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WKATirnn VOX OTIJO Fair tonight mul proTmMjr Tuesday no? qntfn bo wnrmlto extreme iiortlirrn portions.
Something to Bell? f
M pat, and lilhety-lHiM
Hiuig throughout Ohio, Hull-
kM am) Illinois, only $2.50
tine. Ask U.S.
omethinf lo JNU1 1
Tills pfipcr mhI nfniyaAM
others tlirongho CHrio, in Mm
h awl Illlftolfl, only M.W
line. Ask US.
: v
f, 'V-
Jury's Verdict Like the Crack of Doom Out of a Clear
Sky and Hits the Accu sed Men Very Hard
Senators Huffman and Andr ews Visibly Disturbed by
i the Unwelcomed Verdict in the Degle Case.
Diegle Never "had a Chance to Escape is Reported From
the Capital City the First Ballot -Being 8 to 4.
Then the Oilier Went Oter One Mini
'Morning Wlit'ii FiiHiiiiiii Wnlcut
"Columbus, O., July 3. Uudnoy J.
Diegle, Benat sergeant-nt-arms, wan
convicted today noon zy n Jury In
criminal court uf aid wing Senator I
1JU Andrews, or Lawrence county, to
solicit ami aceept a blrbo of $200,
pVMljifc1 ArtlfrJDeti-ct I vo FrnnkrHar
rlroifMi?ll)Jn conneoilon fvlfliWliti
c'tdjreViAilVmuri; lire iiiHunirfCo Hill.
The Jury -had bum' out slxty-slx and
nnn hnlf hollrft.
Dlcglo, his wlu.n'nd daughter. Pa
trice, nlnetee, 'ijlnetoei Who wore In
Ill dK5d read '(fie- vVdjct.ihls fneo Mc
prMaU)nWs..;Sfh& Dlle wiipd. Iter
Qaynell Clark, litre's, llioilftxdh-halroil
niece of Dleglo, who has romped
about tho court room during tho en
tlro trial, laughed childishly.
The penalty for DleRie'a crlmo Is
from ono to five years In the peniten
tiary, a line not to exceed JBOO, or
both. Attorney John A. Connor, who
waslhe only member of Dlegle's conn
sel present when the verdict was re
turned. Immediately announced Unit
h6 would lllu a motion for a now
ttlul within three days. Dlogfo Is out
on $10,00 Obond.
(Senators Isaac R. linrCman and L,
II. Andrews, who were Jointly Indicted
with DVglo In dictagraph easos, wore
' present When the Jury cumo In. They
.H((iwed'm'oro signs of nervousness
' UUffi'nb'yu.ono present. Huffman
' .pwVfled his h;Ct(oh bis finger nervous.
ly and Andrews tore into inn mm
newspaper, lie was rending, his eyes
I llMeglu inever hud a chance to be
. ,.Jt3,'.n.,i .....nr-illno- lii Plirk White.
- o?(holury. The tat taken FrldiiV;
night when thoy retired was eight to
., four for conviction, he 8ald. It hung
there for another vote and then
"switched to nine fo three for three
straight votes. The sixth voto takon
ljvf.inv nlplit lieforo thev jretlred,
brought the odds around to ten to two
At this point, It hung until H.iiur
.int. ofiorimnn when the other mall
Joined tho majority and Kormun John
I W. A'acut,t alone hold out ror uiui.
tat. Ho tenaciously clung to 7iIh op
inion until Monday when he was per-
uiwio.l lit. hln rnllpncrllCH to llllVO till
toQiinmiiv fnnneriilMir the tmnsai'tlons
In room No. 317. Chittenden hotel re
read to Mm
The Jury resumed their seats In the
box Saturday at 9:10 o'clock and lis-
-4tqned for an hour and one-half to tho
testimony of Dutoctlvo Smiley, Steno.
'' graphur Wdloutt and Senator Androwa
The Jury then retired and cast ona
more ballot ill bad agreed, tlje bell
connected with the Jury room tappod
at 11:60 anil at H:SB Oleglo know the
vordlct. i
Diegle had llttlo to sny, hxcopt that
ho had been done an Injustice. His
Wlfq and daughter did not appear
mush wprrled. "Well, wo'ro glad tho
istraln Is over," they remarked.
