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The Marion daily mirror. (Marion, Ohio) 1892-1912, April 13, 1912, FIRST SECTION, Image 8

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-'yEf' 'H)ywpw.iiu- 'V!5 '
"HI-SPEED" Model
DARING Shoe for Younrj Men.
'Too raised many (kjreo'i liitjhcr than that of the
more conservative
. ,- Very short Vamp, high
Arch and Heel, causing the
shorter, and mailer, than in
A "Vanity" Stylo for Younr
Men who delight in
wearing "something
Black Smooth Cnlf-
Hluslicr Oxford
Solea 11 S.
Heels 128
lU'inovcel to Alllugtoii.
Washington, April 12 "Arlington's
hallowed coll tint nf tot-noon ieoeIed
ihe body of Major nenernl I'lill Keurnx
hero or three warn, tukun from lis
Testing plico of a score of wars i
Trinity church yard. New YorU Tin
flag-draped casket -was carried to tin
national cemetery with all the pomp
of a big military funeral I'nwldi nt
Tuft attended tlu Intel nun.
Niftiest, Nobbiest &
Daintiest Stylish
New Millinery
Spring Hals for street &
J)res wear. New arrivals
liaily;-" ' ' ' "
AVe want yon to know
?that in this new store, yon
-can get better hats' from $1
'to $5 less than others ask.
McCombs Shop
Millinery Jewelry
143 N. Main St.
Are the noblest of instru
ments. Its full rich tone, and
its splendid volume, are a
delight to music lovers. Why
not emplpy the very best of
all if you can?
Sold at
Peters Piano Store.
110 N. State St., Marion, 0.
"ftj&y- (! Bff liittffrfi ill " T"
Universal" model.
Swing Toe, high
fnt to look
ot'K"' shoes.
Stock No.
l T'ty
Apoplexy Causes Woman's
Death Saturday
Mrs. Mary Scofleld Cook, wife of
Theodore Cook, win clnlmud bj death
tatuiday morning nt 3 o'clock at her
home near Morrnl Mm Cook had
been in poor hualth, sulTorlng with
asthma, for several months. She wns
stnldmlj seized with u utroke of npo
ple tills morning, 'Which, einnpllcat
ed with her otlior lllliosfl, resulted fa
tally. Mrs Cook win used 61 year and
was the daughter of Mr and Mih 18m
liianilel Scofleld, both of Whom nro
.'rt'ead. She In mirvlvod by her bus
iwiiid and the follotoirwr children: Will,
Chhrles and Harry Cook, .Mrs. Nora
MewHMiiw and Mm. Hn tLohmnn,
uP of Miirral, Harley Cook and Mrs.
William Itoiioh of Michigan, .Mrs Wil
liam lleaver of Murlojft and Mrs Clnr
ciue Sutton of Laltuo.
Immoral arrunitumetit.s blue not yat
Lcen completed
Young man, money In your pocket
Ih easy spsnt, put u small purt of It
away In a eho) e lot noar tho ncw
HhoM'l works at Southwogo. Ah tho
nhow-1 'plant grows the vulno of your
lot will double up, too. It
Albeit. Kulli Is Tlii'oun J'roin
Wiijjoii Hut N I'nlnJiiml.
Albert' Until, who resides m -tho
country about seven miles south of
Minion iiqrrowly, escaped serious In-
jur i'iuuh iincmuoii, i ne Jimug
niurj was Returning hiSmo fiom Marjon
win llTs horso liiotune frightened In
sumo nuinliur and started to run away,
Tho frightened nniiual ran from tho
t-un thonter to tho 1'ennnjlvnnla
tiucks in Wt Marlon, before 1elng
Hopped. When tho light spring wug
n roached a jiolut opposite tho i'Hn
am thonter Mr. Hu(h was thrown
sivural feet and alighted only a foot
fiom a tele phone polo at the edge of
tho stioot. H Immediately nroso and
nluited Jn pursuit of tho horso which
wub caught by spectators when It
reached the railroad. When young Mr,
Jiuth met Officer Thompson a few
minutes later ho was so imdly fright
ened ho wuu unable to recall his name.
