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JAMK3 HERD SON, Proprietor.
Ttmi, tS per Tear In
AiniicLi, TOLorrWTc rrrruoH . -Leava
Ashtabula 7:. m.,x:5ip. m.
Vrriie at Aehtabnla, IM p. n-.B' P-m-
Wl UWie awuyi -
.aa . imi a. m S:!4 .
' ' . .v..vi. a-na a. at.. 1:S1 1". .
&AST JCTO amuim" .
:Mrs., 11:3 r.n: 1
' ...!. ... T.
Lev. AshUbnU for OU City.fcOO r. for Jef
,'.1 A.htabula from Jefferson. fc40. from
OU City U:M ;
tociwstowii vmnos-u . . .
Leve Ashtsbur. : A. E. 10:00 A. . Arrive
11:10 a.m. : - ; -.- - -
i N At lea.
a wrtira are. rea ties ted to hand in
tbeir da. before Thursday morning ; the
crowded state of our advertising snow
pecesaitatei thu role.
The new house for Lake Erie engine,
at the L. 8. station, is finished and ready
for the "bishine." '
Belling eggs by weight, instead of the
dozen, ta now adopted in many places,
and urged in others. ' There is good
sense in this. .
t x n Thiaxd. of Trumbull, is
u a. am. v. - '
spending the. winter in Buffalo, attending
lectures and pushing his attainments in
his profession.
The examination of the Uonneaut whis
ky smugglers at Cleveland, last Friday,
did not come off an adjournment being
had for a fortnight. -
Bhort dresses are ommg into fashion
again, and 70UD.Z ladies are experiencing
the old, old difficulty of getting a No. 6
foot into Ko. 8 or 4. boot
We notice that some municipal corpor
ations in the neighborhood, are moving
in the matter of forbidding, by ordinance,
the nse of sidewalks for skating snd
sliding, by the boys.
J30LTJC Ul UUi " w
largely with the rarest and ctioicest con
fectionery, &C., for the holidays-among
them we notice the windows ol J. B.
Toinbes, and Savage Bros.
The profit of the last Northern Ohio
Vir cannot vet be stated exactly, but the
receipts were $28,458 85, or $8,473 10
less than the year before. This loss is
chargeable to the weather.
The Fire Warden requests us to say
that he will make his annual rounds in
the course . of some ten days. Those,
therefore, who desire to get their houses
:.rl in ninpa In order Tor examination.
Vm lay this to heart
Faib and Festival The sewing so
ciety of North KmgBVille, will hold a
fair, beginning with Wednesday, the I6lh
Inst, to close with aaoyster supper in
Keith's Hotel: Liberal encouragement
from the public is hoped for.
, Ber. Mr. Barber, of Chagrin Falls, sup
plied the desk of the Congregational Ch.,
on Sunday last, in the way of exchange
with the pastor. The rite of baptism was
administered by him to a little grand
childa son of M. O. Dick.
Oar Diabolus is a genius. He put the
whole office to their trumps by the que
ry. "What ile was that . struck the other
day, by ono of our school teachers ! All
aid "Give it up P "Why, Juven-Z, of
course," was the response.
The detention of trains on' the J: & F.
road on Saturday last.rvas in consequence
of the engine and several cars of a coal
and oil train having been thrown off the
track near Reno, on Friday, coming in
contact with a hand car loaded with rails,
Carelessly left npon the track.
Investments in houses and lots are
sometimes made on the principle of
"coming events east their shadows be
fore," but P. M. Bex too. goes into it, it
aeema, strictly as a business transaction.
Thus it Is, he has made purchese of a
house and lot on Franklin Street
After having found out the policy of
sensible advertising, the Ashtabula Store
after extending their business, expect to
take a whole page in each ot the papers
in this vicinity. Their hew advertise
ment In supplement, is well worth reading
whether yon are in need of goods or not
S A memorial service semi centennial
Will ha held at the Baptist church of this
Tillage, on the 5th of January. . Rev.
Ueasra. Clark, Chapin.aod others of the
former pastors of the church, are expected
to be present The churches of the asso
ciation, and the citizens of the village are
Invited to participate.
The spelling feature of the ladies socie
ty of the Congregational church, turns
oat to be happy conception. It has the
Important effect of drawing. The gath
ering at the lecture room on Tuesday
evening last, filled the room, and the in
terest was general and lively. Lucien
Rockwell led the van, and was fairly en
titled to the palm.'
In our notice, a wek or two since, of
Contractor M'Kenzle'k house, we gave
the credit of the stone masonry to the
Brake Bros., when it was due to John
Watters, of Jefferson. An oversieht, too,
occurred in omitting to say that the stairs
which are most splendid work, and
probably have no equal in this region
are the work of Mr. J. F. Cook, of Cleve
land. ' -
On Friday night of last week, a man
named T. M. Wilson, of Cherry Valley,
Ashtabula Co., says the Youngstown
Tribune, was knocked down and badly
beaten in tnat city, by a young man a
painter, namecronrad, and a companion
named Daugbertr- The assailants were
arrested and 'placed in the lockup. Mr.
fVjlfpn's injuries were dressed, anJ from
fhe appearance of the wounds, they were
YiwtjH w vj ume instrument.
Musical Union. A call was made a
few days since in the interest of a Music
al Union for this village, and so encour
agisg was the response that a society has
been oganlzed with officers as follows :
A.F. Bperry. Pres't Charles Toolcy,
Bsc'y. Mrs. P. E. Harmon, Treas. The
first meeting for Musical drill was held
last Wednesday evening and in point or
numbers and enthusiasm was a grand
uccesa. We bespeak for this society
the hearty encouragement of the com
munlty. : '
Gas Explosion. Last Sunday evening
fbs gas light at the corner of Main aud
Lake street was extinguished, and the gas
not being turned off continued to escape,
(n the globe, which became full of the in
flam able material. About nine o'clock
Mr. Cbaunoey Richardson noticed the gas
was not lighted, and it being a very dark
night attempted to light it with a match
when the large quantity of gas in the
globe Ignited making a loud report and
.shooting a large flame from the opening
In the bottom of the globe. Mr. Richard
eon's hand and face were pretty badly
burned, and that mammoth beard of his
was shortened in quicker than he could
LOCAL NEWS. The Finest Dry Goods Store in Northeastern
Messrs. Carlisle fc Tyler took posst-s-sion
of thrir elegact new store in Wil-
lard's Block last Wednnday. Tue ill
niension or the room are as follows :
length iu the clear 80 It. width 18 ft.
and height-14 ft. The plate glass
wiudows and the txlcusive shelving ol
fex the fiurst Support uuity for ihc display
of their large and elegant stock of goods.
The work ol arranging tbeir stock is now
coin on. and by to-morrow Saturday
the doors will be open and the public
are invited to call mid see for themselves
M. ssra Carlislle & Tyler have always had
the reputation of kerpiiigone of the neat
est and inostattractive stores in our town.
and in their new quarters, where every
thing !s new and elegant, we expect to see
them k'-ep it in the tame condition.
