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Office 1 Main Street.
Friday foriiiiir,Mnreli 12, 1880
Commissioner Paine has issued a Patent
Office onler, to take effect on the 1st of
April next, that ho more 'models" will be
required of. inventors from and after that
date, when presenting their applications
for a patent, ; This will be good news for
Inventors, for they are frequently put to
heavy expense In getting out a useless
Garfield Is In a fair way to hae his
place filled, from the numbers of success
ors taking to tht field. Hon. J. N. Hatha
way of Geauga, i now proposed for the
vacanoy. Mr. Hathaway, is a most re
spectable, and worthy man, and there is no
good reason why Geauga should not have
material enough to put forth two candi
dates. "Uncle Peter," will, therefore,
bear it in wind that he is only one of the
sons of Geauga qualified for congressional
8ome pains are being taken to call at
tention to the character ot the Wilkins
school-book bill now before the Legisla
ture. It la charged that there is a little
jobbery about it, which book-making mo
nopolist are interested In. The Jugglery
of tlio thing is claimed to lie apparent
enough to be seen through without much
ogling. Bo Tar as we are able to under
stand the uiutU r aa set forth in the Board
of Iradt, the plan Is to repeal an already
existing lw, the provisions of which arc
in themselves wholesome.
The dimensions of our public debt Is
beginning to get down to a standard of
intelligent and practical comprehension.
Billions are rather beyond our realization,
and although we have not yet got lwlow
that denomination, aa it now stands, since
the February payment, sonic relief Is
afforded by its being brought below the
level of two billions, at which It stood so
long. $1,798,112,331, is appoint where
we may begin to count and hold it in
mind, and feel encouragement that wa aro
getting down to the practical realities of
The Ways and Means Committee have
virtually decided to attempt no changes
in the existing tariff. The ironmongers
of Pennsylvania are at Washington, and
the Sugar men of New Haven and New
York, also, hoping to get their specialties
adjusted; but the views of members from
different sections of tha country are so
conflicting, there is a very poor pnwpect
for any amendments passing. Judge Car
lisle, of Kentucky, a member of the Ways
and Means Committee, thinks that the
present trouble with the committee can be
overcome, and the sugar interest at least
may get some relief during the present
One thing should be mode certain, and
that is, whether Grant, or Sherman, or
Illaino, or Washburn, or Edmunds, orGar
field, or any other man, ia the candidate
the success of the Republican party, and
the succeas ot principles which we all be
lieve to be in the line at onoe of wise eon
aervatistn and safe progress, depend upon
a cordial union of effort to secure his
election. These personal jealousies, the
rivalries of faotion, the disappointments
engendered by old strifes for influence or
patronage, should be burled, and all men
who agree in the general Republican policy
of the last twenty-Bve yean should strike
bands cordially to perpetuate it.
It will ba found when the farmer who
constitute the great majority in this dis
trict, have cast in their ballots at the pri
maries, f reeman ihorp will be the cnoica
of the Republican party to represent them
in uongress nortiiway, iiowiana, lay.
lor and others to the contrary notwitti'
standing. How does the Telegraph malt
like the proapeotr otanaara,
Oh, don t mention itl There is no way
of healing off the young man I Wa oon
fuss, we did think those Columbus wags
had got him, when they put him up for
select readings; but be showed himself
equal to even that. I tall you, ba la able
to stand firmly, where angels might trem
ble 1 We go for Freeman and the Timet,
and the A'euj la on our side now, too!
Appropriation for publio printing at the
National Capital, having been almost en
tirely exhausted by the worse than useless
work of the Democratic extra session, Pub
lio Printer Defrees on Wednesday last,
was forced to furlough a thousand printers,
pressmen and other operatives at th Pub
lio Printing office. It is said the distress
caused among many families and especial
ly in the oasea of the women press feeders,
who had families to support, wa truly
heartrending. Several women fainted on
receiving notice to quit and strong men
were seen to leave with tears they oould
not suppress, gushing from their eyes.
Mr. Defrees has ever since the first day of
the session last December Importuned the
appropriations committee to either report
the needed money to pay for ths same, or
have Congress stop ordering more printing
M. De Leaaepa, ths projector of the
.Isthmus canal, In company with Secretary
Kvurta, culled at the While Ilouse on the
Hth, and was received by Uie President
with rvapMtiul attention. The interview
lusted about an hour and a halt. The
great engineer explained the features of
his canal project, and polntod out lta ad
vantages, lie said thut it waa nut contem
plated that It should be under foreign con.
trol, nor uu4r any circumstance Inter,
fere with thutiuUirvst of the United Btatea.
lie wanted moat of the slock of the canal
taken In this country, that it would be
guaranteed that It would lot bo controlled
by foreign influence. The Prusldeut re
plied thut he was glad thut Count I)e Lcs
aops had culled to nee him. He thought
it : would be of the greatest interest to Uie
American Continent If the canul could be
built. The President did not express a
decided oluiun. on lua aubjact, but re
ceived his visitor with great cordiality.
