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OHIO WBATltEIt Fair In west sn ow la cast tonight; much colder Willi a cottl wnvo. Wednesday fair, contln id col.
Are to bo had. for tbo aUcr
Aro to bo had for tlio ndvor-
h I
Texas, Where 1774 Town
Lots and Farms Are
Of Fourteen Cars And the
Crowd Was Well Cared
For by the Management.
System Similar to That
lioliig Managed Hero by Mr. Orano
In Florida Lnndh Houston Pctcc
Uch Cause Deaf to Hear A Hous
ton Ikink Notion Gaining CuiTCiicy.
'Colony of Hollanders Coining to
Houston, etc.
By Tnltcd Press Win?.
Houston, Texas., Jan. 3 sduthwest
of Houston la the new town of Fran
cltas. It 'hag been founded by a
colony of Nobraskans.
The town was opened under tho
auction system, every town-lot and
every small acrcago tract being auc
tioned off to the highest bidder. In
all, there were 1774 town-lots and an
equal number of small farms bought.
'The Ncbraskang cam0 to Francltnb
In a special train of 14 cars, which
rcmainod until after tho sale. The
crowd was cared for In tents by the
Company which sold the lands, and
the people were fed at a barbecue,
which was also a donation.
Tho land company constructed a 20
room hotel, a canning factory, n utoro
room, live cottages and a lumber yurd,
and sunk an artesian well. This well
was presented to tho town, and tho
other buildings wore, sold at auction,
bringing $15,000 which will bo used
to construct a school liouao and a
Slnco tho opening of the town tho
wires havo been kept hot to Houston
for lumber and supplies, as thero aro
many to bo enred for. Contract for
25' houses have already bocn lot,
whllo 100 porsons aro living In tents
waiting to build.
Houston detectives have been able
--to :mako"tho'-'dcaf hear' and-thcmuto
speak. Each wlntor tho professional
beggcra and tramps, birds of pas
Bogo, wend their way Southward
when tho snows of winter come and
man Of them find their way to
Houston. Thoy offer a problem which
the pollco find difficult to solve. A
- few days ago tho ofltcers discover
ed two men circulating cards upon
which waB tho following appeal:
"Kind frlonds: I am a poor deaf
mute without parents or friends anil
I am trying to ralso funds to cn
ablo me to start some small stand
that I may become self-supporting.
Any donation you may glvo me will
bo greatly appreciated and put tn
proper uso. 'May God bless you and
yours." Both of tho "mutes" were
escorted to tho pollco station and
when threatened with tho third dc
grco wilted and promised not to ply
tholr trado further If released, but
In order to mak0 tho euro stick tho
two were locked up.
Hankers throughout tho country urc
proparlng to inaugurate a system
which has been In oporaUon In Hous
ton banks for som0 tlmo and which
has proven so successful as to attract
national nttontlon. J. W. Hoopcs, sec
rotary of tho Stato Bankers associa
tion has Just returned to Toxas from
Chicago whor0 ho attended a meet
ing of leading bankers from tho larg
cr cities of tho country, represent
ing tho larger banks. Tho purpos0 of
this meeting was to deviao a Plan
national In scope, for simplifying clerl
cal work In banks In handling drafts
and checks. Tho plan In known among
tho bakbrs us tli0 "numerical transit
system" and while this Is to bo an
innovutlon In methods of banking,
ncvortholoss tho plan had Its concep
tion hcr0 and by tho Toxas Bankers
association. Tho plan had been In
operation in Toxas for somo time. At
this conferenco a numerical system
was adopted for each bank in tho
TJnltcd States. It is proposed under
this llun to uso numerical symbols for
cifch Individual bank In each city and
town )n tho Unltod States, Instead of
tho uso of tho namo of tho banks.
