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'4,lwrij '"'' "!---rri',1'ncW4
- j..nW
... Margaret M.
t Invitations l'or Cummins Cat Nupilnta
i Air.' nnd Mrs. Joseph Henry rarr
, havo Issued invitations for the nnr-
Hngo of their daughter Miss Iliiaul
L'dllh Carr to Mr. Oaylord Church
.J (ummln on Iho evening of AVednes-
. dayittio first of May nt eight o'clock.
" T,ho ceremony will take -placo at tho
fy; Carr , residence, on west Monument
ft avenue, unyion, unio.
5 Miss Carr Is a nleco of Mrs. E. E.
V 'Towers of this city nnd a cousin of
ii.,Mlss Jonnlo Collier. lloth sho nnd
hor slstcr Ms Mnrjorlo frequently
V visit hero' as Well as tholr parents
Mr. and airs.. Carr.
Hcccptloii-danco l'or Mrs. CnKc
1 T,ho first fonnnl atTiilr, In tho social
world, following tho lonton season
occurred last ovcnlng when In honor
, of the visit of Mrs. W. M. Cake, of
Tortland Oregon, at tho Fish homo on
South Stnto streot, Mr. nnd Mrs. ron
ton Klsh and Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur
II. Honcfnnger entertained with n ro-coptlon-dnnco
last cvonlug In tho Tul-
ly Wag hall on West Contor street.
. A hundred and fifty cnllcrs wore re
1 celved nnd presented i Mrs. CaUo
' during tho onrly ovoulng. Tho r
cnhliig lino composed of tho hosts
nnd - hostesses, Mrs. Cako. an dMrs.
'''&?, Yf tH
r Ay fr ' i v
fl'JiIa Is n very effoetlvo stondl doulgn for tho corners of a Hofa cushion or table cover. -
ftScc dlreotlons for HlonoIlllnK.
tlf ombroldory Is proforrod to sten ollllng for tho design, work the large curved figures nndtho olrclcs In tho
noild satin stitch, outlining In a con trnstlng color. Heavy twIste'J bilk or mercerized cotton No. 16 should bi
Direction?) for Stencilling.
An Inoxponslvo way of making n stoncll design Is to tnko a shoot of lit' nvy mnnlla iwpor, lay tho pattern up.
on It, slipping a sheet of transfer p.ip or between. Then dnuw llrmly over th o lines of tho design AVlth a hniU shurp
.jicnatl. Whon tho design Is roproducood u'pon tho munlla pajier, fasten tho paper upon a smodth hard surfvico
vlthithumb taoks. Than with a hurp pointed knife, out along all tho Jfncs of tho design. A pjlr of curved scls
sors -v-nubo or asslstunco nlro. Tho stencil should bo covcroil with u thin coat of parnffln or dipped In Unseed '
oil and Allowed to dry thoroughly so that whon tho color Is applied it -will not blur. Tapestry dyes or oil paints '
may be used, thinned with tui'pontlno. Linen, crash, burlup, cheeso cloth or denim take tho colors well. Lay your
dei'lgn on tho material and apply the color very carefully with a short round . IbriiBh, first squeczlrig out all extra'
.moisture. Tho stencilled design itm h0 finished In npo silk In tho outline stitch If desired,
Itusscll of Mt. Vernon, who Is vlslt
Jng Mrs, Georgo D. Copoland. -.sna
formed In ono of tho parlors, prettily
decorated for the occasion with palms,
ferns and potted iplants.
.orcNcnl's full orchestra furnished
music ns tho guests nMemblod and
laje'r for the program of dnnr"s. Thu
.u'rn'nd march wns formed soon nftor
'nine o'clock and wna lond by Mrs.
iCakc, Mr. Honofungor, Mrs. UiimuI
and Mr. Fish.
A lunch wns served niftor uluvrn
o'Iook nt small tables In tho lr.il-
'cnnles. Those wcro prettily appoint
ed, nnd decorated with gwootpens nnd
u 'delicious menu was served.
