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Start the New Year Right
Ily unvhig money nil your Clothing purchase. A Htrnlg1it dlcoount
ot 2A poi-x-iit on cM'iJ tiling In (hi More will turt the New Year
I'lftlit Tor you.
Too S
Chicago, Jan. 1. "Back to tlio sim
ple baseball llfo for initio. Tills the
atrical buslnoss Is too strenuous for
Those We.ro tho HOiitimotila express
ed toflfiy by Tynii Cobb, tho hard
working Mar of tho Amorlcau league,
who Often od last nlfflit al the Hay
market tlioator for a wook's run In
"Tho Coll6g6 Widow."
Thero- wan n great gutherlng of the
flAHB to welcome Ty ond tho (treat
outfielder wns not permlttul to show
much of liU histrionic ability. l)o-
Must come
Chicago, Jan. 1. Tlioro In viio
doubt In tho minds of light pro
moters today that Champion Jnek
Johnson moans what ho a when
ho doclaros It will tnko $30,000 to
got him Into tho ring. The bltr black
ImbL night dollnltnly turned down the
oner of $20,000 for a 20-round bout
with Jim Flynn. Jack Curley inod
tho offer. Todny, Curloy has wired
Xow York, Jan. 1. iN'ow York
light fans till saftornoon will hnvo a
cluuieo to see for Jhomsolves If Franco
can produco n middleweight lighter
ctipalblo of taking off tlio world's
championship. Mureol Moroau, tho
French champion, and said by many
lo bo tho best lighter of his pounds
,, iiuUju. world, will meet Jack Donning
In ft ton-round go at tho Fairmont
Athletic 6fii'ft. Donning Is a cupablo
(4rial Jiorso for nuy mlddlowolght'aiid
i,4fiMoroau wln3 declfilvoly, ufforts will
'iti!l0 jtnmju to match lilm with Wiiltor
Coffoy and Frank Klaus, in an oJTort
jto dotqrmlno tho sucewsuor to Stanley
JCctchcl. ,,, i
.. Siillhan Kllmlu Tom Ins.
ICnnVbrldgo, Mass., Jan. 1. John I
Sullivan, former heavyweight chain-
uiivnn. lorim
t., 1'Apn f th wo
i 'yftVSfi whom ho
$3lUv hlBmpst
orld, and Jako Kiirain,
fought, what was prob
fn.lnnlls linttlo. etlirtoil
todnv onSaTvaudovlllo tour wllloh. it
, Jfl.:lia ttjliinur! Jholr Jlnal npponr-a-f.IW
J.9FrgJU public, Sullivan has
. ttwwu , sp lloaliy that hO,was today
, , Unaiiimoualy ulettini tp membership
,,,, Jn tho Ndw England Fat Men's club
,, .and will bo initiated Friday.
Trained to Minute,
I.os Angeles, Calir., Jan. 1. Train
ed to tlio mlnuto and conlldont of vic
tory, Joo TUvors ond Franklo Conley
aro today waiting for tho tap of tho
boll which will start what, according
to fans hero, will bo tho classiest ban
tam scraip In years. Thoy moot In tho
Vgrnon nrona this afternoon.
Both Itlvora and Conley wound up
tholr training yesterday and tholr
trainers declaro 'thoy aro In tip-top
condition. Tho men fought twenty
rounds to a draw soveral weeks ngo.
T.ose.s Cluuieo of Meeting I'lynn.
"Sow York, Jan. 1. As h result
Gtand New Year's Mtacfion
Order Tickets now for New Years Matinee. All
Seats Reserved. Prices same as night prices,
Comedy Acrobats
Neat Entertainers"
"A Woman of Just a Few Words."
Comedy Singers & Dancers
Child Impersonations
M M imiwiwiiUMiwiiai 1 1. ii 1 ii m n
Don't Forget tho Now Years Matinee. a
X . .
mnnds for a spet-ch were vehemently
hurled nerow tljo footlights on hi
Initial entrance. After tfolng through
ii few of the At
,in til of the "hero'
Cobb wild he wna
too winded to make
iH manage to say
II have a cluutiplon
u the field this en-
a speech but ho
Hint the 'rigor w
ship aggregation
son. Cobb finished by iMylnr: "I'vo
got another week of this. Then I'm
going home to my family. I believe
I'd rather bo n 1 asehnll player than
an actor, and I vould like to get to
bed before 1 a. iji. once nt leant be
fore tho baseball season opona."
thru with
ills backers In Salt take that tho only
'banco of pulling, off tho fight In to
come through with $10,000 more.