There, is in a city which is nut necesary
to name, a man who is retarded as un
fortunate by tin- tlnu,'hiles-, simply be
cause lie is bald. He is frequently twil
led for the luck of covering of his bead
by those who do not understand the
great qualities of the mind and heart
which baldness presupposes. A-young
nan was running on our hero tor the
cause stated, when the hairless raau turn
ed on him indignantly and delivered the
following speech : "Young man, had I no
more brains in my head lhan you have
in yours, I could raise hair to sell." We
recommend this anecdote lo the consid
ation of our friends. Tovngtlotcn Rtg.
Thb Prikter Is generally considered
a good, jolly, wholesouled, clever fellow,
until he sends in his bill, aud then
some of his subscibers consider him loo
mean to be allowed any existence in this
world. Remember that it costs him mon
ey to live, and to support his family, as
well as other poor mortals ; that he has
to pay cash for his paper, his material,
and to pay his help, and that oftentimes
it is a matter of necessity that he should
have what is his due. There is no more
occasion for a subscriber to get offended
at the printer for asking for his subscrip
tion bill, than lor the printer to get of
fended when one othis hands asks for
his week's wares. Consistency is a jewel,
and there is consistency in all things.
Complaint is sent us that the crossing
of Centre street Irom the corner of Elm,
is too much like wading through a mor
tar bed lo be anything like enjoyment or
joke. Some anonymous sufferer of what
pursuasion or gender, cannot be told
says the mud is knee-deep 1 The prayers
of the sufferers have goue up to the City
Fathers, but like the false prophets of old,
they haye been, journeying, or per ad ven
ture, sleeping, so that there has been no
response. They respectfully ask for a
crossing. Do they ask lor too much 1
A good idea is suggested by a Wiscon
sin editor, to help a fallow nut of those
constantly recurring unpleasantnesses in
the family forgetfulness of wife's orders
given just. as you are taking your leave
for the day. It is to bring home a pack
age of hair pins. They are always handy
in the house. This, It strikes us, might
do yery well if care were taken not to
break the package, as . a stray hair pin
might be fatal to the peace of the family
One of these articles -was found in the
pocket of a young husband, by a Con
neautwife, that .awakened considerable
tboughtfulness, but when she found st
taced to it a long, red hair, she became
not a little furious, and the night proved
a very uncomfortable one for that poor
The Dailt Evening Register, is the
title of another edition of the Youngs
town Register announced for the 14th
inst. This is evidence of business, ener
gy, and business thrilt, perhaps. It is al
so evidence of sharp competition, for
.its about as plain as the sun in the heav
ens, that no two sane and sound weeklies
pursuing the even tenor of their ways,
and looking only to a wholesome, paying
business, would ever dream of starting
each a daily, in such a place as Youngs
town. As neither the Tribune daily or
the Register daily, think of making any
t hing out of these enterprises, they will
no doubt succeed in worrying one an
other until the shortest purse and great
est discretion, will back down, which
stoppage will no doubt be gladly follow
ed by the other, very soon after. We
wish them both better luck than this, but
do not expect 1 1.
A. R. Bkckwith & Co. One of the
most tidy and orderly country stores that
we have had the pleasure of looking al
of late, is that belonging to the above
named firm, at Jefferson. It is a model
in this way, and docs not fail to attract
attention on this account Another at.
tractive feature about it is, its various de
partments, and its extent as a whole.
The stock embraces dry-goods, groceries,
crockery and glass-ware, one of the larg
est and best 'stock of boots and shoes to
be found in the region, a choice lotof
fancy goodsrases and ornaments and
a good stock of clocks, watches, and jew
elry. As they are evidently clever and
accomplished merchants, they are, with
out doubt, good buyers, and they claim
to range prices with their most favored
cotemporaries in the county. Our county
readers will do well to make a note of
this, and see how it is when they go t
the Hub;
Ashtabula supports at this time, four
meat markets, and all, we believe furnish
a good quality of animal food, at least,
there is no appreciative difference in qual
ity, while there is a difference in price
that does attract some attention. The
difference between a shilling and fourteen
cents is a matter of some consequence, in
cash deals at the market. But when we
consider that the lower prices represent
only the cash deal at the shambles, and
the other, delivery and credit, the data is
furnished for calculating the cost of cred
it and a little accommodation. Fifteen
per cent is, perhaps, a very fair return for
these enjoyments. Beef is plenty, and
hawked about the"streets every day at 5
and 6 cento by the quarter. Will not
these rates enable the dealer lo give con
sumers a little better prices? Thorpe, in
the Hall store, has seta good example,
furnishing the best cut at a shilling per
The annual meeting of the Ladies' Re
lief Society was held at the Presbyterian
Chapel, Friday, p. m.. Pea 4lh, when the
ubual election of officers took place. The
President, Mrs. Henry Hubbard, who has
been closely identified with the society
Irom its organization, declined a rcnomi
nation. The ladies, unwilling to release
one who had such thorough knowledge
of the work, decided to relieve her from
the burdens of office, still retaining her
advice and influence. Accordingly, she
was elected Honorary President ; Mrs.
Geo. Field, President; Mrs. F. Silliman,
Vice President; Mrs. Geo. Hubbard
Treasurer; Mrs. J. B. BIyth, Secretary
Mrs. Eames, Mrs. Wetherwax, Mrs. J.
Faulkner, Mrs. A. A. Strong, Mrs. W. W
Mann, Mrs. Manchester, Mis. Amos Hub
bard. Mrs. L. M. Crosby, Miss Kate Mor
rison, Mrs. Wm. Sanborn, Mrs. S. C. Tal
cott and Mrs. J. N. M'Giffert, directresses.
The society has received Irom member
ship foes and donations during the past
year, $334.20. Expended for the sick and
destitute, $204.63-leaving a balance in
the treasury for the coming year of $129.
57. There will be a meeting for work, at
the chapel, this-Friday-afternoon, at 2
By order of the President.
Mbs. J. S. Blvth, Sec'y. -
Oysters by the bulk or can at
801 J. B. Tombe's.
The Bio Ehoike of the Rolling Mill
was started on Tuesday afternoon last, in
the presence of numorous special ors, in
cluding a number of ladies. This massive
affair, u has been stated, is of 80 inch
cylinder, 5 feet stroke, and rales between
three and four hundred horse power. The
balance wheel is ot 30 leet diameter, and
weighs 39 tons. When the steam was
turned on, this ponderous driver was pat
into lively motion, V lively as to render
the arms difficult to trace. Such was the
accuracy of its construction, thai a quur
terofaninch variation In its circumler-
enee of ninety feel, is said to have been
the maximum. The whole machine
worked with the smoothness aud silence
that characterizes the highest perfection
of mechanism. The movement of such
massive machinery is majestic and awe
inspiring, at least to the novice as most
of those present were, and the momenium
in overcoming resistance can only be con
jectured. The machinery to be driven by
this power though in place, was not ad
justed, and therefore, not connected.