Ooveral of tho younger girls. Misses.
Dorothy Hume, nuth llurtram, Su-
.in Oarborson, Hilda Gofham, Evolyn
Honefanger and Man Andurson as
sisted tho hostess with the prograrr
Mrs. Philip Carpenter.
Mro.aJlilllpCarpcntor, of Now York,
yntt recently nominated ns tho can
didate of Sorosls, tho mother of clubs,
for tho presidency of tho Gen
eral Federation or Woman's Clubs,
fin4 I weeing on actlvo cam
.WklffH. Jler opponent In tho field Is
Mrs. PerclVhl Pemypapkor. of Tox'nM.
Vtf ratlon meeting this year Is
) b Held (n San Francisco, Juno 23.
v J
Burjceai. p
una in uirlous ways.
t :
A number of friends gavo Miss Mnry
Italston a surprise call, last -evening,
at hor heome on Cherry street. Mr.
Itatstou has recently been placed nt
tho hend of n branch offlco of tho Ma
lion Steam Shovel nt Chicago, nnd
Miss Itnlston will leave soon with her
parents to locato permanently nt Chi
cago. Miss Itnlston's friends presented her
with ti number of gifts ns remem
brances and accorded her mnny ex
pression of rcgrot at her doparturo
from Mnrlon. Musical numbers were
picscntcd by. various ones nnd games
were played. A lunch was served
during the evening nnd Mrs. John
Schneider and Miss Joslo Ilumford as
sisted tho hostess.
Tho callers were: Misses Marguerlto
Eberl, Hnttlo Walking, Ilclon Park,
Helen Webber, Oraco Mannhan, Allco
Uoulton, Mabel Ilockmnn, Martha
Iloekmnn, Kloronco WycolT, Dlmona
Davis, Margaret Schneider, Allco Hals-
ton, Messrs. Wilfred Schwclnfurth.
Oeorgo Schwclnfurth, George Sch
neider, Ira Itlnohnrt, Leroy Schneider,
I "Win. Color, Edward Schwclnfurth,
i' mint ni'iiHicy, ucn nnision, Joan ma
Fudden, Marvin Evans. Georgo Ulnnd
end Merla Iushy.
Young Matron' Eiubrohlcry Club.
Mm. Harvey Long was hostesi to
tho mctnbetu of tho Young Mutrnns
Embroidery club yesterday aftornoon
ii' her homo on East Church street;
Thoro wus a largo ntteudanco of tlio
membors 'and tho Jiostosw extKluled
hospitality to guotH numborlng: Mrs.
J. W. Poyor of Wlllhitnstiort, Ind.,
Mrs. J. W. Hunpato. Mrs A. J. Lewis,
Mrs. John DavlH. Mrs. A. J. Sautter,
Mth. If. K. Henderson, Mrs. Currlo
Andrews, Miss Huzol Lng nnd Atlss
Eva Davis.
Embroidery work wns tho diversion
of tho nftornoon nnd tho guestH chat
ted Hoclably ns thoy pllml their needles,
Miislonl numlers presented by vnrlous
guosts nugnientod tho pleusuro of tho
aftornoon. A buffet lunoh of pretty
appointments was served nt hulr uftcr
fctir o'clock.
A week from noxt Tuesday Mrs.
Harry Meredith will entertain the
memixirs nt her homo on Jofferson
Quid Xjino Club.
Tho Quid Nunc girls were entertain
ed by Miss 'Eva Davids at tho home of
her sister, MrH. II. Sohrook, on East
4-nuren street last venlng. Ncurlv all
of tho members -vdro present and em-
.DrolUery work -and music furnished
diversion fdr Hid- ovonlg. (Light re
freshments wero ,ierved.
Tho nox't meeting will be hold In
two weeks.
