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Skill, Intelligence and Long Practice the Only Real
Secrets Must Learn Habits of the Range
TlIEItE nro. primarily, but two
kinds ot enko mixtures, nnd nil
thi mnnlfold big and iltttc, rouurt
nnd squrirc, lilrgr nnd loaf vnrl-
tics arc but modifications, embellish-
ments or different combinations of
theo two cake foundation!". There arc
-si... ,iiiii,int hotter, of which nonro
take Is the best example, nnd cako
with butter, of which cup nnd pound
cakes nro best known.
There I no such thing a lurk In
Woking It Is like any other art tho
result of skill; In some, lit pari moot"
M o hers ncnulred; hut In either case,
... . . . . .l Ihn f1lHt IB Vl'l ) V'UU Kllil I1H1U 11 in urnui iu
the result of Prlce. Ami n"e " bring It to the kitchen some time he
step s Preparation. Ilt $'??& ' fore needed, for It should bo about 70
nnd then Plteiii r In " ' J)l,0"r deirree. K. to be successfully nnd easily
of the first maxima of good '"OKI"R ..reaped The mixing bowl may be
A mensurng cup ho -.1 table heated with hot water bcMm bogln
.p ..-?.. B"iT?' "LV'J. 'T. nUi to mm the butter, hut the but-
spnoniu s oi i '"''"" " i: ',.,
nn.i iMnnnna for ktlehen lice should
bo of regulation size. Just ns much n
the eups used. Any cup or spoon or
handy utensil will not answer.
In general, dry material should be
sifted berorc measuring, and when a
cuoful Is called for. the cup should not
be dipped Into the flour or sugar and
shaken down until leveled. This not
nloho adds more of the particular In
gredient than Is called for, but It Is
apt to make a messy process out of
what can and should be n very dainty
one. All measurmonts are level unless
the reclpo status to the contrary, and
n rounding spoonful equals two level
ons Kor It should round aH much
above ns the spoon rounds underneath.
To measuro a cupful, put the mate
rial In by spoon or scoop, round slight
ly, then level with a knife, no not
shake tho cup to settlo tho flour or
whatever It may bo. To measure a
spoonful dip It In, then level quickly
and deftly with the knife. :ialves are
divided lengthwise ot the spoon.
A cupful or spoonful of liquid la all
tho cup or spoon will hold, not to
carrv from pantry to kitchen, but all
It will hold right there, where every
thing should bo ready. Kor the proc
ess of cake making resembles direc
tions for a chlldsh game: One. to
make ready; two. to prepare; three,
to go lam bang nnd then there you
Let it bo cup cakes with butter thet
aro about to bo made that difficult
XJiko called ono-egg cake.
eea. mlllc. flour, baking powder, bowls.
spoons, fork or heater and paiiM ri.tdy
greased, nil there at hand. Tho nct
Is, not to begin to mix. but to alt' nd
to the Are. and the oven, for If the
proof of tho pudding Is In the eating
tho test of cake making Is In the b.ik
lng There are no Infallible rules to
guldo the seeker to success here ev
erything depends. Ovens are us Indi
vidual as people, and rangos form hub
its of their own. The lire should be
clear and even, and In such a condi
tion that it will not havo to be reme
died or attended to whllo the baking
IS going on. Only experience can ten h
one here, but soma of the holps to this
may be found in keeping the inteilor
of tho stove clean around tho oven;
no ashes nor coal nbove or below. And
when a, stove Is red hot tho chances
rim tho oven Is cooling for tho heat
f-om tho stovo Is being thrown into
td'v room in plnco of going whoro It
In making good cake, as in making
rood coffee, It Is necessary to have
good materials to begin with. Tho but
ter may not be too salt or filled with
water: the sugar should not bo the
'oarso but finely granulated, nnd pas
try flour should be used. Measure or
weigh the quantities required, then sift
tho flour again, and right hero a divi
sion of opinion will bo found as to
whether the baking powder ehould or
should not bo sifted with It. linking
powder Is made of certain Ingredients
which unite in the presence ot water,
)eep Breathing
Develop the
Exercises Arc the .Best Method Both of Increasing a
Flat Chfcst as.d Decreasing Excessive Fulness
AM often asked to glvo ndvico upon
this sonfewhnt delicate subject. It
certainly detracts from th appear
ance to be Hat-chested and unde
veloped, but greater is the detraction
for those who have too much fulness.