1 orlunutuly no serious InjiirleM wero
sustained and Mr Until una nhl, in
resume his tegular duties nt tho farmjboyond wliat they vaguely describe ns
K.iturdi The nniauas occurred an Increase of 'rosponnlblllty Tho
sIort'. after 3 o'clock.
Well Known Woman Will
Lecture For the W. C. T.
U. Women.
"Mother" Jiiyiion, ns tho superin
tendent of tho Floronce Crittenden
homo for girls, nt Columbus, Is af
Wdionately termed, will speak In Ma
rlon Sunday afternoon at Trinity Uup
Hnt church
The aervlco Is In; chnrgo of the lo a
Woman's Christian Temperance union
and will begin at 2:30 o'clock It a
tu lio an upon meeting, and every ono
U Invited tu bo presonl and hear
'Mother" Juyiies tulk on tho virlous
mibjwts which sho presents In a most
Interesting -manner.
Soutlrwearo office at A. v
Phono G37.
Newly Prepared Rooms Re
ceive Officers of Pennsyl
vania Railroad.
An Addition Will be Made
to the Old Freight
Many New Impiine-menis lime Moon
dele-el to (ho UiiIIiIImk mill More
Mndcrnly Uililpixil Ouiceye Cim Not
be Pound In .Minion.
Saturday was moving day at tho
local FennsyUnnln yards and by Mon
da morning nil tha freight offices
and their lespe-ctlve occupants will be
mi fel quartered In their new homo
in tho building formerly occupied bv
the ofllcea of the Marlon Stettm Shovel
The newly appointed of Ice lire tho
model Improvement and posses many
advantages over tho rooms In tho old
Height building.
lloth lloors havo been refurnished, a
hot water heating plant has been In
stalled and miirdu electric lights will
be employed In each room. On tho
flint lloor a largo vault will iwure ab
soluto protection to files, freight bill?
and otlior company papers. A largo
safe Is also found among the first lloor
flxturos. Pel feet sanitation Js claimed
for the new quarters.
On tho second lloor it record filing
caw, largo enough to hold company
files for a period of eight years, lt
found. The company Is required by
law' to save such papers for that long
n time, rtccords covering -a period of
seven jonrs hnvu already been trans
ferred indexed and filed In tho now
cabinet. It Is estimated that flvo ton
of paper will bo removed from tho old
offices Into tho new.
Tho company Intends to make an
addition to tho old fielghl rooms and
In tho near futuro thoj will bo ex
it nded as far north as spaco will per
il. It With the added space two de-
puitments to the freight house will bo
permissible. Ono department will lie
nsed for receiving frolght nnd tho
other will be cmploed for shipments.
Shelter for eight cars will bo an ad
vantage gained by the proposed en
largement of the prcBeiit building.
The following offlulalo nnd Cmplosefl
will occupy tho new office building
Freight and Passenger Agent, O M
Kniiuer; Assistant nngineer, Pettl
giow; Yard Clerk, J. II. Forsythej In
terchange Clerk, I K. nix; Ticket
Clerk. II. W. Hock: Chler Clerk. I-'. CJ.
McColllUr; Itecclvlng Clork, W. K.
Iletor; Itato Clerk. W. I) Stnik: Su
pt'rvlsor. A lltinson and night man,
J. M Linn Local employes aro of
tho opinion that the Marlon pfflcrs
nro tho must modem Pennsylvania
freight offlcea wont of Pittsburg.
