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jV""- --
A "Sv--- nftt
- .
tato St.
d..J. .r.t
Dcbuto Pnrly nt Hopkins Home.
In yip charming old Johnston homo
(stead, to tho rooms and walls of
vlilch cling tho memories of most j and Huth Fisher.
Mnrgnrct M. Burgess.
Phllbrlck. Qlrls who assisted theso
matrons numhered Misses Slsio Bnl
lontlnc, Joan WatklnB, IIopo Fisher
"itlmffta things for tho doscondontai
"" of Joseph Johnston who aro now ro
nldlng ;thcro, Mr. and Mrs. Rohort
OvVigjon Hopkins and tho Inttor's
nlstor Mtes-IKlle Johnston, wcro "at
hoidc.- yesterday afternoon between
tho .hours of tv oand six to about
two hundred and fifty callers to whom
they presented Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins'
daughter Miss Elizabeth.
(Miss Hopkins has already proved
a popular girl among tho youngoi
clrcinc and as sho Is an Interesting
glrl&ihd something o fa student, she
twlllsrib doubt bo equally interesting
to cgdor folks. At present she Is a
student at tho Drldgewnter training
Bchool In Massachusetts.
This was one of tho most delight
ful affairs that society folks have
rccoritly graced, for tho air of hos
pitality which tho somewhat recelv-
At six o'clock tho host and hos
tesses entertained tholr assistants,
their husbands and a small numhet
of friends at dinner and following tho
dinner hour tahlcs .wcro filled for
euchre. Progressive games woro
played ad at tho final count Mrs.
Joseph Mathews and Mr. Georgo B
Christian Jr. woro nwarled tho hlgcs
Ecores. Both wero presented with
pretty trophies for their skill.
rrho Informal evening, following tho
,moro formal afternoon terminated
tho affair agreeably.
A Small Ht-Idgo Party.
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W- Sawyer en
tertained ciulto lnformnlly at bridge
last evening at their pretty homo at
Whlto Oaks farm and tholr guests
Included members of tho youngct
married circles. When cards were
There was much fun nnd Jest In the
v.liolo affair and tho tiys seemed to
obfnln as much pleasure as tho girls
ftom tho newly adoptped roles.
Tho chaperons assisted at tho re
freshment hour taking much of tho
tcsponslUllity from tholr daughters,
Mrs. Carrio Gnrborson, Mrs. W. A.
I.nngbon, Mrs. Daniel Evans, Mrs. F.
V. McKlnns, Mrs. J. H. Bartram and
Mrs. S. S. Burgess wcro present
throughout the evening, while others
looked In during tho evening to get a
peep at tho pretty af:a:r.
Miss Lucrctln Gnrbcrson Is the presi
dent of tho II. O. F. club and tho ef
forts on her part to direct tho moni
tors In planning niut executing many
i ftho details, no doubt accounts for
the supremo success of tho nffolr. Miss
Gnrbcrson Is 8 distinctive girl nnd sho
leoked unusually nttrnc:vc In a palo
yellow frock.
Miss Maud Louise McMurray, n Bryn
Mnwr girl, Is upending tho vacation
- MM""-- ' ' '--
HJU, win.-.-.. -- -- - i - -
fcsiL f? Jf
Tho design ot ft thousHiid llowora Is most effectlvo and vory quickly and easily worked. It Is bo gay and
charming ihuT-'ft' Is ii great favorKo ami 'patterns aro much In demand. Tho scallops of thu dolly should first
bo padded nnd then closely buttonholed. Tho dots In tho center of tho flowers nro worked solid and each
leaf Is one. stitch. Tho atoms are a succession of long stitches caught down by tho short ones whloh branch
onTfro'm fffonT. loroorlzed cotton No. 10 In blue, vlolot, green, yellow, pmic anu rea is men.
Ing lino dispense1!,' and the festivity
Insaparniblo from tho hnppy holiday,
succeeded In giving tho nocossnry
impetus widen ,,m,ako for successful
Tho callers wvro received In tho
cast parlor and woro ranged beToro
u great bay window massod with rod
carnations, rod rosos and greon forns
Southern smllax framed tho arch
about this window and tho groonory
was jjtudded at Intervals with brll
Hant'.polnscttas. From Iho colling to
tho buso of tho chandollers, smllnx
Was arranged in bell shnpe and front
tho contor of each bell hung a ball
of box-wood nild rodd borrlos. Starry
paoinscttas glowed from tho smllax.
