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H. R. SNYDER, Manager.
Foreign Advertising Manager, Frank R. Nortbrup
2S Fifth Aw, ICrlbono Bid.
' New Stork. Chlcaco,
LEPHONE lt ., . . ,,. ....,,. ..., No. 9
. is Paper Receives the United Press Telegraphic
i News Service and Market Report.
Rates of Subscriptions.
Single Copy , 2c
Per Week by Carrier -. lOc
By Mail, Per Year $3,00
Bemi-Weekly Mirror, Per Year $1.00
The position taken by Col. Itoosevelt Is variously conslJerefl by different
' people. We have found some hlgh-clas mon who think It Is all right while
others nr,e ver- much opposed to any recognition of thlrd-termlsm. It I a
matter In v.ilih opinions differ, lite recent etfpnnntlon of his attitude and
the seernl views which may be taken are given an follows:
"I nm nt imd shall not be a candidate. 1 shall nover seek the nomi
nation, nor would I accept It If It came Ho me ae the result of any Intrigue,"
he sa tn the letter. "But I will not tie my hands by a statement which
would make It difficult or lTposlbIe for mo to serve "the public by under
taking a groat task, If the people as a whole sMinet definitely to come to
the conclusion that I ought to do thai task." '
Xo attack I made upon President Taft by Colonel rtoofrevelt. In fact, In
one statement hhvloiwn ,0 havtcje'tpijfttier', palliation "probable."
Colonel Hoosevelt,'. own words aro..
"If I should eonault my own pleasure and Internet, I should most cm-
Militant Prince oi the Church
Who Has Just Returned to Boston
phatlcaily and Immediately announce tlifit, upder iio circumstance would
m, uiiu uir
A'A. . .1
now. -istin
ilurn tiftli6
go ore nok an
h mattjjr and stay nffjj nu(m good many of thorn aro orfrthe risori
$ r '"HS? $ 8?ftn(r-fretJilol menjior tSp nntf-recljtrod
Wilulfofl'wlm regard Mr.-'lVift ns too 'much' iWo OraatunC of
"Ifjns I deem probable, Mr, Taft Is nominated, and my name continues
to be mentioned, my (Opponent wJltthfi snytimt I soorettr or'openlv sirov
ror the nomination and was defeated If Mr. La Follette Js nominated the
same uhjng will be saidi
"If the utterly unexpected happen and I nm nominated, I may verv
.probably be dofeated. In which case I shall be not only assailed, but derided.
If I won I should take ofllee carrying a burden for which I am not respon
sible nnd facing conditions mteh as ti make lt almost certain, only thai- I
should not be able to accomplish all that 1 would like to accomplish, but
thnt I should be very severe!) condemned, probably bv n considerable ma
jority of the people, for failure 'o accomplish what It would probably be be
jyorti tho power of any human being to accomplish.
"If at this particular crisis, with the particular problems ahead of us at
this particular time, the people feel that 1 am the one man In slht to do
' the Job, then I should regard myself as shirking a plain, duty If I refused to
do It."
It Is our Judgment, still that the direct work of the postmasters, tho rev
enue collectors, the y Marshals, the commltemen. tholr friends, anc thp
T.flid line of forces, will, rn the end, preall hnvrPresiderJ1. Taft 1)6 relic
l'hat lie will be reelected we regari entirely Improbablo just
,'tJiere-lrt-J!jnw3iiint tJial .7rwiiy""oinirS"Tto"pulJlIennftrme'?atWlllV!lurn
nnks overo ually. The farnicVs have been too prosperous, to go off
ity eiecww-ouusirow vwu rogaru .Mr.-Trt ns too -much' itliocrse.turoi
Tharley Taft and Join. Hayes Hammond and the trusts and other powers of
great financial significance. -1 Tor"; these masons-some of the farmers nroVhot
Icomlhg .back. As for the tariff reforrrers, they are all off tho reservation to
,v'Vi5Lik.leiJti0Hi?,n?Jc.t e1'00, Anu" t,m I" true.yf.tho It. M clcrksjtin
othtr ompIdyoA dt the government who have beoomb offended rtt the'arlsto.
craircHTn TSMcrduTllrTleTlWons and exorbitant denfnhllBOr their sirperlorH In
'liVojJv'WPWyuPWCk.- Xhat thostf,mS!Pjgu.J,a .to stny,Mty;
thcre can bo fittio .loutt. " ' " '
Z Therefore If the Democrats mak a strong nomination their chances to
Jwln still remain good. Possibly -shay are not quite so certain aa theyh"ave
deemed nt times during the past twojrenqs, and there may come In the tides,
of politics times when they may seem nfoubtftil hafnra tb. buiinta rit i,t
'hese apparent change are Incident t- all campaign. 'Like the old order of
Physicians one can only "treat symptoms," In the dlsaumion of such affairs,
nnd theaesymprtoniKsometlmeschunge. What we try to do Is to glvo ,our
readers a fair view of these matters for the time being nnd If the symptoms
'-hnnge our deductions must change to conform to thesoemlng facts.