So Ko Club,
'MJss Ermel and Carmen Hlow en
Urtalned tho Ho 8a girls last evening
at tholr homo on Olney avenue Music
and chat and a season of cnVbroner)
work furnlBhfid Uie diversions of tho
evening and a dainty lunch was served
Miss Hose. Wriddel wob a elicit giient
The next mj-yn' VlJI ibo hm in
two weelis with Mlsa Winona Holmes
of Dlalna avenue.
-r o n ,4" ."-
r -i-i.i .
Church Affairs
" . . . -i . nim I. - mMtW II 7"," " u'" am linn iwiii im u o
MUfTtivn m, tm nnti'TV iv. ?2r . eacn and ovorv enso of Cattn i
MEETING OF AID SOCILTl Ah- that cannot bo cured by tho Uoii uf
NOtTNCED. Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Tho regular meeting of tho Lidlcs' FHANIC J. CHEMEY.
Aid society of tho Epworth JI. E.I, Sworn to bororo mo and subscribed
church will bo hold In tho pastors &noV.DAnCCi88Gl8 6lh
study nt tho church Friday afternoon (Seal) ' " a. V. GIjEASOV.
at 2:C0 o'clock. The mombws nro urg- , .. , Notary Public.
cd to be picsont.
J. W. Dendlnger, of Delawaic, was
In Marlon Wednesday.
T. J. Osborno returned from Chicago,
Wednesday evening, where ho has.
i. ..i- .... . f.,- !,'
.-"... ..v. . ... i.
Kortlsehakc-Osborno recital to bo glv
en hero tho 23rd of May.
Miss Luelh Mao Wlant has returned
to Dayton after spending a week Willi
Mnrlon relatives. Miss Wlant Is In
charge of the physical culture work In
the public schools of Dayton.
C. N. Phillips has returned from n
brief visit to Denver, Colorado.
Mr. ami Mrs. o. l. unmpucn or uir-i
nrd avenuo nro spending ti fow dnys
nt Caledonia.
Mrs. Mary Illshop of Ann Arbor,
It vlsltlnc Mnrlon friends.
Estimates placo the coul consumed
on the oceans of th0 world at appro-)
"G.OOO.OOO tons per annum,
oyer $230,000,000. I
valued nt
Tho following entries huve been
made on tho court docket of the coin
mon pleas court: In tho enso of Thai
Vlllago or Prospect against tho Ma
rlon County Ttlcphono company, thq
cniiHO was dismissed for wunt of
prosecution, at tho costs of the plain
tiff nnd a Judgment was rendered ac
cordingly. In the partition suit of John C.
Luvlst ngninst Gus L. Lilvlsl, thoro
was nn oleotlon to tako tho wjiolcj
jiropcity by Jphn c. LuVlsl, August L.'
Luvlsl, Cora L. Kerr. Tho deed onl
crcd tlio costs jnld out of tho fund,
and J100 was aHowcd tho plalntlff'H
In tho dlvorco enso of Lcnna Kan
nblo against Walte-p Kannble, tcnipur
nry -illninny of fifty dollars Una awaul
ed and tho defendant ordered to jmyi
the sumo.
John P. Eicon today filed uppllca-j
tlon for a liquor license, to begin oper-j
ntlon April 15, at tho Union Depot,
In tho action to set aldo a deed'
Instjtuted by Llll'nevlnst Loffler, which'
has been beforo tho court nil weclr.-thii
court today authorized tho uttoniojs
to sottlo rho case out of court. An
agreement has almost been reached.
The divorce coso of Elslo OverMorff
against Charles Overdorff, which was
begun In tho common pleas court last
September, fiaa been dismissed.
! HWP ' I, '. P. , ' ' ' ' '
WL. Ii luurttu. J a4 tlioold koo w
eooniii womteftui t
MARVCL Whirling Sw-iy
, .Tim Mir Vaiclnjl J-rrlMM.
. lei
pv- upv , Ta-
tnK l riMnMl
Aic your drat
llluttti lp'
K'llJ'. ,1."JJi.Vi,,i. II KM
iiti.Hi'. -T" ..-ti.i,r.-i
?''K-"'"rfVT.vT. r3.
