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" Trlbtino lWg.,
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JNews cservoce anu lunrKct neporc.
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4Semi-WJekly Mirror, Per
what uoosi:vRir is sayixo.
AVo hnvo been reading somo of
to bo very strong presentations of the Injustices and wrongs of onr -Industrial
system. Here are a few paragraphs from his address before n great
crowd at Pitt ourg. Tuesday night, which will bo found Interesting whether
"one agrees with him or not:
And friend", our light now has more than one side. It is fundamentally
a fight for human rights; It Is a light against Injustice and ivrong, -whatever
'mtiy be the shape that Injustleo and wrong tnke; and we hull every man as
our brother, aa standing with us, If
his duty as an American citizen and
ruptton, against injustice, whether the
class or 'not. ,
So far from thiH being a fight again
biislncm) 'AVo intend to help every
man,. the business man, who succeeds
opposing us Laughter ami applause,
hlTriV rAppIause'J. AA'e mill help the
the law clearer, we wish to cut out
everything In the lnw that attempt tho
shall bo a greater controraad jnipervIMon oven big-business ibecause wa In-
tviiu mut inu uik i-uciroruiwiii.vwniin receiving ju
,V ,i,i .1 4..5lt... ,J1 ilJlul. f'.t
In their turn do Justice, bbt,h,tp',tholr employe and to tholr customers.
rAp-nlausc. t , ,
V Here In (Pittsburg, ns fn my 'own
that tho majority of the big wealthy
mediately below them are afraid to
the people themselves, with the young
men, tho wngo earners and the farmers.
There never was a clearer lineup than this between tho plain people
on ono eWo and the power's that prey on both tho political and business
world on tho other sldo. Applause. Xow friends, (If theso big business
men wore wise, If they only had moro than tho -money touch, they would
realize thoit we are fighting for their oin children und grandchildren; that
If wo succeed it will be .Infinitely better for their children and their grand
children 'tbnn, lf thwwoiiUUhaic thelrlway. Sf.App.lqus'eJ, iTtor, jtfrlendslf
I-Jwere asked to put In one sentence
ibfllevo Is tho Progressive jnovementi,
cduntry will not rcmalri nJgood1" place
rrralns and Is made a pretty good place
IVfthbaqt wealthy mn who so bitterly oppose, -every icffort ito bring nbouva
hjghcr level of social justice In this country, If those very wealthy men itait
Utalri'VraV--tSdlr chlMre'n' wotltd.' flnll themselves' Jiving in la land whiro
SA'per cent of tho people Instead of
I ft 1. . .1 . ' -. II
Irig-a Keen 'tiride Irt and lbyalty'to' that
discontent and a riwng sense or munito
?uYeiJ)'' AVe iwlsh to help the sons nnd
making the country thoy live In a country of Justice. Applause
, And frlonVn, tight along this lino
nTunlty tho greatest nanufacturing community In the world, I should jay
(fomethirfg nbolit the turlff. I am for a protective tariff. And when I ajl
pjotectlye I. mean protection that protects tho working rnnn as much as flul
ifwlnufacttiror, on'd of course the farmor, too. In other words, I am for
protoetlvo tarllt that gots pat the mill offices down, among tho workmen
Applause. I am perfectly willing thnt a legitimate proportion shnll ;ay
up above the office, but a legitimate proportion has got (o como do-n, ton.
Every man who works liard and honestly Tor a living Ih entitled to at
least a living wage applause, and
living vugo for the man who tolls.
More than that, gentlemen, I wish
not In etore credits. Great and prolonged applause, 1 hold In my hand
a pay onvelope from one of your mills, and this Is what Is written on it
"a two weeks' pay:" Credit by wagos JM.20, debtor to store account, cash,
rent, etc, $23.23; cash for two veoks, J1.97." Laughter, In other words,
Uiat man has had for his two weeks work $1.97 in casli and overy3 other cent
ho received went book to his emrclover
JJnrJfra6d!Jn1iS'fiMntf f emollk "To" $&To
Rn pntnmnnv1. alntA Tin int..a din mnnn.. . .1 .U- ..i- t. t. ... . .