Johnaon declaiuij thla morning that
he id not nnxlouij to light In this
country. Ho Is (.radically mire of
hi 4 battle with MiVey and has beon
offered theatrical j contracts for 09
wcuks at $2,000 a ivoek, covering; till.
I country and ICurope.
his dofcat by Al pnlssor, tho local
"white lmpe," Al ICaufnmn lios lost
his cluuieo of mooting Jim Flynn, tho
I'UMblo llreninn, ih a twenty-round
liattlo In San Francisco on January
27. Kaufman hna been ooured by
Jimmy Coffroth toilght Flynn, but as
soon ns ho lenrnN that KauiTmiin
had knockod out tlio Frisco promoter
sldotrnekod him nnd will try to get
I'alzor Instead. ,
Wolls Will Sn
il This Month
Now YorJf, Jar
1. Uombardlor
Wells, tho . Kntrtlah1 honvyiwolght
oliamplon. will an I for America tho
lattor part of Jat nary, -according to
a wtblogrnm moo wnl hnro today.
WollH avIH probali y bo.-matolipd to
fight olthor Jim Fi
nn, Carl MorrlB or
Al I'alzor.
Such Js KiVutliiK J.lfc.
lhiffalo, N. Y., Jan. Forgotful of
tho tlmo Frnnl; ilotch pinned his
shoulders to tho mat In less thai)
seven socondg. Stuhfiliuw ZbyKko to.
day Is c&Umlpg tip world's wroatllng
oha-mplonshlp, ancf (s offering' tp post
$10,000 na a sldol bet to dofond JiH
"tltlo." IIo claims that slnoe Qotch
hna retired, he Is entitled to be called
Good IlnMmll Join Open.
(Now York, Jan. 1. According to
Iwsoball men thero nro olovon mighty
good bnsaball Jobs open If available
mon can bo found to flu tnom. Those
basahall mon doclaro thro aro only
llvo real first basemen for tho six-
toon big leaguo toams. Thoy are
rhaso of the New York Americans;
Hoblltzoll. of Cincinnati nods; Morklo
of tho OlantB, Konotchy, of tho St
oulg Nationals, and Mclnnos of tho
The Portsmouth club 1 moklne
ftrenuous orforts to "clcme a deal with
I'rosldent Wntklns of the IndlanaiiolU
toum for thg services ot Mlko O'Day,
who played with Springfield- In tho
Ohio Stale league last season, silica
played with Portsmouth tVo years
ago whoii that club won tho Stato
leagiuo iiennnt, and was word tho lat
ter part of tho senson to Wntklns for
$2,000. lie "has spont tho past two
winters In Portsmouth, tnd would
welcomo a olmnge that would tnko
ComliiK Hack Home.
Now York, Jan 1. iFnink Moran,
tho Plttriburg hoavywolght whe has
won four fights in Kngland will sail
on tho next steomer for America
whoro ho will see matches with tho
whlto .hopes."
Opposed to (JUIiir Ciows Up,
Imverhlll, Musa., Jan. '1. Monte
Crow, former tar 'player and more
recently manager of tho Scranton,
Pa., team, will not net as assistant
manager of the St. Ioula Americans
If tho manngehiont of the Haverhill
team In tho New Knglnnd league can
prevent 11. Tho IlavcrhWl people
dnlm they hnp Cross signed up to
mnuage the te.un here fur 1912 and
thov lmc Hied un official proti s'
uir.iliisit Ills going to Si I.mtls
Oosferenco of Progressives
Meet Monday in
Columbus. O., Dec' .10. Thit Senator
Hob Lft Follette. of Y.'lacnnMn, will be
endorsed for president by Ohio pro-
greaalve Itopubllcnns at their state
crnforenee In Columbus, Jlontlav, is
It.dlented today In tlio many letters
that ero coming In from men who will
A big majority of the progressive Ito
publlcnns who will attend the confer
ence nre said to bo nnxlous to en
dorse I.n Follettn nftor having wit
nessed tho fintlmsinsm lite itpwchmnk-
Ing lour of Ohio this werk ban de
John D. Foeklcr, sta-.o progressive
malinger, wsd loilay that tfo orgrvjilzed
inovolnpnt wnH being made to ifrliig
abput i I.n. Follattu endonrcmont.
