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Mouse Democrats Approve
Senate's Action.
Majority Members of Senate and
House Will Meet at 2 O'clock In
Afternoon of Day Named and Se
lect Candidate For United States
Senator Speaker Vlnlng Outlines
His Policy and Declares For Fulfill
ment of Party Pledges.
Columbus, O., Jan. 3. A a caucus
of Democrats In the house of repre
sentatives action was taken to con
cur with the Ronate Democrats In the
call for a Joint senatorial caucus
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. This
is ono day earlier than requested by
Atleo Pomerene of Canton nnd E. YV.
Hanley of Dayton, both candidates
for Senator Dick's toga.
Itepresentatlves Winter of Erie
county, Smith or Cutler county aud
White of Sandusky county opposed
tho action, holding that It was wrong
to have n caucus previous to tho
voting at tlw session of tho assembly
next Tuesday, set for tho election of
a United States senator. An effort
to have the caucus held next Monday
Tho promises contained In tho
Democratic state platform are as fol;
lows: A law fixing tho maximum tax
rate at 10 mills; a public utilities
law; ratification of tho Income tax
amendment to the federal constitu
tion; to aid In securing a constitu
tional convention of the states to
adopt an amendment providing for
tho election of United States sena
tors by direct vote of the people. The
platform says the Democratic party
favors a uniform schoolbook law. the
principle of the Inltlatho and refer
endum, the extension of the teaching
of agriculture, the promotion of n
nonpartisan judiciary by the placing
of the names of all judicial candi
dates on a separate ballot without
party distinction, and a law limiting
tho hours of labor of employed
House Speaker Says Pledges Must
Be Fulfilled.
Columbus, O., Jan. 3. Samuel J.
Vlnlng, speaker of the lower house In
the Seventy-ninth General assembly,
haa declared himself ou the question.
- of platform pledges. Ho says that It
Is the plain duty of the Democratic
members of the legislature to mako
good every promise contained In tho
party platform; that If they do not
tho peoplo will decide that tho Dem
ocratic party went Into power In
Ohio under false pretenses.
In bis opening address beforo the
houso ho deprecated partisanship In
legislation, critlclHed professional
lobbyists and declared emphatically
that co bill should be pigeonholed In
committee, but that the fate of every
bill should be decided openly upon
the floor of the hr.use. He t-rged spe
cial attention to legUlntion in behalf
of agriculture, labor and the moral
welfare of the state, and urged econ
omy In all directions.
He said the sehblon should be as
short os possible, rcnslstent with car
rying out tho platform plfdgts nnd
making needed changes In other
laws. He declared for "equal ripnti
for all, special prl lieges for none."
Certain senatoio who have bean
severely criticised by newspnpors bo
cause of their legislative records In
former sessions are believed to bo
behind tho movement which resulted
in changing tho senate rules to that
newspaper men can bo more oaBlly
barred from the flour In that branch.
The resolution, which carried, pro
vides that newspaper reporters and
stenographers are to receive t'-elr
credentials hereafter from the ftand
ing committee on pri lieges and elec
tions, Instead of fiom tho president
of the senate, as has been the custom
up to this time.
rranr Joaef Prepares to Abdicate.
Vienna, Jan. 3. The report that
Emperor Franz Josef of tho Austro-
Hungarian emplro Is planning to nb-
dicato In favor of Archduke F. nil-
nand was rccolved by news of tho
eorlous Illness of the mpernr and
tho consequent cancellation of all of-
Ariel engagements While It was p.n-
nounced that the onirwiur s snft.
tm from a severe (old it u known
pat he Is unable to mavo his bod
nnd a court physician Is constantly
In attondnnno
Not Sisters
Now and oijsi'n j ou see two women pass
ing down tho street who look like siitcm.
You aro astonished to learn tlut they nro
mother and daughter, and you realize that
a woman ut forty or forty-. ve outfit to be
at her finest and aireit. Why isn't it so?
