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H. R. SNYDER, Manager.
BForeigH Advertising Manager, Frank R. Northrup
125 Fifth Ave., Tribune Bids.
New XotIc Clilcaffo.
BDhio Paper Receives the United Press Telegraphic
News Service and Market Report.
Rates of Subscriptions.
Binglo Copy 2c
Per Week by Carrier 10c
By Mail,' Per Year $3.00
Semi-Weekly Mirror, Per Y ear $1.00
Today IBIS open before us. What victories shall lie won In this Rood
car? AVhat rent Jtonl shall be gained, what matter Of .help, of uplift shall
be attained? Mini 11 we know a we are known? A president and congress
are to be elected Will the American people elect aonie man who stands
on the solid foundation of the Hock of Ages and has tho Iron of the com
mon people In his blood? Will they stand for some man like La Folletto
and Urynn who arc patriotic to the last drop of bio ml which courses through
their eln? Or will they stand tor some fellow whom old bull-necked
Morgan can order around? And what kind of congressmen will they vote
for, frauds, liars and demagogues? Oh, for shame! It Is time to wake up
and be men. Use the ballot to kill or cure. And In stato and county af
fairs, the time lias come to vote for men not for South Sea pirates. The
man who can't tell you what he stands for Isn't worth electing to any of.
lice. And when you know a candidate has no sympathy with the ppople
and simply stands for privilege and piracy In the Interest of the few and
nghlnit tlie welfare of the many have the courage to spot him. The time
has come to compel candidates to talk out and let the people know whnt
they will do If they are elected. W'hfct la needed hi public honesty and the
.opportunist should be relegated. The fellow who lies ltackwards and for
wards with equal facility and has no morals and no honesty Is a mighty
bad man to put Into office.
Our Sunday School teacher taught It yesterday that Uncle Rim should
stand -for peace bat he ought to protest an J fight If necessary against such
"SUtrtTRe! an the It-usslan slaughters In Persia ami thosa which are common
In Armenia by tho Turks. That doctrine had been already broached by the
Mirror some daya aince.
Guv. Marshall of Indiana proposes to make attorneys responsible for
their share in tho formation or an Illegal inttustrlsl conspiracy Just tho
same aa tit principals. Them- attorneys arc aecersortes lefore the Net and
Jn Ohio they should bo Included as principals as the old doctrine of ac
cessories has become obsolete.
"Lm. IFollctte will not likely win the nomination," says the Ueltefontalno
Examiner, "but if he should win It there is no telllng'.what his sljle or talk
and campaigning would do" We had thought of that very Identical thins
The way 1a Pollette cleaned up the oormomtu. JMvyToclta, "tetartlonem and
robbers up In Wisconsin shows what he can do, when he hna an opportunity.
V t
llelports frm Constantinople xlnim a viovy of tlti Turks-- ovsr the
Italians 4n frfjppM bat itktil belttVodW Mt sf small aftalr ft Uie nrtmer lout
but seven mahf .'.- '
..., . v L. . '
Write It 1912 and leap year at that.
A hnpiny NewVear may you live
The general consensus of opinion is against Colonel ItoosaveU In hi
Contention against a general arbitration treaty, It tt bo true that strong
nation would not bo restrained even toy, Its treaty olrilgAttona not to make
vnr on a weak people yet we soo nd "reason for objecting to such treaties.
If nations nwko tliem they are inor.llkaly to ltvs up to tile principle In-
Vuloated than Jf they do not. The people will not be with llooscvelt In tills
efusada against general arbitration. His terrible debate he hna hud with
Jjlmwlr about it not being dextrous to arbitrate questions of .tul Interest
..ind national honor Is all moonshine. .Why not arbitrate them? Nobody
cp.n hurt uu er much. This country should b reasonable and kind. Hitch
a, showing as Ku-uri is making in Persia In murdering mon, women and
ihlldren In Indiscriminate massacre Is the other horn of the dilemma. That
l barbarism and doesn't reflect tho light of civilisation or Christianity. Tim
more Roosevelt talks about this matter tho clearer It becomes that there Is
nothing in his contention.