Again the Pennsylvania railroad has
follow! tho straight-forward fashion
of addressing Kb arguments on wages
dhectly to its own men. It happens
that tho Pennsylvania. Is ontltlcd to
nu Independent position, since It pays
higher wegea than tho average of the
custom district. Uut junt for thnt
lenson Its treatment of Its men de
serves note. If a woll considered prac.
tlce of n corporation to concede rela
tively high wages Is to havo tho re-
su't that tho iinloiiu put 't on exactly
tho samo level with all tho other em
ployers In tho samo Industry, tho soon-
I' this last and least defensible de
mand of labor bocomos known tho
Probably tho nnswflr of tho men
would bo that they uro asking tho
Pensylvanla for nn Increase of only
11.8 per cent., whereas their demands
upon all the otluw eastern roads rep
resent an advance of 202 per cunt. It
It truo that this does,, In u way, con
stitute a recognition of tho Pennsyl
vania's comparatlvo ll)era!lty, but at
tho samo time it brings out In striking
rflief the oxorbltanco of tho union do
munds. Tho louders of tho locomotive
engineers havo not refuted tho rotort
o' tho railroad managers that tho scale
ucked means nn Increase, for all roads
arretted, of 18 per cent, Tho men
tlionisolvoH must know that any ouch
Increnso to all employes nt ono tlmo
would dlslocuto any Industry In tho
country. If It bo nnowcred on their
1 elmlf tluit thoy asked for moro than
thoy expect to sot, for tho trako of ad-
vantago In Uirgalnlng, thoy havo
merely prejudiced their own case.
On their own statement nothing nan
Intervened since tho adjustment of
1D10 to justify an incroaso In tho scale.
Pennsylvania's, uddress to 'is engl
neors mnkos a very strong prima faclo
case, contending ns It does that this
class of Its cmp'oyo has shared evun
more liberally than It could hava hop
er. to sharo n tho earnings of tho
last ten or fifteen, jpnrs- It will take
specific arguments of great woight to
controvert) tho position of this rail
road, and tho loason ulimild not bo lost
upon tho others.
Saturday vh jjny day for tho Erie
omiiloyc at- Marlon. Tho conve'ilflonul
nay cur Is not employed by the Urlo
company nnd, nil local help received
tholr monthly chock by letter today.
Second-trick man and wlfo Mr nnd
Mis. J Hancstlno hnvo loft for I-an
caster where they will spend Sunday
Evtry Womm
it lnlaNiLud and thoold laar
about tb wonderful 0
privi mi coiiTea
At c yoor iiruffir1t for U.
II 11 c
cinnot attpptir tha
t..m ij. -jn.l iiimn tut
MM A K W ri Mim Utrf N
III.. uii i.4 li4r.HiAUeI. II KlYM
full uartleuitM wwl l!&tiTt l?u
ircxMH&.'mt vt.
jm. m r m
Cnfiirrh jjtcmedy,
Khqiimntlc Hetnedy.
Liver Remedy
Perhaps It Is your MISrOn.TUNn
to bo nffllctcd with on0 or mofc Of
these troubles. '
,' "-
BUT .. ..
It in your fa)iltrlf jou contlnuo to bo
so afflicted. ,'
are placed on sale with that best of
guarantees. Your money back If not
'satisfactory. ' ' f , tii
1'or snlo by.Sclynldt & Co.
with his parents. 'Mr. Ilanestlnn Is
night tlckot agent nt tho Union de
Representatives of rallronds nfflll
ated with tho Central Passenger as
sociation renfflrmod today their deci
sion to grant nothing less than two
cents n mile for coinenllon rntes
during tho coming summer.
A number of tho smaller lines con
nected with tho association presented
nrgumentH In fnvor of a. deviation
from this rulo on special occasions.
On account of their protest It Is pos
sible that a tlpeclal meeting of tho
association may bo called In order to
glvo further consideration to tho mat
ter Among tho conventions affected
1iy the two-cent order are. tho Itopub
llcan nnd Democratic National con
ventions and tho National IJducatlonal
association to bo held In Chicago July
fi 12.
It also was decided to ellmlna'o
low excursion rates to Niagara Falls
this summer and continue In force, tho
regular summer fares.
The question of authorizing Sunday
ecMirsIons, which was on tho docket,
was not taken up at tho meeting.
Four roads have served notice that
they Intend to fun tSunday excursions.
Watch tho now houses go up III
SoutHwa.ro new that the new drainage
"f" ls be,"B '"atfl"ct'-
Jonathan Kodil Arrested and Hrouglit
Into Jlnjor's Court.
