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THE ICARIOX DA ILY Itlisblt, FRIDAT, APRIL 5, 1012, rw
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the New teacher 4fr
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HE town of Dogvlllc
wanted culture. Of
that tliero was no
question. About the
only caueo for (Its
puto was ns to tho
form that culture
first should take.
"It's n railroad
we want," announced
Jake Wynuin In the
Golden Claim sa
'luor,. "Look what Punkln Creek
tp uforc tho railroad came."
"You had to look twice to seo It,"
declared Hank Gary with a good-natured
laugh. "I remember a time I
todo light past tho town In tho dark.
3o help me, I didn't know It was
there. Xo, sir!"
'That's Just what I'm a-sayln,"
retailed Wyman. "They usod to havo
a toll call every morula' to see that
no ono got away durlu' the night,
iXow look at it. Seventeen saloons,
church and a gamblln' Iioubo that
ain't tnaUIn' no chargo fer tho
The most powerful appeal for cul
ture had been made. Every man In
tho room felt his mouth water at the
thought of free drinks, and as though
moved by tho power or suggestion
(hero was a stampedo toward tho bar.
'Polo Bley gained added popularity by
announcing that the drinks wcro on
This liberality Insured him the
'floor whon thoy returned to the back
room and he took up the discussion
where Gary had dropped it.
"Punkln Greek was a mighty
mangy town before the railroad
rnme." ho admitted. "It sure was n
orphan coyote yelping for help, nn'
it got it. I don't know how. It
must hnvo. been because it was on the
line of thp road and thoy couldn't
help stoppln' there, but look at It
now' It ain't I'unkln creek no more;
it'c Ueiuinnmour. We're still Dog
vllle, and there ain't no more rnll-
loaclH comln' through dlrectty to
mako ug over in to Metropolis City
nor nothln' like that."
"We might build n branch lino,"
suggested Jack Dlalr.
"And confess wo'rc a llttlo side
line town," scorned Pete. "No,
slrce! We'll be on the main lino or
wo won't bo on no lino a-tall."
"We might go to swipe the line,"
suggested Cary. "We could hire a
lot of them greasers from Italy, and
build a new line and offer it to the
"Wo might get up a landslide and
let Dogvllle slip down on to the
tracks," scoffed Hley. "No. sir!
What this community wants is to do
eomethln' dlff'rent that'll mark us as
progressive nnd originative."
"We're a-llstonln'," aald Dlalr. sit
ting back in his chair and regarding
Blov with an affectation of Interest
til at did not conceal his jealousy of
tho other's supremacy,
"Keep a-ll8tcnln" advised Bloy,
tartly. "Ef I c'n get It through your I
fool head, I c'n know that tho others
understand Don't you pull no gun,
neither," he added, sharply. "I ain't
willln' to die Jest yet. I wanter get '
BENTON ran up
Ti!1? I lno w'd stono steps
yZ&S nnJ JnseItC(l ft latch
-"OHr0 koy in tho door. The
lock turned and ho
stopped Into tho
hall. It was dark,
as usual, for land
ladies are prono to
bo economical. Thore
was the merest
thread of light; yot
he found his way readily enough, to
tho masslvo staircase and climbed to
tho second floor
There was a door near tho land
ing. He turned the knob noiseless
ly. Tho door opened, and still taking
caro not to ndvertlse his presence he
advanced cautiously across tho thick
carpet. He crossed the little sitting
ropm to a barely dlscernlblo door on
the opposite side.
.It opened Into a short hall, Thoro
wore two doors, open, on tho right
of this hall. He entered each room
with noiseless confidence and felt the
Upds which they contained with light
fingers. Each bed was empty.