The dtneral health of woman is u in
timately associated with the local health
of the essentially fsminlno organs Hat
there can bo no red wrecks and round
form whero there is female weakness.
Women tvbo fiavo suffered from
this troublo Jiavo found prompt
relief and cure in (ho'uso of Dr.
Tierce's Favorite Prescription. It
organs of womanhood. It clearo
eye and reddeni tho cheeks.
iNo alcohol, or, habit-forming drugs is
ay sick woman may comuu ut, nsrcu by letter, free, livery letter is
as 6acredly confidential, and answered in a pUin envelope. Address:
fl'g Dispswary Medical Association, Dr. K.V. Picrto, Pas., lJufifjlo, N.V.
ululcrrn .luiiiUbuu'.tlfnoif
'iLe tiew A nijlnnl !.,
Urn com en-
In t. U clcntucf,
Ae vfmr drntrtrlRt f at I
It lie cumot euprir tue
.11 a ic j. lit a ri to
rthn.. 1nf Mm. I tirnn fuf
Mlntr-til h ink IfAlOil It fflYtft
full rurtienuri una fiirrruoni in
TtlnMilo to InillM. MAIM I.I. .-
4-:uitXlMMrl. M.W VOUIfc
J.JG. Robin
New York Ranker vVho Failed as a
Sandbag Guard and Escape
From Mania Jail,
Atlanta, Jan. 3. After knocking
out a guard. ile desperate hold-tip
men escaped from the Atlanta Jail
which Is consldired one of strongest
prisons in Georgia. The men aro
Charles Sutton, A. It. Knox, James
Woodson, Henry Bowman and Charles
Lnngdon. All were held under heavy
bonds on charges of highway robbery
and attempted murder.
For threo weeks they terrorized At
lanta nightly by their hold-ups. A
week ago they wore captured and
lodged In jail. Some frlond succeed
ed In passing them saws and they cut
the bars of a window of their cell ou
tho fourth floor of the Jail, made a
ropo of blnnkots, ilet themselves
down nnd oscapod.
They wore discovered as they were
about to .got away by a guard, but
they sandbagged, bound and gagged
him and then descended from the
window. The prisoners had been gone
an hour when tho oscapo was discov
ered f.iul bloodhounds put ou tho
Woman Watches Dust.
OkHhoma City, Oklu., Jan. 3. To
dt .ermine which should bo tho favor
ed suiter of h woman G. F. Robinson
and J. 10. Smith fought a fist duol on
a bridge In the outskirts of J,nwton.
The woman stood on the banks of
the rivet nnd watched the progress
or the combat. It was a terrific hand-to-hand
battle and Hnblnson was so
badly beaten that he Is now dying.
Monoplane Tilts but Is Righted by
Aviator's Alertness.
I.os Angeles, Jan. 3. James Itad
ley, the English aviator, speed king
of tho aviation meet, narrowly es
caped a fate like Hoxsoy's when a
gust of wind which struck tho right
wing or his Dlorlot monoplane tilted
It to a dangoioitf. angle. Only Itad
loy's alertness, the result cf u warn
ing to be careful at that point, avert
ed an accident, Ho succeeded In
righting his mach'ne and making a
safe landing.
Parinaleo and lltooklni, with the
memory of Iloxsey r-tlll ild. gavo
fin o oil thrills, Including the spiral
dip mill ocean wive. All the awards
havo not been made. It Is certain
that If Hoxiicy had lived ho would
havo taken both the height and en
durance prizes.
Balloon Lost In Baltic,
ricrlln, Jan. 3. Tho spherical bal
;oon Hlldebrandt, which nsconded n
3hort distance from tills city last
Thursday with four passongois, who
Intended making a 10-hour trip, has
tot yet been reported, Tho balloon
when Inst sccu was headed In tho
direction of tho Baltic, and It Is tho
bollof In aviation circles hero that
tho airmen probably came to grlor In
that sea.
