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y vri' Vf
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See the Blue Suit Window Trim''
If you havo not given bluo a thbught, thoso
new blues will start you thinking.
Talk nbout nifty looking pattern, there's ".oiitc real cln.H.s"
to those, Mr. PurplMi blues with red tilu Mi lpc founds stood,
doesn't. It? lnrU btues with grey llnlen mixture, eonservulUe,
Miiuut, ton. Insl'l blut'H mixed with tmi ami riccii, iiii effect cer
tainly attractive, ipeelnlly to a clcwr taste.
Stop tonight and see them come in tomorrow
and try 'them on We'll both profit by it.
Paint Their Colors About
High School Building and
Float Pennant.
Piles Quickly
Cured at Home
Instant Itcllor fl'i n Package Mulled
lVeo to AUln" l'laln Wrapper.
Allegheny muiiulnlnB. nnd the buhl
4-okIo from tho Whftu inouutnliiw lit
AlawrtichiiBottn, all shot by Or. Stengel.
ro also worthy of mention. Tlio whole
dlnpluy is unusual, anil attracts con
siderable attention.
Last evening Uio Junior clans of the
high school endeavored to establish 11
symbol of Its Biiprcmncy nbout tho
propprty of tho high school. When
teachers and pupils reached me scnooi
this morning thoy found Moating from
tho highest pinnacle of tho Hub pole,
the Junior 'Imnnor and colors, Immonse
lettors -painted In purplo mid Bold on
. ... . l.J...l.. IA 1tn frtl
wiiiks iiniwniK uiionuuii ' ",i -
the class of '13 is nulto nllvo and Jo
int:, unit Blnilllar notices on the four
corner posts of tho fense Inclosing tho
j aril. i
A Junior "stunt" Is generally "pull
ed off" annually and last evening tho
class managed to llvo up to Its pro
ilcccHHors by breaking u few rules, do
facing the piojierty somewhat and Btlb
Riqucnlh nriiiisliiB the Iro of 1'rlnclpal
Marsbnll who admonished the class In
an Indignant speech this morning.
The class promised to bo pood, the
pennant was lowered and a bucket of
paint removed nil signs of oITurveseltig
class spirit.
Mrs. Gcorgo Bailey
Vory Suddenly.
Death cuiuo suddenly tu Mrs. Hqpiil.
bath Bulloy, wife of UiMirge ItulloTO
at her homo on D.i1d street. WodnijB.'
day uvonlug at C:30 o'clock. ' Jlrs
Bailey lind been In poor health for
imiiio tlmo .but was not feeling worso
than usual, when nho was miilddily
seized with an attack of liourt truirblu
Wednesday cvoning.
tho wua born in iMorrow county,
September 10, ISfiU. and wan the
daughter of Mr. and Mr. G&orgo II.
iKostcr, both of whom uro iIbuiI. In
1884 tiho was united In mtirrkigo to
Mr IJallcy, who survives tho death of
his wife, will llvo chtlilrun, who tire.
Mrs. Edltli Butcholder. of Morrow
county. Mlso Ixvki and Mis Kloeuli
Ualley and Merlyn and Itoy Ifctllcy, all
of (Marlon. Two brothor also are liv
ing. They aro Alvln H. Pouter of (J.il
llpollB und Warren O. IKtmter of Ma
rlon. funeral services will bo held at the
resldonce Saturday iiioriilnB at 1I).:S0.
Ho. W. A. Kins will "officiate. In
termout will bo made In .Marlon
Tim Danger After (irlp
Lies often In n run-down system.
Uv-iltnosH, norvousilesn, lack irf nppo
ife. etiurKT and ambition. with ills-
rdcred ivir luid kidneys often follow
in utt r ut thl tvrfltched diseaso.
Tho greatest ntMsd then la lClectlic
Jiiuer. tli Klorlo.ix route, blood purl
iler an'J regulator of stomach, liver
nnd kidneys. Thoiiwinds huve proved
that Ithoy wonderfully strengthen the
nerves, build up the. system and ru
nt ore to health and pood j)lrlts after
an u(.tuck of Brlp. If milTerlng, try
them. Only RU fonts. Hold and p r
ifevt (KiUsfactlori guunurtucd b
'i'Hclianun Ilros.
A rcBUlnr $1.00 llussla calf button
hoe. Betitly & Long's price, Jlt.afj. 1
Three .Sultn Taken From the People's
Clothing Store.
