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qpHsESE ten books
, delivered, and
"Plain Tales from
the Hilts;1
"The Light that
fm Oivnfteopte"
dickers Three"
"The Phantom
"Under the Deo
dars" " Wee Willie
.WinJet e"
t; f",t : rr-
;.oi ,
Departmental Dit
- '.,. Here are ten books
Kiplings, books'
Containing over 2025
pages printed in large,
clear type. Bound in
de luxe art cloth, cov
ers artistically em
bossed, with backs
stamped in gold, this
pocket-size edition
stands six inches high
and will take up just
' seven inches of your
bookshelf! Formerly
' sold for $4.00 alone.
A year's subscrip
tion to Pearson's and
this ten-volume set of
Kipling, $3.25.
Ttie Pearson,
Publishing Company
; 480 East 2itli Street
Trnna '"' '' " '''
In tho fuctjirlpli ')f tlfts country (ho
Brcat problem' 4f to Btop tho wosto or
hint. All tho heat furnished by tho
burning coat should bo converted Into
force for mechanical work. At prosont
rot ono-tontli of It Ih so converted.
We make Loans on Furniture,
Pianos, etc. Business confidential.
Marion Chattel Loan Co.
10C 1-2 S. Wain St.
Miss Meroy Screamed and
Shrieked Her Objections
'And Finally Dropped
1 Over a Desk.
(United Press Leased Wire.)
Chicago, March 22, Ojlvon to dos-
poratlon 'by tho merciless cross-ex-
itmlnutlon of Attorney Francis1 W,
Walker and hysterical over tllo reflec
tions. In his questions, upon her
character, Miss Esther Mercy, pretty
co-ed complainant In tho $100,000
standor milt njralnst Denn Mhrlon Tnl
ibot of Chicago university, crenteO a
ficono In Judge Pomoroy's courtroom
such as Itt seldom witnessed by a Jury
Itlslnjr from her chnlr on tho wit
ness Bland, With clinched fists hold
aloft, tho girl screamed nt tho oourt:
"This wholo terrible nccusntlon bns
boon soared on my brain. I havo not
forgotten; I shall nover forgot, .but
I can't rcmomber It all now."
As question after question wns put
with biting sarcasm by tho lawyer,
tho girl's emotion lot Itself lose In
a torrent of bitter words which for
tho moment Judge ami lawyors wero
unnlilo to check.
"It's a lie. If all IIpb. Sho knew
had no men friends except my fiance."
shouted the girl rising afcnln. "Dean
Talbot knew sho lied when sho called
mo a woman of the street. She know
Bho lied whon sho gald I had, accept
ed money from men. I had told her
all of my relations with my tkince."
Attorney Everett Jennings, for Miss
Mercy, objected to tho cross-exnnlnii-tton.
"This mercllesi and wrongful ox"
nmlnntlon Is bolng conducted for the
solo purposo of confusing the renl
question. Tho truth Is that tho Brent
University of Chicago expelled th's
poor girl becauso H could not nr-,
ford to start nn Investigation of tho
action of a woman connected with It
In so high n capacity," said tho law.
(Miss Morcy then told of her final In
tervlow with Dean Talbot nt th0 unl
vorslty. Sho declared that whon sho
was called a woman of -tho streets,
and something worso.'sho ran scream
Ing through tho corridors of the col
lego building and the denn then tried
to sumirOBS tho wholo matter by seek
ing to comfort her and telling hor
thnt "a university wns. no placo for
"Willi her attorneys made another
nppcal to JuuRo Pomoroy to protect
1ier from tho "bullyragging" of Attor
ney "Walker, Miss Mercy shrlokod thnt
sho could stand It. no longer, and
stumbling from hor ohalr Bho drop
ned half conscious over a desk In
front of tho Jury. Judgo Pomeroy
liurrloclly recessed court.
Jenny's Swiss Salo nt Schmidt's Phar'y.
Phllnflolphtn, Pa..' Marcn 23. Con
gross Henry Bingham, "father of the
house." illed hero onrly today.
General iUnghnm was a well known
and plcturestquo figure in Washington.