... .,.,....., .,,w.., .u .....,., ,,io luu.icj uiiu mo man siiuiuu uc in ins en
velope on pay-day, Applause. Otherwise it 1$ 'not fair "to him. '
And It Is nho unfair to .the retail
wcommunlty, with his rights, too. and
iffliroper JonpeUtIom The wage worker should havo tho right' to spend IP
rtWhorever he pleases. If this scheme which I denounce wero carried out
fin all mills and all manufacturing plante tho retail merchant would t&
swiped out of business and eventually, Instelid of having $1.97 to his credit
Tor two weeks, which makes tho onormous Bum of about 47 In a whofe
fcyour (instead of having but that H7), tho workman would work for somo
fblg trust which paid him nothing but somo food, some clothing and some
t Shelter, while 'the retail merchant would 'bo crowUed out of business. Ap
lause. ; ,
That klnd of wrong I not moroly donounco; I wish to seo a remedy ap
plied. I wish to see that kind of proeei stopped, lf It does not HtoJp of
its own nonor'd then I wish to seo It stopped by law. Applauso.. If a legis
lature will not give us tho right law then got the Legislature to change Ita
mind on change the Legislature. Groat applause.
flenator nrousstard of Louisiana says tho prlnclplo of tho free sugar bill
reverse the policy of ovory civilized nation and would placo Amorlcan pro.
tlucors at tho mercy of foreigners He didn't mention tho fact that tho
present system places 90,000,000 of people at..th'oVmorcy ot a 'lon trust
.magnate and permits them to rob ua of at least $CO,000,000 annually. Whloh
1 tho greater Injustice to refuse to help by enormous tariffs a few hundred
ugar makers or to rob overy man, woman and child In this country of from.
2C cents to 11.00 each, annually, for the benefit of those monopoly sugar
Hhleves who practice both petit nnd grand larceny on the American people?
VBut a tariff law coujd bo written that would stop this thievery. Tho trouble
has been that our tariffs havo been iwrltton by such non as Aldrlch -who
wanted to put Into the law special privilege, opportunity for graft and mon
opoly, sleepers, snakes, and all manner of outrage, Instead of leaving them
but. Let L (Follette, Bryan, Cutnmlns, Wilson, Llndsey, Urandels, Core,
prlatow and the Prosrresslvca generally of both parties write a tariff bill and
there will be no such a wlde-opon chance for extortion nnd robbery as the
present Aldrlch law affords. That opportunity to steal was placed In tho
ifligur tfahedulo deliberately Just as It was In the rubb'or schedule. The pro
Jlucora havo made all the tariff laws enacted for sixty years. Tho consumers
jiavo had no volco In determining these matters ivhen thoy ought through
helr representatives have had an equal volco In thoso deliberations. This
(s why this Aldrioh tariff is so frightfully unjust, unfair, ox-tortloim'te and In
famous. It was made to roh with. It Is a legal Jimmy.
' A IPhlladelphlan has bet two to one thin both Mr. Taft nnd tho Athletlo3
win this year. This man evidently has been wntohlnir baseibaii n rinunij
.r t . . '
mm he ijasnefflecteq to n9tlca,the itrend
Cov. Doneon of Illinois "believed
R, Manager.
ger, Frank R. Nortlimp
New York
No. 9,
United Press Telegraphic
sj I
Year ... $1.00
Col. noosovclt's speech-! nnd they seem
ho will honestly nnd Intelligently do
light against crookedness, against cor
victims of Injustlco are In his own
st business It Is a fight for decent
honest business man Applause, but the
through crookedness, is quite right In
for If e get the chance ve will hurt
honest nian because rte wish o mnko
not only all obscurity In tho law, ')jut
Impossible. But we Intend that there
ustlco from the state, shall
, ;