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?' Tsssi IBr swBBPIbbbs'
i "
Tho Baroness do Merer, who, Uh her husband, u Russian nobleman,
Is visiting for a few weeks In New York, is much wrought up over tbo
publicity given her fencing encounters with vlro. (ituyvesant Fish, Jr.,
nnd Mrs. Adelaldo UnyllH, two prominent inembc.s of the New York
Fencers' Hlub, Tbo baroness, who Is ono of tho best swordswomen In
Europe, was bemoaning tho fact that thoro were no wonnn adversaries In
this country worthy of nor steel. Doth Mrs. Ksh and Mrs. Baylls took
her ou and defeated her. Now tnobaroncis lamely explains that Bha
was only play lng with them, andthat in a rA bout elia could best
either oc them with case. '
No. 9
long ami prospsr.
Does Not Want Oklahoma
Jurist Elevated.
Duckcye Public Service Commission
Wires Taft That Proposition to
Name Judge Whose Decisions Have
Been Against State Control Over
Intorstato Commerce Will Be High
ly Displeasing and Ask Burton and
Pomcreno to Knock Appointment.
Columbus, O., Jan. 1. To aid In
preventing, If possible, tho appoint
ment of Fcdernl Jtulgo Hook of Okla
homa to tho United States supremo
bench to succeed the lato Justlco
Harlan, tho Ohio public Bervlco com
mission took an unprecedented stop.
It sont tolograms of protoot direct to
Presldont Toft and simultaneously
importuned Sonators Burton and
Pomorono to uso their lnfluenco In
havlns tho Hook appointment pro
ventod. Tho nctlon of tho Ohio commission
was taken unanimously and tollowod
a request sent to Columbus by tho
commlRslon of Minnesota, which took
tho Initiative In protesting to Wash
ington against tho uppoiutment ot
Judgo Hook. Tho Minnesota com
mission sont a telegram to the Ohio
commltslon saying that Judgo Hook
scorned to star. a good chanco for
the nppolntancnt nnd saying that his
record was bud Insofar as the Inter
ests of Rtntos woro concornol.
The controversy grows out of tho
position of Judgo Hook nnd certain
otlior feihiral judges that tho power
ot Etatert to regulato Intorstato com
raorcd is Very limited.
Brings Real WlnterWcather Through
out United States.
Washington, Jan. 1. Tho weather
bureau Issued tho following weekly
Thoro will bo stormy weather tho
prcsont wools over tho North Atlan
tic stoamshlp routes, tho British Isloa
and northwostorn Europe ,
In tho United States wintry weath
es will bo genoral during tho greater
part of tho week. A marked change
to colder woother will overspread tho
region cast of tho Mississippi river
within tho noxt 30 to 48 hours, with
tho lino of freezing tomporaturo ex
tending southward to tho pulf and
South Atlantic coasts and to north
ern Florida. Unseasonably cold
weather will contlnuo tho next sev
eral days In tho mlddlo west?, tho
southwest and tho Ilocky mountain
A storm that Is now over tho upper
lako roglon will move down tho St.
Lawronco alloy today, attended by
snow In tho roglon ot tho Great
I.akeB, tho uppor Ohio valley, tho In
terior of Now York and Now Eng
land, will bo followed by clearing
weather elsowhoro oast of tho Mis
sissippi rlvor.
Tho next disturbance of Importance)
to crocs tho United States will ap
pear In the far west tomorrow, crews
tho mlddlo west Wednesday or
Thursday and tho castorn states
about Friday. This disturbance will
bo proccded by ti reaction to normal
temnernturo, bo attotidod by general
snows In northorn nnd rainB In
southorn' districts, and bo followed by
decidedly colder weather.
Mora Crooked Work Unearthed
Darke County Probers.
Greenville, O., Jan. 1. Chargeu of
ombczzlemont, forgory, bribery and
oven tho purchasing ot a brldgo
stolen from tho county woro brought
against former Darke county ofllclals
and other men In 74 now indictments
returned by tho grand Jury which has
been conducting a vigorous probo of
county affairs.
Tho indlctmonts Involve 13 men,
making a total of 18 In nil during
tho present Investigation, In which 8S
truo bills have boen rcturnud.
Thoso ludlctod aro; N. S. Sipplo,
former county commissioner; D. G.
Werrlck, secretary of tho Oorman
Baptist Mutual Insuranco I'ompony;
W. H. Townsend, fornior county com
missioner; E. K. Lott, former clork
of commissioners, and B. F, Ams
baugh. Six Die In Wreck.
