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Saturday Morning, Jan. 3d, 1874.
t3S Another Mormon paper, the L'th
, Poster, a Danish issue," appeared on the
- tMontreal dispatches received in
New York, state that Genet, the convicted
Tammany thief, is in Canada.
CSThe infliction of the bath as punish
ment of a "soldiering" convict, resulted
recently in drowning at the penitentiary
at Joiilot a few days since.
SSTThe Hon. Samuel, Schellabarger,
oi Ohio, is named as the probable succes
sor of Gen. Sickles as a Minister to Mad
rid. He was formerly Minister at Porto
gal. "-.
t3?The account of -the Treasurer of
Leavensworth County, Kansas, are ia
,- J confusion, and a committee who have
examined them report that officer as
"short" $60,000.
15F"A car load of wild animals from
the Rocky Mountains, for the Zoologic
al gardens ot Philadelphia, arrived at
Chicago on Saturday and were forwarded
thence by General Brysbin.
tSTThe Chicago IrSmne says the Re
publican party was organized to put
down slavery, which it has done. What
the Democratic party was organized for
has been long since forgotten.
t3The Erie Canal is now completely
closed, locking np about 3,000,000 bushels
of grain which will have to remain all
winter. In this amount are included
nearly 1,500,000 bushels of wheat '
rjfThe Department of State has
received a telegram from the Consul at
Hong Kong, that the King of Portugal
had by proclamation prohibited the coolie
trade at Macao and closed the barra
coona. The report that the Spanish Gov
ernment requires of the United States the
restoration of the Yirginius and the pay
ment of an indemnity, is not believed in
official circles, no. authentic .information
baring been received to that effect
-Judgment has been entered against
bondsmen of Genet, Norton and other
members of the Tweed Ring who have
made their escape. The bondsmen
thought they were released after an ap
pearance Cor trial had been entered, but
it has been dec ided otherwise.
3F"A part of the company of young
Japanese who have been studying at An
Arbor have been summoned home. It
seems probable that the financial embar
ressment of the Mikado's Government
may render necessary still further cur
tailment of the liberal appropriations fur
educational purposes.
S3 At Riga, a village near Dodson, O.,
there was a shooting match on Christmas
day, at which two brothers engaged in a
personal altercation over the loading of a
rifle. One shot the other dead, and the
outraged crowd put the survivor out of
the way by hanging him on the nearest
tree. Too much whisky caused it all.
' EsT"The criminal Jurisdiction of the
Probate Courts of Salt Lake City, is.again
denied by Judge McKean. In the case of
, Kiesel, sentenced for ten years in the Pen-
itenti&ry, the action of the Probate is set
, aside, and the prisoners held to bail, to
answer in the District Court There is
, some talk of the counsel having the Pro
bate officials arrested and imprisoned.
fSTThe Postmaster General has crea
- ted great consternation among special
agents of his .department by issuing an
order that they should be subjected to a
sort of civil service examination, to as
certain their fitness for the position tbey
hold. He has, however, somewhat allay
ed the excitement by announcing : that
ample opportunity will ba afforded them
to prepare for the examination.
- C2TA review of the produce trade of
Chicago for the past year, just published
shows .the receipts of gram during the
year to have been, 96,731,598 bushels ;
shipments, 91,035,703 bushels ; receipts of
ttgs, 4,360,000 ; head of cattle, 765,000 ;
sheep, 800,000 ; lumber, 1,084,993,000 feet
have been received. The total value of all
the produce, received during the year, is
in round numbers, $340,000,000.
5FThe Government Directors of the
Union Pacific Railroad reports .that the
Company are selling lands at i.50 an
acre, subject to the subsequent perfection
of title thereto by the Government, not
withstanding the prohibition of sale on
account of the non payment of interest on
the subsidy bonds. It this statement . is
correct, the purchasers buy at the risk of
' never receiving a good title, and proba
bly under a misapprehension of the real
estate of affairs.
3fAt Liverpool on the 10th of De
cember were exhibited specimens of Ca
nadian meat, comprising beef,-mutton,
and turkeys, brought over in the steamer
Scandinavian. The meat was killed two
days before the vessel sailed, and was
frozen and stored in a cool dry place, on.
board, with the most satisfactory result,
It proying so perfectly fresh that it had
the appearance of having been killed on
ly a few days previously. A company is
to be organized to introduce this meat in
to England.
CBThe Slave holding planters of Cu
ba, taking cognizance of the portents of
the times, express a willingness to com
promise what they cannot insist upon.
Tbey are of coarse utterly opposed to
emanc'pation, but Casterlar's manifesto
and tLe language and conduct of the Cab
net Minister of the SpanUh Republic
since his arrival, have given them to un
derstand that they can no longer iudulge
in bluster. The are now agreeable to a
gradual extinction of slavery in the Island.
