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JAMES ED & SON, Proprietor.
T rates, tt per Tear let A4u(i
Uut Ashtabula, t-M a. m., fcU p. -ArriTe
at Ashtabula, 11: SI p.m-fto P-
Was leave Ashtabula, MS F. M.,
6.-40 A. ., B.-0 A. ft., t-M r. M.
Bast leare Ashtabula. MO -t M .
4:34 p. x., T-.10 F. a. lfcll a. ft.
Lean Ashtabula, fc0 a. IIS F. .
Arrive at Aehtabula, MO A. ft., 7:10 . .
Leave Ashtabula,! A., tie A. . Arrire
11:10 a.m. : r.
Frail prospect are ?ood for almrat ere
ry kind ot large and small fruits.
Landlord Field of the Peak House,
Oberlin.U paying our Tillage a tisit.
The Bcckwilh House, ot Jefferson has
been opened for tbe use of the public.
W. B. Crockett, landlord.
JrjooK Demikg. as we learn froru tbe
Sentinel, is generally improving in health,
and contemplates a trip West
Rev. H. H- Welm, Erangelist, has
Just closed Iris labors at North Spring
fiplrf O and 63 persons united with the
" church there, Sunday.
T, n Gatbs. has sold his house and lot
on Prosoect street, to Mr. Lorenzo Dem-
ming, of Massachusetts, for $400, pos.
be given June 15lh.
The decease of newspapers in Pennsyl
vania, the past year, averaged one a week.
J5ne coanty, P, which a few years since
had Are dailies, now gets along with one
A mistake wag made last week in giving
Gilbert Harmon tjredit for raising tbe
line beeres purchased by Geo. Cooper,
Instead of Albert Harmon, to whom it
belonged. - -
Stockholders of the A. Y. & P. Railroad
Company, will not "forget the time for
holding the regular anndal meeting as
etated in the notice in our columns
Wednesday next.
Harbor Lots. An auction of Tots up
on the Harbor plat, it will be seen in an
other part of this paper, Is to come off on
the 8d of June. Settlers and speculators
will take due notice.
The fruit prospects are decidedly good.
Almost every kind of iruit treo is a mass
of blossoms, if we except the acraggly,
half dead peach trees, that were so nearly
killed out a year ago by the unusual in
tensity of the winter. .
Tbe constitution of the Eutropian Soci
ety of the Geneva Normal Institute, sent
os -from the Timet office, is a creditable
piece of job work, and shows that tbe
jobbing dc partmeai lus a head on it
Another- Hakbor Bess. Fuller, o'
Jivery stable notoriety, we learn, is pre
paring to run an omnibus between the
village and harbor, b-ginoiog ou Sunday
next. For Ibis purpose a new vehicle is
to be n-ady in a lew days.
Tbe Board of county Auditors lor the
several enunti a of this State through
which tbe L. S. & M. S. passes, met at
Cleveland last week and fixed the .taxable
valuation of the Company at $14,201,944
The amount lying within Ashtabula
County, is $1,493,432.
Judge Cakfield says the Sentinel, was
In town last week. He is looking quite
poorty. He will be here to open Court,
June 1st There will be no jury trials,
the Petit jurors bare been notified not to
attend. The Grand Jury will attend to
uch business as may be brought before
For a selt-proeiaimed "total abstinence
man," our diabolus thinks a pair ot big
feet at cne end, and a small brick in the
bat at tbe other, are rather fun-provoking
Accompaniments for a lank, ungainly car
case to carry through the mazes of a fire
man's dance. Diab. has a keen eye for
the ludicrous.
Tha new time table of the A, Y. P.
jojd, to tak effect. Monday, June 1st af
fordg ,wo hours md twenty minutes be
tween' the arrival and departure ot trains,
in the aftern x. tuat pMeners hav
ing business to 4"M Vw mj
dispose of it with cP""8 nd corap&r-
ative deliberation as WPred Wltu toe
old arrangement.
The house of Mr. T. Bejel!, of Orwell,
was struck by lightning on Satuaday
nUhtlast The charge passed from a
locust tree standing near and divided,
part following a corner post rending the
ceiling without and plastering within, the
balance took to the gilt on the wall paper
and spread itself around generally. The
call was a close one, the tamily were con
siderably shocked.
Notwithstanding the scarcity of spring
water at the harbor, there is no want of
good beef. CapL Thayer, who runs the
well ordered market at that point, keeps
its ice closet stocked with tbe best meats
. of the region. He hag the true idea of
what constitutes mature, well fatted, Juicy
'beef, as we can experimentally assure all
doubters. While the Captain furnishes
the commissary, the physical "reputation'1
ofthe place will not be in danger.
8ou.-E. H. Frkxck, who succeeded to
like Hoskin's Tannery, at Jefferson, after
the dissolution of Smith & French, has
stuld eat to Mr. John Jbfsoh, of Rock
Creek, vbo has for some time been en-
jraged ta tfee establishment of A. C. Wn,-'
00A As h has ordered his lelegraph
sent to Jeff, Ke suppose he has taken up
his rewdece at the hub. Mr. Jepson is
an intelligent Bnd thorough mechanic,
and wUJ prove as accession to any eom
mnnitr. ' ' '
The nineteenth annual catalogue of the
Western Female Seminary, at Oxford, for
tbe collegiate year 1878-74, has been sent
us. Miss Helen Pea body la the Pnocipal
of this exeell-nt institution, and she has
imparled to it her own impress of thorough
scholarship and true morality. Its pros
perity may be judged by tbe number of its
pupils, which for the past year baa ranged
at 110. Having had some acquaintance
with the school, we feel authorized to
speak of it as one of tfca host in the land.