Uca vijjor and vitality In- tbs
the complexion, brightens the
contained ia "Favorite Prescription."
wMLm Mm
tSHBER 1431
Adams County Grand Jury
Breaks Record.
People From Rural Districts Come
In Drove3 to West Union to Con
fess Having Sold Their Votes and
Receive Punishment at Hands of
Judge Blair Hospitality of Citi
zens Tested by Influx of Stranners.
Court Holds Late Session.
West Union, O., Jan. I!. Judge A.
Z. Ulalr held court lato In order to
receive confession of those corrupt
ed In election Urlbery. At tho regu
lar hour for closing tho court ses
sion oer 300 persons Indicted had
been ntralgncd. As the town was
filled with offenders nnxlous to got
In their pleas, It was decided to con
tinue the court session as lato ns
possible.' All hotel, boarding nnd
roomlng-hous? space was taxed and
many prIato homes wore turned
open to visitors.
Although Prosecutor Shlvoly and
Sheriff J. P. Williams, both newly
elected, assumed oflleo for the first
time, there wa3 no cessation In the
remarkable activity displayed In tho
bribery cases. The gtund Jury re
ported 183 now Indictments, n new
record for one dny, which brings tho
total Indicted up to 1,431.
Judge Olalr again was called upon
to disfranchise n boyhcod playmate,
the son of a man who had befriended
him In his jouth.
Bonllla Rc-en'ers Honduras.
Xow Orleans, Jan. 3. Re-entering
tho country oer which formerly he
ruled, and from which he was practl
cally banished after being deposed
three years ago, Manuel Bonllla pro
claimed himself "constitutional pros!
dent of tho republic of Honduras."
News of the landing of tho Donllla
reoliitlonary forces on tho Atlantic
coast of Honduras, near Puerto Cor-
tez, and of the issuance of tho for
mer president's proclamation, was re
ceived by a member of tho Ronllln
Junta here, In a cable from Puerto
Darrios. A combined naval and land
attack upta Puerto Cortez Is expect
ed nt uny moment.
Mexican Revolution Rssolvc3 Itself
Into GIve-ancVTakc Game.
El Pnso, Tex.. Jan. 3. With the
rebels disorganized and working only
in small bands throughout western
Chihuahua and eastern Sonora, tho
war has resolved Itself Into a sort
of glvo-nnd-tako game. Koports bring
fresh Information of tho capturo of
llatopllas by tho federals from tho
rebels and tho repulse at Casas
Grandos of the rebels by tho rederals
who attacked tho place. Doth these
towns arc In Chihuahua.
From LaTrlnldad, Sonora, comes
the verified report that tho rebels
have captured the mining camps of
Ocampo and LaRepublica, and from
Torrecn comes the report of tho loot
ing by rebols or tho Malayo ranch In
tho Matamoras municipality and tho
San Ramon ranch In the I.erdo mu
nicipality. Chihuahua teports only
an occasional brush west or thoro
with tho rebels, but no serious fight'
Gold Strike May Cause Bloodshed
Poughkcopsle, N. Y., Jan. 3. Fear
!a felt among the authorities hero
that :ho discovery of a rich vein of
gold nnd silver aro on a farm at
Holmes, Dutchess county, may load
to bloodshed. Everett R. Davis
claims to have first discovered tho
ore on his own farm, but a dozen or
more hunters and mountaineers have
staked off claims on the proporty and
say they will protect their claims
with gunshot.
Five Children Die In Fire.
Pottsvlllo, Pa., Jan. 3, Tho five
children of John Maskasavago lost
their lives at Mlnorsvllle, near here,
In n lire which destroyed threo
houses In tho foreign quarter of tho
town. Tho children ranged In ago
from, two months to olght years. Tho
Infant waB burned almost to n crisp,
whllo the other four were slightly
burned, death having bona caused by
Loralne Quito as Aviator.
