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Kiiftntfpnipnt nuohuril.
As n-courtesy ti Miss Marguerite
Yoke, tf tJhnrlestnn. W. Vu., (Mrs.
Hnrvpy iP. Klravely ciilortalhed at dirt-
her lnstteypiiing nt hr home tin Rust
, Chur($M$t.
MMlj'nW was a former Marion girl
an ;jrcntnK friend of CUrs. Orneely
nniltfdttprt' visits friends and reln-
' tivr Kri. Her engagement to Air,
i Edgar. B. Thatcher of (Huntlinrton. W
Vn,' tarns nnnniincvil recently and the
marriage will tnke place durlnp the
Bpribff, iLnst evening tho engagement
' was jmtdc known t MIm Yoke's Mn-
'rlon friends.
Mr. Clraeely's soda! tiffalrs are nl
' ways .perfect In detail and the dinner
.or Inst evening was beuutlful In Its
lmp! 4n.t artistic aiipolntments. A
tiaimy onsKet or vniiuy lilies orna-
' inentcd the center of the table and
l the places were marked by cuplds.
, The fnvors were tiny gold bnsketi of
hearts, tjia handles tied with buv of
, tlllle.
Covers were placed for twelve and
die otiNof-tfown guests numbered 'Miss
' Vfike, the honor guest; Mrs. C. B.
' Fisher, of Mayer, Arizona; Mrs. rlono
t viove auutflaok of Charleston, W. Vu ,
f and Mis Iluth VhVmll of Ilucyrus.
fJnldeii ltol dull.
T The ladles of thu Ooldon Rod club
' met With Mrs. E. li. Taylor on North
Main street and the attendance Was
MUlto largo at that time.
There was a problem game In which
' Mrs: GeorKO Bnyl exeollod and won
i n prize. Needle-work was the prevail
; ln; diversion of the afternoon nnd mu
. slcai numbers were rendered.
At 4i30 o'clock. the ladles were In-
vlteil to the tllnlug- room, Strenmors
of luwmder nnd tthlto canopied the
room and the tnble was very artistic
with TCaster (lovr A course tea was
nerved, cover .being laid for tin mem
t bers and one guest, Mr Vlllla.'ii T"-
l'.n( who Is a limiKUter ot the hosier
In two ivveks the ladles' will .imscm
blo -wltli Mrs. J. W. fish on Hast
Kt nfil fw Mf riffi
1 II 1 ft
Ilk I 'if ?B Hi
V- A -i..-' f, V V-
Tho alphabet fiiiltnblo for small towels and napkins Is given this week.
evenly In tile solid sntlu ntltoli. .Meroerlited cotton No. 30)3liould lip, lined.1
Church strot,
. O. V. Clrls Enjoy Country Tramp,
The girls ot the N. O. F. club .plnn
nbU a jolly excursion for this nftor
noon. The girls were Invited by 'Miss
L.eon.i Button .to tho homo or bur
uncle, Mr. Holverstott, who resldos
two miles unit or iMnrlnn, nnd tho
walked out, taking with thorn pie ma
terial with which they will cook their
suppers. It In a very lovely day for a
country tramp and the girls expect to
walk home, this evening .
i Announce Meeting.
There will be a meeting ot tho Phy
rfjUM"tHittur& class tomorrow afternoon
Jin the Bed Men's hall. The meeting
will be held at 2:30 o'clock and all the
members uro urged to be present.
M. E. Club.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Emory ;,i. Murphy en
tertained ithe members of the M. E.
club last evening ut their home on
Bluine. avenue. It was a regular meet
ing' of the club and following the as
sembly hour tnbles were filled for tho
progressive cuchro series. The gentle
men Won tho honon last ovenlng, both
Mr. Bert Flemming nnd Mr. D. C. Bon
nel winning awards. Mrs. D. C. Ben
nel nnd Mrs. William Ultss wore con
doled. A lunch, served nt the small
tables, concluded the evening. ft
The next meeting will be holt?-on
April sixteenth nnd Mr, and Mis. d.
B. Hubbard's Olney avenue homo will
be the plnco of meeting.
Cut-Ires Club.
Tho meeting of tho duelre club was
bed yesterday nftermvin wfth Mrs.
O. f. Brlggs on Forest street. Anldo
from the members the hostess entei
falned Mrs, W. H. Hinklln, Mr. B.
C. IluiT nnd Miss Ertn t Butz.
Einbfoldery work wns enjoyed for
a time and inter u very. Interesting
cohtest wiw conductud. Mrs. Frank
Bents wop a pretty nwurd for her
correct solution and Mr. C C. Nash
wns consoled.