city, and, elsewhere, I rogrot to iy
men are against us and the men Im
come out for us Our strength lies with
professional men, the small business
to sum up In ono sentence what I
f should put it! this way: That this
for aiiyS 6t u to Uivo in i
-v- i
unless It re-
for all of us to live in. Applativel
loving the government, Instead of feel-
L. . . f . . " . ! . . -- .
land, folt
bitter haired nnd' etnlty and
A &
anger against -wrong t tint cnnnot-io
grrfitaons of those wealthy menbi'
It U .fitting and proper that In a com
the true meaning ot protective tariff Is
Clreut applause
to say thoso wages paid In cash nnd
In some shano
merchant who is a member of thii
to whom this represents utterly liny
" "
of polltlca.y. n i
that a leglslnltiire oliould earn Its na.
mM' Ji "''it
. - . t;
A'o can't lay any claim to being n Hwosevelt iboomor but tht man Is Rot
ting down on some of tho most glaring wrongs tind outrages which tha
strong are quitting over tho weak In our country tnnd 'dven the blttdt-ost op
position "paper In the laml, tho Now York World, Is compelled to admit U!
The World says: , , , i ,
Itoosovelt's nomination for President would ,beJ a greut cnlamlt.v',i but
his campaign for the nomination Is u great publlU,b"onrlll. lie hi'shhklim
up the dry bones of fossilized rospeflto'blllty. IIYssonrlng tho ifepjbllcnn
party out of Its smug velf-cnnipUtceitey. Ho Is drtvilng It down tW roid of
polltfcal progress In pplto ,"f Itself, and tho furlharjhc drives It tho botten
The nepubllcun party can no longer stand tpnf It W obliged1 to' move
with tho procession and "pander to tjlie
as Ternnn'Jo Wood used
one illustration out of ma
for the White House.
What Is truo at Itoghester will bo true at Ohloago. iThu jUUlonai plntt
form will boa better platform than It m'ould havrp been If MrIttfosevolt had
kept out or tho contest. A 'hotter-ithiifbnm nt shilitigo vvC'jf(fttto a bolter
platform at Dalllinqro. Tho DemocratTc jjnrty will havo ,tp,,i(in up witli
tno procewwon u u,iwinis 10 win ; u ' 5
a xatioxal xni:i). . J . ',
Thnt croosus, II. W. Pugo, who
bull's-eye all too frequently. Where
demagogues ns In Congress? Kven
ought to be straight, voted to keep
Congressman Itnnsdo.il snya that nearly
attorneys, agonts or lobbjlsts for corporaHons or hold sjooks of tho same
What chance have tho people with such mon representing thorn nt Washing
ton? That statement, remember, was mutle by a mender of the present
House and It is almost certainly true. A critical caimln'atlpn ought to be
made oir this matter by an Independent commlihlon and tholr report pub
Hshed to the country. That Is tho wny Chicago got rid of her "gray vvolvos''
and New York showed up the graft In her government, 'hht' Is a great na
tlonnl need which has been partially supplied by that ledn-hcarted patriot)
.Hon. H. M, La toilette, through his
enVlowed and managed, liy a compotunt governing board' rff pronilnjpnt men
who havo tho public confidence. There nro a hundred, njon and powtlbly
two hundred in Congress who should bo drlvon out. Tlio- nro either denui-i
gogues or grafters or both frequently
Itepubllcan lea'dorH soo In these
iprlmarles, that ho Is romarkuibly unpopular and they aro begUl,'n?' to'con
sldor somo otlior condlunto.jiut the iPfotuiient, himself, anil his umco-noiciersj
will probably forco his nomination.
that ho Js determined to bo nominated ovon If certain defeat awaits him.
A Taft managor discussing tho Illinois ItoosevenJFvIctory' lolnurkod:
"We could have beaton Iloosavolt
earner, uui starting it vvnen ne tuu
.iLorimor caso and play It up for all It
over aw lor mixing "poKor wiin prayers." t
Ilopubllcans of Michigan aro onthuslalstiu not toVy oxulwirant or
bolllgeront today nt tholr stato convention. Jndeod soWnlioh so that Qov.