London, Jan, 3. It Is nnnounccd
hero that Robert I.oralno, tho actor,
has withdrawn all his entries for liv
ing meets In 1011, His reasons for
this action are said to bo prlvnto, but
It Is furtlior Bald that Loraino will
retire permanently from the aviation
Captain Eaetaman. Disciple of Mrc.
taoy, dips In Somerville.
Roston, Jan. 3 -Captain Josoph S.
Eastuman, one of Mrs. Eddv'H oris-.
Inal Ftudcnts, nnd for 25 years n
Lnnstian hiienoo healer, Is dead at
his homo In Somen lli!. iiIh wldnw
r.ays that her hm-Wii'd'H death wn
duo lurgol) to the i.'cnt death of
mib. jtuciv. unrtaln Pastaman took
the church lea-itr'c death arraitlv to
heart, and a ofc iatf,- ho-an t0 fall
ma grim was ii.-ij mat 'op minlstra
tlon W8S HU 'i-efl'l I-, nvnrtltip thn
cud, and It i i! rtr wmw.
from the ijlgat Mr- UdZilled,
John P. White
Claims to Have Defeated Tom Lewl
as Miners President.
Men Biding on Pilot Unable to
Jump In Jlnre.
Lexington, Ky., Jan. 3 A wild
train of coal cars and an accommoda
tion passenger train collided on the
Millers- Crook branch of tho Chesa
peake & Ohio railroad, killing six
men. Tho men wero riding on tho
pilot of tho cnglno nnd the train was
turning a Sharp curve when It met
tho loose cars, and there was not
time for tho men to Jump, all being
caught unawares and crushed to
death. Tho dead aro: William Akets,
brakoman, Catlettsburg; John Wor
ley, conductor, Ixiulsn, L. K. Vinson,
F. U. Fugato nnd Lemuel Mills, Van
Lear; L. A. Smeltzcr, Ironton, O.
Battleship Fleet Could Not Have
Done Better Job.
Now York, Jan. 3. A licet of bat
tleships could not have blockaded the
port of New York more successfully
than did tho fog. For more than 21
hours tho gray pall that ovorhung the
bays and rivers and tho sound and
extended fur out to sell had bottled
up traffic by water so well that only
one vessel, the El Sol, from Galves
ton, succeeded In getting by quaran
tine, though thoro wero nearly a
dozen steamers outside the bar nil
day waiting for a lift of tho fog. Not
a vessel left tho port. There wore
only three ships scheduled to sail,
but nono of them dared leave her
Bell Reaches Philippines.
Manila, 'janT'i. Major General J.
Franklin Dell, the new commander of
tho American army In the Philip
pines, arrived hero and was heaitlly
greeted. Ho will tako command cf
the army ou Jan. 13.
Says Hoxsoy Died From Heart Dis
ease aUHlQh Altitude
Los Angeles, Jan. 3. Roy Knaben
shue, manager of tho Wright aviation
exhibition troupe, mado tho startling
assertion that Arch Hoxsoy, who was
killed en Saturday, died from heart
disease while 2,000 feet in the air.
To ihls ho attributes tho nppnrently
uncontrolled rush of tho machluo to
tho ground, which causod Its com
plete destruction.
-Hubert Latham nnd Qlonn II. Cur
tlss, both of whom studied tho de
scent very closely, arc inclined to
agreo with Knabonshuo or to think
that Hoxsoy lost, consciousness whllo
at a great height owing to an attack
of "mountain sickness."
Moro than G.00O porsons nttonded
tho Taft New Year reception at tho
Whlto Houso.
Mrs. Emollno Morris Is dead at
Youngstownj 0 ns tho result of a
fall on an Icy pavement.
Rllly Plorce of Boston has signed a
contract to manago Jack ' Johnson's
pugilistic affairs after March 1.
AVnrden Jones of tho Ohio nonlton.
tlary propohos to establish a day
school in tho "idlo" houso at thnt in
stitution. During tho vonr lOin mnrn thnn
1,700 unlicensed dogs wore nut to
death nt (ho Columbus (O.) pound.
