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The Marion daily mirror. (Marion, Ohio) 1892-1912, January 02, 1911, Image 1

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WiSAVHiS 'ItFoifrbtlllf-Snow tontglil wwf Tuesday , tmich coltef with ft coliPKT A
'"- JJ J J i I u- I I . MM. ?-? " I.
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Are to bo had for tfae advsr
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I iWnnr m mm - nnrnrn
,' "'feliPt III HV IV Tho stonm center today Jg over ! II I II If I II on tho senate committee on commit- I HI I III U I fl lll President shook hands with the semi- II I i I II I .1. I J n I I
(f?nlir III 11.11 A Lnko Superior and Is moving north- .VrrURrn toes. Dcnn, IKiffmah, Shaffer nna Co- I 1 f l , I i 11 II tors and representatives who remain- I If T IM I fl IB ! Ij P
".I1UL ULnUlU cast. Tho barometer Is falling along 11 1 LflllLll tone havo been tho tnrgots for most 111 I II I I filtll edln Washington during the boll- II It I M I ",i.lj I 11111 U L
! -. . ... tlio Atlantic const from Mnlno to
" 1 111 I flinil Florida, aiUl with In twenty-four to 11 I If 111111(1 :,ovv "rrungcmonl thoy will bo nolo BB ri P 1 IB Kl II II
!' V fl Kllfffllrll thirty-six hours the storm will con- V I llllUIIUD- to bar any newspaper men whoso lUhLlllUIV
vH 111 Hill I trol the entire cast. ll 1 1 V I II III II WltHi. do not sj.lt, them. - i B 1 I B 111 RT .
am a nam i iiiw . ja ui Ji
" vi
lug wiMi xvy x hi koi a
,Grroat Northwest In
4. y. Raging Storms .
With Drops and Shifts And
f Frightful Threatenings aU
Along its Crest Medicine
Hat Still in it Sending
Her old Time Compliment to tlio
GrCAt Missouri Vnllcr--Denvcf Keg--lstcrn
28 Below, n Man FrcozC3,,to
Dentil nt' Fargo, Know Is Filing In
, Great Drifts In tlio Dnkotns And :1
Below tit Springfield, Illinois.
By United rrcss Wro.
Storm Signals l)n..
Washington, Jan, 2. Tho -weather
vHt -2, p. m . Issued tho following bullo-
tin:' yy i
't,l "Hg$t,porthwcst storm WarnlnBs ut
k 2 b. i.v cbld -AVavo tbnlRht followed
' 'oy',yntr,'' iJtorm jvarnlns Hhould bo
ft ' .dteJyL,vTroin "Maine to iFIorldu."
' ' S-JtiixKO, N. Dan.2. rtVlth ono
If.'A Sj,.nj?UCt 'roin' Xrcczlnfe reported, that
t'J T'1nf-WU1am,Thomai, sixty, Ko'rtli Da-
UllmwrM of tho winter. Tho thor
WibtnctcrllB about olghtcen bolow zoro
lrfAH'rtt.tr4HK1'1ha'inton!lUed. thp cold,"
Tho, storm jh b'onorm uu ovo, in
matt). , .
Slbux aty, la., Jan. 2. Tho first
blizzard of tho. wlntor Is Bwcoplnjj
Houtit DaUpta, piling tho snow In hljrh
drifts with a six bolow temperature.
Street car traffic Is blocked. Bfa
trains arc reported stalled on tho II
llnolfl Contral tootwoan hero and Fort
Doilgb. Sovoral trains to tioutli points
havo, boon abandoned.
Donvor, Col.t Jan. 2. Tho heavy
snow fan or waturaay niRiu unu bum
day was succeeded today by tho cold
est weather IJpnver hus had 'In imany
years. -Street "thonnomotcr at 2 a. m.
rctristorGd fccnty-otjjht below zorti
and at 7.30 a. in. from riftcon to
olghtpcn below zoro.
'Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 2. Drifts
of ton to fifteen foot Iil&h with tho
thormomctcr ut flvo below, mark tho
first real blizzard of tho wlntor horo.
The, biiow is ono and ono-lmlf foot
Ucop on tho lovel and many trains uro
ibelng retarded.