When the whole shall move off as by a
common impulse, the sight will be one or
deep interest.
It is understood that' the connections
will be made, and the machinery put lo
use iu the course of the coming week, and
aud some or the manufactures ol this new
aud novel establishment, tor Ashtabula,
will be put upon the market upon their
merits. We shall have occasion to speak
forther upon this subject, as we see and
know more about it.
A $10,000 Robbert. Early Sunday,
morning the store of R. Potter & Bon
at West Springfield, Pa. was broken
into by burglars and the safe blown open
and $10,000 in bonds and currency sto
len, the property of different parties liv
ing in the vicinity. After the thieves had
obtained the valuables in the safe, they
set fire to the building, which was entire
ly consumed.' The stock of goods was
insured for $4,000. The robbers are sup
posed to be the same gang that entered
the store of Pelliboae & Son, at Girard
Pa., last week. Efforts are being made
to capture the perpetrators of these rob
beries. Later. Two men were suspected at
Geneva on Saturday or 8uuday, and
Constable Bartholomew with two assist
ants, as we learn, ' attempted to arrest
them, but they were without arms, and
one of the fellows drew his pistol and
fired at the officer, wounding him in the
arm and shoulder, and with a third
shot grazing his bead. This caused their
release, and they , escaped. One of the
pair, on Monday morning took the A. Y.
& P. road at the Harbor for Warren, bat
left the train at Bloomfield. He was fol
lowed up by a telegram directing his ar
rest at Warren, which was taken off by
the operator at Bloomfield, by which
the chap was identified, as he left the
train. An officer was notified, snd he
was overhauled and arrested confessed
his crime and wag lodged in Warren jail.
He denies having done the shooting at
Geneva, but admits that he was one of
the pair.
Relief. The following appeal comes
from come ot the sufferers in Eansas, who
went from this place and vicinity, and
were our neighbors and fellow-citizens.
It, therefore, touches a ten derer cord in
our natures than the appeals ot strangers.
Our citizens will hardly need urging to
contribute promptly and liberally for the
relief of these King City friends. Send
your contributions to the store of Gilkey
& Perry, and they will find ready dis
patch to the sufferers :
KANSAS, Dec. 2d. 1874.
Messrt. E. L. Kinq t E. H. QUkey
Gents : At a meeting of the citizens of
King Cily Tp., held for the purpose or so
licing aid for tho needy ones among us,
who by the devastation of the grasshop
pers, have been reduced to actual want,
the undersigned were appointed a com
mittee to ask you to aid them in support
ing their families during the coming win
ter. We have failed to receive from the
State that assistance which we had rea
son to expect would be afforded us ; con
sequently, we are compelled to look to
our friends in the Eastern States for aid
in this, our time of trouble.
Those who were fortunate enough to
have ground suitable, and sown to wheat,
will, by economizing, be able to pass
through until next harvest without aid;
but the majority of those who had no
wheat sown, will require assistance at
once. Many or onr neighbors are now
beginning to feel the effects of hunger and
cold, and cases of absolute want are daily
If you can send us second-hand cloth
ing, boots and shoes, etc, for men, women
and children's wear, or anything that
would comfort, would be thankfully re
ceived. We also need money to buy fuel
and provisions of the latter, with the
money, we could buy much cheaper here,
than you could send it to us. We hope
you will interest yoqselves in our behalf,
and write immediately what can be done,
T. S. LAY, Ch'n.
R. B. Holbrook, )
A. G. 8 kith, j, Com.
B. Rieohebt. J
J. U. FELLOWS, Sec'y.
The Propeller Rocket.
From the Toledo Blade we clip tbe
following account of the sinking of the
propeller Rocket of Hauna fe Go's line :
Propeller Rocket. This boat has
been having a pretty rough experience.
She left Buffalo on the latter part of
November, having on board a heavy
cargo of merchandise for A- W. Colton
& Co. of Toledo. Tbe following Saturday
she was off Turtle Light, and anchored
to wait for a pilot to bring her in. While
waiting she was frozen in, and on Sun
day the mate came to the city on the
steamer Clinton, and tried to get two
tugs to go to her assistance. But he
was unsuccessful. None could be
found that were willing to undertake
the job. The next day, however, the
Cat. Daw went up and succeeded in
breaking tbe ice and towing her to the
red can, where she ran agtound, and all
efforts to pull her off were unavailing.
The Clinton, passing at that time, stop
ped and took off 100 tons of her freight,
which so relieved her that she was pulled
off, afier which the freight was returned
andjtue boats proceeded on their way.
When near the black can. tbe engineer
reported to the Captain that she was
leaking badly forward, The Captain on
hearing this, wanted to stop at Ironville
and discharge part or the cargo there,
but tbe men on the tug pursuaded him
not to, and they came on up tbe river,
the water gaining on tbeir pumps very
rapidly. While passing through the
bridge, the fires were put out by the ris
ing water, and when off Madison street,
within four lengths of her dock,
sank to tbe bottom, leaving her gang
ways just above the surface of the wa
ter. The next morning two steam fire
engines were loaded on a lighter and
went to work pumping the water out of
fV5v Dli?n,nad ,niade considerable
headwp At 10 o'clock there were
13 f. et o.vater In her bold. It iu thoueht
that a large hole was made In her bow by
the ice, and a diver is to be sent down to
About three o'clock last Friday after
noon Mr. George Breyman, sub-marine
operator, was low ered by the side of the
propeller for tbe purpose of ascertaining
the location ot the break in her side and
stopping it if possible. Once down the
cause ol the failure of tho engine to clear
the bold or water was obvious. A stream
or water six by twelve inches in size was
pouring into the hold. A few minutes
sufficed to stop the leak in a temporary
manner, tbe bold was soon comparative
ly free or water, and the Rocket is now
delivering her cargo at the foot of Jef
ferson street It is now thought that
the broken plank must have been weak
ened either by a blow from the anchor or
by a suae, aud that floating field icj did
the remain. ler of Hie damage.
Too much credit cannot be given to
the officers of the boat for their ingenuity
and their determination in keeping ber
afioct as long as they did. No sooner did
Mr. S. C. Scoville of Ashtabula, the chief
engineer, discovered the leak than he be
gan forming a bottom of cord wood for
tbe fire arch, which kept tbe fire above
the water, and so kept steam up. until the
dock was almost reached. As the water
crept up. more limbers were piled upon
the lower tiers, and tbe fire kept going
on top by feeding it liberally w ith oil
barrel staves. Although tbe tuen were
working in water up .to the breast, they
dkl nol relax their efforts unlil there was
no longer room for auy fuel between the
fire-bottom and the top of tne arch.
F. A. Barnes has made quite an addi
tion to his sales room which he found in
sufficient for his increasing trade.
The school com menow with about the
usual number of students among whom
we notice many new- faces. There are a
large majority or gentlemen present this
term which shows that district schools
are blessed with a goodly number or
''school m'ams."
