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x ' r i i
Much Satisfaction Expres
'jjped in ,China When it is
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Chen Chin Tao Head of
Dr. Sun is Given Tremend
ous Reception on Way to
Tank Shao Wl Heslgns From Got cm
incnt Ho Is Kiilliiisutstlo Otcr He-
public and May Join Vimn Ho
fuses to Hceoffiilw President Sun.
Nanking, JanT" 2. Much satisfaction
is expressed hero today over the mitko-
l up of President Bun Yut Suns cnb-
Inat, which was announced today. All
tho ministers aro regarded us able ana
piogrosslve. Dr. Wu Ting Fang Is
uccrotary of foreign affairs nnd Chen
Chin 'Too, one of tho lending llnanclcrs
of tho south, Is head of tho treasury
- jp'Xrteso ministers Will Uo tho closest
"ndvlscrs ofthonow creculvo and up-
.on their sliodlders" will rail much of
tho work of constructing n. now China
t-. r, .... J .a. 1. t..i ,.. ,
T)r Hun arrived hero rt'estcrda y
Shanghai. Ho waslrtven a'tremt
-rfjECcptlom, at overu irtop onrnule His
f lrst Offltlnl at, ior lielng Innu-
-rurateuV'wnil to change thij calendar
no that tho llrat day of tho year In
China would full on tho now year's
ilny adopted by tho Jmijortty of other
countries. Following Dr. Sun's Innug
Mratlon there wuh n col3hrfltlon that
luited until early today.
,81uingliul, Jan. 2. Tnng Hhtio Wl.
chief representative of Premier Yum
bin Kal nt tho peaco conference, re
ceived notlco from tho premier today
that his resignation hud boon accept
ed. Tang hnu hecomo enthusiastic over
tho republican Idea, and It would oc
casion no surprlso hoio should ho of-
tit his services to Prcsldont Sun iat
SeriNA dispatch from' Peking this aft-
.ci'fiaonimtated thnt Yuan Shi Kal hart
Wcuredi it large nmount of money from
'i".cu1tli Miinchuswlth which to con
tinue (ho ntrttfglo against tho revolt!
. tlonlsls. Yuan refuses to fccognUo
13rHun Yat Son nnd will conduct IiIh
fUturoTrJi'iiUnrt Vltliyu Ting Fang,
the former minister to Washington,
who. Is now
bho of .tho rnvohitloniirj
CW &iyj
lug dispute
a ?y ' 'U tllo . vorgg of distraction ovor
"hiy failure to copo wiui yio 'rpvom-
tionlsts nnd tho fear that
hut ho w
cd B moi
Will bo
poisoned. Tho iircmlof
.tp V
lood that Is not prepnre
of his Immcdloto family and
Is trou-
pbfMKwlth Jnsomnln.
1 f Tho members of tho royal family al
ready look upon him ns a traitor and
It Is hcllovcd ho Is In as much danger
from Manchus as fro mrcvolutfonlsts.
Nanking, Jan. 2. In an Interview
given out hy Dr. Sun Yat Sen, presi
dent of tho republic of China, tho now
cxccutlvo takes an optimistic view of
'ho work of jchabllltntlon. Ho said:
"China will soon bo peaceful. -A mili
tary government Is i.ecessnry at this
tlmo but. within n very fow weeks I
expect to si tho country In such a
condition that civil rulo will bo pos-
Our .difficulties aro UoKig greatly
.simplified becnuso practically tho on-
Iro Imperial nrjny )jns becomo ropub-
anizeu sinco ino ainnaiica uui in
cited. Thoro uro now only two dl-
Hons who remain loyal to tho old
or of things and U is finite llkoly
tlicso will como ovor with us.
Posldont Sun cxpiesed regrot over
kiort from Wu Chung that tho ro-
llcan soldiers thoro had begun a
liurdment of Hankow. Ho bollovcs
Lhnd not tho soiaiers been hasty
ling, tho struggle with tho dy-
woiild havo torminated without
I r bloodshed. It Is llkoly thnt or-
Ivlll ho sent nt ouco to Wu Chang
II off tho Vomhiirdinont until aft-
national convention can conveno
lo purposq or ueiinitoiy settling
Ituru form of government.