Osboino has called out the troops, '
If Taft can't carry tho Republican
.Democrats think Mr. Taft Is a. protty
, Col, Itoosevelt Is drsousslng tho reUl
ournlmes. A careful reading of his
Tho only kind of resignation that
that 'whlh enablen him to vlthstnnil
Tf English women aro so active In
do at smashing ipolltlcal sates?
Jlr. Taft realizes Juat how tho
'Colonel depouncey them. .
Not flielng 'patched up with contrnctorH, tho Pana'amHCno-U will ho com-
pletcd on time,
That ''dnrlc horse" of oecaglonol
In cither convention.
It miW bo admitted that Tedldy gotslown to thq people and that he haH
running qualities,
ilyirlmer'a Uncaln league Is rapidly
. in
Jf a girl really wants u man's Igyo
) Ohlo'a Con-Con lit moving on "thfcfcmv'a delays," j4f
Y MIROfr UlOtDtv"
: ;,, tf LLC
sp,knf6 toitEAMS.
--s"' W
' ""1U-5'
jruiidui if f it' i ii wi in PLimiiiiuiu t iitu vniiitn hiv i
I 'to mv. Tile Itocheslcfr aonvontlon fiinlsljo only
lany of tho excellent reiltS of Mr.'ltu'vplt's dasll
moral sentiment of'thd tioiilhiunlty,
. .;
cnllod Congrow a l-of-of-crooks hit thq
would one- llnd puCh ur.lprlnoipled
Sonator Ponioreno and Hurton, who
tl07.000 - 8taphenn In tho donate. Hut
nil tho ini'inbera of thnt body nio
weekly. This commission should Iba
defeats of President Tnft, In' tho statu
Taft Is so bitter towards Hnoseolt
had ho started hh)b,catnpalgn 30 days
no was amo m HUfQ nuvaniiige 01 mu
was worth. Ho Iw tho groatet mnh I
states In the primaries- but. well,
goqll man for tlio nopubtleann to
evlls unci mron
lo.utragcs( of
speeches compel
gknow lodge-
? i
Jim WIlou knoV
njr uboiit js
. ..
etmifthlng wlndn.
liftt won't thoy
,fnaturo fugors" ii?
to'.fopl wlien tho
, t' i , ,
i r
racing qualities may rush tp tho front
dwindling to u bad smell
she returns it. 1
1 i
. AgStfli llj If HM
t jiH rtfiU
Current Comment.
Tho (iilllly.
'' Tho packer's' trial hhs ended nhd
the. consumer has been found guilty.
Toledo Hlade.
Hard to Kill,
K tho pencil crop hudnt tw!co( as
many lives us a cut, t would real!
bo destroyed by this time. -Clpvoland
Plain Deator. .,
AVlllIng to Prove Ho Can. '
Mr. Taift sees' where 'he can 'savo
millions If they'll give him Just ono
moro term. Hnltlmoro Sun.
In l)tHM!i.
A Ynl0,studont deserted thofor
estry oluss to marry on notross, bul
ho Isn't yet out uf tho woods. JJos-
ton Globe. i
Unexpected I) Conservative,
Abo Ituof Is Irrltatyd because n news
paper called hs a "human hjena."
Hut ho ought to bo glad that the
editor put In the adjective. Pitts
burg Gazette-Times.
.onntoiH AVho Knew Heller.
rour momliors of tho Illinois legis
lature may confess that they were
bribed to voto for Lorlmor. Tint the
sonato committee ovldontly decided
they were mistaken. Kansas City
Tnrt nml, Hiwiii,
If you want to get. rid of n lot of
political worry, Just make up your
mind right now thnt it will bo TaXt
nml Hryiin nnd get ready tq "voto
early and often." -Dolleifontalno Hx-j
amlner. ,
Attnr r lloes. '
Owing to tho scarcity of output.
prices for attar of roses havo touch
ed prleoH unknown slnco Uio Hnsso
Turklsh war of 1870. As lftuch ns
JH.no por ounce bos heqn paid for
good grade. Columbus Journal.