Ath"Ub' Proieoutor Turner refus
ed to cqnnjm It, n rumor was started
Imeimllutely after t QhilreItollsrm
'turned that Dleglo would bo lt off
with a fine If he would take an Im
munity bath and tell tho grand Jury
all he knows.
Twelvo tired but determined men,
In whoso handB lies tho fate of Itodnoy
J, Dleglo, senate sorgeant-at-arins,
charged wjjh aiding Sonator I A.
)AnrtreWH to secure n bribe, dragged
themselves, to tho court houso tithe
mornliiR to contlnuo their delibera
tions. i'At 11:80 o'clock thoy had been
out 'JU8t'..nlxty-foui hours, tho case
1 resetting hom at 5.30 Friday night.
The .'lenpth of time which has been
con'eufnod by the Jurors In attempting
to'rrlVe at a vordlct la unprecendent-
ill a Time I'or Comletlou Until This
(i Coincided.
ed In I'rmnklln county, Tho notion of
Judge Klrikond In sending tliem buck
at 11 o'efook Sntiirdny nlKht for fur
ther deliberation after Poromun- J St.
Wnlcutt had decisively nnuounced that
tlnvo wan no possible olidtieo uf eotn
iiig together, Is nlso nnprocundented
1fttiJurors Jldndoy morning apjienr-
olJrt(l.v for another hard day's work.
SiifjiVil took the sltuAtlon Bood-lin-lllofidly
and struck up "Wo'ro Here
HecauHo Wo're Here, lleoatiso Wo'ro
Hero-," as thlr four bailiffs led them
back to their room.
To assist them Jn their deliberations,
the Jurors hnvo before tlumi a copy
m( thn ludletnlent upon which Diegle
Vt MitiR irieii: i copy or ine lmpci
IHHpl' which Petoctlvo Smiley nilmlts.
UVfrotiirned nunlnst blm In Chicago
ii connection with the Marie IJlfen
mch case; the not which Andrew
acknowledges Ira wrote to Smiley and
n copy of tho court's charge.
Although no news of tho way the
men are divided can bo authoritatively
obtained, both slden claim that the
long deliberation Is In thulr favor.
The terrible suspense Is beginning
to tell no Ologle. He keeps up a bold
flout and trios to dismiss enr by
Joking, but tho lines of worry are
plain upon his face. Ills wlfo and
daughter, 1'ntrlce, both nxpressed
themselves as anxious to 3ive "It
r.ver with," and know tho result.
Tho groatur part of Sunday wan
spent In the commodious rooms at tho
.Southern hotel. Tho men wore al
lowed newspapers with every refer
ence to tho Dleglo trial or other brib
ery case cut out.
hfat mm
,11 MUM I M fc.
rr"'"' 'oiiirfn nwrn
OHcer uven
The Land Showing Almost
Unprecedented Caloric
Suffering Intense Prostra-
tons and Death Being
Common Over the Land.
Ilv Ttnltnil I'rt.s Wlra.
T1IK II1:AT l)liTII ItOliL. A
Now York Ton.
Ktna, Ohio ono attempted S
Hiilcldu duo to bout. '
Chicago Twenty-llvo. S.
Mllwaukoj One. r'
innaho Three. '
IMc I nit, Wisconsin One. A
Detroit Ono. f'
St. Uiuls Two.
I'Clevoliind Three. r'
llagertown, Maryland Ono. -
Wutorliury, Coniwclleut One. A
I'lttsbtirK Two, A
Uuttlo Creek, Mich. One. A
Newark, Now Jersey Six. A
Philadelphia Klght. A.
A Delaware, O. Three proalra- A,
A tloiw, one doath. Toniperature A
A too. '1
More than seventy deaths and hun
dreds of prostration havo been report
ed during tho Inst twenty-four hours
an u result of' tho most lnlnso heat
wave that has swopt over the oast
and middle west In yeius. In New
York tho mercury touched ninety
ulght, the hlghuht mark since 1SU0
and In many other points, whore tho
100 mark wh passed, all previous to
.cords wiiro smushod.
Suffering has Ken Intonso, parti
cularly In tho larger cities. The tor
rid belt extends from tho Mississippi
river tho tho Allant'c seaboard .