The Suit of Jamestown, Pa., where our
Commonwealth Minstrels, - and Brass
Band ave an entertainment on Thursday
eveoiog of a$f week, speaks in very com
plimentary terms of iba performances
both band and minstrels. . The boys were
greeted with a full boose, and their ex
chequer received a sensible and worthy
replenishing Tbe Sun office was honor
ed wrtfa a serenade, filling tbe editorial
Oreaiit with enjoyment approaching ex
g;cy, and leaving friend Calkins to de.
nonnos the sentiment "this world is all
a fleeting s'iowT '
All the collateral and Jncidental matters
requisite for the full equipment and oper
ation of the post office at tbe harbor bav-
"tag been supplied, era bracing the delivery
of tbe mails by tbe A., J. & P. trains, the
office went into operation on Monday last
Tbe suspense has been long and tedious
but the accommodation will not ba less
gratifying on that account. Our young
friend. deDutr M'Knioht, will not be slow
in discharging rbe'duties of his new posi
tion, and commanding himself to the pa
iron nr ! nffio.e bv his" courteous and
ous detalching of boats from the davits of
TesseU in cases of vemrrgeucy, has bceu
inTeoted and patented by our fellow ciU
w . . - 1
zeu, IT. JS. riARHoH. 11 is an ingenious
and effective contrivance, and when.
telligently used, will prevent that ca
tastrophe, which so often either destroys
life, or cots off the hone of saviug life
the swamping of boats when in the act of
being lowered in boisterous weather. 00
far as it has been introduced, it has met
with the hearty and general approval of
Teasel men, and cat not but go into gener
al use as one of tbe humaue means for
providing against the waste ' of human
lire. By the simple touch of the loot,
tbe stern book can be detached at any
1 stae of the lowering, and the boat fol
lows by the "bead, until ready to be cast
Cockcil met on Monday evening
present. Clerk and, Councilmen Aptborp,
Geoppinger, Clover, Ford and Gilkey.
Mr. Gilkey was elected President, pro tem.
Tbe sidewalk committee reported on
condition of sidewalks. Report accepted
and a resolution adopted ordering the
repair of certain specified walks. On mo
tion, tbe bill or Wm. Humphrey, for work
on Ann street, was continued. The com
mittee to whom was referred tbe irregu
larities of West st Round Head road
reported that a survey bad been ordered,
and tbe proper lines established. Re
port accepted and suivey adopted. The
com. reported upon the petition of prop
erty holders on Station street, for tbe
grading of a sidewalk prayer granted.
An ordinance was submitted, the rule sus
pended, and ordered passed, and ordered
recorded and published. -m
A resolution instructing the street and
sidewslk committees, with the aid of a
competent engineer, to surrey and report
suitable grade for Station street; also,
to report the cheapest and best plan for a
sidewalk along tbe premises of E. A. Wil-
A petition to pay firemen 75 cents each
for attendance at every regular meeting,
and 25 cents an hour while on duty at
fires, was presented and referred.
The Chief Engineer submitted his annu
al report, which was received and refer
red. The business closed with the passage
ot an ordinance for the payment of certain
claims, approved. Adj. to June 1st.
The roads, we are glad to see, are being
attended to by Commissioner Fuller, and
the Lake road, particularly is being put
into very fair condition. 1 he throwing
up ofthe short stretch from tbe other side
of the railroad bridge iB a good work,
but it needs immediate following up with
gravel, to complete il. We are indebted to
Supervisor Scoville for filling up tbe boles
just beyond the burougb line. Mr. J. D.
Hulbert has generously offered to furnish
lake gravel, gratuitously, for ballasting
tbe road from tbe bridge to the harbor.
There should be no delay in accepting so
good an offer. As Capt. Scoville bas done
so well in anticipating tbe receipt of his
tax bills by tbe work already done, can't
he be induced to go a little further and
fill those horrid mud holes on either side
of the pontoon bridge, and that between
the tracks on the west side T Kb e can, he
will bring down tbe blessings of tbe (rav
ing public on bis venerable head. Our
neighbor Dale, on the west north ridge,
bas asked ns to take a drive over that
road, which bas been done with much
pleasure. It is decidedly the best piece of
road in town, and about tbe only one up
on which a two-forty gait can be made.
It is in so complete condition that with
the scraper, supervisor Luce, may. with a
little expense, keep it in the best order.
Will be think of, and act upon the bintr
The Temperance Association.
Ed. Tel. The Young People's Temper
ance and Literary Association, which was
organised a few weeks since, now has
nearly 70, tnemlierg, and the number is
largely increased at each tneeting. A
great many of the finest young ladies in
ha cfty are working members. Now, tbe
object of this society is to furnish instruc
tion as well as amusement for those who
attend. An entirely new programme is
presented each evening, and they hare so
far been well carried through. The prac
tise of pprpmitting to memory, of declaim
ing, of composing apd of reading, Is ex
ceedingly good, as it develops facujties of
the mind which would otherwise remain
dormant. Extemporaneous speaking,
whjcb prepares the young for a possible
public career, if b,ere brought into requi
sition. Select reading, frbfph pleasantly
engages tbe .mind, and draws t Into 'a
train of free and healthy thought ; essay
writing, so fadiijnsible in a perfect edu
cation, because jit gjves a power of easily
expressing thoughts and ideas oq paer;
original communications for the society
paper the Congrtmitan all help to cul
tivate and strengthen the mind. They
are like so much absolute schooling for
the young.
Tbe last meeting wag largely attended,
and very interesting. Alter an opening
prayer by the Chaplain, Miss Fannie Hall
repeated beautiful selection, which was
followed by a well written essay on
"School," from Miss Aggbi McGiffert. The
evening's entertainment consjsted of de
clamations, reading, music, &c, and ts
erytbing was satisfactorily executed. Be
fore closing, quite a number of names
were affixed to the constitution. Next
Monday evening the society will hold its
regular meeting, and the Congreuman,
with some otber exercises, will ocpnpy
tbe time. Mrhrrr.