De Leascps win very anxious to impress
the Preaideut with Uio idea, Uiat to-duy'a
Interview 6il',pp '.official .ilgniflcunce.;
that itwaaonlv a call of respeot to the
President. Tjiia, X)e , Lfsscps .party dined
with the French iliuister, and attended
Secretary Kvurta' , reception. (Jcnrrul
Sherman and other prominent army and
naval officers called upon M. De Lcssepa
in the evening.
Tin Wards of tub Government. The
Senate Commitee on Indian affairs, hits
agjreed to roiort a bill of their prepara
tion, and recomend its passage, which
takes a decided view of the present trouble
some Indian question. The main features
of the plan outlined by the committee are,
firm, permanent localization of Indians by
allotting homesteads to them in several-
ity, with a proviso that lands so allotted
shall be alsolutely inalienable during a
period of 25 years. Second, extension over
the Indians of the general, civaland crimi
nal laws of the United States or the re
spective Slate or Teritories within whose
borders they are located same as others ; and
third, the continuation of a certain degree
of assistance to them by Government in the
line of progress towards civilization until
tliey become self-sustaining by means of
of agricultural and pastoral occupations.
It is not proposed by the committee to
transfer the control of the Indians to the
War Department, but the bill will largely
divest the Interior Department of Its dis
cretionary power in regard lo,llie Indians
by placing them individuality under the
control ot the country's general laws.
The Isthmus Camal. In response to a
resolution of the senate of the 11th ult,
asking for all correspondence between
North and South America, together with
any copies of a projoct or trenlies respect
ing tho same which the department of
Stute may have proposed or submitted
since Feb. 1809, to any foreign power or its
diplomatic representative, the President,
in compliance therewith, give briefly his
opinion as to th policy ot the U. S. with
regard to the construction ot an inter
oceanic canal by any route across the
American Isthmus. Tha policy of this
country he Bays is a canal under
American control. The United States can
not consent to aurrendor this control to any
European power or any combination of
European powers. If existing treaties be
tween the United States and other nations,
or if the rights of soverignty or property
of other nation stand in th way of this
policy contingency which is not appre
hended, suitable steps should be taken by
just and liberal negotiations to promote
and establish an Ameilcan policy on this
subject consistently with the rights of the
nations lo be affected by it. Tho capital
investod by corporations or citizens of oth
er countries in such an enterprise, must, in
a grcut degree, look for protection to one
or more of the groat powers of the world.
No European power can intervene for such
protection without adopting measures on
thisoontincnt which the United States
would deem wholly admissible. If the pro
tection of the United States is relied upon,
the United States must exeroise sucli con
trol as will enable this country to protect
its National interests and maintain the
rights of those whose privuto capital is em
barked In the work.
An lnter-oceanio canal across th Amer
ican Isthmus will change the geographical
relations between the Atlantic and Pacific
coasts of the United States and between
the United State and the rest of the world.
It will be tht great ocean throughfare be
tween our Atlautio and Pacific shores, and
virtually part of th ooast line of the
United States. Our mearly commercial
interest in it Is greater than that of all oth
er countries, while It relation to our pow
er and prosperily as a Nation, to our means
of defense, our unity, peace, and safety,
re matter of paramount consideration to
th people of the United State. No other
great power would, under similar circum
stances, fail to assert the rightful control
ovor a work so closely and vitally affecting
lta Interest and welfare. Without urg
ing further grounds of my opinion, I re
peat, in conclusion, that it i the right and
dutv of the United States to assert and
maintain such supervision and authority
ovor any inter-oceanio canal across the
isthmus that connects North and South
America a will protect our National Inter
ests, This I am quit aura, will be found
not only compatible, but prove of the wid
est and moat permanent advantage to com
and civilization. 1
Instinct. The humanities and charities
of our time are a redeeming feature ot
our christian philanthropy. Before the
present remarkable out-burst of generous
sympathy for Ireland, there were English
heart that bad been touched with pity for
th distreue of tha colored exodus re
fugee of the west. Among other contri
butions sent across the water, for the al
leviation of those distresses, wen consider
able quantities of clothing, upon which
there proved to be a duty payable. This
waa an Impediment that bad not been an
ticipated, and the olothing await the
action of Congress for admission duty free,
to put It on Its journey and make it availa
ble for relieving the sufferings and ex
posures of those poor creatures In their
new western home. A few days ago a
bill passed the House providing for their
admission free of duty. Soma four days
later Senator Morrill asked for the consid
eration of tha same bill In th senate,
when a trio of Democratic, Senators Voor
be of Indiana, Tburman and Pendleton
ot Ohio, an th gentlemenr aised their
chivalrous voices in objeotion I Is it not a
little singular, that in any matter affect
Iiijj th welfare ot the colored people of
the country, there heeomes a chance tor an
inhuman, dastardly stroke of wanton
meannea, Democratic Instinct seldom tails
to avail itself of the opportunity to turn it
to sum political advantage. The fear
that Ihese poor freezing and starving
creatures might make Republican voter
steels the hearts ot ,rv and reverend
Senators to every consideration ot human
ity against them I
Catholicism. Joseph Cook, in bu last
lecture, give this piece of information,
concerning Roman Catholic, policy, power,
and prnspeot. It I oredited to Saddler's
Catholic Directory fur I860.'' "Thre are
now lu tlia V. S. 5.8H9 priests, 14 Catholic
seminaries, QS3 cuHrgea, atnj academies,
1,1HU, "ecclesiastical students, 1,848' paro
ohial, axole, omaiiilng 403,284 pupils.