Jl is thought, however, that the Home
Government will insist on immediate
tyThe telegraph announces the ap
pointment of Caleb Cushing as Minister to
Spain vice Gen. Sickles, resigned, and his
acceptance of the position. Mr. Cushing
is now in his 73d year, and has been Iden
tified with political Kfe for nearly half a
century. He seems to have found favor
with all parties, and acquitted himself
honorably in every position. His length
ened yean would seem to suggest retire
ment from the cans of office, and the re
sponsibility of public trust
Hit islDtimated in the Washington dis
patches that Mr. Costing's nomination
will be confirmed immediately, and with
out the usual committee reference, and
that he will be ready to leave in about
three weeks. With the exception of some
general suggestions touching the Virgin
ias complication, Mr. Cushing will go to
Madrid uninstructed.
South een Te ads Reviving. The
Charleston News remarks that its is
sue of the 19th inst. contained the
largest list of vessels in port that has
been seen at any one time since 1865,
and in amount of tonnage probably
the heaviest that ever occupied the
harbor. These vessels have been at
tracted thither by the liberal offer
ings of cotton, rice, naval stores,
phosphates, fcc. In cotton receipts
alone Charleston shows a gain of
twenty thousand bales over those of
last year. These are anspicions in
dications of the revival of trade and
commerce in the Southern marts,
and, with the completion of the iur
ternal improvement already jit pro
gress, the future prosperity of the
South may be safely assured.
The wholesale trade of Chicago for the
year just closed runs up to 530 millions,
gain of 13 per cent, over the year 1872.
As Congress seems .to be in earnest
about' the' restoration of the franking
privilege, and with it the free circulation
of Weekly papers in- lhe counties whre4
published, our readers will not be sub
jected to postage on their home paper
but for a little while. The payment oi
one quarter 5 cents will probably see
the thing out
The Hub is in a hubbub over the elec
tion of four ladies as members of the
School Board, and -a'-bretse more or. less
fearful, is impending. The City Solicitor,
who seems to be destitute of knightly
gallantry, headsthe opposition, while the
press of the city leads the march ot ideas.
The ladies are plucky and are not going
to dwarf themselves by a tame, ignoble,
submission, and how the thing is to ' ter
minate, time only will tell.
'Investigation, says the St Paul Pioneer'
ebould be nniversaL It won t hurt honest
men; If rosues get caught, it is far bet
ter to do it now than wait fcr larger dep
redations. The whole tendency of late
years has been to destroy all sense of
moral accountability in communities.
Only the successful thief has been. wor
shipped. . Gilded life has lagged out its
little ' life leaving only a trail of robbery
to mark its passage. - Honest poverty and
virtue has been scouted, v Rapacity has
been defied and society corrupted in all
its parts. In this moment of awakening
we should get to the bottom of things.
Some of the so-called Independent pa
perswhose independence consist, more
than in anything else, in carping,: finding
fault and making charges against Presi
dent Grant and his administration with
in a day or two past fell upon another un
discovered mare's nest, in the expenditure
of many thousands for' horses and equip-'
ages for pnvate use at publie ' expense.
The Treasury Department was made es
pecially obnoxious to this charge. The
Washington correspondent to the Cleve
land Herald pronounces the thing sensa
tionaland pats the whole cost.of horses,
keeping and means ot transportation for
the Department, for. the last year, at
$6,000...,;. .'... , , .
The passengers of the Yirgiuius arrived
at the port of New York in the steamer
Juniata on Sunday last, and an examina
tion of them by the U. S. Commissioners,'
was. begun on Monday : While, this was
going ' en . the .Spanish Government
made a formal. demand for the vessel and
also for idemnity basing its demand upon
the recent decision of the Attorney ; Gen
cral, that she had no right to sail tinder
the American flag. The activity and : en
ergy of the Castelar Government is fur
ther' shown by its investing Jovellar,
the Captain-General of Cuba, with new
and extraordinary powers, and relieving
Butcher Burriel' of his command in the
eastern division of the island ' - ' ' '.
Louisiana " Middle. The Kellogg
and ilcBnery Legislatures meet in New
Orleans on Monday next, when it is prob
able that the bitter political warfare of
old will be resumed. The proposition
which was made, last winter to effect a
coalition of the two so' as to weed out
the impure element . of . each . body and
consume a Legislature founded upon hon
est returns, has been revived, but meets
with little favor. The New Orleans Pie-
ayune, pronounces it impractical, ana
says it cannot be effected without reflect
ing discredit upon all engaged in it . In
theKeilogg Legislature there : will be -a
fierce strife over the Speakership between
the Kellogg and Pincuback factions.. As
the United States Senate Committee on
Transportation is now in New Orleans,
they will be ' witnesses of what trans
pires;- and" may gain some ' valuable Ideas
on political corruption as well as trans
portation. . .
Dispatches from W asmngton within a
day or two have stated that it was propos
ed to appoint Prof. Edmund Andrews, of
Chicago as oue of the Regents of Smiths
oman Institution in place of Prof Agasaiz,
The appointment would be, says the Chi
cago Tribune, an appropriate, recognition
of the claims of the West to share.. in
whatever honor and responsibility may
attach to the management of the in
stitution, but it would be eminently prop
er in itself, for he is one of the leading
scientific men of the country. . Only last
winter he proposed a theory of the Gey
sers, a problem that had never been
solved, though Bunsen and Tyndall bad
attempted it, and, by a :very. simple
contrivance, he showed his theory to be
correct-.. Apparatus illustrated" all the
phenomena -of -tea-Gaysew' perfectly.