Ho was 71 yenrs old, and lind been lij
every congress sinco tuo lorty-sixin in
1879. General Bingham Borved Oirougtj
tho civil wnr In n Pennsylvania vol
unteer regiment. Ho was wounded nt
Gcttsburg and Spottsylvunla. Ho ctitor
cr tho army as a lieutenant, and ot
tho closo of tho war had been brevet
ed for distinguished gallantry through
tho grades of mojor, lieutenant gen
eral, colonel, nnd brigadier general.
Tho French minister of commcrco
has been petitioned to wago war on
tight drosses.
Kodak Supplies
Qhl$:Deqorating Co
Ifx you can march 'well to a bar
gain tune anil have tho collateral to
pay tho fare, wo havo varlotlos onough
for 62 verses and If some professor
will wrlto tho muslo wo will gladly
nolp swell tho chorus loud and long
with a well paying drug store doing
good business.
100 Marlon Homes modern, and com
mon. Somo with prices low. Wo have
homes In Columbus, Delaware, Ducyr
us and other surrounding towns to
soil or rado. W0 have 33 farms to
soil, possession given April 1, Borne
with -a small payment dawn. You must
hurry.. We also hftvo sqvoral farms
(hat are routed and can give posses
slon by yqu collecting rent. These
farms rango In size from G acres to
74C acres. Do not bo bashful about
seeing us. Wo court your friendship.
Wo will delight In showing tho
farms to you, Wo havp sgniq leaders
In 40, 62, 75, 100, 123, 135, IBS, 178,
218, 278, 103, 400, 42Q and 74G.
Please call at 114 dourf St, You are
assured courteous treatment.
Rosppctfullyt ,
Tho J. W. Clark Real Estate
BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKr ik
lyfns- HAMS. KREC-CE att
Tho American CIvlo Reform Union
,1s backing a movement to havo writ
ten Into tho platforms of both tho
(Treat pedt tal parties planks making
polygamy a penitentiary offense,
llov. A. S. Urcgg, one of the orriccra
of tho unlo.i, will bo In churgo of a
corps of speakers, among whom aro
Itov. Hans P. Frecce, whoso father
was a Mormon elder, and his wife.
Doth havo been lecturing throughout
tho country against polygamy as
practised by tho Mormons.
Given Muiph Trouble by
Counterfeiters Notes
Now Refused and Only
Gold an.d Silver
' AcceMed.
(United' Prew I.'nst Wlro.)
Bhnnglmi, Mnruh 2H-, i:t'iuiilnl H
feared over 'the (IsvoIivjhiioiUh In con
nection with 'i;- p.morfeewy Ihhuo of
pnper money by the TteVnihllcttii lend
ers from the Inception on the rebellion
to tho emperor's ubdloalou. Kftorts
todny to lejirn how niuicli tit this
ipnncv Is In circulation rallied, A Urge
quantity, however, ngd lxt'on Issued
npd oxchtiuged with the pwMtlft Qt tho
south for tho money or tty ihlijro.
Today hardly iiiiyonn will alouoflt tlm
rvliubllcnn notes. God amit Hrltlftli
and Amerlcun silver nro tbo Bfltujrfij
tn(dium of exchange. . Vi-' -
Whon tho Sun Yat Sen nilmfUglpi
tlon nt Nnpkln was pressed roiAtuuds
It sot up u printing presn nnd njin ort
whatover notes woro needed. tThoj"
wero used to pay tno troops and vor
V,nlld xchango wherever tho authority
of tho provisional republic was rooiign-
Izod. Hut tjie plates wero crudo land
tho paper on which the notps wJyro
printed of ,tho ordinary varloty. EntAr
prJslng "camp followerfl" took sonic
of tho notCH, cama hore and preomiiteM
n local printing pstnbllRhmont. Thorn
thoy worked ovortlmo supplying 'thoni-i
selves nnd their frlonds with cash
which was used to buy everything
concelvnblo from livestock tp 'land.
Thnt tho counterfeits were In ex
istence did not dawn on the govern
ment ofllclnls. until thoy discovered
somo bills hb woll 'executed nnd print
ed as tho government product. If
much of tho money Is repudiated, mil
lions of Chinese will consider thorn
solves Hwindled Uy tho new govern
ment. Tho out'eomo ot such n alttin
tlpn might easily bo sorloun for tho
government Itself.
Ethol May Hoy the boautlful oight-yenr-old
ilatiglilor ot Mr. and Mrs.
