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'Why not rent that Va
baNt room tliniogji a Mirror
telagslflcil nd?
The Mirror gives you
tliu ncwrt of Morion and llio
world Just ns it happens. No
' -... 1 1 , 1, h 1 j 1? !' .
Wife Murderer Expiates
Chair Calmly Walks
Adjusting Straps Scene About and in Heath
Bouse Vividly Told
Pitiable Feature Noted case comes to an End.
niclHrtiturt. 'n., Nov. 21 Cnlmly
Binllln), alirtiwt Jiidirferently, Henri'
Clny DwlttUii ff., today pllld his life
or tjt(diu'i.'Tils murdered wife. There
wiM no, lildlciUlon or physical 'Jr; .nitti
trtl wpnkncsa In the young man iwlii
ttrO(lt))lnto the death chamber, itnU
M!aJbd',Jiliiself In the Brim ueui'-ut
Not n,wiljyifriuHio much d
ei nfoHlfy mMtk Ule )i..l he
cun linlf-
expected tf inhkif.'yi. lji'ufdj'
Henry Clay DctitMd went t'o lifo death
no he faced his trial for life with u
ptotestatlou on Ids lips.
Many believe that In the final, torrl
llo days while he awaited iloath Rent
tie may have discussed the crime for
wlilcli ho wns condemned with cither
Ids family or his spiritual advisers.
Rut neither would admit It after Ids
"Whatover Henry Ilcattlp told us we
must keep secret," said tlio Hcv. J. J.
Vx end the Rev. Rcujumin Dennis,
after tho youth had been put to death,
"II la enough for un to nay that ho
Vent to hlb death with tho ultimata
consolation of religion."
Tho execution was conducted with
the precision of a military .drill.
Tho protection which the common
vbath throws about such .scenes was
Mover betler maintained rtnd the onl
olllclal announcement was that Reat
tlo met tho end nt 7:113 O'clock. There
was no announcement as to the exact
.Juno , the . mrentjijyoq
" wlien'tl''ras'turnui" oft or othh'-(WiHh;
of' that nuturc. r ' ,
Ab fnr lis the commonwealth of vir
vJnla1 Ih concerned Henry Clay Reattle,
Ji died at 7:23, paying tho forfeit tiutt
tho commonwealth demanded. It Is
understood that this was tho tmo
when tho heavy current of electricity
Rtruclc oiid stilled the heart of thu
ycuth who brutally llred n shotgun In
to the face of his baby's mother. The
i.owspapors In Virginia are prohibited
by law from,'ubllshlng nioto than the
mero fact that Reattlo was, executed
according to tho momlnto of tho jury
n nd court.
Rlehmond, Va., Nov. 21. Henry Claj
Ucuttlc, Jr., Wuh, executed without a
hitch In tho proceedings and pro
nounced dead at 7:23 o'clock this morn
ing. Ho walked to tho death chair
without faltering and though u hhuduw
c.f his former self, maintained hl com
posure. Tho execution took place Just three
minutes from tho llmo Heattlo stop
ped Into the dosuth chamber, until Di,
"N. T. Oppellholuior, prison surgeon,
announced that It was all over.
Tho prison guards marched In side
by hide with Ilenttle fioni the cell to
tho death chamber, a precaution which
proved unneeesMiry for the convicted
man uovor fulteiod. Directly behind
them camo the Hcv. J. J. Klx and tho
Hcv. Henjnmln -Donnls. Dr. oppon
liehner followed.
Aftor u night of untroubled sleep,
Tleattle awoke to guise, from his barred
window oil a sodden rain hooking
wcild. Rut Impending death within
unci deep , gloom without failed to
hhako his Iron norve. Ho prayed for n
time with his spiritual advisers, Rev.
J. J. l'lx and thu Rev. Renjuniln Den
nis. Tnen came tho lust guard of the
death wautch with tho word that all
was ready.
