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Ihird!Etfort in a Quarter
o! a Century to Ac
. complisti This End
Crowds Cannot be Ac
commodated to Hear
London, April 11. With lloor anil
Riillurlts crowded the house of colli
sions adttled down today for tho third
tight for Irish homu rule In a quarter
of u century when Premier Asiiulth
presented tho llll of tho Liberal gov
ernment for autonomy In Ireland
Thousands were unxlous to lieur tho
debute on the measure, but the limited
gullory space would nccommodiito but
u few ot them In the chamber. A largi
delegation from Ireland clamored in
vain for seats and It wus with the ut
most difficulty thut n number of Irish
blshopo secured seats In tho distin
guished strungois" nailery. In order
to prevent any suffrugettc dlstuibonees
the utmost cure was taken to Issue,
tickets to the ladles' galleries only to
wives' and daughters ot mombeis.
Before the house convened the Irish
Nationalist held n caucus tu decldo
n tho order of their speakers In de
bate. Only two Nationalist members
v ho arc absent In Australia fulled to
attend. Following Abipilth's opening
explanation of tho bill, Sir Kdward
Carson, the Irish Unionist leader, was
to attack tho measure. Next on the
program was the Nationalist leader,
John 12. Ilcdmond.
Premier Asqulth prefaced tho In
troduction of the bill with a lengthy
argumnrit for tho necessity of holno'
rule for tho proper development and
progress of Ireland.
"I cannot admit tho right of a re
latively small minority of the Irish
In L'lster to vote Uio will of tho vusl
mujorljy o'f Irish who favor this bill"
ho sad, ,-
Gnmt .uproar followed Asuultli's do
clrtratlnh'. that''fhere- wis no truth
in tjio statement niudo by Conserva
.'Wffjolytcr Honar 'LuW in nclfast thut
ihu'ffWerh'niont had sold ltsolf to so-
curo tho Irish vote.
Honar Law leaped to his feet luiil
facing As(Ulth, ropeutod the charge,
Immodlatoly, tho mlnlstarlal side of
the chamiber broke forth with shouts
Of derision and cries of "muzzle him!
Muxxlo him."
Ay hen, tho oxcltumout sublsded, As
qulth finished Ills speech without
further Interruption. Sir Kdward
Carson, the Ulster Unionist leader,
then bitterly ultacko dtho bill, char
acterizing It iu"rldlculous, fuutastlc
und Impossible to administer."
"Tho measure la a direct Insult to
Ulster," ho shouted, and tho scntl
ment 'was cheered by Unionists,
Riot Broke Out When Con
vention Doors Were Open
ed jHand to Hand Con
flicts Reported.
(United Press Lcnsad Wire.)
13uy Clt.y Mich., April 11. shout
ing, .lighting, and cursing und only
subdued utter a squad of 'policemen
hud churgod them, using their clubs,
thu delegatus und would-be dulcgutos
to tho stuto Itopubllcan convention
to bo hold this afternoon forced thulr
way Into tho convention hull and
scrambled for their seats. Clothes
wufo torn and many of tho combat'
unts fallowed murks of their encounter
Tho riot broke out when tho doors
of tho convention wero llrst opened
and tho sorgount-at-arms refused to
admit any not bearing the credentials
Issued by tho state contra! committee
which Is strongly favoring Tuft H.ovt
oval 'hand to hund conlllcts took plucc
Among tho delegates and It wus only
after tho police used their clubs freo
ly, charging th6 crowd several times
thut tho dologates voro subdued.
Just uftor th cconvcntlon was cull
' ed to ordor a near riot broke out
when W1C. D. Gordon, a Hoosevelt
adherent, was thrown bodily from tho
pi .form uftor claiming that bo liad
been reeognlzcd by Chairman V. l-
Knox, und nttomptod to mount t''o
plutroum to speak,
KucH sldo charged strong arm tuo
tics on the part' of tho other and up
to - o'clock, almost an hour uftor
It hud been called to order, the con
vention had transacted no business,
squabbles und shouts Interrupting tho
Hay City. Mich., April 11 That riot
ing of u serloiiB nature Is feared nt the
blato Hopulillcan convention, being
held here today, wan ovldent when tho
state urmory lu which tho rtologutes
will meet was patrolled by sib mem
bers of tho national guard early today
and lluMfQVornQr ordered tho militia
to ho held in readiness to prevent nuy
Trouble Over War and Navy
Affaire Two Pactions in
Minority Jews Expel
led From Russia.