We do not sympathize with that criticism which trenches upon an offi
cial's Tellglous belief. If n man Is moral, honost, sincere nnd devoted to
the pubilo welfare he should oscapo criticism on his theological opinions'
unless thoy be so peculiar as to necessitate It by tholr abnormality. The
questions no be asked regarding an official, Is he linnost? Is he capable?
Will he subserve the public welfare to tho extont of his ability? nnd not
....Ul m ius opinion or ,ths.d.lvln!tyof-ahrlst W'haUdoeM):
regard to tho doctrines of niwiinn tSF.i...iW. 3.
' "- 'H ''
Can't Eat or Drink at Many
Banquets Ho
Army Officers Dissatisfied
With Militia
One of the greiiMxt outrages of rnnt times Is thosjnpnin,' und mining
of Persian pov.r 1 Oreat Urlt 1 1 it nnd Ituseln. PBthndtiig to guarantee
Persian Independent!', they Jme Oi-stioM-il It. SutfOTJi. ,ni ittcr ought to
imd opposition and resentment in inc intt iiigentit n.
Kngllsh people. Hut It Is consonant with tho lltl
knows little of Justice, liberty nnd the rights of pflfliT
cohm lence of tho
n !' Hpotism wnicn
r nations.
There Is general concurrence of op inlon that th r grant decision by tho
Supreme Court annulling n iart of tlie 1uw on VftnSlatji'tlcs because ot
'he old ordinance of 17S7-I about the worst thlnj? IwSjeii t vcr'came from
that bo(ly,.,Ui ylthtit,1rliUsi,ne "r ""wjJSgllpns 13, " nniSbl
are ellmhmtedi "TIibsc required report to be mndgJ?3luii't U physloIaiH
hnd IlildwireH. 'This obllgalfdlf now tests upon 'thSfpTtroiiu nndlrelatlv6i.
' ' i. f-j i-
no n
i ri i
'The Cleyefand Iajle'jgcJoti 'f "The TMljtJrm 'r" Is 'soWi
ut Jtoosevew marnitstaerw i oyt ,rMflKin-
olonoi viJUiigh.t
regnrdbd itliitt
leirs term aotlng-as Wli,jta 'not-iuoisonant with Wli
nhoul It. He Willi' In' ,h!s,'tllsnnfcnh of Xov. s. 1904
three jears &t)f a linlns Jits first term and ih.it hBJfj
tfctjkc 'idonal Uinuglit
xm. in regnrdbd thnt
nation for n .third term.
.i (i
A number of ,thc men who Jiud a pari n tho ili1)apilt1n.g of,rhulldlngs
bridges, itc, are likely to have Indictments found iiKimut thanirf f(nou tho
general goTrniifont hnMtaken the majterttji. Thjt' iiKln-tiiietyjBJt nine,
teen cities ure rspotted to have been drawn u'd for'thf onaMernllon of the
Jvdrqi (iraordylCv',tT'1Vnrl?,PPls, "-' 'V V 'V
The woniun suffragists are cont en '.ruling on Wisconsin th:s year, und opij
to add that state to the six western stales that have nln iiy adopted the lucn
Senator Dixon Would Com
pensate Mon Hurt in Govt.
Washington, Feb. C. "Pond, fond,
ovorywhoro nnd not a bite to eat."
This Is itho wall of' Major "Archie"
Hutt, military aide to President Taft.
Ills is UiO'Ntddeat plight of all Wash
ington diners because of an unrulv
stomach, backed tip by a doctot'a oi
dors. 3!nnquete, dinners, luncheons, teas
and fowling "fests" galore, Major
Hunt must attend nnd not eat a bite
or drink a idrtfp. lt Is his business,
as social attendant of-tho President,
to attend the functions, sometimes"
threo Or four In qn (iveulng.