Our Academy pt Sciences and all who
saw his experiments were perfectly satis
fied that the secret of theGeysers' was at
length ' revealed.- ' The authorities' at
Washington would honor themselves and
pay a just tribute to the Science of . the
West by making Dr.' Andrews one of the
Regents of the Smithsonian institution ''
The strike of the engineers on the lines
of tie Pennsylvania , Co., has attracted
considerable attention and interest on ac
count of the movement being so extensive,
and affecting so great an extent of lines.
The movement, which at first scent
ed so powerful,;, has, however, . Jost
much character from an official manifesto
from Chas. . Wilson, Chief of the Broth
hood of engineers who publicly an
nounces that the strike was inaugurated
in direct and open violation of the rules,
advises those who have quit work to re
sume again ana prevent otners lrom
stopping, and warns them not to interfere
with the operations of the railroads. The
appearance ot tne man lies to will un
doubtedly have a great influence in re
storing quiet throughout Indiana ' and
Ohio where the strike is the most general
and violent. Notwithstanding the fact
that a train was thrown off the track near
Cincinnati, and that one or two attempts
of a similar nature were made in Indiana,
there is a percep:ible improvement in the
condition of things. The roads are grad
ually getting into running order again,
and the presence of the militia at various
points where the excitement has been
the greatest has had a good effect. There
is good reason to bclieva that the worst
is over, and that the present week will
witness the end cf the strike.
Hon. Alex. II. Stephens thinks the
colored race ought to have equal
protection with the white in their
rights, but is of opinion that it
pertains to these vera! States to se
cure them, and not the Federal gov
ernment. If the colored race wait
until "the several States" guaran
tee them equal civil rights, ; they
will wait until their race is extinct.
Why even in Pennsylvania, the
Constitutional Convention refused
to incorporate a clause protecting
them, and if not in Pennsylvania,
where then, out side of Massachus
etts? Mr Stephens would pontpono
it until indefinitely. - ' i
The Government has issued orders
to stop the Edgar Stewart, now
ready to sail at Baltimore, unless as
surances are given' that she will
make no demonstration against Civ
ba. '" The Edgar Stewart wa8 an
nounced to sail for Jamaica with
nothing but a load of passengers.
EkLABGEU .: Vv'i-h Vi:s n-i-
ber the first y? t
ers have the ' j. i - 1 1 .r;.-K.v-Telegraph.
-1. -' -. i- '. n "'
because it w - j' . . ; v
do it last yei r ... - '
outlay invo" ; ..- -
we could the -. -
pelled to w j
year on the
former rather diminutive size. JN oi
withstanding the stringency of fi
nancial matters, and the lull of bus
iness," the burden '"of the enterprise
has been assumed, in the hope that
we (shall be able, through the
promptness and liberality of our
friends, and the probable increase of
business, to see our way out. But
whatever the sense of the burden
may be, we are not left comfortless.
The size . and appearance of the pa
per is a source of decided pleasure to
us, as we presume it is to our patrons
and the public- In appearauce and
workmship, it, at - least, has no su
perior in the county, and in size, we
believe it takes precedence. In these
respectskthen, it may be allowed to
be, perhaps, fully up to the demand.
Of its intrinsic merits, perhaps the
reader 'is the more proper judge.
Modesty will hardly allow of our
venturing upon that ground. This,
howeveiv-.we may be permitted to
say, that in a Saref ul selection and
preparation of rtsAmaterial and in
the freshness of its subject -matter
we believe that we need not shun a
comparison with any of our cotem
poraries. No means will be omitted
for making it a creditable exponent
of the progress the growth, and
and importance of the. chief town
in the county, and embracing the
news 'of : all parts " of the county,
mindful, at all times, especially, "of
its interests and welfare,. Its polit
ical character and party connections
are too well known to need a word.
Honesty, temperance and virtue
which exalt a people will continue
to receive its best efforts and atten
tions. . Consistently with this line of
policy, we shall not fail to give the
best paper in the county if our abil
ities are equal to our purpose. Let
us, then, have such, a share of the
recognition and patronage of the
county as our merits entitle us, and
the intelligence and satisfaction ' of
the people shall approve, and this
let us have without delay, .. ,
The opposition to the confirmation
of Mr, Williams as Chief -Justice is
so decided that, to avoid a rejection,
the nomination will probably be with
drawn, and Williams sent abroad.
It is said that a canvass of the New
England Senators , shows that, with
the exception of Boutwell, and pos
sibly of Anthony, they are unani
mously opposed to confirming Will
iams, oenator carpenter is outspo
ken in his opposition. -
EsGUSH . Importations. The
statement of American Foreign trade,
for the last fiscal year, shows that
about one-third oi our imports came
from Great Britwn, The Engli
trade return, giving the exports of
that country to the United States,
explains what kind of goods make
up this large aggregate. ' For the
eleven months of the current. 'rear
ending November 30, Great Britain
sent us, among other, articles, .104
millions of yards of cotton goods; 97
millions of yards of linens;' 83 mill
ions of yards of worsted goods; five
millions of yards. of carpets;' mill-
ions of yards of woolen cloth; 99,000
tons of pig iron; . 22,000 tons of , bar
and rod iron 1 1 8,000 tons of rail
road iron; 18,000 tons of hoop and
boiler iron; 2635 tons of lead; nearly
one million pounds of wool.; and silk
goods to the value of nearly$300,00Q.
