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llloodhomids on Trull.
Mount Airy, X. C . April 3. lllmiil
hound were ugnln ttirncl nlose to
ilnj on Hie traH or Slttnn Allen anil
osloy Edwards, the two Allen outlaws
Btljl at lare. The dogs were headed
lop 'nine Spur, ivharo the (lctectlcs
bullet a the two fugitive hate taken
Wnr Humor,
fllrrlln,, April 3. Thut war rumor
limlie good business In smiio oltflos l
afmrent from Hie J5 per (eat dll
ilotKl ut Uci lured in the German arm
ana aiiiiiiuniliDii f t , . r j t -
ix close Toreu. .
Our ovufi and hands are on the
pulEo ,o the wall paper Industry at
nil times. As a result wo get tho
latest designs and suporlur grades of
papers .right through tho yeur, Indu
pendent of reasons. Another result
f our watchfulness i mi sharo In
styhj mid low pricing.
Magrutlar mock, 1 doom north Y.
jJorHei'B miuio pHe ns sldoualls.
Paper hungers furnished.
Warner 6 Edwards Co
This is
Fifty Dozen
Pillow Cases
in both sizes
42xvU) and '15x36
10c Each
Buy now gel all
you can use of one
of the best brands of
9-4 Bleached
Sheeting at
23c Yard
Warner 6 Edwards Co
twiu,tj rvwuT vt - Mrnv
9 rSm
Our Candios and Creams
fastidious. An especially largo assortment of Eas-
ter Danties, candy, eggs rabbits, chickens, baskets,
t .
Phone 334 Wf Center
Record Breaking Assortments Permits Your Taste
Greatest Freedom Here No Meager Selections A
Choice That Covers Everything Good That's Going Good
Popular New Blues, Hair-Line Tans, Purple & Grey Suits
The classiest patterns & modols you'll ever ask to seieot from, You'll be
pleased greater than you ever have been before Price range
$10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $16.50, $18.50 to $27.50
Smart Grey Top
UlKhtly tailored, line lilting,
full of Kli'liiiiialcr quality
Permit ih In sinrgost curly nelcctloii
to allow the in-'i'-Mii'y alterations (If
nnj) mill privilng.
Dr. James W. McMurray
and Mrs. Alice O'Connor
After a Western Wedding
Trip They Will Beside
in Marion.
(lulled PronH Leased Wlro.)
Tli ' in in lane cercinoliv of Mrs. Alice
nV itiiinr to Dr. Jaiuen W. MeMurra.
imtii nf Million,, was performed Tucs
C .ttternoon by Itev. O. Jr. Hourlic,
u the Presbyterian pirsonago on South
M iin stieet.
Tin I'unple wore unnttendod, and tho
ling leremony whs read by Itev.
llourke In tho presence of only n few
witiii'ssit. ;.irH. McMurray win gown
ed in n gruy trnvollng suit with hat
to uiitili. An Informal dinner party
it whli ii iiitly Jmmudhtte rolntlveH
weie preimt. was hold at the home of
Mrs. McMurmy's. parents, at BiSO
o'ctm-k Dr. mid Mrs. McMurray lolt
last evening for u wtddhuj trip through
the western Htutes,,, after which thuy
will reside In Miirlnn.
Mrs. McMurray Is the daughter or
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jonas Coneklln, of ICast
Church street, and Is u youlg woman
ery cliurniliig. puiwmullty. Sh
Is H graduate of tho Marlon high
school. if the ctOss- of lliol, fliid nlso
was a student uL the State University
of Washington. Dr. MiMiirmy Is a
Kiiidunte of the Ktnrilliis Meillool Col
li Hf nt CttliiinlniH nnd Is ouu of Ma
rlon's lioat hiiowu physicians. lie Is a
(mi or Dr. and Mrs. John AV. JIjjMur
ray ol" Marlon. During tho Hpnulsh-
Amprleiiu wur, Dr. McMurnay served
.i surRCon, receiving the inink of
iiuiji r.