(United Press Leased WlrcA
Uerlln, April 11. Indications point to
another Impending crisis In G-ermauy
over tho question of what now tax
hu(l 1q -levied for raising tho neces
sary money for tho Increase In tho
iiSidf( the army and more rapid build
J)tpf )n tlic navy, which will soonlio laid
Ijtfure the Itelchstng. Ilest proof that
'tlje Cabinet cannot agree on tho ex
itipt to which Hie Oerinan urmy Is
to bo InerouHed und the number of new
shlin to be built, Is the fact that tho
ministers have conferred, debated and
urjfUt'M llllluilH iiil'iiij.i:h i.i
jtl tr 'fopr months now wl
aliUi'to ftgrcc. What Is ev
'tn fact that the cabinet
(artful'd among themselves for moro
without' being
ven worse, Is
seems to bo
Btftl less In hurniony on tho subject
of what tuxes tho Reichstag Shall bo
asked to outhorlzo for the now urmy
t ml navy bill. The dlsiigreement has
already resulted In tho loslgnntlon of
li.-oerlul Treasurer Wermuth, who re
tiled two weeks ngo.
There ure said to be two strong fac
tlons in the German guvoriimuul at
present. In well Informed circles It
is declared that the foreign Office,
tbtit is, foreign Secretary Klderlen
Wuetchter and Chancellor Uothmann
Ilollweg, nro for an understanding and
reconciliation with ittngland. The
other faction headed by tho Naval and
War Ministries, have tnken a stand
forin greater army und a greater navy,
ns Oerinany'H only safeguard and put
little dependunee In England's proinls
en or sincerity. In this tlicy uro sup
ported by powerful Influence- at court
and u largo. portion of tho press, which
declare that tho Chancellor and tbo
foreign Secretary aro "weak" and
that they "must go."
f i lends of tho forolgn Office, on
the other hand, chargo the Navy and
war offices with lnterferrlng with the
"poue'e plans'" of the Foreign Secretary
and the Chuncullor, and with trying to
Inlluenco und even shupe Germany's
foreign policy along tho linos of tho
'mailed list." Tho friction becumo
such. It Is decliu-cd thut the Kaiser
recently bad to personally Interfere.
Chancellor Bethmanu-IIollveg, i
old, very nervous and not In tho best
of health, lie Is wild to bo weary of
office and of the bitter attacks of so
Hlullsttf, liberals, conservatives anil
centrists alike. Somo of them gpeak
disrespectfully of him as "O'd Aunt
Theobold." It Is believed thut Ills le
slgnatlon will follow soon urtor Em
peror William returns from Corfu. In
splto or denials, it is generally be
lieved that foreign Secretary Klderlen
Wuechter will ulso retire. IIo Is very
unpopular and his foreign policy has
lacked popularity. Huron von Stumm,
bead of tho political department ot the
foreign Otllco and Court Hernstorft at
Washington, aro mentioned as his suc
cessor. Adtnlttil von Tlrpltz, Minister
of Murine and field Marshal Huron
von der Olltz, teem, lu tho public
mind, to bo lu tho running for Chun
cillor. Tho appointment of cither,
would menu a more "Iron policy' for
Germany and afford a still greater op
portunity for tho military spirit to
develop, for that reason. It Is be-
Moved in parliamentary circles, tho
Kiilser will hwrituto about nuiulng
either of them.
further developments lu thu urmy
and navy lucreusc aro expected utter
Wursaw, rtusslu, April 11. The exo
dus of 7,000 Jowa from tho city of
Dombrovu, In tho iprovinco of Potrlkuu,
li under wuy. On March It) they ro
culved expulsion orders und weru glvou
10 days lu which to luuvo the city, lu
miiuy Instance, It Involved the belling
of property nt a sucrifico that wau
vlrtuully conllscutlon. All efforts by
Influential Jews to Imvo tho ordor re
scinded, failed,
Berlin, April 11 Pwqlllng upon tho
trmendous Infant mortality In Ger
many, Urlch .Schluikjor, ' in icvlewlng
tho new book "the Proluturluu Child,"
by Albert l.angen, gives soma btartllng
figures und paints a ijtoumy 'picture of
Germany, Ho suys:
"Tho Children of Poverty hunger
before they aro born. They come Into
tlio world HUdovclopcd, weaker than
tho children of plenty und with such
low resistant iowors thut infant mor
tality' rages In their ranks llko an
epidemic. Tho blind, tho crippled, nro
principally recruited from their ranks
und they aro the purtlqultir victims of
scrofula ami tuberculosis.
