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HoI K Can Be Mad DiHnt,
And Bnterteining
THE following Is a description of
a novel entertainment which 1
attended Inst Hallowe'en:
Tho guests were admitted by a Jig -
lire draped In whlto with a whlto
mask ovor her fare, who silently
pointed to tho stairs: when they
renched tho top of tho stairs nuothcr
ghostly figure pointed to tho rooms
where thny worn to leave tholr wraps.
As soon as all tho guests had nr-
rived we commenced tlfo games The
first game was .allod "Eyes." We hud
half of tho library, and had cut places
for eyes In it, the ghost (who hnd
n.i .i. .i..i ..v.t i . ...
"" '" "" "i minimum 1UI II1U
to follow hor. and led them Into
Ibrnrv the ntlmr trlinut ...!
lornry mo oiner gnoit gne
tbc library
write on their cards to whom the
different eyes belonged (there were
;,LV" , , " 3, i nf 1,,,i
When the boys had guessed, the girls
were rent, out of tho room and tho
boys took their places; at the end of
the gamo tho cards were collected and
the boy and girl guessing tho groat
est nn'nihnr nt nvo mrrnfttv worn
of the boys a pic. c of cardboard , r.J V,.I " . "'.,.. ::..:. IV . ''. "
'1 a iienell. The elrli were to otand """ 'c" "" "',u,I " u, ".l?r
tho muslin (only their eyes L.l". TA "? PumpKin
I. ,.lnM,tn .,. l, l.-.. ......... ... IIHllirill Willi LWU lUtCB UI1U UU UUUI1
fr, (IDIUIUli UIIU L11V lltlj VIU IU
er-h given a small pumpkin candy wl'lto Ink.
box filled with candy In the form of ' The refreshments woro served on
rralni of corn. I fast eolurod papor plates, which woro
A large ear of corn was noxt tied decorated with old witches, owls, and
t" the chandelier, and the contest black cats, and consisted of apples,
wcj to see who could guess the num- doughnuts, Individual squaro .pump
ber of kernels on tho ear. Tho prizes ' kin pies, (little cakeswlth funny fnecs
f"- this game were two hoses In the i on them, popcorn, chestnutu, and
shape of ears of corn, and filled with mnrshmnllowi!.
the same candy corn as wcro the ' When they had finished tho re
pumplJln boxes. I freshments they counted their apple
Tho last gamo of the evening was a j seeds and threw tho apple peel, over
larjto sheet with a punipku cut out tholr shoulders, according to tlus old.
of yellow cliccoo cloth pasted on the
center' this pumpkin was mndc with
oyes. nose and mouth, and the guests
were to see how near tho eyes they
cculd pin fwhllo blindfolded), the
HgW BS&13
Belts of suedo and patent leather
v.'l continue In first, fashion for
fa": wear. Without a doubt they
re tho most rcrvleoaulo, wear
tcUor and look uotter for a
longer time than any othor kind.
Tfco shops nro now showing buautlful
new styles, with all sorts of fancy
buckles--some of them set with
mock jewels, Inlaid with enamel or
carved In Intricate designs.
The bolts themselves aro In tho
most pnrt plain, hut for tho woman
who desires a fnney touch to hor cos
tume n.t tho waist lino thero Is a wide
solcctlom of fancy models. A black
patent leather bolt will hIiow a lining
and binding of whlto or some vivid
colored satin.
Persian designs are Inset in tho
'contor and sides of the bolts, show
ing a lining of multicolored silk.
Straps and cross-bnrs of shiny kid aro
used for ornamentation also. Some
of tho belts aro made of soft leather
that la very pliable and, when placed
taut about tho waist, wrinkles
slightly. Other wldo beltB tako tho
form of a girdle and aro fastened
with long metal buckles covered with
Ipatont leather.
Practically tho samo styles aro car
oled out In the belts of suede. These,
Ihowover, often show designs of metal
nnllheads all tho way around. A very
.attrnctlvo bolt Is. of golden brown
'suede, which slips through several ob
long slides that aro connected nt each
'end with flno chains and nro set with
Imitation topaz in stlvor filigree.
Whlto suodo Is. of courso, tho proper
bolt to wear with whlto gowns, espe
cially with the white sorgo skirts and
llngerlo blouses.
Theso can be easily cleaned and.
promise to ho vory popular during the
early fall with serge suits.
;, Worth ICnowing.
" To removo grass stains from cotton
goods wash In alcohol.
Keep whlto wax on hand for wax
ing stlkateau, for It h difficult to
' To removo Iron rust saturato spot
with lemon juice and covor with salt.
Let stand In tho sun for several
When sewing In sleoves, Instead of
binding the seams use tho French
team. It is much neater and quick
ly dono.
