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10c Matinees 10c
Sully & Larson
Nelson & Lonmoro
Joseph Henley & Co.
Jack Lyle
The Suniscope.
All Children, all Seats
Saturday Matinee 5c.
i wan iir "i i'iiit mri
:: The ROYAL
Latest Photo Plays.
Cozy and Warm
Come and Bring the
' Family.
TJicro will bo ft rnco between
Marlon, Gallon untl Mansfield
on Tuesday night nt 1) o'clock.
A handsome prlso to tlio win
ner. A regular skoto before
races nud after.
Open Thursday nftcrnoon
ami evening niu Saturday af
ternoon nml evening.
Every Day
-' 5c
The Columbia
mtmm1' Obituary., t -. ,
Ilanora Dally was "orn uecomnar
13tir, 1835,' In. County Limerick. Ireland,
cdmlng 'to thU country when a cltfld
13 years of. age. , Sho was married 'to
John Potter itt Iluflulo In 1S55. To UiIh
i union were born 0 children, only two
.of whom nro living to mourn their loss.
Jltt, Vina Mustulh, ef nrcen Camp, and
'John Potter, of Chios jo. iicr uusunnu
I'.llflil r. vnnra nirn s.r. . which time alio
'M.ns made hor home v.ith her daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Pottir came to Agosta
54 years ago, being among tlio early
settlors and encountering the many dif
ficulties' that lie sot 'ho pioneers In u
now country. AlwnYB of a cheerful
disposition, Mrs. Pottiir mudo many
friends. Ever willing to aid In sickness
and trouble, sho went fnr ana near,
lending n helping hand whorovor- sho
was needed. Ono of hor most distin
guishing qualities was hor oxtremo Joy
nUy tp l;cr friends. After nn illness of
luiuiy months, much of tlio tlmo suf
fering Intonsoly. Sho fell asleep
Weilneadri ovonlng, Fobrunry If, aged
TP" 'years, 2 months' and 1 duy. Sho
leaves hesldo hor children. 3 grandsons
and n boit of friends, who while they
miss her, know that tholr loss Is her
Tho use of fuel oils is stoadlly In
preasing; railroads consumed In 1010
Z4.5S0,108 barrels, against 1!.939,3UI bar
rels In 1909.
I , -
fEveiy Woman
i juitortMwii auu inou.a uiovr
dho ut tha uoiultr ful
IBM,. , b KIU.I1K.
if hi cAnnol '
M A It V U J., ccirt no
ntliMv l..it aml ilAtnn fur
n cnnniii nurpiy
1IIHMtMiil lAGlcMP'l. Ik ptYM
rail iuucnlnn "fl.tf'.tfvi.".' !!',:
LlVib .a Ii,1i.. AIAItl.l. I it.
U K-tSOl UlrMt, htiVf VOBK.
Colonist llckefs
, Washington
and other western states
At Very Low Rates
March 1 to April 15,
Inquire of Agents Hock
ing Vajley Ry. for in-
'zSf taiitua "oujr; ,
K.nmri'ti.!'m,& i.
"NLX 'Vx i wtr
? iJ
Tali Agrees Willi Plan to Raise
Second Glass mail Rates.
Inquiry Board Advtsso Incronslno Soo
ond Class Ratei Affoetlng Periodi
cals nnd Newspapers From 1 Cent to
2 Cents a Pound, but That Pretont
Froo In County Privilege Do Main
tained. WivshlUKlou, l-'cu. U2.-l'tesldent Tnft
lins scut to both houses of congress n
speeial mosungo, nceompanlcd by the
amiunl report or tho postmaster gen
oral for tho fiscal year ended Juno ao,
1011, and tho import of tho federal com
mission on socotul cIiish mail matter.
Tho president's mossngo Is us follows:
To tho Scnnto nud IIouso of Itepro-
In trausmltllug the nununl report of
tlio postmaster general for tho fiscal
year ended Juno 30, 1011, It Rives mo
pleasuro to call attention to tho fact
Hint tho revenues for tho fiscal year
ended Juno J10, 1011. amounted lo$23".
