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Only threo loaded cartridges ro
tnalned In tho revolver, and as Brltz
found no extfa ones In any of his
pockets, ho knew ho must make tho
Inost of thoso ho had. A third tlmo
the-plstol cracked. Tho bullet grafceti
the serpent's flesh. It did not Injuro
tho spine. Quickly tho upraised part
of tho-body Bank upon tho coll, but It
reared Itself again In an Instant, and
tho furious darting of tho tongue re
vealed thnt tho reptile was moro en
raged than over.
"Want to tnko a crack at It, doo?"
nnked tho detective, .handing tho
Weapon to tho physician.
Pitch had no poor Idoa of himself
as n fancy Bhot, but ho found his
mnsculnr control too Badly shaken by
tils narrow escape from tho cobra to
shdot straight". His shot tho fourth
was a wider miss than any of tho do
tectlvo's had been. Ho handod tho
pistol back to o Headquartcr's man
and shook his iiead.
"You're fiio man to stay on tho fir
ing lino," he said.
Brltz eyed tho revolver grimly. In
Its blue-stcol chamber wore four
' empty cartrldgds and only ono that
held tho potentiality of rcleaso frclm
their dangerously uncorfaln refuge on
tho chiffonier. Crooking his loft arm,
. ho used tho angle mado by his olbbw
as a rest and leveled tho long ibllie
barrel of tho blg-callbered weapon
eteadlly., -Pausing ,imtll' tho swsfylpg
of tho scrp'bnt dlrnlnlshed as much as
It apparontly was going to do, ho
A writhing, twisting snarl was tho
result. The cobra colled and uncoiled
with electric rapidity, traveling In cir
cles all over tho spaco betvcen tho
chiffonier and tho tablo whonco Brits:
had lassoed tho pistol. Plainly tho
rCiidlo was hit mortally wounded, ho
thought, but a3 ho started to descend
Impatiently, Fitch seized him and lit
erally flung him back on tho chiffon
ier's smooth top.
"Not yot," said tho doctor, norvous
' Iy. "Lct'o wait a mlnutp."
, It was profltablo patience. For aftor
probnbly-a mlntits of terrlblo'struggle,
tho cobra returned to Its ,coll and
ojlfcovmore rfciTrccl Its hcad'.,'"Tho gray
body throbbed flprcolyj hut closer
scrutiny., (showed tho man tho snako
had mot been hit with fatal result.
' Suddenly tho physician oelzed Ilrltz'
arm In a nervoui grasp.
"By Jupiter! ' ho . exclaimed.
"You've shot ou: Us ton&uo!"
True enough,,, Tho fifth ballot lad
mpassed : betwepu . tuo gaping Javb of
the reptile and taken pit tho" greater
"fcarl of tint darting scarlet thread
as neatly as a sharp Instrument could
snuff a candlo. Whllo tho wound
"doubtless caused agony to tho snake,
It did not losscn Its anger. The pol-eon-charged
fangs romalned In Its
mouth, and tho cutting oft of Its
tongue swelled Its fury to tho ultlmato
Brltz dropped the pistol on tho chif
fonier and thrust both hands In his
"Up a treo for fair," ho said. "Noth
ing more doing In tho artillery line."
"That was your lart cartridge?"
I Brltz bent his head affirmatively.
