd Prix auto
mobile race to bo run over the Long
Island parkway.
Instead of starting at dnyhivad.
however, the race will start at Hi
Tho race lunuaguiilclil will rndeni-
or lo have tiovcrnor ungues order
II regiment of stale militia to police
tho course.
It Is timlcrstiiuil certain of the
supervisors ol Nassau eount were
hi favor of rcMikiug the permit to
hold the nice, but healtuted when
liotllled that the county would lie
sued for damages. The race manage
ment contended thut the permit to
hold the mo (-amounted practically
to a franchise and a revocation would
lay the county liable to a damage
suit. Tlio iigent for tin. H n cars
has notified tho motor ups holding-
company that unless ample pro
tection Is assured the rucw driw-rs
mid tin" spectators, the three l'.i n.
cars will not hv pormittnl to st.ut
Whirled About Shafting
and Thrown, Still
ily United Pi ess Wlro.
Pittsburg. Pu.. net. t-Whlrlud
around a shafting utjno revolutions u
minute then cutapuluted acioss tho
room when Ills clothing ripped, Henry
Orau, twenty, mi engineer, hud a mlra
colons escape from death today In
tho North Sldo plant of tho Swift
Packing company. Ho 1s In tho Al
legheny General hospital with a two
Inch ribbon of seal)) torn from tho
forehead to tho base of .tho skull, Ills
iirms mid legs broken and Internal in
Clrnti was adjusting the mechanism
about a .shafting when his Jumper
caught In tho belt. Hospital physicians
bay ho has n chanco for iccnvery
Loudon, Oct. 4. An exchange
Telegraph dispatch from Marseilles
says that threo deaths, believed to
hnvo boon from cholora, hnvo been
reported thoro, dloats from Italy
aro said to havo brought tho tjls-easo.
ll.l.l tut-
Says He Will Kill Every
Man Concerned.
Daughter In Hospital at
Point of Death.
State to Fm-iiMi Mil-
Hombard Home,
Part of Outlaw's Family Is
1 1 1 tit Shci-lir and Deputies Aro
HtulTcd Afraid lo Scre Wan-ant.
Trouble oT Long (standing.
II? United ti-ciw Who.
Winter, Wis, Oct I. With armed
deputies still guurdlng Whiter and
scores of woodsmen surrounding the
log cabin of John Dletz. the outlaw of
Cameron Dam. fighting and possible
bloodshed is expected today In tho
long standing feud between tho nil
thotltles nnd Diet.
Myr.i Diets, the twenty-threc-yenr-old
daughter or the outlaw, Is at the
point of death In a hospital lit Ash
land, ns n result of a gunshot wound
Inlllcted by deputies when the girl
and two of her brothers were am
bushed lust Saturday. One of tho
brothers is held In the Winter Jail,
wounded. The other escaped nnd
Joined his .father at the cabin.
Following the nmbush Dletz sent
word to Winter that he would visit
i he town mid slay every man respon
sible for the shooting, but tho war
fare is being pushed Into his territory
Thomas Whltten. chairman of tlio
county board, snld today that ho was
considering asking the governor for
a machine gun to aid III driving tho
outlaw Into the open. With Diet In
the cabin are his wife and three chil
dren. Dletz llrst ran afoul of tho author
ities several years ago when ho bo
tanic Involved in n controversy with
:. lumber syndicate. lie claimed the
tiiiinesteud on which bis cabin standi
through an alleged agreement Und
the lumber company sought tho aid
ol the law In dislodging him.
There Is no doubt but that Db-lz
bus the sbeilir and Ills iloputlo
blurred" and sonic leellng has been
inaniresled over the methods used In
nttt uniting to dislodge him. l)oputh"
have talked with Diet, and traveled
with him, but none have had tho
nerve to serve one ol tho numerous
warrants they carry.
Wliltteu uil orates taking the meg
aphone to a hill some distance from
tlio cabin and calling to -Dlolz to sur
render. Upon a refusal he would
shell the housfwllli the machine gun.
The daughlnr Mra has won tho
symputhk' ol tin' entire neighborhood.
After being shot through thu back,
she was bundled Into a wagon and
driven live miles to Winter beforo
medical aid was secured.
She wus then placed In the bug
gage car id a train and started fur u
Hal ward hosmtal.
Hill Dletz, an uncle, changud llieso
plans. There Iuih long boon III feeling
between 1)111 and his brother, but tlio
shooting "f My ill caused Hill lo rush
to Hie family's aid. He boarded tho
train on wlilili Mrn was being
guarded ui Hlrchwooil, and at tho
buggugr car was confronted by six
deputies with lewdeil rlllcs.
Dletz Is n physical giant and ho
brushed aside the guns, knoll liuBldn
the girl, kissed her and burst Into
Tljc deputies then told Diets that
thev were Hiking the girl to Hay
ward. He said he hud decided to
liiko her to Ashland and to Ashland
he went, although her parents no
not know her whereabouts.
State Republican Com
mittee Make up For
Policy's Sake.
ll United Press Who
New orli. in t I That the He
publlcin fat-lions in this state have In
deod "burled the hatchet" was niudo
plain at the mi cling of thu stnto com
mittee toda when Kara Prentice, win
gavo wnj us a member of tho com
mittee to in rmltHoyd Orlscom to liu
elected thereto. wus unanimously
uhoseii t'liuli'inau succeeding Timothy
L. Woodruff. Prentice was the selec
tion or Cirlscoin, who thereby puld u.
political debt, and ho, succeeded In
winning Colonel Uoosevelt over to his
support after tho colonel had rally
made up his mind to name Charles S.
Frauds for tin position. The Troy
editor, however, did not want tho Job,
and wus very willing tu permit Pren
tice to do tin. work and get tho glory
If any Is to bo hud.
William Barnes, Jr.. avowed enoiny
of Colonel UoosuNelt, seconded thu
noniliutlon on behalf of tlo "Oil
aiuird" and aroused a laugh by say
ing: "t second tho uomluutloii bqcuuao
if Mr. Piontlco's well known opposi
tion to direct primaries,"
t vs
X&.J.IiW.Aw-... AJ..i'
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