' 'Musical numbers wre rendered hy
!Mrs. Scott F-rguuon. Mrs. It C. Hurr
T)iul MIsh Bertha Butz.
At five o'clock u buffo! lunch was
wrved front n table, pettlly decorntod
twlth eastar Unworn.
, The next meeting will bo hold In
,two weeks with Mre. Glmrlns Curtis
nt her homo on MoWBllums Court,
Blent ruibiol(lry null.
The titteiidmu'o wns Inrgo at
kneeling of the Ideal Embroidery clul
fL.UIUy fitlLI IIUM41. 4UJ7S U. V 1VUI1
!(o viae the hostess at her home on
'Lender street ami aside from tho meni-
lertf slio lud iiB giientB: Mr. J. A.
JBott of Cloveland, Mm. P. M. SwarU-
though, frn. C. Andrews, lra. J. If'.
iLu nuer nnd Mrs, 13, IJakr,
, Vl.io hours of the ufternoon wore
,lKnt nt sowing nnd when tho noodles
Avifrr placed- nslda-'tcti was served Coy.
cttt tar. fourteen were Inltl nt a Mrgo
tabid vnuNtefy ileconitfid with plnlc
isirnMions ttml frni Tlia favoiH wore
Mnrenret M. nnrffPM.
enster eggs it ml the plnco cards wore!
prettily .done U match, j
Tho noit tiuotltiK Is nnnotincoi for
two weeks from yesterday, tho .ptnee
to be dfcldwl later.
Social Evening nt Sntlili Home.
Mr ami Mr. nhd Mrs, Oeorgo Smith
Invited a few friends In (n tholr,4Un-npher-av.
homo last evening to spend
tho hours In a social way. The as
sembly was n very congenial one nnd
conversation find later a contest were
enjoyed. Mrs. Kred Morrison nnd Mr.
tlugh Uower won tho honors. Musical
numbein were presented by various
guests nnd at tho closo of tho even
Imr lleht refreshment were served.
TIJ4 .mio'ts wero: Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fred Morrison, duughters Huth and
Merle; Mr. nnd Mrs. Hugh Uower nnd
daughter M.nrgnret; Mr. nnd Mrs.
George Oiler. Miss Gertrude Thatcher
and Mr. 1'enrl Smith.
MNi McKIiiiiIh Enlerinlii's IVIends.
IMIss rtuth JfcKlnnlfV n ("Herniate
Blrl. wh6 is spending her Enster vn
eotlon with her iphrents, (Mr. and Mrs.
r. D. Afrlflnnls, on east Center street,
Invited In n few friends last evening
nnd brought together several ynutiR
folkd who nre attending various
Tables were tilled for cards nnd
various games wero played In nn In
formal wny. Music was an ngrceabln
fenture and a .'buffet lunch Increased
the evenings pleasure.
Enjoying tho nffnlr wero: 3IIm
mi. i?it..immnn. - r..i...i. ati
Edith Fltzslmmons of Dulutli. Mlnn.,
guest of MIps Helena Mouser, Mis.tes
Janet Eongbon. Helena Mouser, Loulfo
Burgess, Messrs. .Tames Yfipg of fst
Liverpool; Leo Fisher, 'Waltor TJck
fleld, Grant Jlousor nnd Arthur King.
Entci'tnliiliiir for GuotH,
Mlis rthei iMunnell Is cntertnlnlng
a few friends this afternoon nt her
home n South State ptreet. The af
fair Is given n n courtesy to IMIss
Mary Dickinson of Columbus, who Is
the hoiiKo guest of tlnhostess.
.Modern Embroidery ('lull.
Tho Modem Embroidery club met
.with Mrs. A, ID. Blgloy on North Soft".
ner aveiwo yesterday ufteriiunti. There
was u lurgo ntteudnnco of the mom.
bers and i.Mm, hurles Fox nnd Mrs.
Dennis doinpf enjoyed tho club's hos
pitality. Following the season of omlbroldery
work refreshments were served nnd
urrangemonts were mndo for another
meeting In two weeks. Jlrs. Charles
Klnsler will be Wie hostess nt her
North Grand avenue home.
I Church Affairs
The Holy week services lield at Ep
worth Mothodlst church "Wednesday
"evening waa very largely nttendej.
Tho regular order of divotlonals
was carried out, during which thp
choir sang "God So iLoved the World."