The diptheria seems to bave abated
somewhat, though Miere are still some
cases. Nearly every ' case has proved ra
tal. Three deaths have appeared in the
family or Mr. Shipman and one is still
very sick though hopes are entertained
Austinburg, Dec. 7, 1874.
Some weeks bave elapsed since I re
ceived your friendly hint in reference to
communications. My apology is, I have
not felt tbe proper "inspiration," nor has
there occurred anything of interest in our
quiet little township, for gome time past.
Business of all kinds is very dull, yet
we do not feel the pressure with that se
verity in the country, as is manifested in
the cities, especially in large manufactur
ing districts all through the country. In
view of the numerous strikes, chaotic un
certainty reigns everywhere. Every week
brings Ihe unwelcome news of suspended
factories iu eveiy direction. Now, in
view ol our great national debt, every
dollar of which must be paid, tbe question
is, what ought to be done ? We know
that wise and prudent men differ on this
point. When President Grant was asked
who was responsible for the losses sus
tained by the Republican party, the la
conic answer was, "Congress." Now, we,
as a Republican, will venture to say that
if the Presid nt had looked a little nearer
home, be would have found that his veto
of the Currency Relief Bill, had as much
to do with that question, as any other
Our eentle readers will see by this time,
that we are not a third term man. Well,
we will give one hint more and then
close. It is simply this fact : If the na
tion bad curtailed her national bonds
keeping them in their proper bounds
supplying the delinquency with legal
tenders, our vast debt would be untold
millons less than it now is.
Hartsgrove, Dec. 8, 1874.
Last Friday noon Mr. Catlir 8. Har
mon, or North' Ridge, just east or North
Kingsville, Tell in a fit, near his barn
yard gate and was soon after found dead.
He fell forward, and so suddenly, that
his forehead was consider i'ly bruised,
and lbefac lying in a pool f water and
mud, sufficient to cause iteatli by drown
ing. The deceased, for teveral. years, has
been subject to these fits, which caused
both himself and friends considerable
anxiety. His mind, however, has re
mained unimpaired, so much so, that be
has managed his large farm aud affairs
with a good degree . of success,- assisted
as he has been for several years, by the
efficient aid of Mr. H. E. Grover.
Mr. Harmon lived on the place where
he died some fifty' four years. He has
filled some responsible offices with honor.
He was widely known and esteemed for
his generous impulses. The funeral
took place at the house on Sunday p. K.
conducted by the masouic fraternity, of
which he was a member, Rev. D. L. Hick
ok preaching the sermon from the text
"What will ye do In the solemn day."
Tbe effort was both incisive and impres
sive. Eighty vehicles formed the pro
cession that followed the remains to
the cemeteiy at North Kingsville. - Tbe
burial services as read by W. M.-F. J.
Lillie was well calculated to fill the mind
wild profitable reflection.
The funeral of Mrs. Fickinger took
place last week at the residence or her
son Mr. Jacob Fickinger sermon by
Rev. Mr. Chamberlain or Springfield. The
age of the deceased was 90 years. She
died in the hope of abetter world, o.
Mr. A. L. Howard has returned to Ober
tin, where he expects to remain for one
year, being not only employed in the
study of music, but teaching the same in
the public schools.
Kingsville, Dec. 3, 1874.
The sickness that prveailed in this town
all through November has abated a good
deal of its virulence, the first cases being
mostly fatal whilst those that haye been
attacked with tbe disease this month ap
pear to be in a fair way of recovery.
The donation visit to the Rev. Mr.
B. W. Streeter, the pastor of the Congre
gational Church came off last Friday af
ternoon and evening Dec. 4th.
It was a pleasant affair throughout
and the friends or the pastor present left
behind them some $80 in cash, or things
as good as cash in a family.
The Women's Foreign Missionary So.
city meets this month at the M.E- church
on Friday Dec. 11th at p. ir.
All ladies friendly to the cause of Mis
sions are cordially inylted to attend.
girls should receive that practical educa
tion that would best fit them lor their
high call. He said, the very bane of wo
man's existence was idleness having
nothing lo do, and a more practical edu
cation would correct that social fault
The winter term or our district schools.
as a general rule, began with the first
week or Decern ber.
With our present admirable system
of common schools, that are free to all
the youths or the State, there is no excuse
for young America If they fall to secure
a fair education in the common branches.
What a glorious opportunity is offered
to teaohers to Instruct their pupils what
their duty is to themselves, to society,
and their God, for I believe no tducation
is complete unless the moral as well as
the intellectual faculties of the pupils are
developed and Improved. The heart ai
well as the head needs to bave right prin
ciples implanted in youth so as to exert a
controling influence in their after lire.
Saybrook. Dec. 9, 1878. J. J.
These are excitinTtiniee, and, locally,
this community has been considerably
stirred up over the transpiring or events,
which I will endeavor to narrate briefly.
Some ten days or two weeks since, one
Geo. Brown, a quack horse doctor, resi
dent here, and known the county through
as an Ignorant, gassy sort of a fellow, an
nounced among horsemen and others,
the approaching of an "epidemic" among
horses, aud which he had been success
fully treating in other places, &c Last
Tuesday week, sure euouuli. the disease,
as described by this arrant quack, was
developed here, and some leu or twelve
horses in all, were stricken down. At
this opportune moment, the lollowiug no
tice found a place in the columns of the
village paper :
"Luito Dika8K. This disease, which starts
with a ewelling in the tide, and which baa been
quite prevalent in Ashtabula, is making its p
rearance in this vicinity. S. J. Smith's valuable
nag has ir, and a number of others. Dr. Q. Brown
has fitted np a place fur the treatment of this
disease, where horse owners cm have their
horses treated. His motto is no care, no pay.11
This "lung disease" confounded every
one but the doctor, and led to investiga
tion. With one or two exceptions, the
horses suffering were driven to town a
day or. two prior" to the development or
the malady by their owners farmers,
and, on those inclement days of last week.
bitched under the public sheds ; and upon
a close examination, the seat of the dis
ease" was found, and that it was potson,
introduced into the side of the horse ty
means of a syringe, used by one familiar
to the medical fraternity an instrument
procured for this fellow by one of our
druggists a short lime ago. The point
chosen was just back of the shoulder
blade, unless the horse was part or a
double team then the opposite shoulder
was selected. None other but this Dr.
Brown had ever heard or seen anything
of its like; and upon the streets, insa
loons, about the liveries and elsewhere.
be had been minutely describing it, and
on Monday sufficient evidence was elicit
ed to warrant his arrest as the guilty par
ty. On being arrested, he waived the or
dinary examination, and giving f 500
bonds to appear at county court, was
released from custody. Almost every
hour new testimony was elicited from
farmers coming in from the country hav
ing ailing horses, and it was concluded
to arrest him again, on new and similar
charges; but when Ihe papers were put
into the hands of the officer an hour after
li is discharge, the bird 4iad flown. Offi
cers were put upon bis track, howeve
and he was overhauled at Erie, and an
examination will come off to-morrow.