lAri expression of slow wrath gatherod
force In the Headquarters man's face,
v as ho stared at tho swaying serpent
'" such a short distance below. Ono
could sco be was angry enough tp
'take tho desperato chanco of spring
ing from his porch and trying to
ctrlko the cobra with his heels, or,
falling thnt, seizing It by the neck,
seeking to throttlo It. Tho Instinct of
self-preservation, however, waa
stronger than rage. Brltz was willing
enough to risk his llfo In tho fulfill
ing, of his duty, so long as tho risk
'meant a fighting chanco to hlra. Ho
was too,Bonslblo absolutely to throw
'his llfo away, and something told him
that In splto of all tho courage In ttiq
world, no man would havo on appreci
able percentago of opportunity In n
hattlo at clopo quarters with bo ven
omous a aerpont. Yet ho must got
out of that houeo. Ho felt he was tho
only man on tho pollco forro who
could bo suro of heading off ho Ori
entals. In that vory moment thoy
might bo beyond tho city's limits,
bearing tho booty ho had pursded for
weeks. It was moro than hU self
polso could stand. Ho gave roln to
his nnFOr, and for tho first tlmo In all
tl)o flootor'fl acquaintance with him ho
swore hard and Tut p?H long. Hl
.flow faf profanity (.topped as suddenly
' as It had commenced. tt drew ono
hand from h'la pockot. and clowly, as
j ifjio hardly darod to trust his senson.
i held up his flngers-nnd looked at whit
they clasped.' Then ho held tho ob
1 Ject out triumphantly for tho physl
l, iclan to seo. It was a loaded cartridge
' forgotten when last ho omptled his
I pockets of tholr aunply of extra am
'munition! I "Wo'll mnko no miss with thin one,"
BRldtho alouth. "Don't you think you
can ubq It bottor, doat"
"No," saw Fl'h, "I am, not to your
1 ' - ' " ' -' ""-
How's ThUT
We offer Ono llundrod Hollars no
ward for any cane of Cutorrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall a Catarrh
Cure. l J. Cheney A Co., Toledo. O.
We, tho undersigned, Have kiiiwn
IT, J. Cheney tor tho last 15 years, nml
btlieva him perfectly honorable hi nil
business irnnimctloiia nnd rinaiuMiillY
able to C'U'rv out nny uUllKnlltma
WnhlliiK, Klnmtii A Marvin,
Wholoaaln l)ruKKlatc Toledo. ,0
irtinlly. Jtelln directly lioon, the
blood and iiiueoiu urrnee t the
ay-atom. TosllniimwW free, rrloe Uo
.Tuke llulVa I'MUiilv t'lll fv cttiv
class when It Comes to BTiUfTlhg out
serpento' tongues. You may flro when
you aro ready, lieutenant"
Brltz grinned, shook tho empty
shells out of tho revolver, slipped tho
full cartrldgo Into ono of tho cham
bers and twirled It until It paralleled
tho barrel. Then, once moro using
his arm as a rest, ho took Careful aim,
and was about to pull tho trlggor,
when tho door was flung open and tho
uniformed policeman stood on tho
"Well," said tho bluecoat, "excuso
mo for butting in, but I thought some
thing might have "
Fitch checked him with an upraised
hand, nnd tho patrolman's eyes al
most burst In their sockets as, lower
ing his gazo, ho saw tho up-roachlng
death covered by tho Headquarters'
man's pistol. For a second'o space,
nono of tho threo mon moved. Then a
metallic click broko the susponse,
only to leave It In another Instant
moro taut than over as nil threo ro
nllzcd tho cartrldgo had missed fire.
Tho bluecoat's hand reached for his
A Metallic Click Broko the Suspense.
club. Panlc-strlckon though ho had
been at first sight of tho cobra, ho had
tho pluck common to tho humblest
member of "tho finest," and ho plain
ly meditated taking tho serpent from
tho rear. Ho would not trust to his
rovolvcr, lest his aim, spoiled by tho
Intensity of tho situation, should fly
high and hit ono of tho two refugees
atop tho chiffonier. But Drltz saved
tho patrolman from what would un
doubtedly havo boon a foolhardy net
of courage. Hastily breaking hla re
volver open, ho mado a swift exam
ination of tho cartrldgo, saw that Its
rim was not donted by tho hammor,
and, concluding an accident for which
tho shell wa3 not to blamo had pro
vontcd an explosion, set the chamber
once moro, nnd fired again. Thla
tlmo a crack followed. Tho great
cobra Bhot Into tho air, nnd then fell
squlrnilng'to tho floor. Its colls un
bent as at full length It writhed In Its
denth agony. Brltz leaped to tho far.
side of tho tub'e, seized a hoavy book
and hurled It on tho sorpont's head.