Trust After New Potash Find.
Berlin. Jan. 3. A noworful svndl-
cate Is forming hero to socuro for tho
Gorman potash trust tho groat potash
deposits which have latnlv bnnn dis
covered near Godorloh, Canada. Ger
man geologists have recently been
examining tho bodH and report thorn
as among tho richest In tho world.
The Orlnlnal Observation.
A crude primeval prnn saw u date.
no ciimiicu uio oriy, ireo wmi many a
And said, uiillo porched omld the leaves
"It Is a pity food should lio so liinh."
TWashlnBtoii Star.
5 Ohio Trunnrrniv EVil n
ft ' " ttl 111114 X
v continued rold brisk west and. X,
northwest winds. 4
Sun rises
7:19 a. ra.
4:50 n. m.
& Hun cots
T Moon rues
f- Moon seta
0:43 a. m,
.,. 7:40 p. m.
iA&V4A S$$&j-i44i&4rf$4r
Threaten to Kick Up Rumpus
at Meeting.
National Baseball Commission Now
Threatened With Open Revolt on
Part of Eastern League and Ameri
can Association If Requests Are
Turned Down Census Figures
8how They Are In Position to In
vade Major Leaguo Territory.
Cincinnati, O., Jan. 3. When tho
national bnsoball commission met
In Cincinnati today, it was predicted
that tho Eastern leaguo and th,t
Amclcnn nssocbitlon will bo turned
down In respemso to their Joint de
mand for n higher classification. If
they tako tho bull by tho horns nnd
withdraw from tho National Associa
tion of Minor Leagues, Iho commis
sion will declare that they aro out
laws end have forfeited a right to
protection under tho national agree
ment which governs organized base
ball. Thcso big minor leagues hno
grown so rapidly that the commission
and the two major leagues regard
them with apprehension. It is feared
that If they aro permitted to break
away from tho other minor lengucs
It will bo a difficult task to keep
them In subjection, nnd that In due
llmo they will summon up enough
courage to Invade major leaguo tor
tltory. Tho new census shows that tho
Eastern league and the American as
sociation control thickly-populated
territory, and that there Is sufficient
patronage to mako all of tho clubs in
those circuits moro valuablo than
over before. Tho association em
braces Kansas City, Indianapolis, Mil
waukee, Louisville, Columbus, Toledo
and St. Paul. Of these Kansas City,
Indianapolis, Louisville nnd several
In tho Eastern league are former Nn
tlonnl leaguo cities, and aro believed
to be hankering again for major
league ball, By the process of expan
sion both circuits can bo greatly
strengthened, and thnt Is tho princi
pal reason why tho big fellows do not
want to grant even tho smallest con
cessions. Tho association men have often
dlscusbed tho probable result of nn
Invasion of Chicago, Cleveland, Pitts
burg, Cincinnati or Detroit, whllo
baseball sharps havo frequently pre
dicted that somo of these days tho
Easto-n leaguo would try to locate
new clubs In Now York and Brook
lyn. If such invasions should mater
ialize, It Is pointed out that a combi
nation of tho best cities In the two
circuits would form a new and power
ful major league which would hnvo
to be crushed or admitted to tho
charmed clrclo with tho National and
American leagues. Tho growth of
baseball, It la argued by advocates of
the big minors, wants n wider scopo
In tho promotlbn of major loaguo
ball, nnd as moro young players aro
springing up now than In former
years, It Is believed that tho neces'
sary high-class talent would not bo
hard to find.
The American association nnd tho
Eastern lengue aro naturally anxious
to better themsolvcs by securing a
now status that will clovate them
higher nbovo tho other minor leagues
thnn now, Just as tho American
leaguo did, and which will placo them
just below the big leagues In point of
class und Importance. Theso powor
ful minors believe that thoy nro enti
tled to recognition nnd aro propared
to light for tholr rights if the moguls
at Cincinnati rcfuso to grant tholr
Montana Governor Has Good Chance
For Senatorshlp.