S70,G2;i.OO und thnt tho expenditures
amounted to $2.17,060,701. -IS, making a
surplus of $210,llklL. Tor tho year
ended June SO. 1000, the postal servlcu
wan In arrears to tho extent of $17,
170,770.47. In tlio Interval this very
largo deficit has been changed into n
ourpltiH, and that without tho curtail-
. niunt of postnL facilities. Indeed, In tho
samo tlmo there have been established
.1,741 new postofllces, delivery by car
rier provided in ISO additional cities
and new rural routes established. 2,010
In number and aggregating 00,0.70 miles
In extent.
Tho force of postal employee? has
been Increased by moro than n.000, nud
a liberal policy lu tlio uinttt'i" of sala
ries has been followed, so that tho
amount expended for salaries is now
14,000,000 moro than two years ago.
Tho n-era;;o salary has boon Increased
fiom S00 to $0G7 for rural carriers,
070 to 51.0S2 for postofllco clerks,
1,021 to $1,0S4 for city letter carriers
and 1,103 to 1,183 for railway postal
Ths Postal Cnvlnga System.
Tho report shows that tho postal sav
ings system was begun experimentally
In January. 1011. nud that it has now
been extended no as to Include 7.r00
presidential iwstofllcen. whirl. Includes
practically nil of tho poslollla-s of that
class. Preparations are No being
mndo to establish the system at about
40,000 fourth class olllces. Tho de
posits in eleven months Imvo reached u
total of 511.O00.C00. distributed among
2,710 untlouul hud state banks.
The postmaster general recommends,
us 1 Imvo dono in previous messages,
tho adoption of a parcel host, und tho
beginning of this In th6 organization
of such servlco on rural routes and in
tho city delivery service first. Tho
placing of assistant postmasters Jn tho
clnssllled service has secured greater
ollleleuey. It Is hoped thnt tho snuio
thing may bo done with nil tho post
masters. Tho report of tho postmaster general
Is full of statements of tho Important
improvements in tlio organization and
methods of tho postal service mudo
slnco tho last nnnunl report nud of ton
tativo drafts of legislation embodying
certain recommendations of the depart
ment which need -legislation to carry
them out.
Opposes Government Control of Tele
graph Lines.
There Is only ouo rccgiuuiundntion in
which U ennnot agree that Is, ono
which recommends that tho telegraph
lilies in tho United States should bo
made a part of the postal system and
operated in conjunction with tho mail
system. This presents n question of
government ownership of public utili
ties which nro now being conducted by
prlvnto enterprise under franchises
from tho government. 1 bellovo that
tho true principle Is thnt prlvnto enter
prise should bo permitted to carry on
hulIi public utilities under due regula
tion as to rates by proper authority
rather than that the government should
itself conduct theui. This principle I
favor because I do not think it in ac
cordance with tlio best public policy
thus greatly to lncrenso tho body of
public servants. Of courso if It could
bo shown that telegraph ecrvlcc could
bo furnished to tho public at a lest;
price than it Is now furnished to tho
I iiblle by telegraph couipaules nnd
with equal efficiency tho argument
might bo u strong ono in favor of tho
adoption of tho proposition.
Itut 1 am not satlsllod from any evi
dence thnt If those properties wero
taken over by tho government they
i mild bo ninnagcd any moro economic
ally or tiny moro efficiently or thnt this
would onablo tho government to fur
nish servlco ut any smaller rate than
tho public nro now required to pay by
prlvnto companies,
1 cannot speak with too great empha
sis of tho Improvement In the po?tofleo
department under the present mnmigo
ment. Tho cutting down of cost, the
shortening of methods.nnil tho Ineronso
In elllcloiicy nro shown bj iho statistics
nf tho annual report.
One .of tlio most Important matters
referred tp by tlio pofltninctcr general
Is tho proposed flxlug of now rate'aof
postfiKO for second class mail matter.
In connection with tbto subject I linvo
tho honor to trnu.mi; horowlth Hip re
port of tho ronu.ili'uu on wond clus.?
mnll mutter, upi-oly.id pui.ttJOf lo n
acis enllyyel promptly
on !he towels, cleanses
"the system effectually
assists one in overcoming
habitual constipation
permaneittly.To get: rts
beneficial effects, tuy
Jii .
Manufactured by the1
SoU W leadinq Jruqqislj-50pcr hoiile.
Joint resolution" of llio Sixty-first con
gress, approved March 4, 1011.