Lincoln, Npfb., 3an. 2. ftlcjllclno
irat extended now year's compliment
to tlio Mls,rl valley In. tho form of
ii hn ii-ll nt- hllzznYrt -which has DClted
away with UnrclontlnB fury slnco caM
ly Sunday morninp. .
TiMfpn linlnw znro anil a flftV mllo
gttlb rtako up. tho record. All trains
aro blocked by snowdrifts.
Tcorla, Jlls., Jan. 2. Central Illi
nois Buffered from tho cold wavo
which brjoueht a temporaturo of llvo
dqaroes bclwv zoro today.
aUlyjUlBrMo,, Jan. 2. A cold wavp
frpmtho northwest with a swirl of
snow" today sont tlio tanrporaturo
downto olBht degrees abovo zero.
JLlli Hlfivlli Tnviio Tnn 9. JlTlfh
KfHtl Of UliHf Aiwi Mf .o-f
wtfiha With sntiw flurries today hold
norm. Toxafl in mo grip oi mu coiuuni
wewtljor of tho season. MAny Rod
RlvOr-'rfTid Panhand4o . towns roport
twelve "ibovc. ,
-,f v . t,
rUnMH CHy,H-Mo- JanV .2. Zoro
woathor aftor a drop in tho .mercury
of fqr'ty-flvo degrees prevails In Kan
saVqity and western Missouri. -Snow
wau vory light.
Dea Moines, ia Jan. 2. Sweeping
down from tho north a blizzard
struck Iowa durlngltho night with
llvo bolow and rfjjpjiity knot wind
from tho northw
Omahft. NjSiJfon. 2. (A bjlzzard
, ".with heavyJpjjoV'und high winds open
Jed tl)o, nwfyatfr In Omoha. All traf-
flc I
v ti
kVTT-f.'i.M.. c n.,iiJ.ino
"Svalihlngton, Jan 2. -Within tvon-
A J ' tySjfolSr hours tho Atlantic states will
flir 'wll bo awopt hy,tho bllzard which
,lPf- iqv has tho middle west in Us grasp,
rA'' according to a forecast Issued hy the
woathor liuroau today.
r-From northern Montana, wliero tho
' ' twtypQrature. shows thlrtyTolght do-
creea below zoro. to tho Panhandle
tlA..m.uAj. .t.A mI.11a u,Agt( lu In IliA
J1 'XCAUfl, HIV II, ," ., vv ... ... ,.
J. irrlp of1 a imoat intense cOld .wavo
y From th& boundary of Texas to Hous-
' fn tho temperature lies close to zo-
Flvo Children Dead.
Pottsvlllo, Pa., Jail. 2. Flvo chil
dren of Jpljn Ifosalvago lost their
lives In sl 'lire which early today do
stroyod thrco houses In Mlncrsvllle,
They ranged In ago from two month
to eight years. Tho Infant was burn
ed to fi crlKp whllo tho other four
were ou'floi'iitcd.
All tlio victims mlghl havo been
saved bad not the .parents, In tho ex
citement and throng ha mlsundcr
standing of English, Informed volun
teer firemen that all wcro out of tho
Tho flro followed tho overturning
of a lamp during n New Year's colouration.
The Death of Miss Slosser
And Charles E. Twigg At
Cumberland, Maryland.
By United Press Wire.
Cumberland, Md., Jan. 2. That
Oruoo UloHscr arid her flanco, Charles
K. Twlgg, were poisoned by cyanide,
administered in chewing gum, was tho
theory upon which tho Cumberland
police nro today centering tholr ef
forts in tho 'deep mystery that sur
rounds tho finding of their bodies Sat
urday ovcnlng.
An analysis of chewing Riitn found
In tho mouth of Twlgg wa3 ordered
today, and if it discloses tho presence
of cyanldo, tho pollco will attompt to
trace ft ho gun.,.'No gumrwas, found
In Miss Bldj!scj"H" mouth, Wiitu well
chowod plcco wnH found on tlio floor
'of' tho' parlor whero sho and her
ewecthcart had mot to preparo for
tholr woddlng, and this tho author!;
ties hollovo, sho hnd boen chewing.
Tho couple woro to havo been mar
ried on Now Year's day.