Shaion, N. D., Jan. 1. a Great
Northern railway train known as the
Orogonlan was wrecked four mllos
wost of Flnloy, with a loss of six
lives and tho injury of 13 persons.
Tho wreck wa3 duo to a broken rail.
C "3"""3"wS"S''Sl ')"fr S"S"i"t""?"fr3"""3'3"tl
Ohio Tomorrow: Fair,
jf Dally Calendar.
1' r rum iigiiu luuuy iu nuuii i- -r
morrow. Sun Hots, 4:42; sun
J rises, 7:25; moon sotsL 5:2C 4j
, a. m. '
Terriers Kopt Busy.
Threo terriers, recently killed 250
rats In half an hour when whoat
stack was being threshed ut Bishop's
Stortford. England.
Takes Up Duties as Mayor of Qucon
City Today.
Misfortunes Coins in Droves to
Former Standard Head,
Tarrytown, N. Y Jan. 1. Tho
new year has a chcorleis outlook for
John D. Hockofollor. Since ho lost
his Job as presldont of tho Standard
Oil company ono mlsfortuno after an
other has been dogging him around
his Pocantlco Hills estate. First ho
lost his lako, then tho village of Tar
rytown turned down hla contract for
oiling tho roads, then the Y. M. C. A.
called on him for $H&,000 for Its now
building, but tho groatctttblow of all
fell whon George Ferguson, tho Rock
efeller Ico man, told him his lako
was leaking and oven If zero weath
or should como this wlntor tho lco
crop would bo small and prices wotjjd
havo to advance noxt summer. Fer
guson tried to chcor Mr. Hocltofollor
a few dnys ago(.whon tho-jjflld snap
otruclc here, 'but it got milder ,ijnl
ho saw It was all oft and ho broko
tho nows gently to. his millionaire
' '
Three Will Bo Arralgnedvln Loa An
geles Tomorrow.
Loa Angdl68,v'Jfn.lrToinorrow
morning at 10 o'clock Olaf Tvcltnioo,.
Anton Johannsen and J. K. Munaoy,
tho thrco labor leadors arrested on
Indlctmonts Toturned by tho federal
grand Jury, will bo arraigned unless
In thp Interim their attorney decide
to ask a continuance. Who hoIr .at
torneys will ,bo la still unsettled.
Claronco Harrow admittedly is" "In
bad" with feomo of tho labor defend
ants, who fool tln-t ho pormlttod jijm
solf to bo outgenorulod In tho trial
of J. B. McNamara. '
While It was etate'd that ihoroaro
only nlno namos In tho Indictment
returned, the document Itself Is still
withhold from scrutiny. There aro
persistent report) that two moro mon
In San Francisco aro to ho tnlion
into custody and ono In this city.
Ono of tho San Franciscans is n man
who has hold onu at tho. highest po
litical ofllccs In that city.
Federal Health Board v Defines Real
Washington, Jan? 1." -'Tho federal
government has fjfjd 'down 't mlo for
mincemeat. Thoiftuio food board of
tho department ofjagrlculturo, head
ed by Dr. Ilarvgy W. Wiley, aftor
laboring for months over tho iuos
tlon "What la f mlncomoat?" ' has
evolved this ofllclal dollnltloi
"Mincemeat Is jn- mlxtuic of not
loss than 10 por cnt of cooked com
minuted moat, with chopped suet,
applo and other fruits, salt and
Bplcon and with sugar, syrup or mo
lasses and with
Or without vinegar,
froeh concontiato
,or formonted fruit
Juices or spirituous liquors."
Goes to H
s Inaugural.
Shanghai, Jan.
l.-Dr. Sun Yat Son
lias gone to Nunklng for tho Inati
uratlon coromonyj which It U under
stood will tako place today. As In
tho election, tho inauguration will bo
provisional. J
Tuklsh Cabinet. Reslgne.
London, Jan. W A spoclol nows
dispatch from Constantinople says
that tho Tin klsh cabinet bus resign
ed owing to thti obstructs o tactlc3
of tho opi'ooltloni
j , -
I9S2 JANUARY 11912
fSM Ft v if if is I
7 8 910111213
14151617 18 1920
Tho man who Is "ucver at his best
until ho has a few drinks In him"
must ho very poor ut other t'mos
Exchange, '
Killed by Traction Car.