Thoto who are thin and Aat can easily
rerriedy the. defect by wearing some
thing to glvo the propnr appearance,
hut card mint bo taken that whatever
appliance is worn it bo of Burh n na
ture as not to press upon the body, for
pretsuro will Injure tho dellcato gland
disuo and cause ftlrther shrinkage. If
inly a llttlo padding Is needed light
material that Ih starched can be used,
such as 4wlsa or tarlatan, lightly
S Jaced Inilde the corset or waist. If
ust development is entirely wanting,
thp light framework that can be ob
tained from nny dealer In corsets will
nnswer better. Pads vvhleh nre wadded
with Wool or cotton aro often injurious,
not atone becausu of the piessure, but
because they aro heut!ng moreover, it
1 difficult to give to them a contour
of natural appearance, u is only in
Mlremn enses that anything of the na
ture Just described should be or need
he worn. It ono carries nerseic proper
jy the Hat-chested look will disappear
releasing rnriwm dioxide, n gas which
In in make tho enke light. Tho claim
Is that If ply III tit the last, after the
batter him lirpli Well liealen. nerfily
all the gas In available for raising the
cake. Whereim, If sifted with the flour
and added with It to the caktv (hat
much strength In lout. Tho beat wny
Is probably to expertmen nnd find out
which method bring the best rMtilt'
with your baking powder nnd
way of ooinz.
The most iltillcult muscular part of
cake making I" the creaming ot tho"
H.u"r..n"' ,U"? ?lr .". " " "l"i
butt, r and the sugar. If tho buttur
ter itself ahould never bi
ter Itself should never be heated or
metted except by standing In tho room,
wboe tempemture may or may not
be particularly warm. Cream the but
ter In n bowl with n wooden spoon,
llun mill the sugar gradil'illy, stirring
carefully. The butlor should llrst bo
of ii soft cr'-nmy consistency, mid
when sugar Is added, sultlclent beating
must be done to have the mlviure
cream and not like hard sauce. If the
sugar hup not dissolved before I he
cake is linked, tho grains. In melting
In the cake In tno oven, make holes In
tho i-nke and spoil the texture. Coarse
grnlued enke again and again nines
from not aufllclently mixing and beat
ing In the hUgrr.
If one egg only is to lie U"e,l, It
should be beaten very light without
separating, and added to tho butter
First Have Everything
nnd sugar. If more eggs aro used, the
usual prm ess Is to beat the yolks and
whites separately, adding the yolks td
tho butler nnd sugar, the whites later.
Occasionally, u leclpe calls for more
sugur thun can be beaten properly
wmi me miller, and in that case a
portion of it may be beaten with the
yolks, and this mixture added to the
butter and sugar. When the egg or
the yolks aro woll boatcn In, and the
mixture Is light and full of bubbles,
begin to add flour nnd milk alternately,
beating nnd stirring steadily In order
to securo a light, flno-grnlned cake.
The whites of tho eggs should bo
lion ten to i itlff, dry froth, which
means something very different tharl
meiely beating them light. They
Ahould b" beaten on a plato or platter
with a wire beater of somo descrlp-
and there will bo no nood of artificial
aid, for It Is often not so much that
tho breasts nro too small, but because
the chest Is undeveloped. Unit it ap
pears pinched, contracted, an appear
ance which casts down tho aspirant
fur good looks. Tho cliost should be:
carried well forward. It has been do
strlued as If ono IihiI a ro.iotto upon
the breast bon. a rosette which Is not
fastened and which will fall oft If the
body Is not maintained in Just such n
position as to mako It stay. Tho frame
work of tho chest, the breastbones and
the libs, form theviindnrlying founda
tion of the bust. They alSo form thu
bony cage of the lungs. This frame
work can be improved and tho whole
bodily health brought to a higher de
cree of nerfsctlon bv its exoanslou.
This Is accomplished by.dCep breath
ing. Take long Inhalations of puro
air. expniidlng tlfb lungs' slowly, and
then as gradually bredthe the air out.
