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JAMES REED SON, Proprietor,
Terms, per Tear to AdTsmte.
Leave Ashtabula, : p. m-. 7:13
Arrivs at Ashtabula, 1:86 p. m..8:gtt p.m.
w..Jeave Ashtabula, x:5S A. -, &30 A.
11:SS a. 5:04 r. R.
leave Ashtabuls. 8:0 a- -, 1:81
414 p. ., 11:40 r. .
rsaxELiB DmsioM 1 s. at. s. st.
Leave- Ashtabula. :40 a. K., 7:50 P. B.
Arrive at Ashtabula, UaOA. BL, 6.S5 a. .
Leavs Ashtabula, 6:10 P, B. Arrive 11:15 a.
John Thompson's Livery Stable and
Block are for sale one of the best loca
tion iii the county.
Tfca closing quotation for gold on Tuea
day, the 80th, was 11H, L. S. & M. S. 76
and N.Y. Central, SOj
B. -i B. are coming, next week to
Smith's Block. Centre St. New room,
Block, Centre St. New
new men and new goods. .
L Cleveland rejoices in 1.018 places wheru
mfnTiPHtimr heveraeres sre Sold beins: a
saloon to about every 130 of htr popula-
' Un. - : '
The Public Schools re-open on Monday,
the 5tb, with the assistance of Miss Carrie
Markham, of Austin burg, in the Grammar
- Rumors are afloat that the engineers on
the L. S. & M. S. mean to strike, but we
cannot learn that there is anything to it
but rumor.
FotJND.-rA carriage lap robe, which
the owner can have by calling at this of
fice, proving property and paying for th:3
advertisement . .
Ashtabula figures in the delinquent tax
list, published this week in the Sentinel, to
near a dozen in each organization, town
ship and borough.
One of the hands on a construction
train, had his foot crushed by the fall of a
rai:, at Kingsville. He was taken to Ash
tabula for treatment.
The "Conneaut Reporter" is the cogno
men of a scow recently launched at Con
neat, bv Capt Caproa. "To what base
uses may we come," &c. -
The holiday trade, locally and general
ly, opened .freely, and notwithstanding
the stringency of the times, the amount
was very satisfactory to dealers.
The festival given by the ladies of the
Presbyterian church, in Haskell's new
stores on New Tears's eve, proved a very
pleasant affair, and the receipts approach
ed 100.
The Post Master General advertises for
proposals for carrying a daily mail be
tween Chardon and Rome, by way of
Hampden, Montville and Hartsgrove
18 miles. " ;"J
The Erie Dimatch tells the story of a
two year old hog- of the Chester breed,
killed by one of its friends that kicked
the beam at 917 pounds ! Rather steep,
that, but the veracity of the Dupatch can
stand the assertion.
At the meeting ef the Ashtabula Board
of School Examiners on the 23d ult, cer
tificates were granted to Prof. R. W. Kil-
oatrick and Misses Homan, Markham
Prentice and Burnbam.
' On Saturday night last, fire broke out
in the house of Lorin Saulsbuiy,- situated
near the gravel bank of the L. 8. & M. S.
road, at Ambov, which was burned-
catching, as is supposed, from the spark of
a passing train.
An unknown man, says the Cleveland
Herald, was struck and killed by the cars
en the A, J. & F. road between Sandy
Lake and Raymilton station, on Monday
afternoon. The whistle was sounded but
he paid no attention.
Twelve hundred bushels of corn were
raised, the past season by Perry Parker,
of North Kingsville, oil twelve acres ol
land. Thirteen swine, from the same
farm, were taken to Conneaut which
weighed 4,400 pounds.
Pkaisib Chickens. From a box of
these birds, sent by some unknown friend
to our neighbor Newbkrbt, the corner
Druggist, we were presented with a splen
did specimen, a rarity in editorial pabu
lum, gratefully enjoyed.
John Qulnn, an lribliinan living at the
depot, a young man of abcut 25. recently
married, in the employ ot H. Apthorp, fell
from a tree he was trimming, on Wednes
day afternoon, and so struck as to injure
his head, producing death.
A day , or two ot, sleighing has been
somtrwiiatiuiprovedbutthe yeering of the
wind to the south, proved fatal to so
slight a dependence. The roads, howev
er, are left bare and smooth, and the
wheeling is unusually fine.
David Sloan is home on a wedding
trip, haying within a day or two, taken
the hand of one the sisters, Misses Parry,
late of the public schools ot this place.
Mr. W. D. Richards, one of the wedding
party, is also spending a few days at home.
The price of poultry in the city of New
York on Christmas eve, as appears from
some of the papers of that city, ranged
about the same as in this village chick
ens it eight cents a pound, geese at ten
and twelve, and turkeys as low as thir
teen. Charles Stetson, a lawyer of Cleve
land, of mature years and good standing
and attainments ia his profession, comuiit
ed suicide by snooting; bimscli, in his ol-
fice, last week, without known reason,
except from depression of mind from fam
ily bereavement
Mr. S. C. Smith, of the Bunker Bill
Farm, has been making some valuable
additions to bis blood and grade stock,
from the herd of Mr. Podge of New Lyme.
Among the purchase is a pair of twin
three year old heifers, which are more
than usually fine animals. '
The Reporter understands that the pa
per mill of that place now under way
again contemplates embarking in the
manufacture of Printing papers. The
printers hereabouts would bail the day, as
a competition in this line would no doubt
be serviceable in holding prices level.
As Is customary at the close of naviga
tion, the managers of the great east and
west trunk lines, like the New Yrk Cen
tral, Erie, and Pennsylvania Roads, have
met in New York and raised their frieght
rates. The schedule shows an increase
over old rates to various Western points.
Tbs Andqver EnterprUe, under Its new
proprietors and editors Coffin $ Mon
lev, makes a good show of talent, Uct,
workmanship aud business support Its
qualities entitle it to success, which hard
work and strict economy snob as priu
ten only know how louse will no doubt
That wild turkey shot by one of our
village sports and carried in triumph
through the village, the other day, has been
inquired for by several of the good citi
zens of Plymouth, and each oue demaud
. ing pay. Xlie shootist is perplexed to
know bow a wild turkey should have so
many owner. . ' '
Case, Allen & Co., is the style of Hie
Dew firm, as successor to J. F. Case the
Co. beinjt J. B. Mabwy.
The Rev. J.M. Drake and wifo, of Lima.
O., died a short lime since, after papering
a portion ot their house. It had previous
ly been papered with paper of a deep
green color, and In removing the old pa
per a dust arose, filling their lungs anil
poisoning them. Their deaths .occurreu
nearly together. -'X"'' "
1 . .
The number of vessels built - ui. this
Cuyahoga District extending iroui Black
River to Conneaut during the year ltjid
has been
Steamers, screw 10 $4,891 09
Schooners 9. 6,180 09
Total 19". $ 11,071 18
Venison. Several saddles of venison
have, within a day or two, been sent by
our friend J. H. Camp, from St Paul, and
one of the number reached the larder of
Frakk Bklknap. wbu supplied the edi
tor's board with a fine steak for his morn
ing meal. It was found to be of excellent
quality, and eaten with a gusto ! Thanks
The Austinburg people are to be accom
modated with a temporary station house,
and-an aent to attend to local .business
in the persun of J. 8. Ricks ot N w Lyme.