Monday. "It Is u progressive prinei
plo that tso people liQU'il do their
own choofclng of candidates." Hold
Facklar unnounced today that Clif
ford Plnchot will spo-i!: nt Delaware,
Monday night; Sonator Tohn W.
orU. of California, apd CotiBress'-
mnn K. A. Morso, of Wisconsin, at
!. ncastorj Ikh Is D. Urandels, at Can
ton and Senator Clopn r SlinnesoUi
lit Geoigotown. All of them .Will ad-
t1! e tho progrefIvo !eonfer8iio n
Crlumbus durlnc tho dav. ,
Jiulgo- IX. M. Wannmnkei, of Akron
nlll preside nt tho conference.
Marion Baseball Mon Will
go to Cincinnati
Feel They Have Been Treat
ed With the Greatest
Iiowil Management Will Try to l.ocnto
Illniuo Thliik t Coipiulildii Hasn't
Uiiilcrsiooil SIMuilloti Miigmilo
Cnuso of Trouble,
Thnt tho officials of tho Marlon
Hnseball company do not intend to
lie (iiilotly undor tho drubbing given
thorn by tho National llnaobull com
mission, Saturday, In a decision, de
claring nil Marlon pluyors freo agents,
was evidenced by a tntumont of one
or .the local officials this morning.
llottora hnvo boon written roqueat
lng thut the enso bo rooiponoa ut .1
moetlng to bo hold lit t'lnclniiutl lu-M
Wudiicadiiy. At. least llvo of tho lo
eul oftloIalH will bo prosent at that
mooting and will tnko with them
copies of letterfl nnd tolegrama to Sec
ictory .Farroll showing Unit their cor
rospondonco wua absolutely Ignored
and thoy woro tioatod with tho great
est discourtesy.
"Thin Isn't a mattor of keeping the
team In Marion," remarked a local
ofilclnl this morning. "vW 'Simply
don't Intend to Ho down nnd pormlt
thle black oyo to titnnd ngunlst the
city of Marlon. All wo aalt Is a fair
nnd wnuaro deal from tho cuininls-
alon nnd wo feel that tho commInlon
hasn't thoroughly understood tlio sa
nation with roforonco to unpaid sal
aries." ,
AH tho local management wanti
to do is to properly locate tho blame
It Is cloltnod that Socrotnry Farrell
had tho money complained of, In aut-
llclont tlmo to adjust nil salaries sdt-
4sfactorlly and that the present situ.
utlon la directly duo to his ret 1111 01
falluro to recognise lettura and telo
grama sent by tho Marlon tlub to
Last night IFrtrrcll was written a
Utter In which ho waB asked to at
least bo courteous enough to inform
!9aLL LiulJUliUL
h i in I sr
i ei in
him tfo that city during the ibasohall
PorlsmoL'h nldo hag a Jalr chance
oif a siting Ctlllgan, tho mar left
floldlr with 'Mu'Jon last year. Col
llgan' was draftfii hy Iouisvlllo at
tho close of last season, but Presi
dent Qabloman hai awtirnnco from
Jjoulsvlllo thut ho 'lll get tho first
ernole at his service If ho fall lo
stick In the Asioc rtlon. With
O'Day nnd Colllgan In tho outfield,
Portsmouth would ibo well fortified
In tho outllclil department.
the Marlon club how much money bo
clalmod t really did owe. The pros
pects aro that a blttor llgl.t will en
sue In Cincinnati next A 'rdnesdny
when tho warring; factions get to
Editor'. incldontnllyjr tlia.ro is a nglstrred
lottor In tho 100811)0810(1100 tor Out
fielder Diddle Mcehnn, who, enso
Farroll has Injected Into the situa
tion and upotvwhltfh h seems to base
tlott and upon which he seems to base
Meehan's nd dross 1 not known and
no ono hero Will affen for the letter
and become responsible for It. tt Is
believed to contain Meehnn'B salary,
which Could have been puld Ionic ago,
had not the money been luld up by
Secretary Farrell.