Piles Ciirii) In 0 to 11 Pays.
Tour drucclat will rnfund tnonov If
PAZO OINTMHNT fnllo to cure nnv
rase of Itehlntr. mind. WoPdlriK or
Protrudlnir Piles In 6 to 14 diiv liOn
Costs about tho s.irnn. tu-thu-sat-tf
Ml ' and elillaren's ruWiera,
nits nnd up at Ilciiiy & Ions's.
('Iilcjio'h ICIecllon.
ChleaKo. April 3. Chicago' alder-
inuiilc electtun wnrf rofiiirded loduy iih
n victory for Mayor Carter llaxrlaon.
Pwontv-ilvo Domocnits nnd eleven
Ileiubllcnns woro olocled. Tho Domo
firitle majoilty In the city council has
been Incieiiseil from 12 to 21.
Throo bond Isfliios totalilnB JB.430.nQU
lor km tun construction, I'.ithliiR bouch
ok and hualth bulldliigH were iiuthor
iKcd. l III I I I "
Fancy Groceries
Fresh Vegetables
Fancy Fruits
Fresh Meats
Mrs. Sherlock's Home ::
Made Bread, also Lima ;
.butternut, iresn every ::
Cor, Center mid suite Sis,
will pleaso tho most
- coats at
Seniors of the High School
Have Procured Services
of O. W. Glee Club.
Have Arranged a Concert
to be Given in the High
School April 19.
To perpetuute the custom establish
ed for Fomc years of the departlnpr
das leaving to the lilh'il school some
K i f t . the seniors have nt ranged to
brliiB to Marlon on April nineteenth.
tlu. tf!nM nlnti nf flbhi WnMlnnn tiiil-
Iverslty for n concert on that oveuliiR
in mo nuiiitorium 01 me nigu scuooi.
Tho chli Is composed of thirty men
lucludlii? tho Ohio 'Wcsleyim ouurtot
mid nn excellent leader. The (.Ice eluli
of that coIIck" for many yoats has
iiossexsed an onviable reputation and
this ear every day tho vacations have
been Itiokud for concerts. This yenr
tlic.v huvo ijlvon two concorls'at Clevu
liud, one In Dayton. Hlehmond, Fort
Wunc, Indlnnu, Vun Wert, Idnoy.
(randvllle, nellufoutulnci Suncs'llle
tuiil, many other cities.
i.si yuur mo (,'niiiiitiiinK'.'iiiw nciu
ar. cntertalnmunt which netted thein
?12Ti with whlcli thuy purcluiHtd boohs
tor the library. This year's class Is
ambitious t make an eipiHlly larwo
pjft to the high school and to uinlto
their efforts cortnln of fiiillluii have
procured fie services of the OIco club.
B(icuue of tho aliol't illstnnco betweqn
Million and Delaware, the expenses
for the iiimi will bo alight tuid thuy
liuvo agreed to cuino nt very rou
HOIiablo IlKUre.
Spcclul .Mccllii ConiiiiciuoratUu
leister Time.
A spedal lioly wook servue will bo
held at Kpuorth MetimilUt church this
evening at 7:30 o'clock, commemora
tive of tho iidwdon of our Lord. Tho
fKistpr, C. It. HnvlRhurst, will preach
on appropriate sermon and .Mis. II. U
iWallace will sing ,'T-hure lo a Crocn
Illll il''ar Away." The service will bo(
held In tho uudltprluin and will be
propuratory to the,' gl.ol Kafter cele
bration noxt Sunday,
Kvory jpunibtr of'Wie church Is ex
pected to lie prosant nt llio faster
communion ftundny inornlnt,'. At tho
same hour a larco class of 130 persons
will be.rocolvirtl ,lnJo, the muin'bcrslilp
o-t tho phurcli, Thamiiolo service will
bo etirlChcd Willi 'tlnq Muutur music.