Following the devotional Bev. Ilavlg
hurat spoke to the congregation on
the strbject of Eastortlme. He traced
tho event which occurred during tho
lut weok of Christ's life, ii to tho
fhour of iHIs death on Calvary. The
vrmon was followed by the rendition
in Gounod's "There a Green Hill
Fur Away," sung by Mrs B. L. Wal
lace. .l'rnsro"Jto Siiiidny K'hool Class.
The BrogroMlvn flunday WJhool
cIuhi of tlfe Trinity Baptist mission,
met Wednesday evening at tho homo
of David Taylor, on Henry street.
After a scng service entered Into
by the member, the study of the San
dfly lossjn was taken up.
Owing, tq revival, sgrvUoe whjfh nre
tp bo conducted at the mission' In twr
vvnekf, tho next meeting of the clss
v;ill bo held In four wooks wit hi M. A
Bickering of .Windsor street,
t'lillisl Brethren Society,
Tho United Brethren Ladles' Aid
focioty int Wednesday afternoon with
jirs, :ueinioiH,.on Miair.o avenue, tot
a, ro&ulnr sesulon, .
' Tho attendunco waH very good, and
the regu'ar 'business of the society
wan truusftcted. Arrangement!! were
made for tin FJqstor.aunPfT to bo held
Baturdav evening. April 0, ln,tho'bae,
rnont, of the churiJ)t .wtil'ph, will lyo for
tio benefit of trip o,eloty.
Follovvlnir tho cosu,of the utulneu
session lunch whs served andJa n
fnl hour enioycul,
Mrs William TJoIander will entor
tain the society t her homo on Gir.ird
avenue in-one month, , '
7- , '
W. C, T,jJnIon jft yoMPrduy.
The Florence, IllchardH W. C. T
union met pt the home of Mrs. David
Taylor tin llenry street, Wedmsdav
Thp ntiohdanco W pplemlfd,' and
a very Interesting meeting1 was hejd.
iMrs, Enoch Knnchlo presided nf the
oponimr or (he mooting and .Airs. .Mary
Hunter1 lead tho dovotlonals. A repot t
or the county Institute meetluff which
was held Inst Thursday ,wns submitted
nnd neceipted, and n committee np
tointed to nislst the Prances lllnrd
union In brlngliiK "Mother" Jnwies,
of Uelawiire. to Marlon on April 1 1.
Mrs. Enoch Knachel and Mrs 'liylor
Were unpointed to net as tiu com
The next inuotliiir w'lll be held lh
two .weeks, when the report of tho
mld-enr convention will (lie heard.
Tan Jdack button and lace "Fit.
ozy" shoes with rubber heels at Heutty
&. Look's. 4-4-31
a m w
m w m
Mrs. E. C. lfilrr has rotifrned from
n visit nt CrtTstllne.
Mrs. J. IT. Hoyer nnd dnughter, Miss
Wlldn, of l'ensylvnnln are visiting
Marlon relatives.
Mrs. It. S. Dombnugh Is vlrtltlnK In
Mrr. Henry Heltr., resldnnt of Cherry
ulrcet, was called to Now York today
by the death of her sister.
i Mrs. Frank mayor, of Cherry street.
Is recovering after an attack of pneu
Amonr- the number of Marion stu
dents of out-of-town Institutions who
will enjoy their Easter vacation with
i,-, .' r.,-i ,,. ,... t,.. u.n.n
parents In Clarion are Miss Fay Hunjcr,
Edward Hubur and .HnroW I'render-
gtt and. Edward Schroeter, who Is ll
student of Cornoirtrnlvflrftlty n-t Tthnca,
N. Y. The party nrrhed In Marlon
Hev. J. AV. Miles was called to Itush
vllle today to conduct the funeral ser
vices of a former parishioner.
.Miss Hazel Sutton of Rllvur stree
Is vUltlng relatives in -llUKhtylvnnin
Charles IMoCurdy spent Wednesday
In Ileliwaro.
Illiu letters should llrst be padded and
ft . ..
jfr lliki(ii!!(iS!()(ilj(3(
Tho Mncnbee members held nnother
of their scries of dances Wednesday
evening and an enjoyable time was
liad bv tho fifty couples present. The
McNeal orchestra furplshcd the mu
sic imd tho early hours of Thursday
were itshored Itt before the merry
party dispersed. Another of the series
will be held on the evening of April
A meeting of unusual Interest was
hold by Clinton Marlon lLodge, No. CC,
at Its lodge rooms," Tho attendance
was splendid and n gryat deal of im
portant ibuslncss was transacted.