Compared : with the corresponding
period of 18?2, every one of these
items shows a decreased importation,
the largest decrease being in the im
portation, of iron, - which, aggregated
for 1873, 317,730 tons, whilst in the
eleven months of 1872 it was 719,106
Rev. J; F. SpauldingD. D., pastor
of St Paul's Protestant Episcopal
Church Erie, ' and Bishop elect to
Colorado Wyoming and New Mexi
co, was duly consecrated On the 31st
at bis church. Bishop Kerfoot. of
Pittsburgh, read the consecration ser
vice, and Bishop ooxe, of Western
New York, preached the sermon.
The other Bishops were Bishop Tal
bot, of Indiana, Bishop McCaskey,
of Michigan, and Bishop Uendeil, of
Ohio; also about forty clergymen.
The church was crowded during the
ceremony. ' . :
Thb Vikginius has found an owner
iu John F. Patterson, of the city of New
York. ' He has sent a letter to Secretary
Fish declaring that he is the registered
ownerjof the steamer Vinrinius. He pro
tests against the opinion of the Attorney
General by which he and the vessel were
condemned. He states that the Solicitor
of the Treasury gave him a bill of sale of
the steamer thereupon he (Patterson) tru
ly swore that he was the oner and the
Government gave her an American reg
ister which has ever since porotected her.
Any testimony charging perjury on his
part is false. He has hitherto kept si
lence by the advice of counsel and because
he has not been netifiod or culled upon
by the Government to testify or defend
himself m relation to the matter. He re
auests a copy of the evidence upon which
the Virglnius and he were condemned by
Attorney General, be sent him, and that
he be notified of the time aud place
for examination of any other witnesses.
While the steamer has thus found an
owner, the owner has not round the vir
glnius. The Ossipee that had her In tow
has arrived but, without Its chargo, and
as yet nothing Unknown of her, or her
fato. This is a singular aspect of the af
fair. The opinion not an improbable
one is that the storms that have prevail
ed upon the- Atlan'ie within a few days,
past, ' proved too severe for" towage
with Barely, and that It may have become
necessary to cut her clear, in which case
Bho probably went to the bottom an end,
perhaps; worthy ot her fame.
Later Information is to the effect that
the Virginlus founded off Cape Clear.
She leaked so bady as to put out the fires,
and the water could, not be controlled by
the pumps. Very naturally, the suspicion
will be raised thai the vessel was sunk by
deaign, but thus far, there Is nothing to
Justify the suspicion.
telligence, and publo spirit of any
community is, supported, in neatly
printed, sprightly, and carefully ed:
ited local journals. In no way,
through no other conceivable chan
nel, can the wants, aspirations, er
consequence of any locality or com
munty become so well known to
the world at large as through its
own home papers. If the reader
will call to mind any inland town
near his residence, which enjoys a
hne reputation all over the land, he
will find that such a place is favor
ed with an excellent county paper,
the editor of which is wide awake
and alive to all its interests, jealous
in protecting its good name, and un
tiring in his efforts to promote its
weltare. buch papers and such men
deserve the highest rewarads and
the most thorough appreciation at
the hands of the people for whom
they are . performing so useful and
noble a mission. This being true
and no one disputing the premise
it follows that the first duty of the
people is to subscribe and pay for
their own home paper before looking
abroad for reading matter of this
kmcLv Do not .put off paying for
the local paper, or. seek to make it
a matter or barter, bit; make glad
the heart of the editor, aud publish
er by paying him in the only medi
um that will buy paper and labor.
This religious duty performed, : the
Inter- Ocean will not only commend
your, judgment but continue - your
name upon its books - promising you
everything that you can , expect
from .a journal devoted to all the
general: topics of . the.- times, But
we never solicit patronage, nor. sees
in any manner to advance our own
interests to the disadvantage of the
local press, for it fills a measure of
the highest usefulness outside of our
field of labor, and with which we
have neither . the ' . disposition nor
the ability to compete., .No mon
eys should be transmitted to the
city papers until these faithful con
servators.of home, interests are se
cured . and paid for during the
year. 1874- - flaying served a long
apprenticeship m the .business of
country journalism, ; we feel that we
have an experience and appreciation
of their merits and usefulness which
justifies us in this emphatic expres
sion in their behali. . ,
Diplomatic Dinner—Brother Jonathan
vs John Bull.
