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t'Z'JC r r
-. .
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? -
-r -?B)-(-
m ' ' " "
T would linvo been hard
to niul a moro dis
gusted youth than
was Alfred Gllson ns
ho plodded along tho
dry country road.
When nearly an
hour dhrller ho had
alighted from tho
train, expecting to
And hln unclo'n team
Itl Wnlfl.it fun litm
I Mlllll(, lui II. ill.
not Af(nlltn.ry turnout was vlslblo;
nnd'ns tho'tlny vlllngo boasted no llv
ory stable, this meant a slx-mllo
tramp to his uncle's farm.
- No rain' had fallen for over two
weeks and It was not long boforo Al
fred's perspiring face began to is
immo.a streaky look from tho Bottling
dust. Fortunntoly ho possessed a
Boiuo of humor, which began to as
sort "Itself, nnd a smllo showed
through tho dirt as ho said to him
self: "Blest If I don't play them a lltllo
Joke for this. If thoy nro not willing
to receive a respectable nophow I'll
soo how n disreputable ono goo3.
Cant look much worso than I do any
how." ,Ho proceeded to inovo cuffs, col
lar, rumplo his hair and tilt his toft
hat, punched all out of shapo, far
over ono oyo. ..
Hcforo long tho tall white- Kates
of Blgolow farm loomed up bofnro.
mm tnrough tiio descending twilight.
Assuming tho wanderer's slouch, M
fred wont up tho long drlvo and to
tho rear of tho big farmhouse,
HO paused at the kitchen door nnd
knocked vigorously; then waited In
mischievous anticipation of tho sur
prlso ho should glvo MollFsn.
When tho door oponcd It was not
upon tho good humored faco of Me
lissa, tho servant, that ho gn?od, but
Into a pair of cloar gray oyos, whose
ownor Alfred thought was tho pret
tiest young woman ho had ovor oo
hold. "Good ovonlng," alio said kindly.
"What can I do for you?"
lint all Alfred's, ldoas ns to Iho
yarn ho should toll Mollssa If ho
succeeded In concealing his Identity
had vanished.
"I beg your pardon, but I am Mr.
Dlgolow'tf nophow," ho stninmorod.
An astonishing expression unshed
Into the girl's oyes, but she replied:
"Como In and I will tail him. Ho
Is with Aunt Jonnlo."
Fooling decidedly small, Alfred on
tbred tho kitchen and seated himself
noar tho door, whllo tho girl wont In
Eoarch of .lis undo. Sho ran swiftly
up tho stairs and Into tho loom where
Mr. Blgolow and Melissa woro In at
tendance on Mrs. Blgolow, who had
sprained hor ankle.
Mi's. Blgolow was llnlshlng tho
supper Mollssa had brought her when
hor n loco ontorcd.
"0 Uncle .Intr.os, do plcaso como
downstairs right away. Thoro Is a
poor, mlscrnblo looking man thoro,
who says ho M your nophow, and I
thought tho brst way to sootho him
was to protond I bolleved It nnd
como for you."
Mr. Blgolow rore nt once, saying,
"You were right, my dear, and wo
will Boon find out who this Impostor
Alfred, mcnntlmo was making tho
most of his solltudo. Tho Instant tho
door closed ho gavo his fnco n vigor
ous scrubbing, smoothed bis hair, re
placed his collar and was adjusting
his tie before the small looking glass
when his undo and tho strango young
woman nppcarod.
The chango produced was nlmoit
oqunl to ono of tho lightning nets of
a stago professional, and Mr. Blgolow
advanced saying:
"Well, Alfrod, I don't soo but that
you look natural. I guess tho sud
den ontrnnco of tv strnngor must
havo given Sydnoy a scare."
Alfrod felt docldodly foolish as ho
oncountorcd tho look of bewilder
ment In Sdnoy's oyos.