The 'pMoe! of.' Baltimore) ha1 64' pafoV
chlal schools, with 15, (XX) pupils; that ot
Cincinnati, 110, with 25.000 pupils; that
of St. Ionia, lOfl, with 17,000 pupils; tlmt
of New York, 83, with 33,000 pupils. The
estimated Catholic population of the U.
S., is 6,143,222.
The Lingering-
Committees—Penitentiary Bill.
It must be admitted that those who ex
pected a stiort and business like session of
the present Legislature, have begun U
think of lute that they will be disappoint
ed, and unless care is exercised the tenaci
ty of the Assembly In drawing out a long
term will have a decidedly bad effect.
Some say that so many bills of Importance
have occupied the attention of the mem
bers while others say "the slow and sure
way is the best." A gentleman with
whom I was talking yesterday on the
probabilities of an early adjournment, said,
"You see there's aomany new hands at the
machine that it takes some time for them
to get acquainted and get down to solid
work." This is true partially, but surely
time enough has elapsed for the most un
sophisticated "Hun. to have learned all
the "hooks and crooks" of Slate Legisla
tion. Much time has been spent in junk
eting around at the various State itiBlilu
tiont, where the committees (?) spend sev
eral days at a time living off the State.
Only last Friday evening I happened to
boardalrain on the Columbus & Toledo
rood, and there I found Gen. Frederick
lilenkner in charge of two car loads of
"legislative junketers" bound for Toledo,
where they said ihey were going to visit
the State Fishery Hatching, hut judging
from several telegrams sent from upper
Sandusky to parties in Toledo, bySenators
Oltagan, ot Sandusky, and Howard, of
lolerio, it looks as thotign mere was a big
sizt'd job on hand which was of interest
enough to parties In "Frogtown" for them
to pay hacK lure ami Hotel bills lor the
parly. It was a decidedly Democratic
delegation. One member, who appeared
tired and sleepy, doubtless from overwork
in the House, had doubled himself np in
thelseat and was snoring off about 40 knots
an hour. Gen. Blekner, who always has
charge of the commissary department on
such trips, applied a restorative to the
sleeping beauty, in the shaie of a pint
bottle, and the rnpidily with which the
member awoke from his slumbers was re
markable. The train with this load of
dead-heods became very unsteady in Its
motion, in-so-much so that up thiwide of
Carey, the engine struck a couple oi horses
and it was an amusing sight to see the
solons trying to "get up a bill," or make a
motion whereby the horses might be re
leased from the cattle-pit in which they
were fastened, without a little work. An
"Armstrong" bill, however, was required
and by the aid of some rails and a few
"heave Ohs!" the frightened animals were
extricated and tho train moved on. The
conductor romarked to a passenger after
the delegation had left the train that "he
had 60 dead heads, but in the morning
there would bo 60 'swelled' heads. Most
of this delegation remained there until
yesterday, and still they can'l get through
I tie work in time to adjourn by a 90 days'
Business, It was asserted some days
since that Gen. Butler would conduct a
case against the Standard Oil Company, the
object of which was to secure the cogniz
ance of Congress over the many complaints
laid at the door ot the company by rivals
and small producers. Mr. Butler made his
appearance before the Committee on Com
merce In the House on the 27th, asking tor
an imestigution. His allegations were as
That tli is corporation is in a measure con
spiring against me several communities
wherein it docs business, and was therofore
amenable to the laws. It had become so
rich and powerful and was so unscrupulous
that it practically had its own way in
everything it attempted to do. It owned
the courts and corrupted the Legislatures
of the three first States in the Union, in
ordor to work the financial ruin of all its
rivals. Men who were engaged In an lion,
estoalling weredrawn from it by the Stand
aril monopoly to suoh an extent that it was
but fair lo declare it to be a public evil
which could only be cured by Congress.
Numerous attempts had been made in the
various States to control the company lu
the interest of the general publio, but all
had failed. The Standard's business was
plainly under the jurisdiction of Congress,
as it bought oil in one State, manufactured
it tn another, ana sold it in a third, onora
tions that Congress had power over under
the clause in the Constitution which gives
it ability to regulate commerce but ween the
When General Butler had finished, Amos
Townsond, the Cleveland member of the
oommittee, stated that the Standard Oil
Company was a constituent of his and he
asked if the oomimttee would near an aruu
ment from the Standard Company before
it decided whether it had any right to In
terfere in Ibe affairs of tha concern. Thia
waa granted. Mr. Townsend denied most
of the statement of llutler. and savs to
night thut the committee will decide to
grant the investigation asked for by llutler.
says hud a little ex
perience in the treatment upon which he
discoursetii, says itie more we do for
some, the more wa may without thanks.
and sometimes, perhaps, with ill-nature,
lor tne pains, ins nest trlend may be
easily killed, and that, too, without orim
inality, by following this recipe. I do not
mean killed dead, but dead as far as vou
aro concerned. Let him get into your debt
and then altera long time ask him to pay.