That eoon ended tho roptllo's strug
gles; but tho doctor, bravo enough un
der ordinary conditions, was not con
tent until with n daggor-llko papor cut
ter ho snatched from tho table ho
severed tho snake's head from its
twisting body.
Brltz, Fitch and tho patrolman took
deep breaths as they stood on tho
porch. Tho detective lost Httlo tlmo
In recuperating, though, and after hur
ried Instructions to tho bluecoat, bo
and-the doctor Jumped Into tho coupo.
The uniformed patrolman climbed to
tho box, turning the horBo's head
westward. He drove tho weary brute
at high speed to a taxlcab stand,
whero tho dotectlvo and physician en
tered a horsoloss vehicle In which
they were whirled to Headquarters,,
whero Brltz had a short but lrapor-'
taut conforento with tho Chief. '
Mrs. Mlaaloner's Visitor.
Mrs. Mlsslonor, nftor tho ball, took!
In tho fag-end of a bridge party, and
Btnycd so lato that when sho returned
to her home the crffct was etrlpcd with
dawn, and the maid vho had waited"
up for her was slooplng soundly in a '
chair. Tho widow wn3 not yot dis
posed for slumber. It had been an1
excltlug night. t Her fancy had bcon
stimulated so greatly by her brief!
talk with tho 9waml In tho ballroom
tl at sho was unablo to turn It tram
tho mysterious Oriental history of
tho Maharanoo diamond. Sho know,
no moro of tho Kwol's past than sho
had related to 'tho sago, for hor hus
band had not acquainted her 'with all
tho details connected with his Acquisi
tion or it. something in the Swaml's,
manner caused htir to regard tho etone
with mbro or less avoralqri.' 8ho bb-1
gan to doubt tho purity of Its record.
Fond though iho was of gems, oven
to tho point of being a Jowol worship
er, sho was American to her finger
tip., and would BhrlnU In terror from
nny baublo that came to her stained
with tho tiniest drop of human blood.
SI16 had loved hor husband In a
way; at any rate, abo had always ro
Bpooted and admired him. It seemed
Impossible he would bo a party to
wrongdoing Yet bho could not shake
off a sensation of dread whenever Bho
remembered how Intimately tho Jowol
had nestled In tho onows of her throat,
nnd rivaled the brightness of her eyes.
Could It bo aho had wofa a gem Whoso
I flro was moro suited tp tho fclow of an
UU9na tail Jo tup Ifiaen ot 4 good.
woman's loveliness?
Drawing about hor shoulders a soft,
warm shawl, sho took a sent at a vltv
dow In her boudoir and sat gazing Into
a sky pink nnd gray with daybreak,
trying to solve her real feeling In
regard to tho recovery ot tho Mnharn
nno diamond. Bho waa In tho midst
of her meditation when sho heard tho
faint ringing ot n bell at tho other end
of Iter big hduso. In A Httlo while,
a footman rapped on tho door of hor
boudoir. It awakehed her maid, nnd
tho girl, hor eyes swollen With sleep,
approached tho widow with a card
bearing no name, but Inscribed with
tho meesngo:
"It Is Important that ! bo permitted
to sco you at onco."
At such an hour? Mrs. Mlssloner
was astonished b? tho request. Who
could hor early visitor bo? Suroly no
ono In her own clrclo of acquaintances
would venture upon such a liberty. If
It were n question of llfo or death,
thoro was still tho telephone Secro
ry was lndlcnted by tho attempt of
tho person to sco hor faco to face.
Hasto breathed In every word of tho
ncholarly scrawl. Mrs. Mlsslonor was
not ultraconventlonal, but tho request
for on Interview nt that tlmo of day
an hour thnt almost might ho called
a tlmo of night was boyond tho scopo
of even her llbc-al views. However,
curiosity conquered, ns It has been do
ing In tho cnoes of women, Jowela, nnd
apples since tho world bngnn. nnd sho
Informed her mnld sho would seo tho
visitor in tho library.