A strange scene took place at To
koi Japan, on the Emperor's birth
day. . In the evening dinner was
given at the emperor s palace to the
foreign ministers accredited to Ja
pan, lerashims, the new .Minister
for; Foreign affairs presided. With
the dessert Sir Harry S. Parkes as
British Minister, rose and proposed
the health of , the Emperor, which
he accompanied by a speech, At
the close he called upon the French
Minister, remarking it was his turn
next . to speak. Ihe count briefly
responded, excusing himself, and as
he resumed his seat J udge Bingham
the American Minister, rose to offer
"Prosperity, happiness, and pro
gress to the sovereign and the , peo
ple of Japan," when Sir Harry, ,,vio-
Jently interrupting, shut him off
completely, , nouoning nun 10 sii
down, and crying out "No more,"
"No more.". Judge Bingham re
sumed his seat gracefully, when a
lively discussion ensued across, the
table, in which. Sir Harry became
very much excited, contending
warmly that the sentiment was out
of order, as it introduced politics and
superfluous in language, as the "i.m-
peror was the, people;" but the
Judge cooly informeq. him that he
might have beard of a church with
out a bish,op or a people : Tvitbout a
crown, but inquired if it were pos
sible to have a bishop without a
church or a sovereign without a
peopje. VY hen pressed tor an answer,
Sir Harry; reluctantly admittedV.it
could not be, and immediately Judge
Binghan goodnaturdly congratula
ted him on having "come to his way
oi ininmng. .
' Homeopathy faijs to secure a foot-!
ing in the Michigan State University-
by law, and Judge Crane of the Cir-'
cuit Uourt alter hearing the applica
tion for a mandamus compelling the
Regents to carry out the statute by.
. ' T T ...
appointing xwo-Momeopatnio pro
fessors in the - institution, - decided
that he has no jurisdiction in the case.!
An appeal to the Supreme Court of
fers no remedy, as the bench is known
to be evenly divided on the subject,;
so that although the Homeopathista
have law orftheir side, they are un-;
aoie to compel ODedience, : i
. Since his return to England, MrJ
Joseph Areh has bad an interview
with Premier Gladstone at the re-i
quest of the latter. He recounted
his Canadian experiences, and.
told Mr. Gladstone the only!
way to keep the laborers in the!
country and arrest emigration is
to grant household suffrage in the
counties, and to induce land owners
by legslation or otherwise to improve
cottages and grant leases of two or
three acres of land on the term as
the farmers gef. What Mr. Glad-
stone said in reply is not reported.'
On the point of oouuty suffrage
there will be no difficulty. The
Prime Minister has announoed his
readiness to put It on the same ba
sis as iu boroughs, and there is rea
son to suppose that a bill to that
end will be brought iu next session
as a Government measure. Dealing
with land owners is a more difficult
matter. They are, as a body, the
slowest to see the necessity of
changes, or to accept them, or to
imagine the possibility of a state of
things in England which should dis
turb their tenure.
The report of Warden of the Ohio
Ponitentiary, for the year ending
Oct. 30, last, Is out. The financial
condition of the institution is in
good shape. . Total receipts $174,
450,50, all of wbioh sum, excepting
about Yen thousand dollars, was the
earnings of conviot labor. . The. to
tal ordinary expenses were 152,
103,43, leaving a surplus of 122,
280,57. Part of the surplus has
been expended in the erection of ad
ditional buildings, &o. On Oct.
31, there were 807 prisoners. The
average number for the' year was
about 910.
[...]Garfield's Proposition.
Ji eonies from Washiagton
. : . :. arfield intends to make
r t t . - to. lower the salaries
V 'he-net of March 3d.- It
- ;he will take advantage
. - -. . ifion at the head of the
II . mniittee on Appropria
te - ove, on the re-assembling
ss, for a suspension of the
. , ,hat a section may be in-
the x-xecutive, .Legislative
uju uucial Appropriation bill, re
ducing all salaries to their dimen
sions before the recent increase.
-GeneralGarfield is the tenth or
twelfth man who has undertaken
this work: One can - draw conclus
ions as to his success, however, from
the failures, of others. He t least,
is in earnest, andfiF will be observ
ed, does not confuse the question,
The past and its sins he lets alone,
and probably because he recognizes
the fact that those wh have taken
advantantage of the . law. increasing
salaries cannot now - Jo. ;; reached
by law, batTDy public-; opinion
He proposes simply to begin again
and to begin right.:.. , ,
Jli8 proposed . method ot .' opera
tion has one advantage. It is direct,
and, : according to t parliamentary
rules, includes no debate.,- .Every,
proposition thus tar made, for the
adjustment of the jsalary question
has been ' smothered in talk, like a
oeet -steak in . onions. ., vvr.at is
right and judicious ; has been .lost
sight of between the jeers of ; those
who are controlled solely by the pub
ic demand and' the puling fears of
those who perceive that what is le
gal is not necessarily honest. Gener
al Garfield's scheme - will ' not give
these gentlemen further opportunity
for talk., It well give them an op
portunity to-vote, and that is of
more consequence. We hope Gen,
Garfield will -conduct, his assult on
high salaries with . due circumspee
tion,and.that if he is defeated, it will
be by an. ambuscade: or a midnight
attack, not on the open held, where
we can see who ia fighting on the
other side, 'AT- Y, JPott . - )..,.:. i
' Mr.Caleb Gushing, whom the Pres
ident nas appointed to succeed Gen,
Sickles as minister , to Spain,' is cred
ited witb'the authorship' of - an arti
cle in a Washington paper, attack
ing the position taken- by Attorney
General VYiUiams in the 1 Virginius
matter.',. After 'deciding ''that the
Virginius had no right to carry the
American flag, 'Mr, Willliams took
the ground that the nag, though un
lawfully ' carried, still entitled, the
vessel to immunity from interference
by Spain or any other foreign Pow
er. ' The article which Mr. Cushing
is said to haye writte holds ; that
this is tantamount tojsaying not that
the flag protects ' the ship, but that
the mask protects the malefactor.