Hetona, Mont., Jan. 3. Tho sena
torial situation shows a decided ten
dency toward tho selection of Gover
nor ICdwIn L. Norrls as Thomas H.
Carter's successor. It is generally be
lieved that nclthor Wqls,h nor Conrad
will secure tho toga, tho former bo
catiso of corporation opposition nnd
tho latter owing to tho bollef that,
whllo ho has acquired n fortune, ho
Is hardly what is doslrcd respecting
senatorial qualifications. In conse
quence, tho stock of Governor Norrls
as a dark horso Is rising rapidly and,
whllo not nn avowed candidate, ho
would accopt If elected.
Premier Canalejas Hastens to Palace
With Names.
Madrid, Jnn. 3. Premier Canalejas
took to tho voyal palaco a list of
namen or tho members or the now
cabinet. With tho following excep
tions tho ministry will remain ns bo
fo'ro tho cnbinot resigned: Tlio minis
tor or tho Interior will be Alonzo
Cnstrlllo, who takes tho placo of Ho
nor Morlnc; the minister or Fomunto
will bo Senor Casset, while Amos Sal
vador takes tho portfolio of public
Instruction. Early t.'ils morning the
now ministers took tho oath of office
Negro Y. M. C. A Gets Bulldlrlg.
Chicago, Jan. 3. Chicago a to have
a $150,000 Y. M C. A. building for
negroes. This was practically assur
ed by Nocman W. Harris, president
uf tho Harris Ttuct and 8avlng3
bank, and Julius UoEcnwald, pretl
lent or Sara, Roebuck &. Company,
in condition tbnt 7,-j,oco nddltlonjl
is raised within slJs nionttis;
Will Eat Bear. '
Washington C. II., 0., Jan, 3. A
bear has been received here. It will
bo tho chief delicacy tomorrow
night when tho Improved Order of
Red Men hold their nunual banquet.
Postal Savings Bank Opens.
Ashtabula, O., Jan. 3. Today wit
nessed tho opening hero of tho first
postal Bnvlngs bank In Ohio, this city
having been designated by tho postal
bank commission as the trial place
for Ohio. Tho first day's business
has been fully up to expectations.
Promise Report This Week.
Columbus, 0.v Jan. 3. Attorney
General Dcnman nnd Special Counsel
Booth, who conducted tho hearings
on tho canal graft charges filed by
Chief Engineer Mnrker of tho stato
bonrd or public works, will fllo tholr
report this week, according to an an
nouncement. New System Costly.
Columbus, O., Jnn. 3. Tho abolish
ing of tho fee system In county of
fices In Huron county wns not a suc
cess financially. Tho report of State
Examiner Ralph H. Cope shows that
It cost tho county $5,852,71 moro than
tho fee system would hnvo done. Tho
examiner found discrepancies In tho
county accounts which nmounted to
$1,054.08. This amount, ho says,
should be refunded.
Kansas City Coal Dealers Unable to
Supply Demand.
Kansas City, Mo., Jnn. 3. With a
temperature of 5 degrees below zero,
Kansas City Is facing a famine In
nnturnl gas, which Is generally used
for heating nnd lighting, and conl
dealers nro swamped with orders.
The gas company has warned con
sumers In tho outlying portions, cov
ering nn area of probably 30 squaro
miles, that thoy will be almost wholly
without gas.
Tho temperature fell 50 degrees In
eight hours. Tho prediction of the
weather bureau Is that tho tcm
peraturo will hover around tho zero
mark for threo days and possibly
In the cnttlo country northwest of
Sallnn a strong, bitter wind from the
north prevailed, blowing a light snow
Into drifts. There is much suffering
among the eattlo on tho ranges,
whore tho temperaturo fell to 10 be
low zero.