'hilisophical Phelix.
oiiio VBvnii':n
h,Wv JIMP' omI r
ifr mrmi-T y w - - - - JJ- -. I
OCV. N tS OUt' J ,
I f 'tJIUl
I .r- AT. A
I I mm,:X "RiEPqaUi
mef ti ,vMiugHurom
tffar&s VI vWBSslSw
vjm- jc? " wmmMBl
ii o-i kiaBiK
Tien Tsln, Jan. 2 All or tho Im
perial troops at Ian Chow, capital of
tho tprovlnco vt Knng Su, Joined tho
republicans today. Tho soldiers arc
under tho command of Wnng Wol
Tze, a deputy or Yuan tihl Kal nnd
thoy announced that they will hogln
to inarch toward Poking tomorrow.
Tho troops aro splendidly onulnimd
and a majority of tho lino offlcoM are
foreign soldiers of fortune Knng Su
province u-hb always noted Tor Its loy
alty to the throne and tho tictloh of
tho Imporlal troops lndlcntos that tho
last supporters of tho dynasty aro de
serting. This Is taken ns n sign that the
disintegration of tho .Maiichu dynasty
is Inevitable. Tho army In Knng Su.
ono of tho northern provinces that
ns nlways been most lojal to tho
throne, will bo In a position to co
operate effectively with tho republi
cans In the south shoul 1 they decldo
to move upon Peking
Dissatisfaction hn been spreading
among tho troops in nil the northern
Wnshlngtoii, Jan. 2. An Innocent
lulutlon of the federal statute prescri
bing respect for tho ling, which hns
ecu "distorted" Into an Issue by ono-
mlcs if oignnlitcd labor, wits tho way
l'( deriitlon of Labor ofllcluls today
explained the ropoit Hint tho unr do
pntttnent hnd been furnished with
photographs mid proofs of an occasion
in uakland, California, when Prcsl
dont Samuel Qompors and other lead
ers "trampled on tho Amorlcan Klug.'
according to ofilofsls hero tho story
In an old one. It wns oxplilnod thnt
tho ling was draped over a tnblo in
n lralPln Oakland which stood on n
I'lntform lAhlnd which (Joiiipoih pro-
rlded. When tho Inbor lomlup jii,in
lo speak, !t was stated hero, tho uiidl-
dencn demiinded n bolter look nt him,
t.Ml In u momont or enthiislnsm.
Compels climbed to tho tnblo top. J. A.
UrtlMF Iivai, i a 11... i t
r KZ. UBU.hn.S'. ' ncC0"l,"
aofupors In nil address, did thtf snmo I
lldnif. , ,f t I
l.abor iirnelaN hrfio 'nilmlltcd Hint
thoy woroiid vised that H.o wan depart-
mink nf uivyjKnijip, wpj aucgea
c 'sos of Insult to tho Mag tho Oak
hind Incident and another which oc
curred nt New York In tho pnrado last
l-ahor ilny. .
A big American Dug wss carried by
thrco men In tho parade, nnd a sign
acked speetatois to make silver con
lilbutlons- to the MoNumnin defense
fund. Tho ling was carried so that It
foimcd a sort of canop, and coins
wcro thrown on It. Eventually mo
many coins wete thrown In tho ling
thnt tho standard had to Ju partially
dragged along the ground. At I-'ed-
cratluu hendiliiuitors It was stntcd
tluit a moving picture concern took a
number of pictures of ho ling being
drugged along the street ilnd Inter
labor lendcis hoard thnt tho war do
pnrjmcnt had boon lurnlshcd vfltn
t icho pictures.
Judge Advocate O'iiienil Alnswo'rth,
nt tho war department, admitted thnt
ho hnd received pictures alleged to
show an Insult to tho ling hut de
clined to discuss tho nwttor.