To insist upon it would be to license
piracy on the high seas, provided the
pirates hojst the'American flag when
hard pushed, Whether Mr. Cush
ing wrote this article or not, the po-
siuon.tanen .mil 13 penecuy .sound,
and, if it ' is the ' sentiment of Mr.
Cushing, it becomes evident that he
ought to have been appointed.to en,
Sickles' place 'before ' now He
might have sated the American peo
pie seveial millions of dollars, which
have been recklessly-thrown away
on the JNavy. , ;
Chicago Tribune.
The Warren Chronicle gives the
following cheese item: ;The number
of . pounds of cheese made in Trum
bull County the past year, according
to returns, was o.iiuxdo. ixrain
exceeds us by over 1,000,000 pounds
Trumbull County produced over 900,
000 pounds of butter and Ashtabula
over 1,200,000..:. Trumbull produced
over half a million more pounds of
cheese than Ashtabia. -.
"A year ago says the Chicago Tri
bune, the Hon. John F, Farnsworth.
of Illinois, who opposed the salary
Grab law, drew the 'back, pay and
uiviueu it uetwveu tuo eeveiai wuu-
ties 6f his district '. The' people- of
those couhtiea erenitorly refused to
receive the money ;bn the ground
thai; it-w'as stolen property,' and one
of the " counties actually forwarded
its T portion: to the Treasury of 'the
United States. ' This same district
composed of the Counties of 'Boone,,
Winnebago, DeKalb,' Kane,' and Mc-,
Hehryi is now represented by" GehJ
Stephen A.1 HurlburV'who instead
of voting for' the repeal of the act of;
roDDery : nimseir proposed inai ine
salary of the 'members of Corigresa
should 1 be - increased .' fronj. ' what
it was a' year ago to the sum. i6,00d
a year and traveling expenses;. ' If
it was robbery a year ago to receive,
$7,500," instead of tS'.OOO and ' inile-!
age,' fs it less than' robbery now to;
take $6,008 and personal expenses?
Does the robbery consist in tne
amount taken, of in" the person whoi
takes it?.' ' Farnsworth opposed and
form; he refused to take the ' money
when forwarded him; and the peo
ple agreed that ' H was Unclean be-
cause' dishonest, runout aeiiDer-;
atelv nronoses to pay himself $6,000
over $5,000 of which he had al-j
ready drawn and his traveling ex-
penses, ' Perhaps the people of that
district were not in earnest in de4
nouncing the increase of pay; per
haps Stephen knew they did not
want that law repealed ;. and per j
haps there is a moral difference be
tween taking $1,000 extra pay and
taking $2,500. ' , ' '. ; . " j
List of Patents issued from the U. SUtet
Patent Office to Ohio Inventors, far the week end
ing Dec 0th, 18TS, and each bearing that date,
famished this paper bj Cox A Cox, Solicitors
of Patents Washington, D. C.
Filter for . Wine 0. TV. - Furclot, Kel
ley's Island. .. , '.
Uookiug Stove B. tiong. .aiayvitie.
Car Coupling A. Strain, Greenfield. ,
Steering Apparatus for Vessels C. W.
Butfingtou, Cleveland.
Com planter J. Case, Hprtnneia. j
Katchet Wrench J. C. Colbert, Murys
ville. Machine for Bending; Wood H. Han-
na, Columbus.
Pipe Organ Valve W. Schulke, Ham
Process- tof Transferrin Lithographic
Prints on to Glass, &c
From and after Dec. 14, 1STS, Paaaonger Train
will run a follow i
No. 7.No.l
Oil City Bast..
No. SI No.4 No.S
r m
r m
T Offl
a 4n
a ss
xa is
a oi
1 45
1 SO
1 7
1 10
1 07.
XI 0.1
ia &
Is 4.1
U 8H
1 4
H 10
II 4(1
ii at)
It )
11 On
10 4.S
10 84
10 15
7 80
9 05
8 66
8 60
8 40
8 3
8 85
8 05
7 6(
7 47
7 80
7 87
x7 as
7 11
7 M
X 86
I 00
T 0o
1 10
aOll City West
a Reno ......
a Franklin. .
8 0
a n
1 85
S 40
7 51
Summit .....
7 Ma Polk.
4 (KM
8 101
8 7
8 AO
X8 85
a Ravmllton...
4 17
Sandy Lake...
a Stoneboro ,.,
Salum .........
1UW Cross
a J4meatown,.