The whole trouble Moms t h.iw
stnited In San Alltoillo, when the
commlMton met thero',,tt couple
months agp and the hand Of n ecrtnlu
nnnaio IS tyon behind the' trouble
When tho Miivion bunch goe to Cin
cinnati, Wednesday, it will go fortt
lied With cople of telegrams and o
rtsprindonca KrwJ strong In the wiuc
of a great wrong dona, , Wlierefore
thoVo Will llkftl b stimo real tobnsen
doings, nlthnugti' the local contingent
has little hopo- thlit Jt VIU do any
good. ' '
Jj '
Success Almost Certain
Campaign For Greater
Club Wot Closed and Mem
bership, Committee Goes
"Greater Marion" Will be
Slogan Much Encour
agement Met.
Unvlne almost ronchel tho gonl at
,wh!ch It ha" been aiming, member i
of the Marlon Hub have decided to
Ihnld Its subscription list open for a
day or two longer, In
nrdor to coin. I
pleto tho list of members required I
to, koep lite club nllve. A promlnoiil'Socrothry of Stato Knox, Who was
booster stated thl morning' that hut i scheduled to tako the trip did not
a few more members Woro needed appear.
and ho knew of a numher that he) felt I The political slgninwnnco of Taft's
(lulte sure oull clhtr Into the spirit visit hero Involves tho future status
ot tno proposuion ns soon ns it was .
put to them. Fnr this reason It was
decided to dflo'- the closing of'th
list for a fo- d.o q
Tho cluh rt'-ii' 1 -st year with
ri3 men, plodgln , ?I'0 cneh. This
money wns to i.jry ".i ilub uji to
January 1 or this vir. Tho date Is
hero and the, nrirv U praetlenlly
gone. Thoso sunirt i en do not fool
'.Ike making a shvlln- M-nrrntee but
are willing to put up 40 each nnd I
Inltn in mnra mr Ylliot M'.n ivllt itn !
... i... ... ...... w .. .. " (
tho samo thing.
Ily hnvo to parties, ate in this foa-
ture. The primary objett of th" cluli
Is tho making it a blgjer. better,!
moro aggressive and aubrtantlil Ma-.
lion. Greater Marlon is to be the slo. I
gnn of tho loorg.inlzed club nnd Us
every effort U to be bant to tha ac -
cnnipllshment of this condition.
Somo dlfcnurngaments havo been ,
met, OIK niso a Kiuiii. utnu 111 inn
right kind of eneouwgement Is found
and It Is quite lllioly that tho pro
grewlvo htiblncBg men of Marlon will
not permit tho club to go by de
fault. It moans tco much fo tho eltv
pnd local prldo Ih bollevod to bo sul-
j rtctently strong tr bring about t'l
desired wlililn tho next few
Jan. 1 Tho threo llmu
Ttio manor is ue.11,7 iircsenu-u ok i j irarlan on tho fluprpme,fi'nirfti,tpnch
straight out bushier r?ip "".leu. Tho W0H not conllrmcd but on..thoprosl
club will, or courw. hive si.-lnl fen dont's car It was said t$Uitl)B, np
turee, but mombuj do nf t 11 eeneur mnlrhmant lav botAveen Irook ami
.ml om'ploy.H ..f tio city m.,nMM arc problems that must be pa
re on n stilke todny and traffic -tl; and Intel Igen tljr worhl out
almost completely tied up.
't'li. o, lit In. vt iit1. 1I1111111 lifllilfr .nil 111
crease In wages In ifrdar to nuet tho rcfctrnlnt of trndo, becuuso of con
high cost of llvlngwhloh has beon sinntly trying pondltlons. It Is per
irimitlv Unreason b? tho ''oainnalan factly pmJii that thiia far ! B UliihnsJW
of economv" being vfingfli) througliout baa be mote frlgntenod and dl
the omplre to cloai Tip tho liugowjr pleased than hurt. Dreams of Indtdj
dobt contrncti 1 duflng the Ituaso- trlnl empire snvo suddenly collapseo,
JnpunuBo struggle. i nnd the consequent dlbnppolntmnt enc
This Is the (list strlUo In tho his- be easily understood. Hlg buslnesa,
tory of Tokyo's trdmwny nnd n
poacoful settlement t being proillot
Threo im mb r
aro unable lo
London, Jan 1
of B.uropenii rojalty
9 MM?
A t
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. . in'' .
. ol lr".
, I,"i'
.r !! !
Wot 11.
rr'l Mi.