Sho controlled her eagerness for
understanding of tho request, never
theless, ro well lmt wrm In a leisure
ly way sho renrhod tho big room on
tho main floor, tho visitor was already
within It. Ho stood ot a window look
ing Into a street and shielding him
colt behind a curtain from chanco
glanres. As his head was bare, It waa
not urltll tho second glnnro that eho
recognized tho Swaml. Sho was not
only nRtonlshod. but stnrtlcd by tho
recognition. What could thin mysteri
ous studont of the occult want with
her? What could possibly bo tho ob
ject of his vl6lt to her home at such
an hour? Ho vas an old acquaint-'
nnco In a sense, hut ono Mro, Mis
slon;r had not cultivated in this part
of tho world.
Ho waited until sho wan closo to
tho hearthrug beforo ho turned, and
said with a profound bow:
"Madam, my Intrusion Is excueed
by tho fact that I can restore' your
"Is It pasalblo!" sho exclaimed.
"It Is moro than possible. It Is a
fact accomplished," bo answered.
Taking from an Inner pocket n pack
ago In ollk tlssuo, ho oxtonded It
toward her with tho words:
"You will find In this parcel, madam,
all tho diamonds of our necklace,
with tho exebptton of tho largest
tho Maharaneo."
"But tho blR diamond ot tho wholo
nccklaco tho Maharaneo!" cried Mrs.
Mlssloner. "How did you find theso
nnd not find thnt?"
"I hnvo not said that I did not re
covor It," said tho flwaml. "On tho
cohtrary, I confess to you that I
gained possession of tho Maharanoo
nt tho tlmo when I not these! hut It
Inust not, cannot, bo restored to you."
"I am gratoful for what you havo
dono," tho widow said gently; "but' I
nm unable to understand your ottl
tudo In regard to tho missing stone.
Why should I not havo that, too? It
Is mlno."
"Madam," said tho Orlontal, In tho
courtliest way, "I would not for tho
world say anything to disturb your
faith In your huRband. Thoro Is no
need ot doing bo. Your faith Is war
ranted. Mr. Mlssloner, when ho said
that, thought ho was tolling tho truth.
Unfortunately for you. as well as for
many others, ho wan not speaking tho
truth. Tho rencgado who sold that
Jowol to your husband did not buy It
from a Maharaneo. Ho did not buy it
from anyone He stolo It!"
"Stolo It!" tho widow cried, with a
Httlo wall In her volco. "Imposslblo!"
"Pardon mo onco more, madnm. It
Is so far from bolns Imposslblo that
It Is tho strict truth. Nor waB tho
theft tho only crlmo of which tho man
was guilty. In ateallng that Jowol, ho
committed a dreadful sacrilege."
Mrs, Mlssloner waa so overcome by
hor emotions thnt Bho wn3 obliged, In
Bplto of hor Intention, to sit down,
nnd therefore to cxtond to hor visitor
nn Invitation to bo scat'ed also, beforo
Bho could get herself well enough In
hand to follow tho Swaml's narrative
"Thnt diamond," continued tho sago,
"onco blazed In tbo forehead of tho
great Buddha. In the Temple ot Dolhl.
It waa rovercd by thouaanda, hundreds
of thousands, by millions, as the most
sacrOd work of tho god; for radltlon
saya It was tho undisputed property
of B.uddha hlrasolf when ho walkod
tho earth In his latest Incarnation."
Mrs. Mtsslonor's lips wcro parted.
Hor eyos woro fixod ijjion tho Orien
tal's In tho Intensity of her intoreot.
"One night," tho Bngo wont on,
"when a band of militant prloat3 ns
signed to guard tho nhrlno of Buddha
In tho great Dolhl teraplo relaxed Its
vigilance, a sacrilegious wretch o,n
whoao head jbo nil tho eurao3 of all
tho centuries! mado his way Into
tho heart of tho sacred building, nnd
wrested tho diamond from tbo brow
of tho god. That bo was not blasfcd
In his tracks by tho lightning ot dlvlno
vrnth proves that tho mind of tho
god nt thnt momont was shrouded In
meditation for tho benefit of IHb chil
dren. Tho Btojio wns. mUsed nt dnwn.