The exercise makes one dlszy at Arsf,
and not moro limn a pair uozen sum
deep. long breaths eifn be taken, but
If sudi oxerc'lsoa are persisted in nigm
and morning, gradually Increasing tho
number of Inhalations up to twenly-Hvo
ur moro, tli Hat chest will begin to
Hon. Tho wldtes of eggs 'nro boatcn
to break up the tenacious albumen and
fill It with air. in order to lieeompltsh
this the egg must be lifted, not beaten
lOlind and round, and thaiilr admitted,
Salt should be added, a fimllll amount
to eve:ry cuke, to etihnneo Dr hi lng out
Itn flnvttr, and If It Is added to tho
whites while they are being beaton, It
hastena the piocess by taking up some
of the water. The eggs should bo suf
ficiently dry to slick to the plnltor, and
ins they cannot stand after being
beaten without separating, tliey should
Bo used without any great delay.
In mixing the white ot tho eggs
vvlth the bntter. lift and fold them In;
do not bent ngnln. Stirring Indicates
u circular motion; boating n lifting, In
which the Ingredients nre turned over
'arid over; but folding In means a
ncntlo mollona vertienl downward
move and n deft turning over of tho
inlxtme, folding In as much at a time
a possible. Stirring mixes ingredients;
beating Incorporator air; folding or
outtlng In retains tho air nlrendy ln-
troduced into nn ingredient or mix
ture. I'ans should bo greased with a brush,
or a piece of clean puper, which should
be at onco- burned. There nro objec
tions to brushes, for they nro diffi
cult to keep clenn, but they aro bettor
than pieces of papor torn from the last
grocer's package which has como in.
Tho pans should bo greased lightly.
Just enough to prevent sticking, nnd
then filled with tho batter by pouring
It from tho bowl, nnd nil this should
bo done ns rapidly as possible. Hero
Is where delay costs.
Tho linking of bread or cako should
be divided Into thrco parts: The cup
cako Is going to bake thirty minutes.
During tho flrst ten tho cako should
rise; that Is tho heat of tho oven should
bo moderate, so that tho mixture may
round out; tho hollows lr. tho neck will
All and foundations aro laid for tno
bust development which Is so greatly
desired. Upon tho bony framework aro
placed tho muscles in the form ot great,
folds of llesh attached tho length of tho
breastbone, and from thero they oxtend
In a triangular shapo to tho arm. These
form the second layer of tho founda
tions of the bust, and If theso muscles
are well developed they glvo a very de
sirable support. Theso cicep-ureain-Ing
exercises will accomplish this, as
will also cnrtaln oxorclses which bring
them Into play, Tho best ono of theso
I have oftort described, but It 1b so
benertlclal for chest development that I
will stnto It again, doudio me lists
and brlncr them together over tho
breast bono, IUlso tho elbows so thut
they aro In a horizontal position In
front of tho cheat. Keep thorn flrmly
In this position and then slowly and
flrmly separate tho fists one from tho
other, bringing tho artns back so you
will feel tho shoulder blades pressing
against the back. Try to bring tho
points of the elbows together. You
will be far from doing It. for they do
not go back nny great ways. When
drawing the elbows back take n long,
deep breath, inflating tho lungs well.
Itepeat theso oxerclsbs, beginnlngrwlth
half a dozen or so nnd increasing them
after tho manner of tho deep breathing
exorcises. If you uso a tape-measuro
and measuro the chest from tlmo to
time you will be surprised to And how
much it will bo Increased. I have seen
women with vory small breasts, yet
with this expansion of chest walls and
muscles, who have the appearanco of
fine development and an admirable fig
ure. Hotweon tho musolos and tho skin,
with Its underlying layor of fat, is
placed tho gland tissue which forms
the brnahts. Jn young girls tho gland
tissue Is not much developed, and In
fact It does not look well ft there Is n
giiat abundance of It. An luorease of
gland tlssuo can be obtained by gantlo
massage and by the uso of hot and oold
water. Water as hot as one oun tear
juui rnnt- " " I I IWMiaM iaM I I e
v -jii. -. irK.fifii&u"mimmmii .a
iilf mm MmmmM
11" P 1 . . t-TU M.MJir JSJ'lnJt1ton ., g 1-J,rv-,. I
bo evenly heated and evenly rise.