The Marion order tyad as guests the
Canton Kenton, of which lodge 20
nitm.ber.8 were nreseitt. Tho -degree of
I'ntrlarch Militant was conferred on
(our candidates by the Joint efforts of
the two lodgce.
Cnrey B. Knanp, nf Toledo, depart
ment commander of Ohio, .was pres
ent and (poke to the lodgo on ihe sub
ject of thp work of tho order. An
addross was also made by Colonel
Cekles of Kenton.
IB 'I " 'I 'll'H 'J
TlHt ntodM on to left chpw th
now thrwWwmc hfternoon gown, ot
vnrf.ooUwfd tafftttaa. Tho walt in ot
loll, Ad thf hat vloUt tolorsd, wtd
Followlntr the close of tho business
session, tho lodgonnombers ani their
giests repaired to tho Husy Beo res
taurant, whero'n bnniuet wan b . .ed.
Coerq were laid for fofty-fotir, n ta-
bles prettily decorated with no..'r.
The dinner Was followed ib n smoke
Tho next .motlnjr a1I be held l.i
two we
Tho nzaieasil ittnitPB nr tin ntiMt
ever offered' ftrVsalo. Como und see
them, ... . -l-4-3t
4 ' ' h -
, 41 id 4i
Uolieit BlniKier, the 13-yenr-old
son or JohntHV Wolflnger, fell this
nioriili x vjiIIj skntlnjf on South
Sltte striol)ijffniT biiiferi-d n fractured
arm ns n. resuh. The bones of tho
,.,. t,ni - i .. i. ..,., .. ,i iilf""ies nro iiouseu in tno court housei
"Miff 'nr 1 M ' 'if;1"'01"" '',",, ,,t,,er I,ub,lc ,Uul,l"
U1 " uff-'. md h. Aiifflclent sifpply of food 'to last
wrtat m
Englo I'nssf,- Tox.. April 4. Scattered
bands of velfOlS'w'liIch linve been opera
ting closo to thntiordcr nl'ove I'ledrn
Negms nro htirrying tr the relief of
General Orozo'jj tinny today.
It Is reported hero that the federal
atithurltlcH nt Torrcti have been ad
vised that ih&Jfifgp under Oroco nnd
Cuinp.i nro nonrly surrounded by fed
ernls and thiitrrpn overwhelming de
feat of the robolp Is expected ns tjie
mttoomo iff n Tliiittle which will bo
fought today 'or tomorrow. Eight hun
dred railroad men Joined tho govern
ment forces nt 'rorroen today nnd the
ultuntlon show's ' a big improvement
from the government's standpoint! ac
cording to njlYlc'es here.
bebited BATTLE.
Bnilm SrlhgR,' V.i , Apt II 4. Ef
forts to conljrm from here the report
widely current In IllllsWlle that there
lins bcon n 'iiattlo between Sldnn Al
len and Weslir Edwards, the hist two
of the Allen oil tilt wa nt large. In which
tlie outlaws were killed nnd two de
tectives futnlly "Wounded, hnve fulled,
Only n few of the. telephone lines th.it
peneiwm.- uiW imi. ..i-. ..
outlaws took .rftCugo were In working
order, the others linving neon cut ny
the detectives to prevent word of their
movements ronohlug the quarry. None
or the persons who could be reached
Knew of uny bnttlo. M though most
of the oNlclnls think the report or the
bnttlo untrue, they .ulmlt anything
en w
orked over closely and
i - j
might huvo hapiuncd Jhi the, vondod
nioiiptnlnH wlldernesswne'ro tho nrmed
detectives hnvo been closely pressing
tho two fugitives-,
Government Ownership " ',
Wnshlngton, April 4. aovornmont
ownership of express cpmpunlcs will
bo debated Friday and Saturday bo-
foro the house interstate commerco
committee b delogatlopa supiiortlng
Coiitlniieil from l'aso One.
Wllsop has elected the two delegates1
In the ninth congressional d's,trlct by
300 votes. The delegnt'js wero earl
ier In the dnclalmed for Clark, "With
two delegates conceded to Clark In
the second district und one each In
tho fourth nnd fifth districts Wilson
mon ure now claiming 22 of tho 20
delegated for tho N;ow Jersey gover
nor. This flguro Includes ono Instruct
ed delegate In tho fourth district, who
tho "Wilson ndhorenta say will support
their candidate,
trimmed with .loUt lmd velvet -
jiamiiiiled with Bhd of Tarsdlw. Qn
th right f th mjw hobble-tralncd
dper gown, w ,h nit overhang trail
ing iclrt of rit np4 Uc t
M h
tho bill of neDresettatlvo aoeke.
petrioc'Rit, Ohio. "fherlilll tSrvidPS'
ill at tho business nnd equipment)
a xpress companies do tnKcnvOVer
by the govetP""nt July 1, 1(118,' )ly
condwrinrflflon jiroeeedlnga nnd flp-,'
onucd by the imstoffko deimrttnent.