It Is claimed that this will greatly
facilitate tho' work and render bank
ing methods more socuro, and tho
plan having boon tcstod In Toxas has
been found to bo a groat convonlece
over tho old method. It is also pro
posed to adopt a special machlno for
listing checks and drafts according to
this plan. At tho recont conferenco a
commltteo consisting of all Chicago
bankers was appolntod to work out
tho details of tho plan and lay tho
rosult of its labors before tho noxt
meeting of the National Bankers' as
uorlation In April,
In tho trucking sections adjoining
Houston thero aro colonics of Japan
ese, Italians, Swodes and Moxlcuns
nnd now thoro Is to be a colony ot
Hollanders. Tho attcr will add an In
tlrely now Industry to this section as
much ot tholr land Is to bo givon
oyer to tulip culture and holds of
florul beauty surprising tno ramcu.
tulip gardons of Holland aro promis
ed. In uddltlon to tho tulips this
latest body of Immigrants from
Europe will grow figs, oranges, and
vcgotablps tor tho big markots, Tho
Japanese are devoting tlicmselvcs to
rco and oranges whllo the. other colon
lea are, developing magnificent truck
In addition to theso colonics of
forclgnors thero nr0 largo settlements
of Friends who havo dovclopcd the
largest orango orchards of this sec
tion nnd to tho north of them has
been founded a colony of Pennsyl
vania Germans. Theso Germans set
tlers In tho Houston district havo nl
ready grown two crops and their
efforts havo proven dmlnontly sattf
factory and remunerative. Somo of
tho colonist wcro comparatively poor
men, but they purchased land on tho
Installment plan nnd obtained from
cord wood cut on tho land moro thnn
cnought to tnako their first year's
Following tho mnrketlng of Wiscon
sin and Colorado cabbage, tho Toxas
Gulf Coast country will keep up tho
supply of this vcgctablo In Northern
and Eastern markets and shipments
aro already moving throughout Hous
ton, tho gateway to tho Itlo Grnndo
farms. Tho rapid growth of tho cab
bage Industry is Indicated In tho
rcmarkablo Incrcaso In acreage. Last
year 1962 acres wcro planted but this
year the total acrcago will bo 6848
and 4125 acres aro now planted. It Is
estimated that tho yield will bo moro
than 2425 cars, or 7U0 moro than
Wcro required to handle tho crop last
year. Tho crop Is now In excellent
condition and Is already moving into
Questionable plays and moving plc
turo shows presenting doubtful films
will havo to run tho gauntlet of a
vlgerous board of censors In this city
hereafter. Mayor Klco has appointed
a board of censors of which Gcorgo
Bailey, tho well known nowspapcr
paragraphcr Is chairman, nnd this
board will supcrvlso tho moving pic
ture shows, tho theatres and tho bill
boards. Repeated objection to tho
character of pictures being displayed
In flvo cent theatres patronized by
children was primarily responsible
for tho creation of tho board of
"Houston Lad", tho handsomest
bull calf that over set a cloven foot
on Toxas soil, arrived In Houston a
fow days ago, and Is now on exhibi
tion In a luxurious stall fitted up by
II. L. Hold, tho proud prosscssor of
tho bovlno beauty.
Tho arrival hero of Houston Lad
terminated n Journey of many thou
sands of mllos over land and sea,
which began when tho Lad wns but G
weeks old, In tho vnlloys of Switzer
land, and which terminated Just a
month beforo ho will enjoy Ids llrst
birthday party In Houston.
Having stood tho test of nine or
ten months rigid quarantines nt New
York, where ho disembarked, Houston
Lad urrlves In Houston a qualified
citizen of this country and his United
States registration papers, first and
last, will bo forwarded hero within
tho next 30 days. Jle Is a registered
bull of 'purethT Swiss TiiTock. ""'-'
Now England capital Is being In
vested Jn largo lumps In tho Houston
agricultural districts. Tho latest In
vestment Is by tho Now England Co
operative Orango Orchard Co. of
Boston with a capital of $1,000,000. Tho
purchaso of 2200 acres was mado from
tho Toxas holders of tho property
who aro under contract to plant tho
orchards, tond them four years, pro
vldo tho property with dralnago and
Irrigating systom, build a Hg preserv
ing .plant, orango packorlos, adminis
tration building, windbreak hedges,
etc., nnd turn It over to tho Company
at tho end ot four years, to bo con
ducted on a co-operatlvo basis.