"I looked badly enough to fright
en anybody whon I camo In, uncle,"
nnd then ho explained I1I3 Intended
Joko on Mollssa. "It was nearly a
week ago I wroto you of my coming,
and when no ono showod up at tho
station I thought I would havo my
Mr. Blgolow laughed heartily. "Wo
havo all boon so occupied In looking
nftor Aunt Jonnlo for tho last fow
days that no ono hns thought of tho
nostofflco." ho said. "Your letter Is
still thero. But let mo Introduco you
to your cousin by marrlngo, Sydnoy
Sydnoy looked ns If sho hardly
know whether to lnunb or bo angry,
whon Alfred said earnestly: "Pleaso
forgive mo for frightening you I
shall novor try to bo funny again."
"0, don't say that," sho ropllod,
"this woujd bo a vory dismal world If
thoro woro no fun In it.""
Thon they all wont up to Aunt
Tonnlo's, nnd found hor -anxiously
waiting an explanation of tho "pour,
mlscrnblo man" who had startled
Alfred found that Sydney's socloiy
becamo an ever Increasing delight to
him ns tho days passed. Ono morn
ing, a weak after his nrrlval nt Blgo
low Farm, no sat on tho vornnda with
Aunt Jennie, who was now ablo to
get about a little.
"How 13 It that I havo nevor met
probably take placo noxt spring, sho
concluded to glvo mo a fow weeks
Alfred felt ns If tho bright world
had turned suddenly black. "I did
not know she was engaged, sho
woars no ring."
"No," said Aunt Jonnlo. "Hor
mnrrlago Is roally a family arrnngo-
your njeco until now?" asked Alfrod.
"I thought I knew all tho family."
"Sydnoy hns been studying hard
for years, nnd has Just finished col
logo," sho replied. "I could not got
her to sparo tho tlmo for a visit to
mo boforo. But sho feols tho need
of rest, and ns her mnrrlago will
ment, and ns sho hai known Mntthiw
Chaso all her life, alio would not hoar
of a ring. Ho Is years older than
Sydnoy, but I hopo ho will mako her
happy," sho sighed.
Alfrod roso and said bltjrly, "I
wish you had told me sooner.' 'tNow
that I havo learned to Into Sydnoy
better than llfo It Is hard to find sho I
Is bound to another man." Ho loft
his nstonlshod nunt and strodo sav
agely down tho driveway.
Aunt Jennie gazed after him with
mingled feelings of pity nnd dismay.
"Poor Alfrod, why did I not guosa
what might happen and warn him?"
Sho spoko aloud In hor oxcltomont;
and received n second surprlso when
a soft voice asked:
"O, Aunt Jonnlo, why didn't you
wnrn me, too?" Sydnoy camo through
tho open door back of hor aunt, nnd
sank down beside hor.
Thero woro toars In hor eyes as
sho continued: "I was Just coming
out to you, and could not holp hear
ing what Alfred Qllson said whon ho
loft you. O, Auntlo, I nevor did lovo
Aunt Jonnlo was nt her wits' ond.
"Don't cry, Sydney dear," sho plead
ed. "I am suro It will all come out
right. Havo you loamed to enro for
"I nm afraid so," said Sydnoy, "for
It mndo mo fool bo happy whon he
said ho loved me until I thought of
Matthew." Tho tears enmo In n
Hood, nnd brcnklng nway from her
nunt, alio lieu into the house.
J..crt mono, Mrs. Ulgelow did some
serious thinking, ana appnrontly was
satisfied with tho result, for her trou
bled faco grow calm, and rising she
limped Into tho big dosk. Sho speed
ily wroto n lottor, addressing it to
Matthow Chase.
Sovoral days passed unovcntfully.
Sydney nnd Alfrod, though apparent
ly on frlondly torms, took no moro
long walks or drives together.
On tho fifth day aftor tho sending
of tho cplstlo to Matthew Chaso, Mr,
BIglow handed Sydney a lottor.
"Thnt was all for you today," ho ro
marked. Seeing It wns from her futuro litis- "
band, Sydney sought hor own roomj
to read It. Mrs. BIglow was alone
whon a very bewildered looking nni
yst happy Sydnoy enmo to hor nftVr
roadlng Matthew's communication.
"Aunt Jonnlo, I can't Urfdoratand
It," sho began, "Matthew asks ino
to roleaso him from his engngemont.
Ho says ho fears he Is too old to mnko
mo happy, and that ho has always ,
known I cared for him only as a
frlond. Ho thinks wo would bo
wiser Just to contlnuo being frlonds.