We are glad to .-e even an approximation
to accommodation of the good people of
that burg. A locution, we learn, has been
fixed upon, and a more substantial struc
ture will soon be put up.
The Cleveland Herald, the most popular
and able daily in this region, is about to
take a new form eight pages for which
a new and larger press is to be brought in
to use, together with new type. In view
of these changes, the proprietors promise
one of the Urgest as well as the best and
handsomest paper in the country. What
they promise, they will not be likely to go
back on.
Ed. Tel. I have always had a dread of I
dentists, but being on a visit to Dr. Hall's,
I was induced by the manner in which be
extracted an old veteran, to operate fur
ther on my teeth, He has replaced many
to my entire satisfaction, and I would
recommend him to the public as a man ot
superior ability in his profession.
R. W. Wallis. Artist, Chicago, III.
The Reporter is going into the form of a
quarloas we judge from its announcement
that the paper is to appear with 48 col
umns;-- We cannot but look upon this as
a retrograde movement, and one but illy
adapted to the provincial press. Our co-
temporary is showing signs of prosperity
in sundry wnys-n Us naws, jobbing and
editorial departments, which are all pleas
ant to contemplate.
Personal. R. W. Wallis, the Nabt of
Chicago, engaged upon. the illustrated pa
per The Land Owner made us a friend
ly call the other day, just before closing a
visit to relatives in town. Mr. W.'s de
signs, as shown in the paper alluded to
exhibited ready and happy tact in his pro
fession, and makes the paper a very rich
one in mostly . graphic delineations, f
the institutions of the.' fcesterxt metropolis.
Winter thus far has been one of varied
moods. The promise in the earlv outset
was for a lengthened and rigorous season,
but this was only a bit of play. Relaxing,
considerable mild and beautiful weather
succeeded. But little severe cold has vet
been experienced, and the grass is much of
it green, and affords sustenance for stock,
and has proved very acceptable to the
farmer in lengthening out bis scanty stock
of fodder.
Pebbt Parker, of Kiugsville, is well
known for his very nice and successful
farming. Besides' having a model farm in
appearance, he raises the best crops, fat
tens the heaviest beef and pork, and now
he is beginning to pick the best fruit We
are duly grateful for a basket of the
King ot Tompkins Co., the Baldwin and
Spies, all of superior size, fairness and
flavor. They are from a young orchard
just come into bearing.
The sabscription list of the Ashtabula
lelegraph has been pretty steadily increas
ing for a week or two, at the average of
uve or six new subscribers a day. In sev
eral of the towns of the county we are pot
a little flattered at 1 the numerous express
ions of approval of our paper and posi
tion, and the readiness and generalness f
giving their patronage. In some of these
localities, the P. M 's teil us we outnum
ber any of our county cotemporaries.
'iHterhal lrseftue -receipts ofUliisDiJ
tnctfor the year ending June 80,1873:
Portage Co. $ ,270 27
Mahoning, 23,786 09
Trumbull, 18,075 37
Geauga, 5,399 98
Ashtabula, 10,418 24
63,949 93
"Viartef ending Sept 30 "73
T0.360 18
9,207 87
do do Dec. 31
Total 29,568 03.
Winter Base Ball. A writer under
the cognomen of "Red Skin," hands in a
report of a game of Base Ball.played on
Christmas day tietWeen the boys of Dist
Nol. Modocs the Ku Klux nine.
as the parties are respectively designa
ted. The Modocs were the challenged
party. The game resulted in an easy
victory for the Modocs. The contestants
are to join in an oyster supper at the
Saybrook Hotel on New Years night,
which it is expected will be gotton up in
the best style of the house.
The Town Clock Our citizens are
aware that the fame of the old clock has
met with quite a sensible jog of late in its
removal, and the interest which the tax
payers of the village have taken in it on
account of that removal, but, perhaps.
they are not aware that it was ever the
subject of the poet's dreams. This appears
to be the case from the first number of the
Telegraph belore us loaned us by Mr. O.
H. Filch, from, which we copy the follow
ing poem. ' It came but Oct. 31, 1849." Its
reproduction at this time will no doubt
elicit some ipterest
Sheriff Stiles takes leave of bis of.
flee on Monday next, and transfers his
mantle to bis successor D. L. Hart. The
retiring sheriff made us an official, farwell
call on Wednesday, and the relations that
have existed between him aud the Tele
graph office were alluded to wi;h pleasur
able feelings and satisfaction. The retir
ing Sheriff has bad no superior in the of
fice for prompt and Intelligent perform
ance of duty, aqd the pleasant and happy
manner of meeting all witl wbom be baa
bad to do, either socially or officially, and
be will carry into retiremcmt a kindly re
membrance of all.
Contractoh Mc'Kenzib'b dock at the
Harbor, approaches its completion, a few
days more ouly, being required to finish,
up the three hunUffd feet, first laid, out
This is one of the tuqit SQlid and sub:
stantial structures aqy where to be seeq.
The piles are driven so near togcthor, aqd
reaching, as they do, to the shalo ledge
that underlies It, that anything like set
tling, or lu any way beinir tbruwq out of
line, seems to be next to impossible. Al
though this contract Is about completed,
the work, it Is shrewdly conjectured, will
not be permitted to stop here, as the in
terests or the company will hardly be
served when navigation shall again qpen,
with so limited so area of dock accom
modation. J
i fine
"We saiil'iD our hearts, last week that
we were so far out of the woods that no
further apologies would be asked of our
readers in getting the enlarged Telegraph
under way. But we have found the work
of preparation fitting rules, cutting leads,
enlarging chases and over-running matter.
more of a herculean task -than bad been
taken into account The time of get
ting to press has, therefore, been necessari
ly deferred from Thursday evening to
Friday eveninir a full dav later. This
will account for the paper not reaching
many of its patrons until Saturday. Bear
us, friends ! another week, we confi-
aentrt trust, will eet thinjrs to running
smoothly and steadily.
The Scwea. The whole number of
scholars in attendance -daring the last ses
sion of the Public Schools, was 437. of
whom 35 are foreieo payinz tuition. The
next term begins Monday, the 4th inst.'
The following scholars were, not tardy
during the term : . , s
Stella Crayton, Minnie Frazee, Rosa
Frazee, Ellen Fisk, Lottie Kline, Mature
Fisk, Mary Humphrey, Carrie Pickett,
Annie Seeley, Lu Taylor, Charlie Braces
John Cowen, Allie Morgan, Eugene
French, Harry Redhead, Austin Seeley,
Willie Redhead. Charlie Watson, Ida
Amsden, Jas. Brazington, Kate Ducm,
Allie Eames. Nellie Loveland, Eddie
8milh, Grace Torrey.