During the second tqn minutes the
cake should rise anil' bciglu to brown
nnd during tho last brown evenly, set
tle a little and draw" away from the
pan. k
To test when dqiie, listen, for it
should make bid a Blight singing nolscj
or press with the linger;- it done, tho
cake will rebound, nnd most cakes'aro
done when they shrink from tho Bldcri
of the pan.
Fours nut Cafe,
neat two eggs wall, nnd bent into
them one cupful ot cream, and then
one cupful of sugar, Jllx and sift on6
and otie-quartcr cups of flour with one
teaspoonful of cream .'of tartar nnd
one-quarter teosnponfjll of salt. 8Ur
this into tho mixture find add one-halt
teaspoonful of soda 'dissolved in tL
tablespoonful of hot water and one
holf teaspoonful of Vanilla. Hak.o In
large squnre Jelly caltcpans until done.
Cut In diamond-shafted pice es and put
cai-h two pieces together with tho fol-
Mix the Butter and Sugar Together Until
Beat the Whites of Eggs to a Stiff, Dry
lowing filling: Make a smooth p: sto
of two tablespoons of cornstarch Ith
n llttlo water. Mix this with ono c up
ful of clear coffee and lot It boll ten
minutes; then add one-quarter cupful
of sugar, one-quarter toaspoonful of
snlt nnd tho slightly beaton yolkr of
two eggs. Cook until tho mixture
thickens. After Ailing tho cakes cover
them with an Icing mndo bv mixing
tho Julco of two oranges with that of
ono lemon nnd "tlrrlng in confection
er's sugar until stiff enough to spread
without running. lU-iuro tho Iclnt dries
sprinkle cakes with finely chopped
browned almonds.
Honlg Wafel (Honoy Cakes.)
Boat to a cream one-half runf ii of
butter nnd ono cupful of powdered
sugar. Bout Into this ono ogg well
it nh-tlla bo dashed iipon tho body, and
this followed by water as cold as can
bo comfortably borne. This lncrei.ses
tho growth by stimulating tho clrc Ra
tion. I am often asked If certain In
ternal remedies will increaso tho -dzo
of the breasts, and answer that 1' is
useless to try to lncieaso the gland tls
suo by taking modlclnas. I havo si ok
en of tho layer of fat which is Just un
der the skin. Ordinarily this IS f. om
a quarter ot an Inch to a half nn Inch
in thickness, ncoordlng to tho general
distribution in tho body. It is this lay,
cr of fat which gives tho desired ap
pearanco of roundness to tho bust nnd
neck. Tho bones are hidden by It, tho
muscular inequalities nro smoothed out.
It Is thercforo deslrahlo for those who
lack bust development bacauso they aro
thin to take means of lnorcaslng their
flesh by eating more, and by taking
fata in their food or in the form of
cod liver oil. Itubblngs with fat sub
stances will possibly liolp.
AT a tli
of n
thimble nartv I saw nn nt-
tractlvo workbag. It was made
fancy silk ribbon, with tho
usual 0 IK-covered o icIb for n
base, but nt the top the ribbon was
gathered tightly around a wooden em
broldory ring, tHUtf leaving the top
open, Tho smaller ilug of the pair
was used as a cover,-tho ribbon being!
gathered around it at ono edgo ana
then brought together in tho centra
and tied with a knot of baby ribbon
of hurmonlzlng color. A llttlo frill
stood up in tho centre of tho coyer
ns ti flnlsh, and a "handle" ns well,
Whllo narrow ribbon was fastened qt
each sldo of tho larger ring for con
venience In carrying.r-U J.
INSTEAD of wetting .the broom Iti
self whon ready to nlrtap a carpet,
pin or sew n piece 'Qf'old flannel
around tho top of tho straw. Thoil
pour warm water on this cloth. The
water gradually runs down Into tha
broom nnd keeps it Just damp enough
to lay the dust without wetting thd
carpet. ' n. It. II.
beaten and one-half cupful of strained
honey. Stir tho two cupfuls .of
pastry flour previously Bitted -with
two tenspoonfuls of baking pow
der nnd last etlr In ontvbolt
cupful of Hncly chopped Alberta.
Let tho mixture stand where it Is
very cold (do not frooze) ovorjnlght.