Do you supposo ho has thought It all
ovor slnco I camo away and feola ns
I do?" )
Aunt Jonnlo smiled. Hor lottor to
Matthew Chaso bad boon written In
tho hopo that Sydnoy's happlnoss
need not bo nnerlflcod.
"Matthew Chase Is a good man,"
sho answered, "nnd I am sure ho
thinks of your happlnoss first of all.
I think ho hns mndo a wlso decision,
Sydney, nnd you may fool you nro do
ing right In ending your engagement."
Later Aunt Jonnlo told Alfrctl of
this sudden termination to thor en
gagement and he went In search pt
Sydney. Ho found hor In thojold
fashlonod flower garden. (
"Aunt Jonnlo has told mo that1 you
aro free, and I havo como. to nsk If
you can ovor care a llttlo for mo,
Sydnoy? I love you moro than I can
toll I havo known you wero tho
dearest thing on earth to mo, slnco
I first saw your faco."
Sydney laughed hnppllv. "Tho
first tlmo I saw your fare It was so
dirty "eho began.
up Hurriedly when
tho train pulled Into
tho stntlon at Now
Itochcllp. Tho usunl
crowd of week-end
visitors filled tho
r.lslcs nnd Kuby was
only ono of hundreds
who picked up a suit
enso nnd esenned to
tho less crowded plat
'orm. Mrs HobbcB wns nt tho station to
ncet her. Whon tholr greotlng was
ver hostess and guest jumped Into n
valtlng carrlago and woro whirled
iway over Jho country roads.
' John lWKdo and his host, Billy
Acry, had also Jumped from tho
irimo train and wore Hkowloo bolng
driven over tho country roads to
ward tho Avery house.
"What's doing to,nIght?" asked
Wado. "It's rather unusual to havo
to bring dross clothes out horo, old
"Dinner at tho Sutcllffe's faah
lonablo people, you know nnd tho
big danco at tho club."
"Looks good to mo," laughed
Wade. "Aro thoro somo good-looking
girls In store?"
"Suro, nnd I undorstnnd from my
wifo that Mrs. Ilobbos has a peach
out with her this week. You'll meet
hor anyway."
"Wo havo to mnko moro or less of
n rush for It, won't wo?" Wado
laughod. "I inonn, of course, tho
"0, we'll mnko it In good tlmo
horo wo nro now."
Tho two men got out Avery In
sisting on carrying hjs gucsts's bng.
After his greeting to Mrs. Avery,
Wndo wns shown to his room, thro
to proparo for tho dinner party. Tho
first thing ho did was to opon his
suit caso that his evening clothes
might not bo unduly creased.
"Groat Scott!" ho ejaculated. "I'vo
picked up tho wrong suit casol 0, 1
say, what n stunning frock!"
Wndo lifted out n gown of ox
qulslto yellow chiffon. His heart
tripped up sovoral boats whon ho
cnrefully took out tho noxt gar
ments. Thoy woro of foamy whlto
and all drawn with creamy satin rib
bons. It seemed to Wndo that so
many llttlo fluffy bows woro qulto un
necessary. Noxt thero was n pair of
yellow slippers. And, last of all, ho
picked up n wreath of small yollow
buds and n creamy pearl peeped from
tho center of each.
"What a regular boauty you must
be!" Wndo sank on tho couch beside
tho fcminlo npparol nnd folt a pecu
liar Intimacy with tho ownor of tho
"I could kick myself for a blind
Idiot for having, unconsciously, de
prived you of nil theso, but I do hopo
your hair Is red that gorgeous,
sparkling red. I would llko to placo
thU wreath on It this minute, If
ovor wo moot I will nover forglvo
you for having hlnclc hair to wear
with this costume
A knock sounded on Wade's door,
Avery's head popped In. "0. I say
aren't you nearly ready? What In
"Vo3 0, yes I'm ready Just
como in nnd havo a look at what
I'vo brought In tho way of ovonlng
jlothc3 for tho dinner and danco!"
"Groat Scott, man! Wo aro almost
duo at tho Sutcllffo now."