The horses are in a terrible condition,
their bodies much swollen, and some of
them will die, or, at least, be rendered
unfit for use, for a long ime, entailing a
serious loss upon a good many Tanners
in tbe vicinity; There is no longer the
least doubt of tbe means used, nor of the
scoundrel who has thus destroyed so ma
ny valuable animals, in a foolish attem. t
to build up a reputation as a horse turn
er t ' . -r;
While this horse "disease" was arrest'
ing the attention of so many, the an
nouncement of the robbery and firing of
Potter's store, at . West Sringfleld, Pa,
some few miles east ol Couoeaut, on Sat
urday night last, kindled anew the excite
ment in the community. T'.ere is now
reason for believing "that tho guiity par
lies will soon be brought to justice.- About
four o'clock Sunday morning, Mr. Pot
ter's store was discovered in flames, and
the tire had got under such headway tkat
no efforts could save any of the stock of
goods, upon which there was an insur
surance of some $4,000. The building
was owned by Messrs. Thomas, of that
place, who bad several thousand dollars
in bonds and bank fun Is In Potter's safe.
An inspection of the buikiiug while burn
ing made i: at once apparent that Ihe fire
was the wwk of incendiaries, nod that the
sate had been burglarized. The suspected
parties are a couple of young men, who
were in the store the day previous, one of
whom has been in the employ of a farmer
in the neighborhood duriug the past sea
son. Tracing Ibcm this wuv, a pocket
bonk containing money and papers be
longing to Mr. Potter, was picked up on
the roadside, where the burirlars had
dropped it in their flie-ht. They were
next heard of in the vicinity of Geneva,
where intelligence of the robbery had
preceded them, and in an attempt to ar
rest them the officer was harshly handled,
and the burglars got away. In the scuffle
the burglars dropped more of their booty
a large bond, identified by the Messrs.
Thomas, being picked up. The fugitives
separated there, and one of them was
overhaaled in Trumbull Co., on Mouday,
and safely lodged in j iil at Warren. His
confederate and principal in the robbery,
is yet at large, but il is supposed officers
are iu hot pursuit The total loss by Ihe
fire and ourg.ary is some eight or ten
thousand dollars, and lo Mr. Potter Ihe
loss will be pretty serious, he losing all
his books and accounts accumulated du
ring his many of merchandizing.
Conneaut, Dec. 4, 1874. H.
Had it Bad. A young man went into
John Pucro's the other day to buy fur
niture, and when he had bought twice
as much as he had intended, he went
away and said "John Pucro must be la
boring under aberary temporation, or else
he never would sell furniture as cheap as
he does.
"Tired nature sweet restorer, balmy
sleep" is twice as sweet if you sleep on
one or those Woven-wire Matrasses to be
had so cheap, or John Pucro.
Compare . our 60 cent Black Alpacas
with the 65 cent quality from the other
stores. Carlisle & Tyler.
"Rock me to Bleep Mother, Rock me
to Sleep 1 in one of those nice cribs at
John Pucro's. They're only three dollars
seventy-five cents, Ma."
A good oval frame and glass for 30
els, at Blakeslee & Moore's
Swift has Perfumery and Hair Prepar
ations from Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo,
Rochester, New York, Philadelphia, Lon
don, Paris, and all along shore, for the
holidays. 2.
We will open next week a large stock
or Fancy Goods for the Holidays call and
see them at Carliele & Tyler's new Store.
A first quality imitiation walnut frame
with first quality trench glass, back and
and screws, for SO cts. at
Blakeslee & Moore's.
"The mail who struck Billy Patterson
has not been found yet, but the man who
sells tbe cheapest and best furniture in
Northern Ohio has." If you don't be
lieve it just call at John Ducro's on Main
St and see.
Special Notice Until Christmas.
N. W. Wilcox, or Jefferson, O., Agent
for the New American Sewing Machine,
offers to sell tbe New Machiue $5 off
price, and "throw In" some "extras" to
any one whose order he shall receive be
fore Christmas, -Terms, easy. Monthly
payments $5 if desired. Discount for
cash. ' . 2tl
The Biggest bargains yet I A large lot
of Dress Goods, and Shawls at $3 at the
Erie Store. These goods were bought at
auction and are less than hair price. Al
so great bargains iu Felt Skirts, Ler
gins, men and boy's Scarfs. Prices ou
Black Alpacas and Cashmeres reduced
this week. Another lot of tboe Prinl
and Colton Flannel Remnant-Just opeu
ed. The Pearl Photograph does not break
like the porcelain pict"-6-
The Pearl PbownW11 d'"'8 no1 luru
yellow like the'"er Photographs.
Look at our fine Black Mohair we offer
at 75 eta. I other stores ask $1 for the
p.m.llty. at Carl lale& Tyler's.
- M
watts the hodd's as long as yer ap-
py- can buy a good set or chairs for
three dollar and sereuty-fiye cents or a
good bedsttad for seven dollars at
John Ducro's.
The Pearl Photograph is a patent
Blakeslee owns the right for this county.
Three hundred ebony, oval frames
with first quality trench glass, for 40 cts.
at Blakeslee & Moore's.
Great hargaius in White Blankets,
Gilkey & Perry's
Large stock of Beaver Cloth Jackets
jet trimmed and cut in the latest style,
Irom $5 to $15 each, at
Carlisle & Tvler'a
A choice lot of those Pickles, already
put up. at J. B. TomlK-'i.
Try our 12J Domestic all wool Blank
ets at fa.00 2il3 Gilkey & Perry's.
Fur Trimming, at Carlisle & Tyl-r's.
Beautiful Ash, (Walnut trimmed) Bed
room sets complete for fifty dollars, at
John Durro's.
Reasonable Advice to Ladies. To
avoid chappy cheeks iu the winter have
nothing to do with cheeky chaps. But
if you want to buy a nice present for
your friends, nothing is easier than one
of those easy chairs, so comfortable and
so ciieap, at John Ducro's.
A larce supply of Candies, and Figs,
just received at J. B. Tombe's.
The Pearl photograph at Blakeslee &
Moore's, a new thing. g 13
Two hundred Wool Shawls bought at
a great sacrifice aud will be offered at
about two thirds their value, at Carlisle
& Tyler's new Store.
Another lot of those extra white Blank
ets, at Gilkey & Perry's.
The handsomest pictures made is the
Pearl photograph, at
Blakeslee & Moore's.
The finest line of Black Cashmeres
ever shown in this county and at the
lowest prices can now be found at Cur
lisle & Tyler's new Stors.
More white Blankets on sale th in any
two stores in town Gilkey & Perry.
For the Holidays Oranges, Candies,
Nuts, eta, at J. B . Tombe's.
Look at our heavy Black Baver Cloth
at $2 per yard, at . Carlisle & Tyler's.
Two pieces extra Carpet will sell 50 c.