,i T-l'i '
We Lead
Others Follow,
,1VI i-." '
tako part In the New Yqan'frifeuthl
tli' today because oT ninpsi. 'lrcd
erlt k. William, crown p'rinob of Cior
mnnv, Is still confined to1 nls ifunr
ters at Danzig suffering frVii'A 'i se-
vero cold which prtvtmd' 'It'lin "from
ipondlng tho holidays at tho palace
at ueriin ns lie nau piannou. l'lincc
l.ultpold, regent of linvarlu, who wan
thrown from his ho rue aomo time
ago, Is unimproved nnd It is feared
he ullL.jnii recover because .of his
a 'winced, age Kniperor Frafiz Jpsef,
of Austrh. Is still nUlii and aslilr
from greetlnir ilu mbfiibors of his
rftrt'llv, be w.ii fureed t( Bpejld the'
dll III HeelUSlOII.
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 30. presi
dent Tnft hold a political coneroncp
wlhvll Senator Penrose on tho train
crihtlntr from Washington today' but
of Sonator Ponroso in hia nomo
town. Taft Is supposedt o havo been
lnducod by Ponroso to come and
speak nt tho Wanamaker stprpi colo
ibratlon In hope that Ponrosa 'might
bo ablo to natch ui his
i dlfforhhces
with tho merchant prlnco amf'timboth
nut nn uncertain prospect wmen ims
doveloiiod fo rhim since 'the fcrlfshlng
dofoat of his ticket In thts olt'dlec-
Uon. ' '"
rrho story wldoly circulatQU .that
fi... .. l.- .1 nAlAn,n.l Ti..l Tl.,At. nr
JU41 nun otiiuwiuii uiimkij iiiiiiii in
lAinsas, to succood the ,,lntft Jaitlco
Bocrctary of Commorco adn tailor
xllKOi, Tm, prosldont srild !'Wat' Iho
iin,i not fully mado up 'Ills frimd.
lwt 9,)ont throe hours llet'e nnd
visited tho office of tho Philadelphia
,i0,iKOr, a custom followed gonornllv
)y prosldonts who havo como to this
Ptv. -pho president's miech st tho
iwanamaltor cojebr.itlon Was m tho
form o a high compliment to modern
methods In developing department
wtoro business. IIo paid a personal
tribute to John Wtonamnkor.
Continued fiom I'ngo Ono.
cliccU. Such an arrest of brilliant
m hemes wns (.iiiifnuiidlr?. and there
i still more or less uncertainty about
the coudi'ct of business, which must be
iiidui-ed until th' law or tho courts
havo clenily demmistratod what mon
in.olv Is, what constitutes reasonable
or unreasonable restraints of tni'ie and
what I fair or unfnh- competition.
It Is Imposslblo for tho law to detlno
whnt la reasonable or unreasonable In
howevtr. la pot doomed to go
One "f
hwilthlest aymptoms In
the whnla
Iness fam.e Is the re-
till . M
r 11 ih 1
$3.ro 'i
re I gn trade to normal
'or the oueiidar year
de aggregates about
tncrensa of mora than
Ji'ii' "
W last year. Tills is
gi u
glng ond shows that
until' '
tol forces aro ouorgotlc
Our onorts wore the
a ij&oord, hii our imports
Tft nlsn rm urd 1 re iklnt. yvlll
Bllgbtly betuw 1010. Dotalls
l'trt". '
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full f
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Kitchen Cabin
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for the twelve month Just ended arc,
if course, nr,t avnlla-ito, but Jlguria
for tho eleven months cnc;ng Novem
I et 30 clearly rmw tho trend. During
this period our exports ran 231.niHi,000
al.eud of the samo time mat year, while
cur Imports fell I3I.000.O0Q behind. This
expansion of exporlsaViil contraction
of Imports left us with an excess of
exports amounting to wt.ooo.noo dur
!nt the eleVeti tnontns specified, com
iml'ed with hl2ll,0tl0,()()0 nt the same
time lost year nn,I 12l9.OOo.000 the yenr
J'fforf. Irt all' proba::tlty the excess
( okpdrla in 1911 llna l.oeti only once
(-rupassed, and that In 1M? Wlien the
lreBs3 m'n os Irtish fi ';7i0.ooo,ooo. in
exports th 'hiruase for the jbar was
will distributed nii'on.T t:io great di
visions. Cotton, our chief article of
VMiptt, Bhiiwed a. largo gRln In vabiei.
'I no mwt aHt(OHtive fuature, however.