"I'm sorry, old man, hut you will
havo to go without mc I'vo plckod
up tho wrong bng In that beastly
crowded train!"
"I'll go nnd speak to my wife,"
laughed Avery. "Wo'll hnvo to fix
you up somehow. I think my wife's
father had a dress suit at ono tlmo."
nnd tnlkcd through tears and laugn
ter to tho huddled mass of femininity
that wns Ituby Wells.
"You must go, Ruby. Sho would
novor forglvo mc. My rod drosa won't
look so bad "
"Allco Hobbsl How can you sit
thoro and suggest thnt I wear bril
liant flaming rod with this scarlet
'Beat It," put In Wado. "I'll not hair of mine boaldes wo riu'.rt
go to n dlnnor In somebody's hand
"You got to! Mrs. Sutcllffo would
novor forglvo my wifo If sho woro
tho causo of nn empty chnir at ono
of hor dinners!"
Mcnntlmo Mrs. Hobbs sat on tho
edgo of tho bed In her guest chamber
havo to uso a dozen safoty pins'."
Ruby Wolls would havo rosorted
to tears, but for tho offoct on iioso
nnd oyos. Undornonth It all tho hu
mor of tho situation was trembling
Into mirth. Finally sho Inughod.
"All right Allco -mako a scaro
crow of mo if you want to. I'll do
as you say and If I don't mako an Im
pression on somo man It won't bo
your fault."
Allco wont off smilingly to get her
evening dross nnd sllppera for nor
Ruby plckod up an Immaculate
pair of dross trouson. "Humph!
You nro nlco nnd big anyway I'm
awfully sorry I was so perfootly silly
as to take up tho wrong suit case. I
rather llko your pearl studs." She
picked up a largo box of candy. "I'vo
a good notion to glvo this to Alice.
Tho ono In my own enso Is oxactly
tho same, nnd you could glvo mino to
your hostess."
A hnlf hour lator tho guoits nt
Mrs. Sutcllffo's, woll bred though
they woro, looked up In nmnzemout
as Mrs. Hobbs and hor guest were an
nounced. They had had x similar
thodc whon Billy Avery anterod with
John Wade.
Tho latter looked up when Ruby
Wells entered and was bolng intro
duced. "Great Scott! What excruciating
tasto!" ho whlspored to Billy Avery.
"And look at'tlie hang of tho drou
It hikes up in front "
"Rnthor tho snmo offect as your
vest Isn't It?" covertly , suggested
Avery. , . ,
"And It's pinned In at tho yvilj't, I
know " wont on Wnda, whfxlnf Into
a whlto boat. "Is this tlio 'poifch you
spoko of?" 1 .
"Must bo " Evon Avory wns takon
aback. "Sh! Hoie sho Is.' .
"Hollo, Billy!" Mis. Hobbs shook
hands with Avory. Tho Introductions
took placo and Wnde mndo,,ropm for
Ruby Wolls at I1I9 sldo. A ,
Ho couldn't help himself from fall
ing Into tho snnro of hor charms. It
would hnvo been thero If her gown
had been yollow, red nnd green mixed.
"I undorstnnd wo are to bo din
ner partners," she sold, with a twin
kle glenmlng from tho deep gray of
her eyos.
She cast a quizzical gjance nt tho
length of arm and hattd piojectln
below Wndo'a oont sleevo. Another
glance traveled over the shoulder9,
which strove to proclaim thMr
b ion dth notwithstanding tho meagre
proportions of tlio coat.
Sho looked . up again nnd their
oyes met. .Both strovo to quell tire
llnughtpf, but It 'was too much. They
laughed until everyone In tho room
cast startled glances In their direc
tion. "What are wo laughing at?" ask
ed Ruby when .Tabu Wade's oyei had
ceased their 'mockery and her own
had grown questioning.
"To bo frank, Miss Woll," said
Wado, "I lnlighed because, your eyes
made vc, at my own prodicament and
becausr wc'l, bec'auro you are so
hopelessly a well, out of harmony
with the clotheB you have on."
Ruby bit her lips. He was so seri
ous and apologetic.