"Kven tho Ministry of tho' Intorlor
admits that tub Is duo to luck of
nourishment and duck of ciwo of tho
new born Inevitable results of vo
man'u lalior on tho farms mid Indus
trial employment. In tho kingdom of
Baxony, whero women labor us n'
where olso In Qennany, 18.8 per cent.
ct tho now born. dlo. In all Germany
17.7 per cent. That Is tho uvcirago, but
In Lungenboilau nt per cont. of tho In
fants died, Tho averaKo for Uorlln Is
18.1 per cent- If Anything Is ncgos
Coiitiimcd oi Pago Three,
Obtained by the Steel Trust
When thp Managers Se
cured the Tennessee Coal
& Iron Company,
(United Press Leased Wire.)
Washington, April 11. One billion
tons of .coal und -too, 000, 000 tons of
iron drc wero socurod by tho "s'eel
trust" when It bought tho Tennessee
Coal & Iron company through the in
'torventlon Of President Hoasevilt,
Don .M. Ilacon, a director of the steel
corporation told 'the Stanley Investi
gating commltteo of thu house tuilo
Djtcon was tho llrst of throe wit
nesses -who will close tho committee
hearings. The others, Thonms f
Josdfi'h H: Klwood, of Duluth, aru iron
oro .exports. liaeon. Who roso from a
telegraph operator to bo manager ot
the Tennessee Iron company, and
lator entered thu steel trust dlrcetor
nte, suld his company paid silx per cent
dividends until tho Gates cllqut
bought thu property lu 190S, before it
was turned over to the steol trust.
"Tho dividends stoppod wlien th'
now peoplo got control," Ifucon suld
"Tho steel company's open hcurth t'ur
nucos: were old and cosily to operate,"
Hacon declared.
ProUIbltlvo freJgbt rules, he said
fcupt tho Tennessee product out ot
Cleveland and northwest markets, but
they sold extonslvoly in tho Now Uns
land und Athmtic markc"tv
At tho utternoon session, ilJucon dis
closed tho holdings of t'Ue Carnegie
Steel .comimny und otliers in tho Mc
sabalrondlstrtot of ollnnesotu.
Moundsvillc, w: Va.. April 11. The
sight .of -i0 union miners congiegutcd
near jtho Mound City initio toduy pre
vented tho owners from carrying Into
uftect their purpose of importing loo
strike-breakers from tho ltlchlaiid
If uny attempt had been made to re
ouen tho mine, In the opinion of tho
authorities, rioting would have follow.
Tho mine wus closed Tuesday night
uftor rioting which .resulted when -100
Ohio union miners Invaded West Vir
ginia to Induce 75 non-union men woilc
lug In tho mine to Join the union.
Conciliation Utiles.
Philadelphia. J'u., April 11. With
both tho hard coal miners und their
employers In a conciliatory mood, tho
tub-commltteu of operators und Uni
ted Mine Workers went Into soshlou
this afternoon determined It possible
tn uvort u strike. Deflnlto results were
expected toduy.
Twenty-four hours of consideration
of tho operators' suggestion for recon
vening the l'JO:! strike commission to
day left tho miners moro determined
than over not to submit their dcuiunds
to arbitration.
. Money Trust Inu'Mluutoi-H to Aft.
Washington, April 11. Prodded to
action by charges of Wall street domi
nation, tho house "money trust" In
vestigating committee today an
nounced that hearings will begin next
Wudnesday. it Is uudorstodd' thut
Comptroller Murray will open tho owl
testimony M array Is expected to aid
tho fjommlttoo In discovering "Inter
locking" of banking and trust com
pany directorates. Ho will ulso be
uskod to give testimony regarding con
trcl und ownership of trust compuulM
by largo iban1H.
Now York, April 11. Tho result of
tho Doinocrntlc primaries lu Illinois
wun not "unexpected," ucconllng to u
statumriit Issued today by William V.