Krnnlc Hoy was tondorlr laid to rest
In tho Marlon comotory March 1, 1012.
Llttlo Kthel wqh sun shluo In her
homo and n most bright iynd dutyful
child scorning boyond her years In In
telligence, her Bunny dlBposltlon inndo
her t,ho very contpc of nffeotlonnto ro
gurd for neighbors nnd friends.
Thoro won an nnglo band In lionvon
That was not quito complato
So Ood 'took our darling Kthel
To All tho vacation soat.
Call not back tho dear departed
Anchored Bafo whoro BtomiH nro 'oro
On tho border land wn loft hor '
Boon to meet nnd part no mora.
Dearest Kthol wo havo laid theo In
tho peaceful grave's embrace but thoy
memory will bu cherished till wo bco Inoffensive gontleiiiiirt. Charles Snlns
thy heavenly face. bury rickwlck, K. wlm, t nftor tho
Father, inollinr. alHtor. lirntliar and
gnindmothor you mpitrn with nohlng 1'lmos Informing the world that o
henrts nt homo for tho denr one which '"K to Its having liejn brought Into
Hlmll nvm- rntiirn fwm. ni.r.vo. A lldlculo and niado a by word by the
ou rend this you havo inv sympnthy
nnd love. S. W.
TrniiesKee seema to be entering Into
oompot tlon with Delaware The peacn
crop there Is killed again.
JUst Like They Were Eng
lish, You Know Broke
the Windows, Pulled
Hair, Scratched Faces
, and Had all the
(United Press Leased Wire.)
Nankin, March 2:. Chinese suffra
gettes today' attacked the assembly
rooms, routed the Htntesmen from
their desks nnd broke nil tho windows
In tho building. The women nro en
iUBcd uecnueo of the restrictions
which wero plnced upon them by tho
resolution! granting tlici to right of
Tho ofilclals were wholly unprepar
ed for tho uttnek. Women crowded
Into the corrldora of tiiu milldlng but
nttrnctcd no special attention, lleforo
the assemblymen were aware op'thulr
presenco they got pist tno doorkeep
ers nnd wero vigorously denouncing
the representatives for discriminating
ognlnat the vnst majority of Chinese
women by .requiring an educational
test for women voters.
"When tho suffragettes were ordered
from tho building, they made n rush nt
tho nssomhlymon, pulling their hair
and scratching their faces. Most of
the solons hastily withdrew, leaving
the women In complete control. Chnlrs
wero hurled through tho windows,
desks wero upset and the papers of
the representatives were torn up and
thrown nbout the rorm. After com
pleting tho work or destruction, tho
women mnrched from tho building
leudly demanding thnt they bo given
their rights. The outbreak Is believed
to have been Incited by American nnd
nuropenn suffragettes. When the wo
men reached the street they wero at
tacked bV-a'sriund of pollco nnd a
general fight ensued. The women wore
llnnlly put in Might ofUr several had
been Arrested.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schertzer
Entertain at Their Home
v ' in Meeker.
Meeker, O., March 23. Miss Millie
Cllxby entertained a few of her friends
at tho homo ot 'her parents, '.Mr. nnd
airs. James Cll.vby east or tho village.
The evonlng wns jpassed with games,
music and floolalo'int At 10 o'clock
refreshments were served. Tho guests
woro Misses Mildred and Hazol Conley,
Klnrome King, jJilllo Alklre, C'hurln tc
and Sarah Jnno CUxby, Messrs. 'Foster
ar.ll Dall.is Wagner, frank Con ley.
Orloy and Howard Alklre and Fred
uSllsfl Slublo Hrocwn, who Ih attend
ing uehool at Athoim Is hoinu for a
wuok as the glioma of hor parents, .Mr,
nnd .Mrs. A. C. Ilrown.
Mr. and .Mrs. Win, Schertzer eutor
tnlnod at their homo, Sunday nt din
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Ledman
and children, Hernlco and Ki'hvoud, of
U-altuo; .Mr. and Mrs, Fred Schertzer
and children, Cf;ml nnd Ccnrgo
William nnd Mr. and Mrs. Karl
Scheil.zer and daughter Dorothy.