Unfaltcilug In stop and mien Roattle
took from tho hands of Ruv. Fix Ida
llttlo bible, stepped between the two
nlnlsters and began tho march to
death, Across a llttlo corridor the
tdrango procebslou stood In tho thresh
old of tno room of death. The niustv,
Winduwiess room was lit utter iliulc
ness a moment before. Rut Just as tho
ccndeinned nuui stopped to tho door,
u blitzing, lelleeted light, buist forth
1 1 oni ti cluster of Incandescent globes
Immediately nbovo tlio clumsy polish
cd ouk chair with Its grim llttlngs. Tho
lltrbth throw a circle of wolrd Illumina
tion about thu ciiKlno of death that In-
ICJlblllOU IIIO UUIIVIlVBn ui mu luiliuiimi;!
pf the room. Only the Inilexlblo, grim
choir stood tu glaring outline.
Across the room In the solid daik
tcss sat a dosseu men on llttlo wicker
chairs. They were tho otnclal wit
nesses of tho execution, and they had
been smuggled Into tho mom before
dawn. No one saw them enter tho pri
son and no olio buw them leave.
Routtlo shook hands with tho minis
ters, murmured n word of prayor In
inTknowlodgmont of their blessing, nnd
adviinced to the ehulr His' inannor
Indlcutcd acceptance of Ids fate us n
matter of fact. He seated hlnibolf
calmly In tho ehulr, moving Ids limbs
to uccommodatii the fltlff, heavy straps
as the fttmrdit hueklod them about arm
will thigh. The heavy black cap was
Awful Crime in Elect! ic
to the Chair and Aids in
Great Grief of Father
milled down ovur IiIh head.
Tho Jury Icnncii forwnrd eagerly tv
gnsio at tho strangely luirnosae.il man
In tho clrrlo of lights.. Superintend
unt Wood raised his hand and the
switch woh thrown,
i AIl(te thread of white smoke rose
from tho death cap, tho limbs and
hody V the dying mini twisted Into
(ho utmost tension and, suddenly
e 11 m pled as the current wan reduced
find cut orf. Dr. Opponhclmor leaned
over tho chair, tosted pulso and henrt
n'nd raised his hand. Henry Clay Reat
lle, Jr., hail paid tho death pennlt for
the brtitnl murder of his young wife.
Out In the drls.llng rsln before t.n
renltentlnry a morbid crowd hud stood
tor hours.
At 7:30 these iieoplo surged around
the stoiio gate of tho building as Su
perintendent "Wood appeared.
"It's all over," he said, a hush fell
on the crowd.
"It was very much llko other exe
cutions," ho continued. "It wns over
Hi 7:23," and ho stood looking over the
"Well, he's done, you better n)ovo
on out of hero now," shouted a burlv
policeman, and tho crowd slunk awuy
In tho rain.
Nolle of tho Rcuttio family was near
tho penitentiary, when the young nuir-
mouths, was bowed with sorrow mill
torn. with wlminc.
Uttlo soventoen-yelir-old Hazel
I'onttle, tho dead man's sister nnd his
hi other Douglas, trlid In v.iln to i mi
fort tho father, but their sorrow al
most equaled his. A driving, drizzling
ruin throughout the night had puttcr
oo at the brick walls of the Virginia
penitentiarybut It did not disturb the
sleep of tho smooth faced yojith who
curly to 1 1 roil and sank Into an easy
slumbor. Not until tho guards awak
ened him. to talk with his spiritual ad
visers, who wero on hand at brouk of
day, was his sleep disturbed. The Rev.
J J. Klx and the Row Uunjaniln Den
nis wero ut the penitentiary onrly. to
glyo the last consolation of religion
to tho condemned man. Tho knelt and
prayed with him Just as soon as he
aiosp and began the lgll that was to
end only when they lud him to the fa
tal chair.
Tho debonair dovll-may-earo spirit
that marked Ueattle's whole attitude
niter tho murder of his wife, wab sub
dned as hu faced his last few hours
r n, uarth. Hut he dressed with care
lot (ho Hilar otdoal. (lle seemed de
termined to pi cuervo Ills calmness and
strained to appear at ease.
J-'our months of prison life and pri
son fare, however, had sadly changed
thp I.otharhv of Manchester and the
handsome faeo that lud captivated
ReuUh Rlnford was pasty wldto.