Tho Now England company pays
$500 per aero for tho developed ipropcr
ty. Hitherto most of tho Investors In
tho orchard Industry of tbo Houston
district havo como from tho Central
West. During tho past two years hun
dreds ot Now England pcoplo of
means havo bought orango and plno
npplc orchards In Cuba, paying an
avciago of $1,000 an aero for them.
Texas, with Its low-priced land, Its
demonstrated ability to produce flno
fruit, Its uncqualcd ncurncss to tho
big American markets, and Its op
portunity to ship fruit by water to
Europo and tho North Atlantic cities
Is rai.ldly becoming tho fnvorlto Hold
for investors Jn tho growing of sub
tropical fruits.
Believed to bo tho oldest person In
Toxas, Barbara Stoward, a negrcss
125 years old, died at her homo horo
last week. From records In tho posses
slon of her relatives, tho date of her
birth, 1785, Is known to bo authentic.
Hor momory of tho days ot tho buffa
loes nnd Indians and tho events of
tho days of slavery nnd of tho Civil
war was marvelous and sho was ac
customed to entertain all of tho child
ren of tho neighborhood with hor
stories of early Toxas and tho old
By United Proas Wlro.
London, Jan. 3. Tho Exchange
Telegraph company today declares
that a largo consignment of rlllcs, In
tended for uso by tho dissatisfied
Portugueso Republicans nnd tho plpt-
ting followors of ox-King Manuel,
havo boon solzed at Monaco.
Anticipating an outbreak In Portu
gal which may domand Spanish In
tervention, tho Spanish garrisons
along tho Portugueso frontier havo
been conllnod to barracks and all of
llcors on lcavos of absenco havo boon
called to tho colors.
According to coded cables received
horo today by tho Exchango Telegraph
company, tho Lisbon papers today ad
mit that a monster plot against tjio
provisional republican government is
in progress.
Sltuliert Theater Robbed.
St. Paul, Minn., Jnn. 3. Tho Shu
bort theater horo wns robbod of $950
early today whon two mon, claiming
to bo mombors ot tno. company now
playing at tho theater, callod from tho
outsldo to Watchman Edward Dorndt.
Thoy told him thoy wanted to go to
tholr dressing room. "Whon ho ad
mitted thorn thS Immediately bound
and gagged him, tored, tho box of
fice and made away With the receipts,
In Washington About The
Public Lands, Mines arid
The Cunningham Claims in
Alaska aVlued at Twenty
Five Millions of Dollars.
Do Not Want the Matter
Turned Over to a Court nnd Hiuo
Thereby Executive Department Re
lieved of a Responsibility Hold
Clalm.H to bo Clearly Legal Wnnt
People's Claims Protected.
By United Press Wlro.
Washington, January 2 . What
President Taft will do with tho Gug
genheim In Alaska Is tho question
brought up by tho brief which Gil
ford Plnchot and his brother, Amos,
filed with tho president today. Tho
Plnchots have put It up to tho presi
dent to cancel Immediately tho Cun
ningham coal claims In Alaska valu
ed at twcnty-llvo million of dollars.
Tho Morgan-Guggenheim syudlcato
han an option on theso claims nnd
tho contention of tho brief Is that
If the president allowes them -to go
to patent tho advantages from their
development will go straight Into tho
pockets of tho Morgan-Guggenhelms.
Tho Plnchots In their brelf express
tho fear that tho president may avoid
responsibility by turning tho Cunning
ham claims over to a court.
"No transfer of tho Cunningham
claims to a court for a decision upon
tho records," they declare 'would ro
llovo tho executive department from
Tho Plnchots dcclaro that the duty
o ftho executive with regard to tho
Cunningham claims Is obvious and 1m
mediate, that In their Judgment, tho
record abundantly proves that thu
claims ar clllegal and that the claim
ants havo conspired to defraud tho
government. No resort to a court or
hearing In tho case is necessary to
securo Justlco and protect tho poo
plo's property. Tho enso against tho
claims Is"" nlreauycbrteiusl've? 'Tnc
claims should bo cancelled 0y the
president forthwith."