J. Mansfield & Co., are out with a new
advertisement aud reduced prices, for
closing out their winter stock, As our old
friend and townsman seldom makes any
false motions in business, there is -not the
shadow of a doubt that he means all. be
says about prices, and the bargains be of
fers to the public. That settled, another
important question arises is the quality
of his goods to be depended upon f Our
acquaintance with him for years, affords
the assurance that be deals in nothing bu
first class goods such as bis long expe
rience and unquestioned taste and judg
ment select Those who go out of town
tor Clothing, therefore, can hardly hope to
do as well anywhere else as at Mansfield
& Co.'s, 52 Public Square, Cleveland.
CHRisTHAa.PaESENT.r-The working
force of the Ttlegraph establishment baye
furnished us a very seasonable and pleas
ant local, in the presentation of an elegant
pocket pen and pencil. It is one of the
prettiest articles in Dickinson's pretty col
lection of bijoutry unique' and ingenitu
in style, pattern and manner of working.
The material is a combinations of bear!
and gold. The fitness and propriety of
the selection enhances its intrinsic -taluft
and we trust Its frequent use will prove as
frequent a reminder and cherisher of the
kindly feeling- of reciprocal esteem exist'
ing between: employer and employed. ' It
being the outcropping of generous feeling,
we shall hope to be able to regulate ; the
flow, from- its nib by something oi tha
same kindred sentiment i
'Treasurer Hubbard gives fhe following
reading of the certificate of1, the preferred
stock of the A-, T. & P. Co.. ; which it is
proposed to transfer for. the common
stock. Its character is asclearly defined
perhaps in its own language. ;as could; be
done wUb greater cumlocuUlm4' It does
not appear that the common stock holds
any advantages that are here withheld;,'
This slock entities the, bolder to divi-'
dends, not exceeding seven per cent in
any one year, out of the surplus earnings
remaining at the end of each year, ending
March 31st oi each and every year, after
first deducting from the earoiucs the ex
pense -of operating and maintaining - the
roau ana oiuer property oi me Company,
the rent of the equipment, the expense of.
maintaining Uie organization of the Com
pany, all taxes and assessments, On the
road and property ot the Com nan v. and
the interest aud sinking fund -due. past
1 1 . . T A ...
uue, auu auurueu un uie r irsi ana oecoua
Mortgage Bands ot the Company. ' J
Installation. The officers elect of
Western ReseyejChapter.-NJt A.
M., were installed on Tuesday evening
last, at the Masonic Hall, by p. H. P., G,
W. Dickinson, as follows; .,
Wm. Clover, H. P. ; P.B. Perrigo, fc";
E.C. Upson, Scribe; A. O. Amsden, C.
; L. C. Newell, P. S. Geo, Hall, R. A.
; P.B. Bugbee, 3d Y. ; H. Konter, 2d
; H. Warren, 1st V. : John Ducro.
Treas. . E-JVaughn," Bey ; M. Dickin
son, Guard.
The officers elect of Rising Sun Lodge,
No. 22, F. & A. M., were installed the
same evening, by P, M. Loveland, who
has been a member of this Lodge for 52
years. .The names are as follows: Wm,
Clover, W. M.; L. C. Newell, 8. W.
Geo. Hall. J. W.; A.O. Amsden, Tfeas! ;
Theo. 8. Sill, 8ec'y;Thos. Griswold, 8.
D.; W.T. Randall, J, D.
The ceremonies were public, and were
followed by a supper and dance at the
Ashtabula House. v'
New Year's DAT.was not made very
demonstrable in any aj its features. There
was some calling and some preparations to
"receive, but we ax&of the opinion that
calling was not general or enthusiastic.
Nor was there a general suspension of
business. Places of business were for the
most part open and-, mere or less active.
course, the deliberate and comfortable
enjoyment of dinner was indulged in, and
boa constrictor torpidity naturally
succeeding such enjoyment rendered the
remainder of the daj easy and careless.
To our establishment, there was no res-
pile. Both Christmas and New Years
were spent in toiling for the meat that
perisheth, and that fmeat on "'Happy New
Year's Day" was of a Very frugal discre
tion. Our enthusiasm, therefore, was very
much of the same type as that of our fel
As we did not get out in
to wish our friends a "Happy New
Year," in advance, they will, we presume.
allow us to tender, them the wish, now,
they and we have fairly embarked
upon it.
Golden WEDDiNO.-The house of Dr.
E. Hall was the scene of more than a
usual Merry Chrisiua; on the present re
currence oi mat anniversary, it was
occasion of the Golden Wedding o f
Lewis Gilbert and LifPiA, his wife
parents qf Mrs- Hall. Tbe friends
of the two families were present.
he occasion was one of much pleasure
all. After tbe enjoyment of the supper,
rehersals of the experiences of the last
oentury were In, order, and the
venerable pair reoelyed the congratula
tions of the company, that they had been
spared for tbe enjoyment of eaoh others
society and to minister to eaqli other,
happiness so long, aqd that they have
permitted to realize the goodness of
the baud that baa led them In the pos.
session of sucb uniform health, and to see
chlldrenalso sharing so largely the
blessing. The amily of Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert, beside themselves, consists, of two
mairied daughters Mrs. Hall as already
stated, and Mrs. A. P. Willey. Mr, and
G). came orlgnaly froin, Cqnnect
icut, raqving first, soon after niarrlage to
Western iew York, from" whence they
emigrated, to tbls oountry Iq 184Q or 7
whioh they have ooqtlqued since,
Rotating RoDNo.-iWe wers reminded
other day, by Mr. H. II IUtL. that
Ttleprapk office bad rotatej round un
til it was again fixed upon tbe very spot
where it was origlually started by N. W.
Thayer, on the 81st day of October, 1849
nearly 25 years ago; The building In
which it was published, was a part of
''Mechanics' Rqw" 4 rango qf one:8tory
buildings, whioh havtr1 given place to tbe
brick block! thatjnow ornament tbe I
village: Our predecessor, howrvrr-find
the advantage of us, as be was on the first
floor, while we are on the second. Mr.
Hall was then an employe in the office, as
was also John H. Camp, now of St Paul.
Mr. Thayer was editor and proprietor, aud
the first number was of the same size that
it ha been id to the Drescnt one. The
Sentinel was published at this time in Ash
tabula, and then as now, Ashtabula was
blessed with two weekly journals. The
Sentinel was edited Dy X'A. Giddings, of
Jefferson ; the office was on the opposite
side of ihe street over fue1 store now oc
cupied by L. W. Smith & Son. Both pa
pers were Whig, but while one was after
the Giddings school, the other, the Tele
aravh. was less distinctive and ultra on
the slavery subject o we see that his
tory not only repeats itself, but printing
offices sometimes repeat -themselves in the
change of their locations.
The Great Ring—What it Is—What
Keeps it Up and What will Kill it—A Brief
History—The Panic—Luxuries.
NEW YORK. Dec. 1873.