Mr, and Mrs. Harry Flolds and
l.Viuglilor, Oonnn-i.Mae, woro guests of
Mr. and .Mrs. Win, Camus Sunday,
Mrs. Maud ThomaH , nnd sons,
Hnrker and Paul, aro tho guosts of
Mr. and .Mrs, Jnnies Outhery wost of
town, a few weeks,
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. C, Drawn and chil
dren Irvln, Malblc, Iscn'i, ClUTord and
Clarence were guests of -Mr., and Mrs.
15. U Titus weft of town Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. ' Cleorgo Kennedy
wore guests ot Mr. nraJI Mra. James
Sloki 1, Sunday nnd Monduy.
(Mr. md Mrn. Clmrloa Iamib and
son. ltavinond, of lartue, wiero guests
Ot Mr .md .Mrs. Thomas Moon, Sr.,
6untb i
Cliurle-i Siiraguo and duuglucr,
Dnnnaienie, aro on the sick list.
Mr mid Mrs. Vonio Curtor, we;
iVf to" wero visltlns Sundny with
Mir. and Mrs. I, Gruibb, of nonr Agostii.
Mr. and Mrs. U. Mlllor and sons,
LXiroy nn' Oever, woro guoetH of .Mr,
niAd Mr". John Hooker south of town,
atiith.:'.a HCekor, uoutli of town,
tho gu, nt of hor cousin, Cecil
eprWiie, ri"ni Friday until "unda.
illr. mill Mrs Wm. Hutllold and son,
JJorvpn. ri'turned homo, TiuoAhiy nil -or
s)vrHi wrteku' ylsit with Mr, and
Mra. lohn Moon, of MnntflqliL
Mr Aiiid Mrs. Wm. Doddlwr, of near
Koiitoii movd) t,holr Tijrnlturo to
their nWv home qast of itQiwn, on a
farm Tlucpd.i.
Mm. luni spraguo returned home,
Thursday alter u two weoks' visit with
Marlon f A I end und rolatlvos.
llalph iiuMH wn tho guest of Mao
Motz, soiuVh of town, Sunday.
'H. II. FoVd inndo a 'business trip to
Toledo, 'iicWi.
Mr. and yli Howard Vlrden nnd
son, CnrttuiiA returntt? .hopio Saturday
from Custar V
Mr?. AnnalPav ami daughter Mll
ditfd,' werti vlfUirm pdy Aftornoon
with Mr. 'iim Mm. qiis Louvlsl of
iiefir Agosta. V
'Mr. and Mrs. Xleorflo DavlB attend
ed a funeral at .Op01 Mondliy after-
" la hard to He lav'snou out oi one
surname. That is wivat occurred xo an
miiiticntion or iicien' ' minuus novei
felt constrained to fl dvprtlHQ III the
novelist ho Intended to nbandon lus
ii"no forever This wrf s tho more hard
Ul pis enso II " ' uiuiiiiiy iraeiii
It's iiiimo lo f h
amo W JSffr,S? B'n-t'om
iievlto"! (ituijp I& c London
i'cle' fvA i
Vm For
WANTED Young men to leurn ile-
tcctlvo work. Earn $150 to $3U0
monthly. Travel, see the world, bo
your own boss. AVrlte J. C Johnson;
C3T) Houseman, Dullding, Grand
Dnplds, Mich. 3-23-2IP.
WAfNTED Good horses ami brood
wares to insure ngnlnst all kinds of
diseases and nccldonts or denth
from nny oauso or theft. Phono 1737
or call 419 W. Center St. Dr. D. W.
Cox. 3-23-3t
WANTED A position as housekeep
er, by a middle aged wlww, for
widower or middle aged couple. Call
or -address 333 Hoillmard.
WANTED A lady for stcnogrnher
and general office work. John D.
Owons & Son, Owens, O. 3-2t-tf
WANTED llobni In modern home
contrnlly located, by young gentle
man, April 1. A dress J. W. T., care
Mirror. 3-21-tf
For Rent.
FOR RENT Two furnished roomn In
a modern home for Hght hoiwfkeop
Ing. 408 Iilalnc avenue. Phone L
1730. 3-23-3:
FOR RENT .For cash or Hhare. SO
acres, Lako Co., Mich.; 30 R'ns
cleared: good buildings, 2 miles to
good market. Schools, telephone, u
IF. D.; 'good unrden farm: crop on
ono acre will pay tho rent. A bar
gain. J. II. Bolander, Huber block
Glasses Fitted.