When ready to bako roll tho Uough
very thin, cut into fancy shapes, br.osh
them over with tho whlto of an egg
diluted with a teaspoonful of warm
water. Sprinkle tho cakea with gran
ulntcd sugar nnd chopped Alberta.
Hako them In a hot oven until a noldien
Chocolate Cake.
Melt two ounces .of chocolnto'ln laJ
.-t..i.t i, l1n A ,1,1 in (Viln llin vntliv
of two eggs 'beaten with one-half of
it cupful of milk. Hur careiuny unui
tho mlxturo forms a soft paBtej re
move from tho fire, ndd two table
Hiioonfnls of butter, ono cupful ot
sugar and one-half tcnspodnful of salt.
DIssolvo ono level teaspoonful ot soda
In a llttlo worm water nnd ndd to
nno-hnlt cup of swcot milk. Add this
to tho chocolato mlxturo alternately
with ono nnd onc-hnlf cupfuls ot sifted
Hour, stirring and beating until batter
Is well mixed and smooth. Turn into
a Hat shullow pan and bako for twen-ty-Hvo
minutes in a modcrato oven.
Tho cako must bo carefully baked nnd
tested ns to Its being thoroughly dono
before removing from oven. Uso n
while frosting on this enke. Boll a
cupful of sugar and ono-hnlf cupful
of wi u i- w'tliout stirring until It forms
a thtead warn dropped from tho tines
of a f"ik. lleut this into tho whlto
of nn egg which has been beaten until
stiff. Copi'titie beating until tho mlx
turq is ci enough to sprond on tho
cako without running. Spread It
Devices to
Suggestions to Women That Will Make This Labor
Easier Sinks Should Be Carefully and
Frequently Flushed
HEN swooping, ns much furnlturo
as posslblo should bo removed
from the room. Tha remainder
should be covered with coarse,
unbleached cotton cases, kept on hand
for this purpose. Pictures, mantels and
Ihlrrors should he dusted and then cov
ered with casos mado of thu sama ma
terial. "Whllo tho sweoplng Is being
dono tho doors should bo closed and tho
windows opened.
Matting should bo swept with a soft
cloth or brush, and then gono over with
a damp cloth to remove tho dust. Soap
must not bo used, as It Is likely tq dis
color tho matting Soiled spots may ho
removed by rubbing the matting with
a cloth, wrung out In hot water,
Windows must bo thoroughly dustod
'bevforo washing, and tho dirt removed
'from corners and crovlocs with a wood-
on sKowor and a pleco of cloth. Tho
glass may then bo washed In cloar,
warm water, containing n little am
monia. The wnshlng cloth should be
damp rather than dripping wot. Tho
cloth should be rlnsod frequently, Tho
windows must bo dried with a clean,
oft oloth and polished with pnpor.
lo clean out glass, uso i, soft brush
How Uncle John. Went to
ing in Virginia No Baking Powder or Soda-
... , ! I. ! .11 . , ! '
smooth with a knlfo dipped in hot.
Maplo Sugar Cako.
Cream one-half cupful df buttct1 with
'two cupfuls of sugar until well mixed.
uenr. and stir in auurnuiciy ono cup
ful ot milk nnd two and one-half
cupfuls of flour Bitted with thrco tea
spoonfuls of baking powder and ono
half tcasnoontul of salt. Then cut and
(fold in tho whites of flvo eggs beaten
4rf. n ,1ttr atlrf ftntlv tlnt.A In IHma
layers until dono and put together
with muplo Ailing modo as follows:
Cook thrco cupfuls of maplo sugar with
one-half cupful of wator until it
threads when dropped from tho tines
of a fork. Jleat the syrup into tho
whites ot two eggs beaten until stiff
nnd dry. "When the tilling is stiff
emmgh to spread put It botween tho
layers and on top of tho cake.
Oatmeal Scones.
To ono cupful of woll-cookcd oat
meal porridge add on,c, cupful of milk,
ono tablespoonful of melted butler, ono
tcaspoontui or urown nugnr and ono
snitspoonfui or salt, .mix theso to
gether well. Sift two tcaspoonfuln of
baking powder with ono cupful of flour,
nnd stir it into 'tho mlxturo, adding
moro flour as necdod to mako n dough
Just ntirf enough to handle. Roll out
halt nn inch thick, cut with a shnrp
biscuit cutter and bakn to a dclicuto
brown on a hot buttered griddle.