Another step was taken Saturday
afternoon t In thi' test case brought
about by Jpnuthan Itedd, manager of
tho Wonderland , theater ' on north
Main street, who Was arrested on
tho chnrgo qf, Opening and exhibit
ing n thoatrlyal and drnmntlo por
formanco on flundiy, April 7.
On April S, Chief McDOnough filed
nn nftldavlt In the mayor's court.""""" " T ' v
charging Hoild with opening nnd ox- Thp Cllsc of Mirinm Uortrand agnlnst
limiting a, tnenincai unu . .......
performance on Sunday nnd tho case
wns' set for hearing for April
modd omnloved Attorney I.. Vj
Myors while tho state was represent
ed by City Solicitor Tfri'd Vft WJirvr
Tho only witnesses that appeared o
tho Saturday afieruoon hearing wore
patrolmen McC'olly and Shrock, both
of whom testified that nedd wns op
erating his motion picture ghnw on
the dato mentioned In tho complnlnt
nnd both agreed that they saw him
soil tlckots. When asked tho nnturo
of the exhibition nnd whether or not
It was a dramatic and theatrical per
formance, both witnesses ngreod that
In their opinion It "was.
When asked by Attorney Warner
If tho pictures exhibited on that Jny
wero passed by th0 board of consori
of Now York City, nodd answered
At tho conclusion of tho tostlmony
Mayor Walters handed down tlio fol
lowing decision: "I find tho defendant
guilty and flno him J2C nnd costs."
Tho dofenso Immediately made n mo
tion for a new trial which tho court
overruled, Tho dofonso took excep
tions nnd asked the cmrt to waive
tho sontonco for dpn dnya during
which tlmo an effort will bo maelo
to toko It to the common pleas
Tho now dralno'go system la a big
thing for Southwego. 1
Ales Askcel to Set Ashln Sunday For
Tubeioiilur Day.
Apr'l 28, 1912, has been set nsldo as
tubercular day and on that day
churches throughout tho world will
fcooperuts tu tho educational part of
the great campaign ugalnst tubercul
osis which ls now being wuged, In
tho effort to stamp out and provent
tho cllsetuw, It will bo taken Into the
churclies ua well ns tho schools and
Tho Marlon churches havo been so
licited to Join In tha campaign nnd
glvo tho use of tlittlr auditoriums on
that day. !
Tho question ha been raised It
rruneo whether glycorln can he re
garded as a food material inasmuch
u It enters into tho composition of
certain candy and nlmllar materials
4Ykt 1inblUrll(llin ftMir. fln.il il r.nl..lin.
heU ;-- J" h;;ffM"
food value, and that its habitual Indi
gestion may not bo without ovll er
feets. Take a pleasant nnd prollta1)lcut,rIi
to Southwf-go today or tomorrow 1
Submarines, airships and tho like
can bo steered along tho path of u
previously laid cable by use of sound
colls. Vessels cap thus bo steeiei) t
avoid submarine' mines and other hid
den dangers., UM,
Proceedings Begun a Short
Time Ago), End Today.
Catherine Schuck Potitions
For a, Divorce.
Charges Husband With Cruelly mid
Neglect Couple lima llcoii 3liir-
I'letl Sex'titi-cn Years and Ilmo One
Adopted Daughter
A petition for a divorce was filed
In tho common ploM court today, by
Catlierlno T. Shuck, against John T.
Tho cottpte was married In Marlon,
February 17, 1895, nnd hnvo no children
""t have nn adopted dnughter, Mar
gnret AV. Shuck. Tho plaintiff claims
thnt tho defendant ls guilty of ex
treme cruelty towards hor. That ho
has repeatedly threatened to kill her,
struck her with his clenched fist nnd
choketl her. Sho states that tho de
fendant Is guilty of frequenting places
of Ill-resort, spends most of hi senrnn
lugs with bad women and falls to sup
port his wife nnd adopted dnughter.