Ilolied In all hor bridal llnory, tho
young woman was today proparod
for burial. Tho body of hor llunt'o
wiih taken to his homo In Koysor, W.
Va. -
For John B. Moisant Held
Today in New Orleans.
Many Evidences of
TJy United Press Wire.
New Orleans, La., Jan. 2 -Admiration
for John D. Moisant iy nn avia
tor caused numerous Now Orlonna
residents today to visit a receiving
vuUR In Mctnlro ccmotcry, tho tem
porary resting placo of tho man kill
ed hero Saturday, In a fall of his
monoplano. Molsant's body will b0 ro
movod to Chicago for Intcrmont, hut
tho relatives havo not doclded on a
dato for tho removal."
Owing to tho Intense ' shock caused
his slstors and brother by tho trnglo
death, nn effort woh mndo to curry
through tho funeral coremonlea pfl
vately. This proved Impossible and a great
throng of residents nnd visitors, tnnny
of them witnesses of tho fatal flight,
foi'med a funeral procession to Jdo
taro (jomotcry from an undertaking
e8tablBhmcnt whero tho Rev. John
Mujoncor, St. John's Romun Catholic
church,4 orilclatcd.
Floral offerings wer0 received from
Aero clul'iM; of America, Kngland, Qer
many. Franco, Belgium, and many
cities of tho United Stntes. Among
tho lvpnorary pajlbcnrors wero thp
team mates.ot tho dend.,avIator: Rono
Simon. Rono Harrier, Relnnd C,
Carrors. Charles K. Hamilton, John
J. Frsblo, Kdmuud Audomars
Joo Seymour!
'IF '
Alfonso Coipnilttcd to Policy.
Mudrld; Jan. 2 Ilng AUonso today
nccopted tho selection by Premier
Canal ojas of Sonpr Qassot as minis
ter of public wbrj8,. .Alfonso Castillo.,
as mlnlstor of tho 'interior, and Amos
Salvador-aB- minister of public In
structloriTjSIf" Tho ucceptnnoo of thoso mon coupled
with tho king's refusal to accept tho
rcslgnatlohfof tho premier tondorert
yesterday dofjpltoly, commits Alfonso
tp tho nntl-clorlcal policy of tho pre
mier. Tho lattor's resignation was
offered merely as a test of, tho king's
loyalty to Canalejas.
Alfonso having thus gono too far
In the light against tho church to
retreat, It Js believed . that tho re
form program will now bo (pushed
inoro vigorously hnn( over.
Makes an Able Address
When Elected to Preside
Over Ohio House.
And That Campaign Pledges
must be Carried Out In
Grood Faith Governor Har
mon's Message Urges
Taxation Kcrorin, Kllmhmtloii or Cor
ruption, Kconomy lu Slain (int
ernment; Sluto Cnnal Must ho Made
To l'ny Its Keep nnd tlio Canal
Property of tlio Suite Ih to he Tak
en Awny From tlio Ornhhcrs There
of. By United rreM Wire
Columbus, O., Jan. 2. Tho election
of officers and tho rending of the
governor's messago was about nil that
was scheduled for today, tho opening
day of tho seventy-ninth general as
sembly of Ohio.
Lieutenant Governor Trcadway ca)l
cd tho Bcuato to order ut in o'clock
and Secretary or State Cnrml Thomp
son tho houso at tho snmo hour.
A both branches nro Democratic,
nil tho elective ortlelnlH In" both
branches nro of that party. In the
houso tho officers elected sre: Rep
resentative Sainuol J. Vlnlng.-of Mj.fMn',',;j,1
cw euiiiuy, njieuHur; itupi eweiiuuiVJ
Prlco Russell, of 'Wnyno county,
speaker pro tohij Charles Kompcl, oft
Akron, clerk; nnd William U. Melch-
Ing, of Auglalzo county, sorgcant-at-arms.
Tho rest nro those chosen lu
tho Democratic houso caucus ten days
lu tho senate William flreen, of Co
shocton county, was elected president
pro torn; William V. Gnslioni, of
Crawford county, cerk, and Rodney
Rlegel, of Iirlo county, Hcrgcaut-at-arms.