When a boxKhis weed in cut down, it is
not always sure that it is exterminated
The roots must be du' up and cast out
before the work -should be considered
completed. When Boss Tweed was : ar
rested, tried and sentenced to the pent
(entiary, the good people of New York
fancied they had cleaused the Augean
stables, aud that henceforth all they bad
to do was to fold their bands and sit down
to the enjoyment of good Government
Mistaken souls 1 Tweed was simply the
trauk, the roots exist in a vigorous and
full oflife as ever, and new shoots are
showing their heads every day
I propose to devote this letter mostly to
the "Ring, for it is one of the most cu
rious chapters in the history of this coun
try. The ring, was of course, a Democrat
ic invention. The Tammany Society had
control of the City of New York, and
consequently, of the State. It became
well known that the solid mass of igno
rance, ruin, and crime in the city,, having
but one head, could nominate wborasoev
er it pleased, and then elect or defeat Ev
ery Democratic politician in v the State
swore allegiance : to Tammany. : It, be
came the party. At the : begiauing.'tuis
strength was used simply for purposes of
plunder in a rather .moderate, way ; iut
when Wm. M, Tweed secured the con
trol he was not content, with ; that. . He
aspired to- the control ot ion ly d the
City and- Slate of New York, but' the
nation. As the politicians of the State
bowed to him, because he conld control
a State Convention, so' the' politicians ol
other Stateseourted his influence, for New
xora is a large outte ana nas power in a
National Convention. 'Doubtless the
great .Tweed bfjii sn idea that alter ma
king a President of two, he might fill that
great office himself.
; It is not to be denied that he played his
game shrewdly. He first .got control ot
his own. parly, and (hen proceeded to de
bauch the Republican party of the; State,
He found enough venial Republicans who
were willing to share his stealings and he
organized a Tammany: rime inside : that
party. Editors of promineut Republican
journals, Republicans of influence in. all
parts of the State, came to a. private Un
derstanding with hint, the service requir
ed oeing uie demoralization ot the .party
by bolts and splits, and the consideration
being a share, proportioned to the ser
vice,. in the: millions' ot sUalings lie had
control of.! 'New York City and State was
thus bound hand and fu.tt Boss Tweed
ielded more active pou- r than any man
m the United Blates-, H"' -tretched" fourth
his iiantf to' New Jtirsey ' -Pennsylvania,
and Connecticut, and had commenced 'to
work in Ohio and the States farther West
when he met the Waterloo' and went
" Boss Tweed is in the penitentiary, on
tflackweils island, but Tweedism is Dei
ther killed or scotched. It fa- rooted, in the
rum-mills the forelga vote, the gamblers
and thieves of : the city, and it is as strong
and vigorous as eve. For the material
is all there and other men, just as' strong
as Tweed and as unscrupulous, are there
ro mouiu u ana use it ... I
Several of the principal men'in Tweed's I
ring are out of the way,. . Coman, .Milleri
Mika jsorton, John W. Walsh, are . in
biding j Connolly, it will be remembered,
put the "Salt say" between him and pros
ecution shortly, after . proceedings ; were
commenced , against .Tweed. , He took
witn mm no less than an even i million;
and is living in great splendor in Ireland.
The others mentioned got out of the . way
as spoq as they were convinced that the
prosecution, of Tweed was ia earnest, and
cannot be found, , Harry. Genet one o1
the , most brazen, of tha - thieves, was
caught, tried and conyicted and was to
have been sentenced to join the throng
that moves towards Sing Sing, but takine
rencu leave was not to be found.' Mr.
Matthew T. i Brennao, ; is the Sheriff pf
New York and Mr. B. a ' Tammanvlte
wnose term la nearly out, and wbd de-
Rirea a Wwlt'ntinn t KJAW .... ..i a i r t,. !
WUIU Hl . L1 UQ-
nan ge before the Democracy of TJew
lonr. witn iits Lands stained with the
punishment of a man ' like Genet T Su
Genet's imprisonment was merely nom
inal, "narry" was about the streets of
the city-.lu care of a Deputy, it is true,
ioraaysanane went to his home in Har
lem, me Deputy accompanying him. He
retired with his wife at the usual hour,
me accommodating Deputy lying Jn a
aojoining room on a sofa. In the morn
ing Mr. (ienet was not to be found.
much to the chagrin of the Deputy."
the instance proves what I; stated in
the beginning. The Tammany, snake is
hydra-headed and Tweed is only, one of
the heads. Harry Genet's friends, i a.
rum-mills, thieves, gamblers, and murder
ers, whom be controls, . have' power
enough in their hands to beat Mr. Mat
thew T. Brennao, for rcqomination, and
had Harry gone to Sing Ping, they would
haye beaten him, Therefore, this perjur-
plunderer this convicted thief, is per
mitted to,quii-y walk off, and the courts
set at defiance, , ,
w no are tuese ieitows wuo ride so
boldly over the tax-pavers of New York f
Mostly. Irish-, They organize about grog.
genes, me Keeper oi the mill controls a
hundred of them for which he receives a
small office. He, iq turn, is controled by
leader a little higher up,' whose power
the government is guagod by the num
he can control, and so on up to the
supreme head.
Tammany will be killed whenever the
decent . men of the city, take interest
enough in the politics to vote, and usa the
Influence they possess. They outnumber j
thieves and can oust them if they
will. : Catch a IJew York merchant,
leaving his trade to vote, or to do politic
work. Not he. Ha ia too busy. And
New York will continue to be ildden
the thieves to the end of the chap-
There Is a steady regular revival in
btisiqegs In the metropolis. ' There nev
Khould have been a panic Indeed, this
Fall and Winter bufiues should .have ,
been splendid. There was uo cause for
troubles that came upon the country
September. A parcel of gamblers, like
Gould, old Daniel Drew, and Vander
but, iqclieq; horns (n a struggle over
stocks. Down they went, and the but
slncss men fearing a paulc, did exactly
wUt was. caoeaiary to malt ona, Tbey '
l. decent
men were dep
.ices, and
an evil that was
iuess is ' resumi
real. Bus
ifldence is
Ut of the
restored. Smith
hole into which f
ber and dUcove.
much of
shower after all. ,?people are
a going to eaIT it, the same
as ever, and must ha, us, and so
he gets bis money ouv tiding place.
aud nays Brown what ha ows him.
Brown payes Jones ; Joues, Thompson ;
the mill that stopped, resumed, and so it
goes. People wonder that they were ey-
er frightened at all. There is nothing
"hard" in the times, here or anywhere
else. The "times" are all right, and bu
siuess will be very brisk the remainder
of the winter.
But there was one curious feature about
it all. During the worst of the panic,
when men believed that the country had
gone to the dogs, nd every man was
straining to the last point, there was no
dimunilion of the trade of the great deal
crs in luxuries. stewards trout was
crowded with carriages, and the jewelry
stores were thronged as of yore. The New
York lady of fashion recognizes no such
thing as a panic or stringency in money,
It is ber husband g duty to hud money
somehow for her, for not a jot or tittle will
she yield of her rights to spend all the
money she chooses. . If therr be diamonds
that she wants, she has them. The $30,000
that the set costs, her husband must tur-
msb, and lie must do it "Without murmur.
for she is an imperious dame and . will.
stand no nonsense about these things.