Tho hall ended In a third door
which wag closed, but not locked. He
pushod It open and entered. This
room wns somewhat larger than the
Other chambers. One curtain was up
and tho gloom was not Intense. He
could readily see that the white bed
In the center of the apartment was
unoccupied. With a chuckle ho pulled
off his overcoat and tossed It over a
"I'll show them It's dangerous to
trlflo with a werry sawbones," ho an
nounced aloud. "Tho last time I was
hore those ruffians rolled mo out onto
the cold floor at 7 In the morning.
Now for r, llttlo artistic rough-housing."
A dresser stood against tho nonr
eit wall. He jerked out tho top
drawer, and, carrying It to the bed,
scattered contents thereon with a
motion like throwing water from a
pjjlj. Then he dropped the drawer
and shoved It under the bed with his
"By Jovo, this placo doesn't smell
like a den of bachelors! Wb,erps
, Joe Lowory's old pipe, I wonder JU
odor usually halls a fellow when, he
opens ine sireei uaor. mo DroKe
to sniff, and then want on:
"Why, the place Is different
wliolo atmosphere is changed.
daily this ropm." He sniffed nliln.
"Perfumeono of thou 'subtle,
haunting nerfuinos' tho society novels
toll about. It - It might ho n glrl'H
Ho glanced distrustfully at tho
this Idea a-workln',"
"Drag it out," chorused tho crowd.
"Talk meat Instead of bono an' fat."
"What Is civilization based on?"
demanded Uley. "Education! What
Is advancement based on? Educa
tion! Gentlemen what wo need in
this camp is cducaton."
Tho speech was received with a
burst of applauso that moliflcd tho
orator, and ho regarded Blair with
n moro friendly eye, until tho latter
broke In.
"You expect us to go to school at
our time of life?" he demanded,
A hush foil upon the crowd. Dog
villa had not yet advanced to a point
where much of a second generation
had come upon tho scone.
" 'Twouldn't do you no good to go
to Bchool, nohow," retorted Bley. "It
Is tho younger generation that we
must educate to carry on the re
sponsibilities of this growing com
munity." Blair looked about him sourly.
"I bet some o' you fellors has got
kids and wives bnck East," ho said
tauntingly, "but they don't do us no
good, sceln' as how you aro kinder
bashful nbout tellln' on 'em."
"Tony Itomero's got live," remind
ed Wyman pacifically. "lied Leary's
got two or three; I ain't been out
that way lately, nn' that Itallnn that
got hurt on tho railroad and married
the greaser woman, he's got one."
"Taln't big enough to go to
school," scoffed Blair.
"But It's goln to bo somo day,"
interposed Bley. "Wo want to havo
tho school as u guarauteo that Uac
tnno won't havo to move when his
Interesting offspring needs an edu
cation." "We was conslderln' runnin' him
out of town tho other day," remind
ed Blair, "sceln' as how he's so for
getful about things ho borrowed
when the owners ain't lookln'. Ho
forgets to return 'em when ho's done,
or maybe It's that ho don't over got
done with 'em."
"To say nothln'," continued Bley,
Ignoring the interruption, "of how
a real pretty school marm would
brighten an' reflnn tho town."
The allusion to the prettlncss of the
schoolmarm won tho day. Tho meet
ing appointed Peter Bloy a school
commlttco and pledged Itself that by
tho time ho got back West with u
properly qualified teacher there
would bo a schoolhouso ready for her
"I'll take tho Job," assented the
gratified Bley with a glance of tri
umph in Blair's direction, "but you
boys have got to understand that I'm
a school committee and not a mar
rlago bureau. I ain't goln' to hlko
out fer Saint Loo every time ono of
you fellers marries a teacher."
"Move that It Is mado a law that
any resident of this town that mar
ries a pchool teacher gets Ave years
In Jail," suggested Hank Cary, In
suring the passage of tho law by add
ing, "then we'll go out and drink to
Peto's success."
The now law was enacted without
debate, and tho meeting broko up to
adjourn to the bar In the frort room.