After tho rending of tho messago
and tho olpctlou of officers, both ad
journed for tho rest or tho day. Most
of tho members had planned to call
on dovornor Harmon at his homo dur
ing tho afternoon.
Columbus, O., Jan. 2. A strong
speech by Speaker Vlnlng, and tho
nctiou of tho sonato In amending the
rules so that nowspaper men can bo
barred from tho lloor wcro Important
features of tho opening of tho seventy
ninth general ussombly of Ohio In tho
cnpltol today.
Thoro woro tho usual crowded gal
leries, llowers for tho speaker and tho
nontenant governor, ami lobbyists on
tho outsldo.
The governor's messago was not
rend until tho afternoon session. In
It ho urged further reforms In tax
ation; doplorcd election corruption In
Adams county and suggested remedial
legislation; urged economy lu all
stnto Institutions and departments;
said tho stnto canal system had not
been disposed of but shouhr ho made
to pay Its own way; and urged that
useless canal employes ho discharged.
Spoakor VlnJhg'sald that overy
pledge In tho Democratic stato plat
form should bo fulfilled or tho pcoplo
will docldo that tho Democratic party
went Into power In "Ohio under fulso
"It Is onr plain duty to inuko every
pledge good," ho sUl. Ho deprecated
partisanship In legislation, criticised
professional lobbyists nnd declurod
emphatically that no bill should ho
pigeonholed Ineommlttuo, but that
tho fato of ovcry bill should bo do
clded openly upon tho lloor of the
houso. Ho urged spoclul attention to
loKlslutlon In bohnlf of ogrlculturo
labor and tho morifl-wolfaro of the
stato, and urged economy in till di
rections. Ho said tho sessions shoulJ
ho as short as possible consistent with
carrying out tho platform plodgeH and
making noodod changes lu othor laws.
Ho declared for "equal rights for ull,
spoclul prlvllogcs to nomi." His ad
dress was frequently iippinuuen oy
Republicans as well ns Domocrnts.
Certain senators who havo been so
voroly criticised by newspapers be
cause of tholr legislative records In
former sessions nro hollevcd to bo
behind' tho movement which resulted
toduy In changing tho sonato rifles so
(lint newspaper men can ho moro eas
ily barred from tho floor of thai
branch. Tho resolution which carried
provides that nowspaper roportcrs
and 'stenographers aro to rccolvo tholr
credentials hereafter from tho stand
ing committee on privileges and elec
tlon's, Instead otTrom tho president
of tho sonato, as has boon the custom
up to this time. Tho committee on
privileges and clootlons will bo select
ed by Senators Deuu, Doro, Cotono,
Huffman, Yount and Shaffer, who
cdmprlso the Democratic membership
on tho senate committee on commit
toes. Dean, Ifuffmah, Shaffer ana Co
tono havo been tho targets for most
of tho newspaper attacks. Under tho
new arrangement thoy Will bo able
to bar any nbwspaher men whosi
writings do not tyilt them,
P.ov, S. S. Palmer Invoked Divine
blessing In tho sonata nnd Hpv. Frank
Courtrlght lu tho house. Chief Jus
tice Speak, of tho ' supremo court
nworo In tho scnatrfrH and Associate
Justlco Davis tho representatives.
Just ns tho supreme court Judges
wcro swearing in the llrst batch of
legislators, tho assemblymen wcro
startled to hear tho strains of "How
Dry 1 Am." They c(mo from tho ro
tunda whero n band was serenading fn
honor of Representative I. II. Lorenz,
of Clark county, th'""wot" preacher
At West UnionjDisfranchis-
ing theKBoodlers by Scores
And Hundreds.
By .United Press Wire.
West Unlon.'O., Jan, 2 Tho Adnms
county vote selling probe wus tardy
In resuming this morning because, of
a dolay In trains which mndo Judge
A. Z.
Ulalr, sitting nh special Judge,
lato in arrlvlng.S Ho held court lu n
hotel lobby ntvPcebcs, however, at
daybreak when llftcon Adams county
voto sollors met'Milm ut tho train af
ter waiting hours, in, thu drizzling
rain and told him'thov wished to en
ter n pica of gnlUyJ;
Judge Hlalr rcxiUcstr.t tlfcm to wait
ntll lioVJiAd i:nr-?iiF"cnkrnH nnit
then Jicld an Impromptu court session
around a rough table Mu tho hotel
olllce, disfranchising thq fifteen men
and ImpoHlng thu minimum fines and
suspended work-houso sentences. Alt
wcro from Kranldin township and had
been previously indicted.