"If I am out of harmony you
muat be out of tune. If I may havo
tic Inve'tinenco to suggest It a llt
t'o su'-ir niietht coa-c that coat of
joui to meet."
"Tl.nt'0 right, InjEh nt a fellow be
er uso ho baa had tho mlstfortuno to
pl-k up tho wrong lultcniie "
"Suit caso!" prlod Ruby. "Are you
tie poor man whose bag I ran off
"I beg your pardon I ran off with
"O. vory well as tho suit fits "
"But It doosn't!"
"And Is my perfectly gc&d malzo
colorcd gown - "
"Woll, I would have mid tho things
woro jellow " ..
Ho stopr-ed confused. ThoV.low
color mounted In Rubyi cIim'hs
"I had pictured Just you--IOhnt
maize-colored gown' snHMVltJl;
, "And pirhBiM,"., staid Ruby, .tTt had
pictured just you In that evojitnx
suit." -. . 'iM
Toward tho ond of dlnnor Rubv
leaned near Wade and whispered "I
refuse absolutely to go to that dance
tonight fn this frork." .
"80 do I in these clothes. Hut It,
ten. Immedlntoly after dinner u
and I will make a hasty exit I will
explain the circumstances tor., Mrs.
"What are you going to osplaln?"
atktwl Ruby with wWvopon evef
"Thnt yen and I aro going to make
ourselves presentable bofbro tlia
dance." f r
Two hours later Wade slijollod
Impatiently about the drawing room
at the Hobbs home. He straightened
nn already lnmaculately ret tic anil
glanced at tlio perfect fit of his own
evening clothes.
Presently ho honrd a soft llttlo
swish on the uppor landing of tho
stairs, and ho went to tho hall to
meet Ruby Wolls.
His eyes lit up ns sho came down
tho suilrs. Tho soft gown clung In
graceful fold nnd hor glorious tltlan
hair was crowned by a wreath of
buds from which tho poarls peeped,
"I ennnot toll you how beautiful
you aie," ho said, while a slight
tremor shook his voice. .
Ruby was on a lovol with him now
and her large gray oyos lingered shy
ly on his face. Tho unspcakablo an
swor was In her eyes.
AC was sarcastic. Ho
found .Norton sop
aratod from Juno
WIttorly, Joined un
to hlB dlsroputnblo
plpo, and flung full
longth on tho grass
behind tho summer
house after dlnnor.
"How did It hnp
pon, Norton? I'vo
bcon trying to got a
word with you for two wooks. It's
tlmo for. you to go. How about our
pact to keop single, for oach to savo
tho othoi; t ho saw him In dangor of
matrimony'' You ncod rosculng."
Jerry sucked lila black plpo and
drew his dark-browed forehead Into
a scowl. "Guoss you're right, old
man. Cut out tho talk. I'll go. I can
soo my-finish as plain ns you. Prob
ably eho wouldn't havo mo, but In
aplto of you I'd nsk hor to marry mo
If eho was as poor as I. Dcconcy
won't lot mo ovon seom to want hor
confoundod'moneyl And wo wore
right wo both need the next ten
yonrs to work up In tho law unham
pered' hy family caros."
McPhorson rubbed his reddish hair
and considered his frlond lovlygly.
Ho thought what a fool ho had boon
to lot Jorry Norton accept Mrs. Gray
son's house-party Invitation. He
should havo foreseen wliat Juno
WIttorly would do to his heart. Mao
had boon brought up with Juno ami
was Immune to her fascinations.
"I haVen't loft a hole for you, Jer
ry, I Just told Mrs. Grayson I'd
brought you a lottor fiom Carroll ask
jng your Immediate return to work on
that Lawson case, and thnt you'd
have to loavo here on tho 9.80 train
in tlio morning, f. told hor you tybro
cut up about going, Now you've- got
to back mo up In tho He, and pack
your duds. Potors and tho llttlo car
nro to bo ready for you at 8. I'm not
going until tomorrow."
Ho glnnccd nt Norton and, hopod ho
wns not acting whon It wns too lato.
Ho know Juno WIttorly vory woll.