It was threo weeks later that tho
cntlro town of Dogvlllo wont over to
I bed. His brother, Bob and Lowery,
who shared tho room, always mingled
uieir uc3 indiscriminately in mo top
drawor, ho romemborcd. And Bob
had a riotous taste In tics; the bed
should bo streaked nnd sprcckled and
spotted with them.
Dr. Ronton felt a premonitory
sinking of tho heart. The sensation
usually preceded by a few seconds
the discovery that had mado an ass
of hlmsolf again.
Plunged heels over head In gonoral
practlco in a thriving country town,
lifo was a ceaseless, breathless rush.
Except whon he stole away for a few
days, as on this occasion, to frolic
with his brother and tho tatter's
room-mates, a quartet of harum-scarum
young newspaper mon in tho city.
Tho front door oponed and closed.
There wore voices on the stairs. He
knew that tho owners of those voices
were coming dlroctly to theso apart
ments. They wero strangers, who bo
longed here.
Then it camo to him, Beforo his
mental vision there floated accus
ingly a letter a letter from Bob, re
ceived two months ago. It had come
during that diphthorla epidemic,
when he was working night and day,
and It had been read and tossed aside
without further thought. But tho
brain-cells had retained It faithfully,
and now they set tho significant part
of It beforo him.
"When you como down again don't
go tramping around C14 Washington
boulevard. Becauso we'vo moved
to the Utopia on Marshland nvenuo."
The clear volco of a girl cut acrosi
his panicky reflections. "0, mother,
thlB is heavenly! First a dinner
dance and then the opera and tonight
tho theater! And tomorrow night
dinner at tho Charley Van Slykes.
Why can't we live In tho city al
ways?" Thon a man said: "Hullo, what's
up? Our door's open!"
There wns a click as the sitting
room lights wore switched on. Thon
the man's voice changed and low
ered; "A burglar. Get back Into the
Weighted ''sllouca; then more
clicks, as the lights In tho other two
rthambora woro turned on. At last
ho button snapped In tho room
wuero ho stood. Blinking In tho
flood of light ho could mako out the
other hut dimly &t first.
As his vision cleared he saw that
his raptor was a young man In even
ing drew with n revolver In hla right
Ituml. ,
Tho yoqng wjan tylth Hto gun was
palp but composed, "Put that down!"
Beaunamour to greet tho return of
Bley with tho teacher.
His tolegram had road: "I got her
and she's n peach," audi It Was the
goncral verdict that Bley had not ex
aggerated whon ho assisted Mnudlo
Manson to alight.
Sho was rosy-cheeked and blue
eyed, with a wealth of golden hair
topped by a natty llttlo hat that
matched the gray travelling dress
with its crimson faclnss toning in
with tho ribbons of tho hat. ,
Dogvllle to a man sent upn cheer
and crowded so cloHely about 'tho pair
as they escorted them to tho stago
that Beaunamour had scarcely a look
at tho dainty llttlo figure.
To Maude Manson, fresh from an
Eastern teachers' college, It was all
dcllclously Western, nnd oror and
over again sho assured Bloy of her
Sho was given opportunity to ropeat
her remarks to the rest of Dogvllle at
tho reception given in her honor
that evening nt tho Golden Claim
and tho half week that Intervened
between her arrival and the opening
of the school was Impartially divid
ed between tho inhabitants. By tho
opening day, sho was queen of tho
town, and all Dogvlllo turned out to
seo her open tho school.
Bley himself tolled tho bell at 0
o'clock and waited expectantly. At
a quarter past a second warning wns
sounded and 10 minutes later a third.
A slight uneasiness spread through
tho crowd. Hero was n school and n
teacher but with no scholars. Thoy
moved restlessly In their scats, and
eyed Bley nnd Miss .Manson, sitting
on tho platform, for n hint. It was
ho commanded. His volco trembled
n bit. Tho intruder thankfully re
linquished his death-llko clutch on
tho Uressor drawed.