Bupidayi afternoon the jwstor vlll
preucli the annual leister sermon on
"Tho ItouHoniiblonoss of Our Iuiinor
tullty." Marlon Commnndury, KulKhtH
Tomplur, will attend this survlco In u
Sunday evening tho choir will ron
Uer tho Kastor cantata, "Tho Hcsur
lection iLlKht." with great organ, pi
ano and full orchestral icecoirlpaul
tuent. This promises to bo the mu
sical event tf tho year. To all ot
theso services tho gonoral public Is
Mlulii AlcMindcr Is Xo .Mrs.
Tnio Yociiiii,
The nuill'lngu of Miss Mlutu Alex
(indgr mill True-' Yoeiim, both of Mil
lion, oocuiod ut tho I.liuo City Mis
ttlon. Tuesday evening t eight o'clock.
Mr. mid Mis.'. Yocuin tiro both tuum
Ijuitj of tho Wesley Methodist cliursh.
and had rcqilested Kov. Kolly to marry
Muni ut the close of his sermon whluh
lu prqa tiled at tho Mission last even
ing. Unknown to tho young souple,
tho members f Jho 41. V. Hhurz class
if tho Sunday hcjiooi, or winch thuy
wero botli j,m.ertlcrp, gathered at tho
hiireh. tultrng t.io front toats at the
altar, vvhpii Mr. nnu airs, yoeum
entered the church to be man led, they
found themselves surrounded by their
lass ft lends.
Mrs. Yoeum Is u young woman of
pleasing personality, mid form only
cabled jvyu her urotnor, uobert Alex
ander. Mr. Yocum is nn employe ot
the M01T611 Hteunt Shovel sv,,,,,,, TJicy
will rMlUe oii Sharp street.
N 1
Boy's all-wool confirnTn Suits
I'luo blue scrac, oloRitntly tulloicil. Cj C
Xorfolks or 0llicr Mjlcs. Sluw II In 17 H "
Americans in Mexico dity
Forrest Godden Writes
JamI by .XtiilHiKMiilnr Wilson Aiiii'I'Ikiiih
In Capital I,eii.-c I'laco of ltofu'o
mid l'oiin .Militia to Protect Tor
clncitt In CaM Mudci'o Kegluiu Is
In a letter received b iclatlves hero
4odtiy, I'orrust' tSoddiii. foitner.y of
this city, who for the .ust rour joins
liftu milflfi liftf lintni. It, Af.tvlt.fi 'Hi l
has niacin his home lu Mexico City,
Mox'co, tulls' Of the conditions exist
ing tiicio lu these revolutionary times,
Mr. tloddeil I'd eiuplmcd In newspaper
woik on "Iii l'reimu." Ills mother,
Mrs. Klolso' Cloddeii, Is with him In
the Mexican Capital.
In his !ULt he stiites' that ill
though there1 Is imuli uvldeiico .In tlo
Clt ot Mbxltli of tho lolltlcal unrust
of the country thoi-c lffls been no seri
ous troublo there Up to now, Tho
lighting has' (it tlmbii occured just out
Bldo of tho city between Fudora'.i and
Ilobuls and lu almost every stato lu
(hit republic tbeiu are revolutionary
Tho forelgiurn In MOxIco City have,
organliied fr their s Own protection
tinder tho leadership 'clC Henry Imo
Wilson, the Aiurileaii tinibasmulor. Mr.
tloildun writes that tho mou In tho
Ameilcan enlnn ilhd many from tha
other foreign colotilos have formed
companies for defense against depre
dations and looting by mobs If tho
cltv hi overthrown and tho rubuls gain
control. Each company Is , In charge
i n man with military oxpurieuco and
drl'Is dallj. ltlilo prautleo Is also n
dully oeciiranco. Tho companies are
well armed and If troublo comes, will
be able to do effective work In gourd
lug American and other foreign prop
erty lu the capital..