McCombs, campulKii manager for Gov
ernor Woodrow Wilson. All tho form
er Harmon und Underwood supporters
lu Illinois combined ugalnst Wilson In
favor of Cham)) Clark, he alleged. He
"For three iiioutha "Hjieukor Claik
has had a perfect nrgunlzutlon through
out tho stuto, abundantly supplied
with funds. The snap primary Mil,
passed only a fow days; ngo furnished
an opportunity to tho Hoarst-Hurrl-son
faction to give orders to their
workers In every precinct In tho state
to bring out the voto for Clark.
"Tho Wilson cumiKiIgn, on tho oth
er hand, was curried on untlrely
through publicity. There were no Wil
son workers at tho polls. Thoro whs
no money to put them thcro.IIe is
making combinations with no one. and
IS appealing tn tho peoplo of this
ctuntry for their support."
New Orleans oxpocts to bo tho cen
ter ot tho richest country In tho world
when tho plans .for reclaiming the ox
tremply fertile luiuls In that region
nro curried out.
The strlko Is dying down moro
promptly than tho war talk, lndIoiitln.g
that Industrial opponents Imvo nithor
moro reason thuu tho International
Tavo West Virginians have patent-
ed a bulby swing which also may be
usod on tho baclc ot tno onunary
,v iS' .A. ' , a tf ari'. ,r , S2 $
Emanated From Madrid and Wired to the European
Capitals and Throughout America His
Eminence Suffering From Various Aimc
tionsr Basis is as Yet Unknown,
To the National Convention
Dominated by Boss Mur
phyDelegation May
Back Gaynor.
(United I'nss Leased Wire.)
New Toil. Apili 11 An unlnstruct
cd delegatlMii plediiod by resolution to
vote Us a iitut nil all subjects, und
certain to i-'r "ut the will ot lloss
Charles I''. Miidiy,qf Tmntnuny hail,
will reprii at tin- EtilHl' state ul the
Ilultlmoiu i"HMiitloii, ThB was de
termined l Hi'' Ueinoor,ttc stut con.
vcntlon hue tiiduy. Jltlrpliy wih ho
eoiitel us ct.tii loffitor- and the dele
Butes, uftu- iLitnliMf Uio einrebiuniil
district and "iU fujir delegations to
HiilUniiut. uiuptid 'pls'tform iiBati
Ing l'lesidint Taft foi- & vetois t
the various '"'i rftrtuclnif tli tarirt
nnil luudlnu tli aotion of. the lenio
cnitlc house or reprwntatlve.
The Itail.r mreif tlt the conven
tion was to be a on dy sitalr. Fol
lowing the tide uf tll slot .commit
tto, the various ctinBressteiiMl district
delegations nut tlrst and elected tbeli
reprosntatUes to Itctltlmoro.
Ifor tho mi.st part Uif wero tho
inn" iectfd by tlie donroienoes that
followed tlui tvieiit prtmurle. The
slilio for tlif "il four' had been ph-
phi1 iy the ieujiarii ,Vt nliit. it
comprised I'nited Statwt Siwti'r
trGorman, GuM-rimr 131S, former J initio
Alton U. Paiki-r und Clmrlss V. Mur
phy. Th Tiiinniunjr ehlsf, of rotirsa
will bu chiitrinaii or tu Htlite dclemi
tlon mid will vote Ihs tuutfo ji-iuvh-ontiitlon
ut .'11 thin.
There was much dtscumduti "l pi est
dvntlul booms union tlia delegate
und It wus accept) n a fact that
New York's i.iolco tit UaltluWo win
be Mayor Guynor. Ha witt B't Ilia
stuto vote on the ilrat Uallut.aud while
the ueuerul liuprMiuu wus Jliat thu
oto for tho mayor w6uliP bo jiurely
eumpllmentao. soma ot thu old- tlma
li'udars luslstiKi that lurphy mltrht.
although he is not pemanfiully frlendlv
to tho mayor, light for lilin aerlously.
l'rlonds of Guvnor told tha delegates
earnestly that ha was tUo eul cholea
of Wlllmm J. uryan. uviict aeuioin
enmos to Now vuru wuiiout vismng
Guynur. Slurphy. as uual. said notli
lilg and not even hit Intimate Havo
tho HllghtesL bleu whohe favors.