Oatmeal Cookies.
Mix together two cupfuls of sifted
flour, two cupfuls of oatmeal, one-half
pound of chopped raisins, one-half tea-
Grease' tho. Iana with a Brush
sporeiful of snlt. Beat ono cupf-il of
brovn sugar to n cream with thrco
quartcrs of a cupful of shortening (one
halo butter nnd one-half lard). Add
two, eggs woll beaton, one-half tea
spoonful fat vanilla nnd one-half cup
ful fat hot water in which is dissolved
one'halt teaspoonful of soda, fitlr In
tho, dry ingredients and drop by big
spoonfuls on the (loured bottom ot in
verted pans on n cooky sheet. Bake
until delicately browned.
If TURNED my colandor upsldo down
over tho Ash or meat sautolng in
nn iron spldor. Tho small holes nl
low tho steam to escupe nnd Btlll
prevent tho groaso from spattering.
Whon turning tho fish, I take It to
ono sldo nnd return it ad quickly as
pifaslblo. Try it. L. M.
and warm water containing ft llttlo
ammonia. Try to cover tho glass with
the brush thoroughly, in order that
each llttlo crovlco shall bo reached. Dry
tho glass Immediately, and If sawdust
Is available uprlukle It freely over thu
glass and let It remain for some time.
Then romovo It with n soft brush, nib
lightly with n oloan, soft cloth, and tho
cut glass will bo clear nnd spanning.
China dishes should bo scraped of nil
food, rinsed In cold water and washed
in warm, nontiv wator. If there1 Is gilt
on tho china bo sparing in tho uso of
soap. Itlnso each dish as It Is, washed
In hot water; drain singly (not In piles)
and dry.
For drying silver, glass and china,
linen cup towols should bo used. These
must bo washed out in boiling wator
otter use, in order that they may be
clean for each dlsb washing. Long and
short towels aro both' convenient Mi"
handling pots nnd paiw. These (owcls
may bo ot cotton or cotton and linen
mixed. A wire brush, a stirt "vege
table brush" and somo wooden skewem
will bo found of great assistance In
washing kltohen utonslls.
To prevent woodonwnro from crack
Work Each Saturday Morn-'
. ,., .. t..,.i.i., i,- -,
A l.TI
i put on tlitiW x,ady liultlmoro"
ii, u , n ....... .....
f 1 bud justt taken Horn my gaa
in n bo i plULtid it in tho centra
of the dining loiin table, took a Beat
by. tho window aid mhvo a High of ro
lliff. It is such K bumpy, mysterious ,
cako that I utwnys fuel i have turned ,
out a Jack lloihcr pic. Aly mother,
sut by tho open Ire and began talklns ,
to mc. ',
"Lot mo tell jou how your srcat
grandmother tiiaib OiiKii."
"Oh, pluasu do, and I shull put a
page in my recipe buok 'Cako Making
in 1WU.'"
"i'our grcat-grandmothor," continued
my mother, "was uumed Nuncy Ur.cgg.
alio luurrlod Capl. J nines Bowles) ot
Albcmurlu County, Vliglnla. She had
a llttlo conl-bluuk muld uy tlio name, of
June, and u lllllu uonl-uluck dog by
tho niinio of Trim, whoso cntlra duty, In
life scemud to bu one continual romp
in and out unlong tho rOso bushes
which grow In profusion oh Grandma's
lawn, livery Saturday van cake-baking
day, uud thi'iu was nuver a llmo
In that spurious, hoopltublo homu when
wo were out of cike, i
"On this large, well-cultivated Vir
ginia estate Undo John,, a shtvu, was
known and i canceled us (lid cako
muker at Iho big house. Tho children
felt that he occupied u position second
only to Santa Claus. l'Jiuly Saturday
morning Uncle John would arrlvo
from tho (pjnrteis spick, span and
spoilers in a suit of whlto osnabUrg.