No Inimedliito relief appears to bo
Insight, the weather buroan predicting
a continuation of the bent tonumrow,
It was 103 In tho shade at Marion
today at noon.
Cleveland. July 3. With tho govern
mont's street thortnomotor register
ing 100 degrcofl at noon, threo babies
bad dlril In tho city, of boat whllo
health board olllclals oxpected the
nuinlor to bo Increased lieforo tho end
of the day.
. Cincinnati. Julv 3. Six drownings,
ono death from the boat, and ton pro
Htratlons H0i)tni tho nil of tho heat
wave In Clncfmuitl. At 1:15 toduy
tho temperature ranched nlnoty-elght
.in,.pa. ttin record for tho summer.
iii,.-nnw,., avis. Julv 3. With ono
dead and tn stricken today promised
'. .... ..nulnii1nif Wlinn
to no as win in un jvoi'i'i") ........
tho mercury .reached lot, tho hlghost
II it yoars.
Toledo, O., July 3. All boat records
for this vicinity for ttua past nlno
yoars woro broken here at lo'clock
this afternoon When tho government
thormnmoter registered 0.3 dogroos.
There have been six prostrations slnco
2 o'clock yesterday nftornoon. Streot
lvel thermomotors show 100.
Wllllnmantte. Coiyi., July 3. A
.standard thermometer roglstorud 113
Idegreos In the sun down this noon It
was 100 degrees. In the shade. Today
lwat broke all iqrjner rccorus.
This Interesting pliotograpli "f the rnx of KuRlbnd's iient curun.itionspfi t,i le. tin- pushing ur the goldni
coach of roynlt iiIdiik the mall on Its way tu WafltmlnUti-i abbey b$urltig King (leorgf and Hui-en Msry to their
chairs of state, H the first received In this country, i It w.n taken Jut ns the sun made Its llrst appearance for
two lns from behind thi1 clouds tun! Hd'Jed natfire'i Anal Klorilloatlnn to the rem.nkable efforts of the 'people
of the HrltlKli empire. The eight cream colored horjeu In iholr morocco and solid gold harm ss are trending
,i Jauutllv as though they were taking the plaudits? of tin crowd to them wlvc vi iv d t.ill of th living wull
of sohllcn that guarded the route li shown, and hntli are ai salute both in tin1 graifdHtnn K undun the park
g icn. j f ', .
mm FiVFHSt
Bird Men Flying Across the
English Channel in
Competing in the Seventh
Stage of the Great Euro
pean Circuit Race.
iVedrine Crosses the Chan
nel Arrving at Dover at
4.39 this Morning Lead
ing the var, of Flyers.
nlMiiuco Oxer llir Cliui'iilu Wnlcr
Is 'J I Mil'-, ".'Unlit liiicKliiff In Inci
dents mid of Itiilhvny Trawl Ac
curacy, lly Unllnl Preati Wlro.
July 10. 1 000 'Hubert
Latham, drirpped Into water
within sight of Dover.
July 2R, 11100 Louis nlorlot.
(Irst to cross English channel.
Klew from Sangatte, France, to
May 21. 1!U0 Count de
Lowell, Calais to Dover.
Juno 2. 1!U0 Hon. O. S.
KolUn, Dover to Calais and re
turn without a stop. Was later
killed when his aeroplane fell
with him.
August I, 1910 .John U.
Molwint, from Amlena, Franco,
to Dover, with hla mechani
cian. First to croas channel
with u pamienger. Wns later
kllltit near New Orleans.
DCeember 21, 1!10 -Thomas
Kopwllh, Dover to Calais.
December 23, 1010 Cecil
flraco, crossed Dover to Cubits
nud was returning with stop
when lost his way near Mng
llsh coast In the fog and was
nevur hearM of again.
i i l H a i
London. July 8. Hoglnnlng at 1:39
o'clock ,thls morning whou Plerro
Vedrlno laudud, at Dovur from his
transchannol lllght, i constant stream
,r I tin contestants In the Elll'OPWlll
Circuit raco havo ci-oisod tho channel.
a feat that when Urs acconipiisiieu
liv r.nula HleiinL on July 25, 1909, ns-
tounded the world. Thoso who haw
made tho IllKht Jif safety nro Vordlno.
Vldflit, Klmmerllng, Ensign Connonu,
Valentine. Oarros, Hountix, Train,
Olbert nnd TnhutMi.