Gilkey & Perry.
Blakeslee owns the right to make
th- Pearl Photograph. -
One hundred and fifty dozen of Gents,
Ladies and Children's Gloves and Ho
siery, just opeued at half their former
value at Carlisle & Tyler's.
The Pearl Photograph is the most du
rable sun picture known to the art.
Larue stock ol new Dress Goods just
opened at twenty per cent below all
comptitiou, at Carlisle & Tyler's new
Tbe mau who used to go sniveling
round the streets of Ashtabula sinsring "I
would not live always I ask not to stay,"
has changed his mind aud decided to
live and stay just as long as possible.
since he has tound out how cheap John
Ducro sells furniture now.
The huge, drastic, griping, sickening pills.
constructed of crude, coarse and balky ingredi
ents, are fast being superceded by Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Purgative Pellets, or Sugar-Coated, con
centrated Root and Herbal Juice, Anti-Bilious
Grannies the "Little Giant" Cathartic, or Out
turn in Parr 0 Physic Modern chemical science
enables Dr. Pierce to extract from the juices of
the most valuable roots, and herbs their active
medicinal principles, which when worked into
little Pellets, or Granniesscarcely larger than
mnstard seed, renders each little pellet as active
and powerful as a large pill, while they are much
more palatable and pleasant in effect
Dr. Ira A. Trater. of Baconsbnr?. Ohio.
writes : "I regard yonr Pellets as the best remedy
for the conditions for which yon prescribe theni
of anything I have ever nded, so mild and certain
in enecc, ana leaving me 00 we is in an excellent
condition. It seems to me thev mnet take ttu
place ol all other cathartic pills and medicines."
Ltoh & Maomibkr. Drntrrists. Vermillion. D.
T., say : "We think they are going to sell like hot
cakes as soon as the people get acquainted with
them, and will spoil the pill trade, as those that
nave need tnem like them much better than large
In Wsvne. Nov. Sfith. hv Rev. G. C. Reed. Mr.
James J. Ooban. to Miss Mast D. Wakehaxt, both
01 wayne.
In Kingsville, Nov. 29th, by Rev. E Dibell, Mr.
John B. Wescott, of bhemeld. to Miss Sabab
Squibes, of Crawford county. Pa.
In Rock Creek. 4th Inst, by B. A. Wright. J. P
Mr. Fbamk Hill, of Geanea County, to Miss Lu
netto Pbeston, of Windsor.
In Kingsville. 29th nit., by F. B. Phelps, J. P.,
Mr. John Stafford, of Ashtabula, to Miss Louisa
Thomson of Kingsville.
In Andover, 25th nit., by Rev. L. E. Beard sley,
Mr. Frank M. Case, to Miss Mart . BDTLia. aU
of Andover.
In Geneva, 26tb nit., by Stephen Lock wood, J.
P., Mr. Moses Lowbt, to Miss Eliza Rosa of Gen-
Announcements free: Commendatory Notices,
half rate.
Died of diptheria, Sep. 29th Jessie Mat John
son, in her 4th vear.
Tbe little sufferer has gone where the weary
In Ashtabula, 4th, Inst., of consumption, Ida
Levantla. eldest daughter of Reuben and Levan
tia Moore, aged 18 years and 10 months.
In Anstinburg, 22d. .nit., of diphtheria, Doba
Ryder, aged IS years.
In Anstinburg, 27th nit., of diphtheria, Mrs.
Annette Luxie, only daughter of Joshua FoDee.
In Kingsvile, Sd Inst.. Mr. Catxin 8. Habxoni
aged 64 years.
In Andover 29th nit, Julia A., wife of Urrln
Hall, aged 29 years.
In Harpersfleld. 29th ult., Jahis Lans. aged 88
In Hartsgrove. 19th ult., of consumption, Ein.T
E. Daughter of E. G. White, in the 25th year of
her age.
Ashtabula Market.
ASHTABULA Dec. 10. 1874.
Dealers pay the following Prices.
Wheat No. 1, White t1.1Stol..lT
DO No, 1, Red $1.08 to 114
Corn Shelled ID
do In the ear 33
Oats new 62
Butter 97 to 80
Cheese New 18 to 10H
Dried Apples 6
Hams 11 to 13
Lard 15
Boos 18 to 22
Potatoes! 65 to B0
Corn Meal 00
Chopped Feed Corn oats, 14 00
Bran Per Ton $-21 00
Wool 40 to 45
Salt per bbl. at Harbor $1 60
do i 1 store (1 66
Poultbt 8
Driecs. carefullv revised ar-1
corrected. The report of the sales of grair al
ways Indicates the prices from store unless iher
wise designated.
Mour ine market is steady and nn-angca.
We quote as follow. :
White XXX $ 7 OJ 1 No. 1 He xx
AmmtAA o as 1 Akron -"J -.
Buckwheat Flour-There is B"d inquiry "d
the market steady at 7 00467 l"' Kd 10 cllo'c,;
Mill Feed The demand Is xxl "d the market
.! w .nm. in,.KM middlings at ec-
ond fine $.0O: coarse r" : shorts (21. Wheat
-The market is st ady and the tone better
though prices are ancnangea; 110. 1 -
LIST No. S do. a1.0. Corn-Steady and -
chauged; sales c-'ears on tn at o.c; aii.
shelled from ore at 71c; high m.xed shelled he d
at 7- nt. Steady and unchauired; moderate
Semrnd; 8UW held at 68c; No. 1 do at Stic;
white it ic; the receipts are fair. Hmoked meals
-Safe" ut hrm; hams 12wl!c; dried K-ef 16c;
T0T1m.es (6.00 per dozen. Dressed Hogr The
mAncet was dull but nuchanged; packers were not
evrinc above 8c for the average, and small lots of
ri... .olocted were dull at Site. Butter. Market
b.i,tin nnchsneed.but there is an easier feeling
prims to choice roll aud tub fO&33c, extra nice
dairy and creamery in a small way to the local
trade S336c i inferior to medium ranges at.lHui
20c, Cheese. Steady and Arm, held at lfrfi;lr.gc
for Job lots good to choice, and 15Jtlttc for small
lots sekcted.
Chicago Market.
From the Chicago Tribune.
The Chicago produce markets were generally
tame on Tuesday. Mess pork was active aud
lower, closing at (19 vftlfl..10 cavh. Lard was
active, closing at (I2.7rijil2.ti0 cash. Dressed
hogs were quiet and firmer, closing at (7.754JK V5
per 100 pounds. Flour was dull aud unchanged.
Wheat was quiet and c lower, cloriug al M)e
Corn was quiet, at 74c lor old, 67c for new. Oats
were quiei. and easier, closing at 64c. Barky
closed at (1.26. On Saturday evening last there
was in noro in the city 1,240.644 bu wheal. eT9,
1)21 bu corn, 266,160 bu oats and 296,439 ba barley.
Hogs were dull and 15SA20C lower than Satnnhiy.