"Whether congress or .Secretary Bal
llngcr, will take action to break up
tho imonopoly which tho Plnchots de
claro Is holding Alaska at a standstill
Is another question which tho brief
brings up. Tho Plnchots say that tho
prompt development of the Alaska
coal Holds is of groat Importance, but
that "today, dcfcctlvo coJl land laws
mako Alaska a forbidden land to coal
operators." Thoy say that tho lato
census figures show that In tho last
ton years tho population of Alaska
has Increased only ono and live-tenths
por cent. Tho attrlbut this to the
fact that for years tho industries of
Alaska "havo boon largely in the
hands of great oppressive monopoly,
tho Guggenholm syndicate, which has
kopt out our capital, throttled compo
altion, nnd hold Alaska at a staudstll
In spltlo of tho vast wealth In min
erals, water power and fisheries."
Thoy ay that capital should bo en
couraged to dovelop tho Alaska coal
Holds for tho hcuollt ot tho people,
but "this result can only bo accom
plished by tho passago in congress of
reasonable, and practical laws for the
disposal of tho coal Holds In tho In
terest of tho people." Until this Is
dono, tho Plnchots dcclaro, tho pros
ont law should bo enforced and tho
people's property protected. They hay
rt was to prevent Just such monopoly
as tho Cunningham claimants are
seeking that tho existing coal land
law was made. Thoy dcclaro that tho
Cunningham claimants havo violated
this law by a fraudulent conspiracy
to acquire moro public coal lauds than
law allows. They quoto records to
show that tho Cunningham claimants
never Intended to operate their claims
Individually, that tho claimants never
took any Interest In tholr Individual
claims which tho Cunninghams are
trying In securo from tho government
still hold good.
Tho brief declares that although
tho Cunningham caso Involves ono of
tho richest coal doposlts on tho North
American continent, worth many mil
lions of dollars, tho responsibility nt
saving theso lands to tho peoplo was
placed by tho government authorities
In tho hands of a young lawyor, who
had bcon n translator of Spanish in
ono of tho government departments at
$1,200 a year, and bail been gradu
ated only thirteen months, had iiovor
tried a caso In court, and whoso actual
practical law oxporleneo was limited
to forty-ono days. Tho Plnchuts say
that tho pcoplo uro entitled to a ful
and able presentation of their case
and doclaro that no transfer of tin
Cunningham casos to u court would
rollovo tho oxocutlvo department of re
sponsibility for failure to havo tbo
caso fully presented by attorneys ot
oxporleneo and ability.
ny Unltod ProRH Wlro.
Jersey City, N. J Jan. 3. Declar
ing James Gallagher, tho assailant of
Mayor Gaynor of Now York to bo sano
Allon McLano Hamilton, a New York
alienist at a hearing today to deter
mine the prisoners' sanity, also hb
serted that Gallaghor was In good
health and was shamming Insanity.
Ho should stand trial on tho Indict
ments against him, the physician said.
WCr??M9Af -
Chicago, Jan. 3 Attorney General
Wlckcrsham, who id directing every
movo In tho caso against thu National
Packing company, Usually known as
tho beef trust. Is lonHdont that tho
government will bd'nbfo to convict
tho big men now under Indictment
and that prison sentences will bo Im
posed and enforced. Kilo has Instruct
ed District Attorney Jslms to push tho
prosecution vigorously.
As a preliminary move, tho civil
suit against tho packing company was
dismissed by Judge Rn'hlsaat on mo
tion of Attorney Slip. It Is oxplalu
c(J that this courso jyaa followed be
causo attorneys for .tho packer hud
taken stops to forcojtho government
to try tho civil suit J!)foro taking up
tho criminal cases. .jf'llnd this boon
dono It would have f4en possible for
tbo packtWto havo delayed tho crim
inal cases IndcHnltolAtor dilatory tac
tics rogardlng tho clvjV sultft
. -XtL'rtqen men nrcljjjjtlntllcimppj,
Thoy "aro connected ' with' tho big
packing combination of Chicago, and
each was an officer of the subordinate
' nipany against which the civil ac
tion was begun.
Attorney General AVickershum Is In
dally conference with President Taft
concerning tbo prosecution, and tho
president is hopeful that tho criminal
suits will bo Huccessful.