We are pleased to give place to the
above, and reel a sense of pleasure in be
coming acquainted with tbe objects of this
association, of which we have not before
been so fully advised. The aims ot tbe
association as here set forth, cannot but
be wholesome and elevating.
were greeted with a crowded house at
their entertainment at Jamestown last
week Thursday evening. The boys eave
entire satisfaction and made many friends
among tbe generous people of our neigh
boring town. The troupe is now making
arrangements to take a trip across tbe
Lake and give oue or two entertainments
in tbe larger towns of Canada,
Miss Eva J. Bakkkr, of Cleveland, will
give a Reudip; iu the M. E. church, next
Tuesday evening June 2d. Miss Barker
is a youuj: lady of rare taleul. She comes
finely r coiumeudi d by known persops,
and competent judges. I beard her give
a brief parlor reading in the presence of
Mrs. Manchester, Miss Alvord, Rev. Mr
Pevt, Mr. Snedikor and others, aud I hes
itate not to aay she is among the first
class readers, and is a young lady of
splendid promise. At her own earnest
solicitation, she reads for the benefit of
the Church. All are Invited to come and
enjoy this intellectual treat. . If desired,
she would teach a class In this high ac
New Firm. A vessel agency and com
mission business has been entered Into be
tween Capt Geo. Field and Mr. G. B.
Raser, at tbe harbor, under tbe style ot
Field & Raser. Both these geullemen are
favorably situated for the transaction of
sucb a business, and both are reliable
trustworthy and well informed as to the
character and wants ol the business.
Tbe shortest lime in which a mile was
walked by Weston was 9 minutes and 43
1 Our people, on 1 bnrsday last felt very
much as one of Byron s characters we
think did, when visited by a friend the
I -frnt waa flittnnvWmiH h. 1 1 ui,nnla
cue. - - --s j ""j 3-'
! tion "Thy presence honors the walls,
aud blesses him that dwells within them.''
Ashtabula felt dignified by the number
and character of her visitors. The excur
sion train that left Pittsburg in the morn
ing, took on 160 visiters, and on the way
the numbers were added to, until eight
coaches in the train were filled. At
Youngstown.the excursionists were met by
a delegation from this place, and a sump
tuous dinner was provided at the Tod
House. The company was made up of
many prominent railroad officials, and
representatives of ihe press from Pitts
burgh, Youngslown and Warren, and
gentlemen of various professions and pur
suits. Among the railroad men, were
Prest. M'Creary, Asst. Manager of the
Penn. Co., Mr-Lang, Mr. Bissell, a direc
tor of the A., Y. & P. Co., J. N. Ferr s,
SupL of the C. & M., E. K. Hyndman, of
he P., W. & B. Co., Sec'y Hutchinson
who acted as master of ceremonies and
many others whom we were uuable to
Of the Pittsburgh press, there were
present whose courtesy of a call at the
Telegraph office is acknowledged E. H.
North, of the Commercial, J. Rellenour, of
the Gazette. J. C. Barr, of the Post, J. H.
Kuhn, of tbe Associated Press, Wilson
Shawn, of tbe Telegraph, J. Hazlett, of the
Evening Leader, and E. M. O'Neil, ot the
Of the Youngstown press, we had the
pleasure of seeing A. R. Seagrave and
Walter L. Campbell, of the Register, and
H. C. Sb wab, of the Vindicator.
Of the Warren Press Wm. Ritezel, of
the Chronicle, and W. A. Birchard, of the
The trair reached the Centre street sta
tion about 5 o'clock, and was met by our
citizens and the Ashtabula Band, where a
few only stepped off the large proportion
going on to the harbor. After a short time
was here spent in looking over tbe ex
tensive improvements finished aud in
pi ogress, the company repaired to tbe
Scbr. Snow Drop, of Hubbard & Co.'s
fleet, filling the spacious deck, and, accom
panied by the St. Cecelia Cornet Band.
which the excursionists brought with
them, together with tbe Ashtabula Band,
were taken in tow by the tug Dexter, and
a trip into the lake, enjoyed. During twi
light, they were returned to tbe village
and assigned their places for lodging and
breakfast, among our citizens. At nine
o'clock, supper was anuouueed at the
Opera House. The audience room was
filled wi:b tables, and plates laid for some
350 persons, which were taken up by
those holding tickets. This supper was
prepared by the ladies ofthe village, was
not only bountiful enough for twice that
number, but as sumptuous, delicious and
elegantly arranged as could be desired.
After supper, Mayor Talcott look the
chair, and called the assemblage to order,
and Mr. E. H. Fitch proceeded, in bis
usual happy and appropriate manner, to
extend to the guests a most hearty and
cordial welcome. This was followed by
a remark or two.from President M'Creery,
when Judge White, or tbe Supreme Court
of Pennsyvania, Jed off in a very cheerful,
animated and humorous address, that pro
duced the best of feeling.
Mayor Osborn, ot youngstown, made a
brief but pertinent and happy allusion to
the pleasures of tbe occasion, and Mr
Lapg, of Pittsburgh, briefly closed tbe
speaking. Ashtabula cheered the guests,
and the guests sent back thegraWtul dem,-
During an air from the Band, the com
pany arose from the tables and repaired
to the ball-room Haskell's Hall where
were assembled an amount of grace and
beauty not often seen. If we take tbe as
surances of our friends, the thing was an
agreeable success on every b, and. These
grateful assurances were especially pleas
ant, and all felt that the bauds of friend
ship an.- business union had been pretty
firmly fused and cemented.
Port of Ashtabula.
Jay 21 Scbr. Yolunteer, Capt, Parme
lee, from Buffalo, light
May 22 8clir. Helen Pratt, Capt.
Gintz, from Buffalo, light
May 22 Scow Asa Childs Capt Byrns
jjgbt. from Buffalo.
May ?3 Scoy irry TFhite, Capt. Ba
ker, from Kelly Island,, with IS cords
Lime Stone to H. Hubbard & Co.
May 25 Scbr. Jessie, Capt. Calloway,
from Buffalo, with 585 bbls. Salt 125 bbls
water lime and 50 bbls. plaster to Hub
bard & Co.
Ths schooner Pamlico, with a cargo of
25,006 bushelf of corn, sailed from Chica
go last week for Cork Ireland. The direct
freight on the cargo is thirty cents per
bushel in gold. '
The owner of the Emma C. Hutchinson,
the large vessel noticed last week, as dis.
charging ore at tbe harbor, paid a visit to
that locality, and acquain ted himself with
ths facilities for entering and discharging,
and determined to send a couple more
cargoes of ore to this place iq the same
vessel. The vessel is owned in Cleveland
by a member of the Cleveland branch of
the Camp family, connected with the
Camp family formerly of this place.