Within tfio hour, iirmod mon wero
scouring tho city for tho apostato
thlof. No traco of him was found.
Tho Maharajah ,pf that Kingdom, lax
though ho had been In certain ob
servances ot tho faith, was too truo n
son of tLo Tomplo to let tho careless
priests go unpunlshod. By his order
they wero seized, a hundred of them,
aud thrown Into prison A royal de
crco was promulgated, tho effect of
which Is that nono of thoso unhappy
captives Is to sea the light of day un
til tho diamond la returned to Its plnco
In Buddha's forehead The toraplo
tho cast, and those colors sllll dccT
Its lonely walls. Xo truo bolievcr'a
foot may bo fien wlihln its porhUs
whllo tho groat stcne 1 misalng. Tlio
brethren of tho prlrnhood lnngulsli
In dungeons, hoping against hopo Uiat
Buddha may maniroot his nlerey by
causing tho gem to ho regained and
replneo-l upon his brow, intended,
unworshlped, tho god sits upon I1I3
throno within the nhrlno, wnltlng for
tho restoration of his own."
Mrs. Mlssloner whs thrilled by tho
narrative She was fomewhnt nt a
loan, howover, to a-rotint for the depth
of tho Swarril's In'ercst In tho recap
turo 6f tho'gT6at dlnmond. (Tntll ho
unfolded hlb'atOry fnrt'ter, ho did not
know how pergonal that intorost was.
"How ddfts this affert you?" sho
asked. "Why should you be nt such
pains to find. nnd rcitorn tho dlnmond?
And to return those other stones to
"You wl.Il need no further explana
tion, mndam," nnld ili r.ehnlar, w'th
Utmost courtesy, "when I tell you that
tho priests who Ho In that Hnstem
prison aro my brethren "
"But how Is It you nro not among
"By n special dl'iprnsntlon of merry
on tho part of the Maharajah' ho an
swered. "When f!vp years, na you
count thorn, lind flovn and sjlll tho
dlnmond wan.ml'Mnc when all tho
other Forvartta of Mm klnpdom hml
sonrched Inflln, the wt of tho Orient,
nnd even 'Klirope for It, His Mnjeaty
relented faf ono"jrh to direct' that
the ImprliJorted prK-ats ehoolo ono of
tholr number to finite the tfarth In
quest of tho fetono. T being tho young
est of tho pfiostlood. wns wlecteil for
tho task. For tbo rrlr its themaolveo.
though prlpqnorn of wc-a. nro moro
concornod to hn tio stain wiped out
than to return to the world frbm
which thoy hnvo Iim oxtled. They
choso the youngf.t iliat tho soarcbor
might havo as lorn; a ilmons nsturo
permitted to carrv out tho quest."
Tho Swaml pau-i-d an Instant, and
then continued:
"So you seo that not only do a hun
dred human Ilvos h-nng upon the re
turn of that Blnglo jowcl to the plnco
whenco It was stolen, hut that tho
faith, tho religion, tho very hopo of
eternity of nllllion of persons, nro
equally dopondent upon It. "Until tho
gem glenms again In Buddha's brow,
no prnycr for redemption can bo
breathed with nny hopo of roaponao
In tho mo3t remote part of tho
Maharajah's kingdom, fan you won
der thato! jjt)tll sell llfo ltaolf to
nchiovo thiamin's:?"
Mrs. Mlssloner did not wondor. Sio
clasped between her handa tho pnoftet
containing tjio oiler stonon of Msr
nccklnco, and gazoti dreamily Into tho
11 ro.
"What Is It, then, you wish?" sho
naked. "Whnt"can I do for you? Id
It a quoitlon of'jjx rcwaid?"