1 1 StU U OhI6. City of Toledo. LUcas
a Coumty, aw:
i Frank .1. Cheney makes oath that
P '50 At senior tiartner of the firm of F
f, J,'..0nc.1Vy.&.C' doing business in t'io
Cltv of Toledo. Countv and State nfoi .
naliv. nnd acts dlrcctlv on tho Mood
and mucous Burfacna jf tho system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. OHENlSy & CO.. Toledo. O.
NoM bv nil llrmnrlnla. TRc.
-- d um-rrn vjuro is uuiuu iiuur-
Tako Hall's iFalmly Pills for con-
. . M .',, j
Tho niunar Court of Ucn Hur 1n-
itlateU six candidates t their regular
mcctlns Wednesday and toolc action
on three applications. After tho reg
ular routlno of business wns disposed
of tho remainder of tho evening wns
spent socially and light refreshments
tworo served before tho merry crowd
wf lodgo workers dispersed. The next
regular meeting of tho order will bo
held on tho evening of April 24.
Ono hundred nnd ton membors of
tho Ivodgo No. -10.', Knights of Pythias,
went to Morrnl, Wednesday evening.
on a special train of three cars. The
party left Marlon at seven o'clock, nnd
returned nt 11:45 o'clock.
At tho lodge meeting, thq rank
knight Was .conferred on
dates, nnd Several othci
threo cnndl-
othcr mattors of
linportiuico considered ,
- FoKowIrjKtho business RCsslon, tho
Morral 1 oil up ' served nn elegant ban
tjiict, which jvns followed by a "mok
cr," The Morral lodge also put. on sev
eral drills. ' '
' FinST'ltlDE ON TIIA1N.
Mr.' niuUMrr. Jnmes Cutlls, of Syca
more, "wlioYcttnio hero Monday to nt
(end tho'Selcbratlon of tho golden
wcddlrigffr Mr. and Mrs. Tillman
iCcllnec,'i'aru nmong the foremost and
most Wealthy people of that village.
write tho .Uucyrus Forum. Thoy havo
nluaya been homo bodies', traveling
but llttlo In their time. Whon going
and coming the trip In tlio earlier
days was nindo on foot or horseback
nnd In later years In wagons and bug
gies. Tho trip to Uucyrus Monday Is an
eventful ono to Mrs. Curlls, who Is
now In hor seventy-second year. It
was her first rldo on a steam passon
ger train. Sho enjoyed tho trip Im
mensely and stater, that sho Intends
to enjoy mnny moro trips, on tho
stenni cars If sho Is spared for a few
yoars longer. Sho has nevo had tho
pleasure of riding on an electric cnr.
Tho trlii there Monday was also tho
first Mr., Curlls to thnt city' In the
last ten Hnrs Gallon Dally Leader.
The Cnuso of Tuberculosis.
In 1S32 Jtobort. Koch of Germany'
proved that tuberculosis belonged to
the class ot germ or Infectious dis
eases by dlscoNorlng tho particular
or Bpccinc' germ that mtiBl always
bo present In tho Jiody afflicted with
this disease. This germ, beoauso ot
its rod-shnpo Is called tho Ilaclllus
Since then It has been proven also
that the predisposition to tha dlscaso
exists In those persons whoso health
for any iiason la below normal. In
other words, tho old Idcn Unit tuber
culosis wus hereditary has been
shown to bo an error. Tho most that
can bo Inherited 's tho prodlsi.oui
tlon, namely, a weakened body, and
a weakened body is far moto oftoo
acquired than inherited.
A Trulem. ,
A. mail doesn't nlwnya look ns ,
youuf ns lie fools or n woinnii
si.l tn tfii au aim InMru '
.fudge. i
His Money's Worth.
"So you've Just como from tho thea
ter. What did j ou see V"
"About nine pound of hair on tlio
hend of :ln wotuiin In front of iiu."