With ay Uie ruro viands and wlnei
offered,' Mnjor Butt Js a totnl nb
stalner. He can't take
the "grub" nor drink
nneieiu vintages. Doctor
for Major Uutt has been sick, aitd
Is on (i dlt:. It tit a most austere
diet, top, and Uie major is stlcklm?
to. It rlgorpusly. .Jfecanee rf Jils 111.
ne nnd operation, fftr a neryona n
fectlon. jsnurffjt, py poison reauliot
from rlolj viands, .MnJ. Jntt e,ats unly
the iiluinost food.
Here Is tho ontlro Hunt bill of
Whlto meat of chicken, without
skin; dryost of dry toast; potatoes
without butter; no meat; no bever
ages cxcuplt water; n few vegetables,
without butter; poochud eggs, with
out rondlmonts,
As a result the major doeo not ban
quct at banquots. His menu Is not
Included at most Washington functions.
is a totnl nb-
a mouthful bf
a drop cf 4lo
ctor's orders. !
Protect your ears, buy a
We have a big assortment of
Cloth Caps, some "with1 fur.
lined ear protectors; men's and
boy's styles.
t) HlG) i V
c and $1.00.
Hughs &Cleary
Any person mlmj nwnlj-llvc cciits per day nnd depositing It with
The i:iilens ltiilhllit; .I.oan Co., will In ten jciirs bo worth mer
n Tjlioiisand I)(;1Iiiim.
III 111 r Ainouilts to
S 2I8.H0'-
As I
upprovod by Stiui'lor I-ji Kollette
te It may be adopted and thus
section of the country. " jr1'
wt 11
ittein si the1 gi lUpuUtloal lender
s bffiln to mfiltv Mp waywi' the coot
doesaiie bejlovo wltl
A. j- .As)
oue or iiautisni.
premlUennlallsm, soulsleeplng anmlrm-ulous hSllngjf or What Is $8
preference with regard to tlje oplscopallnd eoiiBEatlonSl polity n church
rovernmonta .JJ,
"iLiJSiZi"' wlmt a'orKe Washington and Thomas Jofterson and
Abrahamtl!mS3i,fnd Orover Cl.feffinVTR'nW Wtfons but $
uro ory wen samslled with their honesty, their capability, their sincerity,
their patriotism and their enduring fame. It is bettor that President Taft
attend an Unitarian church than none nt all. die has a right to select his
own church and accept such religious 'doctrines as scorn most compatible
with his noUons of a spiritual life. In these matters unless ho should .be
come a blatam agnostic and lly In the face of the general Intelligence nnd
public morals, he Is Immune from criticism. What wo want to know Is
why he signed that extortionate Aldileh tariff Wit and vetoed tho fair nnd
Just La (PolleKe single schedule bills, ospecully when he has admitted that
the promise of 1908 was to revise the tariff downwards. Sine that tlmo thj
trusts hnve robbed the American people of hundreds of millions of dollars
and as Jias Just been demonstrated Jn the woolen mills and In the steel
plants without any benefit to American labor. While the poople are lield
up and plundered for a few dosen wealthy men the workjngmen are given
tho cheapest hvbor of Kurope for competitors ajid w find Introduced In'o
pu. vuu.my a iweive-nour uay, a sevcn-uay wmk iiystom of labor. Jlere is
Industrial slavery, worse than the'nogro slavery In' the South of a century
n'go, Introduced lnto our country and Mr. Taft has never mentioned It In one
of his numerous addresses to Congress This matter, wo Dellevo, to be one
of those which comWlthIn the pronor observation ot tne President and
one which calls for Teresa. That Industrial slavery at Lawrence, Man.
thusettsj nethlehom.fKqiinsylvtinla, and other places Is ft ahume and an In
ftimy and lt calls loudly for correction.
Another objection to Mr. Taft Is his too ready eoBHtldVi with such men as
the auggenhelnjs and Carnegie nnd the acceptance of their abtornoys anl
agents suoh nsJlCnox and Hallptrr as-merfibors 0f his cabinet nnd the doubt
ful mothqdsjjfoxpojied V dlrtatidila to HDri the lalar.-ln position until ho
bras driven out by the 'llerce lash of public opinion, which was followod l
tfio worst letter which over came from the White House. That emanation
vlth Its nsporslons on the mon and women who roprosentod the public con
oelonco was Hie worst-, thing the Prosldent over did exoopt permitting
'allliiger's thief clork to write his chief's prcsldontfarleelslon and ercul-
jifition nnd predate lt a few months. Mr. Taft had tho.mlsfortuno to profer
a Balllnger under suspicion to a Plnohot trusted by thp whole country and
dne of the Vest men In pubilo life. Ho rotlrod Plnohot nnd public opinion
La I'olliite! break-down seems to be accelerating ttia oojieontrntlon on
Ijtoosovelt for a thfrd term. There Js not much rem danger that third-term-
Jsm wll be Indoiiod at the polls, probajbly. notjUt tlie coji'pntjon.