Half the failures that occur in New York
may be cuarged up to this account. Fash
ion rules with a rod of iron, and from its
decree there is no appeal. Style most be
maintained, lor when H is- relaxed in the
least the relaxer drops out of sight, and
the woman as good as dies. That is,jho
dies socially, aud there is not one ot them
who would not rather die actually.
Unce more, I tnana. Jleaven, there is a
country to draw from. But for the influx
of fresh blood and fresh ideas from the
country, the real cities would become
worse than cancers. But as it takes ten
years to spoil a person in New York, and
as thousands niaKe tneir way here every
year, the old Sodom grinds along after'.a
fashion, and will continue to do so.
Christmas was more generally observed
this year than ever. The rich gave gor
geous dinners the poor modest dinners '
the dissolute got drunk, and the police
stations were full. , . Curious notions peo
ple have of celebrating the birth of a Sa
Religious News.
Her.- E-'T. AtwoocV a student : from
Oberlin Seminary .is supplying the Con-j
gregational church at Andover, and Rev.'
Mr. GibbS, also a student, is supplying at
Wayne' . Rev. Mr. Laird, the pastor of !
theCougiegatioual church atMdison. has
been: invited to become principal of the
Preparatory Department of Oberlin Col
The Congregational church at Conneaut
are now occupying the basemeut of their
new church edifice. ' The building, when
finished, will be a fine structure, costing
about (3,500: The society have establish
ed a course of lectures this winter, which
has been i very 'successful. Rev. T.K.
Beecher, Gen. Kilpatrick and Miss Anna
Dickinson have been already engaged..
The entertainment giveu at the M. E.
cnurcUj last ween unnstmas eve, was
largely attended, and was an interesting
occasion. 1 he sociable of the Cong 1 so
ciety, held at the house of Mr. Q. C. Cul-
ley, on Thursday eyeniuer, was also large
ly attended. Representatives from all the
societies were present, aud the gathering
was a very delightful one.
Rev. J. N. MeGiflVrt preached, last Sab
bath morning, on Weekly Offerings, and
in the evening gave an address to the
children ot his congregation. -
The bell of the Congregational church
is cracked so as to be unfit for use. The
deep tone which chimed so well with the
others of the place, can no longer be
beard, and the society will be under the
necessity of taking it down to have it re
cast ...
The Sabbath School at the harbor has
suffered the loss of its superintendent
Mr. Norrls, who has been very faithful
and useful, is about moving with his fam-
ny to Michigan. Mr. A. D. Stronir is
however; o resume his oid place as super
intendent, which lie has so laithfully filled
tor several years having a. class in the
village at the same time.
,Thb Wbekof Pbateb will be observ
ed by . union services of three of the
churches in town. . .The exercises will be
aa tallows :
Sabbath evening, Jam 4ih, at the M. E.
church, sermon by Rev.'J, N. McGiffert
Subjeclr'Ciiristian Unity,"
Monday evening. Conference Meeting at
the Presbyterian chapel, presided over by
Re. A. D.. Morton.
Tuesday evening, . meeting in the same
place. Rev. 8. D. Peet presiding.
Wednesday evening, meeting ' at the
Congregational lecture room. Rev. J.'N.
McGiffert, leader., ....
Thusday evening, a general Temperance
Meeting in the Cong'l church, Rev. A, D
Morton presiding.
Friday evening,. Prayer Meeting at the
M. E. chapel : Rev. 8. D. Peel leader.
Saturday evening, meeting at the same
place, Rev. J. N. McGiffert presiding.
Sabbath eyeniug,. in ; the Presbyterian
church. Sermon by Revi 8. D. Peet Sub
ject "Christ's Kingdom Universal and
Ihe,, members of the various churches
will participate in the exercises during the
week ; and the discussion of Temperance
Thursday evening, will be free to all
who attend.
The American Evangelical Alliance
suggests the following as a suitable plan
for the observance of the Week of Prayer
Sunday, Jan. 4: Sermons The unity of
me uunstian Uuurcb : the real oneness
ail true believers : Jiindrances and
motives to uniun ; the blessings to be
hoped for from the uuiou of believers in
prayer. John xvn : 21 zo,
Monday, Jan. 5 : Confession Our
common uuworliness and guilt,
Thanksgiving. r or National Domestic
and personal mercies, temporal and spir
Supplication. For special blessings
me r eea oi r-rayer. Dan. lx : 7 Mul,
: 1".
Tubs. 6 : Prater. For the Christian
Church ; lor the increase in faith, holi
ness and love : for the persecuted aud
suffering Christians ; for ChristWu liberty:
and for the more abundant outpomiug of
noiy spirit lot. t: ; ileb. xiii
, Heb. iii : 3.
Wednesday. 7 : Piiayeb for Fam
ilies. Home Rnil nilt.rnnl inflnono. .
sons and daughters ; the absent, tbe sick',
ernng, inmates oi prisons ; all educa
tional institutions. ft. cxv : 12-14 cxiiv
Thursday. 8 Prater for Nations.
For peace among men : for public virtue
and righteousness : for the, punish ment
intemperance, dishonesty, Infidelity,
and superstition i and for the ditfussion
pure and Christian literature Is. lx
Friday, 9 i Prayer For tue evan
of all nominally Christian
countries : for the conversion ot Israel
seamen : for Missionaries : for the
spead ol the go-trwl In M ibaraniedan and
heathen countries : lor the conversion of
world to Clirtat Pa. Ixviii : 81
exxii 0. Heb. xii : 8,
Saturday, Jan. 10: Piuykr For the
Christian Ministry ; for Sunday schools
llevivais .U lit IX : 38 j Ueut IV I M I
IleO. ill : a.
Sunday. Jan. 11 Sermon Sublect -.
Jurist a kingdom universal aud everlasl-
fs, xcvu ; t. 3. Results of the Sixth
Geueral Conference of the Evangelic Al
Items from the churches of the county
will be acceptable at any time for this
Editor lelegraph .-The Congregational
Sunday School held a sort of festival last
Friday evening, consisting of singing and
other exercises. An admission was charg
ed, and the receipts amounted to 28
which goes to the benefit of their library.
Horace Johnson was arrested by the U,
S. Marshal on Tuesday, charged with
breaking open cars on the L. 8. & M. S
railroad and stealing therefrom goods
to the amount of 8400 or $500. He was
taken beore Esq. Fisher of Ashtabula
and held under $500 bail for his appear-
a'ioe next Saturday for examination. It
is supposed that he has accomplices and
the officers are on their track.
Bro. W. H. Brown and brother C. W.
Burdick had a dispute about some cord
wood on brother Brown's land, and broth
er Brown denied that brother Burdick
had any more wood that belonged to
brother Burdick, on brother Brown's
premises ; whereupon brother Burdick at
tempted to peel the bark off a certain
beech tree with brother Brown's boots
while brother Burdick held him by the
coat collar.. Settled by an appeal to Esq-
Siinonds. -
Frutid Reed: Th8 last days of this
closing year has beeu more than eventful
with us iu Rome.