This may make him a little irritable, but
be will probably recover from that. Should
thia lie the case, take his note and give him
all tha time he wants. Help him in every
way In you power, and when tho note
becomes due give him still more time
if h wants it. Let the note run for one
or more years, and then ask him to pay,
and 1 warrant you will fetch him, and make
of him most likely an enemy that will
not soon forget vou. Is it not si range that
acts of favor and kindness when followed
by all effort to collect an obligation will
our all the milk of human
Taking the Census.
Only in rare cases will the limit of a
population of 4,(KK) bo accepted us terri
tory for one enumerator.
In general, each town and township
will make one district. If the eatimalcd
population of Uie town be seven or eight
huudrad it will be constituted a district.
Enumerator must be residents in all
cases The work must be done in June.
In cities of over 10,000 inhabitant it
uuist be done in two weeks, -
There will ba no political preference
and no violent partisans employed.
Enumerators will , be chosen from
among active, smart, sound applicants.
Old or broken men will not be subjected
to that which would be an act of cruelty
to them by appointing litem to an olllce
they coulct not -well till, i '
Appointee inimt lie accurate tn 'fbrtrri
good writers, and they must be of" good
The aueriiilendeut aay that women
may servo in place.
Tlioae who accept emunerutorhlps con
not back out alter they are .w orn. ,
. A poMUnaaieiv a minor, jtwtlre of the
uoui'o, cusublv uoanty.onlcer la lui lt-
gible. ' . :', I,,.
Persona who apply must state their res
idence, their ago, etc., and should not ask
silly .or vol uuuuutia question wfauut.rjiak
lug application.
America imported from Kurope laat
year 20,612.311(1 gallons of wine. An in
crease over the importationof 1878of near-
l!S,000,0OO gallons.
Thirty-eight silver mining companies
have been organized In Maine, and an1 sink
ing shafts in Oxford, Androscoggin, and
Penobscot counties.
A report has it tlmt Prince ilismiirk of
Prussia, has been compelled, on account
of gathering years and Infirmities lo rctlro
rom his high position in the government.
The gas wells of East Liverpool, Ohio, it
is said, furnish a continual supply of light
and heat to the town, and asthe gas costs
nothing the street lamps art never extin
guished. It is used almost exclusively for
fuel, being conducted to the grates and
stoves by pipes. For twenty years this has
been going on, and Ihere are no indicat
ions that the supply is giving out.
The St. Gothard tunnel, but lately fin
ished, is on account of itslength the great
est work of Ibe kind extant. Wo notice
It In connection with the other two that
follow it next in order, us the greatest tri
umph of engineering skill, that has at
tracted the attention of the world. They
are as follows;
Building. Cost.
7 y'r $ 9,700,000
IS ' 15,000,0(10
11 " 13,000,(KX)
Ml. St. Gothard, 9'
Mt. tennis, 8
Hoosnc Tunnel 4
Among the Ronconuns, a tribe of In
dians in French Guiuua, lutely visited by
Dr. Crevaux, an eminent savant, it Is cus
tomary for a woman, after confinement, to
continue her ordinary household work.
while the husband enjeyes a season of com,
plete rest. Dr. Crevaux yisited the King
of the tribe, whose wife had just presented
him with a boy, and louud the happy mon
arch reclining in his hammock, which he
intended to occupy for a whole month,
otherwise the health and happiness of the
new born child might be jeopardized.
Wabneb Orandai.i.. In Mi dlson. March s.bjr
nev. w. ti. iigPKUii, oi ueneva, Mr. H u. wi.r
ner of Quusva, t Miss M. Maria UrsDdall of
Spabks Cnnris. -In Klnysvllle. Feb. lflth, st
in) residence or trie rtrlce s mother, ry ICev. J.
H. Dudley. Mr. M. C. ttparks of Kraukllu, Pa.,
to Miss (Jirrte Curilt.
Puck TtNKBB. In this village, at the bouse or
Mr. F'ank Qretfory, on Wednesday morning
last, by the Key Mr. Hickok. Mr. Frank Peck,
to Miss Addln Tinker, daughter ofA. It. Tinker.
Bit., all of Ktngsvllle. After the ceremony the
parly took the A. as P. train for some central
portion of ths Atate.
Atkini. In Antitribula. March 6, ft sou to Mr.
and Un, . Atklim.
Calbin. In Bam Hock port, O., March 7th, Mrs.
Uaiilkina, formerly of Ashtabula, axed jar.
Hrnii. In Denmark, March 7, 1H8U, of coniump
tton, Lillie, wife of Joel Hyde, aged 80 yeara.
Bun.RR. In Klchmnnn, March f), 188)), Ncrmao
Hutler. agvd t0 years and 4 month a.
WiLLAiiD, In Ashtabula, March fith, or di peanut
of the heart and Kidney, Oeorjfe Willard,
aged tf7 years, fl month and 97 day.
pRAKian In Harpertflelil, onltheJHh of Feb., Mri.
Fetlnia Frazler. aged BG year), of typhoid fe
ver. Hit bard In Rock Creek Feb.. 0th. Edith Ulb-
bard, of dlpthorla, Hgt 11 yean.