Jjredgiog jn front of the Lake Shore
dopk, at the harbor, under contractor M'
Eenzie, it was expected woujd be jgnjsbe.i
by the time of our going to press, and an
average depth of fifteen feet of water se
cured the whole width of the creek, which
is now feet wide, affording room for
most ordinary vessels, to wind with ease.
Tbe contractor bas completed the pile
rjrjving in front of Prentice's lumber dock,
aad is now pen'inuing the line along the
front of Strong & Manning's territory, to
be used as a coal dock, adjoining on the
upper side.
Capt. Starkey, one of the owners of the
Schr. Volunteer, has sent lhat vessel home
from Buffalo to lie up for the present, so
doubtful and discouraging is the business
outlook. One. onlv. of H. Hubbard fe
Co.'s fleet tbe Jessie, has yet been fitted
cpf, and she was loaded by the owners
with lumber. Having returned, she has
Just loaded with coal for Detroit.at a norn-
inakJn-lght rate. This, with the excep
tion of a charter of the Star of Hope, is all
(he service that has been demanded for
tbe vessels of tjijs port Our vessel own
ers are down In the mouth, and get no
signs of promise from a survey of the bus?
iness horizon.
Coal is coming lo in large quantities at
the harbor, about these days, and not
withstanding the number of vessels that
are loading with and running It qff In va
rious directions. It Is accumulating in
considerable quantities. The business
upon tbe A., Y. & P. wharves, fast week,
in discharging ore and unloading cars and
loading vessels with coal, caused a con
siderable strain upon tbe working forces
of the company. The shovelers and dock
bands began the day at five a, m., and
quit at seven or half past, in the evening.
Mr. Raser found it necessary, to meet tbe
demands upon his time and attention, ta
make little distinction between nigbt aud
day, so far as actual labor goes. v
A fire in Independence, la., on Monday
destroyed a large part of the town. The
DM is estimated at tfGO.UOU
Ea TeL1 have been very busy of late
doing up shores in my garden, but yester
day I harnessed old Spot aud drove down
to tbe Corners, to see and hear what is
going on in other parts of the town than
where I live.. I noticed that L B. Brockett
had a very fine piece of winter wheat
about as good as any I know qf in town.
Messrs. Lewis & Alcock, on A. J. Wal.
ton's farm, have a piece of corn large
enough to cultivate. The color is a rich
golden hue, that looks first rate in corn
ears, but for corn stalks, in the month of
May, a dark green suits my eye the best
if it don't my compplexion.
. Landlord Munson him that owns the
big black dog.has had his house repainted
this spring with Rubber paint, and it looks
as good as new.
D. R Garner is preparing to put up a
two story building, 20x30. Mr. G. has
long felt the need of a suitable building to
store flour, bran, meal &c, and it is to
meet this want, and for other reasons that
he will erect a building of the dimensions
spoken of.
It is possible that a choice lot of family
groceries may be added to the list of arti
cles kept for sale by him, but this is guess
work on my part, but I think it would be
a good point for such an establishment.
Tbe building will be on his lot a few rods
north ofthe post office.
Richard Hutchinson has sold his farm
on the North Ridge, containing 54 acres,
to John Burrows, of Willoughby, for
John Bishop has sold his place near the
south line of tbe town, containing 26
acres, to C. B. Moodv, of Madison, for
The next meeting of the Ladies' Aid So
ciety will be at Mr. D. R. Garner's, on
Wednesday afternoon, June 3d, at 2 p. m.
The Saybrook Congregational S. S. has
6jjfflcer, 10 teachers and 82 scholars on
the list. Ayersge attendance the past year,
77. No. of library books,"75. Expenses
of the school for the past year, $100. Mis
sion school in sub district No. 3, has 5
officers, 7 teachers and 40 scholars enroll
ed. Average attendance, 45. Books in
library, 75. Weekly papers taken, 4.
Saybrook S. 8. Association of the M. E.
church, has 9 officers, 14 teachers and 93
scholars. Average attendance, 82. No.
of volumes in library, 400. Expenses of
the school for tbe past year, $100. Mis
sion School in sub district No. 7, has 4 of
ficers, 8 teachers and32 scholars enrolled.
Average attendance. 42.
Assessor I. G. Scoville has furnished us
with the most important items of personal
property in this towu, and statistics of
crops for the year 1873:
Wheat 6,210
Oats ..21,416
Corn 18,905
Potatoes... 18.732
Butter 50,411
Cheese 168,108
Maple Sugar 7,280
Wool 6,268
Apples 5,679
We do not get credit for the cheese
made from Ihe milk sent from the turn
pike I mean the southeast .corner of tbe
town to Austinburg.
The new fangled potato bqgsbave come
again to cheer our drooping spirits. It is
J. J.
Ed. Tel. The spring term of the High
School here closed with examinations last
Friday, the 22nd inst, as follows, com
mencing at 9 :15, A. K.
Forenoon Algrebra, Philosophy, Arith
metic per centage and ratio classes Ge
ography. Afternoon Arithmetic beginning.
Grammar advanced.
These exercises were interspersed with
essays, declamations, recitations, etc. The
examinations showed thorough discipline
and close application proving that the
work of the past term has not been in
vain. In the evening tbe following exer
cises took place, greeted by a crowded
house, and proving one of tbe model exhi
bitions, and as such being only the ex
hibit of results purely and legitimately of
tbe school, and the pilncipal and precep
tress may well be proud of their labors.
Recitation Hattie Barton ; subject
"The Polish Boy."
Recitation Lizzie Wright ; subject
!The Cross to Bear."
Essay Minnie Perkins; subject "Acts
and Deeds."
Declamation Albert Kent: subject
'A Glass of Cold Water."
Essay Empia Webster; sub. "Speech
is Silver, Silence, Golden."