Jerry rose, knocked tho nshoa from
his ' plpo and turned housoward,
smoothing his black hair, his bluo
oyes savago,
"Woll, yo r way Is as good ns an
othor. I'll go. It's ono way out of
an lmposslblo situation. Now get
awny I'll sco Mrs. Grayson--"
"Yes! nnd you'll bco Miss Juno
WIttorly! Ono ovonlng of hor In
this roso-wrcathod garden and tho
moon that will bo up early, and
knowing you aro going, nnd you will
ho lost I I will not lot you out of
my sight! Sho's as crazy as you a
word from you "
Ho Btoppcd cursing himself for a
fool, for sudden Joy gloamed In Nor
ton's fnco, a pitiful, doubting joy,
"Do you think bo ?" ho began
oagerly, then s'cowlod again. "Sho
caros nothing for no," ho sntd Btlfflv.
"Mind your confounded buslnoss! Did
you ever boo such hair as sho has!
"Pure, molten gold, nnythlng you
say!" said Mao with an Inward
groan. Hero was old Norton fairly
drlvollng! "I always know a hoad of
lulr would be your downfall I And,
unluckily, I know It's all hor own.
Sho doesn't tnko It off nights."
He alBO know tho girl was gonulno,
heart and mind and soul; nolthor did
Mno sco how sho could holp loving
Jorry Norton, hut ho strodo by lita
sldo vowing to dear hlni pf his sonM
montnl complication thnt would hln
der his brilliant beginning hi his pro-
Joining tho others on tho groat
lawn nt tho odgo of tho tiny lako,
with tho big whlto moon Just sailing
up, tho two young mon sought tholr
hostoss. Tho dozen othor young peo
ple on tho lnwn sat or strolled about.
Most of them were politely regret
ful thnt Norton was obliged to loavo.
Juno alone seemed not to hear. Sho
sat with Tom Ovorholt. who was do-
lug his brilliant best to chnrm hor, n
thing ho had como horo to alt-inpt
His heart leapod at knowing Norton
was off. Now ho would havo his
chanco! Mat, tho watch-dog stood io
sldo his frlond nnd uaw Juno WHtorly,
tall and slltn, whlto-gowned in the
vhlto moonlight, hor hair a fair
rJory about hor small bond, standing
011 tho shore of the llttlo lako Ovor
h bit us nenr her as ho darod got Mao
put Tits hand on "Norton's arm nnd
drew him Into tho house. Ho staid
with him until ho wns undrnssod and
wont to his own room, vowing to soo
him on his train In tho mornlg.
But ho know thomlschlof had boon
dono, though ho thought It reparable.
Poor Mac's plans wont nwry. Ho
ovorslopt. Norton slopt not at nil.
Ho wns wondering thnt sho had said
no word of farewill. Sho might have
given him hor soft hand ono momont,
ovon boforo tho others, sho might
hnvo glvon him n oliunco for another
look nt hor. Ho could havo shakon
Mac off It was Overholt that hin
dered him.
Ho roso In tho gray of tho morn
ing, dro'-sod cnrefully, and quietly sot
his bags jeady for Peters. Thon ho
dioppcd outdoors from his opon win
dow on tho first floor, aivl qulotly, not
to wnko nnyono, wont Into tho iosy
light of dawn.
Jerry Norton somehow folt gray
and old and alone Ho faced hlmsolf,
but tho thought of a lonoly, 10-yoir
flght for moro omluenOo lu a profes
sion made him tired11 and disillusioned
In ndvanco. It would havo boon dif
ferent if ho had anything but lovo to
offor hor or If bIiq nlao wero poor.
Ho hntod hor money.
Thon ho broko off. a glorious pink
roso, bright and fresh as tho dawn.
Hor window opened from n llttlo bal
cony nnd ho stood bonoath It the
sash was up, ovon tho screen stood
open on Its hlngod but ho knew she
With a uddon Impulse ho throw the
rose into tho window, She would not
toll him goodby,,,but sho would havo'
this farowoll from him Ills he it
beating Uko nboj ho 11 d nbout iVi
An hour later lift una citing us
bronkfnst with Uk, Ore son, -rtho
had Inslstod on seeing the last of him.
No ono olso was up. Sho know some
thing was wrong, but tactfully Ig
nored the matter, slnco ho choso not
to conlldo In hor.