"Put up your hands," was tho next
command. "Thore, that's right. Now
como out. If you try any funny work
I'll drill you."
Tho doctor caught a gllmpso of
two frlghtoned faces Just beyond tho
outer door. It occurred to hlra to bo
thankful thoy woro so plucky.
"Stand over thore," said his cap
tor. Ho Indicated a placo against tho
wall; his voice was now qulto steady
and assured. Ho sat dawn In a chair
and called over his shoulder:
"Como In and look at him. I
caught him rodhanded."
"My," panted tho older woman, ns
Mm Mm i ! ZSjM
sho advanced gingerly through the
doorway, "this has given mo such a
turn What was ho doing, Paul?"
"Going through sis' dresser," ro
turnod ,Paul, panting a bit himself,
but essaying an easy grin, "You
ought fo see your Junk, Ethel. Ho'd
spilled the top drawer on the bed and
was just golug to dump the second
ono whon I switched on tho light."
"O, dear! Everything is all mussed
up. I suppose," said the girl.
Then sho blushed. Tho IntrudQr,
recalling tho freight of snowy white,
daintily perfumed gnrmonts ho had
disturbed, blushed a llttlo, too.
"lie hasn't Buch a bad face, Paul,"
voiunieereuinu winner, inougutrui-
"You never can tell from tho looks
of theso chaps In tho city," roturned
Paul, briskly as ha rose, "8ls, run
down tioHUo tolepnono and call police
headquarters, I can't hold this guu
tho toachor who movod to action.
"Perhaps tho scholars havo forgot
ten," sho nugtrbstod. "Thoy may havo
thought that It was a week from to
day." Bley shook his head. Ho himsolt
had taken tho precaution to visit tho
Loary nnd Rpmero households and
assured tho heads of the two fami
lies that an 'orphan asylum would bo
the next sign of progress in Dogvlllo
If thoro was not a full attendance on
thp opening day. It was apparont
that tho two fnthors had not realized
tho Importance of tho warning.
At Miss Manson's suggestion tho
men began to slip from tho room nnd
presently only the teacher nnd the
committeeman woro left.
"Thoy'vo gone to remind Red and
Tony," ho explained, not nt nil un
willing to .enjoy n monopoly of Miss
Mnnson's society for a tlmo nnd ho
jj " V. ! -.
, was rather regretful whon tho first
1 of tho oxpedltlon roturned, beurlng
on their horses tho flvo Romoro chil
dren. 1 "I hnd to plug Tony," explained
Wyman us. ho deposited tho smallest
, child, a 2-year-old, on Miss Manson's
lap. "I guess he'll know bettor aft-
I or this. Ho had tho blggor kids
wccdln tho onions."
"But tho little ono Is entirely too
I small to bo taught," objected Mies
i Manson.
"No good!" was tho disappointed
comment. Wyman picked up tho
child and prpsontly went cantorlng
down tho ronu In tho direction of tho
Romero homo Just as tho second par
ty brought in tho Loary children, ono
of them a baby scarcely a month old.
This child, too, was dispatched to
on him all night,"
Mcanwhllo Dr. Benton, his ohoul
dors against tho wall and his hands
abovo his head, had beon doing somo
earnest thinking. Ho bad no doubt
of his ability to clear hlmsolf of the
burglary charge. It was tho publici
ty that troubled him.
"Would you mind waiting until I
explained?" ho auggosted, mcokly.
"Thoro's always a. desk sergoant at
headquarters," grinned tho helpful
and solf-complacent Paul. "You can
explain to him. That'a what ho's
thero for."
"Well, Paul" began tho mothor,
uncertainly, and stopped.
"Let him explain," Bald tho girl.