A Boston paiK-r Irt 'gvig dictionar
ies to Its readers. Is this necessary In
Continued from 1'ago One.
nes Is suspeiided The wnlor Is front
threo to eight feet deep In nil down
town stores. Virtually all one-story
residences hnvo been vacated n'nd thd
fanillles nro housed In tho courthousej
probably t,vo nveeks. Tents Will ftr
rlvo today ntd this will relieve tho
situation In thu .hills, where scores nro
without shelter.
1 Mayor Dillon, of Hickman today
wired Congressman James ns follows:
J "Existing: condition- nro critical
nmi p'tifui, Wo not only hnve ouril
own city but also the. people behind
Uio levees in Kentucky und Missouri.
Ono thousand families nro n minimum
estimntn of tho refugees. Wo hnvo
expended overt- eont in mir ironanrv.
The pooplo of Hlckmnn hnvo used ev-
ory resource to care for Uie distressed.
For. God's sake, nslj congress to up-
proprlate jn.OOrt In cash, everv cent of
jWhlch will !. nfcounjed for."
'Hlckmnn, Ky.fAprM 4. "For God's
f.ke o'sTi congress to approprlnto JnOoo
in ensh," tVas the telegram sent to
congressman Olllo James of Kentucky
by Muyor I
hltttutlon wt
1,000 v,h'oinel
Dillon of Hlckmnn. The
us neute here todny nnd
homeless persons nre facing
miuvuuon. ino city orucinis wero
stunned yesterday when on receiving
nrn. 6niH fiUilm( hy tl)0 BOVcrn
0nt, It was found there was 820 ex
press qhnrges due on them. To pny
the bill the city had to borrow money
from a locnl hank.
Hlckmnn Is under from five to ten
feet of water, the people who hnvo
lied back into the hills nro suffering
ah . .1.-1- '
luii inuir inunoy unu.mnny ot me citizens wno nnu ocen
vnjunbles behind. Bnllroad commun
ication Is nil but out off, food supplies
nre running low nnd the river Is still
Tho levee has nol broken a second
time, but the situation Is threatening.
SulTerliiK, Acute, ,
Hlckmnn. Ky April' 4. Suffering ip
n 'result 6f the ravage ot the Mlssls
M'lipl river reached :n nlTnto stiigo nil
uloiiflr western Kentucky urid southwert
tenr 'Missouri todny.
r The. river fs rising iiteAdll nnd It
Ik predicted tho rlHc, will continue for
three days at least. Already tho stngo
Is SO' feet Jilgher than normal.
Tho altuntlon lh Hlckmnn Is the
most distressing ever knoWn'inul hil
medlute aid for hundreds is Impera
tive. ' ' " i
'Onsolltio" bonis nro running bnck
rtnd forth between pnlntM beln'w herj)
nnd '.hm'okk the river Into Missouri tn
bring in refugees. In miny Instance
wiioio families are reseued from thp
The poorer people nttr uhsotutPly
Vltliout run'ds nnd only Much clothing'
iib they wbro when the raging tvntfarn
'drove them from their homes.
Committees appointed to lotlk after
the refugees aro trying to place them
ne they arrive but thp task Is too
gieat for tho city. Every homo (n
Hickman npt under water lins from
fcur to twelve refugees und hundreds
ore still In the streets, crowded in
old shiiekn and scattered oyer tl'o hlU
sides wlrtt no protection from the
weather. ' ,
Huddled In tho Klrcotw',
Many groups of women nnd children
nre huddled Jn the .street corners
with bnroly enough food to sustain
them. The qlnlrehcs aro full to overf
(lowing nndj-such stores as nro dry
are wicked Tiill of helpless people. ',
All business lins been suspended ex
Cept what may be trnnsneted by
Already tho monetnry lost! In Hlck
mnn nlono Is estlthuted nt 200.000v
The entlro loss In this water swept
district will rejeh millions. '
Tho rnllroad, have nlmndoned trains
'altogether. For tho flrst time In Iho
history of the city steamboats coUld
not land yesterday becatso the Hood
lias left nothing In the shape of a
1 Dan Cupid rode In command of one
gasollno Jauneh from a nolnt 12 miles
1elow hero lato yesterday. Twenty-
inrce persons -qto aboard having been,
gathered from tho apex of a house
,top. When the rescuing craft de
posited Its party here. Bay Hall npd
anas Jennie Orlffln rushed to tho
courthouse and nccured a- license to
wed. Two hundred Hood refugees wit
nessed the hurried wedding.