In the export llnu wns me ahlpmeuts
of lryn .and atell manufacture, which
In tho llrst ton moir.ns reched the
surprising sum of $!too,ooo.ix)ii, 111
agnlnn $104.WQ,ooo the ptawdlug your,
armit lirltaln'tt tel export. were
about $30,000,000 overtaking our chief
rival, In the foreign trade, which of
fers an unllmlUd Held for American
enterprise. Thla country already leads
as tin Kteel producer. Defore long It
nlll also lead us nn :ron exporter,
sv.eeplng away entirely the pre-onil-nence
which Orent lirltnln nnd rier
many have so long heM In this lleld.
The automobile must ;o taken Into
consideration as a business factor. It
I estimated that there aro about 6on,-
000 nutomobllcB In the TTnlted States.
If these cost about $:,w aidoco this
would mean an outlay of about $500,
CO0.O00. The automo'olle industry hus
already nsHtimed a position of first Im
portance, giving profitable employ-
1 cut to a vory large number of pen
pip directly and Indlrccfy. nut the
automobile Is generally nn unproduc
tive machine) and ohleny a source of
amuscineut. the auto-trucK not yet
h.'vlng como Into common use. Tho
most Important thing nbout the auto
mobile Is tho cost of running. It lt
safe to assumo that the average cost
of 1 tinning n car, Including repairs',
depreciation, chauffeurs, special cloth
ing, entettalnment, etc, Is not less
than $1,000 per year. ThU means that
the people of the ITnlteil States are
spending approximately $500,000,000 a
year In one form of amusement nlone.
It It 111-iiy Individuals or bonds of
f' milieu the Increnso In their expense
('ue to 1 unnlug of an nutomobllo has
been In proportion to their Increase
of Income. ' In many capes nutomo
bl'pB are compelling owners who had
pievlously saved money to spend up
tu the limits If not over their Income.
Many owners, ns Is well known, have
borowed heavily to Invest In n nuto-
cir. The net result Is that owners of
automobiles as a class tiave neces
wrlly spont less In other dlreotlons,
Mid have saved much less than they
wi uld otherwise have none. In olther
case the effect 's moro or lose detri
mental to other Unes ot trade. The
In palrmont of savings Is perhaps the
most seilous factor, since the new sup
ply of capital comes nnty from savings.
And If thoso be restricted ih follow b
that capital for developing new outer
prises is not growing so fast as It
otherwise would. This Is nn olemen:
if somo consequence In tho Invest
ment bttuatlon. Of course, these re
ntal kB do pot apply to those nbund
eutly able to own automobiles, nnd of
this class there U surprisingly large
numbor In the United States. After
all has been said tho automobile tills
a useful and Important place in our
srcbil and economic makeup. It has
mormons pleasure. The objections
against It are only thoso of extiavn
ganco or Individual ubdt.
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Wo thank our friends nnd
patrons for tho iiroporous year
no luito Jn-t bad and ixUh
j on fine nnd nil a Happy Now
A few words un to the funiro. From
the economic standpoint the outlook
l sllghty better than a year ago. Trade
condition are sound. Uquldntlon has
been thorough. There is lUtlo or no
Lverproduetlon. Stocks of merchnndlso
nro jjenerally light. Credit 13 sound.
Commodity prices are. still high but
often declining. L.abor Is generally
well employed and getting good wugos.
Theso aro favorable ractots. Tho un
favorable am the unrest of labor mid
tho prospect of fresh strikes next year,
especially In the coal trado. From the
political standpoint the outlook is far
from encouraging. This Is a presi
dential year. As nlroacy shown thoro
Is much social and jioiltlenl unrost.
ftadlcal tendencies are running strong,
and while parties nre maneuvering for
public favor all sorts of errntlo and
threatening proposals' aro Immlnont.
Undoubtedly thero will po moro talk
than action. Under such conditions
capital Is nocessuill). umld nnd now
enterprise will be checked until tho
final outcome can be mirly giiosscd.
We thus have a conflict lietweon poli
tical conditions. In tlmo tho economic
will prevail, but In t,he Interim tho po
litical may rule, whlcn means a cau
tious but hopeful policy for Mil. Thoso
opinions nte bused on tho assumption
ct International peace, though It must
1 o admitted the foreign Bltuutlon con
tains seeds or troubl, mfl tho unex
pected may happen witness tho nar
low escape from a oolHson between
Inland and Qerniany last summor.
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