Paul considered. Then ho sat
down again. "All right," ho con-
sented, grudgingly, "but mako It
"You seo," began tho .doctor, "I
don't llvo hero, I camo to town to
night to visit jny brpther and his
chums. Wp're always. playing tricks
pn each othor and when I fpund thpy
vero out I began 'stacking' what I
supposod was Dob'a bed "
"I see." Tho other young man'a
tone was dessert-dry. "How long
sinca.your brothor Hvod here?"
"Two montha," unwillingly.
"Ho moved tirp jnonths ago?"
"Ho wrot6 you, I Bupposo?"
.V'Yca hu v& forgptta all about
"Doesn't aouud convincing, doca
It?" nimrtwrl Tiu,,i ir.a,n -,.. ..
for moro Imaglnatioa, If you havon't
'anything to add "
."I haven't, ipaajo at thin time
partly to att?nl - th Ouriay, i-JVaa
its mother, and with tho six pupils In
tho front seats Miss Manson oponed
tho school.
Most of tho men llngorcd to watch
tho proceedings, and not until tho
school was cloned nftor tho second
session did thoy go about tholr sov
cral duties. It was hot overy day
that thoy had a chanco to go to
Things movod rapidly after tho
first day. It was found necessary
to reduco Red Ned Lcary to n proper
appreciation of tho advantages of ed
ucation by tho uro of tho samo
lcadon argumonts that had been em
ployed with such offect on tho Mox
Jcan Itoraoro, and tho oldest Romoro
boy had to bo spanked about onco QV
cry day. which operation was con
ducted by tho slmplo operation of
calling upon tho nearest man to ad
minister tho chastisement.
For two or threo weoks it looked
as though education was destined to
bring culture to Dogvlllo. No ono
would rccognlzo that appellation In
Canis City, which namo was adopted,
and oven though It necessitated the
reprinting of tho. stationery of tho
Golden Claim and Abo Slupsky's Bos
ton Emporium, tho chango waB made
without a murmur.
It was not until tho school com
mittee decided that visitors should
bo permitted only on Friday after
noons that the cloud began to form.
Dogvlljo was a mining town, and It
was soldom moro than onco n week
that tho men got to town, Whon
ovor thoy did thoy formed tho habit
of dropping into tho schoolhouso and
sllontly slipping into ono of tho back
seats whoro thoy could watch tho llt
Slykes dinner tomorrow night."
Mother and daughter looked up
hopefully at tho mention of thlB fa
miliar nnmo, but Paul's Ironic mirth
deepened na ho roso.
"Of courso you hoard my sister
mention tho Van Slykes' dinner aa
sho camo up tho stairs? Tho door
was opon; you couldn't help hearing,
You needn't answer. And now, Eth
el, kindly run along and phono."
"Just a minute," pleaded tho doc
tor, dcsporntoly. "I'vo been coming
hero threo or four years. I'm euro
tho maid knows mo. Lot hor como
Paul shook his head impatiently.
"Sho's probably In bed long ago,"
ho said, but his slstor turned lm
pulslvoly nnd pressed a button.
No ono had much hopo of n re
sponse; yot It camo. Thero waa a
shuffling stop without, and a sleepy
domestic appoared In tho open door.
A quickly smothered awoor-word
crossed Bonton'a llp8 at sight of hor.
It was not Sarah, thp maid of tho up
per floor, but SwedlBh Tllljo, who did
tho scrubbing, and was notoriously
imvtt-Huuuou. nixo roueu her eyes
now from ono to tho othor la xnuto
"Hayo you.evor aeon thin gontlo
.raan beforo, Tllllo?" asked Paul, in
dicating Benton with a nod.
Tllllo puckered her lips and stared
or a long half minute. Thon sho
shook her flaxon head decisively:
"No. Hay don' llvo bar,"
"How loug have you been hero7"
"Ay boon bar sax yar."
"That's all, thank you; you may
go." And thon to his alstor; "Hurry
nlpng, Ethel."