Long beforo Reattlo was called to
death tho crowd of morbidly curious
had gathered before the penitentiary.
Every ono was batrod fimn tho build
ing and half a score of newspaper
men, Joined tho crowd nearly SOU
strong, that Idled about the sldowallc
Half n do.on kept the crowd moving
Tho people stood urouml talking In
hushed whispers, gazing nt the grhn
1 rick front of the penitentiary, seem
ingly unconscious of tho rain, which
it times becitmo a veritable downpour.
Scores of rumors stirred tho crod
It was renorted that Reattlo had con-
lessed. that the chair had failed to 1
work prnpurlythat ho had boon grant
ed . reprieve, Rut not a Avoid came
ft nui thu grout, silent building until
after Reattlo hail died.
DAY. Tho grlef-stilcken father, hrothor.
mil sister, bndo Rcntllo good byo yen-
ttiduy, In as pathetic and huiutronil
Inir u. seono as old Virginia ponlten-
tlary over sheltered and tlloy w;ilkcd
forth together having seen tho lust 01
son mid nrotnor uve.
Arrangements wore iiuido today to
turn tho body of tho doad murderer
ever to Ids hrothor, Douglas, for l'ur
ltd. The family will bury it In tho
Reattlp lot at Maury cemetery.
An hour after tho execution, Douglas
Reattlo entered tho npnvtmcntt. ot
Superintendent Wood and went Into
11 nferenco with hint.
No grave had been dug In tho Rent
tie section of tho Muury ciijnotery this
morning. .Superintendent iff lh 1 cemo
tery Jones said that no application
had lioeu Hindu to him. This step,
Jones' said, won necessary beforo tho
sod could V turned. It was suggest
d thot tho burial would bo postponed
until Hnturduy. tho body being kepi
by ait undei laker until then.
tlercr died. Uuuuvkc.ln Manchester.
TrgTiiaffeurmlYrffuTpast fom
i$JjMi jF jfe, ) IEBf fnhi
Mn., jwl i
Mm& n - ? m
mi&ES&K .tdt-iifmiiiVT w-ii
g . . , . . ftAtt-e&y 1.0s 2m.m.Jm
3A . .' tjQlj?f imncnt Jurortl1
M$.vi&M HwHSw '." .tho Mm
fJilxl :i v.fls,, .ih-.s'3BI
1-7 JmTil&S&lM?' Dnrroy..,fltrt3K
IL "jg-W- Xt'SmfFi
lA C14KK tfify
LjTttfc. the Son.
The Roattle plot In on llttlo knoll
tho cemetery. ,
Vote Your Presidential Preference
In an effort to ascertain the presidential preference
of its readers, The Mirror publishes herewith, a coupon
, ballot through which Ohio voters may make known their
If the reader objects to signing his name he is urged
to bo particular to give the part of the county in which
he lives, as that information will be particularly valu
able in the tabulation of the returns.
, Rrytin.
: - Sti
I.a Kollette.
i V
1 .t
1 ... I
V. digued
If you areinterested in these important questions,
please fill out your ballot promptly and mail t
. . 1
1 Elcht ner-
in incut Jurori
iwTCwTJll in tho box
ill tliu tf
Miiriusppose. AVhon
Judge Ror
F.vyiiod for tho third
h jCirrptorj vhalcngcs,
'. ..,r .i.-. 1. 1.1
Kerilsing ij
me 01,1m .
imss tiieuXV
t""tajT'evin tenta-
live turd
&&&' TW
yi; j''wiuv.niy
- -
1 ns. Mat
w era pass.,
fence's c' 1
C r tho dc-
"j'.ho di fi no fear
ed, the tu .1 ti cause all
that the hariored u prejudice
agtilust 'Mi.Namara nnd they believ
ed tho Tun' building li.nl boon des
troyed !; dwiumltQ,.1
Stevens win .islfttjl I.nriiui couutv
fraud Jm 1.1 rijillct 1 m.in who,
(hough hi h ui iieojjr 'porslsteiitly warn
ed not to t in j rotors to nnd from
polls, In pi h'- rlgig; iiis nil election
day. The m it. will be Immodlately
placed on tu 1
1 ..
iiisriiRisxoi; raiiI.ot.1
County.' ,, ,,T flHt"
1 1"
Says He Sorry For Awful Act But Believes Be is
Now at Peace With GodOne of Most Astound-
. ing Criminals in History completes Awful
Story by Admitting Guilt Which a World Al
ready Believed.