Tho commission consists of lion.
Charles H. Hughes, associate JustW
of tho aupremo court of tho United
BtatoHj President A. Lawr-iup Lowell
of Harvard university nnd Mr. Harry
A. Wheeler, prenldmit of tho Awo'ta
tlon of Couimoirr of Hie elly of Oil
cngo, whoso churaclcr, ability nnd ex
perlonco command for their finding"
and reconiutendnllons ttm respect r.nd
conlldonco of tho congn-.w and the
Tho report discloses a most oxhaus
tlvo and critical Inquiry ln(o (he rub
Ject of second clusi i.iall maftpr after
adequate notice to all the pnrtlen in
interest. Intensive hearings wore held
by tho coultulsilon. :it which tlio post-
mnstci' general nnd t li second nnd
third assistant postmaster general ap
peared nnd submitted formal state
ment prnscntlug the various conten
tions of tlio poitoffiVo department, to
gether with all tlio relevant ofllclal
(lata and evidence relating to tho cost
of handling and transporting scroud
cIiish mnll matter. Certain of tho load
ing magazines were represented by
counsel, while various other publica
tions appeared by reprconlativos and
were heard In oral argument or permit
ted to submit written briefs setting
forth their rosppctlvo reasons for op
posing n change in the present twinge
rato on second class mall. The second
and third assistant postmasters gen
eral, together with minor officers of the
depnrtmont. wero critically rrosn exam
ined by the counsel nnd remeientn
tlve? of tho periodicals, and nil tlio
various phases of the second class post
ago problem were made the subject of
n most painstaking Investigation,,,
Ssyo Increcsa la Justified.
The findings of the commission con
firm tho view thnt the cost of handling
nnd transporting second class mnll
matter Is greatly lu excess of tho post
age p;-Id nnd that tin lncrenso in tho
rato Is not ojijy JustlHei! by tho facts,
but is desirable.
Tho coitirnfrn'-i report (lint I ho evi
dence sul'iii! cd for its consideration Is
HUfllcient to wiirrnnt a finding of tho
approximate cost of handling nnd
transporting the several climws of sec
oml class mail Unowii its paid nt tho
pound rale, free In county and tran
sient miitfer In so far as relates to tlio
services of transportation, postofllco
cars, railway distribution, rural deliv
ery nnd certain other Items of cost, but
thnt It Is without ndequato dnta to de
termine fhe cost of the general post
office -service and also what portion of
the cost of certain other aggregate
Services Is properly assignable to sec
ond class mall matter. It finds thnt In
the "fiscal year 1!)0S. tho period for
Which the stutlBtlcs for tho iwatofflco
department were compiled, the ecst o
handling nnd transporting second qlnsri
mnll in the Hems oC transportation,
postofllco cars, railway dlbtrlbutlon. ru
ral delvory mid certain mlHcclhiuosus
charges wits approximately fl cents a
pound for pnld ut the pound rato mat
ter ami for froo In county and transient
mutter each approximately 5 cents a
pound and that upon this bnsls. us
modified by subsequent reduction!-, In
the cost of railroad transportation tho
cost of paid at tho pound rato mattor
for tin services mentioned Is now ap
proximately ritj cents a pound, wlillo
the cost of free In county nnd transient
mutter rouutlus ns formerly namely,
ench nt approximately B coots a pound.
Slnco tlio couimlnsion linn determined
thnt the cost of handling and trans
porting second chins mall is approxi
mately ri',i cents for matter paid at
the pound rate and approximately 0
cents each for free lu county and tran
sient raatteiv without Inking Into ac
count the i-iwt of tho gnnerai postoffico
servl.o H ml lertiiln unawlsuiblo Items
of expense, It is apparent thnt tlio ag
groguto cost of nil servlco perfurmod
by the K)htul establishment In connec
tion with this class of mail mntter la
considerably nhnve Hint amount.
Postal Cervloe Ce!f Suatainlnn.
The postal service I? now, fir tho
fliht tluie In years,' oppriilei' upon a sell'
nust.'ilulur basis, and in my Judgment
tlild Ih a wise policy, but It uhould not
bo carried out at tlio expense of certain
ch'.ssoK of nittlj matter that pay reve
nue largely Jii'ckcohii or their coU. It
Is not Jtut (hat some clussaj of mall
should bo exorbitantly lttxc.1 to luect u
delklency mused by olliur clnssoa the
revenue from which Is much below
tholr cost of !i.ntid!!ng ami carriage.