Finally Peters took his bog to tho
car, and thoy woro spinning down tho
curved drhe, N01 ton's faco stiffly
turned away lest he glance at Juno
Wlttorly's open window, McFherson
bri iiig the motor, rose, his red head
t 1 led, thrust out his tonguo as ho
I Mill made n v r faco to hlm-
' JUttr-I" tlmo," he mur-
, i, ! n
-tluaMacwns wrong. A mtlo up
,! 'ttU'5yrt011 suddenly mndo Po
tt 'Ddwflo thrust money Into the
n nol reluctant hand.
' oc Tifixo, Pck-i s T iko this stuff
on ' limitation. This country's too
bood to'lo&vfe without a last walk. I'll
finish on foot got tho 10:10 tra'n
instead. Say nothing to Mrs. Gray
son." A momont lator, leaping two
foncos, and crossing n llttlo strip of
pasture, Jerry Norton wns In tho
wood whoro ho nnd June WIttorly
had wandorod and road tho last two
weeks. They had discovered this
grassy placo, and sho had lovod It.
Ono languid afternoon, It eeomed
ages ago, tholr eyos had met lu a sort
of Shock. Ho had sot his tooth not
to toll hor how ho wanted hor. For
a moment sho had flushed crimson,
and had thon be-como quiet nnd cool
nnd rosorvod. Had sho carod? Could
Mac, confound him, havo boen right'
Norton, disconsolately enough,
found and followod tho ciookod llttlo
woodpnth thoy had lovod together.
And a sudden turn camo. He stopped,
faco to fnco with n golden-lmlrad,
slondor girl, hor oyes wldo nnd angry,
n pink loso In one hnnd and toira
on hor cheek. Sho gavo a llttlo cry,
her hand, pink roso and nil, held to
hor I roast.
"I thought you were gone!" sho
said, thon recovered herself almost
hnughtlVy, "Didn't you go after nil,
Mr. Nirtoi? You startled mo! Isn't
It a beautiful morning I camo out
for nn oarly walk and "
Ho hnd not spokon but stood
scowling at her with a look that
mado hor light words falter on hor
lips. He toolc a stop toward hor and
solzod both her hnuds n llttlo roughly.
"Don't," ho said. "You hurt! Juno
can't you soo that I couldn't go?"
Suddenly dawn roso In hor face, n
hnpplnoss that went shlnlngly from
hor oes to his, so that ho put his
arm about her shoulder and drew
her very cloo
' Could you lo e roe' could you?"
He Bhook. her n ory lltt.o, and her
oyos filled with Joy for this vohom
onco. "Could you?" ho repeated.
"Not any more than I do al
ready than 1 do now," sho said.
More Human Nature.
Tho world Is but n fleotlng show
and most of us ongago to play n etar
part, don't you know, In tho confer
of the stngo. But often after land
ing wo may find, to our dlsgunt, that
somo fourflushors, don't yoU&, havo
formed a limelight trust.
How Ho Got Even.
Wlseun 'Hello! Hero comes f-ttky
long, thnt chronic bore; but here's
whoro I got oven with him.
Wfndlg What aro you going ta
Wlseun (moving off) Leave- you
to entertain him.
Hard to Beat. I''
Myer A volcano called FtflyatritH
tya Is reported to havo broken loose
lu Japan. " 1""1 v
Gyer I wonder If Its eruption Id
as bad as Its name?
0 r
Gave Himself Away,' -
The Ono That strangoPa -"talk;
sounds well, but doesn't mean nny-
thing. ' "'
Tho Othor Then It's as I suspect
ed. He's a politician,
O ,
The Wonder of It.
Llttlo Clarence Pa!
Ills Father Woll. ray -son1? ','
Llttlo Clarence I took "a , SrrtMjt;
through tho comotory today and rMdSit
tho Inscription 011 tho tombstpnw, jigf
Ills Fathor And what wefo 'ywuhS,
thoughts after you hnd flbno 6t "tv?
Llttlo Clarence Why, pa, &
dcred where nil tho wicked .ydpljki,
were burled. . . , Jk,jl
1 tl
d ;

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