Grow tli of n Howl,
Tho Chicago Tribune, in one prn
groph, places tho width of tho Hood
ed Mississippi nt 40 miles and six
paragraphs later It mnltc8 It 00 miles
A river that can grow 10 miles In
six paragraphs is in danger of be
ing an ocean tho noxt day. iPlttsburs
Children's Laughter Closed n Park.
Tho Pushkin park, tho only chil
dren's playing ground at Sevastopol
whleh was nponed hy public sub
scription, has 'been closed by ndmln
Istratlve order bocauso the children's
luughtor and shouting Intotfore with
the work of the. public officials. In
th'olr ehhncery VJI Mall Gazette:
Puts End id Had Habit.
.TUIngH never. i look brfgh tn ono,
with "ho blues" Ten to ono'tho trou
hio js' A HluggUi Hver. tilling t)fa sys
tern with bilious poison, that Dr.
King's Now Life (tills would' expel. Try
Uioin. Lot the Joy of bettor ifeelngs
end "tho blues." Jicst for fStomaoh,
liver and kidneys. 2Ce. Tsohnnen
Kalrs nrro th'TeT creams' sn"
"The Man in Lonely Land."
Is tthe unique title of tho new book
by nuthor of
"Mary Cary"
Priced at ono dollar, or can be had
in our Circulation Library , nt two
cents n day with mlulmum chnrgo of
three days.
C. G. Wiant
ciitcuiV juirt0i.w -bNvH.xWttt
Tho temotrtita ot tho Third Judi
cial Circuit wt Ohio will meet in dele
gUto convention at Llnra, Ohio, on
Tuesday, Juno 11th, 1912, at 10 o'clock
R. m., for tne purpose n naminaung
a candidate for Circuit Judge for tho
Third Judicial Circuit of Ohio.
The basis of representation has been
ilxed at ono delegato and ono alter
nate for each ono hundred and fifty
voles and faction of sevent-llo or
ovor, cast for Jud.son Harmon for
governor iln 1910.
Under tho flibovo oipportlonment,
tho eo(In'tlb.s' nrb entitled to the fol
lowing numheriof delegates
Allfen ; 39 i
(AugtaJzo , , 25
1 rnwJord " 30
lUellnn'ce . , ',' 22
Knncock' 30
(Hardin , 28
(Henry 2t
ILogim 19
clarion 30
Herder 23
a'auldtiig ." 1C
Tutn'ftm id
Seneca . , . ,..,.,,, 38
Unldn . 19
Van Wert 25
Wyandot 21
Total number of delegates 421
Tho dolegntcn to said convention shnll
bo selected under tho primary olertlon
JaA of Ohio, olthor by direct vote at
tho primary, or nt a county conven
tion com'po-sod of delegates olected at
tho primary, arid each central com
nilttco of tho countlch composing said
iclroult Hli'ull meet and determine by
resolution adopted by a majority vote,
nbt less than thirty dayrf bofore tho
primary, tho manner of selecting said
Delegates to the county convention,
fthati meet dn iconventlon not later
than twenty days after tho primary
election nt such llmo nnd place as
the 'county central committee nt the
jlmo of fixing tho apportionment of
delegates thereto shall designate.
nTho following persons have boon
elected for temporary oftlcors oCtho
convention, ' .
3lon, i'hll, M, Cr'o'w, temporary
J. W. Klfgpre, temporary secretary.
F. Jf. Watt) sergeant at arms. '
Ey ortlcr of tho Democratic Judi
cial Commlttco of tho Third Judicial
Circuit of Ohio.
W. W. Dunbln, Chnlnmnrtr
Levi X. Jacobs, Secretary .
Tlili tccntli a lili t -I'll ct Deinoerntle
Sliilo senatorial Convention Cull,
Tho Democrats of tho Thlrteenth-Thlrty-Jlrit
Stato Senatorial DltKrict
of Ohio, -.vlll medt In delegate conven
tion, tt Upper Sandusky, Ohio, on
Tuesday, June lSth, 1912, at 11:30,
o'clock n. m.; for tho. purposo of nom.)