Mrs. Rehecca StmnnR, wife of the late John
Si moot of Kicliraond, dupanud tbta life. Hah hath
evunliiK, March 7ib. Hlie was. a fattbfnl and de
voted member of the M. K. Church lor over 45
yeara, nd hs been a patient tmifferer, bearing
her trial wfth gentle renkgnatlon and pained
away in the triumphs of a living faith, aged 6
A Mothrr'aJrl.-r.
The pride of u Mother, the life and joy of a
home, are her children, hence her grief when
Rlt;kiteafl enters and takes them away. Take
warning then, thai you are running a terri
ble rlak. If they have a Cough, Croup, or
Whooping Congh, which load to Consump
tion, if you do not attend to It at onoe. HHI
LOH'a CONSUMPTION CI J lift is guaranteed
to cure them. Price 10ctn 60 eta., and $1.00.
For lame Hack, Hide or Cheat, use Hhiloh'i
PorotiH planter. Price B5 eta. Sold by Bwift
and Thurber A Co.
Not bo Bad.
The agony of Neuralgia, Toothache, Head
ache, or any pain whatsoever can be relieved
InRlantaiieouHly by uolng Dr. Kenner'e Gold
en Hellof. It also readily euros Kheuumtlam,
Ituckachft, Kidney dlHcnae, Colic, lJlarrhwa,
Dysentery, Burns, UruUes, eta Try a sam
ple bottle at toe.
Parties contemplating a trip to Kanaaa or
any point lu the weat, bofore buying tickets
will do well to chI I on W. bJ. Heevea, Central
News KoomAahtabula, O. lihVUH
vellous Cure forCatarrh, Diphtheria, Canker
mouth, and Head Ache. With each bottle
there Is an Ingenious uivaal Injector for the
moresueceHHful treatment of the ComplalntH,
without extra charge. Price SO Ota. Hold by
O.K. Hwta, lyfja
niD'i Nobleati Work.
This la an ag of great works and wonder
ful Inventions. Hteain, electricity, water,
air, all are made to sorve man, but uuqueu
Uuuably the greatent Inventions are those
which preserve man'a health and prolong
his life, und among the gr cutout of these la Dr.
Ktng'a New Discovery for consumption, lta
elteota are truly wonderful and hundred are
nappy to-day, who once looked forward to
an carlv grave. For Coughs, Colds, liron
chltls Asthma, loss of voice. Hay Fever,
Hoarsened, Croup, or any a .lection whatever
of the Throat, Cheat or Lungs, Dr. King's
New Discovery will poaltlvely cure. We can
cheerfully recommend It to all. and can un
noHluitlngly say Itlsihe only sure cure for
Throat and Lung Affection. Trial bottles
ten cents; regular slse 91, For sale by iiee
4 Rogers, Ashtabula.
Bncklen! A rules Salve.
The best salve In the world for Cuts Bruis
es, Hotea, Ulcers, Halt Uheum, Fever Bores,
Tetter, ( happed Hands, Chilblains. Corns,
and all kind oTHkln Kruptlona. This naive
Is guaranteed to give ported satisfaction In
wvcry cuue or money refunded. Price ii5 eta.
per box. For sale by Oeu A Unit-era. ftti-07
DIED. Cheap Advertising.
NOTICK-.il dvrrtisements of " Wanted," "fibr
&det" "I,ot,u "bund," ele., not ezotediny lv
line, wilt b inserted in this ooiuinn, under ap
propriate heailt for on week or so cent. Such
additional line will 6 charged S cents.
HOITMK AND BARN on Matlon at.
A very dealrable place. FoHD A DUOH.
learu the Carriage lilauktmilih trade.
Ann tabu I n, March 10. mt.
Farm In Anhtuhula county. A Farm of one
hundred and thirty acros In Boone County'
Ki-ntucky nine tulles from Cincinnati, much
of tills farm U well aut IngraMa, Winter sta
bling for Forty head of Horses, which are
had at Cincinnati or Covlng-,on, at about
TKN DOLLA11H a month a head, stalls for
Fifteen Cows, brick smoke houne. Ice house,
barns, varrlane houne. dwelling a two story
hewed log with twostory frame kitchen at
tached, two orchards of well selected fruit,
a half mtln training track fenced, this farm
Is well fenced, much of tt with Lncut posts
and pine boards. If exchungtxi dliierunce In
value will be paid ot received on liberal
time. Addrenf,' ur call upon,
P. W. tti'KADKK. 8r. Ashtabula, O.
This farm la well wuttered, for summer
patttura it la not excelled, A It la well known.
FREE GIFT! who auirtwr with
HU r TIATlNri, pHAt.VeM, NffCI
K,H V, (ieuerMl III Hnihh, wintlng
Drt'tr. Irlnarr HUeaaea. t. ulna I Ills
i, Dyeil, .Kit., .Kic., to whom
wilt he sent my ua Medical ttlr-ctrlclty, and
Klectra Ualvsulc hYJu, world reuuuiMd for Ihmr
ucxwds III avlng miiiy vnIiindIo Hvuh. by CUK
i(r ( HKONI(i IMaKA KKS. Head
Byaipiuius and stump tor IUgnot to So-ltttJl
lt4 WiFsartk St., CluvtuuaUO.