Into Testimony of Lorimer
Investigation Regard Sen
atorial Report a White
ny United Press Wlro.
Washington, Jan. 3.- Senators who
havo been digging Into tho mass of
testimony glvon In tho Lorimer Inves
tigation were moro confident than
ovor today that they would bo able
to show that tho roport of the In
vef.tlgatlng commltteo was a "white
Thero Is a question whether a ma
jority or a two-thirds vote of tho sen
ate would bo required to send I.orimer
back to prlvato life. Somo senator?
who are reading tho record ot tho
Investigation say tbn.t they ilnd mon
and more reason for opposing Lori
mer as they mako progress.
Among somo of thu senators who
signed the report exonerating Lorimer
thero Is an Impression now that It
might havo bocn better to havo with
held the report from the sonnto until
after tho holidays.
Jv United Pross Wlr
Ashtabula, O., Jan. 3. A postal
savings bank was Inaugurated at Ash
tabula today, along with one second
class postofflco In each stato and ter
ritory of tho United Statos. AVhen
tho Ashtabula postofflco oponml for
brislness, several men woro In lino,
waiting to mako deposits and recnlvo
tho certllleatcs on which Undo Sam
will pay two por cent. Interest.
Mnlenlm Prime was the llrst de
positor. Tho pontoftlce his been
equipped with no special facilities for
caring Tor tho biihlnoss, but tho now
federal 'building to bo erected this
year wll havo a postal savings bank
Tho postmaster has received re
quests from many phieea In Ohio for
pnnnlsHlou to deposit -money In tho
bunk, but ho will accept, doposlts only
from resuionts oi A"iuumii county.
Ulock De-troycd.
LUtlo Itock, Ark . Jan, 3. Ftro de
stroyed an entlro block on Main strcot
bntwetm Sixth and fjoyonth stroets
horo today, nntnlllng a? loss of $1,200,
000. No lives were lost. Tho blazo
started from a gas Jot In tho Hollen
borg music store. Governor Donaghey
ownnd two of tho buildings destroyed.
Tho Metropolitan Life Insuranca
company lost all Its Arkansas records,
causing an Individual -Josa of $30,000.
The Scene of a Hot Battle
Between Police And
Called to Help the Police
Subdue th'e Insurrection
And The Scene Became a
Seething Mass of Disorder
And Fighting, Two Men Being Killed
And Several Injured An Effort
.Mado to Smoke Out the Anarchists
railed More TrooH Were Called
And thu Firemen Catuo to tho As
sistance of tho Storming Party.
By United Press Wire.
Loudon, Jan. 3 Ono thousand arm
ed London pollco reinforced by sixty
Scots .guards from tho Tower gar
rison are now enga'ged In a battle
with two lloundsdltch anarchists and
burglars who aro besieged In a house
In Sidney street. Many persons have
been Injured, Including Sergeant Lee
son, who was fatally shot. Tho an
archists aro known as "Peter, the
fainter" and Fritz.
Thero wcro only 300 pollcomon In
volved when tho lighting began and
these were unarmed as Is usual with
London police. Thoy surrounded an
entlro block In the middle cast Lon
to house search for "Peter, tho faln
caro could not save them from the rnt
ter" anil "Fritz," who wcro believed
to bo In biding In tho block.
Suddenly the two mon for whom
tho pollco were looking opened fire
with automatic pistols from an attic
window of a house overlooking Sid
ney street. A rain of bullets fell
among tho pollco, who temporarily rB
tired. When tbo despcrato nuturo of
tbo hunt became apparent, tho police
men armed themselves and renewed
the attack, their number being rein
forced nt this time to TOO.
Tbo pollco sought rofugo hi door
ways behind wagons and In any other
way posslblo us they approached the
unarclilBtK- fortreHs, buUthelrutmoHl
don slum district, and began n' house
tllng Are of tho pair of desperadoes
Within a fow minutes Sergennt Lee
son had fallen with a wound that is
believed to bo fatal. Defective Ser
geant Cbesham and Policeman Dyer
wero shot In ono of tho early at
tacks on the besieged house. .