Governor Wilton seems to have emerged from the dtstxlselon with
Maesa Wutterson 1n good shape but the Colonal Is iretty baly, dlsllgurod.
He does well he retire beyond (he r en oh of the telegraph.
v A. "
There are Tsports of many colllsionn.Vrecks, murdtifs, frl'als, honibs,
suicides and violent deaths, dive ns a day of calm ind pones nnd nurvo-
leRiuiiiijjt wuiibiii. .
Ont)0ltlon to Governor IhuimorusJ
Urn Da3llunnn still keeps unfiils nw.
liOU. I' OlICi
s said to be subufdhu
et ogulnst one MrwTa1
frS niA.,.,rnn,l
raw vote taken In. jbrjfi resultsd, as follows: -ItOvolt, .129;
te, ius; ipijj) yz; wimmins, a; jJUvariuKtyi k jjpr , .
'waMtftfiiiffe M'mmmaik'mui nttp-
worth m. E. ohurciirJi win pay too larinmrnim. ;Tzrr-: ,
If Itoosevelt Is nominated lt must be -Without "IntHtfuo,'! (id says. IJol
Itlcs without Intrigue would be a bird.
Now lurftleaiclne Hat slmmervtjown and bohave hi-rfal. Wo'vo hal
, WashltiRton, Feb. C Speculation
n rife at. the war dopurtmont ps to
Avhcihi-r nn order, recently proscuv.etl
fn Atiitr. nnni.ml rArt....1 1..1 'll.
....!-. 111.,.. --' . .' UI
ongnged', will motit.'wlfh 'the
Of the chief nfktnff ' ""' '
Much pil(isltloh''lH 'blHntf'' mndb
ngnliiHt tho ordor by AVost Pointer)!
who malntnln-thnt , tln. outcome
of such a c"AilrSe wMfld he Mint th)
privates would know niOre concern
Ing tthelr business tlia,n du,tltelr or
llcers. ' '"' ' - "-' '
The supporterlrf"'6f,the" 1 rtfrort:
'"nieli end the blTOOrs to tlie' school,
too." ' " ' " ' T
'General Wood declines to mftkl1
any statoihTn AprlilnY the ordef
atrt present, saying , tnoit ha has nn
iul sufficient (tine -to consider Its
pEOvtsJoim and prQbnlile effect upon
tho dpiiy. ' It Is, admltte-J by many,
however, that Its passage would hue
tho effeilt of Increasing tho Intellec
tual standing of tho runk - nnd Mlo
of tho army, giving the men n better
Insight Into the details of their work.
Dally Siijln I rir."vrt. Aninimls t
(2 il I 13 lllll.l.-
! '"" ? ""
,io I a 1 2,:.ii.
f '.V.(0.7.-
Ili'sln tin1 N'w Year with n HjMeinntlo wuhiK plnn. We Imvo nN
wiijh paid SIX PHIt HUNT mi SnVItifeK. W.flfcWhrj -- -
W. Ccnlor St., Phono lllll. '
.7. jr. SchiU'lder, Pre. O. G. llrlggs, Secy.
matimbly line.
Good advice Keep Off doubtful Ice.
Penn. Vleo Proldenl'pi Cur
ItolN Down Kinlmiiliinmit.
m. Wayne, md.. Uh. 0. The pri
vate Or of Second Vice President J.
J. Turner ot the Pennsylvania com
pany, rolled down a ftfteen-foot em
bankment and two Pullmans left the
tracks when Pennsylvania p.issenger
train No. 18 struck a broken rail
west of this city v irlv yesteida). No
Boxes for rent by The Buck
eye State Building and Loan
Company, Rantrin Building,
22 West Gay Street, Colum
bus, Ohio.. These boxes are
the safest and best. Our
vaults are electrified and the
best protected of any in Cen
tral Ohio. Wo occupy the
first absolutely fireproof
has sustained tho retired official and forced out Halllnger, Had Mr. Taft business And Office buildlllf'
dono nbout thp opposite f Vhnt he has dono on thoso two matters wo should jn' m,fn fiqti nmi inwnc,fr
not feel 11KF making a fcorlous criticism of his administration. Hut these "l. . A. mYG,S""
on was seriously HUfB '
Vise President vjiuor suffored
tfrdm slight t uts oil.tfio head und
hrthd, and ('lilet Ungluoor Thomas
Hod4 nnd Se returjr O, 'i Kelly, who
were In the luhnto oar, wq,ro slight
ly bruised. J W. Hhaw nnd D. A.