Inntlng a cMiidldnto for State Senator
Ton the ThlrtecnCh-Thlrty-rirst Sen
atorlal Dlstrlot of, Ohio, The. basis o
represnt.itlon, has been IWed nt on
delegate and orto nlterniite for uacl
two hundrM vo'.ea, . and fraction of
er.o hunJred ftr over, cast for Jiulspf
Harmon, for governor, In 1910.
Und or thoi above i apportliinmeu'
tnei oouMle.s inrc enitltled to thefol
h.wlng number ot delegates:
Crawford county' ,..2"
Logan county ,,. w .,.,..,... 1 1
Hardin county . , ,...,..21
(Marion county ............. .22
Sone.M. county ..2S
. Union cpunty ,.....,.,..,,(.11
AVynndot county ..,,....4.1 10
Total nnmhor of delegates ...112
The dolojates of said , con.yonlIo-iJ
shall bo soletjted . under tho prlninM
oloiitlon laws of Ohio, either by direct
vctlng at tho iPrlmury.ior nt n County
Convention, comprised of delegated
elected at tho Primary, and each
Central Commltteo of tho County com
prising ml.l Dlstrlot o-CHpedtlvcly, shall
meet and determine by lesolutlou
adopted a majority voce, not less than
thirty days bforo tho Primary, the
manner or scUctlng said delegates
Tho delpgites 'to tho County Conven
tion shall met In Convention not
later than 20 cny after tho Primary
election, nt such tlmo and place as the
Crtunty Central Commltteo mt the
time of fixing tho apportionment ot
dolegates thereto shall designate.
Tho following pers6nS havo boe.i
selected as temporary officers' of the
Hon. Tlios, C. Mahon, Temporary
iron. Hifrrj', SohUlcr, Secretary.
Hon. AV. P. A'eith, Sargonl-at-Arms.
Jly ordijr of tho Domocrntlo
Joint District Senatorial
Commltteo of tho Thin
teenfh Tlvlrty-flrst Sena,
, torlal Drstrlot of Ohio,
n. K. Guthory, Chairman.
AV. IJ. Price, Secretary.
To Ouro a Cold In Ono Day
Tablets. Druggists Tefund money If It
falls to cure. E. W. QHOVE'S signa
ture 1 on each box. 2Sc.
Olnd to Seo AA'u Again.
AVnshlngton, April 11. Official and
social AVnshlngton rejoiced yesterday
over tho news that Dr. AVai Ting Tang
Is coming back to tho national capi
tal as tho representative of the now
Chinese republic, Np other member
of th0 illplomatlo corps over nohlov"
ed tho social pre3tlgo of AVu. the, lr
represslble, tho unlquo nnd tho learn
ed, during his seven years' sorvlro ns
minister for tho umpire.
Dr. AVu first camo hero ns minister
In 1897, remaining until 1902. A "re
call" wns Inflicted upon the popular
doctor, but ho was returned Ave yenr
later nnd stnyod until 1009. At tho
Bta.tq department today It was snld
that Dr. AVu's return hero n Hthe first
minister of the now Chinese republic
was prompted both by his friendship
with President Yuan 8hl Knl and the
gToit nffoctlon with which AATn Is un.
Ivorsnlly regarded In Aw'ca.
The potlto Mrs. AVu Is also n great
soplnl favorite.
Dr. AVu has boon a power In "now
China." He was minister of foreign
affairs to tho Manchu dynasty qnd
with Dr. Sun Yat flon and A'uan Fhl
Knl. molded the njw republic Ho
aided this government grentlv during
the Boxer outbreak,) onrnlng the gra
titude of President noonovolt Ho
also held tho ronfldeneo of Rocrotary
liny, Piquant and puzzling, Pr. AVn's.
new "lunU' aro anxiously awaUodi
'Ho iy faihotji hers for his" ondlcii
Spades 60c, 75c.