Their uctlon in uwaltlng Judgo
Rlulr at the train not only saved them
additional court costs, and saved time
for thp court, but showed tho effect
tho lining of llvo men who hud licen
indicted but failed to como to court
promptly has had upon other voto
sellers. The llvo In question wcro lined
$200 nnd costs each, and sentenced to
eight months In tho Cincinnati work
house Saturday by Judgo I.'lulr. They
will bo taken to Cincinnati today.
Tho men who waited at tho train
ranged In age from twenty-one years
to seventy yeurs, and soino of them
had walked In tlio ruin half the night
to bo on hand.
"Judge, we're guilty," thoy told him
as tho train nt"pH'd and Judgo Hlalr
stepped off onto tho depot platform.
"Wo sold our votes Ilk(, tho others
and wo want to do tho right thing
tako our medicine."
Whllo It was expected from 'the1
action of ,Judgu Rlulr Saturday 'that
probably sovcral hundred tjudicted
mon who havo failed to como Into
court would bo dealt with severely,
Judgo'HInlr Is willing to extend fur
ther leniency to tlioxo who now como
promptly beforo him, believing that
tho heavy penalties Imposed on tho
llvo Suturduy will bo effective In
bringing prompt rcsponso to tho of
llcer's summons.
With tho arrest yesterday of six
men charged with making threats to
lilll Judge lllulr and dynamite tlio
court-house null Adams county Jail,
It developed that an attempt to steal
er destroy tho records in tho voto sell
Ing probu was feared nnd tho more
than 1,100 Indictments1 already on
record woro placed In , it bank over
.Sunday. Judgo Hlalr refuses to dls
ciiss tin;, threats agqlust htm.
Tho six men now In jail wcro from
Manchester and hud been Indicted
(Long beforo daylight this morning
hundreds of people fmni all over tho
county wero flocking into West Union
nnd it will iiihlly bo thq biggest court
day I'luee Judge Hlalr started tho
election probe. Tho newly elcctod
Democratic olllccrs, n now sheriff and
a new prosecutor, took charge at mid
night Sunday, Shorlff Olbboney, of
Manchester retiring. Special Prosecu
tor Stephenson, who has boon proso
cutlug tho olcctlou frund . oases, will
continue to servo us assistant pt'osccu
A now jtnglo or tho probo developed
today when It became known that
avallablo funds for tho court work
wero gono ndtho request of Clerk
Gorman for an additional allowance
of $3,00'V for his ofllco hud been iprnetl
cnIy turned duv'n by tho' oounty
commissioners who held a mooting to
day. I
Clerk Gorman has paid seyerul nun
dred dollars out 'kQf his own pocket,
oxpectlng to bo , reimbursed by tho
comity, hut It Is expected pow ho
will dlsiionso with nil of his ofllco
help and do tho, work himself. Whllo
this will not block tho probo, It will
mako progress slowor, and It may fio
another 'week before tho probo Is con
eluded, " i
By President Taft and Wife
At the White House To
Eleven Which Inaugurates
One of the Most Gorgeous
Spectacles at the National
-I !! J
President mid Vice ProMcnt, Tlio
Cabinet Oll'lcci-H, Iho Ambassadors
And Diplomats, The Judiciary nnd
Congressmen, With Their Wlws nnd
KurctlicnrtM. the Department Of
llcliiN and the Common People, All
Seem to he in It rr n Gala Occasion,
nv United Press Wire.
Washington, Jan 2 -President Taft
Hinlled his New Year's greeting to
the world today.
It wjk the second thno that the
President nnd Mrs. Taft olllclated
as host and hostess nt tho time
honored function, the Whlto House
New Year's receptlim. lu dellnneo of
tho weather, crowds gathered outsldo
tho While Houso hours beforo tho
bcglers of tho Mnrhnv Rnd trumpet
ed tho entrance of the Chief Magis
trate. niuUthft Klnu Lndynf ;thivO;nnd
tq commence the reception pt the gild
ed diplomats, thb Judiciary, and tho
government olllclnls, all of whom wcro
received before tho latch was lifted
to tho common people.