Tho plaintiff foars that the defend
ant, will sell or give uwny their per
sonal property: sho also fears that ho
will draw money now due him fiom
tho Krlo railroad company, In order to
keep her from getting reasonable nll
mony: sho further claims1 that tho de
fendant Is not the proper person to
huvo charge of their adopted child.
Thercforo, sho prays that sho be dl
vorctxl from tho defendant, 1h nl
(ived temporary alimony, nnd upon
a final hearing1 bo given pormnnent'all
tnony, bo given tho euro of tho minor
child, nnd ulso nsks that 'tho defend
ant Ifo enjoined from selling or en
cumbering their household effects, and
that the Krle railroad company bo en-
Joined from paying the defendant any
wages due him. II. K. Hill ls uttorney
for tho plaintiff.
A suit for damages was leglln In
the common pleas court today, by Hu
bert L. Lowery agulnst tho Marlon
Steam Shovel company.
Tho plaintiff for his caiirto of ac
tion snys that In November 1910, when
he was engaged In tho factories of tho
defendant, being emploed ns assis
tant holler-maker, thiiti ho was maelo
n cnppio ror nro uv reason 01 1110
negllgenco of tho employees of tho
defendant A cut of cars, which e.ri
In use on a track owned by tho do
fendeint, struck tho beam on a heavy
steam shovel, driving It forward nnd
throwing tho beam dovn upon the feet
of the, plaintiff nnd mashlnj tho
!onen of loth feot, thus rendering the
plaintiff a crlpplo for life.
The plaintiff therefore prays thnt a
Judgment bo rendered ngulhst tho do
J V...l .,. ,. Mm .iim rP r. flAA .Inmnrnto
ll0 0,)() nml AVoBtonl Um(k company,
,,in.i in,ini nn.i ,iiUmlKp,i.
wan nottled today and dismissed.
An amctided petition was filed In
tho common pleas court. Saturday by
the State of Ohio on relation to Clay
ton D McClung, against Jay Spauld
Ing. auditor of Marlon county, Ohio,
In which therelntor says thnt thero
are no persons making clnlm to tho
cempensntlon beforo petitioned for,
and thercforo prays as In tho original
An action prosecuted by Ellis V.
Knt7, In mandamus, against County
Auditor Jay Spnuldlng, to compel tliQ
Issuing of nn order or refundor, was
begun In the common pleas court to
day Tho plaintiff stntoi that the County
auditor nnd county treasurer both had
ur.tlcci of certain assignments mado to
niHs TCatz, by Charles Koch, lor tho
rum or threo hundred dollars, A part'
of this money was paid into tho II. C.
Thompson's court.
A peremptory writ will thercforo ho
awarded commanding Jny Spauldlng.
county nudltnr to lssuo n warrant on
tho county treasurer in favejr of Ellis
marrlago license has boen issued In
Oeorgo H. Johnston, of Hurdln county
nnd to Cora A. Hessly, of Marlon.
In tho dlvorco of Uiura L Lester
ngalnst William T. Lester, tho court
decreed that a dlvorco bo granted on
tho grounds of gross-neglect of duty:
tho custody of tho children bo given
to the plaintiff, and tho defendant was
given tho privilege of visiting them at
rcasonnblo times, Plaintiff wan aTso
awarded alimony In tho sum of $1,500
t bo jinld In monthly Installments of
When equipping tho From for tho
expedition to the South Polo Captain
HonM Amundsen decided to uso oil
engines, because, with the same rji
paclty for tho storago of fuel, tho 'pil
engines gnvo a far greater radius of
action than bulky steam engines re
quiting coal.