Tho ilafi'm roafllrmed its bullet
that "most of tint evils In public lite
of tho country spring from the exac
tion! nf the pivwulit Inbiultoua tariff
law under which monopoly in fontMed:
competition is dcatrnyid; wiute and
Olilnivngaiice In publli oxpendltnros
encnupugod; the prloea of the necessary
ll'H of llfo juiiiiised out of all pmpor
tlon io I ho cirnlng capacllv o; tbn
peoplo, and tho Kindoiiioutul virtmi-s
ot econornv and honestv hvt i ui
n Loiitiiuica on ingo Tiirco,
(United Press I.oasod Wlro.)
AVarhington, A?irll 11 A raport that
Piipe Plus X died in the Vatlcnn curly
t 'Ja. em mating irom .Madrid, .Spain.
..lined cin illation In every part of
Uio -world. L'hurx'h dlguitnrl through
out the world, the A morion n cardinal
and tile charge d'affuiroa 0C the pupal
U'giatlon ut Washington oldauvored to
secure direct udvlcea from tlia Vatican,
Hut no informutioii waa forthcoming.
The delay led to the belief that the
ntory might be true, and the govern
ment had put tli censorship on the
telegraph tines out of Home.
All of the Hui'irpeau capitals okini
orod lu vain for Information from
Home and extra eillttons ot nowspa
pera throughout Europe ami America
told ot tha reiport.
At noun eastern time a. direct denial
of th rumor wan McurUd from the
Vatican, cauauir worldwide relief.
Story I'nfiiuiulcil,
Home, April 11. Pon Plua N U
not dend and the mpoct enianuting
i rum .Mm i nit is euureiy umunuiien. a
atataiueut to this effect wia' Blveu the
ITnlted Pre correapon'dent at the Vut
lean this afternoon wlic-n Iiuruir' was
made fallowing the receipt lift' of
MUeiieH from the United Proas bureaus
In New York, Jmdim und Pari. The
Ilrat word of the rufuor to reach mr
pnper circle In Homo eume In tho
form of queries from capital.
Simultaneously wrih the press
iiieiiea came dlapftUlu's of liuiulry
lrom ciliirvh dlgnlta-iies throughout
thu Clutettau world.
The Inula for tho Madrid report Is
liot yet known but the Vottean has
atftrted an lrmulry.
Official Denial by Vatican.
WWahliiKton. Aprtl 11. After three
hours of bitter nnxioty au'd amreheu-
slon, deliHll by tele'gnams fnnii every
Hci-tlon of lite mun'try and ubsolutidy
f without official iwoi-d regarding tin-
report of the death of Pope Plus X.
iMonaiKnor CherrotU, charge d'uffulies
f tha pupal legation, ut noon today
breather a iwayer of thanKruineHs
-whem Informed ot the official denial
of the ntlCAti.
lie Immediately loft the legation for
a brief reat. to eacape a amall arm. of
newjipiOper nrretKiitrtenta who lwJ
ibeslegwl htm ail morning. Literally.
thoiUNmda of telettTims were reee-Heil
lileaillDK ft"" tnjfJormutlan regarding
tho holy father. The legu-lon atarf
iwas almost pixiMtrated UU fear of
tho truth or tha veiKirt. though Mon
slgnor Chrettl ateadily matii'l-alnd
that because tha Vatican hud not noti
fied him, tlie rumor must be false. The
Charge wna connected with the Vatican
nt the time tit Prtjie I,eos dewtn, and
he (hlmwlf) lllwl deapntilifs nnniMin
clivg the lioly fatJiur'a di-uih to nil tho
world. Ttfilny he malm.ilned tuat it
w not itowllile for one papal lega
tion to bo informed f - impurlant u
fuel in advance of the otherB.
At the Italian onvb.x, atta-hod
pei billy ordered b report all infoi'
qimlkm ohtnin.ibl. rnun press iimmi
elation dedPBiihis 1 1 the .imbasau'dor,
ywaoimlly do- l.m I that tlu- ware nv
orjnyed to Uam i the i.ilatty ot tlio
High goernim'iit 0 1 nl wrro re.
lloved to know thai tin jumur wus
Cgiitluucil on iiugo lltrco.
In Iiliaois Except Loriraers Taft Organization
Trying to Capture the Delegates latest
Figures on the Primary Women's Suffrage
Defeated by the Con-Con
Compulsory Voting Pro
posal up Speeding up
Justice by Judge
Peck .