On the 21st inst. we followed to the
grave, Mr. John Crowell oue of the early
settlers of this town, and now, to-d.iy,
Mrs. Julia Lee has just passed away. Her
funeral services will be held on Saturday,
the 3rd prox.. at 10, A. M.. at the house
and at 11 o clock at the church. '
The revival meetings in progress iu the
Presbyterian church, are being successful
beyond all that we" bad faith to expect at
the first The meetings conducted by Rev.
H. H. Wells have been attended with
wonderful solemnity, and under the sound
and searching preaching of that dear
brother, many have been awakened, and
at this writing, we think there are not less
than fifty hopeful conversions, aud many
others are still inquiring. Our audiences
are large and fill war church to its utmost
capacity, and yet the meetings are attend
ed with a stillness almost painful. Broth
er Wells expects to close his services here
F. M.
Editor Telegraph .-Our "Merry Christ
mas has come and gone again, and we
have quite vivid recollections of scenes
connected therewith.
Christmas eve, the Baptist church and
society got up a very nice exhibition at
trMr "r.linrr'li: rnnftiarirtr nf 4iDnnnTntp.at
and other views, aided by a magic lantern
fully explained by Rev, Hough and
Prof.' J. P. Treat A large crowd were
out, aua an were uigniy euiertmneq. i ne
event of the evening, however, was the
surprise given Mr. Hough in a donation of
curreucy to to the amount of near $165.
This was the tenth anniversary of a like
eveut as he very happily announced,with
many heart-felt thanks. . There were also
many of the friends and patrons of Rev
Hickok. and family, at . the Presbyterian
parsoqage that evening the regular
church social having been - appointed
there. Relreshinents were served, the
proceeds ot which were presented to Mrs.
Hickok who, in her usual quiet way
spoke of the love she had for this people.
aud. the evidence afforded of its reciproci
ty, tor which she was grateful,
. The wee, small hours of Christmas morn
were upon us, and iu the interval of leav
ing for home, on the part of many, the
greeting "Wish you a Merry Christmas,"
was making vocal the very air, and may
the chambers of our souls re-echo the sal
utation from this time on through the
Last Saturday evening, the installation
of the officers elect of Orion Lodge No.
353 of F. & A, M., took place at Masonic
Hall, conducted by D. T. Richmond, W.
M. Rev. J. B. Grover, of Kelloggsville,
being present, made a prayer, followed
by' some appropriate, earnest and eloquent
remarks, adding much to tbe interest and
profit of the occasion, alter which- re
freshments were served, and with the hall
fery near full,; they could not be other
wise thau social. Thus passed the even-
The following cases have been dispos
ed of since our last issue
C B. H,Burlin.Vs Gage & Gag ; , Judg
ment tor plttta dells, appeal.
Tasa Hinkle vs C. Brown. Decree for
pltff deft appeals.
Home Ins, Co. vs Sturdevant et aL ' Jdt
fur plff.
' Chas. Ackerman's adm'x vs L. S. R. R.
P. Byrnes vs A. W. Stiles. " Settled.
D. : Young vs L. 8. R. R. Jury trial
Verdict for delt
A, N. Westcott vs G. G. Gaylord. Re
port of referee confirmed.
t HLN. Bancroft vs. Everett et al. Dis
F. Perew vs A. W. Stiles. Jdt for deft.
Second trial demanded.
Russell & Udy vs Granite Improvement
jo., - i raaeiered to u. H. (Jourl
BVC". Randall's ex rs vs Graham & St.
John. Settled.
M. B. Gary Vs L. S. R. R. Jury trial.
Verdict lor plff. Second trial demanded.
W. B, Chapman. Same. Same.
Julia Blood vs W. Brydle. Settled at
defl's cost
H. S. Munger vs E. Richmond. Decree
for plff.
Miles Dorinan vs G. W. Stifles. . Cause
dismissed.' Plff appeals.
A. D. Myers vs Nancy Lovett & ' B.
Hoyt Decree for p'.ff.
J. t. Baldwin vs Mckean el al uecree
tor plff.
Faulkenburg vs Faulkenburg.. Dismiss
ed at defl's cost
Whitcomb vs Whitcomb. Divorce re
L. S. Railway vs D. Wincb, Jr. Jdt re
versed and dismissed.
Sarah J. Pclton vs A. Leslie. Decree
for plff.
i-rastus Huiett vs Fickenger et al. De
cree for plff. -
Lorenzo (irover vs (J. O. Meacuam et
al. Decree for plff.
Emetine L. Beckwith vs C. Beckwith.
Divorce granted.
Newton Merrill vs I. W. Sherman. De
Trustees of Rome vs Phillips et al.
Dismissed without prejudice.
Ohio vs Dwight Eastman. Dismissed.
Geo. Willard vs Hills et al. Decree
H. B. Stephens vs E. Richmond. Judg
ment for plff.
Ohio vs John Williams. Deft sent to
Reform Farm.
Ohio vs Coral Green. Same.
Causes not otherwise disposed of are
continued until next term.
Nov. term closed Dec. 27th.
Wasted To exchange Cows for
Sheep. Apply to Go. W. Bartuam,
Sheffield, l miles north of Gregg's Cor
ners. B. tS Si. are coming next week to
Smith's Block, Centre SU .New room,
new men aud new goods.
W-Alady-sopen-raced, silver watch
had a gold and steel chain attached '
The finder will confer a favor by leaving
at this offlce.
B. & B. are coining next week to
Smith's new Block, Centre St. New
room, new men and new goods.
A woman who has traveled un this plan
et tor u early liUf a century, concluded to
tha Invigorating qualities of a Vegeta
ble Hair Preparation sold at Swift's, and
rewarded for her euterprlsiug spirit by
prospect ot a fresh crop of young
sprouts on soil hitherto considered barren
and fruitless.
B. and B. are coming next week to
Smith's new block Centre St New room,
new men and new goods.
For the Telegraph.
The reasou why, I scarce can tell
I only know that I love her well. -, .
Her dark, dork eyes to me are dear,
Her soft brown hair to my heart is near.
The white and red of her bonny face.
The healthful form of ber goodly race ;
The red, red glow of her velvet lips,
Even the touch of her finger tips,
Send, to my heart, the warm life-blood,
Welling up in a hopeful flood.
My love for ber may well displace
Remembrance of that other's lace.
Her maiden truth dispels the wraith
Ot another woman's punic faith.
Hervoice is music in my ears
Lulling the pain of other years.
Then, too, she bears a spotless name,
A woman's treasure untarnished tame,
And purity has left its trace
Ou every feature ol ber face. :
And ilie brings to me a wealth uutold
More precious thau uncounted gold.
The dearer and the costlier part
The priceless wealth of a woman's heart
And the proudi-st moment of my life
Shall be when I call this woman wife.
Then, though the reason I may not tell,
Yet still, I know that I love her well.
Kansas, Christmas Eve, 1873.
For the Ashtabula
To The New Clock Ashtabula.