I'u'n fnnti U'llii trnve lllelr llftlllPS
ll Harry lkuthle, of New York and
HJi.irley Jones, -of .teauetttt. I'a., wur
ni'rcsieil shortly tifter noon Thursduy
for Inn In? utolon tJiree suits from the
Peoples ClotliliiK eomp.iny store on
South Main stiest. Whlle one of tho
men was examining a suit of undar-
wear which ho apparently Intended
to purchase, his psrtuer grabbed 3
suits of clothe and made his get
mViiy. Officer Cuslck found tho men
In the barn at tho I.efl'ler & Miami
coal company yards and brought them
to tho eltv prison. Their hearing was
not for l-'rlday morning. '
s ."Mis. Hay Antliony Hamilton.
i Tiiichor of Piano.
Utinllo 327 S. yt.Uc. Phono fil2.
K n-si-'th.tKtr
Miiiilello the
ratal lllucti.
Some Excellent, Orations
Wero Heard at ie High
School This Morning.
The Junior class of tho high school
presented another. of Us .literary pro
grams on tho auditorium at uio nign
school this morning at half after eight
Miss Mnry Horseman gave the llrst
jiumbcr, talking on "Jnmca Whltcomb
ltlloy." Miss Mildred Hilt guvo a read
ing, which proved very entertaining.
' Helen Hunt Jackson," wn charact
erized by Miss Qrnco Lindsay after
which Miss trma, Young's piano solo,
piCscntlng Hcliulhdff's "Agitato"' with
excellent Interpretation.
Lot Hcehtel built n visionary "Uall
road Over tho Hca" after which Miss;
Mario Kramer gave n book review of
"Tho Marble l'liwn." Cluiulo Monro
or with your nntno and address on u gnvo a character skotch of Walt Whit
slip ofrpapar. Savo yourself from tho, man
Tho I'ji'iiniltl .smile.
Many cases of Piles have been cur
cd by ti trial tpaiikuRu of Pyramid Pllo
TU'iiledy wUliouif further treatment.
When It proves, 1 value to you, got
more froifi yTur- druggist at no cents
a box, and bo" sure you get the kind
you nsk for.'. 'Simply clip out froo
coupon IjoIow and mall today, togoth-
ctiunty July 14, 1378, nnd wag ih6
daughter of Mr. and 'Mm. Jeremiah
plcer of Mxirlon. Sho iwhh unltdif in
marrlago to Mr Nash, 13 years ago,
nnd IS survived by him ami throo chil
dren, .Mildred, Aubrey and Smrgarel
iN'ash. Ucsldo tho iKircnts, husband
nnd children, the deceased Is mourned
by two brothers, Frank nnd Albert
&plcer, of Marlon, nnd two sisters,
Wnltor Uarncs Splicer, who dlod a
Wcc1 ngo, was a brother of Mrs. Nash.
Funeral services Will 'bo held Satur
day .morning nt 11 o'clock ut tho resi
dence. Intermont will bo made in
Marlon cemetery.
Many People Are Ecctc(t to Attend
Tills Inciting.
surgeon's knife, the doctor and
Free Pile Remedy
Cut out this coupon mill mall
to the PYltAMIl) DIUKS CO., I1!H
Pjraiiild Ulilg., MtirMiall, .Midi.,
mIUi ,Mnr full mime and nililrcxi
mi a slip "f paper. Miniple of
the gnsit Pjramlil Pllo Itemed?
Mill then lie hent Jim nt once. Iij
mail, ritlCIC, la plain wrapper.
Miss Florence Francm closed
Ilia tho program reviewing "Tho Hoozlor
School Master."
Victim of James Whltcomb Itllev, Charles AV.
F.iliibiuikK. Senator John V. Kern,
Flnlay H. Orny, and George Ade.
of ;Charlcs K.
Vlnconzo Monlello, an Italian la
borer In tile Mnllenblo Iron shops,
dloil nt his homo on. Silver street,
Wednesday-evening at 7:30 o'ejock,
after a weCtV Illness i pneumonia. ixveased nil.
The mrtn was born in Italy, .Aiiuvn
i, tSSS, and was the son of Cfiniiollo
Monlello, Who lives In .Marlon. The
decoased camo to Marlon a llltlo over I .. ' . . . . .