'Not In thnt sertro," said tho Swaml
quickly. "I want.no recompense for
returning to you jhat which bolcigs
to you. Thoso stones nro yours. It
would bo ns wicked for mo to keep
them, actordlng to tho light of my
faith, as in tho rnoral Intelligence of
youra, But I do wnut a rowarrt In a
way. I ask your pormlt-rlon to return
to my native Inndf-'nnd I request that
you cause all further eforts to ro
cover tho big diamond to -nd nt onco."
"How can T do that?" Inquired tbo
"Tho matter Is now In tho hands ot
tho pollco. You ran Fay truth fully
to tho pollco." tho Swuiul :ep!lod,
"that your diamonds havo 1pmi re
turned to you; that you nro j?tUaod
with tho explanation of their disap
pearance that accompanied their
restoration, and that you , wish all
further activity on tho part of tho
authorities to ccaso."
"I will consider It."
"I trust your consideration will not
cover many hours," Bald tho Swaml,
rising. "If you como to a decision
quickly nnd a favorablo ono, you will
avert a vory strong possibility ot
Mrs. Mlssloner Btnrtcd,
"Tho Maharaneo diamond, ns you
call It, la In tho keeping of my col
leaguo," tho Swaml continued. "That
man Brltz, tho dotectlvo from Head
quarters, who has bcon most actlvo
In tho hunt for your nccklaco, Is closo
upon his hcols. It Is Imposslblo for
Mrs.' Mlesloner Did Not Wonder.
my comrndo to cscapo from tho city
unless you express n deslro to havo
tho pollco cordou now Burroundlng us
withdrawn. He will riot' glvo up tho
Jowol while ho retains (ho slightest
iparlc of llfo with which to fight for It
And nolther will ho stop nt what your
pbaso of civilization would call mur-
dor, it It becomes at all necessary for
the dofenae of the atono."
A Httlo shudder ran through Mrs.
"I will como for your decision at
noon," Bald tho Swaml. "It Is tho
safest tlmo for mo to pass through
tho Btreota. ns thoy aro then at their
busiest, Think well upon my request,
If you plenso, madnm. Let not tho
tacred atone go back to Its ahrlno with
Western blood upon It'
1 JL I
) a
' If XT HI
1 UjT W
1 Eu
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tions now waiting- nt top whbi-h.
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qualificR. X11 dull seasons; no
striken; cash every Saturday nig-ht.
An nrmy of graduates dapenJUiiji
upon u for help. Apply by ;nnll.
Molor Barber college, Cltielnnntl,
Ohio. 2-3-Gtp
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ron. 2-S-3t
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Steady position. Cull phono 1528.
Qlaaoeg Fitted.
J S. LUNGER, M. D., fits glasses, re
moves adonoids, treats tho diseases
of tho oyo, ear, nose nnd thront.
Office 202 S. Mnln St., opposite Ma
son's temple. Phone S3. C-21-tf
For Salo.
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Call Y-r.17. 2-6-3t
1 1 1 - -
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and all kinds. ot building material;
prlcos right; let us llgure your mn-
lferrick I hit Acft'jitt'il.
Cievplund, Feb. C Myron T. Hr
rlck, whose h; polntinent an anibiix
sador to Frtince to succeed Robert
Uucon, newUi only the fonnal assur
nnco of tho French govern wen that
ho will bu nctoptablo In tliut office,
wn.i uxjioeted back In Cleveland to
put hill ultalrs lu ahope for 11 long
realilmico abroad.
llcrrlok "urci 1 ed" the appoint
ment nt a conferencu with President
Tuft lu WaahlnBton.
Ernest Roobor, tlio famous vetoran
Graeco-Roman wrestler, thinks he
has 11 coming champion in Joseph
Smejknl, tho giant Rolumlan, SmeJ
kal, Who weighs 211 nnd stands six
feet two Inolies In hla bare feet,
will accept Zbysiko'K challenge an I
meet him noxt, Roober says, provid
ing Zbyssko poste a $1.00t ferrolt bo
foro they begin to nlk business.