Washington, J.an. r, Denying with
nil tho emphasis at his command that
ho had stood on an Amur loan ling
whllo delivering an nddross at tho
J.ubor day colouration nt Oakland,
California, Prcsldont Gompois, of tho
l'cderatlon of Labor, today declared:
"I would us Hot Insult tho memory
of my revered mother us tho ling or
my country."
Gompois also assorted that hu had
fvuiy ruason to bollovo that tho pic
ture put porting to show that ho stood
vpo i tho Hag, wua 'built up" nnd a
"ful o."
Tl Is plcturo Is now In tho hnnds of
tlit var dopartmont. It wns (orwai li
ed & Judge Advocate aanarul Almf
worth In a piotcct ugalnst nllugod In
sults offorud ther Huh: by labor load
HoliiNCllulcd After 18 lIouiH.
elawaro, o Jan. : Ao-
iparcptly .doad for is hours,
Mrs,i Well Dunham, 415, hus
hcon resuscitated from 'tho of
fncts ogiis fumes nnd Is now
LyeryprecunoiiB condition
omo noro, itiscapiug
a gas pinto ovar-
Mhllo sho was bath-
fell to tho door.
n, becoming nlnrm-
sonco, wont to tho
and after bronk-
door, found tho
rontly dead. Sho f
conscious for two f
clans woro called i
king with hor for ii
was resuscitated.
o t" Work.
tn, Pa. Jaiu s Ro-
is mv
1 getting
rv- mKm
TTrTTVT"a IVlVJilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHHf'
' in.'Mf
provinces hecauso of the Inability of
tho government to jpny them. Agi'Dts
or tho Republicans havo promised
them regular pay lr thoy would Join
tho robolm.
Should tho spirit of revolt extend
northeast, tho escape of the toial
family from Poking would bo almost
completely cut oft except by tho
coast. News from the capital todnv
Is Hint tho Manchus ar6 preparing
for tholr last stand. Thoy aro said
lo havo elaborate preparations for a
mnswero to begin with the llrst warn
ing that tho republicans arc marchlnc
toward Peking. ,
Dougcr and Ihnporor Fleelnjr.
fit. Petersburg, Jan. s. Tho do
wager omprees nnd the sven-yenr-old
emperor of Chllm nre fleeing to
wards Zhlkhe, on tho Mongolian fron
tier, according to dispatches from
Peking todnj Iloth nre In disguise
It Is believed here that the Intend
to place themsclvrs under Husslnn
v v, a a v. v k a j
ti Itcbliko to V. H. S
A Parh, Jan. 2. li Intrnn- S
'A elgonnt, In what appours to A
A Jmivo been an Inspired state- A
A incut, lonlKht declared tho ib- A
A soncu of French Ambassador A
A Jules Jiisserand from AVash- A
A Ingtou Is homothlng In tho na- A
tliro of an official rchuko A
fjjpm Frnnco for Prwldont Taft A
leciiiisC;. of his nttltuda tdvuinL' A
f jcua.sia in 'imj ai;riigniioii
A iflio ( troiity of 1832. Fi
A ''hfffi" Hnsslil aio closely i
A MJylrortty and dt Ih sid
iltissin ' in 'tn; abmgntioii vl A
vmnco A
mlllcil A
troittv and lit 1h said tho A
Froric"h govornment resents A
AWoriwi's ncttou. A
i r r ri
il)do Tilal Is Delajcd. ,
Now York, Jan. 2. When tho trial
of Onirics 11'. Hydu, formor uity
hrlbc u,r tloi"lltlttr ilty monoy In
fifvore-d banks, wan coiled lodny bo-
foro JiihIIco Vornun M. IXivIh. It do
UQuwei that Justlco Htaplotofi, of
Droiiklyn, nstuiduy unjoined Iplslrlet
Altoriioy Whltniiui from iirocuodlpg
with tho cu.-H! until Justbu 1-olunaii
hud thnnded down his du-lfttou' upoli
Hjde's upiHeatloii for o .nllango or
vonuo. Tho cuso, thotoWire, W'ont off
tho calondar. . t
In his Injunction, Justbo titttpluton
t"IIo fHydo) nhows that for months
siibsuiuiont to tho Indictment, by ve
hement and opproblous rhanictorlji
tlon, a poworful, wldelv clrviilatod,
earnestly road, IngenoiiM press lhnd
exorcised Its liberty to oNeerato him."