Essay Mary Ring; subject "None
rise higher than they aim."
Oration George flfebatef; ' subject
"Fix upon a high Standard.
Recitation Annie Parrish ; subject
"Rainbow and Lily."
Paper Mary Gates, Editress.
Oration Wm. Baird ; subject "Choos
ing a Vocation,"
itosic "Good Night?'
The music was mostly songs wjth cho
rus and organ accompaniment, and all
well rendered. The paper was particu
larly fine seasoned with many happy
bits at the expense of the as many school
masters. The yacat)on of three months
will allow of pornpjete preparation in ne.
cessary changes and repairs ; and Mr. and
Mrs. Treat haying been retained for an
other year, will, doubtless ensure the pros
perity deserved. Miss Bard has proved
herself in the front rank of teachers, and
likewise endeared herself to many, whd
regret the necessity for her departure.
- Some of our North Kingsville folks
claim that tbe houses and cellars of J. H.
yy neaton, UlarK and otucrs, bave been vis
ited of late aud relieved of articles useful,
if not ornamental. The baru of Mr.
Wheatou was first visited aud bags taken
in which they put potatoes, as they judge
some 10 bushels. '
Every body has got so much to do that
they don't know where to begin ; but the
furrows are being turned,, the ploughed
ground dragged and the sued sown, and
tbe promise of "seed time and harvest" all
seem to depend upon, as evidence! by the
Kingsville, May 25th, 1874.
The following dispatch has beeq receiv
ed at tbe Ashtabula Store, from Its pro.
prietors in New. York "Don't be under
told by any store in the county. We will
forward goods direct from auction as re
quired. Don't advertise what enlighted
poople will not believe, nor long notices,
that customers have to pay for. If cus
tomers wants seconds and a cheap, and in
ferior liuo or goods, we can furnish them."
The above speaks for itself Aslouishlng
bargains in all lines have been received
aire ady, and others are dally expected.
Having purchased of J. Douglass his
Interest in the firm of Douglass
Wheeler in Ibe Boot and Shoe business,
I shall continue tbu business at the sumo
place. Thankful for the patronage so
kindly bestowed heretofore I hope to merit
it a con tiDuance of tbe same,
S. B. WHEELER. Ashtabula, O. May 11th, 1874.
Old Men in New York—Brief Sketches of
Some of Them—Business—Editors on a
Rampage—the Weather.
New York has.fewer old men in propor
tion to iu population than any city in
the civilized world. The poor die early,
of course, for the poor in -the city have
not the comforts necessary to the pro
longation or life; and the rich, or those
aspiring to be rich, by which I mean tbe
business men, live altogether too rapid a
life to last long. The man who com
mences at twenty-three with ten thousand
dollars or its equivalent in check and on
that check does a business of half a
million per annum, is not going to live
to see fifty, unless, indeed, he has extra
ordinary luck or ah extraordinary con
stitution. His life is one of the hardest
kind or work, aud or a most consuming
excitement. Plethoric to-day on the
averge or bankruptcy to-nrorrow ; with
nothing in the morning with which to
pay a hundred thousand dollars in the
afternoon. It is a life that wears raster
than any otber labor in the world. It is
one everlasting, never ending strain,
from niorninu till night and if tbe cares or
the day enable him to sleep at night, he
is lucky.
But, nevertheless, there are Tew old
men in New York, who have survived tbe
strain and wear or tear or business.
is over seventy, and bids lair to live twen
years yet He is of German descent, and
though he bas lived through all the exci
ting periods or New York history, has
presistently refused to get at all excited.
He bas had a steady, standard business
sugar refining and has followed it with
all the steadiness or a German. He has
taken no active part in politics he was
Mayor thirty years ago has been and is
a bank President ; but in all be lives
quietly and modestly, goes to bed regu
larly at night, eats good wholesome food,
uses stimulants with great moderation,
and always sails on an even keel. If his
house should get on . fire. Mayor Have
meyer would walk out or it deliberately ;
and if his refineries should burn, the loss
wouldn't bother him a particle. He
would go to work and rebuild, and go on.
He will refine sugar till he dies, and then
his sons will doit after him not that
they have any need to do business, but
because they have a habit that way. Su
gar is their mission.
known tbe world over for bis benevolence
snd bis glue is another seventy-five year
older. A man of little more than medi
um height with gray hairs and a spare
face, there is nothing in bis appearance
that betokens tbe powers he really pos
sesses. He is one ofthe strongest business
men in the city, aud at tbe same time one
ol the most progressive and liberal of tbe
citizens benevolently inclined. Having
made an immense fortune out of glue, he
determined that the public should bave
its fuil share of bis money. So be built
an "Institute" in which instruction in the
practical arts and sciences should be free
to all, and gave it to the city. The prop
erly is worth over a million, but it has
done millions upon millions of. good.
Girls here learn telegraphing, wood en
graving, and a number of other professions
that fit thetn to go out iuto tbe world
armed for a strife. Young men are in
structed in metalurgy, engineering, etc.,
and all the expense is paid by the prop
erty, relet Uooper is not exactly a
great man, but he is an exceediugly good
man. Everybody loyes him, as every'
body ought. He looks and acts as though
he was good for twenty -five more years.
May be live to enjoy them.
has 'passed his seventieth year, and is so
lough and wiry in his texture, that he
bids fair to live many years longer ;
though possibly could a vote be taken
among his associates, his decease would
not be long deferred. Daniel began ljfe
as a showman, was promoted to be a ta
vern keeper, and following his instincts,
drifted into Wall 8treet, where he has
been, for many years the most feared ope
rator of tbe street. He is extremely re
ligiousis a devoted member of the
Methodist Cburcb, and has built a Semi
nary ; but his professions or his giving
have never yet prevented him from shav
ing his associates most unmercifully
whenever he had them In a tight place.
Nothing so delights the old man as to get
his rivals in position where he can
squeeze them. He shows them no mercy
he destroys them utterly. It is related
of "Uncle Dan'l" that once on a time he
advised the pastor of an M. E. Church of
New Jersey to invest in a certain stock.