Tho doctor's oyes sought tho girl
despairingly. They had beon glanc
ing at each other with increasing
Now, howover, h& stiffonod indlg
naptly, Sho was brimming ovor with
suppresBod laughter. Ho could have
sworn ho heard a giggle as she hasti
ly descended tho stairs at her broth
er's command. Hefolt llko a panlol
who was sura ono Hon was hla ally
and that lion had boon thp first to
bite him.
"Well, aro they coming right up?"
demanded tho oolf-appotntod guard
whon his sister roturnod.
"Probably not," repllod tho girl,
pa she stood In the doorway, mis
chievous oyeB ft-gllmmer. "I aida't
cal) them."
Bontou'a heart skipped a fet. Me
friendly glances hadn't beon lie. The
scowl lUBKytJwireu.
. "No, I didn't call iiiya," he r
tlo toachor.
Miss Manson was glad to boo tho
Interest thoy took In tho school and
Its toachor and sho offorcd no ob
jection. t was on his own lnltla
tlvo that Bloy mado tho rule, and hnd
signs printed by tho Roatimanour
Standard print announcing tho pro
hibition. Ho wUoly hnd a numbor printed,
for tho high-strung supportors of ed
ucation in Dogvlllo, otherwlso Cauls
City, riddled tho first half-dozon with
bullots boforo thoy had been posted
half n day. Tho marksmon always
waited until after school hours be
foro thoy commenced operations, but
Miss Mnnson was scarcely out of
sight boforo tho placard wob so rld
dlod that only fragments woro left.
With somo rudo senso of authority
tho men rospocted tho sign, and con
tentedly waited In tho porch of tho
Goldbn Claim for tho toachor to como
out. Jt was Bloy's Implacablo one
my, Jack Blair, who brought tho mat
tor to issuo.
"I thought you could readi Pete,"
ho began as Bley sauntered Into the
saloon for a drink after having seen
tho teacher homo.
"I can," was tho surprlscu reply.
"What peculiar soft -spot In your
brain gavo you tho idea that 1
"I thought mobbo you couldn't
road your own sign," responded
Blair with n grin. "Tho Blgn says
mat wo ain't to visit tho school 'capt
on Friday afternoons. Lcs'n tho cal
endar's gone busted this Is only
Tuesday, yet you was In thoro all the
aftornoon, and you walked homo with
Miss Mabel."
"As tho achool committee," re
minded Bloy, "It Is not only my prlv
llego but my duty to visit tho school
frequently nnd seo that tho school Is
being properly conducted."
"That's tho idea, is it?" growled
Blair. "You want to mako cortain
that Miss Manson ain't playin'
hookey along with tho scholars. Say,
you stick on that part of the Job like
a pup to a bar's tall. I think it's
about tlmo thoro's a now school com
mlttco. I'm goln' to run for the of
flcoon tho platform that you can visit
whon you pleaso and stay as long as
you like, as long as you don't bothor
tho toachor. Put It to tho voto,
Bley spluttered that the voto was
Irregular and that ..ho would not
recognlzo hU successor as such, but
It was plainly to bo seen that Blair
had tho crowd on his sldo, and, with
a final threat to bo revon'god, ho
slipped out of tho barroom.
Blair delighted at his triumph,
stood treat for tho crowd, and it was
late In tho ovonlng beforo the cele
bration wound up with tho under
standing that all hands woro Invited
to 'tend school tho following day.
By 9 o'clock fully GO men flllod
tho schoolhouso yard whllo tho schol
ars sat whlmporlng on tho stops. Miss
Manson, nlwuys so prompt, had not
put in an appoaranco and at last an
appeal was mado to tho school com
mittee. Blair mounted a pony nnd cantorcd I
poated. "I called tho Charloy Van
"Tho Charloy Van Slykes," parrot
ed Paul again, in n sort of mystified
bellow. "What undor heaven did
you call thom for?"