Thero was a clmroctor for every
rolo In u world drama among tho
crowil that twisted lu a persistent
and stamping lino from tho Whlto
Houso doors down Pennsylvania
avenue. Possessors of shiny elbows
Jostled bloods In fur-lltred overcoats
with familiar conteuiptunusucss, ma
trons of determined physiognomy kept
a hawkllko watch for ndvantageous
places In the line. Thoro were lean,
thero wero fat, thero wero tall, anil
there wero sniallv lu tho thousands
that panic to shako tho hand of
President Taft and to 'wish him n
Happy New Year.
With tho llrst dep boom of tho
great hall clock at eleven, four bug
lers stepped out from tho wind unit
sounded tlio Presidential call. Tho
President uudQlrs. Taft appeared at
tho top or tho brond winding stulr
and came down to receive tho Vlco
Presldent and Mrs. Shermun. nnd. th?
members of the caljlnel and their
wives. The party than mnvod to the
southern end of tho Blue Room whero
tho President and Vice-President and
tho cabinet members formed a re
ceiving lino nnd the ladles took up
their places to tho right of them.
Then commenced tho reception or tho
diplomatic corps.
This Is ono of the most gorgeous
spectacles that tho National. Capital
witnesses In tho -entire year. He
decked nnd bcrlbtioned with tho
orders of their monarchs, hi nil tho
(iplcndnr of their court costumes, tho
representatives of tho forolgn mitlnni
filed oust the President. It wus u
brilliant panoply of colors of red nnd
gold and blue, scrlntlllatliig hero and
thero with the bhlnlng helmets 'of
tho Germans nnd tho silks of tho
Oriental uiuhnsuiidors and ministers.
Tho uuibiissadnrs wero led by Huron
Hongelmuller von Hengervnr, Iho
Austro-IIungnrlun Ambassador, who,
slnco ,tho last New Year'n reception
has succeeded to tho rank of dean or
diplomatic corps. Following him camo
tho ambassadors arrungod nccnrdlng
to the seniority those most recently
uccredlteil to tho United States com
ing last lu line. Tho last ambassador
In lino was Mitrclieso Cusanl Coufa
lonlorl, tho- newly appointed Italian
Ambnssudor. Following him wero tho
charges d'uflVilres -of tho Hrlzlllan
and Chilean embassies, tho repre
sentatives of those iniiutrlos hnvlng
died In the past year, nnd no suc
cessors having fts yet been bent by
their governments.
After the .umhussndnrs came tho
ministers, hrudnd by fionor Hon Jon
nuln Bernardo f'nlvo, the Costa Rlcan
Minister who has been for years dean
of tho ministerial continent. Tho Inst
in this linn wns Mr. H. JJ nryn,
Minister from Norway, who was pre
sented to tho President only it fow
weeks ugo. Kuch ambassador nnd
mlnlstor was accompanied by his wlfo
and tho members of his suite.
Before tho lust diplomat had pnssod
from sight tho now Chief Justlco of
tho United States, F.dwnrd Douglass
AVhlto led tho assoclnto Justices of
tlm Runrnmn Court Into tho receiving
room. Thoy woro followed by 'other
members of tho Judiciary among thom
kOio Judges of tho now courts of Com-
mcrco nnd Customs Appeals, Then tho
President shook hands with the sena
tors and representatives who remain
ed lu Washington during the holt
days. There were only a few of them.
Tho congressional delegations mark
ed tho end of the llrst part of the
reception. Tbc buglers stopped from
their places with tho band, and sound
cd another spirited fanfare, as the
doors opened to the army, navy and
marlno corps olllccrs nil In their full
dress uniforms. Kvery military ofllcer
on duty lu Washington wus there,
and the gold luce of their uniforms
wns but little less gorgeous than tho
gilded dress of thu diplomats.