Whero such lnonlltles exist they
shouUl lu removed ns early as prncticn
ble. The business onterp.'iuo of the
publishers of periodicals, how cm r, have
been built up on tlu bunts of the pres
ent second class rnto. mid then fore It
would bo manifestly unfair to put Into
liumcdbuo effect n largJ inenvso lu
That newspapers nud nn-;nz.iitM imvo
b,ooi iioti'ilt icoiiclCii for the du... ul-
nntioii of inilillc IiifilligonTo'and Imvo
conserpiently bonie n worthy ptirt In
tho developnicift . t hk cnuntrj' all
ft.tist admit, but t I l'l.cwK true! that
llu- nrlgluiil inirpo -i c , nrr.s l:i pe
rilling for them n mi. c itlon ty wny
of nominal postal Imi.-.t -. In cou'ddera
lion of their n!uc hi incdluum of pttli
llc Infonniillon ouabt i"! t prevent nn
lncie'ise, liccnUi'c tic, ni now not
only educational, b-ir b'ul.lv firofllnplt'.
Thero Is no wnrr i. fm t ho groat dl?
purify between o-1 'or- prmtntfo rntert
on periodical! nnd the --t i-f tho serv
ice the govevtiiuonf 1 1 f.n for tliem.
The nggregnto pc- ni i fivo? for (lie
fiscal your 1011 '-.mo j:i7.R7!VS20.(I0,
derived mainly from fhe postage col
lected oil the four 'l.i'(" of mnll mat
ter. It li cnroftiliy PFttmated by the
poslofTlfc (Jepartuirnt tint tliMWemm
derived from mall mrtter of tVo flrsC
class 13 approximately ono iturt one-linlC
timoa tho cost of limitlilngnudcnrrlngc,
that tho return)! fram third and fourth
elnso mattor are sllghiiy In cxcos3 of
tiiolr coat of handling and carriage nnd
thnt wlillo tocond clutn matter cm
braces over 05 irr cent of the cutlro
weight of nil the r. nil carried It never
theless yleldii little n;oio thnn 0 per
cent of tho.poatnl rerenden.
Revlswa nccommcndatlons.
Tlio reooauBond'.ilniM of tho comnla
Plon its to tho poslngo rates on soeond
class irfirJl nro us follows:
first. The , rto of 2 cents n pound on
coploo matlatl'by pulll.hc,s lo iutHjcrlbers,
to nott-a nsiita snO km nrnpl mIos and
by nowii HfTSfilt to (heir nubwrtfsors" or to
nlhf-r news nnti.
Second. Tlio rate of 1 nt ftff 9Mli four
ouncos for copies mull: ,1 toy other thnn
publishers anil nows nscnt tlwt- Is, tho
prcoont trnmlcnt rate.
Thlid. Tho preter.t free In counf.v privi
lege retained, but not extended.
Tho coiumlMlo.i r.Iso l-ecommoniloil
thnt tho emit it copy rato for newspa
pers other than weeklies nnd for perl
ortlcnls not exceeding two ounces in
weight nnd tho 2 cent a copy into
for periodicals exceeding two ounces In
weight when mnllwl nt n city letter
carrier ofllco for locnl delivery bo abol
ished. As to the effect nnd adequacy of tho
proposed lncrenso of l cent n pound in
postago tho commission snys:
(Such an Incrooso will not. In tho opinion
of tho commission, bili.ir dlitrets upon tlio
publishing of newepa, j. 3 nnd periodicals
or seriously Interfere v.lih tho diwomlna
tlon of u refill news or Information. A
reaionabls tlmo should bo allowed fitter
the rata Is fixed before It Is put Into erf Oct.
Wlillo tlio new rate v 111 be very fnr from
coinpoiisallnir inoBovvirmrnt for the car
riage and handling of -icond rlass mattor.
It will to omo oxtont le'love tho oxUtlng
burden nnd tosult In n moio eiiultablo ad
justment of rnto.
SuQgecte a Cost Systom.