Sales at (6.40(3(7.10 Sir good to choice. Cattle
wereqnlet. Whcep were active anil Ann.
From the Chicago Tribune. LOCAL NOTICES.
Ma. R. L. Grover, of Kingsville. In ael'.iug Ihe
Singer and Home Shuttle Sewing Machines, says,
that while ha believes nine out of ten would be
perfectly satisfied with the latter be would at
any subsequent period grant an exchange lor the
former, with a credit for about the amount paid
for th latter being about one-half the price of
the Singer and other machines. "A word In tea
son, Ac."
The Morgan Savings and Lran Association will
hold its legular Annna! Meeting of Htorkl.oMcrs
at the Bank on Ihe Sril Monday 4th day ol Janu
ary 1, p. m.
To The Afflicted. No matter under wht
orm of sickucss jou labor, there 1 oue great
trnth you should keep iu mind : All disease orig
inates in an impure condition of the blood. Purify
that and the disease must depai t : but you cannot
purify the blood by the nse of poijonous d.u-s,
and exhaustive stimulants. The best blood pnri
fier ever discore ed Is Dr. Walker's famous Vin
egar Bitters, compounded of simple herbs. 4tl3o9.
the smsr.
The approach of the Presidential election giver
unusal importance to tho events aud develop
mentsofl75. We shall endeavor to describe
them fully, faithfullv and fearlessly.
THK WEEKLY SUN has now attained a circu
lation of over seventy thousand c pies. Its read
ers are tound in every Sta"e aud Territory, aud its
quality is well known to the public. V e shall
not only endeavor to make it fully up to the eld
standard, but to improve aud add to its variety
and power.
TUB WEEKLY SUN will continue to be a
thorough newspaper. All the news of the day
will be found in it. condensed when unimportant,
at full length when of moment, and always, we
trust, treated in.a clear, interesting and instruct
ive manner."
It is our aim to make the WEEKLY SUN the
beet family newspaper in the world. It will be
full of entertaining and appropriate reading ol
every sort, but will print nothing to offend the
motit scrupulous and delicate taste. It will al
ways contain the most interesting stories and ro
mances of the day, carefully selected and legibly
The Agricultural Department is a prominent
feature in the WEEKLY SUN, and its articles
will always be found fresh and useful to the far
mer. Tne number of men independent in politics is
incr-asing, and the WKEKLY SUN is their paper
especially. It belongs to no t arty, and obeys no
dictation, contending for principle, and for the
election of the best men. It expotes the corrup
tion that disgraces the country and threatens the
overthrow of Republican institutions. It has no
fear of knaves, aud seeks no favors from their
The markets or every kind and the fashions are
regularly reported in its columns.
The price of the WEEKLY SUN is one dollar a
year for a sheet of eiuht pages, and fifty-six col
umns. As this barely pays the expenses of the
Saper and printing, we are not able to make any
isconnt or allow anji premium to friends who
may make special efforts to extend iu circulation.
Under the new law, which requires payment ot
postage in advance, one dollar a year, wiih twen
ty cents, the cost of prepaid postage addd, is the
rate of subscription. It is not necessary to get
np a club in order to have the WEEKLY SUN at
this rate. Any one who sends one dollar and
twenty cents, will get the paper, post-paid, for
one year.
V e have no traveling agents.
THE WEEKLY SUN Eight pages, fifty-six col
umns. Only (i 20 a year year postage prepaid.
So discount from this rule.
THE DAILY SUN A large four page newspa
per of twenty eight columns. Daily circulation
over 120.000. All the news for 2 cents. Subscrip
tion, postage prepaid, 55 cents a month, or (6 60
a year. To clubs of 10 or over, a discount of 20
per cent. Address, "THE SUN," New York City.
Phoenix Iron Works.
WE are now ready to solicit ord
ers for the minufacture of STEAM EN-
er Farming Implements.
Every description ol
made as low as the market.atTords.
Fattorn. "Minis. ins
of al kinds done to order with neatness and
We are also prepared to do all kinds of Engin
Machine and general Repairing promptly.
We wonld especially invite the attention ot
those interested in the manufacture or use of
hat we have now in operation a Power Bolt
Cutter by which we are enabled to cut Bolts from
X to IX inches in diameter, at least 25 per cent,
cheaper than can be done elsewhere in this vicini
ty. We keep constantly on hand at cur new shop
the celebrated
Also Points and Repairs for all the leading plows
made in this section.
Office and Works near Centre Street B. R.
Ashtabula, Feb. 6th, 1874. I257lf
Live Agents Wanted!
MATION KOK EVERYBODY, in every Connty ia
the United Slates and Canadns. Enlarged bfr
ine raonsner to trta pages, it contains over 2,011m
household recipes, aud is suited to all classes and
conditions of society. A wonderful book and a
household necessity. It sells at sighu- Greatest
inducements ever offered to book aeents. Sam
ple copies sent by mail post paid, for (2. Exclu
sive territory given. Acents more than double
their money. Address DR. CHASE'S STEAM
PRINTING HOUSE, Ann Arbor, Mich. 8tl8
Mall c3teAxa3.ts33.1-p!s?
Only Line Carrying the Ameri
can Flag.
Sailing every Thursday from Philadelphia for
Cabin, Intermediate and Steerage accomodation
Rates as low as by any other First-Class Line.
General Agents. Philadelphia
GEO. B. RASER. Office Ashtabula, Youngs
town & Pittsburgh R. R-. Agent, Ashtabula Har
bor. 1V12S5
Great Bargains in Dry Goods,
.A.t Kingsville.
A B. LUCE is iust reccivinff and
a7a. opening a large and well selected stock of
ran ana w inter gooas. v. men ie proposes ioujo-
prices. . .
Among them is a large assortment of
very beautiful and iecidedly cheap.
A fine assortment ol
In various lors.
froiP the lowest grade up to the best In market.
A large stock of
which cannot fail to please.
My stock of
is very large, and of the best make.
all of the finest ware, and a
Thanking my customers for the very libera sup
port they have civen me iu the past, 1 hope iy
fair dealing and strict attention to business, to
still continue to receive their patronage, auil shall
endeavor at all times to please them, hoth in
prices and quality of goods. A. B. LUCK,
Kingsville, Oct. 28, l.-74. liDOt
JN order to reduce stock, I am
selling all grades of
than any concern In the Slate.
sis sctesios sTSEsr.
Annexation Nolle.
VLL persons interested are herebT
notified that the undersigned, at th 8oilct
tor and Agent of the Incorporated Village of Aab
tabula, did on the eighth day of December, A. O.
lsu. tile witu the County Commissioner of Ash
tabula County, Ohio, at the regular session ot said
Commissioners, a petition on behilf of said In
corporated illage of Ashtabula, asking that th
following descriocd territory, situated in th
Township of Ashtabula, be annexed to (aid In-coinor-ted
Village of Ashtabula, to wit:
Teact 1. Bounded and described as follows :
Beginning at a point in the centre of Ash'abula
Creek at the nor h east comer or said village as it
now is. running thence down the centre of said
Creek to a point from whence line drawn dee
east will 'ntersect a stone monument In the east
line or Right of Way of the Lake Shore A Mich
fcoutheru Kailway Company's lands, which is also
in the northwest corner of lands belonging to
John Harmon and southwest comer of lands be.
lonuiug to S. H. Belknap; thence due east along
the line so drawn to said stone monument; thenc
easterly along tbe line of lands between 8. H.