Gallon, O., Jan. 1. Partialis deaf,
Peter Kilo, C6, failed to hear a trac
tion car approach whllo attempting
to cross tho track In his carrlago.
Tho conveyance was hurled by tho
car aud Kilo was Instantly killed.
Cheated Himself.
Amhorst, O., Jon. 1. When au
ditors wont through tho fund ot
Township Trtistco "Honest" John
Bruckor they found $20 too much In
it. "Honest" John Ifl a furmer and
has been n trustco for tho past 11
Somerset Votes Wet.
Somorsot, O., Jan. 1. Dry for four
years under tho Deal law and for
thrco years under tho Hoso law, Som
erset rovcrsod Its verdict on local
.1 . ......... . . 1- 4. Iln1
law. Tho wets cast 178 votes and
tho drys 133.
Chauncey Remains Dry.
Athons, O., Jan. 1. Chauncoy, a
vlllago of about SOO people, voted
dry under tho Bcal law by a major
ity of 14. Most of tho Athens county
bootlegging cases havo been tried In
courts at Chauncey nnd fines of moro
than 118,000 havo been paid.
Zubor Reappointed.
Columbus, O., Jon. 1. Governor
Harmon Saturday reappointed Stato
FIro Marshal John W. Zubor of
Paulding county for a term of thrco
years. Tho salary Is ?3,000. Mr. Zu
bor wan appointed by tho governor
to Bucccod W. S. Ilogors, Ilopubllcan,
removed two years ago last Juno.
Chief Dotcctlvc on Carpet.
Cincinnati, O., Jan. 1. Investiga
tion as to tho disposition of thrco To
wards, whoso nmountH wro not
mado public, alleged to havo been
collected by Chlot of Dotoctlvos
.llalph Crawford from the utato re
formatory at Manaflold, has boon be
gun, and ho will bo cited to nppcar
before Chief of Police Jackson.
Dick May Captain Taft Forces.
Akron, O., Jan. 1. Former Sena
tor Charles Dick, possible chief llou
tenant of tho Taft forcos In Ohio, Is
busy with political appointments. Tho
nows that ho might bo placed In a
prominent position In politics again
caused all his old-timo closo associ
ates In eastern Ohio to go to him to
find out what's what. Ex-Senator
Dick v.ill go to Washington Tuesday.
State Treasury Recovering From Ef
fect of Local Option Elections.
Columbus, O., Jan. 1. During tho
first two yeara ot Its operation tho
Ho3o county local Option law cut
down tho state's Incomo from liquor
rovenuos about $500,000 a year.
In 1908, whon tho low was enacted,
tho Aikln tax yleldod tho stato J 2,-,
CriO.7GI.U5. tho effect ot tho law not
bolng noticeable until tho noxt yonr,
wllen tho revonuosdiopped to 2,01li,
238.41. fit 1010 this rovonuo amount
ed to ?2,079,038.75, p small gain over
1009 Tho gain for 1911 shows n
material Incroaso. Up to Nov. 15,
tho closo of tho fiscal year, tho totali
liquor tax amountort, t,q, $2,183,01 1.78.)
Tho Incroaso In tho rovonuo after'
tho slump in 1909, caused by so
many counties voting dry, waa duo'
to tho increase In tho number of sa
loons In wet counties and tho activ
ity of tho liquor tax deputies In
rounding up speakeasy propiletora
for tho tax In dry counties.
Denies That Sho la Already Marrlod
to Pittsburg Publisher.
New York, Jan. 1. A rumor that
Lillian Iiusscll, who has announced
hor engagement to Aloxander Mooro
of Pittsburg, had already married
him at Chelsea, near Atlantic City,
last July, was carrlod to Miss Hus
sell, r.nd It brought this impatient
"Oh, It's that old. story again. I'm
not marrlod and I'm going to bo mar
ried in May. Tho story comos from
n trip to a notary's odlco that I
took last summer with my chauffeur,
IIo hud to havo a Jorsey llconso and
bo I had to sign some papors "
Captain Lux Etcapes,
Glatz, Germany, Jan. 1. Captain
Lux of tho French army, who waa
serving a six-year term in tho fort-
ross hero for osplonago, escaped by
romovlng tho bars from tho window
of his coll. Frlonds had smuggled a
disgulso Into Lux's cell. Tho prisoner
was formorly dlroctor of tho French
secret sorvlco at Belfoit.