With the pissing of tho military,
tho Bpectuculur features of th0 recep
tion wero nt nn end, and tho lesser
government olllclnls In plain citizens
clothes, filed lu, In tho following or
der: Tho Solicitor-General; Assistant At
torney General Assistant Secretar
ies of tho Departments; Assistant
Postmasters General; the Regents
nnd Secretary of tho Smithsonian In
stitute; the Civil Service Commission
ers; the Interstate Commerce Com
missioners; The Tariff nortrd; the
Railroad .Securities Commission; the
Isthmian Canal Commissioners; the
Commissioners of tho District of Co
lumbia; the Trensuro of tho United
States; I. Iberian of Congress; the Pub
lie Printer; the' heads of bureaus In
the sovcral departments; tho Presi
dent of the Columbia Institution for
the Deaf nnd Dumb.
Then followed tho various patriotic
societies who are accorded rfiioclnl
recognition at the New Year's Recep
tion. Members of tho following or
ganizations were in line: Tho Society
of the Cincinnati; the Aztoc Club of
IS 17; tho Associated Veterans of the
War of 1SI0-47; tho Military Order of
tho Loyal Legion of tho United
States; Librarian of Congress; tho Pub
States Tho Grand Army of tho Re
public; the Union Veteran Legion;
tho Medal of honor legion;
the Union Veteran's Union; the So
cloty of tho Army of Santiago; the
Spanish-War. Veterans; tho Army nnd
Navy Union; the Mlnuto Mon; tho
the members 'or tho Oldest Inhnbf
tnnts Association of tho District of
Columbia .
The last of the olllchil visitors hnd
left by ono o'clock. .Mrs. Taft, Mrs.
Sherman, and tho ladles of tho
cabinet withdrew from tho reception
lino to tho Stnto Dining Room, whero
refreshments were served. In tho' Blu0
Room tho President and his cabinet
squared their sTSnlders and prepared
to receive tho long line that for hours
had been gathering along tho White
Houso walks. Tho President's Mnllo
broadened, the bugles sounded, tho
band broke Into a lively two-stop und
tho ''common people" entered.
A lieterogoueous throng typically
American filed lu to tho lively music
of tho band, quickened to hurry them
along. Tho lino moved fast until It
reached tho President, but thoro it
wus delayed by each Individual en
doavorlng to obtain a distinctively per
sonal greeting from tho host.
A foot down tho lino from tho
President btood nevernl well-groomed
and woll-hullt men apparently loung
ing carelessly about, but keeping a
careful eye on the moving lino ns It
approached the Kxecutlve. They wero
tho secret uervlec men, nnd not n
person reached the objective point of
tho line without their closo scrutiny
There were no hands wrapped In
handkerchiefs, no pucknges wero cur
ried lu tho line, und no ono ap
proached the President without keep
ing tho two bunds In plain sight,,
Tlio band quickened It tune, shitted
from tho lively two-steps to moro live
ly rug-time; tho attendants were more
persistent In keeping tho lino moving,
but still the common people cumo on.
Until the gray of dusk heralded tho
ending of tho winter day thoy filed
through tho Bluo Room.
Not onco did tho famous Taft smtlo
droop. Thoro wns a word for every
one. As tho President shook hands
With each citizen ho excmplllled tho
Holiday spirit of good cheer. With
tho handshake and tho smllo ho gen
erally, repented the cullor's namo, ns
announced by Capt. Archlo Butt, his
nlrto, or else bald ho wns "glad to
sco"'. him and ho looked tho part,
Two limner Kpeoi'h,
Now York, .Ian. -2. Now Yonr's
gifts In tho shnpo of rostorcd speooh
having been niudo to two Now York
ers. After hovering botweon llfo tiuil
death slnco October Hi, Iho result
of hnvlng been struck by nn automo
bile, young Victor Waldron, of Yonk
ers, wished his nurse a "happy Now
Year," tho llrst words that ho had
uttered slnco tho accident.
Charles Reeves. an express clork,
recovered from n two months' attack
of paralysis sufficiently toduy to
speak a fow words, his first slnco tho
Gotcriiiucnlnl Listing,
,. Paris. Jnu. 2. A bill calling for tlio
governmental listing of all aomplanos
and aeroplane pilots so that Franco
may call upon thom for military sor
vlco, Is soon to bo Introduced In tho
chamber of doputlos. Autpmoblles
aro thus listed, from tho poorest uu
tomobllo truck to tho llnost privately
owned Llniouslno. So, also, aro
The American Congress, tho
Old Guard Parsing From
Control. '
Recent Elections. Have an
Important Influence
Especially in the House.