"Why," answered tho girl, opening
her lnnocont oyes wide, "to find out
who this gentleman 1b, of courso. I
thought you'd carriod tho Joko of his
bolng a burglar far onough "
"So I asked Nollio Van Slyko if sho
expected anyono from out of town for
tomorrow night. Sho said sho did.
Whon I doscrlbod our callor " Bon
ton'a heart somersaulted again at tho
emtio sho Unshod him "she told mo
who ho io. It'a Dr. Benton of Cros
woll." "Dr. Benton of Croswoll," echoed
Paul, feebly. And thon moro vigor
ous: "How does sho know how do
you know, whother it Is or not?"
MIbs Ethel aurveyod him scornful
ly. "Well, sho ought to; he's hpr
own brother tho absent-minded ono.
And J know him Just tho moment
you camo marching him out of my
room." Sho blUBhod a llttlo, reraom-
SMIbBjS ANE) jS.MIfc$j3
likely Yarn.
'Tho old man camo but of tho hen
coop with a shotgun and a lnntorn.
"Como out!" he shoutdd, ns he caught
tho Intruder by tho collar. "Come
out, and take your modlctno. What
bo you doing in vay chicken house,
"Why, boss," aald tho tall tramp,
with all tha coolnoos of an Iced cu
cumber, "I waa passing do night
thoro from forcn nf tinhlt "
"Passing tho night thoro, from
forco of habit, oh?"
"Yes, mo good old paronta always
told mo if I wantod to be healthy,
wealthy an' wlso I should go to bed
every night wld do chlckpn, an, I've
boon keeping it up ever since."
r- a ,
True to life.
thinner Did you see tho new
suburban 'flramn? They ' have real
Yogetablea aad real chickons in the
sopond aot.
Quypr Is it realistic?
,-" " uuu(u pay BU. 4 up
chlckenB go to the .next ,nolghbor'
and eat tho vegetables insteqd of oat-
i" luupa ju ineir own garaen,
. 8 '-x
fctftc. Wrte.
It waa the old farmer's first trip to
tho seashore.
bucoUe toll? r M W Mftrad th coVd
afeiiu4 rr.l4tot tfcj ife fe0,
over to tho boarding pluco to roluftf
few minntnn lntnr tvllti n Innk t..
and tho report thnt MIbs Manson hft4
juik iuiu iiiu iiigni oeioro. i
"Bloy droVo hor over," ho report
ed. "8klnnor says ho brqught har"
hqrao from school, then hocomo b'aik
nbout. a hour Jator nnd thoy went fty.
n walk. Aliniif 1 ho i1m i.wIL
again, and she pays her bill, puts hr!
truhk on Peto's buckboard and oU'
"I bet ho married hor Just to oplti
us," dcclarod Wyman. "That nmn
Is chockfull of cUBSodncss. It's JUst
lllto him."
"That's what ho did," chorused thi'
crowd. '
Blair raised his hand for slloncaj
"1b Sheriff Busby horo7" lio dH
manded. '
"What's wanted?" naked tho sherj
Iff as a scoro of mon pushed hlra.fprt'
ward. "You can't arrest Miss Man
son for quitting thp Job. I don'tHip;
dorstnnd you havo any contract with
"I don't want hor. I want h!m,M'
explained Blair. "It Is tho law thjit'
tho resident of Dogvlllo who mnr
rlos tho toachor goes to Jail."
"Can't get him If ho's over lo
Beaumanour," discouraged tho shor-'
Iff. "That's In nnothor county. ThV
law don't hold." ",
"Lot'a Bond Wyman .and Gary over'
to coax him back." suggested a volco.'
The motion was carried, nnd Blair
wont along to sop what happened.
rnoy rounu pioy on tho piazza of.
tho American house. Ho did ;iot seemi
surprlsod to seo thorn, neither did ho
scorn Inclined to extend tho handof
wolcome. ,
"How's tho school commlttco?" ho!
asked ao tho trio cllmbod tho Btalrn.1
"I hope tho now committee Is seeing
to it thnt tho achool Is kopt up prop-'
orly." ',
"You know darned well I ain't," '
pnntod Blolr hoaraoly. "Tho shor-,
lff'll be ovqr to get you prosontly." ;
" 'Nothor county," romlndod Bley.