That wits a cloth milch heavier than
Indlun bend nnd wits manufactured) In
Maine for the uso ot the negroes of tho
South. Ills sleeves vvero short, his faco
clean shaven and a cook's alp adorned
his closoly cropped head. Aunt Min
erva, thu regular cook, went down, to
her cabin and Uncle John becamo mon
arch of the kitchen,
"A flro was in readiness In the big
kllchon llreplace, for nil baking was
dono there. With a long-handled
shovel kept for the purpose the conls
wero raked to the front, and ort some
Aat, smooth stunes tho oven was
placed. Ft om tho spring house were
brought tho ckhs which .had been
placed in cold water the night before.
In tho dining room stood tlfo sugar
box. Llko the rest of tho dining room
furniture, tills box was mado of ma
hogany. It stood, on leifs, was llmjd
with Kino and wits the sizcf rtlld slirtpa
of a iuuslc cabinet of to-day. It held
oxactly ono huifdrcd pdunds.
"Of cotirso linking powder was un
known nnd soda was not used. In,
Inter years came snlcratus and a .car-'
bonato of potash, which Was crc'am of
tartar mixed with soda. After that
housekeepers used- homemado baking
powders, consisting of tartaric! acldi
soda nnd Aour. sifted till ns fine ns
stntch. But tho lightness of Uncle
John's cakes depended on the cggsi
and they were beaten to a froth. Each
pound cake called for ono dozen egg's,
nnd ench Saturday called for ono
pound cake, to say nothing of the
cakes baked In enormous muffin molds
nnd pyramids ot crisp, brawn tea
"All of tho mixing was done In a
plggln which wns kept for this purposei
A plggln was n ccdnr bucket, nnl this
ono had brightly polished brass hoops,
and Undo John beat his batter over and
over -,iMi a cedar paddle so the r.lr wns
with n cedar paddle so tho r.lr was
driven Into the cells. He nir.i'io gold
cake, sliver, spice. Jelly, sponge, fruit
and yet, l.nd." Baltimore. Buci wed
ding cako I havo never seen any
where. "It Is said." concluded my mother,
"Hint nn odor recalls past mtpioites'
moro than anything else, nnd w!n T
could again have a whiff of that old
Virginia klleheT r beX'.re day, Jt
would lie reons.A' of nw 'rllood nnd
n wedding b.-ee.fnst o'.t morning .In
3 U.
ing, dry in tho sun Instead of near th
lire. Woodonwnro which has not been
oiled' cracks very easily Indeed. To re-'
mo'.o odors and Havois of substancoj
from wooden bowls, soak tho bowl in
hot soda water. Saucepans and kcitlca'
may bo trcuted In the snmo way. ,,
Tho kltchon sink ami tho sink in tlio
butler's pantuy are likely to bq, lnja,
greasy, unhygienic condition unless
means pf pioventlon aiy taken. TluSntv
sinks should bo thoroughly flushed s4yj
oral times a day With hot writer fylj.
lowed by cold water. A
Almost every set bowl contains1 n,'
groove, Insldo and around tho top, .In
which dirt Is likely to settlo andj
remain, slnco It cannot ho seen. If
neglected too long this causes a
peculiar and disagreeable odor, for
tho cause of which even good house
keepers search vainly. This groove'
should bo attacked frequently wth
a brush and plenty of Koap or dis
infectant, ns It Is quite capable of prg;
duclng malignant germs.
Sweep tho hardwood floor with a abft
hnlr brush and whip with a, long nun
tiled dust mop. Where, tho' rodin d6os'
not.becoino .very dusty tho uso of the
dust mop itlono Is necessary dully.
GET a ""pull chain socket" trim
. your electrical supply house, -tor,
tho sum of thirty-five cents, and
, llnve It put In, In place, of the'
ordinary key switch sookdt' 111 yoitri
bedroom, Then onu cord' attached ,o'
tho chain will bo' sufllclent to turn!
tho light on nnd off. Thero Is no
trouhlo adjusting this nrratfgomeht n'nd'
It will not get out of order very read
Uy. A. S. ir.
t '
, ' I l i "!l
KElJp n whlto apron nt all time
hanging In thu bathroom,, Thotlgh
wo nil use It. the. "head of the
houHe" Is the one win nrunotmctd' it
a "bully Idea." Being a vigorous wash
er, ha has been spared much hrurhng
and rubbing of! of otherwise soapy,
wator spots. Vlnlired Hubbard, .
w 'z. -
- . '
' ' - 'V ,-"t (

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