Whon replanting plants, first place
the dirt in a pan and put in hot oven
'for a fow minutes. This will destroy
nil worms and slugs,
'A little g)uo dissolved in skim milk
and water will restoro old cropo, Dip
the crepe lightly into tho mixturo and
hang to dry in the open air.
A, r,ooA way to hjeaoh linen or lrco
Is to put it la a towel or soapy water
sail wt it out In the strong sunlight.
If It will be exposod thus to dust and
airt, pltfco a piece of glass over It.
i '
Whwi going from a warm ntmos
,pbere Into a cooler one, keep tho
inr - wi Mil ! i ii ,M -!, 17 R3& BsiPv' && r ' " -----.rr , ' r - .
aBM, fc)- iv ;j i oTfti vs7&ajssS!i .'ii . mmm. - ,i .- by lucilk daudet.
i little, yellow pumpkins, also cut out
of chceso cloth. Tho girl who camo
the nenrost was awarded a llttlo rc-
' tolpt book with a pumpkin , painted
, on tho cover, and filled with receipts
, for pumpkin, In nil sort of ways. Tho
hoy's prlzo was a llttlo pumpkin
scarf pin.
,, ,
! W"on this game was finished tho
lmi I'eoplo -wore Invited to'thc din-
' KjFJP'lT'y.fnVrnWh
,?8t,n , ' ; ",r..l ? 1 ?".
."! jnwn ,vyj j'lvt m iivvuiuvuu
' J""1 i'M
j K'1!' W".n" ,?'
I the table, the cndsi
with old witches .and black cats
ilfcl In strips across
coming In front of
,.,, .. ...,, .i. 1 ,l
7, ', " :" "' ' u, "V "A1?,,"1' "K "u',u
mid tho length of t3io tablo. At each
,, ,... i, ,,,,,i,i nii.i nii,
side. Bittersweet bocrlcs wcro .ar
ranged around' tho pumpkins, and nlso
' n tllfl chnnilcllor. Two pumpkin
on the chnndollor. Tbei"chosts" who
had helped with tho ' othor games,
waited on trdde.
Tho place cards wero cats cut out
of black cardboard. tli9 oyes. nose.
' mouth and name lolnc made with
After her guests hnd conoMadirs
told us that they all said It hadbeon
much nlcor than any Ilalowo'oh par
ty they had ever attended before.
mouth always closed, Bentlmt tho nlr
may bo warmed by its passngo
through .thetuoso oro if reaches ihe
lungs ,
" '.lk r-iij T,
iuunuiir ivuKS. "
Matting and .matting rugsof straw
may be froshone by washing with
salfvuid water and thon ruhblngtdry
quickly with a cloth. To.provcnt em
broidery from puckerlng.basto tissue
papor under the part to bo embroid
ered. It will easily pull away.uWhon
tho worklis finished. , fv
.. ... a k- i-
'' Cooking. Butter, r1
Itancid butter is clarified fombak
ing purposes by heating it in hotMva
tor, Tho butto;' should then khe set
asldo to cool, ' It rises to the top and
enri ho lffted off with a knife. It
should bo used at-onco. Add u llttlo
salt to the water' . ,, ,
' TV,V Stenciling, V
Portieres, painted on one sldo only,
with marks of tho stencil on tho, op
posite side, should bo lilted on the
wrong sldo with a thin Oriental silk
to match tho color schema of tho room
in which the wrong sides of tho cur
tulns ui'Pear.
: wsr sxzr wr dBKX vfc VVvn XTS -k .-jvlp ,--N UTCtl
I ?. TW !" ,. IA . H&HH&3i3"4 ln7A . t, .
j as x - ; r " i rrw t i '--; '- -' wi nI73?Sk.
rfOyXL Zt COr .?
. ' cimmw ' : a v immsz
wmm fe?iliw ' Mm 1 fwBb. -
. . , fm I' flEK,
IIIHII. '- ." .,J' ( MM rW lHKJIBk, J
Mmmx9bMRm -VMmmmMlmlsiKBaU , MMmmW -? "rK iu.jS
i m ii - mm. -wmmmmm
f.vSHfJ i.. -T'? ;daP s'.sr. : .
--- - B...?Tfx'fl INt -''. C TJKV ' Jti
.' U.4 M' r tlfe s- . . - - & , wmxii ' a- .