There was such a foarful flro of ro
volvcrs and miiNltctry that It Is Im
possible to state at this tlmo how
many woro shot. A chance shot struck
a workmnn In a brewery yard near
tho anarchist's retreat, Inflicting fatal
wounds. John Oldmun another spec
tator was shot through tbo body.
Finding their efforts to dislodge the
anarchists futile, partly owing to the
Inaccessibility ot their retreat, tbo
police wero reinforced by sixty of tho
Scots guards from tho tower gar
rison. They came upon tho scene
with their rifles gleaming and soon
opened lire on tho besieged house.
Hundreds of other policemen wero
called Into service until thero wero
moro than a thousand engaged tn
what might have seemed an un
equal struggle but for tho difficulty
of reaching tho anarchists' strong
hold. Tho unparalleled tipeetaclo created
tho greatest excitement seen In the
crowded slum district In many years
and mounted pollco wcro called to
drlvo tho thousands of spectators back
from the danger zone, both for tholr
own safety and so as not to hamper tho
movemonts of tbo police. Moro thun
G00.000 peoplo woro soon gathorod In
tho various strcuts leading to tho bat
tlclleld. As tho houso In which tho anar
chists were refuged adjoins a houso
known as tho "anarchy club," tho po
llco suspected that tho two mon whom
thoy sought had accomplices, and
for this reason they proceeded with
greater caution than otherwise
Finally, It was decided to smoko
tho anarchists out and wagon loads
of straw were brought for this pur
poso. This attempt was to bo mado
under tbo protection of a combined
front and rear attack upon tho houso
but this plan failed owing to tho Inac
cessibility of tho houso from tho
London Jan. 3 Tho greatest light
In tho history of London between tho
pollco and a gang of anarchists took
placo today In Sldnoy 'itreot, Step
ney, In tho middle cant sium sec
tion of the metropolis.
On one side werfc mo unarchlsts,
variously estimated at from two to
six, who wero wonted by tho pollco
for their participation In tbo Hounds
ditch light lth the pollco on Decern
her 16. when three olllcors wcro shot
to death.
'Attacking tho anarchists In their
Sidney street rotreat wero llrst
three hundred policemen, then 700,
then 1.0M. "lid finally l.r.OO led by
Homo Secretary Winston Churchill
and reinforced by threo companies
ot Scots guards from tho tower gar
rison niachlne guns, ono battery of
Held artillery including threo 13.5
pounders anil a company of mount
ed lufantn.
The apparently unequal struggle bo
gan early In tho day and was only
ended when six hours later tho an
archists wero burned to doath in
their retreat, It having caught Hro
from-tho operation of tho machlno
It Js repbrted that thero were six
bodies found in ho ruins of tbo
"fortress" bilt ns tho utmost excite
ment still prevails to tho complete
disorganization rf,f the police, who aro
In control of the entire district, wher0
the fighting cccilrred, th0 report has
not yet been verified.
in addition to tho dead anarchists,
Sergeant Leeson Svns fatally shot,
Sergeant Chick of tho Scots guards
dangerously wounded, police Sergeant
Choshiim and Policeman Dyer slight
ly injured and two private citizens
shot. Ono ot these was a brewery
workman, near the sceno of tho Hght
Ing and the other a man named
David Williams, who was struck by
a stray bullet whllo In his homo sov
eial blocks from tho center of tho
There wcro undoubtedly otlur per
sons injured as thousands of' shots
weru Hrcd.
The police and tho guards madft ro
pcated attempts to storm tho entrunco
to tho house but tho automatic pis
tols used by thu defenders swept tho
appraoches with such a deudly Hro
that tho attackers wero driven back
repeatedly. Finally tho police selged
the houses opposlto that held by tho
anarchists, and begun firing from tTTe
upper windows. Tbo doors wero shot
from their Ihlngvs 'by tho burets
from the Scots rifles, who had been
Joined by two more companies ot tno
Sergeant Chick of the guards, whllo
directing the firing squad, was dan
gerously wounded.
Tho third company of Scots guards
brought machlno guns and these wcro
trained on tho fortress.