High, high-voiced chronicle of Time !
tteruity s lout: sway is o'er.
Chant the Hours with iron Chime
Day and Night for evermore 1
Since Chaos resigned through all the
forest, lake, aiiipsrent lv
No sound of Time its echoes cast
r or Herald winds to waft away.
The generations dwellers here
That rauged the wood, and plyed the
Knew suns and moons; but not the year
i ueir uays a waste, tneir lives a dream !
New era, bleat ! oflife and light, :,
From Ashtabula's snow-white Tower
A warning peal of Time's swift flight,
a. ami to seize lue present nour,
Swift Ashtabula's waters bear
'The tidines on : the echoing wnodaf i
Repeat the same with frequent care, :
i in neara ana lost o er trie's floods,
Sage Clock I that metest out our days
vy uu unrelenting, tireless Hand
East Ashtabula. Oct. 1849.
Rennick's Hotel was supplied during
the week with about its average number
of Jodgers. It would seem aa if tbe old
rookery might become as lousy as .was
the Southern Confederacy during the war.
A Lucrative Business Position.'
The Uuiou Central Life Insurance Com
pany, which is one of the most prosperous
Life Insurance Companies in the country
of its age, desires to establish a General
Agency at Astaubula.
To the right party with known business
reputation, a liberal contract will be giv
en. Address N. W. Harris. Sec'y. Cin
cinuali, O.
B. and B. are coming next week to
Smith's block Centre St.
men and new goods.
New room, new
We Claim that Miss Sawysb's Sai.vb is en
tlrely different from all others.
That there sre s great many good Salves offered
for sale but none so good as Kiss Sawyer's Salve.
That every family should have a box.
That it will do all and even more than it Is r
ecomended to do.
rot np in Boxes at 60 Cents each. Sold by all
Druggists. - r ljiao
Centa.nr Liniment.'
There is no pain which the
Centanr Liniment will not re
lieve, no swelling it will sot
sabdae.aad no lameness which
it will not cure. This .is ktrong
sngasge, bot it is tons. It has
Kphfrrpa produced mora cures ol rheu
matism, neuralgia, lock-jaw palsy, sprains, swell
ings, caked-breasts. scalds, burns, salt-rheum, ear
ache, &c, upon the human frame, and of strains,
spavin, galls, fex, upon animals is one year than
have all other pretended remedies since the world
began. It is a counter-irritant, an all healing pain
reliever. Cripples throw awsy their crutches, the
lame walk, poisonous bites sre rendered harmless,
and the wounded are healed without a scar. It is
no humbug. The recipe is published around each
bottle. It is selling as no article ever before sold,
and it sells because it does just what it pretends
do. Thote who now suffer from rheumatism,
pain or swelling deserve to suffer If they will not
Centaur Liniment,. Xnrs than 1,000 eertiS-
cates of remaxkahla eitnm. Including frozen limbs.
chronic rheumatism, gout, running tumors, &c,
nave been received. We send s circular contain
ing cortlncates, the recipe, Ac, grstis, lo any one
requesting it. One bottle of the yellow wrapper
Centaur Liniment is worth one sssdrad dollars
for spavined or sweenled horses or mules, orfor
screw worm In sheep. Stock-owners this lini
ment is worth voar attention. No family should
without Centaur Liniment, Sold by all Drug.
gists. 60 eents per bottle; large bottles 1 1.00. J,
Boss a Co., S3 Broadway, New Tork. yli3S.
Oastorla is more than s substitute
for Castor Oil. It is the only tqft article In exist
ence wnicu is certain to assimilate tbe rood, rvgu
Ute the bowels, cure wind-colic, and Drodnce nat
ural sleep. Itcontains neither minerals, morphine
alcohol, and is leaspant to take. Children need
not cry, ana mothers may rest. ISSS
Ashtabula Market.
ASHTABULA. Jan 3. 1874.
Dealers pay the following Prices.
Whiat No. 1, White fl 75
no No.1. Bed 1S5
Cobs Shelled TO
do Ia the ear SB
Oats, old . 40 to 48
Buttib M to
Cbkesb lstol
Drixd Applss 8
Hams 18 to 14
Labd 8 to 10
Euas 4
Potatoes 76 to 80
Corn Msal ser ton t i 00
Chopped Fd Cora aud oats, $-il 00
W OOL 4U1043
Salt per bbl. at Harbor $1 85
do i.i store S3 w
In Falrview. Dec. 7th. A. C. Tihhii Cm .
H. B. GOOK to Miaa lllir It Sr.vn.nn twith
Announcements free; Coiniueudatory aouces.
nan rate.
In Ashtabula. Doc- M. Kiriniiin W iLrnmv
6 years, 11 months sod days.
The deceased was probably the oldest person la
region. Some acccount of her life would
probably be read with Interest, but ws are unable
give it this time. It will appear in due time.
Is Connctl Bluffs. lows. Nor. Oth. of tVDhold
fever. Miss Lsna K. Sssnnoh. axed S Tears, iirie
Ps., papers plesse copy.
Ashtabula. Dee. 151 h. Mrs. Odsta Berrs
of L. Butts, sged St years. .
FcilCC PoStS ShmdeS !
HE Subscriber has ust received ft
cargo of ,
Cedar Fence Posts,
S?r?.4 to. ,ach0 ,n ". which
be sold at (Air Drives.
Also, a cargo of flrmt quality of shaved
Fine Shingles
whioh ere also for sale st his yard, near the fccto
b. at Crosby. . C Nswsll.
Asoianuia. Oct. 1st. Sml
and CARD PRINTER. Ant. .
H. MORSK, Kocbsatw, N. T. I
ETTEIMIKADS printed ia the
asslMt ttylM Qf the art, st the
luujura orricx. .
Groceries & Provisions
aftti Grocery Home of
Ooodg.old as low a
laiatf .
Small Profits and Quick Sales."
attention to hii larjre and
The result of bis enlarged and increased tsclU
ties for bnslness.
He is Prepared to, & is Selling
Cheaper than sny other establishment of die kind
In the country or city. I mean what Issy, and
would invite the pablie in general to see for them
eelyet before baying elsewhere. I am making it
an object for any one to gire m s call, and it
will pay them well for coming to tee a Urge tock
to select from, which is as largeaa any is soycity.
Having nxteen yean experience in btnineMsnd
bnying all my stock direct from the manQlac to rera
East, and conducting my own boaineaa enables
me to sell lover than any competitor is tha re
gion, sty work Is sslt alwaya has been the
I also have on hand s large stock of Eastern
work, which I sell very low ; among which will be
found single lounges, bed lounges, carpet and rep
Spring If&ttresses. at srestlv rednead nrleea of
my own make.
Don't fore et the olaee s few donra smith of V Uk-
Sillimaa in Co s Flonrand Feed Store.
Also particular attention paid to carpet laying.
Curtain and Cronice banging, all of which will
be dons with readiness and disnstcs.
I slso keep constsntlv oa hand s km aaaot.
ment ot ready made Comas, Bose Wood iiaitatiwa.