4 N
4 fttV
H 4(U
8 M
8 00
I 08
6 SO
9 18
S 9M
r. h.
9 40
9 47
8 Ml
10 1
10 M
Simon's Corners'
a Andorer,....'
Barber' Leon.
I Jefferson,,,.,
aAshtabui.... .
10 81
10 51
11 07
t 65
t an
a to
a as
8 VH
7 60
4 60
a iu
r X
Trains stop only on Signal. xTrats do not
Stop. sTelgrph Htations. Cleveland Time.
The Way Freight train atoD at Jefferson In
eolni Weal, at 8.45 P.M., and ffotne Kaat at 7:80
A, Mi These train carry paasouifera.
Passeuper rare at the rata of a cents tier mils:
to way station counted la even kalf dime.
.:.:. . J- . ' . .
r,. - - ... .
t ..-. .... - . ;
... t
-:; . is all new shades, , - . i
- - -
u . . .- -.:.,-,.... -. - ' '
In Navy bine, and olive green, ' .
'.-!:. I I
FELT SKIRTS, $2.00, $2-40, 1175, 14.00
beat. LACES in Valencicnne and thread,
BLACK LACE VEATLS, plain and datted
- Vii .:-. !.J - ..::. j. - -: .
(I t --. . !-..-
. j
'""' SUSPEND' '
.ill i.. . ' tii 1'
). i :. a- -. ; - ; :i-'. .-.
i'jY - . .: ...... t. .
- j
.-. '.: : .& . I . ... -..
FILLING SILKS In all shade.
HIanunteturer'a Loan AaaelaUon.
Stockholder of this Association .for the
election of officers, will be held in the Ashtabula
national uanx rooms, Monday, January 6th, at 1
r. x. r
J. SUM. BLYTH, Cashier, i
Aghtabola, Dec. :4th, 1878. 14S '
u in- tiTTT a viwrnwii HAW 171 luU
their Annual Meetincr for the election of offlcers.at
their Bankjos; office, Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 1 r. . I
4. bum.. Bui ia, ajasnier. )
Ashtabula, Dec 4th, ISfTa. . - . 1848
:-. "NOTICE. i
THE Stockholders of the SILAS CL
X SMITH IRON MINING CO. will hold their
annual meeting at their office at Sharpsville, Mer
cer vunmy ra., on tne nrst Monday or January,
1874, being the 6th day of the month, at 11 o'clock,
a. X..- tot the nnroosa of electing Director for the
ensuing year, and for thetransaction or other bus4
iness. JAMES PIERCE, Pres. !
BhrpTlD, Pa..- Not. 87 T8. D. Asnkw, Sec'y '
reSDectfnllv annonnea tn thn rlrin nf Ahthn1ta
and sarranidinir oonntrr that thw am
u uiues w aiaKe hi oraer . . .
and keep constantly on hand a good assortment
ui goous in uieir une, au maae or mo
. Beat material.
and pot together in the BEST STYLE of orkman
ship. Those wishing anvthicg in our line will do
well to give us a call. We think that we ran ut.
ry in styia ana prtco. Uopmit by strict atten.
iiuu u ousinessanu iair nonesi aeailug with all,
to merit a share of your patronage, we remain
jBUDViuimy fours,
W. H. WlLUAaaos, . W. K. WATnorja.
J- RCKrd home, jnst snqaire of the people in Ash
tabula and stop over and look for joursujfata
splendid garden of nearly three acres, under hich
cultivation and foil of the choicest fruit, with irood
hnnafl and nut h.tll.tlnn-ai In .A .A.t.. n
-..-..a.. au Awu Itiwiri KIBU, Wt 1 1.
cistern, .and eprluf of nerar faiUnf water, with
three good pomps. The spring is eight leet square
" iam iu ccmom, ana itu rocs of cue drain on
eight or ten years, without exception, and will be
sold Terr cheap, with $10(Oranniu one year, if d-
ireu aiso, a aortM, wagon, gamen toots, ana
household goods. Situated a little southwest of
tbe borough limits on the Koand Head road,
known as the Bliss propertr.
Asuiannia, iaa. i isio. IfOQ
yiSITIXQ CARDS equal to the
CoDDer Piste, and on the finest Bristol
Board Cards, at the . i .TKLEURAPU OFFlc'K.
Splendid Country Residence
rorv a t.-ct.
THE residence of the late Ilev.
John Baiis. stuated tn Saybmok. on the
North Kldge road, on mile from the Dupot of
the L. 9. M. H. R. B., one fourth mile from P. O.
Churcho and School house. It embraces thirty
flv acres of choice laud.
The building are nawand In complete repair
large and elegantly dstshed house surrounilix by
bvautiful grounds, plentifully supplied with orna
mental trees and skruiibery : dne barn with cellar
atable: young orchard of three acre of c Louie
fiuit. Thi T very desirable proqertv, and will
be sold very low to settle the estate. Enuiiire of
Oha Oitxarra, at 1). W. Haskell', Ashtabula, U.
- - rjiotr.