AVhllc tho lighting was at Its
height, Homo Secretary Winston
Churchill, who is the head of the
pollco department, arrived on the
sceno and assumed control of tbo
Simultaneously with Churchill's ar
rival flro engines wero brought Into
play, pouring torrents of water Into
to building.
In order to facilitate n flank at
tack tho pollco lx.gan doinpllshlng
the houses In the reur of tho au
nrchlsK den. Plans for dynamiting
the fortress were also discussed, but
abandoned owing to their Inability to
approach close to tho house, the
smoking out plan had to bo given
up also.
To mako the battle picture realistic
u detachment of nurses from tbo Lon
don hospital with their flrst aid to
the Injured outfit,' established head
quarters on the Held.
Thu police finally became convinced
that tho only suro way to reach
tho anarchists was to destroy tho
buildings In tho rear of their strong
hold and they redoublod their efforts
along this line. ,
Ono of tho. men Injured In tho light
ine.vusoyjd.- AVimamsvhow
shot while In his homo several
blocks from tho scene.
Tho end of the battle drew near
shortly after tho arrival ot the
third company of the Scots guards
and their machine guns. By this time,
too, thero wero nenrly 1.G00 police
men engaged In tho attack. A frontal
and rear rush upon tho besieged
houso wns begun and tho machine
guns opened such a terrific flro that
the houso was soon In flames.
Tho defenders, however, 'did not
let up In their fight. They wero seen
for tho frnctlon of a second at one
of tho windows, as though gasping
for air. Kvcn this fleeting glimpse
showed them streaming with blood.
But still they pumped tholr automa
tic pistols.
Finally tho flames becamn so hot
that tho anarchists wero driven to
tho roof of the houpc. Kvcry window
wnH then belching flames and smoke
tho smoke tending to conceal tho
desperadoes as they crouched on the
roof of their trap and continued tholr
Tho flro soon spread to tho adjoin
Ing ramshacklo buildings, threaten
lng a now disaster. Hundreds ot po
Uccmen nnd flremen wero forced to
turn their attention to preventing a
spread ot tho flames but tho rattlo of
shots still continued.
Tho collapse of tho burning houso
and tho end of tho unequal struggle
wos only a question of time.
Just .'ih the pollco entered tho burn
ed houso and reported the llndlng of
tho bodies, tho mounted infantry and
tho Held guns arrived on th0 scene.
This led to tbo report that tho an
archists had cacajK'd and that tho
now rotreat was to bo razen by can
non lire. It developed Ijawovcr, that
tho Infantry and Held artillery cauio
In response to an earlier call for ro-.
How tho anarchists, who numbered
but two at tho outset, kpown as
Fritz nnd "Pctor, tho painter" but
were Joined by pals from an adjoin
ing building, called tho "anarchists'
club" wero unable to hold back such
an army of attackers as long us
they did, Is almost Inoxplicablo.
Tho condition of tho bodies of the
doud anarchists Indicates that they
committed sulcldo rather than permit
tho flames to end their lives, One
of tholr number attempted to mako
a dash for Ilborty Just as tho police
swarmed Into tho building, but ho
fell pierced by a scoro of bullets.
On ono sldo wero tho nnnrchlsts,
two at llrst and soven at tbo last,
who were wanted by tho police for
their participation In tho lloundsdltch
light on December 16, whon threo
pollcomon wore shot to don,th. All of
theso wero killed In today's battle.
Tho full list of casualties Includes
tho seven anarchists, two dromon shot
dead as thoy entered tho nnnrchlsts'
retreat seven llromnn and two po
llco sergeants Injured, ono Scots
guard sergeant Injured, onu policeman
and two bystanders shot. Of tho In
jured, at least threo aro bollovod to
bo fatally hurt.
Besides the dromon who were shot
several were badly Injured by tho
cnllapso of tho walls of tho besieged
Proof that tho pollco bollovcd thut
tho onMro anarchist party porlshod
was furnished by the apocdy wlth
Contlnucd on Pago Three.
Indictments, Eight Hundred
Confessions and $1,000
Paid in Fines, Today,
Today at Noon at West
union, Adams County.