Ambassador Wilson hart leased n
latgo property Jn thoXft-'titrar part of
thn American colony.- This house Is
built on the usual Mexican plan with
opoji p-itlo In tha centfij'and japacluus
garden, surroutfded by 'hlgii stono
walls, I, llio most Mexican homes, tho
house Is aim built, .-of htonc. Hero
there has been stored quantities of
foodstuffs and a lfr supply of wutor.
A number of maehlno guns mid plenty
of iinimunltlun has also been placed
there. tli
This place wMI'ba:tiruincccu or tlio
Ainei leans In the avtmt tho city Is
overthrown' by- tho JTte-bqlw und Mud
ero or tho llebel chiefs uro unablo to
present order. TJio companies, organ
ized In tho colony, expert to gather
quickly In case of troublo and to
march throughout tho colonies und
hrlng lu the Amer'lcmi women und
Dquplto the seriousness of llio situa
tion tho number of Americans leaving
Mexico City Is comparatively few.
Tho total population of Mexico City
Is In the neighborhood of 500.000. Tho
cltv Is located In tho vnlloy or MoxIco
mid Is completely surrounded by moun
tains. Wore Its citizenship so .Inclined
It could bo easily defended from vast
numbers but In case of attack it Ih
Holloved that tho groator portion of
the population vlH bo In sympathy
Willi tlio attacking forces.
Mr. Coddeu expeuts no serious trou
ble unless thu United Htnten tutor
vouch, which ho nays, would bring
about a big display of vAntI-Amerlcan
sentiment "IntejFvnntfoii ir Annexa
tion," Is uluif Moxlcans huvo feared
for voitrs, ha jonpludvs.
I. C, Coiuinlnhloii,
Columbus, o.r Alorl 3 Chairman O,
I'. Uothlin, of tho stuto public utll
ltlcn luinnilntiloii, toJay aiinounccd that
thu Interstate commerce commission
will hold a session In Columbus April
39 for tho purpose of receMng opin
ion of tho Ohio rallrouds und ship
pois as to the prinper method or
weighing rurlond freight.
Commercial; bodies throughout the
state have Jeen Invited to send delegates
" Ing hqused In tbo Central Flro Sta-
Morea to old "Klrfay S ana 10 cent Alan Hera will bo decided. n Thui'sday
tors'' roomnnetty ft I.ouk's cuMAnril 11. iiccordlng lo it Htntemeilt ts
price aoe mor Prop In.
Miss Lydia Knapp and Mr.
Walter Gaithrio Are
: Gftithr
The Bride is a Daughtor of
James A. Knapp of This
An Interesting llomnnc-c Culminated
nt WHO O'clock I .list Etcnlng 1 iho
Wedding nt tlio Kiuipp ltoiiic.
Tcnty-tlc Guests Witnessed llio
l'rclty Ceremony.
Tho Knat'p Tioine on Mt. Vernon
nvcntto wns tho sccno of nn Interest
ing event last evening, tho wedding of
Miss Lydhi, tho youngest dnuahtor of
Mr. Jntnes A. Knnpp, nnd .Mr. Walter
A. Guthorlc, formerly of rhis city nnd
now of Uucyrus. Tlev. J. iP, Currln,
former pnstor ot tho Trinity Unptlst
church, ofriclntcd at tho ceremony,
using tho Ooublo ring scn'lce, and a
dinner or cla'bornto aippolntnionts fol
lowed, covcii being laid for twenty
live, monibcrs of tho two families who
constituted tho wedding guests.
An Improvised altnr of palms on tho
north Bldo of tho front parlor marked
tho scone of tho nuptial service. In
tho center. Hanked by tlio beautiful
green plants, was anjmmcnso viiso of
White Easter llllcn. Tho windows at
either side, of the nltnr were framed
with green smllax, and tho dainty
loavoa nnd tendrils were vlncd over
tho curtains In nn artistic way. Smllax
hb caught to (ho chandeliers nnd a
quantity coittplctoly covered tho wall
shelves In tho tenter of which AVoro
vasca of lilies. Croups of palms orna
mented the rooms here and there and
UIIch and white carnations occupied
convenient corners.