:oetier nopes to seni anielUal
Jnstvnntoh , tthe beats Kbyszko,
lerlal for you; can tell you tho
proper amounts you will need; In
cidentally wo hnvo the best grades
of coal. J. L. Price Co., telephone
2SL 10-tf
FOR SALE Hilt lumber for house
and barns cut to order. Unntofflee
Owens, O. Phone 4803. William
ScKer, Sr. 1-27-linop
FOR SALE While plno loth; fine
ones. Inquire before purchasing,
Yours truly, J. L. Price Co.; uae
codar posts. Telephone 2S4. lOtf
5,000 PEOPLE Wanted In Marlon
to uo Suro Shot Remedy for neu
ralgia and rheumatic trouble. Lab.
oratory, 316 north State. For sule
by all druggists. Suro Shot
Remedy Co. 2-12-tf
For .Kent.
FOR RENT Ono furnished front
room downstairs, with lmth; suit
able for two S28 12. Center.
NOTICE A rtrr Fi-b. 13, 111 12. I am
leaving; Marlon. Those wlshlnif tho
Shuckelton Inhnlntloii Truitimnt
for vatnrrh ett, or supplies imII at
No. 1 fiharplcps Court, or pho.no
0215. O. L. iPollcy. 2-3-tf
WHEN YOr WANT To mow rill up
T. L. Hlmip. Phone L-MU All
work piomptly attended to ami
it'jsfuctbm Kiiurnnteod. 2-6-Clpd
VAULTS CLEANED on abort notW
Call J. W. Elliott. Telephone X
ir.r.o. 2-3-r,tp
LADY "AGENTS New article. Ev
cry woman neoJa U, Soils on slsht
Write for asency proposition, Mrs.
Llby's UandHge Co., 170 Shelby St..
Detroit, Mich. 2-1-lmo
nny nnd nil kinds, at nny time, ace
Cnroy Hansel, Marlon It. R. 1, or
call at this office 12-7-tf
Cincinnati, Feb. G. George ICeh
ney, eighteen, of No. 131 llnrton
stTect, confeawed, Monday, the pollco
any, ito nearly u score of burglarlei
In which with another lad of soven
teen, ho said he had been concerned.
The police say the loot U valued at
thousands of dollar1.
The iprlaoner'a companion, known
ns "Charley," confessed Monday to
Juvenile ofllceru thnt he nnd tho
Krhuey boy mieceesfitlly courted
glrlri employed um hoiiselimldH in
Kcvonil InstanecK In older to iimke
their entrance tto the honies of vle
tlmn eaeler. Much of the loot wan
pawned, ho mild, and mm h was giv
en to women admired by them. They
nUo apent some of the money on
alglitaeelng trip to New York, be
Kohnoy an Id In one houao ho saw
n Httlo girl iialcep Mho looked like
his Mister aim lie cried, lie kuvacd
the child, ho aatd, and left.
In another place, he Raid, he quiet
oj a dog and at another esrapod bul
lets llrod by n juiin.
"When 1 got out.' ho dechired, "I
nm going Ui be h detective."
Clover Lent Hour will make n little
bottor bread and a Httlo more of lu
Honors Iti'iiiilMllmi I'm- Mum
Cliiii-Riil Willi Minder
Columbus, O., Fi.b. 0. Qovernor
'Ilunmou honored the rouulaltlon of
the governor of Kentucky for the re
turn of John Henry under arrest In
ClnrinnaM on a charge of unurderlng
J. A. Ungloman, In Lincoln county,
Kentucky, Auust 12, 1909.
Ofdcer who applied for the requi
sition aatd thnt they hud been on
Henry's tradl for over two yearn nnd
thnt they recently ran him down hi
Cincinnati, living under an uswumed
A lnrge n.irimnu .i blooming
plants from ''n up it rtl.ilu 'n
T 1
To loan on Furniture, Horses, Pianos, etc, We !l
loan on an nours nouco. Aosoiuteiy private, ne
pay in small payments. Investigate,
Marion Chattel Loan Co.