Black Walnut and Imitation of Black Walnut, all
of which I can trim in two hours nonce, is any
etvle requestea, eausl to snr eirr. also have a
splendid Hestrse in readiness woes called for.
Ghats Clotbss. A new feats. rs ssa raantlv
been added to this furniture es tab Use ment or
rather to the Undertaker's department of It one
that cannot fail to commend itself to tns conuxuni
ty, and w,UJ show. the disposition of the proprie
tor to make his establishment as perfect as may
be. It will eo far to relieve the work and hmtn
incidental to, and so repugnant in seasons of be
reavement, of preparing the remains of the depart
ed for burial. This consists in keeDinron hand.
and reay for Immediate use, s stock of grsvs
clethes. A variety o shrouds, for both male and
female, made up with rrmch tats and sppropri-
bicucbb, Tanous in price, ana Dots d tacit ana
white materials. A singleorder for a coma but,
therefore, embrace the habUllments of thejdesd.
and thus save the friends of the d icessed, in the
midst of grief, frc ;n nuch that seems particularly
disagreeable and ineoi gruom in tha way of preps
rat'on forthe grave, . . .
. t , ' JOHN DCCRO.
Ashtabula, Ohio, Jan. 1st, 1873. 106 f
'THE PUBLIC are undoubtedly
J swae of the necessity, that every Tanner and
Hide Buter has long felt, for a radical csasob ia
tbe method" of bnying hides ; and believing
(with other similar Associations now being or
ganised throughout Uie entire West,) the lime
now come for uukdiatc actios, in regard tothis
much needed reform, the nndersigned Tanners
and Buyers met at Warren, Nov. 4th, 1873
and adopted tbs following rules which are submit-'
ted for your consideration and approval, -and tf
fonnd to accord with your views, you wili'piease
sign the '-Certificate ot Approval" beiowand
send by return mail, to tha "Secretary of Tan
ners and Hide Buyers," Warren, O.. that your
name and influence may be added to the Araccis,
tion, in an address to the Farmers and Butch
throughout this section of the country.
Wakbbn, Ohio. Nov. tih, 19Ti
In conformity to the rates adopted by all
Eastern and Western markets, the undersigned
Tanners and Hide Bayers, throoghont the Shenan
go and Mahoning Valleys, will from and ater Dav
cntBEB 10, 1873, accept Green Hides, "Trimmxd
oslt," i. 4. Fbkk rxoa Hobms, okulu, Susws,
Tadbonb, AND A1X OTUKB tacheo offal.
A deduction of "ons Cbkt ra Focbd, will be
made from all hides broughh to us mot trimmed ss
A reduction of oss-thibd of the market value
will be made for cut, wabbued, oat bull as9tai
Ttldek a Phillips, Hock Creek, O.
Wilcox a Co., - -
Krihl, Hactteb a Co.. Girsrd. OC ; t '
Wh. Stiwart a Son, CoitsviUe, O.
H. Ksobloch. New Castle, fa.
A. G. McNab. Sharon, Pa, . ,
J. D. Smith, Liberty. O. . '
Wm. H. Fhaxism, Liberty, O. - i
Johmsor tiaorxa, bootneid, O.
Wl. C. Tuttla, Greefiaburga. O. .
L. AC. Bbab, Warren, O.
C. F. Gobptdioxb, Bavesna, O.
M. Marshal, a Sob, N. Jackson, O.
A, G. Miller, Baconsburgh. O.
C. J. GoEFPtnssB. N. Fails, O.
Gibbs a Mathews, Kinsman. O.
8. B, C'bbtst, Warren and Kites, O.
J. Vab Fleet a Som, Toungstown, O.
8. L. Huht a Sob. Warren. O.
J. B. Rajudezx, BrlstoiviUe, O.
C. G. Hart, Gusts vus Ohio.
.Fiester A WicKUME, Warren, O.
Mtm hulas, Bscs Pons, Wazrea, 0.
This is to certify that approve tha
action of the "Tanners sad Hide Bayer Associ
ation" at a meeting held at Warren, O.. Nov. si,
lbTS andwill adopt the rules made at ssidlmeetjna?
and after Dec. lUth, 1878. . 4t61
5 OCT., Double Reed, 5 Stop Or
gan ntarin new and in line order. Coat, $6 will
wiu iw fiuu ill cms uq DBiaiice m small
monthlv payments. p. c PASSaTTS.
Second-hand pianos for rent, inquire of
l6tf JVC. PA8SKTT.
Are a modem stove Are twir i
polish fur better than QF lhey rive a saer gioes
sny other in existence than anv other Dolus.
Yield s brilliant, sllverr sheen, with leas thas hair
the labor required when other polish are used.
Are a nest and cleanly . Caa be sssd ia
article, making no dirt Q V the parlor witaoat the
nor dust, when ased trouble of removm
-'-: i : furoitar or csmeSs, -
Has bo disagreable sulphurous or strong acid smell
prepared for use, but are pleasant A harmless
j . : CRUMBS; 7 .
put up ia neat style In sack box ara is
in a form more OP sticks ; 1 stick is
convenient for see than Bcient for sny store
other polish. thns sll wssts u ssssaL
the cheapest nollsh In the market. Ku ...
at 10 cents will polish ss svnch sax&cs ss St
cent's worth of the old polishes.
flsve Just taken the In competttlc with
orem st the I mil- OP aevenl or the km
anapclis exposition, . tbe old stovs poUaass
Bny Crumbs of Comfort of your store keeper.
be has them, or wiH procure them for yos , if not
1 u one dollar, your umc add tbe same of
nearest exprese station, and we will send ye
boxes, and samples of Bartleu's Blackingsd
Pearl Blueing, free of cost.
Cat! jibs or CoBFOBTcan b had f all Wholesale)
GrooTs and dealers la the United States, sad K
them ths moat profitable, from the met that
are tha fastest selling artirte la market. 4
a. A. BAKriBTT A CO,
1 IS Sorih W jo. jrisrirtwisl.
Chamber . ,Vn l or.
43 Broad ot., .Boston. IMS em sou
The slnklof the nrows.
was psrsiy accideatai
of cocaas, bat then, wont
It save a lot of Spasm
taik though!
51. V. DICK.
Sate Gumming.
TlIE subscriber is provided with
proper awchlner for Gamming Han ui will
sttsnd any orders la last UimTWm io feat
town, at his residence, on Park street, op po
of the reetrteare 1 H. C. Ttmbeau - 4s
House to Rent, and Herne
far Sale.
OUSE next cast of hit dwellinz
ronms flalahed ? hdi and uni HwieitMt
house and spring Souse ; rood cwsr. $& m
month until spring, and lunger U desired, om aur
to be agreed spos.
Yol'NU Hurts , test, gentle sad aossat Pric
oa credit If desired sad avreed to.
in tabula, Nov. Ills, lira). IMJU , ,
ENVELOPES. Uario? added.,
large stock of Kavsrepes ws are see eared 14
rnrnlsa lueai srlnted, al aaoat tha sssss sncss
plats. .
s I
qffVDA So
- n 'si' JiiT

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