WoiKlyards, port' r, wore 'the most
sevlously hurt, both ot thorn huvlni,'
fallen through windows when the cur
turned oer.
w ...M.....O C""M W....V.W.H v Jll tlUfllllllOtlUilUll. i ML LI1HW I TM A N J. 1
Vre great and orlou3 mlstakos If not something worse, ett'c' xia pox WOUC. prua Ou
On itho qunstlons of arbitration, promoting tho poace of nations, Cana- Wme ClOpOSltS. Asset?
lan reciprocity
f.rltlcjso but rcn
Lfnr fttlr nnrl rflannnul
ieiv to the lino of fact whatever the politicians may say. I loailS.
f j
y and enforcing 'the Bhormnn law wo do not see much u 200,000, all loaned On liOmeS,
ly very much which calls for approval. Tho tltwe has come 110 DA0f nf ,,ii ,l '
spasslonato criticism of these public matters nnd we shall .l'110 B6SC 0I a" mortgage u
Meot the rest ct the crowd at Ka
lefs. , 9-5-tf
"Captiiln" u Plain Tiller.
Kfiiy Wirk. Peb. (1. On tho voyago
.from Glasgow, Southampton nnd
Quoenstown. the life of tho steamer
v;uinorouinn. wliioh nrriveni na
"Captain Mnxesiiio Darronoourt of
tho Hussion Imperial guandj" and hli
"RDflW?0'106 n deck prHntho suloop
ttURnyfl brought sur?l)r'oBHod "uh&"
from tho female passengers. His
storlCB of his Itussjnn mother, his
TSngllKh father and ot h porsonnl
acquaintance with VNldt". w.oro lls
ttfried, . to with .iuWxCHiiid' sovorul
"passohgors tried tofJntlutJo him to
ngreo to vlsh their homej In Amei
loo, "
At (piarantlno yastflrllny, deto tlw-
hoarded tho t'umerrfnWn and arret
0d tho tuptaln torttliioti , Tluy frald
ho was wuntoii In LoamlnKton. ring
land, "for stealing ftjoyelry nnd J
750. After belngVarresfod ho a 3
mittod his ldeni:ltra His nnmo o
Noivnan O. Uoadlrigtpn, ind Ik Is
twenty-two years mn,
Scientists havu not yet dcrilci
iwiiff thcmselvNnii v1iother ba
turlu ao plants or nnljnals.
Washington, Feb. 0.- To Com
mander W. A. Kdgar, In chargo of the
gunboat Wilmington has been award
ed tho palm for the best work dono
by tho olonientary prnotlco of the
South Atlantic squadron during 1911.
Tho Wilmington, according to ofTlclul
reports ot the secretary of Uio navy
'Just published, received 'a mnrlc of
'3S. 009 for merit, the crtllser Albany;
rommnmier u. h. viiiiumr, being sec
ond wfth 30.130. The Vlllalobos, one
of thfi oldest ships In tlio line, was
last -with O.t'OO. ' ' ' j
Tho Moccasin, Knslgn IS. T) Me
Arthur comyUindlilg, lod the Subnin
rlnus with an average of .5 hits per
run, fur outclassing the remainder
or tho llect, the next one of which
tho Salmon, Knslgn W. D. Child,
making only .20 hits per run. Tho
Moccasin's work Ih considered ro-
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"Washington, Feb. 0. Forest service
mon who nre blinded or otherwise
disabled nui dopondnnts of men kill
ed In lighting forest llrcs can ox poet
no compensation from the govern
ment. To romedy tfhls condition Sen
ator Dixon, Hepubllcun, of Montana,
Is making a sturdy" effort to hHVe the
forest bervlce: employes Included In
tho fnw which1 awards eompehsntlolv
to ' Victims of 'hazardous government
einp$'ymont. T)io law, with iiro
posiod' amendments' hi behalf of em!-'
ployes of 'the bureau of mlnos nnd the.