To Whom It May Concern:
TAKE this opportunity of Baying
my palroa and friends that having left Ashia
hula, I desire a speedy settlement of my account,
and to Invite all to call upon I. U. Pislier, ki).,
who has in his hand all my books of account, and
will give due attrutiou to the busliiM. Express
ing tlw hope that the cam proaiptoea and attea
tlon that baa characterised your deal with me In
tu past may b oontinned.1 am a ever. '
.wl39 Voura, - O.B.M08S.
How Ton Can Do It?
..' Save Your Money!
Don't be Salted any longer !
1 HE old style of Buying and Sell
ing Giocerie is Played Out with ua. CASH is
the only TRUE principle on which to do Busi
nesses within the last few weeks we have worth
ed a wonderful and marvelous change. Hundreds
of people a month ago never thought that GRO
CERIES could be sold at inch
Marvelous Low Prices.
Now, every day scores of customers are added to
our list, a they find they can get bettor Good
for less money.
This is no Advertising Uumbn". The fact is
patent to ail. Common sense tells how we can
atford to underaell.
WaiVSelL Only For - CASH!
This is an advantage which NO STORE IX ASH
TABULA can offer yon. If you buy of a credit
store, yon must pay credit prices, yoa must pay.
the bad debts of dishonest customers, the expen
ses of extra help and book keepers, interest of
long standing debts, and ruinous price of old
alow style of doing business. ,
. . i
and the-aid yon extend to us will sustain in
your midst competition that will keep prices down
break -np extortion and high pricca, and sell yod
good goods for less money than you have been
accustomed to pay for inferior articles.
We Mean Business,
and we guarantee to Save yoa Honey. The
reasons must be self-evident to every reasona- :
ble citizen. It is not in keeping with good '
. sense or economy to waste money in
these hard times by paying
high prices or buying
poor Good.
PI E 11 E IvI B E PI
and on the broad principle of, alike to all, wlti
gooa gooas at smau fronts.
t3?No Extra Charge for the Delivery of (rood a.
" t
; ' i
- - I
Kuln St, AehUb a la, Ohio.
December 18th, lif!3. - 1250
Assignee Notice f Appoiaitment.
In the District Court of the Uni
ted States nr the Northwestern District of Ohio
in the matter of Hoaaca t. Gisnuisa, Bankrupt
tn oaju.ru i) icy.
To whom it fruxv concern . The nndrsi?ned
heregy gives notice of his appointment is Annitfuee
OI Horace F.Giddings of Ashubola. in the Coun
ty of Ashtabula and State of Ohio, within said dis
trict, who has been adjudged a Bankrupt on credit-
wi ikuuuu uj uie xisirici vouri oi saia uisuick.
Afaiea tola ailh day of December, 1873.
J. SUV. BLYTH, Assignee
Sherman A Hall, Att'ys. SU2S
RUGS, Patent Medicines, Per
fume Soaps, Wines and Liquors for medicinal pur
poses, runcy aua Toilet uoous, stationery.
ocnuoi DOOKS,
Varnishes, Brushes, c, at
Opposite Ashtabula House, Ashtabula, O. liU
EXCHANGE. The subscriber hits
acoupleof Crosby's Fammixo Mills that he wish.
e to dispose or, and would taae eum-r uraurj,
wood, or building lumber. Those ia want of a
good mill could make a ntvnrable arranrt-ment.
Ashtabula Nov. 10, '7.1, lUttr I., f. .fcv ai.t..
Florence Sewing Machine.
The nndersltmcd wonld announce to thecltl-
aens of Aahtahula and vk-initv, tlut she b secur
ed the Agvncv of the above Sewing Mschine.
This mschine iss r.NIVKH.MAl, KAVuHITK,ud
ovey person whe contemplates purchasing a ma
chine should call at the Drrss-maklng rooms of
JaliS. KOHKn I c,
lyrl4 Main Sreet. Ahubnla
i.LL persons are hweby warned
aitainst taking or removing any Sand or Gravel
from the prcniises of the Subscriber, from and
after this date, without drat oavm for the sain.
Ashtabula, Jun . 173. tti Xt
Cheap Night aud Day
HE Subscriber has just opened R
Store at the Station, In the urw building rrecttxl
on Mi Rogers.' Corner, where may b rnnU at all
tlim-s, a supply of Grain Corn, Oats, M.-al. Ac.
Also, a stock of
Embnrlnir ll m-edful anmilles for family ase. of
the choicest and best qualities, and and all new
fresh. -
Also a stock or ctcm h.atti auu ui.wn aiib.
It u the lnti-ntlnn of the subscriber to be au
with Ihe time iu the excellence of hi goods, and
the low Henre at which they will be onVred to the
pub ic. A snar oi patronage is auncm-u.
Athtabula, Fb. 18; HLMPHSEY.
Commence the present year
Enlarged and Improved
We have spared no expense or labor to make it
County Paper
n the nan.
The TELEGBAPH has now the
of any paper in Ashtabula Co. which renders it
Tbe Best Advertising nedlataa.
the Mechanical Department.! gTeatly improved
; Department still bear I former epuudon I
being the BEST and CHEAPEST plan
in Ashtabula County.
Propi ietore.
Cor. Malm Hvriaic MH

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