"But suppose I should lose?" queried the
"I'm so certain that you will make
money," was the reply of the good Dan
iel, "that if you do lose I'll make it good
to you."
Thus fortified the preacher did buy a
trifle of the stock. And having sq good a
thing the good pastor .confidentially told
thirty or forty or his flock, all of whom
made haste to invest in a stock which the
saintly Daniel had as goods as guaranteed
to go up.
But contrary to expectation the stock
went down, down, down. The preacher
rushed to Uncle Daniel to redeem his
promise, which the old man did by giv
ing him a cheque for the amount of his
"The thing didn't work, Jid it," said
"Indeed it did. nqt."
" Well, yon hayqn't lost anything.''
"But, my dear sir, I am distressed not
withstanding. Being certain of what yon
said to me I confided this good thing to
my parishioners, and they"
"Hev lost, hev they. Well, people
should never tech stock onless they know
the market, or hev some friend like me to
make 'em good ef they lose."
The joke or tbe thing lay in the Tact
that Daniel finding himself loaded with a
stock that was sure to go down took this
way to unload. He told tbe preacher
knowing that tbe preacher would tell bis
parishioners. It was he who told them
all the stock they bought He could
well afford to make good the preacher's
loss, if thereby he could unload the re
mainder upon the preacher's friends.
paniel was bandied roughly by Jay
Gould and Jim Fisk, aud he was hurt se
verely last fall, but despite all this he is a
rich man and is a power in the street.
But his ricbes uever can make him
friends, for be is too selfish.
is another lively old fellow. He has
reached seventy-five, but Is as active as a
man of thirty. He is the best preserved
man of his age in New York. Every day
finds hlra at his business which goes on,
enormous as It Is, with tbe regularity and
precision of clock work- He looks lifce
man orcarefol thought, and might pass
for a physlcan or a clergyman. His hair
Is auburn, and approaches red, and re
tains its ordinal color. His coun
tenance is or light complexion and is
. mnA flcin that ha mi .l.l
BO Bnl",u " " " mw uuguh paea
for fifty- His dress Is plain and neat, all
display being studiously avoided. He
lands five fvet six. Forty years ago be
commenced trade In this city in a very
small way; bnt luoh a man could no
more be confined to a small business than
Napolson oould be kept on Elba. He has
thousands of employes, uses millions of
Hollars and. (foals la an enormous wfcty
of goods ; hut so perfect is his system, so
complete bis method, that I doubt if he
ever loses a dollar. Each clerk bas his
special duties, aud those duties are so in
terwoven with others that the slightest
sin of omission or commission must event
ually be discovered. He lives plainly,
though well, and has, doubtless, many
loug years before him. Where his money
will go to, no one can form any opinion.
He has no relatives this side of the water;
and with those on the other side he has
had no connection for years. He is build
ing an enormous institution up town,
which, it is supposed, he intends to use
for a "Girls's Lodging House," but tills is ;
not certain. The probability is that he
will keep on, intending to do some great
good thing, but die suddenly before his
plans are completed, and that his enor
mous fortune will enrich his Irish rela
tives. Our only comfort will be that tbe
estate will have to go through the courts
in New York, which will keep the most
or it in this country.
is another man who has seen eighty, but
who enjoys vigorous health. Old as he
is, it was only a few years ago that he
married a young wife, and notwithstand
ing, he attends to tbe detail of his enor
mous railroad business, and plays whist
as regularly and methodically as ever. He
controls more miles of railway than any
man but one on tbe continent, and his
lines are all important. He is an iron
gray old follow, who worked op to his
present position from nothing, and who
bids fair to double bis already colossal
fortune before he passes out. But I have
gossipped long enough about the old men.
It wilt be noticed that every one of the
rich old men in the city commenced very
poor. It was in poverty that they got tbe
strength and the habits that to-day sus
tains them. This is the moral to it. If I
could start again, I should start poor.
is honibly and fearfully dull so dull, in
deed, as to be no business at all. The
merchant looks wistfully out into the
street. The salesman wears a pained look,
for his occupation is gone, and the book
keeper ballances himself and reads tbe
newspapers. The West is not here, the
South stays away, and the North refuses
to invest. The theatres are losing moneyi
the hotels are well nigh empty, and tbe
bar-keepers mourn as those without hope
Let us hope for a revival
from the little State of Indiana, are in the
city at the present time, comfortably
quartered at ttie Fifth Avenue Hotel.
They have been to Cine nnati, Washing
ton, and Philadelphia, and after doing
tbe metropolis, will go home to their re
spective papers and grind out wisdom
again. Generally speaking, they are a
good looking set of men. They are mak
ing a thorough thing of New York, and
are enjoying themselves hugely.
is absolutely glorious. The rains have
gone, the yoice ot tbe organ-grinder
again heard in the streets, the air is balmy
clear and bright, and every thing looks as
beautiful as it can. The Spring is always
delightful in New York after the rains
are over. Now let business come to the
eily and it will be happy. Come, mer
chants with money, and buy. Make New
York glad. The chink of money aud the
rustle or bank-notes should accompany
the songs ot the birds in the Park, to make
New York, May 26, 1874.
Now is the time to use the Dead Shot,
for bed bugs, and you can get the article
at Swift'8 drug store,
With a large, new and attractive stock
or goods D. W. Hakell, launches off
into an exclusively cash trade. Prices of
course are ranged upon the c ish basis.
Loan Wanted. Any person having
two or three hundied dollars to loan qn
ample security and liberal interest, may
hear of a customer by applying at this
office immediately. . 73
Baled Hay. The undersigned offers
for sale a quantity of Baled Hay at his
residence in Ashtabula, in any amount
from 200 pounds upward.
3t Tames Phillips,
You can get more for your time and
money at the Normal School, Edinboro,
Pa., than at any other school known to us.
For information, address with stamp, J,
A. Cooper, Edinboro, Penn.
Erie Store. A permanent institution,
this is a branch from tbe great Oue Price
Store or Locke & Co. in Erie. We are sat
isfied a great saving can be made by buy
ing your goods of them. See their adver
Tbe Singer Sewing Machine is repre
sented at Kingsville and yiqinity, by Mr
R. L. Grover, who gives a statement in
our advertising columns of the compara
tive number of the various machines sold
giving the palm largely tithe Singer.