Kb'hinoud, V.i
Heattlo confessed.
!!. Henry
Conrwwlng to tho Inhuman and
brumi nuirdpr or but wife, Henry
'lny Reattlo, Jr., wont to bis 'itoatli
in tlte electric r,Br t0im without
a quiver or u slun of woHkiiewi, tak
ing hlu place In the nnnuls of crime
ns ono of the most untoundlng crim
inals the world has over known.
With the calmneftH that marked
hl plBiinlng and eonnnlion of tho
rimo, Uonttl In hltf ltiMt hours on
mrth wrote and signed his confomlon
111 1110 preyenec of hit) two spiritual
nlvlsors hi bis coll.
He admitted that In cold blood he
in.iile up his mind Umt thu beautiful
vir.' who had Just, borne him n son.
v,i In the way of his enjoyment of
li'e as he liked It.
He n Indited that he had doclde.l
in. with Retilnh Hlniord or Home
iir such girl was tho kind or ex-
1. 11. e bust lilted for hi Idoas of
"in wnont. He did not Intend to
i-r. Delilah lllnford. " ' .
1 ' his frnnio hf-ntlud ho dellhor-
.i ilv Iilanned to mtirdnr lilu i-lfn
Ills Siiir Poorly iMiiiin.-ii.
Hi had pluiuied the story or the
ml. rlotts "bonified hlehu-nmuiu"
,iti adinie and It -as trUe that he
tluew tin- body of the woman across
the Kent behind him as ho aped with
the blood-stained niilomobllo back to
the home of her nnclo. Ills nerve
ami I'lilmiieiw wuia tiurciuleilt but he
lacked cunning. Ills tory of the
beuuled man whs too lllmay and on
It the fabric of his crime Ilmt begun
to crumble.
He was not a good actor, for he
knew but one part- the part of the
micorer. He could not feign the
gilof that would have marked a man
whoxe wife ha .r been- murderod; nor
the Horrnw that normally would have
been felt bj u inun for his boroavej
.111 1 nt son
1'eattle was gild his wife ws tleml
Hi b.'llevoil that he was abniii t
In what he thotlKht was ' frei " 11
tluie things In ndltlil'rd In an as-
St houU, .Mo. Xov. i I -That Mrs
fiertrude nibson I'nttersun, now on
trial In Denver for the mm dor of her
husband, was formerly a well known
denizen of tho sogregut,ed district In
this city; that ho was the proprietors
of a rosort thoro under the liumo of
Oi't'trudu Knight, and that shu figur
ed as 0110 of the principal witnesses
In a Monsntloimt suicide hearing here
In 1901, woro the statemeutH today
transmitted tn filler of l'ollee Arm
strong of Donvor by hCIeC of 1'ollos
Young oT St. Louis.
According to fho letter sent by
fillet Young, Mis. Patterson, us
Uertrudo Knight, lived on Cheutnut
street uivtll tho reform wave hit tho
city in i:i(Jl, when she left the city.
Thomas .Million, formeriv bend of
the "morality sound." bleiitlllud 11
Sihotograph of Mrs. 1'atteison tnkon
by tho Ilartlllon sstem hi Denver, uh
being "Oertrudo Knight." The pho
tograph was also Identified, the police
siij. as that of tho Knight woman by
May Brown, n former associate.
This toHt.'liioiU', together with a
record of tho ooiw of Kdward Alexan
der, was sent to Denvor today Alex
ander was found dead in the Knight
lesort, from morphine poisoning.