Mi it ir:.-yjwiwnfcT-r . i; - iT'ww ;.tv
.Blij; , IBFw'Wl" Iw' j t i
SIMPLICITY Is the loading characteristic of full hats. -Folt mllllnory
with no trimming, but the more band of ribbon, which extends about
the crown, will be the favorite fashions for nil occasions, with por
Jinps an occasional wing, or a flower or two to roliovo tho severity of tho
,a V01?!0 D,8 wo11 n8 Bma11 shapes aro being uhown, and the varloty Is
what hor reqnulKrem8nla 8ff0rd a becom,n 'bat for overy wdmnri, no matter
summer l!iK!! We"r U' b0nnot W!1,Ch IiaS heen 800 through tho
bonriat ,,f a lin?rv eve a oualnterstylo, and resembles the old-fashioned
w'r?i whj, v ry.ng? ,n "s soneral appearance. Wfilto felt huts nro
S Ik r!,0f.80,vv' tho llngerlo frook is as 0ftd ioppod by a'
i fit. - h I a.s,lH lhe trt'rod suit. It is rumored that .extremely novel
designs aro to hO offered for later fall wear. ."" "vei
rMmwm A . ,vv ". :;
'-'': tmml.' ',. a W&znmk.
wrMmmmmr a 'L. , mwmmmm-
K (" '' ' '.' -ifev, J W!L 'J V 1,B&k ' 11.
jff jr .! a fijoy
.. .. t ill! a; ait: bhh.
s Ml 'Ml I 8lli "Air & 'mfWBk ,
Mr HIS llttlo sormon was dollvored
S at my hairdresser's. Two girls
wero chattering In tin chairs
tmcic or mo. i could see tholr races
In tho mirror. Ono girl was alert in
manner and hor voice had a certain
ring of coufldenco. Tho othor girl
spoko lazily and 'somewhat complaiu
ingly. It seemed that girl No. 1 was hav
ing hor hair troatod, and In ordor to
savo it from falling out a rather sticky
olntmont was used, a 111 Not 2 was
also losing hor hair, but rofusord to
havo tho sticky ointment rubbed In.
"It makes nly hair look hideous,"
she said. "I don't soo how you can
stand it."
Hor frlond turned to hor quickly.
"Some day you'll envy mo and think
thut It was an unkind fato that made
you bald; but it won't ho fato at all;
you will simply ho, reaping tho result
of your obstinacy and of your dislike
of tho unpleasant. It's all of a piece,"
she pursued, "with tho way you
used to scold mo for staying In and
practicing on tho piano while you
wero out having a good time. You
said that llfo was short and that wo
could enjoy it only once. And now
you envy mo bccauBo I mnko Biich an
easy living with my concert work and
you nro titlll dopondent upon tho
bounty of others."
It was a sharp llttlo Iecturo, but'
thoro was much truth In it. Wo nro
so apt to envy othor peoplo. Wo call
them lucky, when-, as a mattor of
fact, thero is back of their success
n force, a solf-saorUlce, that has made
tholr Inter good f6rturio possible,
Buccestsful mon, bb a rulo, ilx a
point and work up to Jt. Women, on
tho othor hand, drift; thoy do not un
derstand that flach year should ho a
milestono along tho .way.
Men, from tho time thoy are llttlo
boys, soo nhead of them some goal.
Thoy asplro to he presldont of the
United States, a Justice of tho Bu
prorao court, a groat surgeon, u great
artist or a freat business man Thoy
dream of tholr futuro and count each
month ns precious tlmo to ho filled
with nets that shall help In tho car
rying out of tholr ambition. They
lot nothing stand in tho way, and
thus we hear of boys who havo been
rall-spllttors and canal boys reach
ing tho highest olilco within tho gift
of tho peoplo.
It would seem to mo that a ques
t on.thnt pack girl might ask at thU
tlmo of tho yoar's nwakoulng Is;
"What can I do In tho months to
como to mnko mysolf of more account
to my employer? What can I do that
J did not do last yoar?" Or, If flhqtis
in business for horself sho would
question: "How can I Incronso my
Incomo?" Kach year should show an
advnuce over tho past roco'd. Husl
nees mon understand this, and, by
advertising or by soma aggressive
plnns, thoy push forward. Women aro
moro contont to stagnate. Thoy 'hnve
onough to oat, enought to wonr and
thoy aro fairly comfortable. There
fore thoy lot well onough nlona. Tlmv
do not soom to roa)I.o that they
might havo moro, that everything
may como to them If thoy will have
It so. I do not mean that every girl
can. be rich or famous but 1 do mean
uiai ovory girl, uniqitn',Hhu' Is "Bdrl
oiisly handicapped, can Improvo hor
Cj,u,ni, lrisn point, nppiiquo,
Swiss, torchon, In fact, all of
tho laces havo somo way In.
which they can be meudod bo that
their beauty ns well as their durabili
ty will Eervo ono to tho best purpose
Firstly, though, let us keep Ihjnlnd.
that being amateur lace mondcrs wo
must shun putting in such a perfect!
paicn mat tno casual oosorvcr can'
distinguish It at a distance, theso i
tiny patches should ho mndo into lr-
rnclllnr oitcrnrl nffnlro an rfinf rhAVi
will not bo notlcoablo oxcopt undorl
very, very closo Inspection.