Now Yoik Evenlnt; World.
Destination Uncortnln.
Tho rebellious niigcls had Just lcou
cast out of hcnvi'ii. In Iho swift dowiiv
wind flight Lucifer overtook Heelzo
bub. "What's Itoiibllng you. HuIiV" lio
culled. "At ojil problom." nnawored
tho futuro foul Hend betSveeii Corner
snuUs. "WlioiQ nro wo gplus this full?"
I.lpplncott's MtiKnzItiL'. ,
DloeUino TrafHc.
Thcro wcro Unit's when .tcFf,f glo'
fled in tho fact that ho was the f.itl'iu
of nine children, oven If they were n
the lines of the proverbial human t'top
ladder, but on tlio day when ho v.-s
taking them out for n walk ho feltehn
Kilned. Ho ivns walking nlong nt a "fairly
good gait when ho wns halted by a i-lk-cmuu,
who asked:
"I pny, you. what you hcon doing?"
"Nothing," replied McFoo. -"WhyV
"Well, what's tho crowd followlug
you for?" Judge,
Keeping Up Appenrancos.
Hub (suddenly wnklugnt mldnlBht)
Whiit In tho world was that nolscV
Wlfo (entering rooml-It's till right,
dear. Tho people nro coining home
from tho onern. nnd I sllnned down UDd
guvo tho front door u slnm so 'then
neighbors would think wo wore there.
Uostou Transcript.
It Doesn't Holp, !
it 13 n iiusuiiio ior mo iuuii
who gets up in the luornlug with
a bad tnsto in his mouth to at
tempt to get rid of It by quar
reling with his wlfo or whipping
tho children. Chicago Record
Herald. x:-w-i-:-iH-;,"H-:-w-:-K-w-H-l
Tommy Pop. what is a monologub?
Tommy's Pop A monologue, my hon.
Is a conversation n woinnn carries on
with her husband. Philadelphia Rec
ord. " i
Doesn't Count,
lie F.dlth going to bo inanlcd? I
thought sho wns a man hater
Slto-Sho ftllll K Sho's go'ng to hur
ry -in English lorI.--.Uu1ge.
WE have added to our already largo lino of
HIGH GRATE SHIRTS, tho make adopt
ed by the leading classy Haberdashers of Nev;
York and other large cities of .the East: THE
"EXCELLO" made in Patterson, N. J., by part
which divided several years ago. In the "EX
CELLO" you will find every detail of fine work
manship and fit that has made its predecessor fa
mous in the past, but with the following addition
al featuresthe PATTERNS and STYLES are
THAT FADE through laundry or other washing.
Prices $1.50 to $3.50
While we still soil and will continue to sell
Manhattan Shirts, to -those who want them, we
think you will agree with us that "EXCELLO"
has all the good features of tho Manhattan with
A Careful Ctatsment.
"Only a couplo of monthn ngo you
snld you'd share your Inst dollar with
me." said Jones, who was unsuccess
fully (tttbhiptlmf to negotiate n loan.
"I know I did. old man," replied tho
ono who,wR doing tho (Ightwnd net,
",but I haven't got down to my last
dollar-yoti Judge, ...
Kxo--It isn't light
to charge
jWlle'witl tuklngjtliut money outof
your pocket. Why ''don't you ne'euse
Mr. Kxo IIccmiFio It wasn't nil taken.
Ilos.ton Trnnncrlpt.
J; . -Many pfefp't Believo It. 3-
i,! i -The world owes u very man tho J
; kind of living ho oariis. Judge. - y
I try hard to lemcmbcr.
liut ono thlriK I always forset
Aro tlioro ICeunilor rrvolutors
Itcvolutlnc 111,'uln or yet?
John Krols nnd nophow, Jumos
Krols, nro business visitors at Ityo
Dcuoli toduy.
Tho British oxchequer, bgtweon
Alprll 1 nnd December 31 Inst, received
$00,003,000 In cstnto or death duties.