London, July 3. 'I?w yonra ngn this
month, when Loiibj Ulorlot tnude the
first trans-oluiiiilhr nernpUue lllKlUt
in., whole world gunned in amasses
ulV(H J a via torn , i
lit, nume It in u
of WliJ' and with
, made the
same lllght
mutter of
fact sort of w
vlth ucli ease
and preolslon.rt
bat tho hours proces-
slon ovpr tj!o
gjiauiu'.l .was almost
laciungip, lntjj
Myers if1 th
them eontlnuul
NotJoTllv did thei.0
tliiflfflmnn'el.liut injJst of
iletjItfF ifMton, BljgwjjJJes.
ond!8(hTil5rotliig!r frlp-
'Piiortlt 'or' lnd
of nlnetv-throc mlleu from Calais
Tlw avlnturs who thus added them
selves to tho channel dy
ers roll woro: Vedrine, Vll
art. Klmmorllng, Connoau. (Ilylng un
der tho name of UeuumnnD; Valen
tine, Oarros, ltennux. Train, Olbert,
Tabuteau and Uarra.
Thoy were competing In tho seventh
stage of tlw European circuit race.
Vedrlno was first trt uross tho channel,
arriving at Dover at 4jS9. For tho
next hour then- wh an arrival, either
at Dover or tome point on Uio Eng
lish coast" every few minutes.
Uenaux oroi-Kd, with a passenger.
Olbert made Hi sjee1lost trl over
the churning stretch of water, thirty
seven minutes unil llfty-seven sec
onds. The dlsiapco was about twenty
four mllos. Thoro was . speolul jirlao
for this foat. Vedrlno was also first
at llondon, winning n prlzo of JH.MO.
This makoH blm winner In four of
tho seven stageaf
An enormous ajr.nivd greoted tho lly
ora at Henib'ii, Qrahnme-Whlto be
ing the- first to c.pngratulut tlioin. Tho
lIlghtH were so lnuklng hi Incidents
nd were of -vujlirallwny travel nc
curacy that th enthusiasm of the
crowd soon enj&nde.d Itself.
Rmlln Train, whoso machine struck
and killed W iiiMlnlster Hertenux at
tho start of cho larls-Mudrld (race,
wna forced to descend at Now Ilnvun,
lietweon Shonhjim and Dover, owning
to mechanical iroiiiiio. i'or me suiii"
reason Olbert Tuld to alight near
Dorking and HfflRt nil Itonaux near
Eastbourne. Ij'n of tho mishaps
wan at all Ht-iffli, All evotpt these
roaehod Hfindonf;
Provoat was tlip Only llyor at Calais
who did not xm the channel. An
Injury to His timeline prevented him
from making tijfHllglit.
Tlve Europe tB,Qjroult raco began on
June 10 In a iliiuji from the Vlnconnus
nerodr6me n irTPJjrls. to Liege. Suc
ivn slncres wora from Lleg to tho
'ilspa nnit rotum Jo Iltecht. to llrussels,
'" . . .. . ... 1 W.1..IH till... Knlllll iMtlltf
til KOIIlllllX, I' MPMUH. lie Id..... -
Ftages will l.'joelc to dials nun
thence to P'"lgr Tho total uistanw
will bo iilmiit !).mlliw and the total
prices nenrlv Uffljjipo,
AhU Ailillllliiinl llisliiuiloii.
Columbus. O.SIKTuly . At 9:20 tills
morning the Dffiglo Jury asked Judge
KlnkeaJ, for
loual Instruction on
the dictagraph ftvjjlence, the telephone
fillUged to
have taken
ttliiei lietivei l
ectlvo Smiley and
Senntor Cetoiu?
ltd the alleged con-
verantlon lu-uvo
ijf Senator Andrews
unit Smiley.
Judge Klnliiwiij ordered the tesil
mony of stenngruplier It. It. Walcutt.
as to what ",jyyi,'t over the dlcta
gropb, and tln.TffflJlmfiny of Detective
Smiley as ti msV conversation wlih
Honator And i vgroftd to tho Jury
from the limit rcftnrds, The Jury then
retired for MrUJr deliberations.
. -r ,, i i, i , n ,
Summer. AVIiilu lloun',
Hoston, Mt'guly 1. holiiyed an
hour In tin tru'risler ut New York.