100 1-2 S. Main St.
. Announcements.
Tor Itccorilcr.
Editor Mlt-rorjPloaso nnnouncp
thnt I am a candidate for county re
corder, subject to the will of tho Dem
ocratic voters of Marion county at
tho coming primary election.
For ItccofYlcr.
Editor Mirror: Ploasq innohnca
to tho Democratic voters of Marlon
county that I am a. candidate for tha
nomination for coti'riiy recorder at
tho primaries, May '21.
For Recorder;
Editor Mirror: -Ploaao announco
that I am a candidate for tho nomina
tion for county recorder, subject to
tho will of thh Democratic voters at
tho coming prlmnry.
For County Commissioner.
Editor Mirror: Please announco
that I am a cnndldnto for tho nomi
nation for county commissioner sub
ject to tho will of the Democratic
voters at theo coining primary.
For .SliuillT.
nounce In your paper that I am a
ciiiKlldato for the nomination for
shorlff, subject to the will of tho
Democratic voters nt tho coming prl
nmry. Qoorge Orlnrw.
J. W1LRUR JACOBY hns moved Into
new law offices on cast Confer St.,
over Nelson's Jowolry store. Ho -will
contlnuo to prnctlco In nil courts
and will glvo special attention to
tho settlement of estates. Office
phone CO, resldenco 839. 9-2-tf
AGE Wo moe, crate, storo and
do transfer work nt any time.
Phono 1C05, S. Knoeh, 322 Bel
mont. ATEM1S EfiKI
jniZ'.S, for patrati. Patents accural
'thruuifh u MiHorltnoil without charpo.
Now litf! of Invention nrcded And nraalhU
buyem. iinw ui inveniom." "Why nomo
I.ivcnlont fall." Rook nn patent, tfonil un
rouirh nkotrh or lnflrl for fwmrrh of I'fLtcnt
O.tlc rtconliinnil reputt on pntenlabllity. Spettel
ngont In V) rltlen nml Uwr.i. Mr. (Irpclcy whllo
AcllnCommliwtonornf I'ntntiihnd full churjrcot
It. S. I'.itiiit Olllc. OrtKKI.IJY ft yinlNTJUK,
l'ntont Attornoyi. Wntlilnaton. U. 0.
Hro Js 7ar ctioacc to go at
Suit or ' .
At small com. For ten day wo
will sell lino of Fancy All Wool
Suits and Overcoats to bo mado to
yon; moasur at icry low prices.
6'ca oar lino at t 1.00.
6eo oar lino at 921.00.
Gee our Rue at 1.09
Seo our Ilnn at $18.00.
A arnriil fit amn.TT4m
-M .AfV,
Mi W. Onter.
Pictuf33 Framed
Olils Decorating Co
Attention Please.
Wo wnnt to intercut you In a Ma
rlup home. Duy now. no better
time. Wo have aonio choop ones.
Will tront you well. Will you In
vontlgnte us?
2 neat onoa on Orchard street,
$8200 and $2500.
2 homes on Pearl St., $1800 and
$ 11)00, right clone to center of tho city
On Rlalne avenue, a nent modern
house, ?2S00.
On tho Uoulevard ono 8 room
home, cellar, lnrge cistern, well and
barn at a bargain.
On the oornar of Wood and Mound
a splendid home for tha prico.
On Sharp St. 8 room houso nlso 0
room nt saorldco price, , ;
On Silver St., 0 room house a(flno
homo, iprlce low.
On Chestnut, 2 modrrn homos and
one not modern, prices right.
On Leader St., n delightful home.
We havo some good lot3 to trado
for a home, Wo liavo largo homes
to trade for amaller homos. Wo havo
lunies In East Marlon cheap. Somo
modern. Wo nro "IT" for farms. Al
ways remember 114 Court St.., It 13
.1 homo Place. Pleaso call tho
J. W. Clark Real Estate Co.

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