J a. LUNGER, M. D fits glasses, re
moves adenoids, treats the diseases
of tho eye, ear, noso and throat
Office 202 S. Main St, opposite Ma-
ion's temple. Phono 85. 6-24-tf
For Sale.
FOR .SA'LE Ftkr n few days only. The
R. O. Dolson property, N. W. corn r
of Prospect (unl Columbia St."., lot
CflxlOO. 1'rlre $3,C00. Or will wl!
hotiBo to be moveil off f lot for
JS0O. J. II. Uolandor, HirtMr iblork.
IFOR HA'LE Threo good ibargiilns on
Cnrhnnt St., ono 0-rooin house at
$1,700; ono C-room houso nt $1,400,
now house; ono 0-room house nt
$l,7fi0. Our prices aro right. Call
in. Bain Bros. 3-23-3tp
IPOR SALE Cornish Indlnn Clnmo
eggs for setting. Ownor of jirlzo
chlokonti. English stock. Phone
X-771. 3-21-Bt
FOR SALE 'Eggs for hntchlng;
Rhodo Island Reds; 1G eggs for
40c. Phono Y-D22. M, Mnkoovor,
Konslngton Avo. 3-25-U' p
FOR SALE Chostnut coal. Help
yoursolf' while thero Is plenty. Also
large quantities of gonulno Poca
hontas lump. J. L. Prlco Co. 3-12tf.
FOR SALE Eggs for hatching, Roso
Comb Rhodo Island Whitos, $1,00,
$1.50 and $2.00 per 15. Samo as
some breeders ask $2.00, $5,00 and
$10.00 per 15. Order onrly as I
was hundreds of eggs short of or
ders last year. II. D. Kooler, 4C1
Summit St. Phones R-537 and L
388. 3-2-wc(&sat-2mo
FOR SALE Eggs for ihntt'jiln? from
my oxhlbltlnn nnd laying' strains of
'Barred Plymouth Rooks, 75o per
15 oggs; S. C. White Leghorns, 7Bc
por 15 eegg; R. C. It. I. Red. $1.50
por 15 oggs; Whlto Wynndott eggs,
$3 nnid $5 per 15 dggs; baby chicks
.from any of nlbovo pons on short
notice; springers, oggn and foul for
Huiumeratelu's London operu lumss
will seat 2,700 persons, and the vluv
of no ono Is blocked by a pillar
O-rooin brick house, modern Im
provements, NpU'iulld locution, iciikoii
ably worth $11,(1011; price, If holil bufoi'o
April 1st, $l,'jno.
7-i'oom hliit0 roof liouso in good
imldenco district, Sl.O.'O.
8.rK)in hoiiio South Prosiuvt St.,
iiiodeiii, $2,(IS0,
7-rooiu house, Belmont St., reduced
to i,(IM).
7-i'(K)in modern bouse, Illaluo Ave,
K-i'onui modern Biouso wllh barn,
largo lot, S. bldo lictlcMntnlii Ave.,
7-room liouo, "Pearl St., $l,S0O.
(l-rooni liou.se, lllnloo AiiVi lot 15v
loo,' $i,non,
1 8. room house, IViul St., near Co.
luiiibln, $2, 00(1 j una nil hamo lot, 1
n-i'oom .ltoiiso, $1,200; or both for
This 1.4 jmly a partial 1IM of property
III my liuyds for salo nnd h)' ntlHuir
nt inv olVIc, I can lieln ou to holect
n homo n nny location desired.
I People's
1 Column
ni rnu'ito. Surety Bonds Fire, W
r'Slwir,slij' l-a N. Ml I
tfED j
eating a epox-Ialty any itlmo of the
year. Kejislngton Poultry & Pet
Stock Yards. Booking orders now
Phono 1314. 3-18-tf
iFOIl SALE Tho concrote blocks
that havo material In them to make
them ring like steel. J, L. Prici
Co., telephone 284. 10-tf
FOP. SALE Good bargains In Ash
tabula county farms; also Marlon
property for salo or rent. Seo E. J.
Cox, Heal Estato Agent, ovor
Turner's grocery Phone 11-470.