(t'nltPd Press I.onxcd Wlrp.i
(uaran'(-il I)chiIim Ocri'at.
Goluml ns. O., April 11 -A compul
sion otiiiK proposal. Introduced )ts
Di-icgitM TaKgsit. of Way in-, county,
wus lieioie the constltiitloual cunven
lion when It riMtiiued work tills morn
ing at tr a long night seMnlon. which
wus l. .ituiod by tbe defeut by h vote
ul '!! to r.3 Of guaranteed Iwnk lie
l" ill-- atni-ndment. adviK-uteil by Wll
ll.itn Jennings Mrun and chuinploned
- n the convenrlon Hour hv Delegate
llo-i- in. of Augbil.c county
Tin bank Kiwrantte ameiidnient was
ilt.iilii-d to tho Karnlmit double lla-i-llltx
piopimal. TIih latter stripped of
llii Iink KUuruntiH' nmendment was
P.ii..iil at 11 o'clock last night iy tho
mention, ufter it hnd Iipii ameudd
' Dib-gati' Wooile. of MmIIiih, requir
.i.ri state Inspection of nil inlvHte
I inu or comiMinbii rwi-lvliiK money on
i inwii iiore mo worus "DHiik or
"b inker" can be uaed.
The Woods amendment wllb hit Hie
I ur Htcumahlp couiuniiVm In tllfc state
and foreign pilvnte lmnkn wljlch do a
lilg biislnens in cttlex having a hirge
foielgn population.
'Hie Kurnhart proioiuil nn iiHseil
provides a double llabllltv for "stcjek
bolders of corporullona Hiitlimrlsed to
receive money on deposit."
I ten I .IiuIIMiiI Iti-I'oiin.
"Jttvil JimIIcImI refoi in." Is the wuy
the friend of the measure refer to the
Peck propoMtl. adopted liv the conven
tion last night by u vote or 7S to 2.S.
"Tbo proponal." iltH-laifd Judge Peck
lodav. "menus iiulcker. clieupw justice
for the poor litigant."
The propoyul was HCeepted after ul
most a week of continual wiuugllng
inostlv liv the lawyer delegates, over
the fine law point Involved Invyor
df legates Until up alni-st Solidly
against the piopoeal, 1U of the 'JS vot
ing against It being attorne.vs.
The eonventluu alwi adopted lnt
yestenluy the proposal ottered by
K-elegate Wortlilngton, of Hamilton
comity, providing: "That eath houso
luill have power to obtain, through
committees or otherwise. Inhumation
ntl'erL'ng leglalatlve action under enli
ib'eratlon or lu contemplation. r wltli
reference to any ulloged bieuih of Us
privileges or misconduct of Us mem
bers und to that end to enforce tho
iittoudance and testimony ut wltueeseH
and tho production of books und pa
pei." The vote on this proposal wus 100
to 0.
The recall proposal, as submitted jo
the Initiative and referendum com
mittee by the Bub-commltteo appointed
to draft it. has been lecommeiided for
iwssiige by the full committee.
It provides that for the recall of a
state ofllclul. 31 per emit of the vot
er! must sign petitions for a lecall
election, while 2 per cent must sign
fin the recall of district, couuly or
municipal ofllclals.
Many uctors tn Austria, It appears
from the Investigation of u Vienna
Journul, receive salaries of only SO
Kronen, about $.'0 a month.
Philosophical Phelix.
(HIP) m.tiii:h.
Hlumuis lonlalil or n-liluy warm
er In Mutlu'a-t piutlon innlglif, coob
w In port hern portion l'rUluj.
(United Pross Leased Wire.)
Chicago, Aprlll 11. Conceding on,
practically complete returns from
Tuesday's primary election that Theo
dore Hootevelt carried every congrc's
fcional illstilct but ono, the l-'lttli In
tbo piesldentlal vote, tho Tuft orgon
liilion In this stuto la preparing to
'u ti launch i t-Hiiipalgn to dluhttu
the perionnel of the r, f tluj slate's
r-H deleeate tu the natlonai conven
tion who will b pledged to support
lb-usevelt. ,1
A bitter light win bo waged to'so-
-iile the tlectloli of tli next lilltloli'ul
iiiminlttceinun tor this statu Tor Tith.