NKW8 ITIlM J'rpsWeat Toft
In wwhI cJttcs lu nii.iff"'' to
v..vvvr-- ymy mm ns
&Kh y f c
V- V iiitHtir l mX XXXN
All Morning Arrivals Aro
Men Close to W. J.
That is Slogan Oppose all
hut Progressives For
Harmon's Name Not . Men
tioned in tho Reso
lutions. Claim Sordid Intcrcsls Arc Now Try
lur to Thwart Purposes ot Sis and
a Hair Million Democrats Predict
Disinter Without Progmtshc.
Columbus, O., Jan. 2. Opposition
Governor Harmon's presidential
ambitions wns the keynote xotiudcd
by a nuinbor of Democratic stnto
loa'dorD who camo to Columbus today
to hold what thoy characterized as a
"Progressive1 Deinnorntlc conference"
Nowhero was any effort made to
dlsgulso tho fact thnt tho prime ob
ject of tho oonfoionco wiib to devise
wnvs and ihonns'of lighting Harmon
for tho control of the Ohio delega
tion to tho iioxt national convention.
Practically all the arrivals up to
the noon hour were Democrats close
to William Jennings Ilrynn.
William AV. 'Diirbln, Domocrallc
nominee for stnto auditor In 1D08, n!p
poiirod to bo In churgo of the meet
ing. In the resolutions to ho offered this
afternoon, Oovornor Harmon in not
mentioned by name. The resolutions,
ns prepared by Durhln and lormer
r'ongrossman John J. Lenta of Colum
bus, rofor to tho Democrats present
at tho conference ns "ploneor pro
gressives In the Democratic iranty lit
Ohio," nnd roiiilud tlio people of t
Ktn to that "ccrtulu selfish, sordid u'l
morconnry agoncles. lmo for some
tlmo boon and nro now actlvutln tholr
elTorts to thwart tho purposes and
hopes of tho six and n Jiair million
men who votod the Democratic ticket
oveny tlmo tho Dmnocmtlc iiMllonal
eoiuontlon gnvu them u progrniMlvc
platform and a iM'ogrosslvo louder."
Wmit N'i liackwniil Slop.
Attention Is caned to tho fact that
tho lurgcKl voto over polhil by n
DemoenBtlo ticket, "mh In tho throw
times when the party had a platform
nnd a candidate, snllstaulory to Uio
progressive Demoonicy of tlui coun
try." Tho TCMolutlons ilhuli dot. Inn for
four propositions: lNrtrt, that no
backward step shtill bo taken b) thp
party either In Its platform or In tho
ienflor ilanied for prosldont. second,
hAt to (nsuro n progrostilvo platform
ii)d ti 'progressive oHiidldato tho rank
nnd fllo of tho thirty must tnke steps
to elect 18 "faithful, tried and truo"
ilelogutos from Ohio; third, "Ui pro
tect tho progroeslvo Democracy of
Ohio against the possibility of any
traitor among tlicso 48 delegates, It
Is Imperative that no udvowite, nsio
clnte, protector, ally, agent, counsel,
attorney, receiver, chuiuplon or hire
Coiitliiucil on Pugo Tin iv.
i . u
U ll(nnnlnsr tq follow Senator
tuiwt thfpcllg nrojiscd.liy tho W'Ji
tuitet tUffpcllug rWicd ly
t-w jwjw tK,' ' w
iS5w WU. '1
w,, vwsfrT
, "
No Evidence Obtained to
Connect Wife With Mor
row's Death.
Inspectors Expect to Forco
a Statement From Widow
Believes Husband Discover
ed With Young Man
Chicago, Jun 2. After working on
tho mystery surrounding tho death
of Charles 11. Morrow, slnco early
Hundny morning when his widow.