The coinmlssjon suggests that tho do
pnrtment "nmlutum an ndoquntocost
nystoiu so that, the cTect of tho now
rales may bo gloaely observed nnd a
proper basis may bo secured for tho
consideration of any future proposals."
In these recommendations tho post
master general und I heartily concur
and commond thorn to the early atten
tion of congress. Tho proposed ln
crenso of a cent a potind in tlio second
olnsu postage rato I' bollevo lo bo most
reasonable, and If tfuulclont time Is
allowed before tlio change- goes Into
effect 1; should work little serious In
jury to the business, of tlio periodical
publishers, wlillo equalizing, nt least In
a measure, tho burdens of postal taxa
tion. WILLIAM II. T.U'T.
Recommendations Mads Concsrnlng
Second Class Mail Matter.
Tlio report of tho commission on sec
ond class mill I muttur Is nn oxliaustlvo
document, containing n hundred pngas
of printed matter.
The cniumIsIon, In nddltlon to milk
ing tho recommendations mentioned lu
tho president's message, also gives
many i.tatl-'tles showing the relatlvo
amounts of tho difforcnt classes of mall
matter handled by tho postofllco de
partment mid the cost lu detail.
Tho cost und methods of handling
mqll on railway earn nro also carefully
Tho report says In part:
The oxlstlng rales on second class
matter nro those established by the net
of 1670 us nmcuded in 1SSI and ISSo.
Incr:s:a In Volumo.
Our attention hn-boim directed to
tho fact thnt tlio postmasters general
In their nnnunl repovts linvo repeatedly
commonted upon tho Increase In the
volumo of scroud class mnttor nnd
upon tho disparity between tho sup
posod cost of transporting und han
dling It la tlio mails nnd the amount
received us postugo. Thslr estimates
evidently reflected tho oplulou of tho
ofllceni of the depnrtmont, but they
wero based upon general oxporleuco In
tho (.orvlcoind not upon a scientific
ascertainment of cost.
Tho first question thnt arises in re
gard to tho rato In whether nny dls
crlmluutlou should bo mndo between
dlfTorent kinds of second class matter.
Tho plan proposed of charging a special
rato for tho portions of mngaxluos do
voted to advertisements seems open to
ttrnvo practical objections. Tho amount
jf space given to advertising 13 no cri
terion of tho odueatlonnl valuo of a
mngazlno, nnd if tho uamo provision
wero nppllod to newspapers tho at
tompt to measuro tho spaco occupied
by ndvortlsonients would lnvolvo moro
labor tuau Is consistent with tho rapid
dispatch of tho dally prcHs.
Wo concludo thnt whntovor Incroaso
bo raado should apply alike to newspa.
pers and porlodh aU ndmlttexl to tho
second class and that It is Impracti
cable la tho enso of no.wspnpcre to
charge a higher rato for space given to
ndvcitisemcnts. It has been suggested
Unit tho proportion of this spaco should
bo limited for all second cjass matter,
but tlio true definition of such mnttor
Is that which Is devoted primarily to
tho tllssoininntlou of news nud of cur
rent literatim) and Instruction, nud wo
aro not convinced that this can lm
mnnnnrnil l,v nn iirllltmi'ir atn,..lnWI f
tltmoirUn f BPaC 8lVCn l "dVOr
A Qsrlous Question.
Tlio Question qf.rnjamj Jli.Q.vato on
M . . .;. 1
rl 1 1 in 1 .in. hi ibii i- - - .mil
w . 1
L J People's H 1
, ! I Column I k I
) axs?a&wsgfaaa vhxxhssixssss j
ZXRSKZXiQiiiuza csMMaozicstssaciKiitcaa
AVAXTED To rent, by in.-n
with family, mnll truck i ii h
In country with chance in work part
of .time for owner or would con--il-cr
position as farm hand to help
on farm. Address '. AV. Osimin,
1.18 Jefferson 8t.
WANTED airkslc hurtncM block for
$8,000 or $8,000 thnt Will rtiow a
good Investment. I linvo a cus
Komer. Also a 3-rooni lions fnr
sale, not plartered, nlco lot, $275.
WIH tako $r,0 In trade See, write
or phoive J. II. llolander.