Chlof of Po)co MIcDonough loft
'Saturday morning -with prisoners
Hnrry Hartho, Chnrloy Jones apd
Frank, Miller for Dayton, Ohio, whoro
tho first two prisoners guilty ef steal
ing clothes from tho People's, Cloth
ing Store and Mlllor guilty of break
lug Int othe Oak street sohol house
will begin their sentence at thn
work house, Harthq and Jones wore
sentenced to slxey days In tho work
house und a flno of 100.
flelzlng an opportunity to Biirprlse
ono of tholr nunvher, Chief elf I'o.
llco MrDonough and Captain A. U
Ilopd and their men Invaded tho hoplo
of Patrolman Nt A. n.lX;ocki qn tjan
(or Jtree?t Friday ovolnp "Wlilcn
Qhanced to be the latter'a fiftieth blfth
April is Usually a
Spring Rugs
J lit MLmtrJ UMi
3 iHpil IKK
ji cyi jarrin
This season we are featuring in our third floor
Carpet Department "the best made Hugs" WHIT
When tho victim of the surprise
witnessed tho "ro dllght" nt tho puli-
llC 8(IUIlro hi, llnntrlnml Hint amnn.
I thing wa sdolng at headquarters and
straightway hastened to tho station
house iwhcro ho found that his wlfo
had called for him to como home at
onco. Had ho not obeyed his wlfo
In, this Instance ho would havo mis
sed un evening's enjoyment and a
4. A A ., .. .,,. A A A A ,. ... ,S .. .. A .. .. .. .. ... ... A ... A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A '. A A A A it. tf
v v . v v v v v v v v v v y v v v v y v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v ? v v v v v v v v.v v
,j, " i ) 2i
I " Whatever You Want iti!, I
And whenever you want it you are
always safe here in price and
I Dependable Furniture HouseT"3
20$ & 212
grant nnd truo to nnnic, and nppcai
'vssirssssswss o m s
The Right Kind of Guar
anteed Roofing
' There is nlentv of cuaraiitoed roofincr buti that A
does not relievo tho fact that there are good guar- S
anteed roofings ad poor roofings that are guar-
anteed. Don't you know that a poor guaranteed'
TMni nur -7i rriiTi irMi nn nni rt rimiii n nii utAiiutr
Y for you will have to call On ypur guarantor num-i- v
V erous times durinir the life of the warrau'iv.1' Tlit'ir
nig tlio me ol tne warranty
there is always nioro or less dissatisfaction be
tween owner and salesman during tho oppratftH
of the guarantee oi a poor roofing.
Get a good.roofing and there can be no trouble
about 3rour guarantee. Let me show you the best
guaranteed roofing ever
I-:.-.,! i.r.4- ,..:n -i ,i
ujiiu uiui, win uu yuuu yurviuu tor piuimmy tun
years after the guarantee has expired. Profit by
my long experience with roofing
It is the roofing that has the best reputation on
Y I also have the Vico lumber for bath rooms,
Y which is new in Marion but the nicest product for Y
Y the purpose on the market. No bathroom is cony V
: ii.K ...:i.i l 'l
J jjium WltllUHL 11.
Call and see me about
contemplate a new bath room and be convinced of
the mortis of the splendid Vioo Lumber,
FOR SAL10 Two five
End. Small payment, down and the .balance nsj
y Main street. Two five room houses on Copoland 4
Y avenue, Small payment flown, balance same as
X mit i ' - T
E. E.
Phone 456.
News Spring Carpets
Month for General
Carpet3 and Curtains, are
Ready. ' ''
r And it isn't a bit top early
to havo them made up, in
,C readiness when you want
them.- By paying a small
deposit any purchase will
be held until wanted.
beautiful gold-headed umbrella pro
sonted him by tho forco a fow mom
ents later. 'Dho evening wns spent
at cards nnd enhnncod 'by refresh.
monts f n decidedly tempting chnri(
actor. Sovcral post cards wore glvi
on and tho plnns of tho promoter!
wero curried Out In every dotnll, ,t
Meet ths rest of th crowd at KaT-
17 T 17 D.'Q'.v 8
S. Main St.
iTlio Lndy or Sllsaf wi'o Is ' liairtlfculalf
,'fliids In tlilastoclc Ipf Jdgh grffdo pu'r
iiiiuoh, il lino oi oucwb .11141 fro irn
t() licr bciiho of refliiomont.
put on in our eity tho y
!a j.. 1...1.1.. x .
the Vico Lumber if you
room houses in tho'Kasti
Uwo seven room houses on north A
Over Strayers Drug Stp.re., Y
f-. tf nnmmmm.

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