FOR SALE Best guaranteed roofing
In Marlon county. Inquire ot J. L.
Price Co. Tel. 284. 10-tf
FOR SALE Concreto fence posts;
guaranteed; tho kind you can staple
to; no wood. J. L. Price Co., tele
phone 284. 10-tf
FOR SALE Best grades Portland
cement; quality and prlco guaran
teed; also White Rock plaster, tho
kind that sticks to the wall and
docs not crack. J. L. Price Co..
Telephone 284. 10-tf
FOR SALE Sower plpo, drain tllo
and all kinds of building material,
prices right; let us flguro your ma
terial for you; can tell you the
proper nmounts you will need; In
cidentally wo havo tho best grades
ot coal. J. L. Price Co., telephone
284. 10-tf
FOR SALE White plno lath; tine
. ones. Inquire boforn purchasing.
Yours truly, j. l. Price Co.; use
cedar posts. Telephone 284. lOtf
5,000 PEOPLE Wanted in Marlon
to use Sure Shot Remedy for neu
ralgia and rheumatic trouble. Lab-
oratory, 316 north State. For sale
cy all druggists. Sure Shot
uemeay Co. 2-12-tf
FOR KALE Tonic, worm Ami condi
tion powder; also n good ktilnoy
preventative md eur Cull nnd try
rhom. .Phono 1757. Dr. D. W. Cox,
419 W. Center Ht. 3-23-.1t
FREE Ono storm ton buggy Dec. 24,
luj-, luy u. j;. iwais, tbe- horso
mIiiht, iln' alley north of Court St.,
between State nnd Mnn Sts. Ono
rhaiH'p. iwlth every borne shod. Four
new shoos one dollar. 3-2."-0tp
PUBLIC SALE 1-4 mllo south of
ailjc Island, Mnreh 28; horsed, cattle,
lwiis, farm .Implement, hoiisehn I
good, etc., etc. J. A. Reed, Atle.
Walter IMblor. 2-2."-3t
Pl'BLIC SALE 1 ml. earn of Oroen
Camp, March 27, at 10 o'olocki Jlvo
Htoek, farm ln.'pJements, houehnli1
goods; evorjp hlng to soil. J. A.
Reed, auctioneer, J. 11, Heme.
WOMEN to do plain sewing at homo
for a largo (Philadelphia firm; good
money and steady work; no c?n
vnslng; semi reply onvelope for
price paid, Unlvorsnl Co., Desk
A, Walnut St., PhHadolphlu, Pn.
A.GHNTS mako $10.00 a day selling
now specialty to nutomobile owners.
Particulars free. Rollairto Sale Co.,
Lancaster, Ohio. 3-22-Ctp
BARGAINS 7-room house on wetrt
nldo Elm street, $2,200; I lots on
Garfield avenuo, corner Medium,
$000; 17 shares Fairbanks Steam
Shovel company common stock. Seo
c'luirlPM W. Hnbernian, over Cut
Rnto Meat market. 3-22-Ot
AGENTS MAKE froim$ I to $10 per
day helling our high class special
ties. Daum Specialty Company,
Port Clinton, Ohio. 3-22-Ctp
LOST Two weeks ago, Mureh 9, gold
tlo clip, about 1 1-1 inches long,
ono side engraved, 10 K
marked on one side; reward. .Call
Phone 056 or address Hurry DH'ks,
at Stoltz garage. 3-23-3t
MEN U-iaVNT-KUT-U wttli my ad-
Justablo raaor guard. Guaranteeo".
Agenta wantod. Geo. II. Thomas,
IOC Tenth St., Buffalo, N. Y.
furniture, does upholstorlng and all
kinds of repair work; havo an espe
cially good grado of furnlituro pol
ish and varnish 'for salo. 119 E.
Churrh. Phono R-C98.
FdR AUCTIONEERINa At sales, if
Itlftlit near the High school, Jut off Center Mieet. Here In n
dimilj, modern 10 room Ii"nso light ulililn n stone throw of (ho
court hniixc, IiIk Imiu, big Int.. It's n dandy ami should Mill home
body Mho will net quick. II will take $3(100 to buy It hut It Ih
worth the money.