May f upplas, ono of tho InmuUs, was
lndlotod 011 u uhurgo of "dellberatoly
asslHtlug anotfipr In committing self
nuirdor." Sho was tried and acquit
ted, (lortruilo Knight was one of tho
principal witnesses In the m.
Denver, Col.. Kov. 24. The details
of what happoned Just befoii and lif
br tho killing or Ohurles 1'ettor
son by his wife on the .mm mug of
Soptomber 25 last, were told to a
u'owded court room toiU i tho
slayor, Mrs. Qertrudo Cllhsou I'utter
After tho long prelude nf nvltiiiR
m tails the defenUunt lodu a 't down J
toiiiuling confeion iiuido tn the Rev.
J J. V nnd the Rev. RonJwuin Den
tils. Then in tlu-lr proianw, he sign
ed 11 brief statement for the public,
t'lii'.liliig Rlow to rather.
The confession was the Jlnal crush
ing blow to U10 Kilef-torn, gruy-linlreil
father of the murderer. Yet In the
frenzy of hi grlof. he saw clearly
the duty to society thHt remained
ami snld: "It Is right that It should
be known. It Is my wlsli that It
Miould bo made public."
Then the ministers handed "tit the
formal statement of the coiucksIoii
as follows:
"I, Henry Clay Roattle. Jr.. desir
ous of sttindliipj right before Clod and
man, do on this the twouty-rotirUi
day of November, lull, confens my
guilt or the crime charged against
".Much that was published concern
ing the details was not true liut the
awful fact without tho harrowing
circumstance remains.
"For this action I am truly sorry
and believing that I am at pwico with
(lod and am soon to pns Into 'His
presence, this sta(emont Is mode.
tsjgueU) "Henry Clay Reattle, Jr."
Xt Other Cunres.oii li 7io Ixiicil.
A statement issued by Rev. Fix and
signed by the two attending min
isters. Is as follows:
"Mr. Ilenttle desires to Wmnk tin
mail)- friends for kind letter of ex
pression of interest, and the ptiblii
for whatever syintputhy was foil or
WHS expressed."
Tho Rev. l-'lx Hnd the Rev. Dennis
Joined In tho following statement:
"The confession as Issued Is the
only statement that can or will bo
iiuido public by us."
The nows of the confession was
received with Intense. Interest at tho
oiriecH of Governor .Mann. This mos
Kiigo from tho kteuth cell, net at rest
any doubt as to tho correctness of his
attttudi The family at the Reattle
liMini. In Mam-hesti r hut window 'i
nd lie r-, preparing to recelvi thH
111 1 rim n the body of tht c-xccuteJ
i 11 and "rothcr.
to tin actual shooting of Inr hus
band. On the day of tho shooting, sho
said, sho wont to n. drug tore and
culled hor hiisbaud, who was staying
at the I'hlpps homo for eonsump
tlvoM, on tho telephone.
" Why don't you withdraw your
suit tor dlMiree und sign oer a deed
to your house to 1110. I'll wltlfdraw
my Hllouation suit (for $J5,000
against ISmll KtroUss) If miii do,'"
witness testllled I'uttoron said,
"Ho snld ho would meet me in
front of tho Reck school nt 10 h. hi."
Mrs. Rattersou doelurod sho wont
to the rendeuvous nnd waited several
minutes beforo 1'atlerson appeared.
"I told htm I hid all appointment
nnd could not stay," witness contin
ued', "but iho said- 'Come oil and
Walk up tho street." H nskod me
for 120. saying ho had lost $12 at
poker and was three- weeks' behind in
his board.
"I Mifd. 'So, un moro money'
Thon he asked mo to ilood my bunga
low to him and ho would go home
with mo tho noxt day. I refused
"As wo ronohed Uie t,tone walk
around .Mr. Hontlrlo'H residence.
Chick again domnuded thutf 1 drop
tho divorce. 1 rofusod again and h'1
grabbed 1110 by tho throat und said
'Well, you will Mgn that deed. Ha
culled 1110 a vllo uamo mid bit 1110 on
tho HhoiiliKir with his teeth."