uunureaij or mon are working night
unit day on thP government levee bo
letv Hickman nnd the wiiter Is Inji
lilng at Its brink. If It brenks. all or
the farm Jnnd in western Kentuck'yl
below hero will lp eubmorgeil for
Ollle M, James of Kentucky, who pre-)
rented: the appeal from all tho flood;
d'strlcta along the river. .
The fact that nnjny refugees aro ln'l
.need of food supWleH was urged .upon !
me president aB a. rpusqn ti;hy he
fthouidinsk an emergency, approprla-'
iron of 12.50,000 for a relief, fund, Tflf.t
told Jnincs that nulokor action cnuui
lie secured by hnvlng ho na-my sup-
uiy looti nnu nroers avorcjient to tho
uiartcrmater'fl iepot in St. IuU to '
nisn rations to the Cairo tUiatrlot to-
day. I
A quartermastoi: of the army with
it Huiiieicnt corns or ass slants wan
ordered to the ftceen last night hd
lie will havo charge ,o( Issuing tho rn
uuiii nnu ueiermining what ouantl
ties aro needed In the future.
The army will follow tho course of
tho Hood down the river and thus ho
enabled to havo food and toiH (s
h ed the moment tho pooplo nro driven
from thdlr homes to hjghor ground,
Meanwhile, an emergency (appro
bation bill h8 beon Introdtiod In
congress, niidr awon an this Ih pawed
the president -will ten it.
r. . - -
John Arthur tl-Wled to ln.
Chicago, Ai)rlH.-A4mttnir that ho
t 'ii i ,; i 1 ' i 'I
Marion's formost furnishers, carpet, rug
and stove 'house. -Ji
Wash for our Saturday sale of
Curtain Stretchers.
E. Center St.
Taj tees Ilrenk.
Cnlro, Ills., April 4. The brenklng
ot two levees north ot Qnlro during the
night resulted In the Hood situation
illere todny being the most serious in
JIlo history ot the town. The first
i"roalc occurred In tho Mobllo nnd Ohio
Jevee, when n 200-foot embankment
. B.lVO.wny. At 1 u'clock this morning
the, Blgf Fo(ir leVeq oh the Ohio river
bust nenr the Cnlro Country Club, two
miles from the city.
Aj territory About nine miles square
Is fjloo'dija. Tho town of Future City,
with about COO population, Is Hooded.
Many furms nro covered with wnler
nmiuiiq plants .of 22 lumber companies
nrenupdated. , , , ,
Tho loss s a. result of the two
broals 'in tho Jcvee' la nlreody esti
mated" nt closo to1 5,OO0,OOO. Calrdls
prnctlcully cut off from tho outside
world by rnll nnd .supplies uro carried
to tho town by boat.
Homed Out ut Midnight.
Yesterdnv nfternoon when It was be
lieved the situation hud been relieved
hero Vv tho strengthening of the dikes
;.. . .. .. .. ..:;. ..., .
working dny and night were allowed
to return to their homes. At
midnight, howover, nil wero routed
from bed ngnln und tho work of,
strengthening the north levco ngalnst
tho now, (Innger wns,l?nrted,,wlth re
newed vigor. All Bchoolsvlar6cJosed
nnd boys rnnglng In age from 12 to
20 have been pressed Into service ''to
nil sand bags and do tho lighter work
about tho levqes.
During tho night thq ministers of
overv church In Cnlro Joined the
workers. Tho boy scouts wero or-
.cnnlzed and nlded In the general work,
Tim rAllroad tracks' along- tho levees
hnvo been so wenkoned that they i will
not hold tho heavy cnglnen, and mer-,
tihants and clerks nnd small hoysf inity
ho been pushing hnndcurs.