At C:30 o'clock, tho appointed hour,
Miss Georgia 'Waterman of IFort
Vnyno, Indiana, and a cousin of tho
bride, played 'Lohengrin's 'Tho Bridal
Chorus." She Is a very pretty girl
und 1ier gown of peach colored poplin
with dainty trimmings of laco wan
Very (becoming. She wore u corsago
bouquet of aweot iicas. UttU Misses
A'lrglnla Knapp and Mary Hughes,
tileces of tho 'bride, In xlnlnty whlto
fr0flks with 'pink Bashes and hair-bows,
.... ... t. u. .!... .i
iircceucu mo party, eaen nuijuiH
hirgo whlto Illy containing tho rings,
i Tho little girls were followed by
IMIirs Etta Knapp, tho maid -of honor.
Mies Knapp wore green satin veiled
with pink mnrqulBsottc, trimmed with
sumo very pretty lace. Sho carried
sweet peas which blended 'with the
'.pretty tones of her gown.
Iyiist came tho brldo'iind groom and
as they reached tho nltnr, 'the 'muslo
ot thu "Hrldjy Ciorus" wns changed
to CaiUnun'B "I-ove Sung ' which was
lilayed' softly us tho ceremony pro
gressed. ..
Tho bride's gown was of whlto laco,
a 'bordered puttern or exiUlslto design.
It was built oyer whlto siitln and madn
quite slmTply With a fow' touches ofl
gtld. ho carried an iminenso licor!
bouquet of valley llllos.
Following tho. usual congratulatory
season, dlnnor was served. Green und
whlto woro again the fnvorcd tones
und tho tablo contor was nrnametited
with a basket of white "hyacinths and
green Torn. Itopoa or smllax radlatod
from tho Ibasliet to tho corners of tho
tkblo and woro caught with bows ot
w hlto tulle. At tho flirldo'a tablo cov
ers wore laid Tor thu brido and groom,
'Mr. Jainoa A. Knapp, tho bride's fath
er; Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Guthorlo, thu
parents of tho groom; Mr. and .Mrs.
J C. 1'rlco, of Marysvllle, and MIbs
Alleo l'rlce, also or iMurysvllle.
Following tho dinner hour the brhlo
d( nned u traveling suit or navy bluo
with u mllmi hat, sailor shape, to
match, and at U o'clock Mr. und Mis.
Ouihcrlo left for Uucyrus whoro tlio
groom haa furnished u home. At the
station the members of Mrs. Guthorlo s
various clubs, mid many friends of thu
bride and groom wero usbonVblbil, to
witness their klopurturo and dhuwer
them with rlco and well-wlshlngs.
Mrs. Gutherle Is a popular elrl huro.
Kho Is very protty, with tho aweet, at
tt active qualities which makeu of all
tf hcr acquaintances, friends. Sho ,1s
connected with tho Por So club, Delta
Thetu sorority ana a trtomlior of one
or tho bridge clubs. Mr, and Mra.
Guthorlo hecamo aciiualuted nearly
four yooirs ago when tho rormer cumo
hero to accept u position with tlio
Hughea & Cloary clothing llrm. About
a j car ago ho ivcnt to Uucyrus and is
now cmneotod with Elkhardt broth
ers. Ho nas mado many friends hero
In both a business and euclal way. He
3 a mum'hor of tho Tally Wag club.
Their wedding gifts wero numoraus,
A handsome dinner sorvlco wutf th
gift from tin brlde'b father. A com
plete sot of silver, quantities of out
glasM, china and Various useful and
lieautlful girts numbered among tho
remembrances, uprising of tho kind'
ly regard' of thdlr friends uhd relu-
jtlves In a ory llutterln'g way.