Bc-iknap and John Harmon to the east iin
of the hignway Known as ine old Trum
bull and Ashtabula Turnpike Road; thenc
ni.rtherly along the east side of said high
way as it now iB. to the centre of the road
running easterly between lands now or formerly
owned by John Harmon and Henry Mowrv- thenc
in a line dne north to the shore of Lake Erie
which is also tne north line of said townshin:
thence westerly along the north line of said town!
ship, which is also the south shore of Lake Erie
to ihe norlhweet corner of said township; thence"
southerly in the township l,ne between A.hubn!
1. and sllJi'P' -orthwe corl
ner of the said Incorporated Village of Asniabnla
as it now is; th-nce ef"rly .long the nortlliue
of sa d Village to the place of beginning.
Tbact i. Beginning at a point in township
line between Saybrook and Ashtabnl townships,
at the southwest corner of said village as it now
is, running thence sooth in said township line to
a point in said'ownship line thirty (90) feet south
of the original Kt line between lots namberon
(1) and sixteen (Hi) in said townshipof Ashtabula;
thence easterly in a line parallel with said lot
line and thirty (30) feet distant therefrom, to th
western terminus of South street (so called);
thence easterly along the south line of aald South
street as it now is, to the center of the highway
known as the Old Trumbull aud Ash'abula Turn
pike (which if also an extension or Main street);
thence easterly along the fouth line of the high
way known as the Gulf Road (leading past Chest
nut Grove Cemetery), to tbe west line or the landi
of the Ashtabula and Jamestown Branch of the
I .atm shore A Mfchiean Southern Railwav Com.
pany; thence southerly along the west line of siMil
Kailway Company's lands to the township line be.
tween Plymouth and Ashtabula towasblns;
thence northerly and easterly along said town
ship line until it intersects the center of Ashtabu
la Creek, which is also the south line of said vil
lage: thence northerly and westerly, following th
south line of t-iid village, to the west line ol said
village as it now Is; thence northerly along th
wet line of said village to the Gore Line;
thence westerly along the line of said village,
which is also said Gore Line, to the place of be
ginning. Said Commissioners have fixed upon Wednes
day February 10. 18 5, at 11 o'clock a. m.. as the
time and the Auditor's Office at Jefferson, Ohio,
as the place for the hearing of said petition, at
which said time and place any and all persons in
terested are required to be present and make such
objections, if anv thev have, to such annexation-
as they a re by law entitled to make.
1 n.ULUKlk la ALL,
Solicitor and Agent of the Incorporated Village of
r . tw oth. 1S74. etiaoi
Sheriff's Sale of Goods and Chatties,
Lncien J. Fargo,
Eliza Humphrey
BY virtue of a Fi. Fa. duly is
sued from said Court in the above case to
me directed. I will offer for sale by way of pub
lic anction, near the M. S. Church, in Ashtabula,
Ashtabula County. Ohio, on Tuesday the ifcuid day
of December, A. D. 1874, between the hours of 1
p. m. and -2. p. m. o'clock of aaid day, the follow
ing described Goods and Chatties, to wit:
Two Cows, one 2 year old Heifer and on Calf.
Terms cash. E. J. THOMPSON, Coroner,
Sheriffs Office, Dec. 8. 1874. Acting Sheriff.
F. A. Pettibone and W. H. Hubbard Plaintiff
Attorneys. E11301
The Annual Meeting
Of THE Stockholders of the Ash-
tabnla National Bank for the election of Director
will be held at their tanking rooms Jan. lath, 1875,
p. m. 1U301 J. SUM. BLYTH.JCash'r.
TJie Annual Meeting
Of THE the Stockholders of the
Manufacturers' Loan Association, will be beld at
i be Ashtabula National Bank rooms. Jan. 4, 1875,
at 2 p. m. 1 11301 J. BUM. BLYTH, Cash'r.
In Kingsville village, near the Academy. House
contains four large rooms ai.d six smaller one.
Enquire of M. W. W RIGHT, Jr
' M. A. COOK,
StlSOl KingsTille,0.
From the premises of the sub
scriber, in the N. W. part of Saybrook, about
Oct. 35!h, two smallish, dark roan YRABLNJ
HEIFERS. Any one knowing of their wherea
bouts will confer a favor upon tbe subscriber by
notifving him by mail at the Ashtabula P. O.
This is the place to select jour Present for th
Holidays. We keep a general line of Fancy
Goods, Toys, etc, constantly on hand,
aocfa as are usually kept in a -
During the Hobday we shall have a
consisting almost wholly of
Toys fox- OXxlldr-cxx.
u -
Call at Hall's Building, Main Street, opposite
Mr. Merriam'i Brick Block.
Ground Floor !
Smith's JVeip Art Gallery,
Opposite Fanners' Nat. Bank. Is sow
North Top and Side Lights,
Water Fixtures,
"Success" Camera,
Boxes and Dalmeyer Lenses,
Dark Room and Labratory,
All and singular are alznpT
All Ihe deslrah'e stvles of Photogrark mad
Wil l. BE MADE at this Gallery, and NONE
tyKent's Patent Hand Screen on hand, and
will he nsed under the new livftt when wanted
sav about once in 15 veara! Com and se how
mall a thing can be paunitd .'
A Cbolc Seledtioa o Har ckrataaoa.
full assortment of FRAMES, all to tM sold at
Fin Selection of
Inst reeeived and for sale en very favorable term.
My large experience with these Instruments n-
bles me to select tne most desirable styles.
RKX EM BKR Photocrmrjhs are mad at this Gal.
lerv with delicatehlf loo, the high light pur
and white.
No use for process monger with catch penny
The public are respectfultv Invited to visit m
new establishment. J. EDWARDS 8MITH.
Ashtabnla. Dec. 8. li 1801
i nree uiugs to bate : era.
Ity, arrogance, aud In
gratitude. Tun thing
to delight In: beauty,
frankness, and freedom.
Thrse things lo wish tor :
health. fy7nfta. a.nri a
cheerlul spirit. Thro
t 1 things to Uks : cordiality.
pmu Bumtir, log Buna-
fulness. Three things to
govern : temper, tougn.
snd conduct. Tare
thing to think sbonl: Li
death sod sisnutv. .
New Holiday Good Cheap at
SS Yhn Tklns.
Three things to love:
Jr ! 1 courage, gentian, enVe
' jT ' I UoB- Three things to ad
2 r!:-yi tre : Intellectual power,
. fi "V : 2 dienlty, grafenUaes.

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