Itecolvlng with tho host and hostoM
and Miss Hopkins wre. Mrs. Shor
man Shultz of Cleveland, a guest at
the Itoipklns home; Mrs, foaopli
Johnson and JtrM. AV. K. Sconold.
Tho wost parlor wns Identical with
the cast In decorations and colors.
Trappo was sorved In tho wide bay
window by a nurrther of pretty glrU
placed asldo a delicious card luncli
was served.
Tho leap yoar dance at tho Huber
hall last ovonlng. Interested one of
tho Junior noU of tho city. The
chnrmlng girls of tV.o U. O. K. and N.
O. V. clubs woro tho hostossos and
their rccorts wero InvUed In the true
lwip year fashion and tlio programs
woro mude out by tho g:rls.
Tho IIuUV hall ws rosplonilcnt In
ho festive Vrrny thai the season af
fords. Holly Aid evergreen framed the
pano'H of tho walls nrin In the contor
r( each hung a holly --with tied with
n Iww of scarlet ribbon. Ropes of
evergreen canopied tho room and were
ctught to the chandeliers with bright
ChrlstnuiH bells. A great Chrlstmiis
tree In full regalia or Klittorlng balls
nnd bulls and tiny shining candles. Mo
Nea's nrchostra dlMprnwif music for
twontv dnncos from behind n screen of
prfect llttlo tret
!IEyvRI, nd
U o
Fun for Holiday Parties
HHISTMAS gomes, If one wnnts to carry out In thorn tho real spirit
of tho occasion, aro a llttlo dlfforont from tho pastlmoa of other
seasons. For ono thing, they have an old-fashlonod flavor. Out ol
doors snorts aro In order for those who llvo In tho country; and In
doors, Bllndman's Bluff Hoodmnn Blind, no It was anciently cnllail char
ades, riddles, snapdragon, Chrlstmns candles, hot cocklco, and all such di
versions, aro strictly correct.
But in splto of their historical Interest, not many will caro to pass
tho wholo evening In this fashion. Something n llttlo more modern will
bo wanted.
"What Is My Thought Like?" makes no end of fun. Ono person Is
soloctod to ask tho question and each answers as ho will. When all have
replied, tho questioner tells what his thought !b, nnd onch must then toll
how his answer fits tho thought. Somo rather Ingenious nnd mtiunlng
reasoning in evolved. In answering tho quostlon, "What Is My Thought
Llko?" It may bo necessary to caution each ono that ho must remember
what ho nays; or clso later on when told to (It Ills answer to tho thought,
ho may havo forgotton what ho said. Sometimes It Is well for tho ques
tioner to wrlto tho answers down.
Another gamo that Is diverting Is "How, When, nnd Whore." One
person leaves tho room, and tho others select n word that has several moan
Inge, such ns trunk. Tho ono sent out is thon called and puts to onch tho
question, "How do you llko It?" Somo nnswor with the word used In ono
sonso, Bomo In another. When ho hns questioned all, If ho cannot yet guess
tho word, ho can mako tho rounds again with tho question,
you llko It?" and yet a third tlmo with, "Whero do you llko It?"
For Now Yoar affairs a lot of fun Is assured, If onch Is glvon a pencil
and papor and naked to mako up a set of Now Yenr resolutions forsomo
othor member of tho party. When nil nro finished tho various resolutions
aro read aloud.
Another interesting diversion for a Now Yoar party la to attach to
each guest a llttlo card bearing a drawing, a picture, n couplet, or some
thing illustrative of somo historical ovent. All nro thon givon pencils nnd
papor, and n certain deflnlto tlmo is allowed to puzzle out what epoch each
represents. For Instnnco, n plcturo of an Indian and tho words, "I am
discovered," would suggest instantly tho discovery of America, a Liberty
Dell and 177C, tho Declaration of Independence, nnd so on. They should
not all bo made so ensy as these, but n few siniplo onon should ho sprinkled
through. A prlzo could bo given to tho ono guessing tho groatost number
As souvenirs for a Now Year party clover llttlo couplotn foretelling tho
fortunes for tho coming year are always popular. Those dan bo enclosed in
EngllBh walnut shells, and n hurit Instituted for them. Or onch guest can
bo glvon tho end of a ribbon which ho or sho is to follow through ninny
windings and mlx-upB, all emblematic of tho yoar to como, until the real
rrimedy suggested and ovorenmo:
Close tho room up well overnight,
wltjli doors nnd wlndoWH tightly shut,
nm leave in it a inrgo pan run ot
unlVr, with n fow wisps of s.traw. For
nonic reasons tho water and straw to
gether nbsorU tho smoko and oven
tuko'V)l' the odor of nshes. Needless
c say,' T?ll discoverable nshes should
piovIouslyV hnvo been removed and
thrown aWny.