(Jl'rdst scr,lco,i Is pehdlngIn the sen4
Speaking of ' tho widespread "res
of 1910, Senator Dixon said:
''I was 'in tlie very center of the!
gront larrst- tlrH"i of "thoNpth wet
durlngj tutit porjo.japd ,1iflro Nvuto
over WJljiifn burned i(o dlatli n a
radius' or ISO fahvf 'ot tdo plncn
wlinref vSertntpfncyburji4 and myself
ieilfloJyi ft'Ntoit Ta"PR 8oril' '
duturf itjiD)-ytlrVfgha I nk-all . U
or seven' ot the' Arest rKnfters In tho
discharge of their duty lighting lien o
forest llres wwe burned to death. I
know Individually ot three or four
oases whom Itho oyeslght of thoso
men were destroed an J thoy arc
blind for life.
"I remember In particular an old
man who lives at the southorn end
of Ulttorfoot Valley, who threo yours
ago In the forest llros had his eyes
completely burned out. His com
panions rescued him, nnd ho Is liv
ing there on the charity ot IiIb neigh
bors In tho county.
"When thoso great crises occur nnd
men tnko their lives In their bunds
mid go Into the mountains lighting
fire, certainly this government should
not refuse them tho slight plttanco
of six months' pay for disability or
ono yenr's pay In enso of death."
Kalers serro tho nest creams and
Ices Moet your fi'Unds Micro, fi-tf
to deserve a high praise." romarks a
rvulued contemporary. That's what
Georgia's Itpbert Toombs thought.
More than onco he told hli brother
Senators ithnt tho longer they spun
out tho spcechmnklng the hotter
they pleased him. AVhen they wero
ompIo.-d that way, 'ho explained)
the were not voting nwny tho peo
ple's money. Hartfqrd CourdnK. ,
Cl.ovor Lgar flour Js made atahonie.
It'stho licstour" madCj.too, gcpX
IWAWiilrbKlror1hhtAr'dIesWhinM a
ew Murker has patented Is so gr
thosldPrf,the7fronf'llro (fr.a ,m
chine to oljtnln pdwr oKtiljoratcl
. 41
Current Comment.
Kiikct To AihWv.
As soon aa a man begins to get on'
In thl world he's'dlsappolrJted un
ion slrangors cometo him and nsk
how to do It. Dotrolt Freo Press.
Tho Xenons Patient.
"You should take air IceTcold
plunge evory morning," said tho
"Hut doctor, I have Insomnia."
"Tho Ico-cold plungo will holp to
cure It."
"-Vo, lt won't. I'll lie nwnke all
night drondlng lu" Washington
. ,T2f v -I I
Tim lil'lTl.i: Ml'SICIAN
'Is prnfticliig her dally lesson on ono
of our Pianos,
skilfully plnyod on n high cl'asa In-
strumdnt,'BoJ,hC3 nnd'.ejtfts; Our
pianos havo both strongth nnd sweet
ness of tnno nnd aro suporlor In
'work and finish- Iook them over
nnd then lot us mnko you terms.
Peters Piano IStord
110 X. State, St., Marlon, Ohio.
Tho Colonel' Turn,
'llio dotlnlte utterance on tho part
of .Senator Cummins causes a feelln
In sntno quarters limit It is now Mr.
I tooo volt's turn to unbosom him
self. Providence Journal.
Xo Immediate Danger.
Of course, Congress will cut down
thd ttirlff, but there's no hurry
ubout standing from nndor. 'Atlunta
Know It All tho Time.
Whon Colonel Itoosevelt finally
does make his anuouncomont near
ly, everyone win bo able to sn "I
told you so." Atlanta Constitution.
Iloih Too Costly.
A Derman editor ,snys no nation
can otford war. True enough; and
few can tuind the cost of tho prep
arations taken In tlnios ot ponce,
Atlanta Journal.
'loll or the. Dead,
Thf riiii,ids of all kinds In Clrcnt
er N w y..rk lust yortr killed 311
pin-on" j nppat;ntly Mew York
thought nuiing pfi It. Thoy win
probuoi ,10 tho Bn,nio noxt yonr, and
.he t .i .., lho ,jj,I(j w, bo cnttrtfPKl
i" j h progress of civilization -?sew
loik WorhJ.
Tooinlw' CoiwiivMoiinl Jxiglo,
Xl ho a do-pothlnjr Conffrew Js
No matter what kind
i'ou may need you will '
find ioinJi6i'9'Ve self
only tfio-wolf mnJlo kind
wo bade up t with our
own guarantee. ' It's a
satisfaction to'-'trado
v 'ItiW Tiy'ms. -YoiL'will
' ,;n1so Iio ono; of our lis.
Of satisfied customers.
HKi3 B'iaket3
25 Off
Thfbaut &
Mautz Bros,

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