Six Trains Stalled.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 3. The worst
storm of several winters has tho
northwest In Its grip. Trains arc
from two to seven hours lato, street
cars r.re having their difficulties, and
tho storm handicaps both telegraph
and telephone service. A 40-mlle-an-hour
galo and u heavy fall of snow
have made tratllc difficult. Six trains
aro reported stalled on tho Illinois
Central betwodn Sioux City and Fori
Dodge. Several trains to South Da
kota points have been abandoned nnd
thoso arriving aro from six to eight
hours lato.
Fire Accompanies Blizzard,
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 3. As a result
of tho blizzard which Involved this
section or the northwest, It is esti
mated that $1,000,000 has been lost
through Arcs. Tho Columbia hotel,
valued at $150,000, at Moorohead,
Minn., was completely destroyed.
Tho Metropolitan block In Duluth,
valued nt $200,000, was burned. The
business section of Bismarck was
swopt by n $30,000 blaze, and thero
wero scores of smaller llros through
out the threo stntos with from $5,000
to $50,000 loss.
Mexicans Feel Wintry Blasts.
San Antcnlo, Jan. 3. With flurrleB
of snow, ono or the severest hllz
zardB lr many years Is sweeping this
section of Texas. Jho t,nipcrnture
reached 15 degrees, a record for Jan
uary. In Mexico tho frost Is report
ed ns far south as Saltillo, and Ico Is
reported as far south ns Montoroy.
With prnctlcally no clothes nnd with
out fires the suffering ntnong tho
poor in old Mexico is groat. Tho
doaths from exposuro will ut least
numbor 100.
Two Freeze to Death.
Butte, Mont., Jnn. 3. Extrcmo cold
weather continues. Tho thormometor
In Butto registers 18 degrees, below
zero, nnd 10 miles south 35 degrees
bolow. Jame3 McDonnld, nn old man,
died as a result of oxpeeuro, and nn
unknown prospector wns found
frozen to death 1G miles south of
Curtlss Keeps Cup.
Now York, Jan. 3. For tho third
supcesslvo year Glenn H. Curtlsa. has
won the Scientific American trophy,
which was tho ilrst compctltlvo prize
offered for aeroplnno flights In this
country, Mr, Curtlse now holds tho
cup for good.
Bryan Lucky as Nlmrod.
Klnijavllle, Tox Jnn. 3.VJ!l!nm
Jonnfngs Aryan, who Is now farm
ing near Mission, Tex., and B. F,
Yoakum, chairman of tho Frisco rail
road executive committee, who havo
been companions on u deer-hunting
and duck-shooting expedition to tho
Lauralos ranch during thu last threo
days, returned to Klngsvlllo bringing
soveral deer nnd n big bag of ducks.
A nubterfiiKo lia(li many hues,
A fnl-rlo pay, forsooth,
Whlili niodoBiy enn itlwnyx nso
To djupe tho mikrd truth.
Now Vork I'lmcs,
Dentil In JlnArlng Tiro
May not result from tho work of flro
bugs, but often euvc-re burns ure
caueod that make it .quick need for
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the quickest,
surest euro for burns, wounds, bruises,
holies, soros. It subdues InHamma-1
tlon.. It kills pain, It, soothes and I
hdala. priyes off akin eruption-', ulcer
or piles. Only 25o at T&chanon Bros '
and gently roared, women will find In
all tho seasons of their lives, as maid
ens, wives nnd mothers, that tho one
nlmpls, wholcsomo lnxatlvo remedy
which nets gently and pleasantly and
naturally and which may bo taken at
nny time, when tho system needs a
laxative, with perfect safety and real
ly beneficial effects, Is Syrup of Figs
nnd Elixir of Senna.
It has that truo delicacy of flavor
which is so refreshing to tho taste,
that warming and grateful toning to
tho stomach which responds so favor
ably to Us action and tho laxative ef
fect which iii so beneficial to tho sys
tem when, occasionally, its gcntla
cleansing Is required.