Wo years ago I Npw" w,,s racylved luno yesterday
,. !"! ..r..!l! Vi.5:!:;; V S 'TJX
inm n.Tht oviork. t.itornn, wm.l,m,r r till city. Death roViltcil
: iViiut
bu mado In tho St Mary eomctery.
MailiaUV Delegates at Large.
Indianapolis, Ind April 11. Oov
ornor Marshall today announced the
appointment of llvo lndlanans as
mem'liers of a national committer for
the ccpDirntinu of the 100th anni
versary nf jieare among lhigllsh
spriik'ng peoples, to be held 1n lftll
13. The flvo members nnmed are-
from pnral.isls'. Mr. (Joniif went to
Columbus today to attend tho funeral
Funeral Pert lees Sunilay.
irtinernl sorvlcos ner tho remains
of Dr. Calvin P. Oulley, who died nt
his homo on South Rl.ite street. Wed
nesday morning, lHI lie held at the
residence tfunda'imrning at 9 o'clock.
The bidy will then be taken to Ft
Wnjiic by ITndcrtUkir 'urtls, where
(rem.itloit will take ilJ'
linker Victim
if Painful
Httrry F. linker, an employee at tho
Ohio Tractor 'Works had Uio mlddlo
llngor on his left hand badly mashed
whllo n work yrstcrdny iiftoruoou.
Hlikcr's hand was cnugliL between tho
wheel of an engine and u board. Ho
1i.nl -i heavy glovo on Jit tho I hue
which jirolubly saved his hnnit from
fjirtjiCi' Injury. . " "' ' 1
Attend the Y. M. C. A. opening to
night. Everything freo for avary'
body. " ll
Warner 6 Edwards Co
Storo JS'ctvs For Friday,
12, 10t2.
Many now "Printzoss"
Garments Arrived r J
Since Easter.
Tho formal opening of tho newly
equipped Y. M. C. A. building was hoi
gun this afternoon, under vory nttspl
clous circumstances. Tho weather,
tho Interest which Bmrlon pctfple talv
In Y. M. C. A. happenings, and a de
sire to fcee tho new Improvements und
additions, brought many people to tho
'building during tho afternoon.
Tho reception commute, which In
cluded II. O. McJFuxrcii, assistant sec
retary of tho organisation, and ST. S.
JJurtholomeW, physical director, met
tho visitors at tho d'oor of tho llrst
floor, nn'd ushered them Into tho read
ing rooms, tho g-.imo rooms, tho gym
mislums and other places of Interest.
This evening, a. lurgo number of peo
ple Is expected 'by tho Y. iM. C. A. of.
llelul.H, who h.ivo prepared a progrom
of music and ginncK to entertain tho
company. Threo negro iniiskiana will
bo present and render a number of se
lections, I, II McNcal'H orchestra will
play, and u lino Ictro)a from tho AVIant
iook storo will furnish lruirlc.
llcv. C. It. Iliulglmrst Pi-epaici In-
' ' tercstlns' Adilresf.
Mostly Coats and soma Suits.
And the best l"rt nt It all Is
that they nro nearly alt entire
ly now models.
$10.00 Misses i Coats Tho
largo assortment Including
plain and wldo walo sorgca and
fancy mixtures, nil with largo
$13.50 Coats These Include
itho newest "Prlntzcss" models
made of now materials, most
ly gray and tan.
$111.00 nnd $20.00 Conts
Valuo In theso coats that arc
guaranteed to bo eiitml to any
ordinary $23.00 garmont. Illuo
merges with wlilto collars. No
iwoman need pay moro than
tills for n cloth coat If sho
buys from Whrnor &,lidwnrds.
Serge (Dresses.
A special sule offering tho
ull-iwobl French serges In
navy, Urown, tan and black
and white. An exceptional
value at 311.75 nnd 33.75,
Itev. C. It. Hnvlghurst. of the IJii-
'wurijli Methmll(t churtii, (has pro-
i pared a list of sermons to bo deliver-
,lr.. G. V. Xnxli DIM Tills. Morning. ' oil during tho Sundny evenings of
April. Tho subjects have 'been clioy
, ' I on with n Vlow to oxiilnlnlng tho fu-
Mrs. Kulle Ustcllu NVmh, wlfo of O. ! turo life In tho light of modern
W. Nnsh, died Thursduy morning at ! tihnught.
!i o'clock at her home on North cff- On the evening of April 14, the hiiIi
ncr avenue Death as caused bj ai'Jec't will be "Heaven, What It Is and
complication of diseases from which i Where V On , irll 31 "Can an In
the deceased sulTercd 'or about one J tclllgcnt Man' Molleve In Help Any
wefk. '' LoiigerV1' On" April 28, "Shall Wo
iMrs. Nash was born In Franklin ! Know our Friends In Heaven?"