Virginia and North
Dakota to ICIcct Two SciuKoro, ICacli,
And tho Insurgent Gronnn, Will
Go In Henry Oilmt Iodgu Threat
ened Retirement by Host 111 tie In
InsmifliiiM'tlN Rulkcly May lie Re
tired in Connecticut, I'omcrnio and
Hiiuloy May Both be Benton In
Ohio, ed-.
ny United Pres Vlr-
Sonntors already elected, 2.
Sonntors who will be re-
elected without opposition, 9,
New men for tho senate who
will bo elected without opposl-
tlon. 1.
Primary and legislative con-
tests, 17.
Senators vy'hoso torms do not
. ojflilr.t:ritfp"' I lfiH'?i& '
Senators whoso torms do not
oxplro until 1915, 30,
Total 92.
Washington, Jan. 2, 1911 Nine
teen hundred an deleven probably
will reinovo from tho United Stntoa
sennto 23 of Us members ono fourth
of Its totul mom'borshlp. Tho new
vear will bring tho election of now
si-nntors In moro than two-thirds ot
tho states. It will witness n sweeping
chango In that plcturesquo and long
powerful adjunct of tho upper houso
the "Old Ounrd."
Democratic trond of tho November
election will naturally havo a mntorlnl
bearing on tho" senatorial contests,
but will not bo so marked as In tho
house, whero tho Democratic forces
change from n minority to a majority-
Two of tho states North Dakota
and Virginia will choose two sena
tors oach.
In North Dakota, tho regular term
of Scnnlor McOumber (Republican)
and tho appointive term of Purcoll
(Democrat) will explro on March 3.
Purcoll was appointed by a Demo
cratic governor last January to fill a
vacancy canned 'by the resignation
of Senator Fountnln sL. Thompson.
Tho legislature elected In November
has u largo Republican 'mnjorlty, and
ono of its llrst duties, and Us great
pleasure, will bo to replace Purcoll
with a Republican. Hop. Aslo J.
Gronnn. a militant Insurgent, Is ns
cured the pos'tlnn. SlcCumber will
be re-elected without 'opposition.
Tho next Virginia legislature will
elect two sonntors, ono for tho term
beginning March 4, 1911 and tho
other for tho term beginning March
1. 191.1. If Senators Martin nnd
Swnnson, or either of them have op
position In their desire for roelectlon
Iho matter will be fought out in a
Democratic (primary )eld "tho first
wook of next Soptombor. Frjonds of
Senator Martin whose torm ord
March 3. 1913. aro Inclined to be
lleve that thoro will bo no contest
for his seat. Whether 'Kwanson will
havo competition Is doubtful, Con
grespinnn Carter Glass has been
strongly urged by frlendB to contest
with Swnnson for tho honor, but
Glass has not Indicated whether or
not ho will mako tho tight. In tho
ahsfiicn of opposition tho question of
re-electing tho senators Would go di
rect to tho legislature,
'Martin hus 'been in the senate 15
years. Swauson served seven torms
jn congress nnd two tonns as gover
nor of Virginia before ho was np
pointed to servo the unexpired term
of tho lato Senator Daniel. Glass has
Just iboon elected for tho sixth tlm9
us a membor of enngross,
Friends or Sonntor Lodgo find cold
comfort In (be nnwK frnm MnxflniWi.
usetts and they gravely fear that ho.e'r
-.i .... . .,. .. - .T.nrA
may loiinw Ainricn, nam, hcou nna"'
Burrows, veterun lenders of tho senA
ate Into rotlromont. The most op- V
tlmlstlc of tho senator's followqra
speak of tho situation as closo or
rlntiliirii! '
a th ...i ..... . t .i... do
"iii.vo i., hi t.iii(. I'Hiiui urn uuiin
there Is no indication who will )
chosen as his successor i In case
Continued on Pago Roven. K
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Ufi'WM.iu.-v touA'
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. JtfL
3.-9&. 1
wty.t-iv Ajnyi''r),iiify H
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. ' A.t., .ut. wJ.4ttttAVs
--' T -' 1I"I 1

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