Garden Rakes 25c,
50c, 65c.
Lawn Rakes 45c.
Hoes 25c, 45c, 50c,
Poultry getting
and Poultry Pence
Thibaut &
M autz Bros.
iifstlonn and unceremonious behavior
Ho espoused egetarianiSm while In
Washington. He nfao learned rho
mysteries of nMntlon from Wilbur
Wrlnht, Jumped on tho "water wag
on" by conversation of Mrs. John H.
Henderson; attended spirltuallstlo
Roances and (jul.-jod telephone opera
tors, presidents, coal wagon drivers
and senators with endless questions.
Iievllii Itcleiihnl.
. Now York, AprU-iljlv- Arthur Dev
lin, the Olant's third basqman and
utility player, left todity for HostOn,
havj;ig been, roleased .b Manager Mc
Grnvv tn the lloston braves. It Is
said ho will hold, dywp tho third
sack fur Johnny iCIIng's band.
Herrlek Off to It-mice.
vVtfvv Yoric, April 11. Sailing "for
prance to take u'p his post as nmbviffea
dor. -lyfon T. Herrlek lod&y waaopU
filsUcins fi 'tho bulwBo(Kiljk In
tho UnltedtStates. The ambassador said
He lfdi1Jjlft!'c;yjij anthrnoltir oxal
fttrlke 'vvjll TitJ oflfaurfjclentlyi long
duration to do any great harm.
"I bellcvo tho outlook for nn In
crease In business In 'the UpltcM Slates
is splendid." nud Herrlek. "Tho Iron
und steel industry In -Ohio Is excellent
and I look forward to a greater volume
of shipping on tho great lakes than
ihcro was In 1911, which was n very
good year."
SliiilivrlH Solvent.
New York, April 11. Holding tho
Sliuborts, theatrical agents, to be ol
vent, nnd ,woll nblo Xo llnaneo tho
"Bluebird" company, Snmuel Unter
mycr, counsel for tho Shuborm set
for(h that they wero wprih J2.0pQ.000
In securities nnd proiicrty lp , Js'eW
A'ork, anU that they do if biiHlness
throughout the coonitry of $4,000,000
a year. He offered ito furnish" v.1 bond
of JT'O.OOO to guaranteo tho proper ad
Jlinlstratlonjof the Mu6tilrd company.
This waa net-dpled and tho application
for a receiver wn denied, ' ' '
' To Open IIeinlitmrloiw May 1. -y
AttiKlilngton, April 11. Opening ot
hoaUquartcra of tha-.rtepubHcan Jia-(lonlV-Coinmltleli.at
V'hlcnB&l liboXit
Mny 1, was ,nnonncc(, tpday by Sec
retary Hayvvafd. Ho and VJetor Hose
uter of Omaha, acting chairman, will
thoii.nsHUiuo- charge,- Ntimeroiw-cou-
.lSia.or lliJjvB'tQ44 "ttiHll!Vfif1eajfly
rtxtnubllslimont of national offices, Sin
i vuir; nuyvuiu uiiv(i.
Best quality, lowest prices, good sor
vlco Is what you get In ov'ery pair n't
Heatty & Long shoes nnd oxfords. 1
Kverybody Is going to Hie Y M. C A.
opening tonight. It
"How's your fntliei ?' i
"He's avcII, thank you." "I
"irovv's your motlicr?"
"Oh, sho's well, tlu.nk you."
"Xlicn, our motlierV no" totter
tlinn jour fatlier."
'That's what tho neighbors say."
All of our earnings equitably
between two classes, deposi
tors and borrowers. The
former receive five per cent
and the latter pay only six
per cent. No fairer proposi
tion than this. The .people
are behind Building and
Loan Associations because
they now indeed serve the
invites your patronage. As
sets $5,500,000. Rankin
Building, 22 West Gay
tret, Columbus, Ohi0.
Write or call for booklets,
j.JJAJv--ikJAwj....'fc.' '' tjj

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