Mother and Children Durn.
Suffern, N. Y., Jan. 1. Mrs. James
Baker and her two children, Lillian,
C, and Ethol, 3, lost tholr livos ho-o
whon tiro dcstioycd tholr homo, Tho
origin of tho llro Is not known.
Underwood's Condition Improves.
Wnsl-lngton, Jau. 1, Roprosonta
tlvo Undorwood, Domocratlo loador
of tho houso, who has been threat
ened with appendicitis, is Improving
Govornor Johnson of California a r
nouncca that no legal executions will
tako place in that stato while ho Is
chief oxecutivo.
Tho Amoricnn Union Trim com
pany of Kansas City, with capital of
fl.000,000 nnd 3,000 depositor, has
closed its dooia.
Out of 230 applicants for life teach
ers' certificates at tho Ohio examina
tion, 173 were successful.
Fato's Grim Humor.
A pauper murderer in a acrroan
prison has Just fallen heir to G,000(-000.
Comes Back Back at Mayor
Walters With Refusal
to Quit.
John F, McD&nough to Be
' gin Issuing Orders This
I VilllllOlO
Confused as
Which Authority to
Tlu First Half l)y or Mayor Claude
1). Walters' Administration Is Flllwl
With Sonio ltallior Km-UIiir Kper
Ifiiw. Matter Will go Mlo Court.
Whon Mayor Claudp I). Walters
Appeared at tho city offices this morn
ing to wish every one a happy Now
Year ho found a rather unusual con
dition. Ho .hud oxpsctoit n case or
two In the police court but there was
nothing donig, not a single arrest
having been innilo from Saturday
nipht ito this morning. '
One ot tho first person tho new
mayor mot wns Chief of Police John
V,'. Klinefelter. Tho chief Informed
Mr. WiilterH'lflnThft Intended to hold
over and that hs would 1kii to be
removed from ofllco by legal process;
that ho didn't llrtend to vncutnnd
pointed at a ruling mado by Attor
'noy Gonornl Hogan nnd published
Itithlrt morning's Ohio State Journal
to tho effort that Incoming majors
, could not remove cnlefs of poltco
fro mofflce wlthijut uhuhs
Mayor Wnltet sinlllngly assurod
Klinefelter that John V. McDonomch
had been appointed chltf of police
and would go oil duty this afternoon
Chief Klinefelter stated that ho didn't
bcllovo tho offlcorM would take orders
from McDonougli, and In uny case,
speaking for himself nlonc, ho had
decided Unit ho wan Hervlng under
Director of Public Safety Knopp.
When Mr. Knapp told him to quit he
would quit, and not before. Mayor
Wnlturs Ih said to havo dropped some
rcmarkH to tho ffect that If ICnapp
encourogod tho chief, or tmy of tho
officers, to roftifo to necopt ordi,rs,
thoro would bo soma rather mid Jen
nnd lurid doing;) nil along tho Hue,
and somo p'oopla would bo without
job. J- 1VS
Whllo tno oqnroronco wn.s ratnor
escltlng nt tlmi, yet there was mi
undercurrent of kood feeling thnt will
probably snvo tllo Hltuotloii, although
thero it) little possibility of thn mat
ter being settled! without a court pro-
Among othor t
lings tho now mayor
turned cjvar, In
his capacity its city
tiensurer, someth
ng like J37.WO to tho
Incoming troasuri
r. G. F. Larle. who
lutles today. All In
tcok up his now
:ill 11 uih i rjiiiiir umjiiiiik'i
tor tbo.uuwjliraifor, whotyhsldorli)g
li's Ine'XiierlncoSis rfheTcechllVO nf'fi-
cial.onduatpil lilnisjilf niost commpnd-
ablvA' V.t $. -, ttv . ,
Somo wajfigQuldn't rosjt ,thptvnp.
tatlon to have u. IUUq un' -vlth. tho
retiring jnayor, and !hon thfct of
llclal nppenrud thU'inornlhg ho found
A very sorry looking ploco of orejij
tacked on the stairway lending to his
office, with n. jilacard bearing tho fol
lowing Inscription:
"In Memory or tho Door (?) Do
partod." j
Just beforo noon Chief Kllnofoltor
received from Mayor Whltcrs a writ
ton notification of his llschargo as
ehlar of police. It was vory brlof
and ocecdlngly to tho point. In roply
Jlr. Kllnofoltor sonds tho now mayor
a written communication Informing
him of his IntuntConUo remain In tho
offco nd' winds up -with the rather
futile hope that tholr relations shall
contlnuO to Uo friendly.