Lons Looked for and Found Mrs.
Cameron's Pearl Cream, for beautifying
the complexion, is perfectly harmless,
cleanses the skin from moth patches and
pimples. Try one bottle, and you will
use no other. Opposite North Park, Miu
street, tf.
Anna S. Getsinger, of Honesdale,
Penna, writes the following: "After suff
erine for nearly two years from neural
gia in the breast, passing up in the throat.
tace,- bead and shoulders, t was entirely
cured and restored to health by using Dr.
L Q. C. Wisharts' Pine Tree Tr Cqr-
dial," .
Mew Millinery Goods. Mrs. S.
W. Cameron bas opened a fine line in
Millinery, Goods, and invites the ladies of
Ashtabula and vicinity to call and exam
ine her stock before purchasing else
where. Repairing and bleaching done to
order in the best styles and at prices to
suit the times. Main street, opposite North
Dental. We have engaged the ser
vices of Mr. D. E. Kklley, in our den
tal paretic. Mr. E. has spent the time ac
quired of dental students In office study
and practice with his brother In Geneva,
and the past winter at the Philadelphia
Dental Colleee. After a trial oi iu
months we find him gentlemanly in man
ner industrious aud capable.
ff W. Ij'ELSON.
Dr. M. Crohn, Veteran Surgeon.
Has had au experieuce oi sixieeu years
practice in the treatment or diseases of
horses and cattle, added to a thorough
course of study in a German. College of
Veterinary S,urgery, which enablos him
to perform all surgloal operations that
uiay be required. Iu his long practice he
has treated all internal aud external dis
eases with great success. A speciality is
made iu treating Eye Diseases. Dr. Mor
ris Crohn takes pleasure in assuring the'
public that his extensjye practice, both in
Europe and the United States, together
with his liberal course of study, gives him
great confidence In the practice of his
profession. Dr. Morris Crohn will here
after make regular professional visits at
the place named below, every two or
three months, and hope by fidelity to the
interests of hU patrons to mem nu -
tain their oonfidonoe. Dr. Morris i-ronn
,111 ha .t .T S Pnller'a Livery Biauio
una 13th,
XTOTICE is hereby given, that the
l j i j y... haacaDuointed admlnltm-
tor of tbroui. ofTlmlr. BU law of Ashtabula
Oouaiy.doc.ediBBBN ABmJaUtlV .
In AndOTCT. Maw Wtth 3 W Wrln-k, Vmn
Walter M. Talcott. to Miu Boai UaAit, aU of
Announcements free: Commendatory Notice,
half rate.
In AshUbnla, on the S4th tart. Jxxxrrr ao-d
61 years, wife of F. W. Btkes. Bea
Centaur Liniment.
There is no pain which the
Centaur Liniment will not re
lieve, no swelling it will not
nbdneane! no lameness which
it will not core. This It fctroog
aniraage, but it U trne. It has
produced mora cures ol rheu
matism, neuralgia, lock jaw palsy, sprains, swell
ings, eaked-breasU. scalds, burns, aalt-rheum, ear
ache, Ac, upon the human frame, aad of strains,
spavin, tail, Ac, upon animals in one year than
hare all other pretended remedies since the world
began. It is a counter-irritant, an all healing pain
reliever. Cripples throw away their crutches, the
lame walk, poisonous bites are rendered harmless,
and the wounded are healed without a scar. It ia
no humbug. The recipe is published around each
bottle. It ia selling as no article ever before sold,
and it sells because it does just what it pretends
to do. Those who now suffer from rheumatism
pain or swelling deserve to suffer if they will not
use Centaur Liniment. More than 1,000 certifi
cates of remarkable enres. Including frozen limbs,
chronic rheumatism, gout, running tumors, Ac,
have been received. We send a circular contain
ing certificates, the recipe, Ac. gratis, to any one
equeetingit. One bottle ofthe yellow wrapper
Centaur Liniment is worth one hundred dollars
for spavined or sweenled horses or mules, or for
screw worm in sheep. Stock-owners this lini
ment is worth vour attention. So family should
be without Centaur Liniment. Sold by all Drug
gists. E0 cents per bottle ; Urge bottles $1.00. J,
B. Rosa A Co., 58 Broadway, New York. T1S38.
OctsrtOirlA 1 more than a substitute
for Castor Oil. It is the only soft article in exist
ence which is certain to assimilate the food, regu
late the bowels, cure wind-colic, and produce nat
ural sleep. Itcoutains neither minerals, morphine
or alcohol, and is leaspant to take. Children need
not cry, and mothers may rest. 1238
Ashtabula Market.
ASHTABULA May, 23. 1874.
Dealers pay the following Prices.
Whiat No. 1, Whtte
do No, 1, Bed ;.
Cork Shelled
do In the ear
Oats, old
Coxes l Old
Cum Kiv
Pbibd Anus
?an. ;.
Corn Meal new "
Chopped Fxkd Corn and otts.
Salt per bbl. at Harbor
do iu store
$150 to 1.66
1.40 to 146
BS to SO
13 to 14
11 to 18
8 to 10
13 to 14
100 to 1 10
$33 00
$36 00
40 to 45
11 TO
tl SO
Groceries & Provisions
at; the Grocery House of
A.H. & E. W. SAVAQE,
Goods sold as low as
Aud aa fine a stock for selection as any house
west of New Yolk.
Do not purchase a single article
until you baye Visited onr estab
lishment. Vincent, Sturm & Co.,
Bigfe and Plain lurnittire,
118 4,118 WATER 8T,
H. H. H4U-.
Soots Jk Shoes,.
Great re4qottQA iH) the price of
I have commenced cloe log out my
earlier than usual Persons wanting the
23 33 SIT CrOODS
Can, find them. s
oxjEvijani), r.