Hero U10 wltnoss .suddenly stopped
out of hor ehulr und assisted b;
uuugo union, nor counsoi, guvo a
giaphb' Illustration or tho manner .11
which her husband struggled with
her. and how tho killing occurred
Still HtnnOlug she continued: "l
screamed and Chick pullod out of lit
poekot a clipping tolling or hla ult
ngahiBt Strouss, to bo filed In Chicago
and asked If I had read It. I did so
Continued 011 lg Seven,
Canton Mayor Placed Unv
der Bad Light by
Turnbull Charged With Fre
quenting Resorts and
Getting Drunk.
Told Vulgar Stories and In
decent Toasts in Pres
ence of Women.
Kcprcxviitntltrs ir Reform Element
Ak Harmon to Impeach ' OfTlclnl.
Cliargo Ho Has Not (Tried to Stop
Illegal Sale of I.Iquors or Gambling
Uy rnltd Tress Wire.
Columbus, O.. Nov. 21. The chnrgei
Died against Mater Arthur R. Turn
bull, of Canton, asking his removal
from olllce. were miulo public by Gov
ernor Harmon, today. Accusations ot
a most sensational nature are made by
Ruv. K. R. Tovvnsond and Row I.eroy
De Has. representatives of tho so
called lofoi'in element of the city, In
their petition to the Kovernor asking
that he Impeach Turnbull.
The compln'nnnU accuse the mayor
with permitting police olllcials to levy
tribute in money from gamblers, aa
! 11 keepers and keepers of houses of
ill fame in return for protection.
Turnlfttll Is accused of granting per
il Its for prlisc lights to bo hold In tho
city auditorium, nnd that tho mayor
violated the law In hlniHeU attending
tho tlnhts.
Ho 1b ulso charged with cross Im
morality. An Instance 1 cited ot a
banquul at tho Windsor hotel, Akron,
di May 1, laos. It Is charged -Uin
Turnbull, at that time, used Indocent
lauguago In tho prcsonco of ,women,',
ioiu vuigsr stones nnu pniposcu gin-j
.. .. .- .... , ,Iiff.
Another Instance Is cited vvhqre.lt Is
snld that Turnbull hold two vyomen
en his Inn on nn lnterurbnn car hound
fiom Canton to Akron and that ho
(allied on Imul and boisterous lan
guage with the women.
The petition also charges Turnbull
vith frequenting resorts In Canton and
becoming Inloxlcnted.
They claim that Turnbull has made
no effort to stop the sale ot liquors
on Sundays or to stamp out tho gam
bling vice; that he has allowed Im
moral women to enrouso about on
tbo streets, let notorious criminals ply
their trade nnd that ho has repcated-
' 1 ef used to seo committees or citi
zens who waited upon him to com-
Turnbull Is a Democrat. Ho was
elocted this month to his third term
In olllce. Tho count of the vote show
ed that he was tide with the Socialist
candidate, Shilling. Tho men guessed
nt the number of kernels of corn In 11
dip to decide the tie, nnd TuriilVull
vv on
The governor has not yet sot,a date,
f',r hearing of tho charges.
May .-lc Coining .1-Ccnt Pieces.
Cleveland, Nov. 34. -Tho city
council horo will probably aiiJopt ,u
resolution urging congross to nuthof
tee tho coining of throo-cont pieces.
This sort of money would shrlpllfy
liiig our car Tnro on Clovoland
street curs
Rurusus to communtd
AVushiiiKton, Nov. 21. President
Tuft today 1 of used to commute the
tenco or Chnrlos W. Morse, now in
tho federal penitentiary nt Atlnnta but
directed the warden of tho prison o
transfer Morso to tho United States
army hospital at Fort MjiPherson for
medical ttoatmont
I Gee. n SMs. HEsrrvr
vi.US V4(S TO 6UY,0
N0?v.Tt5 osuvccsfiul
"yirv JP.C y
wiivniEii von omo,
Snow Ilin-rlcH this urternoon uml In
nortiicra and eastern portlony to.
night, colder tonlglit; Saturday fall-.
VSssslasfcDRVWlV i
MwmmVmWii I
K'RBbbBbBs vt
, EX
" 3a

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