Tho weight toJ- ' our' mammoth
Christmas cheeso and tho wlnnor of
tho Jlvo dollars In gold In Monday's
Mirror. ll.'T. Lowis & Co.
Continued I'Vom Vnco Ono.
forced through bonkruptey, his wlfo
tried to drivo him away, Ho told
Potts that ho had glvon his wlfo n
deed to his projiorty only to hold It aa
a homosloud, and tholr troublo began
wljou sho rofusod to turn tho deod
buck to him.
Morrow's body wan found laet
Thursday morning but tho Informa
tion ot tho police today lead them
to believe the murder wiih commit.
tod ut 9 30 o'clock the night before
Wkv . IIII'.IIIAMONI' llltAMl,
DlAilONO I1UAN1I lILI..furlia
crilthowna.Ueit.3trcbt,AUlyf KclUlltf
J.nUlt.' Aiuyoupl'--gl.tf. .
lit- iM-ier" 1)1 a jiiullruiijV
l'llTn Itd Dnrt UiiM iiiII.A?
.oi, ieale.1 with Illua HIMn. V
TaLwrtu other. Ilur f your v
W 5 VM
i. Aikfori m.riri K.Trr
Ohio Weslyan University
Wednesday, Jan. 3rd, 8 t. m.
Tho locM team, after heating
4 Hlnnigcr Methoillht Tenni. Don't
M vAailBnnl 3bbbbWo ii
A .-MlsBLlllIBsssW'i- iTi
i TTd". . i TxlVI ii ma
nr ..'lii
"-' '-"-
r a ma'
f Thibaut &
E. Center St. t
No Causo for Hilarity,
Sweet potntoos ore exposed to tho
attacks of a dozen serious insocto,
says r.n oxchango. Wo soo nothing to
laugh at, olther. ..&.
When tho nverage Individual Btopa
to consider tho remarkable progress
now being mado In the sclcnca ot
atlatlon lio 'onorally concludes tho
day Is not far distant when even
ho will bo riding In an aeroplane.
When It comes to a question of
tho risks ho will havo to run ho
considers only tho possible conse
quence of a fall from u great height.
Motors go wrong, steering gears
got out of order, propellers break
ii ml Boveral other things happen to
en uso accidents.
And thero aro othor perils of tho
air, moro lnslduouu und often qulto
us awful.
"Tho aviator," says tho New York
The aviator cannot usually bo prop
.peril treated until he hat re-- ,
turned to earth.
Medical Journal, '"Is subjected to an
onqnnoua-j npr'6us strain maao up
of.co'nstant reudji3tni"entvdf hla etlul-llbrlum.n-tho
fear of 'pockotaMn tho
alr.japprcliettalon. as to the stato of
his bngltto 'and other mora obvjous
factors. Tho elTcet of this strain
Is to diminish resisting nnd.rccup
crntlvo power. M
"Again, the aviator cannot usually
bo properly treated, If takon sick,
until ho h. s returned to earth,
whereas tho mountain climber and
tho balloonist aro generally In a
moro or lens numerous company,
well provided with rostoratlvo np
paintus and medicines.
"Tho cauzo of 'aviator's sickness,'
apart from tho nervous factor re
furrcd to, is probably tho difficulty
of cffectlvo artorlallzatlon of the
blood. When tho aviator ascends
over three thousand ynrdn tho for
mation ot oxyhacmoglobln (tho red
coloring mattor of arterial blood
combined with oxygon) Is hindered,
the oxygen Is easily separated nnd
tospiratory activity is lessened ow-
ng to tho diminution of curbonlo
Of blio Buckeye State Build
ing and Loan company
shows 1911 a most prosper
ous year, its growth being
over $700,000. Its assets
now amount to over $5,100,
000 all loaned on homes, the
safest of all mortgage loans. "
It owns no real estate. Its
large reserve fund and mort
gages afford absolute projec
tion to depositors.' Five per
cent paid on time deposits,
Rankin Building, 22 West
Gay street, Columbus, Ohio
; SSg
Marion Y. M.C A. Reps J
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