Presldont T"'t
i) his household ar
tfitfou here at i oi
ED his summer borne
party crossed tin
Htuttiin and prui'i'i'd
jjfHtnut, the raliioad
ttmettu, the siiinmi't'
rlvod at the MUitji
today on Ills liB
lit Heverl). Tift
Ity to thu nrt)fi
Oil at once tu .VS
point nearest Put
White House ,'
Today otev
For Angelina Napolitano
Manifested Throughout
the Country.
She Killed her Husband Be
cause of an Infamous
And the Bull-Headed Eng
lish Haven't Gumption
Enough to Know That Sho
To be Set Free They May Not Llten
Itwu lo the World-Wide Ilenmiiil
Tlilil She be Heprltneil.
Hv United PrftBS Wlr
A , A
A IFlve persons with no ties to A
A bind them have already offered A
A to die If the law will spare Mrs. A
A Angelina Niipnlltano to her A
A children. They arn: '-
;' S. II. Whitney, railroad ninn A
A of Clinton, Illinois. -
A Dr. Alexnntter Aalto, of Ash- A
A tabula. Ohio. A
A. Dr. II. S. Tanner, the "oiig- A
A Iniil forty-day faster," of Los A
A Anfeles, Cnllfornln. '
A Patrick R Fallon, n Urltlsh A
A mibject. living In ChlcnK11- '-
1' tMlaa or Mrs. Elnile lirlttnn, A
A of Spring Valley. Wlsennaon. A
A The general demand for the A
A saving of the life of Mra. An- '
A gellnu Napolltano la shown by A
A the fact that In the following A
A cities petltloua have been alRn- A
A ed by thousand of peiwoua- A
A Evanaxille, Terre Hniito, In- A
A illanus St. Paul, Minnesota; Co- A
A lumhiia, Ohio; Des 'Moines. A
A Iowa; Denver. Col.; Wilkes- A
A bane. Pa.: San Dingo. Calif ; A
A Portland, Ore.: Sun Francisco; A
A Muskogee. Oklahoma City. Ox- A
A lahoma; Fresno Calif.; Ta- A
coma. Waali.; Detroit. Mich.; f
Sioux City. lowu: Herkeley, A
Calif,; Covington, Ken.! ; Akron, '-
Ohio; Sacramento. Cnllf.t.Tnle A
do, Clevoland. Cincinnati. Ohio;
Dallas, Texan. r
Thnuafinds of other patltlons, A
alnglVt'hnvo gnno In from other A
dtfi. - ''
WiMIIIIUl "(ii-i . ...
.n n n..f l.lltr 1 .
-In n
i'.lighted iprlson . cell,
AngelJurr'Napolltano wnlta to become
,i niotiujr. AV'thln ten day sho ex
pects hoji ilfth child to bo born to her
In d T&wot'o cciiner of th Jail, the
giillnwj'nttt to kill 'tno mother as
soon njjMjie new-born babe may be
tukeirjSnn her breast.
In ,tnp mittfWe world, Uorroreil at
the tln(lTRht. lumdreds of thousands of
men and women are petitioning
.igalnst Hip death penaltv in this c.is.
demnndlng that August 9 shall pass
without this woman dropping to death
Into the tnnw of the gallows-benst
'For Angelina Napolltano, Uio- ,'b
she slew her liualmnil, killed bin.