It Is truo thnt Jnecod odncs should !
always bo cut away, for thov aro at
detriment to good work, hut oven at!
that It can bo mndo so that tho edges j
do not run perfectly circular or
spare. j
To secure good laco cntnils Kroat '
expense, ro It Is no wonder that thpso '
who possess It aro anxious to keen it !
In good repair, for It Is woll known
that real lnco can not bo bought ov-
cry day; so oven with constant wear!
such a lnco should bo mndo to last '
for a couple of generations at least. '
A largo quantity of Swiss and Irish :
point laces that aro now used, as:
Dutch collnra and neck nppurton-'
anccs In tho rnbat nnd Jabot lino '
have boon resurrected from nooks and ,'
crannies whero thoy hnvo long lain,
nnd for thnt reason they nro so much J
tho moro fondly guarded and cher
ished, for somo of them aro made
from qulto expensive pieces of laco
thnt havo been In tho family prob
ably' for many years. i
To repair any of tho above-
named laces It Is necessary to procure i
a very flue cotton, such as number'
GO or even 80, when it can easily boi
procured, though If one can toll tho!
number of tho cotton In tho original:
working of tho laco It will bo all tho
Tho process with cluny, Irish, baby
Irish, Swiss and torchon laces are nl-,
most all tho same, though baby Irish j
being mado from a moro dollcatoj
thread needs more and kconor atten
tion than any of tho others that are
made with firmer, threads.
With any of tho former whon a!
thread 'Is discovered to bo brokon If
Is nn easy matter to mond it, but
caro should bo taken not to allow It
to, undo too far, for thon truly it will
hnvo to ho placed In tho hands of a
professional laco maker to havo tho
repairing properly dono,
Still whon a torn portion Is well
basted on the foundntlon ns do
Ecribcd, tho hanging threads aro
caught up In tholr order to that on
a spool of tho proper size cotton and
then tho crocheting stitch Is worked
ns ono would tho natural laco until
tho damage hns disappeared, so It
really Is slmplo If you can just mako
a fow loop stitches with a crochet
Whom there Is very much to do In
tho Ink npot It is bettor to go around
tho plnco to bo ropnlrcd with a neo
dlo and sowing cotton, piercing tho
many threads, nnd ihus Unking thorn
up In such a manner as to strengthen
It so that tho real defect can bo gone
ovor more reassuringly, nnd thus, al
so, tho work i3 moro lasting In lt3
In working if repair In tho cluny
lnco, especially, tho frayed edges aro
drawn out with tho thumb and first
finger and upon Inspection It will bo
seen whether It will bo totter to draw
them together with a ncedlo and thin
thread or to cut thorn off and work
a tiny patch.
Whon It Is possible to do without
tho patch, tho ncedlo chould bo made
to pass tho thread loosely through tho
loops of tho good lace and when this
Is Impossible It Is necessary to mako
one's own loops, so that, they might
tho moro easily bo connected with tho
succeeding work.
O - , J
-' " a iF""2
Embroldorcd muslin fichus and
fichus of tullo, with a narrow flounco
outlining thorn, are tho ordor of 'tho
day. Thpy s'vo a novel charactor to
tho tunic and mako a dress of bro
dorlo anglaiso or ombroldered lawn'of
last season quite up to dnto. v
Tho sleevo3 are short and tho el
bow finished with a narrow flounco
of elthor tullo or rouslu to match tho
fichu, and tho neck is "flllod 111" with
plain tullo or net, surmounted by a
high collar band woll boned and neat
ly fastened at the back.
Ovor this Is draped the transparent
whlto material thnt composes the
fichu; tho ondB nro tucked away at
tho sldo after crossing In front, A
pink rose, pinned on the right, is a
good finish to this stylo of dress and
holps to glva it something of rho 18th
contury character,
The .blending of satin nnd volvet
with embroidered lnwns.nnd broderlo
anglaiso Is flourishing apace, and
many of theso contradictory olegances
are bolng mado rather long, or at
Venst long enough to just want lift
ing. Vory 'often It" Is a caso of tho wash
ing tunic worn over the black satin
slip; and then tho blending Is not so
unpractical as It would seem, ns tho
washing tunic will go to the wash
rind leavo tho black satin slip bohlnd,
us a separnto pntuy.
Tho colffuro which 1b all llttlo curls
dies very hard; indeed, porhaps can
not bo said to bo dyne at all. Cer
tainly uothlhg moro becoming was
over Invented, and nothing Is moro
easily supplemented ut tho hntrdrcss
jflf -

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