M"RV WANTED Ago IS to 35, to
prepare for Ilrwiien or brokomen
on nsrfiy raRroads; $80 'to $100
monthly; jx-perlenr unnecessary;
no strike; 'jirmnotlon, engineer or
conductor, $'M0 tio $200 monthly:
good llfo carer.)i; statn ago; cnd
ft tamp. ainltWAy Association Box,
soap, to call tut
D.-. Saymnn's
E. Church St.
Gl.asses Fitted.
J S. LUNGER, M. D., fits glasses, re
moves adenoids, troats tho dUe&ss
of tho eye, ear, noso and throat
Offlco 202 S. Main St., opposite Mi
son's temple. Phone 85. C-21-tt
For Sale.
rXH SALE Steel range for coal or
wood; good as now; will sell cheap
ir sold moil. Inquire nt 110 W.
church Ht , or at Kceler's bicycle
shop. 2-21-3tr
FOR SALE Druj: store lu Columhut,
Ohio. I'hnnce of a lifetime. Owner
mt:st retire at once. Addross Austin.
Elwuod, Ind. 2-10-Otp
FOIt SALE 'Incubators nud brooder,
strictly hlgh-grado, Urst-cUm In e
ory respect, and sell for one-half
tho price of other makes. Call and
see for yourselves. F. A. Schroder,
230 E. Georgo St., Marlon, O,
FOR SALE Tho concroto blocks
so"o:-il c.fss iaa;:"r mr.iird l)y TinWi'll
ovh r.nd news nw :!s for 1 font to '
tents d pound h a -serious one. Ilwt
wo nro of opinio:, tint the chr.ngp U
ronsonnb'o r.nd nln aid lie mad.'. A
reasonable time should bo allowrd
nflor (he rnto Is fixed before It H put
Into effect. While the new rnto will be
very frr from compeniatlug tho gov
onimont for tho cniringo und liand'lni
of second class mutter, It will to hoico
extent lallevu the existing bui'Vt -mil
result In a morn equltublo ndjustmunt
of rates.
The president of Huston's dock bnnrd
gets a bigger salary than the Chief
' Ti.uMn,. tit il.M C. ..'....n r,.not nf lin
UIID..W Ul .11..- ,7UjlltlU Xl,'..k V. ..
United States.
Railroad Time Table. .
Hocking Vullcy.
North "7138 a, m.; 10:05 a. m.;
4:05 p. m.; xC;10 p. m.: 11:15 p. in.
South 5:55 a. m.; 7:20 a. in.; "1:18
p. m.; 7:20 p. m.; 10:30 a. ni.
Daily except Sunday.
zRuns to Marlon only.
Southwest 10:27 a. m.; 5:18 p.
1:30 a. in.
East 5:38 a. m.; 12:53 p.
11:55 p. m.; 5:57 p. in. (
Chicago & Eric.
West 10:25 a. m.; 12:05
7:45 .i. m.; x5:l0 p. m.
East 5:38 a. m.; x3:55
5:10 p. m.; 5:57 p. m.
Dally except Sunday.
xRuu to Marion only.
xRuns to Ohio City only.
North 0:52 p m.; "12:20 p, m.
South 10:30 a. in.; S:00 .p. in.
Dally excopt Sunday.
lllg Four.
Eastbound 8:00 a. m.; 9:20 a. m,
12:33 p. in.; 7:38 p. m.; 10:45 p. m,
5:37 p. m.
Westbound B: 42 a. m.; 9:55 a. m,
10:25 a. m.; 1:65 p. in.; 7:13 p. m
3:10 p. in.
Dally except Sunday,
O., 1). A: M. Klectrle.
Depart southbound C, 7, 8, 9 and
11 a. m., 12 m., 1, , 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and
11 p. m.
Arrlvo northbound x5:5G a. in.;
1:B0, 2:55, 4:55, 5:50, 6:55, 8;65 and
10:55 p. m.
Goes to D oln wars only.
xFrom Stratford only.
Hourly sorvlco Sundays nd holi
days. O., M. & I. Kleclrlc.