.Both breaks In the lovecs enrly to-'
ihiv left gaps 200 feet wldo through
which tho water wns pouring this
morning. Four hundred men working
on tho Bhr Four levee wero marooned
when It went out nnd a steamer was
sent to their rescue.
i' Going: Under Wnler,
Culro, Ills., April 4 The drnlnags
district Just north of Carn Is rapidly
Kolng under water today. At 1:30 this
iliiornln? the Mississippi toro a great
hole in tho Mobile & Ohio leven nnd
r.crfplto tho hard work of 300 men-wni
taclng over a iterrltory ot nlno then-
sand acre,? thouglu to bo Immune from
Jiooif. Tho Uvea of 400 men working
further out on tho levco wero ondnn
gcred when they were marooned "by
tho break. A steamer reached thoni,
howover, nn'J. returned to Culro. Two
levee wntehmon wore dlroctly In front
of tho npot where tho levco gave way.
Thoy wero knocked Oo'wn by the water
nnd nnrrowly escaped death.
Depplte tho new flood conditions,
Cnlro Is believed to ibo safe. Tho city
s protected from the Hood "territory
by a system of cross lovecs. Citizen
wero called out -today, however, to
patrol these leveea.nnd strengthen tho
other dlkeu.
The manufacturing plants In the
dralnago district which are now flood
ed are: -Greor-Wllkcrson company,
Pioneer Palo company, Chicago Ct til
Si Lumber company, (Farmers' Wagon
tompany, Sears, Jtoobuck company,
Indiana Refining company, Welsp Pa
per Box company, and several largo
lumber yards..
' There are hundreds of Jlttlo one
story houses, most of them occupied
toy negroes which wero sopn Jloated.
from their foundatlonu Costly rqsl.
t'encca and business houses wpro llpod.
I'lVslilent Orders- Ilntloiia Strtll(sl.
"Washington, April 4. IPresIdent
Tpft today qrdored thq qtmrtormnster
general of tho army tq supply rations
to people driven from their homes by
the Mississippi Hood, wihorover thero
Ih Buffering for food.
Thin action was taken nftor an ex
tended conference with Bonator-olect
fallqd to sfgn articles with Undo Sam
and that lie has suffered a real solar
plexua knockout) John Arthur John
son today promised the federal offl
claU that ho will pay all beta and to
morrow morning will contribute $9,
000 to tho eoffors of Undo Sam. Jack
acknowledged, that he slirrciptltlouily
Introduced Into this country one dia
mond necklace worth $0,000 without
declaring his intentions. Penalties.
f1"0" nnrt duUe,, brl"ff tho total h,u of.
,MT,r". ".' '. . ''uu"-
Kissing his. hard earned lucro good-
pye, jpk Bald;,
I know ypu had to sign article
ivltrt Undo Sam, hut I didn't know tho
rules were so much harder on you
when you rencg than thoy are In tho
boxing game."
m m m m m -
neW tonit" TphodItjb.
New Vorlr, April 4 Flour -Dull
IPork jFirm; neH JO 1.9,50,
LamV- Baayj anlddlo veot spot 10.0G
uiwr-HW, epslerf ce)tflfvifl9, 9(5
- i . i . . ,
S. State St.
tist, 4.30; mtiscovndo, SO test, 3.86
refllted enslor; tuf'lonf b.lit crushed
C.05; ipowdercd B.3Clri.45j granulated
Coffee !Blo No. 7 on the spat14 0-S
W14 7-8.
Tallow iritm: city G 1-8:, country
r 7-8fJC 3-8. ,
Hay-Firm:, prime 1,40; No, 3' LIS
ff? 1.20; clover L0&GM.2I;.
Dressed poultry (Dull; turkeys 13
Ht'22; chickens lflffCl 1-2; gowls 11
CTIC 1-2; ducks 1322.
Livo poultry Firmer: gees ttfiUQ:
ducks 17: fowls 17; turkeys '17; roos.
ters 11; chickens 15.
i Cheese Quiet nnd firm! state, milk,
common ,to rfpelals, lJi)i) 1-2;
skims, common to, specials, 71-i!15;
ftill skims 4fifi. ."
, 'Butter Strong; receipt . 6,720:
pfenmery oxtrn 31 1-2; state dairy tubs
24?31; Imitation creninery tlrsts 2C
Eggs Steady; receipts 24,473; neur
by white fancy 24 (024 1-2 j noarby.
mixed fancy 21ff?22f fresh ilrstS 21 1-2
22 1-2.
Chicago, April 4 Hogs BecelpU 17,i
000; market quiet nnd steady? mixed
nnd butchers 7,05(8; good heavy 7.7(1
tf8; rough huavy .7.705)7.80: .light 7.C55P
7 05; pigs G.25fii7.50.