The men who led the Taft light that
ended In iiv-crwho'inliig defeat of tlio
iireiiiini are seeking pltiuos Jn the
minis ilBlenitlon. Tuft r..ii..
ulo preiNtriug tu
go into tho SlUte
inyentloii to attire the ndopUpnioj!
i l Iiitfurm that will eudoi-se tno. .T-irt
administration. ' ,
The latent i-uinpilatUui of dgures
whli-h will vary but slightly from the
niiai eoiiiit, Hliow the folloivlnir
ki u phksidi:nt. hrpudlican.
ltLimeelt S0",tW
'''uft 1M.92H
JX ''Hett 4j,7S7
". 77.781
... 123,J(Jt
K21 IiD
Clark ...
Wilson ..
KOlt r. S,
Cutlom ..
Muglll ...
JvjllMtnlltHii Lewis hiii no oppo?1j
tliiii for the Democratic nomination.
The complate votfc on tho woman suf
frage tnieatlon which wus nlaoc-U in-
fore thu voters of Cook count onlv.
hm follows:
l''r suffrage
AgaliMt miffrage
Vote u Yon hboiu.
Heading, I'a., April 11. "Hope you
voto .Saturday as yon shout today."
fun. Colonel Hoosevelt's message to
the thoiisatids who gioeied rifm ot
the many stopi through Pennsylvania
1'lfteen ihoiOM.id heard him "apeak
from the ball any or the .Mansion
lionise here. Stops iere also made
at Conshohocken. Norrlstown. Phoon
iMllie, pottstnttn, and Hlrdbororo.
Colonel Speak-, ricipieiitly.
Phlladilphla. Ph. April 10. Leav
ing bele mi the last stage of a ten
day whirlwind eumpaifiii through
West Virginia, Kentucky. Illinois und
Pennsylvania, Colonel Hoosevclt to
duy planned to apeak In every ojty
and town along th0 route to Ne
York. Ills apodal train left at 10:30
a. in. for Heading, Alleutuwn, K.tston
and way points.
The colonel wag greatly pleased
with tho reception ho received In
Pennsylvania. establishing- 'neS'
vords for crowds in Lancaster, Har
risiinrs' qnd lMilli(de'lphIa. Ono es
timate today jif the number who saw
Hooeelt bore was 73,000.
On Friday tho colonel will leave
Now York tor MacMeliusotts and'Nort
Acivrdlfd In London,
London, April 11. Three ufernoon
editions of thu London papers un
iiounee tho death or Pope Plus X. Tho
uxtm editions were Issued on thu basis
of a Madrid dlspatih stating thut tha
pupal nuncio -there shortly ufler noon
bad Untied an ofllclul statement de
claring that thu holy father hud died
early this morning. No other con-s
Urination thsti this has been lecelycd
hem up to this hour (3: IS p. in.)
All efforts to get dliect ooutirmutJons
or denials from Homo either by tele
graph from here or by long distance
telephone 1 1 dim luutineutul cities havo
been unavailing. This may bo duo
either to the lestrlctlons of tho Italian
censorship whlcli Is the most rigid In
'Ktirope, ur to tho Inef Moloney of the
Iiallau Helt'gmph lines which aro
notoriously slow.
Itcpoit l.'inanatCR at Madrid.
Particular Hignlllcuuce uttuches 'to
the ra-1 thut the report emanates from
Madrid, the capital of the country
which Is one of the church's most loyul
On the other hand no notification has
In en lecelved at Vienna, wlilch Is re
garded as a stronghold ot the church.
The Pope l)lld been lupltlly fulling
Mni e hut summer when uu uttuck ot
tlimat and heart trouble nggruvuted
hv tho gout, whii h hud afflicted him
for years, cuused hlpi to suspend all
lspal nudleuces.
His physicians warned him that the
stialn of the papal duties was too
much for his strength but ho Insisted
upon lesiinilng uudluucas und nil ot
his ether duties within u, short time..
One of his sisters wus culled to the
Vatican to nurse him. und utter sev
eral weeks of severe illness that kept
him In bed, he Insisted upon leaving
his room to lolebrate muss In his pri
vate chupol. The next day ho drove
In the Vutlcan guldens and us a. result
suffered u relapso. '
A Itelupso.
The relapse prevented his attending
tho celebration of tho eighth unniv
crsurj of his coronation- An attennil
Continued ou l'ago Tbr,

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