Northbound Cars leave Marlon for
! BUCVt'US at C, 8, 10 a
12:15, 2,
I '' aoutlffund-Cn'rV leave nuoyrui
I0P Marlon at 7:05. 0 25 and 116 a,
jm,( nnd 1:0B z 05( c 05, 7 10. 9 08
and 11:06 p. m.
lifidr-'iiT,JiljrrY7"fif pil "
that have material In them to make
them ring lll:o sluol. J. L. Prici
Co., telophono 284. 10-tf
VOU SALE ono lnrpo refrigerator,
7 ft. hlght. 3 ft. 4 in. wide, 27 In.
deep: fit for grxiccry n: ,rc, and In
good CJiidlllon. ,1'hono lfiOS. .
FOH SALE Good bargnlns In Ash
tabula county farms; also Marlon
property for salo or rent. Sco E. J.
Cox, Ileal Estato Agent, ovor
Turner's grocery Phono It-470.
FOIl H.MLIS Small grocery In mt
hurbl. Will sell rcnaonnhlo if sold
soon. For further Information cU
ut 507 Delaware nvcntio. 2-20-3t
FOIt SALE Dost guaranteed roofing
In Marlon county. Inquire of J. L.
Price Co. Tel. 284. 10-tf
FOR SALE Concrete fence povs;
guaranteed; tho kind you can staple
to; no wood. J. L. Prlco Co., telo
phono 284. 10-tf
FOR SALE Best grades Portland
cement; quality and prlco guaran
teed; also Whlto Jtock plaster, tho
kind that sticks to the wall nnd
doos not crack. J. L. Price Co.,
Telephone 284. 10-tf
FOR $ALH 8ewr pipe, drain till
nnd aiV kinds of building material;
prices rl'mht; h t us figure your ma
terial for ,you; can tell you the
proper amount, you will need; In
cidentally w have tho best grades
of coal. J. L. jlee Co., tolcphone
'OR SALE BUI lumber for house
and barns cut to order. -yUostofflce
Ownis, O. Phone 4302. AVIIllani
Scltcr, Sr. l-2"x-Hnop
FOR SALE White pins lath; 8n
oncn. Inquire befor mrohni'lnfij.
Yours truly, J. L. Prl t1".; us
cedar posts. Telephone S4. lOtf
5,000 PEOPLE AVnntod In Marlon
to use Euro Shot Romodv for nou
rnlgln and rheumatic trouble. Lab
oratory, 31C north State. For sale
by all druggists. Suro Shot
Romody Co. 2-12-tf
FOR ifALE OR TRADE Men's, hoys'
nn.l children's clothing, hats. &' .1,
fiirnU'hliiYi". T. T. Anderson. Cale
donia, Ohio. 2-22-31P
For Kent.
FOR RENT S-room modern house
on tf. High Ut. Inquire if Fred
Kill!, 248 Until avenue.
FOR RENT Modern 7-room house,
374 Pearl St. Inquire .177 S. Pros
poct St., or phone X-1733.
120 ACRES on pike, 10-rocm house,
ibnnk ibnrn, 10 wrci timber; will
exchange for 40 or fio acres mr
school lu Marlon or Wandot coun
ties. Write 7... A. C.mklln, Forest,
Oihio. 2-22-3td-2tvp
AGE We move, crate, storo and
do transfer work nt any time
Phone 1C05, S. Knoch, 322 Bel
mont. '
40 ACRES, good G-roo-m 'house, lovel
land, good soil, on Marion rond In
Wyandot county, for sale on osy
imynienta; will tako small .propeiCy
In oxchnnge; April
AVrlte L. A. Conklln,
1 iiosos1oii,
Forest, O.
AOENTS WANTED Mon nnd Indies,
to soil now nrtlolcr, noodei.l by man,
womnn and child. 100 per cent,
profit. Send for particulars. Chas.
A. Johnston Co., Dopt. IC, 108 Ful
ton St., Now York. 2-15-Otp
FARMS Wrlto today for my bar
gain list of 100 Ohio farms, Elch
olberger, land specialists, Sprlng
flold, O. 2-ll-lmo
NOTICE Aftor Fob. 15, 1912. I am
leaving Marlon. Thoso wishing the
Shnokolton Inhalation Trontment
for catarrh etc., or suppllds call at
No. 1 Sharploss Court, or phono
CU5. G. L. iPolley, 2-B-tt
LADY AGENTS New arttclo, Ev
cry womnn nela it. Sells on sight
Write for agency proposition. Mrs.