Million of Mothers express their de
light oeer Cuinrla. It 1. nature's remedy
for assimilating tha food. Unlike Cas
tor Oil, U la ploaeant to take, and
tmllka Morphine Brrupe, it is harmlest.
Castnrla resrulatoa the Bowela, destroy
Worms, Cnrea
Sour Curd ud W'nd Co,ic-
and allays Fererlahnese. What (Wes
health to the Child, promote rest for
the Mother. Children Cry for Pitoh
er'a Caatoria. It is th noit reliable,
etTeotiYe and popular artiol dispensed br
Binoe Healing remedies have been used by
hat there been known each absolute Pain"
relieving ateots as the
Centaur Iiniments.
They eoothe, Ileal, and enrs. They
HKAL Cuts, Wounds. Gal If, Old-Sores, Broken-breasts
and Bore Kip pies ;
CURE-Pain in the Back, Rheumatism, Scia
tica, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Ear-A oh e,
Tetter, Pimples, Itch. Salt Rheum, and
all Flash, Bone and Mtuole ailments of
Animals :
erBDrK Inflammation and Swellings;
KELIKTE Boils, Felonj.Uleere, Bore Throat,
Bronchitis, Croup and Quinsy;
EXTRACT pain from Burns, Scalds, Stings,
Frost-bites, Sprains and Bruises.
The experience of eentnriea haa made the
Liniments, the most speedy and effeetlre
curative agents for
the world has erer known. The Centaur
hare relieved more bed-riddton Crip
plea i healed more frightful wounds,
and saved more valuable animals than
all other liniments, ointments, oils, extracts,
plasters and so-called "pain killers M and
"skin cures" combined,
Physicians and Veterinary Surgeons en
dorve the Contanr Liniments t millions
of men, women and children in all oountries
nne them, and Housekeepers, Farmers,
Planters, TraTelers, Llrerymen, Teamsters
and Stock-growers, are their p.itrons. They
are clean, they stu handy, tbey are cheap,
and they are reliable. There is no ache,
pain, or swelling which they will not alle
riate, subdue, or cure. Sold throughout
for 50 ete. and tl.00 a bottle. Trial
bottles, 25 cts.
Wei Be Meyer's Treatise on Ca
tarrh, ex plains the following important facte :
1. That Catarrhal Colds beoome a
poisonous infection, at flrtt local, and
flniilly constitutional.
2. That, being Constitutional, the infeetlon
U beyond the reach of mere local
3. That impurities In the nostrils, are
necensarily swallowed Into the stomach
nd inhaled into the lunge, thus poiaon
lng the Difcstive, Respiratory and Genlto
uiinary organs.
I. That Catarrhal virus follows the
mucous membrane and causes Deafness,
Dyspepsia, Chronic Diarrhoea, Bronchitis,
Leucorrhcea, and Consumption.
ft. That Smokes, Douches, Inhalations,
and Insoluble Snuffs, cannot poesibly
remore Infeotions inflammation from the or
gans named.
6. That an antidote for Catarrh must
possess an inoculative affinity for, and the
quality of being absorbed by, the purulent
mueous wherever located.
Based upon these plain theories,
Br. Wei Be Meyer' e Catarrh Cure)
has prored to be infallible. It not only re
lieves, it cures Catarrh at any stage.
Home testimony t
Cured I Cured I Cured I Cured I
W. D. Woods, iffT Broadway, N. T., Cored of
Chronic Catarrh,
r. J. II AtLnT, Hot) Broadway, N.T-.-ly'rs Catarrh.
G. L. Brush, 44 Broadway, N.Y., 10 y'rs Catarrh.
8. Bbnbdiot, Jr., Jeweler, 097 Broadway, N. Y.,
(lady friend t, cured of Chronic ilay Fever,
ktits. Kmma. C. Uowm, 89 W. Washington
Sqintie, N. Y., cured of 80 years Chronic
Hit. Geo. A. Bem, IAS Jay ft., Brooklyn. 11 It
restored mo toniy ministerial labors."
Riv. ('ha. J. Jonss, Nuw Brighton, B. I.
' Worth tun times the cost,"
Rav. Alkx. Fins, Cairo, N.Y. "It has worked
wondurs In six cases in my parish."
L. F. New ah, 800 Fulton St., Brooklyn, cured
of 4 years Chronic Catarrh.
Has. J. Swabtr. Ja., 000 Warren St., Jersey
City, cured of lb years Chronic Catarrh.
Ac. Ac. Ac Ac. Ac.
A real cure for this terrible malady, Is
the most important disooTery for the relief of
human autToriitg. since vaooination. Wei
Be Meyer's Catarrh Cure is eold by ail
Druggists, or delivered by D. B. Dewey
A Co., 46 Day St, N. Y. for $1.60 a package.
To Cluhs, six paokagee for "1.50. Dr.
Wei Be Meyer's Treatise, with full
ei planations and overwhelming proofs, li
Post-paid and sent free to anybody
S 1 'Aft 2' I ew of th6 Urinary Organ n
TV IrT f "0Dreaui, or betray iwppee
f a 1 -'l"tce In any mannar. (tteut-
' "-aeSef mAIlt ItwafV flsAA kv al 1
vruKifiiia, orans ny mall on receipt or prk-a.