rather than yluld to his unthinkable
demand t,hnt she sell 'hersnlf and give
blm the money earned by the sulo of
her honor as a woman, a wife ami a
In Ottawa, Ontario, Mlnlstor of Jus
Hi e Alesworth. whose recommenda
timl to Earl drey, governor gelieul of
the Dominion of Canada, will doom,
this mother to die nt tho rope's end
or send her free Into the world to
mother the children that already hae
been horn and the child that yet Is to
he born. Is deluged dally with peti
tions pleading -for her pardon. From
ivtrv province III cnniiMa. from pver
n.it. lii the American union, from
the kingdom over the spn, men and
women are writing, urging mercy It
w.ison Easter Sunduy Aiprll 1(1 that
Mrs. N'apolloano slew her beast of .i
ti.isb.in 1. but so nulck Is Urltlsh Justice
that she atreadv would hrfve died on
tin gnlliVs had the law been Willing,
to kill two persons with ah m
inn ise lur Mtb. Ntipolltalto Is soorw
to bei .line a mother, to bring into the
w. rid a child b.v the mun who would
have sold her for money. And so her
lie.ith Is decreed to take place August
!. unless Eurl Grey yields to thi
world-wide clamor that she either Ims
rreci or else havo her sentence com
muted to Imprisonment. f; , ,,
The meek llttlo Italian ttvoimtn-'
she speaks little EngllslMtlooK nM
complain. Hut often In thonlght th
d. ath watch those grim tnatrons wim
I.-... I...M mi.tl.l llin
W itch every move, oeor "4
nutniM of her four children and gasp
br kin pravers for tho child that is
to be her's for n very few brief day
The woman cannot bo called pret
b She Is twenty-eight. Twelxe
Mars ago sho marrleU Pletro Napoll
t.ino in Italy. Ten ywir ago he
bi ought his child wife to America.
They llve-d In New York's teeming lit
tle Itulv for seven years. Three years
ago they wont to Thessttlon, Ontario,
and lived on a furm of Plotro's broth
el . Two vonrti ago thoy came to the
Soo and were swallowed up In another
Little Italy.
Until last October, they woro happj
In their poverty-stricken way. Then
Pletro gave her'10 nnd went away.
You can make more," he told her.
Pletro wanted her to sell herself.
Of the Glorious Fourth of
July Tomorrow.
What it has Saved to Cut
Out Percussion Caps,
GiantC rackers and Oth
er Causes of Lockjaw.
Jiy Ulllli:u 4 w ,....
X A A ? A A A A A A A A A A
.... ......... 1 1)..A.c, W'lrn
Tho following tnblo will
show how deaths and Injuries
have decreased as tho "sare
and sane fourth" Idea has In
Your. Dealt.
11)03 HiC
11104 283
HlOr. 1S2
1901J IT'S
1907 10-1
1D0S 1C3
1909 If'"
11)10 131
1U11 1
Tomorrow M I!lKctntltii.
Hilcago, July 3. Tho "safe and
sane fourth of July" movement. Instl
...tu,i tivr.tiM vears ngo. Is meeting with
fiich marked success that tomorrow's
death roll Is expected to be the small
est III years.
... . n ..r im country, roports
I'l.Jlll Ut. w - --
are coming 1" that pageants, parades,
speeches, games nnd picnics win "
the placo of tho ratal iy piaiui
the deadly tlrecrackor.
j...... ih nrk HiisnliiV8 as are al
lowed and in nearly every case the
will be on a far larger and grander
scale than was possible under former
conditions will bo tinner in. ..--Hon
of qxpert and licensed handlers
of explosives, conducted In such a
manner as to minimize danger and
give the maximum amount of pleasure
to the greatest crowd.
in only two cltlos of Importance has
the crusade been officially Ignored
a?, "ru" izrzs' ' usrzzz
.o I.H.V - - . . u off .that fathered the resolution nenounc
eolebrauts V ",00t .l ,.0Ul '? oBh lg Senator Iiurtorl for the same ra
".! "'"Lr S n r iiinmtit.os. by en- o .t tho OrnndArmy encampment at
r reins rigid tiro laws, have made the,L.iraln two weeks ago.
sale of llroworks a matter of prno
tloal Impossibility.
The Massachusetts state law, which
wont Hit" oftoft Just boforo last In
dependence day was not rigidly on
forced boonuso fow dealers were aware
of its provisions. Rvon then the
death and Injured lists wero materia -ly
decreased. This year It Is oxvei
ed thev will bo minimized, laklni,
tho place of duath-deallng nreworks.
the Independence day spirit Is being
fosterod by historical pageants and
festivals, embodying social, patriotic
and Intellectual elements.
Many Invitations Received
by Him to Make Speeches
in Cities.
Will Stop at Muncie and As
sist in Raising Sum of
$100,000 for Y. M. C. A.
"Peace" will be His Subject
in Marion, Indiana, inhere
. There is, a Military Home.