Llbya Bandage Co., 179 .Shelby St.,
Detroit, Mich. 2-1-lmo
To loan on Furniture, Horses, Pianos, etc. We
loan on an hour's notice. Absolutely private. Re
pay in small payments. Investigate.
Marion Chattel Loan Co.
106 12 S. Main St.
I'or Itccorfler,
EdltoV Mirror: Plonso announco
that 1 am n candidate for county re
cordor, subjoct to the wilt of tho Dcm
ocratlo voters of Marion county at
the coming primary election.
For Itccordcr.
Kdltor Mirror: Plcaso announce
to the Democratic voters of Marlon
county that I flm a candidate for the
nomination for county recorder at
tho primaries, May 21,
For Itccordcr.
Editor Mirror: Plcaso announco
that I am a candidate, for tho nomina
tion for county recorder, subject to
tho will of tho Democratic voters at
tho coming primary.
For County Commissioner.
Editor Mirror: Flense nnnoUnce
that I am a enndidato for tho nomi
nation for county commissioner sub
ject to tho will of tho Democratio
voters at theo coming primary.
For Sheriff.
nounco In your -paper that I am a
candidate for tho nomination for
sheriff, subject to tho will of tho
Democratic voters at tho coming pri
mary. Georgo Orians.
Tor Cleric of Courts,
Mr. Editor: Please announce that
I am n candldata for. nomination for
clerk of courts, subjoct to tho decision
of tho Domocratlo voters' of Marlon
county, nt the coming primary elec
tion. FRANK L. 9PICER,
For Itccordcr.
Editor Mirror; Pi en so. announco
that I am a candldato for tho Demo
cratic nomination for county recorder
nt tho prtmarlos, May 21.
ror Coiimiie-.loner.
Editor Mirror: Please announco In
your paper thnt I am a. candldato for
the Democratic nomination for county
commissioner, subject to tlio Demo
cratic primaries to bo hold May 21.
For Proeciitor.
Editor Mirror: Please announce to
theJJemocratlo votersof Marlon county
thnt I am a candidate for prosecuting
attorney at the Democratio primaries
to bo held iMay 21. 1912. If elected,
this will be tho only public offlco I
have ever heW. I earnestly appeal to
each and every Democrat to help mo
In this effort to "make good."
For Clerk or Courts.
Editor Mirror: Plcaso announco
that I am a eahuidato for tho Demo
cratic nomlnar.lnn for ctork of courts
at the primaries Moy 21, 1912.
any and nil kinds, at any time, seo
Carey Hensel, Mnrlon It. R 1, or
call at this office. 12-7-tf
J. WILRUR JACOO" has moved Into
new law oftlcos on east Confer St.,
over Nelson's Jowolry storo. Ho will
oontlnuo to practice In nil courts
and will give special attention to
the settlement of estates. Office
phone 63, residence 839. 9-2t
LOST A bunch of keys on n ring.
Leave at Rnn & nurko's or call
phone Si.-;, Mnrlon Urass llrona
Co., Ikirtihnrt St. 2-20-3t
Olils Decorating Co
Right Place to Buy or to
Have Your Properties
Sold. .
Farms thnt wo can give you pos
session of April 1, 1912.
135 acres, Hue buildings; 155 acres,
good buildings; 123 acres, splendid
buildings; 110 ncros, ologant build
ings;; 110 acres, two sots of build
ings.; 43 ncros, bulldlng3 up to date?
70 ncros; superb buildings; BO 1-2
acres, .medium buildings; BU aores,
buildings now; 117 acres buildings
now; 100 acres, niodorn houso, bal
nnco fair; 40 ncros, medium build
lugs; 80 ncros, fair buildings; 11
acres, fair buildings, fair on good
Hike; 85 ncros good buildings; 102
ncros, practical home; 120 acros, med
ium buildings; 127 acres, fair build
ings; 80 aoros, very fair buildings,
good; B2 acros, good buildings, three
miles of Marlon; 80 ncros, plonUo
buildings; 200 acres, this Is fluot 60
acros, modlum buildings; 102 acren
in Plko county to trnde for Marlon
homo. 178 acres, splendid dairy farm,
many moer farm homos. Wo also havA
many city homos, somo great bargains
tho placo 111 Court St., .Million, Ohio.
The J. W. Clark Co.

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