Those witnessing tho ceremony woro
Mr. und Mrs. J. C. Guthcrlo of Marju
vlllo, Mr. and Jim, J. C Prlco of
Marysvllle, Mr. and 'Mrs. Harry Hucey
of Columbus, Mr. und Mrs. Ceorgo
Knapp of Uucyrus, Miss Alleo Prlco
ot Murysvllle, Mls Georgia Water,
man of I'ort AVuyne, Indlnnu, i.Mr. wnd
Mrs. Krauk Hughes, MM Itoscttu
Knapp, MesrH, Joseph Grundy, IPrunh
Knapp and Wallace Knapp." '
I'Irc Ciller Mol'ailiuid Tlibi Morning
Announced alo I'm- Oftlelal Test,
Whether the city of Marlon will ac
cept or reject tho now eighty-live hun
dred dollar motor tire fnglno nuw be-
iFire Chief Mel'itrlana WcdnWdoy
Uhler -
The Store With The
Goods in
Dainty Easter Neckwear
Certainly you've noticed "before this tho won
derful variety of the now Neckwear for Spring.
So many entirely now Ideas; us well n tho reappearance In nn
Improved state, Ot tho favorlto Jaliots, largo Melius add. Dutch
Collars ar0 licic.
COAT SETS of Maprane, Agaric, Plauon nnd Vonlco lncc, jilqUo
and linen lace nnd cirtbroldery trimmed, nt from 73o lo 33.HH.
DUTCH COMAHS unit Dutch Collar SetH nt from !!5o lo S2.00
1'ICHUS of shadow laco and not and tho charming neAv. -Princess
IVUrlcIa luco ibodlccs nt from $.1.30 tlOHll to 30c.
.IAUOTS AM) CASCADES In ilalnly new .t1c 23c to $3.
YOKES of not and embroidery white, ecru and black 25c lo
Gloves of
At $1.00 a pair, for instance, we -have proven
season after season .that there is not another glove
procurable any place. that'M iw good In every miiim. hh our lino
.(French claco kid I'AltlSIEN'XE UIXIVi:. We havo It In blttck.
; white and nil tho fashionable colors. Our profit Is loss on each
pair wo soil, (but wo sell many more gloves 11 (f
ut our special iprlco of ., r ',-'
. AT $1.30 THE 1AIU a'horo's our excellent "Lu I'e'rlo". nnd
"Alexandria" French kid gloves. UnqUcrtlonably 'tho best glovo
i valuo at this prlco In 'Marlon. Hlack, whlto and all coloh.
DOIDSICIX (HOOVES The kimuiIhc, lino qunllty plq'iii' sewn,
whlto winliable Docfkln not the clieniier nnd iiiiMUNrnctory lml
lutluii doeskhw. In ifliniltun IciiriIi ut $2.08; 12-biitton Jcnstli nt
$2.30; mid tli0 wi-lxt length ut $1.30.
-The New "No-Sag" Bags-
Have this excellent feature which makes it- im
possible for one of them to sag at the bottom.
And In addition XO SAGS uro the liest constructed, best appearing,
most stylish ibugs we've cer seen. Tho new spring NO HAQM In
tho fashlonaHilo smaller and deoncr shapes, can lie seen only Ju
our store.
".NO SAC HAGS AT $1.00 or her kt'iiblc hlut'k hcul grain mIUi
neat gtui metal, nlcklo and gill frauicv.
AT S2.30, a.73 AND sa.110 some unusually pleasing, ' now
etyiCs I" llnc,'lluck gralued leather.
,FIXJ5 XI) SAGS" nt $:t.3l), $:l!liH iilurWl'OO-lii'hlghlnillM
goat ht'iil ' iinil'i Sli'iti.1 RiiV ' ulM ttn-cJculli.nv-rlJf fl''V,'1!1,, J,.ll,v
carted Trniiies.