Hone I). Morrow, wns arrested on n
charge of murder, tho police have
been imHilo to glvo any explanation
of tho case. No ovldenco has been
furnished connecting tho woman di
rectly with the tragody. Tho Inipiet
Into Morrow's donth wns reopened
today by order of Coroner Iloffmnn,
nnd Inopoctnr Cluncy of tho police
submitted the evidence which a siind
of detectives hnvo gathered In an or
fort to subitnnttata tho murdor
iClnncy 1ms Insisted on a $2S,000
Imll ror tho wnmnn nnd nimble to
obtain bondsmen she has been forc
ed to remain In a coll.
Tho pollen havo relied principally
on the Information given thorn hy
Attorney Cutlrbort D. Potts, an In
timate friend of the dcml Inventor.
Potts is today In n seml-cdnsclous
condition as tho rosult of a fall on
nn Icy sidewalk yesterday. Ho will
bo unnlilo to appear at tho Inquest.
The police have run down sevcrnl
hoarders nt tho Morrow homo on
Prulrlo nveniie nnd hnvo secured
their utolles. Tlloso pooiplc- loft tho
plncn as soon us they found they
might bo Involved In tho tragedy.
Tho police, uncording to a. state
muiit mndo today, ellne to tho theory
thut'lra. Mijr'rwv nml"8nu of her
yiung mtiu bnajors w$rd Discovered
together by JJorrow and thSt it quar
rel followed which roeultSl In the
slaying of tho cldorly huMlJnud.
Inspector Clancy oxpocts. to forco
n statement from the widow today.
'.Mrs. Morrow feels conlldont of ac.
(initial of the charge. So doubtful
woro the pollto of tholr evidence
agnlnst her that tho woman was al
lowed many unusual privileges yes
tordny. Shu was permitted to go
homo, under guard, to collect house,
'hold nrtlolos to be talcon to the Jail
nnd (Ti tho aftoruoou tho cell room
was turned Into a recoptlon hall
whoio a scoro of Mrs. Morrow's
lodgo and club friends called upon
her and pledged themsolvos to help
Mrs. Morrow told those friends thnt
tho cliurgo that sho wns wrongfull
withholding hor hubnnd'H property
-was untrue. Sho suhl tho Pralrlo
avenue home, valued at S40,000, camo
to hor through nn nnte-nuptlnl
agreement. Sho admitted Unit she
had qiinrrolod with hor huwbnnd
shortly boforo his donth and doclarcd
that she had boon in .mortal four that
ho would nttutk her.
IfcaVollctto Un,o1 Ohio, speaking
couslu wan JH,t tuo aumisHimi
Hilles to See Roosevelt and if Latter is Candidate
Taft Will Withdraw But if He is Backing La
Follctte the Fight Will go to Bitter End Mr
of Mystery About White House Hilles has
Washington. Jan 3. Political cir
cles were astounded this afternoon
over u icport, credited to certain well
known Taft leaders, thnt the presi
dent hns determined to force Colonel
Hoosovelt Into tho opon In tho con
test for tho 1912 nomlnntlon of tho
Ilcptridlcan convention.
This rumor, which no ono nbout
tho AMhlto House would discuss In
any form, was thnt Secretary to tho
President 1 lilies Is onrouto to New
York to tell Colonol Hoosovelt that
Mr. Taft will not light for tho nom
ination, but will withdraw If tho
formor president Is ronlly n oandhrstc
for tho nomination.
Hilles- disappeared from tho Whlto
Houso Inst night. Ho Is bellovod to
bo enrouto to New York, whero ho
Is to confer with Otto T. Itnnnard,
tho Now York banker, who was a
New Yonr's guet at the Whotp Houso
Then, It Is mid by thoso backing
today' rsumor, Illllns will go to see
Colonol Hoosovelt. If tho latter is
u candidate thon Ts-ft will nnnounes
that ho Is not seeking a now renom
latlon. However, should It devolop
thnt the colonel Is backing Senator f-a
Follettc ror the noinlnntlon, thon tho
Taft campaign for renomlnatlon for
renomlnntlon will go on nnd cerj
effort will be made to prewM the
Wisconsin senator capturing the dele-
gates to the convention, according
to reports tint fctlrrod ipallllml Wash- nothing to sav and that tho roport
Ington todav ( rs would vast their tlmo by rs
Ho far n Taft It eontcrned. he and malnlng at the office.