Total Amount of Fines up
To Date About $7,500
Which Is AlKMit Fifty iir cent, of tho
Amount Assessed An Effort Mudo
jo Stop tlic Truffle- In Votca Smash
ed by the AVcultliy nnd Influential
Klcx.no rs.
By United rrs THre,
West Union, O., Jan. 3. Slxty-flvo
hundred dollars In flnes, 1.436 Indict
ments, and 739 confessions, consti
tute the ta'ngiblo results of the Adams
county election Investigation with tho
oponlng of court Tuesday. About CO
persons had trudged through tho
snow and wero on hand at 7 o'clock
to plead guilty.
The high water r.iaric for a day's
session as reached Monday whon
1S3 Indictments wcro returned and
210, many of whom hnd not beon
formally Indicted, confessed to Judgo
Blair they had sold their vote.
Sixty-live hundred dollars repre
sents approximately fifty per cent, of
the total lines assessed, tho remaining
forty per cent, will bo paid by in
stallment. '
During tho forenoon this numbe:
rapidly Increased and when court
took a recess nt noon 100 moro of
them had pleaded guilty and paid
flnes aggregating $1,000.
Many of tho confessed voto sellers
woro uble to pay only a dollar or two.
They wero released on their own
recognlzanco with a suspended work
house sontoncc hanging over their
Judgo A. 7.. Blair, at tho first night
session Monday mado It plain that
thoso among tho Indicted who do not
given fi eavyWscn t ences. 'Incidentally, "
ho 'explained that tho Indlctmpnts
wcro locked up and that no ono
would bo notified.
He will wait several days and then
ho will make arrests by tho wholo
salo. Judge Blair hold court for eleven
hours Monday nnd with thirty minutes
off far dinner and supper. Farmers
who had driven Hfteen or twenty
miles and stood In lino all day and
wero unable to get through tho crush
wero,at the night confessional.
Every tlmo tho door In tho court's
prlvato office opened thero wns a
rush. The room would not hold more
than twenty and It was always Jam
med. Karller In tho day tho novelty of
tho stampede to confess mado tho
situation humorous at times but tlio
evening session saw serious unsmiling
bunches of mon who listened closely
to Judge Blair's "sermon," pnld their
lines nnd drove off Into the night.
That an organized movement on tho
part of tho Adamn county candidates
to stop the vote trafficking was
broken somo tlmo ago was charged by
Judgo Blair last night. Candidates
signed n stipulation to pay no money
for votes and a cash guarantee of
good faith was deposited In a local
bank. Immediately Judge Blair said
that word wont out nmongst the
wealthy voters to stand pat. Tho pure
ballot candidates wcro warned they
would bo scratched and tho wholo
ticket knifed, the result bolng that tho
slush fund was on tap as usual.
Judge Blair Is taking advantage of
tho Investigation In Inoculato Adams
county with prohibition antitoxin.
Lust night he said: "This Investi
gation will sweep the stato clean. If
any of you men aro brought before f
mo on charges of liquor violation, or
gambling, It-will go hard with you."
Two new prisoners wero brought In
lute Monday from Franklin township.
Thoy aro Gcorgo Walsh and lSd
Wost Union ()., Jan. 3 During
the flrst hour of tho Tuesday morning'
session of court, alxty-Hvo farmer
appeared before Judgo Blair and cof
febsed to selling tholr votes. Fifty?
men wero waiting In tho court-houso
corridor to apjxjar and confess.
Adams county was swept by a heavy
snow storm Monday night and tho
farmers braved the gale to set them
selves right boforo thoicourt, many of
thorn appearing before daylight.
At o'clock Tuesday morning ona
farmer about sixty years of age ap
peared nt the court-house, lantern tn
baud nnd a gun thrown over his
shoulder. Ho waited on tho court
houso stops tor Judge Blair and was
tho llrst man to confess.
Tho clerk of tho courts olHco was
crowded with farmers to pay their
flnes and during thn early hour more
than $200 was pnld In lines.
Judgo Blair announced that hq had
received letters from all over the
United States commending him for
his stand and In most cases the let.
tors declared that, the samo conditio
In Adams county existed In the
Judges Vandovonter and I
wero sworn In today and took
scats as mombors of tho eV

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