By morning tho room Is odorless nnd
i llttlo airing will cool it out nnd
put it again In condition for use.
Mrs. T. J.I Osborno and son Wllllnrd
loft this morning for Chicago where
iho latter All resume his studies un
itr Professor Hugo Kurtschnk, ono
of tho most prominent figures among
violinists In tho musical world. Mas
ter tor Wlllnrd Is tho youthful prodigy
ho was formally Introduced to Mar
lon folks nt his violin recital which
was glvon n fow weeks ago.
'Ihcro will bvs a business nhtl social
meeting of tho Christian Endeavor so
ciety of tie Trinity Baptist qhurdh to
night Instead of next week on nc
conut of tho mdotlng next week,
prophecy Is found nt tho end.
73vof 3-p-6.
Miller, Grant Mouscr, Arthur King, out down from n tnll vnse, a tiny
Fred Taylor, Dudley Flndlay, Ellis j sugar-bowl from ii vlncnar-cruot, nnd
Houghton, Carl Loftier, Don Jones, n small bonbon-dish was saved from a
Fred Hcrzcr, Frank Goster, Wilfred .IntRor eut-glawi bowl."
J'thnffner, Louis Morral, AValtor Eck
t'fiid, Leo Fisher, Carl La Mnrche,
C-corgo Kllng, Thomas McMurray and
I'Odncy Hume.
,Ilin ilntiim ttaii u M.k.jll ttttulv unil tll.t
., , , t . , . .. 'v r.i-v- ,-ii n nni'ii nimii i ..."
i V , r wn, uiiuriiuiou H,npIo f(f ,,, ,,u,)er ,,
&'J?Z,0L!!"1X WW h-po for' dancing. The ghls .
"iio punch bowl and the dining room.
Tho refreshment
pleasing to ,lho oyew with a rustic
basket filled uttli .logons A rod rur
hatlons nnd Oiilk'ry fern. An Im
mense bull of amlla: i ..-
tus was ufie:ijul juui , i i .t c !
and forinci! n dfii.i ; v ii .-ti i
bulbs frnn ybi(h lhi . i'i )i:il
dellento tints of their girlish frocks to
ItiHplru the thought uf lrcshest roe
buds. -
To porpotuate to tho final degree the
typical idon of ii leap your foto, a
romoved. A iiuinbrr if i .o....iil..i i.'tmuor or tno girls Had sont grent
ladles prosldo d ovor the taljlo and '"'UquotH of paper iimoho flowers to
nsslstod during tho afternoon Inclurl- their escorts, nnd nothing daunting,
Ing, Mrs. C. C. Fisher, Mrs. E. IC I fnr ns the mason line fabric Is con
Uhler, Mrs. Honry Hano, Mrs. Frank jwnotl, theso woro worn with plael
Seltcr, Mrs. Frank Johnston, Mrs. r.ltudo by tho favored ones, rest clustors
IL .NorrlH, Mr. J. F. Prendergnsl i"f brilliant roses, violets nnd inirple
Mru. Warren Q. Harding, Mrs. Joseph l!.BS, milking tho wearers conspicuous.
Mnthows, Mrs. O. S, Rnptp. .Mrs. Jams Tho girls attained nuito n degree of
It,, Smith, Mrs. Mptcum JennlngH, Mrs huccpm looking up tholr partners and
Htnerson fiehoonl'au'b and Mrs. Frank obtaining refreshments nnd fnippe.
guests of tho clubs and she, too, was
dicssed In pink.
Miss Helen Houghton, a student at
Woostor university wore palo bluo with
n broad whlto lacy llchu which might
havo adorned tho gown of a. Colonial
luald. Miss Houghton had a guest,
Miss Ruth liognrdls, or Kenton, and
a school friend. Miss Bogardls fre
Miiontly visits hoio a:ic Is quite nt
l.tmo nmong the young folks. Her
dtcsH of green satin veiled with net.
gicen satin slippers nnc dainty green
mil glod evonlng cap wcro modish
and very chic.
MIhs Frances Fr"0 rooked sweet nnd
E'.rllsli In palo grewi satin veiled In
pink with greon bllppers. 'Her guest.