a newspaperI
Tho pupils of tho Mai Ion high school
have been given authority by Princi
pal Marshall to start high school pa
pers which will record tho news of In
terest about tho school. Three num
bers will bo published before tho close
of tho school year.
Seven pupils will compose tho news
staff, and they will bo chosen at an
early date. Tho object In starting tho
puper Is purely literary an tho bcnellts
jfrc'nv composing' nnd contributing majf
icrini lire coiisiucrcu y uu luuiiui.
excellent training for tho Btudents. i
' 3
i i'
Dr. V. A. Stengel lias u Flue Display.
A rare addition to the taxidermist
display which Dr. F. A Stengel bus
in the windows of IiIm opthtil parlors
on South State street, lias been m.i.Ie
Iby him 'this week of a wild coyote.
'V(londldly mounted, shot by Dr. Sten
gel's cousin, A. Herman, In the Itoeky
mountains, near Denver, Colorado
The animal Is "beautifully mounted,
and hoidM a iblrd ibetwer n j j is Tin
two wntur turkeys, from tin Oulf of
tMcxIco, tho ring jilu-i,inr fioiu t,ie
$1 Seamless Sheets 66c
Several dozens line iiiuillty SI by II 0 bleached Ken in loss
Sheets -anti "seconds" of ctru . rg( U0 by 'JO New York
Mills Sheets' Our cxtr.t, special 2-d.o' prce, ....y., iliic
American, JLighjL Calicoes 4 lA c
Tomorrow & Saturday only tdiolee our .entire stock i'
Amcrlc.iii light ground calicoes (not oier 12 yards, to any
one tustomcr) at I l-2e jd.
Best new 7c Apron Ging. 4fc
II00O yds. of best brand new 7c Apron
10 yds. to a customer at
Cilnghams not over
I il-le jd-
Uhler-Phillips Go.
i$ARWs' greatest' retail business
New 1 ScTrflidePercales
0cr :i5ili idfi. wt tlu-e cplciidhl light ground
ttif-lueli lire-s Perealcs. A Mondcrfiilly good detec
tion of hot htilpi', L'tieek und nctit llguic patterns, for
2 iliijw only. Not over 10 jds. to it cu-tonicr, 0 :i-le d.
Special ut only
pretty hlrlpc,
tiiccks and
.... 8c jd.
-Special Embroideries
$2.50 Voile Flbuncings $1.50 yd
Eletfant $ 00 Voile 'Flouncing at .$1,751 ;Yhid
Jnsi fquvlved a frei-h" shipment of he tmiijt bcimUful
L'luciiibriildereil Vollo Flouncing that w'ef have'- ycf "bMix
IiiclKcmbriililered VolHi Fiouuciiigsi that w'ej have-yc
Among them being several oxiiuisito patterns which
going to sell at these remarkably special prices.
wo uro
:i.oo Floiiiiclngs (Hi liiclien wliler nt"31WK"yuj'
50c & 75c Swiss Flouncings 25 c
iSovornl iprutty ISnglish eyolot putterns In these extra
ttpeclnl 27-Inch Swiss FloiiniinsM. Hcguiarly worth DOo to 7lie
tho yard at only '. 25c
For Tomorrow & Sat.--we announce this the greatest list of
I IHimilllll ' l . , Pl 111 !! II i I -I. ! ! ! IMHMMmMMHMMMMM-MMWHNHMimiilMHMNNMMMMMSlMVMMamMMa
. j t
True-Blue" Bargains ever offered by a Marion Store at this seasoyt of the year.
Niftiest, Nobbiest &
Daintiest Stylish
New Millinery
Spring Hals for street &
Dress wear. Now arrivals
We want yon to know
tliiU in this new store yon
can get better hats from $1
to $5 Jess than others ask.
McCombs Shop
Much the Biggest and Best
Marion Has Ever Witnessed.