SPIXlAliVr' S.i.obj 'Wtilt'l'll sn..Ojfjiy-illno ,buKM,.of. black
Mutt, seal leather gilt, nlcke.1 it
Tfie rpretfy HosierjrWhich-
Wcll-Dressed Women ..Will.
for Easter are now here in limitlessssort- I
;. The extra i'iuc,ss'aii,d'bemitil'ul'quality..Qi: I
th6so nvlll cspo'clally appeal ,to
Then wo'vo matchless qualities
30c, $1.00, $1.30 up to $.30.
TAX AXD CI1AMPAGXE STOCKIXGS u omen's nnd misses
ut 13c, 23c, !13c mid 30c.
AT 30o A PAIll particularly beautiful, sheer, silk lisle liose
black, white, 'tan, champagne nnd all colors.
AT 23c Moiiicn'tf and mists' lino gmio lisle stockings, Iiluek,
lun ami white. 9
roil MEX "seconds" of 25c "Hhaavknlt" hoso lit.
The Charmmg"NewWaists-
The great popularity of tlio miuit.tiiilorGd,u,it
calls for .stylish waists (H!sill oV chil'fon-a'daiuty
llngorlo or perhaps a simpler tailored stylo 'to c'o'nVr'loto ' 'lino's
t'ollotto. Our Spring stocks now contain extensive ' selections of
tho motft chiirmlng models in
OIUFFOX AVAIS'1"S oer hllk
ni-1-.v KILIC WAIS'I'S 'iilaln
quality plain & figured nyjssallnos
$7,00. ' :
Exquisite WXGEUIE WA1STK of hheor bulbdo mid ollo '
elulximtely laco trimmed und embroidered $2.30 to $7.50.
(Flno etribroldorcd liur0 llnon tailored waists $it lo $0.30.
Children's Easter Apparel-
'Our splendid Children's Store is in a position to
better supply stylish and carefully made garments
.for woll-dressed Jlttlo follis than has over lieon tho case boforo.
A mother's heart will assuredly thrill ut the sight of theso ut
tructlvo now Eustor Dresses, Coats and Hats.
WOHSTED AXD SEItfiE CO.VTS In hlues, tuns, Iniiwns, cto',
slues 2 to 0 yoar $1.00 lo $:t.30. .
WIIITJ3 SEHGE COATS InfantB sixes tp 0 years plain tai
lored nnd tho lieautlful largo trimmed collars $2.50, $2,0 to $5
WHITE DHESSIiS of Ulcer lawns, (laxons, iswlifaos, iuIIs,
and ijilques Jboth plain und iboatitlfully -trimcd 50c, $1 to $7.50,
Children's hcuutirol Eustcr IluUs
tUII.I...l.. ..l,l... t . ,J.. ll,tM
Vv.niUJivua dv'iu; ivt'ur iimui uuy
Uhler-Phillips SSgL
morning. After two 'tests nrado from
hydrants In tho up-town district, tho
new uppiiratiis will bo taken to Dur
fee's lake Boutheast of tlio city where
the public demonstration will begin at
0 o'clock In tho morning.
Asides n, rojirespntfttlvo from the
Most New Easter
Fine Quality-
nil gun metal fralnW I J
J-XKU t K i,. .r
Af x
only, at a bargain pMce,' :i5o
IKilr. fl
i at R
lduok, whlto tan and colora-
all .these. '
r licuty lace $l'.0rf' lo $7.50,
tailored and trlmmed-Mii jllno
und chiffon tufrotasi-TiJ.oV tJ
uuil 'llouncta at irom yilo to $3
j , , , ? t -,.
umun inspection Bureau, tho Itob
Inbon Flro Apparatus company, nmnu
facturcrs of the now equipment will
havo two .representatives ut tho scone.
As oriperjy unnounced ihu puhllc Is
invited to witness ench mid every do
monatrutlon 9f the cluy.
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