Miss Edna Pi Ice, or Gallon, u school
friend nt tho Wcbtorn university nt
Chicago, Is a dignified girl and was
very distinctive In pink.
Miss Ernestine Rnwo of Cleveland
is tho guest of MIbh Hus.in Gurberson.
Tho former wore pink which was vory
becoming whllo Miss HUbun who Is
ono of the popular N. O. F. girls was
sumo attractiveness comiilned with tfteJjii etty nnd vivacious tn pink and
A Pretty lllrthdny Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hoover en
tertained a number of relatives nnd
friends nt dinner yesterday In honor
of their llttlo daughter, Mls's Elolsc,
whoso fourth blrtlTdny was ono of
yesterday's happy events.
Tho Gcorgo street 1iomo of .Mr. nnd
Mrs. Hoover presented a vory cheer
ful nspect, cut llowers being "usoil to
brighten wall shelves and tables. Tho
dining-room was also nttractlvo and
a conterpleco of holly dressed tho ta
ble. An elaborate courso dinner in
served. Covers wero placed -for Mr.
nnd Mrs. I). B. Hoover of Prospect,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Benedict of Pros
pect, 'Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sargont nnd
son" Thorley, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry
Bachman, Mr. C. M. Ltickoy, tho lit
tle Miss Hoover nnd Mr. nnd Mr 9. I
Following tho dinner hour the aft
ernoon wns mnJo ploasurablo wltVi
ohn.t and music. Durlnir tho after-
,M her pnronts hero nd looucu noon iittla Miss Eloiso anneared
sweet and girlish In -.Kile pink chiffon, dressed ns a llttlo Mower girl and
Miss Mc.Murrsys guest, Miss Lucy presented each guest with a pretty
l'owlon of Harpstor was ono of tho Bft. Tho llttlo girl was mado tho
Thoro Is no odor moro dlttngrccnblo
thnn that ot stale tobacco smoko nnd
tobacco nshes. Sometimes a room
becomes so (pcrmented with It that It
becomes hardly possttilo for delicate ' nt unusual qualities of musicianship
persons to breathe In It. Hero Is n i ml a truly mnrvelous technique."
recipient of a groat number of gifts
and tho Idea of reciprocating with
sumo protty Tomembrances was en
couraged and carrlod out by her
GuchtH nt Bni'iid Home.
Mr. and .Mrs. Jules C. Bnrnd of
South Prospect street hud ns their
houso guests yesterday, Mrs. C. L.
Guernsey of Postorla, nnd Mrs. S. T,
Webster of Columbus. A prettily ap
pointed dinner nt tho noon hour was
given for their plonEure.
girls of
two delightful and sister rvrales
table was vory ,,.,,., .. .,..., S..
iiallft lU-1 'l" jutiiiuit uiuu onevi ryi
Not Sisters
l Now and tfr-Ui you ec? two women pa5.
IJnfi dovj tl0 ilwt who ipok like niitors.
J You rfoaitonislisd to barn that they aro
motlr pud daughter, and yoij realize that
n Tromaii nt forty or fbrty-fiye ought to bo
Intfr-Cncst nnd fairest. Why iun't it uop
, ' Jr" inenl health of woman b bo In
jwloteIy associated with the local health
tofrfno CMcnlicliy fimljOino organa tJiat
'.thbro can iio no red iferchq nnd round
.um wnere mere is lemnja wcatoeci,
,. 'vmcn who tavo sufTcred frorj
tWo trouhlo Jjto found prompt
freVf nnd euro la Uio use cf lr.
A1 !? i'rcsorlpllon. It give. T,;r0r nct Tltalltr to tlio
(irKana of wonwalmoj It ekasa Cio completion, briiUtma th
y nod rcrldcno fie uhceks.
1 1, T I
fc A "iViff rr "irf -- .' M
MIm, FYetVli1 Rhodes, n remarkably
dainty brunetTv wore filmy whlto with
palo Lino rihuonV' Hor hair was dross
ni nuiin i,t f her hosd with nat-
-. ,"..- .,w ,. ,
from a hand of .