Send for pamphlet. Free. 81'ANihU MsUUClNifi
CO., Box 1B7, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Beat I Ever Knew of.
J. Q. HTAKKRY, a prominent and influen
tial Cltlsen, ot Iowa city, aays "I have had
too inspepMia. aim iiver i.uiitpiaint for aev
I years, and have uted every Ke.me.dy I
Id hear ot. without anv relief whatever.
uiiLii i w your nuiion a viianser aaver us
ed In our paper, and was permmdi d W try it.
I am happy to st-aie that It has entirely Cur-
iru un. it ia ueiwiiu mo tHiHl item en y
ever knew of," 1'rlce 75 cents, bold by
V W -MMnMa T. LOt Mm, MO.
' I r M "uWt Hh SparmttofrUt. l g 1
L j I lup-M. ra.Uf (nM (bau.U) T.I.H1J-, V
nKl'OUT of tho cniiilif inn
of the
tnhiilii. Ill the Httitc nt Ohio, nl tln
biiNlm'RH (in the .Mtlwliiy of February,
Lnnna ami iIIncouiiIn I
I'. N. KiiimIm to m-ruro ! reii hit loll . . .
I' M. HutiiW to ai'cure Ii'imMh
Dm1 from iipprovt-tl rraorve tuirnt. .
line from oi Iht Nut h inn) Hunks
Muitkliiu lioiiHii
Other mil t'ulnto .
Furniture ninl Flsturna
Current Kxpennominil Tmjh paid..
I 'lM'-kn ami other ruth Item
rrw'-tloiml raper-Cummey, Nlckles
ami t'enta
Bpi'i'le koI1 eoln
" silver coin
tender noti'H
Knlmnptlon Fund with U. H. T r ens
tiro r (not more than 6 per cent,
on clreiihitlon
Due from II, H. TreHHUrrr (other
than H per vent Redemption Fund)
nt Ah-
Mom. f
70. (Ki K7
TH.'MNt (Ml
ft.Mf 01
lo, ita o:
4,0H) INI
4,.'KI0 00
ti-JO 17
(lift Ul
m 24
4.1 1 10
401 78
8,700 00
3,4(2 00
flOl 87
.....1N0, 81 00
Capital Rtork paid In.... Vo.0O0 00
Hurplus Fund 10.3W 10
Other Undivided Profits . 6,400 H8
ClrrulntliiK Notes ree'd
from Comptroller 68 R40 00
PIvldendH unpaid 10
Individual UepoHlU SUb-
Jeet to cheek W.MtW 22
Due other National Banks '2,Wl OS
Total il80,4 00
I. J. Hi:m. Br.YTii, Canhler of the Ashtabula
National Hank, do solemnly swenr that the
above statement In true to the best of my
kuowlodKe and belief.
J. HUM. HIA'TH. Cashier.
Ktnte of Ohio, County of Awhtnbula.
Bworn to ami subscribed before ine this tnh
day of Mareh, Ihko.
THKUDOKK HALL, Notary Public,
Correct Atteat :
J I. cnOHBY. "I
M. O. DICK. J. Directors.
No. 116 Superior 8t CLKVKLANI), O., has now
la store an IMMENSE STOCK of
The additon of over 8000 feet of extra floor
was rendered necessary by Increased bus
Iness. and the whole store Is
MENTS, and Muimructurer of
Will also nil nil orders for Murhl
Granite or HmUntone work.
Office on Center street. lMD-tf
- Work dont in the Sett Manner.-Wl
XAAS on hand a good assortmeut ol
Harness or various Kiuas. llesvr and LuDt.siD
Kle and Double, of the betit workmsnahlu and ma
tertsl. lie Is prepared to all all orders far work
oranj description in nis line.
He has lust laid In a large bdddIv of larre and
meuium sisea i raveunfr i rnnits. rney are or va
rious au&lltteB and values, and afforded at favor
able prices. The sort ment Is altoirether the
largest of any In the region. The traveling public
re invuea 10 inoK over tnis biock, as tnoy can
ruij iu ,u uuu HiuinuiiuK khubit mira.
Ashubuia.Heot. v. Ik: 9 lORotf
PKHsnd M1LLINEKY. h, Lro. CoDoeaut, O.
Carriage Shops
AHhtabulii, O.,
Are Justly celebrated for turning out the best
and most elegant styles of work In any or al
varieties of thejtrade. The fimmt and moat
TABTirt Lof HARNESS KB are also got
ten np at this establishment.
WAGONS and SLEIUU8 in their sea
eon. Agent for the celebrated
278 Main St., Ashtabula, 0.
Yon will alwsjs Ond a full snppl; of choice famlljr
Groceries & Provisions
Which will be sold, fur Cash as low as at an;
place In the County. Cell and examine my Good,
snd Prices berate purchasing elsewhere. My
Su ok consists la part of
Sugars, Teas, Coffees Soices,
vanned a-runs, xreBu
Fruits, &o.