Room 10, Huber Block,
For Kccorrtcr,
Editor Mirror: Please announce
th'at I am a candidate for county re
corder, subject to the will of the Dem
ocratic voters of Marlon county at
the omlng primary election,
For Ilccordcr.
Editor Mirror: Please announca
to the Democratlo voters of Marlon
county that I am a candldats'for lha
nomination for county recorder at
tho primaries, May 21.
For Itcconlcr.
Editor Mirror: Pleaso announce
that I am a candidate for tho nomina
tion for county recorder, subject to
tho trill of the Democratlo voter at
tho coming primary.
For Recorder.
Editor Mirror: Please, announco
that I am a candldato for the Demo
cratlo nomination for county recorder
at the primaries, May 21.
E. II. nuaaiNs.
For County Commissioner.
Editor Mirror: Pleaso announce
that I am a candldato for the nomi
nation for county commissioner sub
ject to the will of tho Democrat!
voters at theo coming primary.
For County Commissioner.
Editor Mirror: Pleaso announco
that I am a candldato for tho nomi
nation for county commissioner" sub
ject to the will of tho Democratlo
voters at tho coming primary.
For County Commissioner.
Editor Mirror: Ploaso announco Jn
your papor thnt I am a candldato for
the Democratic nomination for county
commissioner, subject to the Demo
cratic primaries to bo hold May 21.
J. J. loyer;
Tl fltlll t fltlttll ll!L.lMlniJI
Editor Mirror: Ploose nnnounco to
the Democratic voters of tho county
tliat I am a candidate for tho nomi
nation for county commissioner, sub
ject to ihe will of the Democrnulo
voters at the primaries to be held May
1, 1912.
For County Commissioner.
Editor Mlrroi? Pleaso announco
thnt I am a candidate for nomination
for ronnty commissioner, second torni,
Hubjeet to the decision of tho Demo
cratic voters at the picmnrles May 21.
For Sheriff. ,
nounce In your 'papor that I am a
candidate for the nomination )for
sheriff, subject to tho will i.-ofithe
Democratlo voters at the comlngt pri
,Vor SheillT.
I desire to announce and solicit, sun
port of all Democratic voters of Ma
rlon county.thut I am n candldato for
the nomination of Jthnrlff subject to
tho 'primaries to be held Mnyi2lt.
For Clerk of Courts.
Mr. Editor: Pleaso announce that
I nm n candidate for nomination' ftfr
clerk of courts, subject to the decision
of tho Domocratlo voters of Marlon
county, at tho coming primary oloc
tlon. FRANK L. SPICER. .
Tor Prosecutor.
Editor Mirror: Pleaso announce to
thoDcmocrntlc votorsof Marlon county
thnt I am a candidate for prosecuting
nttorney at the Domocratlo primaries
to be held May 21, 1912. If elected,
this will bo tho only public office I
havo evor held. I earnestly appeal to
each and every Democrat to help mo
In this effort to "mako good."
For Proscmitor.
Editor Mirror: " Pleaso announce
that I am a candldato for tho nomi
nation of prosecuting attorney sub
ject to tho will ot the Democratlo
votora ot Marlon county nt tho 'pri
mary election May 21, and that I will
appreciate any asslstanco given to mo
during this campaign.
For Clerk of Courts.
Editor Mirror:' Pleaso announce
that I am a cangldato for tho Domo
cratlo nomination for clerk ot courts
at the prlmarlos May 21, 1912.
For County Auditor,
Editor Mirror: Please announco to
the Domocratlo voters of Marlon coun
ty thnt I am a candldato for County
Auditor at the primaries to bo held
May 21, 1912.
any and all kinds, at any time, see
Carey Hensel, Marlon R, R. 1, or
call at this office. 12-7-tf,
SEND FIFTY CENTS for ouribook'o'n
valuable coins and stumps. Daum
Specialty Companv, C, Port Clinton,
Ohio. Lock box 129. 3-22-Ctp
AGE We move, crate, store anij
do transfer work at any time,
Phone 1005, S. Knoch, 322 Bel,
J. WILBUR JACOBY has movod Into.
new law offices on east Center' Bt.
over Nelson's Jewelry store. He will
continue to pruuttcd In all courts
and will give spoclal attention to
the settlement ot estatos. Offlco
phont 89. residence 839. 9-2-tf
Phono 1031
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