Mr. and Mrs. D. ,C. Nelson had ns
t.iclr house-guests, yesterday, Mr. ond
Mrs. Oo.6"rgo Bilk nnd daughter
Kathryn nnd Mrs. Julia P. Eokhurt nil
of Bucyrus. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson en
tertain tholr Marion relatives with
whom they are closely collected, with
a family dinner ouch Now Years, and
the presence of tho visiting guests
irudo the affair exceptionally pleaa-
Mrs. Blrk has been ono of Mrs. Nel
son's Intlmato friends slnco early girl
hood. Of tho colors tho former favors
violet and as a. thoughful courtesy to
her friends, the hostebs developed the
oppolntmonts of tho dinner In this
color. A wondorful contcrpicco or
- aT T. r' or HWWamlni vlfufji L contained In "Fhvorlta PrciLu, Portsmouth.
UmLp..aJ,, n 5,nir Of"H lit, Plcrcp by ktUr, 7rwr, Kmy hit k uoM,, of the Blr
m'i ' '""""wwwiimm. ur, K,y, rut,, fmi.iiuSHt
"", t - , ,,. , ,
ural curls linncliiV
bluo ribbon, a verY P'l"0"1 nrrnngc
Miss Ruth Emoi y was" r lI,
nchool girls wlio was able V nlt"u
he liuppy affair. Miss KiniV' '" u
rtudont tit Ohio State uiiivnrairtUr Her
frcck of whlto wus very becomln
Miss Hilda Gorlinm. min nf ilm nrlt
t N. O. F. girls woro n frock of bin
and bluo with blue ribbons, whlio Miss
Dorothy Hume, who Is ohn of hor sno-
clal friends, woro paly blue bordered
In n dceiier shade.
Yellow, with somo touches of black
that woro qulto effective, suited Miss
Floronco Rnymer while Miss Beiilah
Spencer chose tho snmo colos. yellow
with u long black sash,
Miss Ruth McKlnnls, r alondalo girl
worn whlto as did her cousin, Miss
Jenot Longbon who Is n student nt
f'hlo Wesloyan university.
Miss Louise Burgess wore litvotuler
and Miss Ruth Smith favored pln,ki
M.'ss Ruth Bartrnm, ono of tho preM'A
r.iris or tho younger circle woro pink
rnd Wue and Miss Dorothy BUsli, look
e.l like a little Dresden lady in pink.
Tho absence of n few girls wits
nMed, remarkably that of Miss Ielena
Mouser, who Is upending a week of
thq holidays nt a houso narty nt
lavondcr carnations, which represent'
Is for the cortfW
li'flsru. Ojii-J FK-sh
i.NIY- ..-nter of Delnwrire: Jamo.n Pns. of
- rCUicliinatl; Henry HaffehspejerfPale
cd, by tho way n very Ingonlous bit
of skill on tho part of one of the
f'orlbts hero, graced Mio table. The
i.rotty tilno wns favorod throughout
tin monii and wns seen In the lees
unl tn'nis.
Covers wero placed ror: Mrs. JullH
F. FtUlmrt, Mr. o,nd Mrs. Gcorgo Blrk
Miss Kathryn Blrk, .Rev. and Mrs
iOcorgo M. Rourko, Mrs. M. Nelson,
Aim. w. Ii. viir lies, ir. nnu jvirs. u.
,'l Soffner, Messrs. William Nelson,
j.jph Duehlo, Master Charles Nelson,
ll'u. host and hostess.
Vn ncoldcnt to cut glass Invnrl-
ablv l,,lnt?os .hd-Vowner of It Into
cluuuV ot Klom, but 'Of tori those clquda
1 nvo s ,vor llnlnB8' Woforo throwing
tlio pie, ceB ttwny exomlilo each piece
Hnpnrab"'y nml sco ,r ' cou,rt ',0 cut
down fnt0 nythlng Htnallor. Shnps
which t 'pa' ,n out BafM l",u0"y 'mvo
u cutte r "n "'" Promises."
"A ca, BP '8 t0'11 ' tt ',r'(' wno' "I""1
miterln'tf tM0 "inlpg-room, urrlved in
time P Hec' ,,ut not I,rovo"t Ier maid
j puiung, insicuu or punning, me
nslon table, and ns It separated In
ddle sevoral pieces of valuable
cutI glass, which had wen placed there
(uj'lne the clertnlng-tlmo fell through
mi a crusn id me uoor. it seemoa n
nolens accident, but a rou-bowl was
down from it decanter, following
patterji near tho neqk which hnd
t$n oft, n Binall yltdot-hojder va$
time tf"
fi-iimp ln
tlief md
HR3 fcJIB83Si(r iX'y 'PiWiSBSfB
PV 'Kmiiityjn'wwVumf
I iJriB
i vv mjM.i tai an
b inrM SJHI
In tho Now York Musical America
npponrs tho plcturo of Atnstor Wlllnrd
Usborno of tills city, under tho cap
tion of "Ohio's Now Violin Prodigy."