Cattle Bocelpts 4,000; market steady
iceven r,,20m.o:; cows nrid heifers 2.W
06.70: stookers .and ferdern 4.2IVreU0:
ToxanH 4,CO(i5.!)0i cnlvoit 5,758.C0.
. Shoep IleceJpts 17,000; market, ste
ndy; native 4.40WC.CO; western 4.C0f7:
lambs, nntlvo, 5.07.80; western 0.2Gfi
Pittsburg, Pa., April- 4 Cattle Tte-
Celpts light; market steady: choUle 7.7fi
W, good 77.40; fair C 75 Q C.25; veal
ralves i).26I).7ri. -
Bheep and lambs Tocpjyr- I
maHctRteady; prl"i --
r rrf. . .l.i , -.
u.j, Kiiim iiiixi'ii en
4,S04.8r,;.tprlng InmtpK. -Hogu
-BecoIptB lire.
pinrket slower; prime heavy nted ltd
t8 3i); mediums 8.30i?8.3.ri; henvy york
urs 8 30(fi8.35; light yorkers 7.808.05:
pigs 77.30; roughs 77.35; stngs Cip
Chicago, April 4,- Wheat 'May u
1 3-8, .July up.i 1,8. - i'i,
Cor,n Muy up 1 3-8; July up.G-8,
Oats May up 3-4; July up 3-8.
Provisions Higher. t)
Wheat May, ppou 1,01 7-,8) closo
1.03-1-4: July,; o,ion 95 1-2, closa
90 C-8. "
' 'Corn May, open 7C closo 70 3-8
July, Open 74 3-4, eloso 7G 3-8.
Oats May, open G4 E-8. closo 65
3-8; July, open 49 3-4,,cloe B0 1-8.,
Pork (May, open 17.00, doso 17:17 J
July, open 17.00, close 17.G7. ' l '
ilnrd .May, open 9.77, closo
July, open 10,02. close 10.07.
Ttlbs iMny, open 9.00, closo
July, open 9,82, closo 9.92.
Toledo. O., April 4. Wheat Cpsh
1.02: May 1,021 3-8;'J'Ju'l 97 l-;
Suptombor 97, , , j t
Com Cash 7G; May 77 1-2; July
771 September 70 3-8.
Oats cash G7 lr2; May 57 3-4;
July 02 1-2; September 44 1-2'.
Bye Cash 92.
Olovorseed'-Cash 13.00," April. 12.SQ
Oetohor 9.00; No. 2. 12.50; No. 3,
12.30; rejected 12.10. .
'Alslko Cash 12,50; August 8.2.5;
rrimothy Cash ana Ajirll 0.90.
Butter, eggs and hny Unchanged.'
Louisville, Ky., Alrll 4, Cattle -.
BPoolpIs-100;.2fi7, , , , t
Hogs-Recolpts 1,800;, 48.0G, j
Cloveland. (April . Hogs d.EOO;,
CfjilOc lower: henvle? 7,00,;. yprjltorw,
mixed and light? 8.108.15 plgsy7J0,
Cattle 5 cars; slow and weak'.
8hee,p an(l lambs-r.8 cars; vooi ,5'
top; dlpji 7 top. , . . '
Calves 280; 9 top. , '
Bust Buffalo, N. Y., Aiprll 4. Cattle-
steady; iprlmo eor 7.2S7.70; butcf
er KTwHeft 8 7. i
Calves Bece(pt JOO head; market
elqw; gull to cholco 0i9.2i5, ,
Bheep and lambs 'Becelpta ,4,40ft,
hend; mnrkot slow and. steady; choice
lamfcH 8,40if8'50; cull to fair 78j
yearling 77.40; sheep :gq 1 '
Hogs Receipts 1,700'; marked alow,
10fi10o lower; yorkpri 8.258.3'o;
Mgs 7.2'5$7,fi0; mlied 8.10fl)8(30f
heayy 8.1008.20; rougha 7Ci7;25f
staga G.GO0O, ' . , ..'
Cincinnati, April 4. Cattlo Becelpta
310; market Wteady; ahUnqwj0(ili7k35(
Calves MarJot dull, r,oo lower; air4
tra. a.75e9.2G. , ,
Jlogs Becelpls 1,740; market l
steady: good to cholco packera and
uulohors 8,1508.20.
i heep BecctpitB op; raarloti,tron:j
(Xtrft B.25.
JLambs-iMarket ttad);; extra 8i25
LOCAL nrtAIV vinvian
yh,-at ,....,,.,.
bat.',' I.'li.'r"!! "'" 'r

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