That is Way Columbus Conference looks Close A
Friends of Roosevelt Fight Endorsement of ,Ia- i i
Follette and it Roftsn't dn Thrnndh. . : ? I. i
-- . .. WVWB
Columbus, o, Jan. 2. A doMti Pr
fiesshcM of National Imiioituuco to
day spread out over OliK to continue
tho light for Progtesslvo inlnclples
started by Senator I.,n Folletto on his
ti.ur last week. Glftord PInchott nd
Siuaeois Clsiip and Wolks hetidod the
speu kers who will renin In in tho st.ito
irost of this week.
Tho coiiforenco of Piogri ilu yes
(iday did not ludoiso li follotto for
Piesldeut because of the. wish oxpross
od by tha hunutor and his advisors
that this action l tUrorrud. A strung
peionl oiidursemcnl or tho Progres
sive lender was uihpted, howovor, by
n vile of more tmn seven to ono us
follows: ,
"Wo consider Itobert M. U Fol
letto to bo tlio llvlnir ombodlineiit o
tltu prlnclplns of the Piogielvo movo-
ment ond 'Indorso him ns the logical
loudorr to curry thum to u succossrul
ftiiltlon, mid wo Invito till Progres
sives to. join us In tuu light."
Tho Anireionco did not bind the Ohio
Progosslvoii to Iai Follotte'8 oaudl-
UjJVy but tho sentliuont wns iirautlmilly
.tTiianlmnuH In favor of tho Wltconsln
Iluio Is tho way the Stnto Jollinal
views tho result of Monday's confer
ence of progressives:
Prnctlcal politics, us played by Stnto
Chuli limn Walter F. llrown. hacked by
Ki'oiioveit Hepuiillonus, won over on
tliuslnsm fur tho presidential candi
dacy of Senator Ilobort M. J. a Follette
ycsteiday In tho Ohio Piogresslvo llo
publloau I.eiiguo, which wns orgunlud
nt an all-duy meeting of 150 doUgutoH
In tho Clmrmbor of Commerce Audi
tot turn. Tho duhnto which precadad
the turning down of tho lu Follotto
lot cos lasted four hours and was
imuked hy blttornoMS.
Standing nhuuldur to qhouldur with
ho llrown following tor tho Tolodoan
wjik not a dulugnte woro formor Chief
Knrtor Gilford Plnchot and Jamoa H.
anrllold, close friends or Hoosovelt,
v hllo opposing them In the conferences
uiu on 'ho floor of tho convention woro
llnltod States Senators Mobcw IS. Clapp
vf Minnesota and John 1). Works of
Personalities wuio ludulgod In and
opon chnigps weio mndo In tho debate
piecedhig the voto that tho delegates
i)iiosliig it La Follotto indomamant
voro pioiwrlng to go Into the Taft
"Q.mp. The dlsouHslon -lecuma ho por
honul tit ono point that Mr Plnchot
wns compelled to denounce a, stato
nints that he was jdoyintr Into iha
hands 'of tho onem s of tho progress
pivo movement
Mr rinchot, Judgq IX. M. Wuna-
A 1
his managers Insist they con defeat
a Follotto on tho lloor of tho national
convention, and thoy Insist that oven
tho support ot a Follotto by tho form
er president would not draw much
material strongth from Taft.
It Is snld If IIIIIcs finds, out thnt
Hoosovelt Is backing tho iA Follctte
boom then ho will demand Ihnt WIN
Hum Ilnrnes, Jr., chnlrrnftn of tho
New York Stnto Hepubllcun commit
tee, keep tho promise hofmada when
olected chairman nnd soo thnt;' a solid
Tnft delegation Is elected from tho
Dmplre state, to tho national canven
tlon In Chicago nextJuno.