' Sr ati ot Ohio
Cotumtmt, 0. March Siet,lt7
at Newport, In the State of Kentucky, has
filed In this office a sworn Statement.by the proper
Officials thereof, showing Us couditloa anu bui
ness. and has complied to all respects, with the
laws of this State, relating to Fire Insurance Com-
antea, lnoorporaiea D oinor blaiea of me u an
Now. Therefore, tn nursnanre of law. I, vTUIIsm
F. Church, Superintendent of Insurance 01 w"
SUte of Ohio, do hereby certify, that saia -""-.
nvia authorized to transact Iu appropriate easi
ness of Fire Insurance In this state-1" cc"rV
with law, during the corren. year. n'X'ch
and business of Lid C'on.p;3 ms .i".'
statement (December Slst. WJ " ,,,ow" 104
fwtt- ,.ula eSlflflfiaOA
Agregate amount or v 1. ... '
Aitfreate amount ofLlabil Ues, tea-
Amouit oflciua'i paid P Capital
Amount of Income for the veer Ir cash SU,6oU,5
Amount of Bipendiluree for the year
lncaco,... iji,ia.,..
in witnoss whereof. I have hereunto subacrioed
mv name, and caused the seal of my omce to be
law wauir ftnv jvriiwvg vii.k..
W. F. Cwuaca, Suuerinteuleut
OBAW.IS K. Bauer, Agt. at Ashtabula, O.
Attsteksaesit Netlee.
Barton a Klnner, 1 Before M. W. Wright, j. p
airaln.t Uf Klng.vllle township, Asa
Henry J. GUlett. J unula County, Ohio.
ON the 28th of April, A. u., 1874,
aid Justice Issued sn order of Attachment
the above action, for ths sum of one huudred
and thirty eight aud twenty cms httud renvoi dui
lr n 1 tj i-rrv . T,ii.p 1 -r
KlpfSvUlPU I
f - Burn
DEPORT of the Condition of the
tabula, in the state or Ohio, atthecJoae of boat
nesa on the 1st day of Maj., 1374.
Loans and Discount ST7.TM 09
IT d T 1 - . J '
cn la tion
Due from Redeeming Att't
Due from National Banks
Doe from State Banks....
Banking Office
Furniture and Fixtures
Carrent Expenses...
Twee paid?.
"remiums paid
Cash 1 m.
76,500 00
8,1m 06
8i 1
7,7 04
4.9HS 8S
1,085 70
i,a3 97
1S.750 SO
Bills of other" National' Banks
917 63
853 00
1 04
7,003 00
- $201,186 a
Capital Stock..
Surplus Fond
Interest ''
Circulating Notes '
sioo.ooo 00
,80 18
K.46S aa
68.840 00
SO.alg 16
1.U81 46
Due tJ National Baxlu.
- $ '301,186
I. J. Sra, Blytbl Cashier of Tbe A.htahni. -w.
tional Bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true, to the beat of my knowledge
and belief.
J. 8UM. BLTTH, Cashier.
Correct. Attest, Hkxrt Fas bitt, 1
Baanaro 1 sxus, V Directors.
. . i. B. Crosby.
8tateofOMn r-.. 1 .u..k 'i.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 14th day of
nay. 1874. Geo, h Fassrtt. Notary Public.
Teachers Examination.,
THERE will be a Teachers Exami
nation at Jefferson, Saturday May 30th.
StlSTl . H. V. Joirssow, Clerk.
you desire to purchase Building
Lots, well located, and on reasonable terms, or If
JoobareanT Real Estate to sell, call npon Ed?r
Hall. Real Estate Asent- HnKtell'a Rlru-av Aah ta-
Laod Surveying aad Platting done promptly on
Ashtrbnla, Hay Mat, 1874.
1 Father of all, oh I pads
The Dattetlns' Httla r.a
While they tread the up-hill
Braving the dust and htat.
Children's Carriages, in Styles and Prior, to suit
aU. Look at this Stock before send.
ingawa,tobuy ous.
Great bargains in Darwr we'p tHvlnn A a
Price from 8 cents to 80, most of the way -
In patents of "Latest Styles," a hundred' sad one.
bold in small lots anything: less than a uau
We offer no premium to have people buy
high"'"" n9edfai wne" gd are very
But there's one thing we do say. and we say it to
You'll never regret having given us a call.
And when you come, your cash bring alone
For "money makes the mare go," we've heard it
in song;
Money will buy DBTJG8, too, and we think a little
Than anywhere else, at MATTESON'S Store.
Ahtabnla, May SlBt, 1874. ' f-Ti
Successors of K. H. Gilkey.
Sought for Cash!
Bought for Cash!
Bought for Cash I
We propose to do Business on a Cash Basis, am
sell at the lowest POSSIBLE MARGIN
FOR. C-fl
Dry Goods,
A Crockery.
Mr. Sxqbg S. STiTxirs, so long connected
with the latelTrm will remain with the new. He
will be glad to see his old friends aad make atw
G. F.
Family Supplies.
THE Citizens of Ashtabula wiJ
take doe notice, that the Mb-crlher has open
ed a NSW Grocery Store 1. Br BJoct acjoin
ing L Homm-dien'.CloUliw Swre, where Uey
may obtain their Family supplie of the choicest
Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
The Stork Is New and Fresh throughout, sad
embraces the BEST the market affords, aad aa the
nresent la a favorable time tor buvtnir. on account
Ihe low range of Prices, ths rood will be of-
erred at correspondingly low rates. On
Teas, Coffees A Sugars
he cannot be beaten In price or quality. In
he will keep tbe best brands ta market, aad no
housekeeper will be disappointed with inferior
grades. A supply of .
hardly squaM la town.
In a word, every article to be found ta irst
class, wail regulated Grocery, will be found here.
As be Is tolerably well knows, and oJ without
bsainesa friend, a share of the isvora ofsDch sad
"be!, is Sc-llcUed, In the hop. of
tsal advantages and the building ap and strongt
eniug of business '"KjAMsB K IX)VT.
a S I The Little One.
ft fL I Waderinto wdfrol
1 i r
? 1
1 m
v'v..-.' r

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