Want Ads Too Late to
FOIt SAiLK Nearly on million dol
lara' worth of real estate, conslstiiiK
of city properties of cverj: descrip
tion In Jrarlon ,and surrounding
towns and farms o nil s,$s and
prices locatod on Mnrlon,-Crawford,
Hardin, Logan, Union, Delaware and
Olorrow coupflcs. . Ilomcrnber; tho
Wce, llY-a's! MahVVt.Msicad
quarters for all, kinds of real estate.
Come ami' see. Bauer & Klinefel
ter. '4-ll-0tcol
An Elgin, 111., preacher suggests
that the local theaters b'd opened on
Sundays to kcop tho young pcpjplo
from going to Chicago. Almost any
thing may bo Justified, la JwODlng
yoiuig pcoplo from Chloagp.,
, .. :
m m m 0
J, C. Anthony who has been 111 for
the pnst several days Is' ropo'rtc'd'sfimo
what Improved today. Ho has Ijcen
conllned to his homo on South Stuto
street with a bevero attack of La Grip.
Io ,
Mr D. V. Straycr un'dervcnt an
operation this morning at tho 'Marion
City hospital at 7:30 o'clock. Dr. A.
Hhu perrormetd; tho opcra'tlon. This
afternoon Mrs. Strnyer's condition' was
considered hb good as could ibo ex
pected by tho attending physlolahs.
I?earl Menrs, formerly city unglnocf.
und Republican cundrdato for sur
veyor, left today for Toledo, where" bo
has accepted a. iposttKn with 0,1 firm
of consulting engineers. Jlr. Ateara
will bo In Upper iSmdusky this ulim
mcr on work for tho Cdmpapy' and
will return hero this full. - ;
A con was born to Mr. nhd Mrs.
Henry Anderson, last evening, at their
homo In Glad street.
Horn to Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Coop
er at their homo In Monroo "street
this morning, a son.
Hf fy , a
: i ,(
"Tho Dueling Durbar, 'n all its ro
gdl grandeur, will bo rovcaled wheft
tl.at marvolous Invention, tho Klnomn
co!or. conies to tho Colonial Theatre,
111 Columbup, for ono week, beginning
Kuuilny, April 14th, with matlncos
Unlly oxcopt Sunday. T
These wonderful motion plct tiles'
bhinv a borrbnrlo blendliis of ' color
that could bo found nowhere elso but
In primitive India. Potentates "aro
hcon riding chargers comparlsoned.
with sllvor and gold cloth; s'avo glfls,
lllnkoo fakirs, Nouteh ilunrcrs. rcgli
inout upon lcglniotit of mounted hnd
foot soldiery, sand nil tho wncreil 'anU
iiiiiIh of tho Orlont, fmm tiny oxen' tj
herds of ponderous elephants,' forming
a pageant moro wonderful than any
over staged before, oven on "Indlu'a
coral Strand."
Tho presentation of tho Uurlftr In
"Klncinncolor'' at tlio Colonial Jn Co
lumbus will Includo tho following
pleasing and educational procession:
"Tho ltnyal Visit to Hombay";' '-'Preparing
for tho Durbar"; "Tho Arrival
of tho King nnd Queen"; "Tio Stuto
Bntry Into Do'hl"; "Tho King's
Camp nnd tho Jteceptlon to tho Enst
Indlun Princess"; "Tho State darden
Party"; "Tho Point to Pqjnt Jlprso
Itncea"; "The Polo Tournament at
Delhi"; "The Ulephant Stockade";
"Preparing the ltoyul Animals for "tho
Pageants"; "Sccne in the .Durbar
9am The.qrand llevlew -by tho
Klng-Empcror of CO.000 llrltlsl ind
Native Troops, and one hundred other
events which, by nil odds. nr tho
most wonderful pooneft e'vor produced
ly nn' but "Naturo' Own Necromancy-
Klnemacolor "
MMMritti " " ' V '
vnrri'. 'w
i a--

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