There wns an air of myBtcry'bout
tho Wltc Hquso todny, Tho presi
dent sent word tMlt ho woultfiro-
.celvo no calleis and remained lnWthcV.
library till day. Tho regular cnbTUct
meeting ,set for ttfdny, wont over
without warning and It Is said that
It was postponed by direct order ol
the president. ".
Mystory also surrounded tho wherb;
nljotits of Jlocrotury Hlllcs. Tho Whlto'
Houso staff profostid professed not
to know whore ho -was.
New York, Jnif. 2. Colonol Itooso-
veil busied himself with personal busl.
ness nt the Outlook offlco today anil
tilfuscd to iIIkurm polltlbal affalra
When reporters sent In card stho m
onel sent back word that ho hail
f - V -
maker cf Akrvn ami others dfiolarcd
they er for Ut Follotto, but, they
Insisted Hhrowd politics would bo to
I if inln from an Indnrsomoril. This
v-H denied by Senators Clapp ond
Works and other spqakora. They In
ilslod the prograsslvo movement, to bo
succohsful, must have a loador. Hy
Kcveml speakers Hoosovo'.t wns do
ii'iuncud us u loader not In sympathy
with tho progicssUo movement.
Leaving the convention Imll. E. W.
IJooty or Cleveland declnred, "Anll
Tnrt Is our candidate now. The Tiirt
forces wll clean utf np.'
Hie sentiments waru. oschoed by fel
low delegates troth Cuyahoga and hy
Ciuclnimtl men, tyo'.yflxo
I ollctto wanted a'n,' Juifuti
Insisted LU
orsoment from
Ol.lo progroslven..i, .Thft lll-fcollng, It
l rured, mny ijlHrupt- tho organlsin
tlon. Tuft men t(jo,H- this Ivew of tho
situation lapt nighty
The rosolutlon tmfXn Folletto was
picsanted hy D. 1 Mook or Clovoland:
Tho llnnl votoowfM Si tor to 83-
against. Many hrtd. left tho hnll durT
Irg dobato and ii im,bcr refrained
fiom voting. Mr. Mnok.' by t practical
ly unanimous votv, edt through a res
olution declailng thg,)cAguo recognlzijU
uio iiursonui loniiovsmp Of nonator ui
As part of the gonoial doolfl ration Jif
piluclples this resolution, forced on tho
tommltteo on lofcolutlous, finally wan
niinptod by practically a unanimous
Wo ure npposod to tho ronom-"
(nation of Prosldont Taft. Wit
hoiuhy declare It to bo doter"1
mined purposq of Ohio Progres-("
slvo napublloanLonglio to worlt'
In harmony am) v unison to nomj '
Innto a progrcsslvo ilupublleun for'1
prosldont. HecognfttSuf aa fellow;'
progrosslvos all who hHd tho print-
clplos for which we ntd. whothor'
thoy bo for the prealdjuitlHl nom
lnntlon ot nohert M. Tty Foil, t to,
Theodore Hoosovolt or uy uthfr
piogrp&slvo Hopubllciui, W HHSfi
tho ossontlal unity of the rrnn
slvo Jnovoment throuj;lmi the
stnto and nstlon, Wo faN me
election, of- 'dplogutos who wtllVH
vor thp nonilnatlqn of caiulUMtn
who will fully ro'prcsont proff.es
mvo prlnclploH. '
airford Plnchot and James Kf (?w
hold drew tho resolution. It wag 'fouifflt
for hy former Heproscntntlvo, Frank
W. Woods of Medina and Judg Wanif.
Tho full story of how tho friends of
Iloosevolt "put It over" the La FollaU
tt managers Is known, to only a small
lrnor clrclp Johp l;kler Qf
Cloveland, tho La. Follotto men 8ali
1 ap much as nnyouc responslblo fw
their victory,
hrxy I
Jfi .
l5fiKy,T A y r"1
hr-, . v.-
umr.p u?i
f."HBK ! frW '
H' W
1 !
T .

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