Including us it does III,, greatest iiMortiucuts or beautiful
lilgli-grailo new Spring Silks eer ollcred In the lit nt
Special prices,
3,000 Yards of finest quality
brand new $1 Spring Silks
IlaiuKomt 51.00 MeMilIno ami am -4
beautiful I'hllTou tiilfeta htrlies, f rT ry I
flieukM, hinall neat ligiuiw, PcrMans, ' iT J
ettv lilacs, browns, Iiiils, greens, black ( M m C )
and whites, etc. 1 - 2l
25c "Seco" Silks at
1,500 Yards Fourteen colors
Except in oiir gi'eat seini-annnal Clearance we have never be
fore published an advertisement which annonnced rjiich incompar
able bargains as does this one, for tomorrow's & Saturday's sell
ing. Everything hero aclvertisod is desirable now Spring merchan
dise positively guaranteed as to its quality!
Ml Calicoes tor2days at
Absolute choice of our entire Mock r
of new Spring American and Simpson, Tr
Calicoes, ut
50c all-silk Spring Foulards
limited iiiallty ilivlralile new all- f
lift color nnd l,lUXt
hllk Foulard;
terns ut
Extra Special For Friday and Saturday Only
25c TISSUES 12'4c Yard
A special purchase about 1200 yds. of these
sheer, cool, woven tissues .in neat stripes,
checks and smaller plaids ' -Svhich appeal to
everybody. Tomorrow & Hat. only at ., 12 l-2d
' ' I I "'ill II If
,' I Iij
'''' 1 II "Hill
I'll In
Hi V !
II Illy Kllllti
nn 111 1 1 1 111 '
il t 111 ll Jli ,
Suits, Coats & Dresses: Matchless Val. these 2 days
Hundreds of Special NEW COATS in this big 2-day Sale
For tomorrow and Saturday wo will havo a vory extensive variety of now materials,
which nil who Imw wen them pronounce the finest ;urmentn they lime eicry encountered ut Ihcho piiccH,. Full-length,
nasy-ilttlnK coutn tailored and finished In th most captlvutlnK stylea. .Many of thorn havo tho vory effective now contrast
Ins collars and eiiffn tun with blue, brown with tan, sobolln with navy blue, Und tho like Tim BrcutCHt values) ccr hhuwu
j on ut thcbo bpccliil prices Si (1.00, !$l.3(), 9I0.nl) und SIH.nt).
Distinctive $25 to $35 Coats
These !iuiidnoino t'o.ita aro of tho moat otfcluulvo churactor and orn
'body tho Bouaon's very licst atylo fcaturee with exceptionally hluh-BiaUo ,
matorlals and plondld workmanHhl p. HerKcs, whlpcnrda, wldo wales, wool
corduroys. In blues, tuns, browns, grays, black and whites, und white. Al
together the llncBt and most ilcalruHilo uuta in tnu city, $25 to $U5.
Yjpu'll not equal these Suits elsewVe
$17.50 to $22.50 Suits $12.50, $15 & $16.50
Our hplmulld new Sl'J.30, SI. -.0(1 iui) $1(1,3(1 Suits hnvo a chic Btylo which would
lead you to think thimi much hlger priced. Such uplcnaid quality matorlals, Hn
liigs und workmanship aro Indeed scldomo eoon at thoso apodal prices. Plenty of
tilueti, tups, browna and grays,
$25 to $35 Suits $18.50, $19.75 & $25
Klcfnuit SultN ut 81H.S0, $111,75 und $25 In lino whipeords) serges, diagonals,
wool torduroys, otc Such jiults soil ut from J2D to $35 elsewhere,
; At $:j5.ul, $;i7.50 to $50.oe thq-mbstnagnlllcontj ono-ofa-klnd aulta shown In
i the city.
Just received a dozen
fresh now stylos in $1.50
Lingerie "Waists, Special
at 98c.
$1.50 Long Crepe
Kimonos at $1.00 ,
Splendid $1,50 Inns Serpentl no
Crepo Klmouoh cry attract ho
figured Persian patten ... 01.00
$1.00 Trimmed Combina
tion Suits 75c.
Ladle' lino lone cloth $1.00 com
bluatlon KultH cmluolilcreil joken
linen hieo ttimnicd vjtlni
HpCiillll ut , . . . 75o
Millinery Jewelry
143 N. Main St.

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