Tho genuine, always bearing tho
name of tho California Fig' Syrup Co.,
may bo purchased from all leading
druggists in original packages of ono
sizo only, prlco fifty cents per bottlo
A spark, n Maze, n roar of
flame, nnd tlio snlnga of n llfo
tlino mny be consumed. Monoy
In tlio house, cen ocr night,
is In danger of loss, flro nnd
burglary. It Is a constant
temptation to spend unwisely.
Tlio use of n bank account
will h:io you money, qnd tho
protection nnd eomcnlcnco of
It mny bo lind without cost.
Our vnultH nro lire proof, burg
lar proof nnd our banking fa
' cIlltloH nt jour service.
Tlio oldest bank In Marlon
County. Corner Jlnln nnd Cen
ter etrcctH. CtiplUil nnd sur
plus $350,000.00.
Old Sohllrr Tortured.
"For years I suffered unspeakable
torture rrom Indigestion, constipation
nnd liver trouble," wroto A. K. Smith,
n war vetornn nt Erie, Pa., "but Dr.
King's Now Llfo Pills llxed wo all
right. Thoy're hlinply great." Try
them for nny stomach, liver or kidney
trouble. Only 25c at Tschnncn Bros.
4 hl-ctirM'ter't IMamon,! Ilrnnd
I'll). In ll.J Hail Uotil TntMllteY
lm, Kilt, I villi DIu UlLUo. V
lake it otbf-r. Jitir rTor VP
ltolONI IIIIANU 1'M.I , for 8
vm n rv wir.r.KT'; Fvpovwwor
North 7:Q7 n. m.j 10:17 a, m.;
4:17 p. m.; C:10 p. m.: litis p. m.
South 0:CO n. m.; 7:20 a. m.; 1:33
P. m.; 7:20 p. m.; 10:22 a. m.
Dally excopt Sunday.
West 10:25 n. m.; 12;05 a, m.;
15:10 p. m.; 7:10 a. m.
East 5:35 a. m.; x9:55 a. m.; 5:15
p. in.; 5:49 p. m.
Dally except Sunday.
inuns to Marlon only.
xltuns to Ohio City only.
ETtlE. ,
Southwest 10:27 a. m. 5:20. p:'m.;
1:25 n. m. '
East 5:43 n. m.; 12:53 p. m.; 11:45
p. m.; 5:45 p. m.
Northbound x8;l5 n. m.; 12:S1 p.
m.; G:23 p. m.; x7:57 p. m.
Southbound 10:05 a. m.; a7:57 p.
Dally except Sunday.
rSunday only.
IHG FOUK. . ' .
Enstbound 0:25 n. m.: 12:25 1. m.j
7:30 p. m.j 11:19 p. m.; 6:27 p.-m.;
SMC n. in.; 2:45 u. m. ,
Westbound 5:53 a. m.; 10:05 a.
in.; 1:55 p. in.; 7:30 p. m.; 2:58 p.
m.; 1:30 a. m. '
Dally excopt Sunday.
c. j). & jr. Kraarmo,
Southbound Cars Jcavo pvefyhour
for Columbus from C a. m. to '9 p,"j;n.(
and 10 and 11 p. m. for Delaware, ,.
Northbound Cara leave Columfiui
every hour on tho' half hour, from
0:30 a. m. to 8:30 ps m.
. c. jr. u. KLKorrao.
Northbound Cars leuvo Marl'on'for
Bucyrus at 6, 8, 10 a. in.; 12 noon, 2,
4, 0, 8 and 10 p. m, " '"' (
Southbound Cars Icavo Bucyrus
for Mnrlon at 7, 9 and 11 a. m. und
1, 3, 5, 7. 9 nnd 11 p. m.' t
A jfcui-riey
Por business or pleasure to Bny
polii. ta tho
may bo easily arranged by con
suiting Ticket Agonta of tu
Hocking Valley Ry
who ore uluuys prepared to
furnish complcto lurorinatln
na to Through Fare), HoitU,
Tlmo and Ticket.
w. ii. nsinat,
General Passeuxer AeentA
?-' V
i -
& m
I ,

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