Mm Inn folks wll bo pleased with tho
criticism ot tho llttlo ertlst:
"Ohio has como to tho foro with
When do p"olllor violin prodigy if Francis Mnc-
I .limn will Iioriim ub ruiur ijiu-k iu
the days when ho llrst heard Ohio
audiences. The new claimant to famo
1j Mester Wlliard Osborne nnd his
hi mo In Marlon. It wns In ills homo
tewn, naturally, that ho mado his de
but and this Important ovent took
rlnco on Thursday evening. Marlon
1 nd evidently looked forwnrd Ifi this
event with a great deal of Intercsc,
f'ir long befotiro tho hour for Master
Wlllnrd to insko his bow which
brought forth many "Oil's" and "All's
from a sympathetic audience, the
niidltorium wus crowded from "pit to
dome" to uso tho pnrgon of tho local
reporter. When the twelvo-yoar-old
Ir.d nppenred w'th his violin tucked
under his nrm nnd ndvnnced to the
i-uitor ot the stngo with ml of the
nsurnueo of u Krolsior or mi Ysnyc,
flic applause was almost dunfcnlng.
As Muster Orborno p'uyed "1hi
Folli," by Cnrelll, his little llddlo re
sponded wonderfully to his masterful
bowing and ho brought forth tones
which might make many Virtuosos
envious. Ho seemed to completely for
get his nudleiieo nnd fiddled nwny with
a depth of feeling nnd show of tem
perament truly remarkable. Other
talngn which he gavo wero "Minuet,
Pellmven; "Gavotte," Lully; Rainoau'n
' Itlg.iudon;" Lcgende," by Wlcnlaw-
ll. Tho young urtlst showed through
AY. F. Ellfrltt of Ohllllcotho wrts
oticrntcd on for cancer of tho left sldo
o ftho face nt Mr. Harris' 247 south
High street this morning. JIo cnirA)
through tho operation ln Very good
condition. Tho operation wns by Docl
t-rs H. W. Sagcr, W. II. lllnkjln nifd
AT. Nowhuuse.
i i '' a, ft
John Dunn, of Columbus, wns ?M
Marlon visitor yesterday.
MIrs Wanda Mcaloy luft this morn.
Ing for Mt. Clemens, Michigan, whtro
the wll resumo her wot I: us toiclicr
of Manual Training in tho ticliouTs.
M. T. Bell of Delaware a spending
the day In Marlim. . t,l,r-
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. J. Smith of Dcla
wnro nro Mnrlon visitors todiil v ' '
Annual Roll Cull Held. '
Kosciusko Lodge. No. SS, I. O. O.
F., hold a regular mooting Monday,
ovonlng, nt which time the untuihl
roll cull wns hold. Tho meeting wens
very lorgoly attended and following
tho regular business a buffot lunch
wan served. Tho recontly elected offi
cers will be Installed nt tho next rcg
ulur meeting In ono month.
Ofllcci-rt An- IiiHtiillcd.
Mombors of tho Homo Guards pf
America met In regular session Mon
day evening nnd transacted regular
business, nftor which tho Installation
of the recently elected officers wns
held. John Plckorel acted ns Install
ing officer. Following -this fcaturo" of,
tho meeting a season was devoted o
refreshments, music and various
amusements. Mr. Leo of Delnwnro
was present at tho meeting. m
Yodclrn Aro Entertutiiliig.
The second numbor of tho 402 K. ,
of P. lecturo courso nttrnctlons In the
lodge haH Monday ovonlng proved a
most popular offoring. The hall was
crowded to hoar tho melodious on
tertnlnmcnt offered by a company of
soven Swiss yodlors. No. 402 In fur
nishing Its members nnd others a
splendid lino of entertainment which
is seemingly appreciated fully.. Last
night's affair was ox.tremoly pleasing.
Tho flvo-yenr-old son of Mr. nand
Mrs. Joseph Butterman, who llvo north
of tho city, la In n critical condition.
Ho Is suffering with Jaundice. .
ITZ of
Sherlock Holmes at his best has a
formidable rival in the cool, clear
headed Britz who proves the
innocence of a beautiful young
woman charged with the
greatest diamond rob
bery ever known
in New York,
after a series
like A
Story that Is
a Continuous
Performance of
Absorbing Interest
read the new sejrial by
Marcin Barber
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of thrilling
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