"Wait until you como to Dogvjlio'
then," shouted Blair. "Thon I'll
havo tho law on ye." '
"Didn't brenk no law,'' donlod
Bloy. "In tho first placo the teacher,
having resigned rathor than lot at
saphcad run tho school, tfho wasn't
tho teacher no morp. Becond place.!
I moved to Beaumanour boforo I got
married and so I wasn't a cltlzon of'
Dogvllle. Third placo tho law Bln't
constitutional. ' It nover was. I'
knowod it when It was passed, but I
didn't say nothing." '
Tho threo rapn turned and 'flio'd.
down tho steps.
"If I'd only of known It wasn't no
law," whispered Blair to hlnurolf.jnnd
that was what all Dogvlllo was Bay
ing in tho Golden Claim that ovon-,
fng. J
Tho pursuit of culture haa beep
abandoned in Dogvlllo. Tho rlsjnjr
generation may grow up In ignorance ,
for all thoschool commlttco and tha
rost of tho townfolk enre, and 'they're I
calling it Dogvlllo agnin, -an "bcjbg
moro in consonanco with condlUoflflJ
Tho school Is now an antloxTo theT"
Goldon Claim. And tho name "Cfthls
City" Is f6rgotton.
borlngly. And thon arUosaly. "Why,
I'vo aeon hla plcturo at Nellie's dos
pns of times!"
It waa half an hour later I
o clock of a mlld-.wlntor morning, to '
bo exact, that Dr. Benton took up )
his Interrupted Journpy. Tho Utopia
apartmonts woro a good thrpo mlloa
away; it was blttorly cold, and '
thoro wns nolthor car,- cab nor taxi
In sight. j
His right hand still tlnglqd elec
trically at tho grip of her firm llttla !
hand at parting. Ho enlffed several
cubic feet of Icy air in a throbbing; 1
offort to rocall that faint, bewitching,
perfume. ,
Ho stopped suddenly in a kneo-deep
drift so suddenly that a fat fcpllce-(
man across tho stroot dodgod behind i
a trco to watch him. By Jove; how I
could ho Implore and bog and com- 1
maud, whon ho didn't ovon know her. !
namo! j
But that was easy, after all. Hor 1
first namo was Ethel. Ethol; ,ho said j
It .nvnr nival llntrn.lnfflv TT .!. I
ded on agajn, laughing loudly, hap- (
imy, looiisniy; jauguing, an short
llko a man In love. ,
"Ton dollars." . M(mnn
Buavo clork without blinking knfejrV
"Ten dollars?
rirait -fWi-itKC
you must bo ono of thosp Jl6 TicSa
wo hear so much about out in TJMi-
And thon .tho old roan wont tSow
On tha Rand thr liln'flrnt riln.
Showing JKm up. H
Gunlior That 1 flntiht rtt..
,. ., --.,i-ifc. i. i , wm
Guyer I thought it wasO.'T.?
Quyor-rYoa, n Uok," Uj
The Hfchlyen.
Mra. Ultra-Swell You hava,au4
your aeroplane after ypur ,huWtEl?
Mrs. DoSall Yee, !nd& WtTRlJ
Mrs Ultra-Swell Then why?
Mrs, DeSall Because it 'mMmM b
much, can't bo depended bhi a.ta4
half tho tlmo it io unniatjVjwSIw
lHdiijmDf 1 ,
Tho congrecswoMAH fotd krtVt
and thoy woro fitting up iter '&,
"Jft'a not complete," aald the p?a
elding Bpoaker.
"Rut T bav n.lL.,1 .,. .. i.,!.i-
torn and jMwd Pptfci,

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