Pnvdilcnt Kxpcctcd to Indors.' the AN
,tlrloli Current) Hill Sheltering
Heiit Worn Him Out Vt'stciilay.
ill' tJlllltMl. Pi-Kim Wlre.
r -.-,, w ,
ClovehiilllJuly Xr-.H0Klnnlnt ft
vnit'do Ohio unil Indiana,
f$tjrM(ult 'IWt'uroso early this morn
ing to allures it crowd that gathered
to greet him nt Cleveland. Tho pres
ident endorsed the "suno fourth" Idea
which Cleveland has Inaugurated.
Waul the President to Seiil.
A batch of telegrams asking the
president to stop at various places
along the road and make real plat
form speeches bus caused tUlte u
change In his schedule. Cleveland
was the first stop added. He Jilao
agreed to a request from the Muncie,
Indiana. Y. M. C. A. that ho would
stop there and assist In tho raising
of a $100,000 fund. A request from"
Winchester, Indiana, for a rear plat
form speech was also answored favor
nbly. Several ofhor similar .requests
wiiroirouelvt. ,
Tht) nraslde'it, today signed nnd re
turned to Yashligton ttnj ,'order of
Acting Secretary of tho 'Navy Nlcli-
nlunn rntlrlnir fnllrtouti tinvnt Offlcem.
Tin. 1 1 Mt ivun nnnrnveil ns nrennred
by the navy retiring board. Thir nameb I
of two officers to be corppillHorJly, re- J
liren win piooaoiy oo muue puuuc in
Washliigton' lout!)-. " , . .'.
"J'cnce" nt Home.
This nftet'ngon the president will
mako a s'pe'eoh on "Pence" at tho
National 'Military 4 home nt Marlon,
Indian. Ho will also endorse the
"Aldrlch currency plan before a
meeting of bankers .ami eilltors.
Ho will reach Indianapolis late to
night and tomorrow will tackle a
sttenuous program In the Hoosler city.
A sweltering boat lids followed the
president all the way from Washing
ton on this trip. Yesterday's Journev
across Massachusetts tired him out
considerably but a cool ride along tho
lake last night was some compensation.
Sweltering Swirl.
Hellefontntno. O., July 3. Caught
In the sweltering swirl of heiit that
swept the central states today Preel
dent Tnft meandered ncross Ohio,
made several short spoeches and per
spired freely. The president's train
was an hour late all tho way across
tho aUite but small orowJe waited In
the broiling sun ut almost every town
along tho linu. Tuft mopping hit
streaming brow, strolled out on the
platform ut each Btop and condoled
ntth the crowd about the heat.
, At r.nllnn. O.. bo remarked "You
wnav think it Is hot out there but It's
just about twice a hot Inside thin
t:ar," and the crowd laughed.
The temperature in tno presiueni
far ranged from nlnety-slx to iilnety
nlno throughout the trip and tho big
president lolled In his oapucloua chair
with several electric fans trained up
on h'm. Dr. Shunklln. ut Wellesley
college paid tho president u visit be
iv.,..ii nllon and Marion. Ohio. At
'Marlon a small sweltering crowd held
t CnnVersutlon with tlw presldont. The
Jattor sent his legarus to warren u.
Harding, the unsuccessful candidate
for governor of uiuo last inn, wim
lives In Marlon.
At Itushsylvanl ft cotniiny of boy
scouts" groeted the president. Presi
dent Tnft told them ho hoped they
Would never have to wear their khaki
uniforms excopt In tlmos of peace.
At Hollefontalne u good slzou crown
gathered to greet tho president. He
made quite, u talk on conditions In
,ohlt which was enthusKistlcally re
When President Taft arrived here,
there was a noticeable absence of old
fcoldters In tho crowd. It was learned
Uiat some of the veterans had or
ganized , movement to remain nway
bocause of tho president's reported op-
... ... .. ...ll ....!.,.. 1,111
s, ... MmM,, q. a.,.. ,.
-Dsm(m io hid miiiunuy iiriioiu.i ..,.
'Liverpool, July 3. The transatlantic
steamship companies here and the
striking soamon hnv'renohotl a set.1
tlemont satisfactory to alii This ends
tho strike on all lines running out of
Liverpool. Sailings sohedules will be
resumed nt once.
At Hull, where tho families of the
strikers aro on the verge of starvation,
negotiations wore resumed today with
prospects of settlement.
neiiorts from other ports Indicate
general settlements through compro
j .

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