Cornmeal, Oatmeal,
Provender, Bran, Oats & Corn
aad various other articles too numerous to
Also Avenl for the eelerbsled
Buffalo Cream Ales 4; Portor.
At his old stand, corner nt slain and Centre 8
A I m I N iHTItATOirs HA M5
IN pursiiHiice nl mi onler of the l'robnto
Coin t of AnhlabulH coiuity. Ohio, I will
r rnr Kiile nt iMiblh- niirtiitu mi Nnl mmIh v .
the Si I day of April. ssn. between the hours
f one and I wo c.-'eiork In the afternoon, up
n the premltien. (be fnllowliiif denerllied
real entitle, (tree of dower i Minute In Hie vll
iMkte of AKlitaimla. enutitv of Anbla'bula nl d
State of ihlo, to-wit :
Iteulnnlmr at 1 he renter nf Went Ht nl lf
Junetlon with I'rohpeet. Mt.; thenee niniiliiK
nonn iztinr, went five rhnlns and nrtv llnka;
Ibeneonorlh tA d.-u. eawt ebtiliiN and 7i '
link- : thenreaouth ItfV; il e . ennt. n ebuln
it lid :W links ; thenee kouI h fwt dey; , went 8
chains and fin links to the pi nee of heKlnulutf,
conialnliiK one and on-loo aeres or land, more
or lews, aubjeet to all leal hhthways thereon.
Appral-ed at et.iVN). Terms of sale: One
third In hand, one third In one year, and
one-third in two yean, from thenar of sale;
the deterred payments to benr lnterent from
the dny of sale, secured by mortiraKe upon
the premlsen told. IIKMtY FAS.KTT,
AmniniMriiLor oi .loiin A. I'reutlee, dte-as u.
Awmnimia, FeUyji3d, IKHO. 1574-7H
AdiiiinlHtrator'H Halo
N purstianeeof an order of the l'rnhnte
I. Court of AHhtabiilH Countv. Ohio. I will
oiler for nale at public auction on Mondny,
Apru i.in, iknu, ueiween uie nours oi oneund
three oVIock p. m. of said day, the follow
liiK lserlbed real estate (free of dower), sit
uate in the tow null In of Ashtabula. In the
ccainty of AshtHbula, and .state of Oli'o, and
being a prt if orlelunl lot No. 17 In the said
township of Ashtabula, and hounded norih
and went by the rluht of way ot the Anbta-
noia ano I'M isnuruii ttnilwny company ;
cant by a tract ot nine neres of land be Ion g
lnc U Moses Taylor, und south by the South
Hi date road, containing nine ami HH-lim acres
of land. Appraised at 11.70 . Them la a two
story dwelling house, a good barn, and or-
conrti, on me premise.
Terms of safe: One-third In hand, one
third In one year, and one-third tn two years
from the day ol ante ; the deferred payments
to bear Interest from the day of sale, und
secured by mortgage.
Administrator of the estate of Josenh L.
Htow, deceased. 75-78
Ashtabula, March Hd, IHHo.
RherltTa Hpeclal Ulsialer rommlsslon-
er -Male ol Lands and Teiiriueuia
Afhtabula Common Pteae, Sept. Tttrm, 187
Hohacb Watson j
against Order of Snle.
Johnson uili.ett, et ai.
BY virtue of nn order of snle, duly tunned
from snld Court In the ahovecuse to me
directed, I will otter for snle by wny of pub
lic fluetlon ill the door of the Court House,
in the village of Jetlerxon, AHlitHlmlM ('on il
ly, Ohio, on Moiuluy the fifth day of April,
A. D. 1HX0, between the hours of 10 A. M. nnd
12 M. of said day, tlie following described
lundsand teuements, to-wlt:
Hltunte In the township of Sheffield, coun
ty of AHhtabula and Htnte of Ohio, und de
scribed as follows; In lot lot No. 28 contain
ing T. Vt acres of hind, 2 acres In lot No. 29,
and -Hi acres In lot No. ttn. anil hounded north
and east by the center c f the highway ex
cepting nbmit one and one half tPi,) acre,
on Ihecaxtowiicd by H, A. Norton : 'south by
lot line. an went hy'lands ol I,. V, Huker,
lernis, eaon. Appruinen at ynm un.
R. W. Cai.vin, A. W. Ktilkh, HherltT,
ii in h Attorneys, ah pectal miiHter com,
HlierlH s Offlce. Jefterson, IMareh 8.1KH0.
IJlTitSUANT to an order of tho Court of
Common Pieas, In anil for the county of
AKhtahula, and Htate of Ohio, In an action
wtierein re tor v. uoou in pialntitr, and Wil
son T, Randall Ik defendant. I will sell to
the highest bidder, nt my ofMreln Ashtabula,
on Monday the aid day of March, A. D 1KK0.
between tne hours of 10 o'clock a. m., nnd )2
o chick in,, nn nncouecipu iioicm, ciailtin, ac
counts and ili'MiiunU, In my IihihIn na recelv-
oi inc laic nrin oi tioou Kamiull.
Dated MurchiMh. Ik-sO.
JlENltY FA8HKTT, as ReeeWtem
of Good i itaudall.
HALL BUOS., Solicitors.
AtlmiiilstriUrix Notice,
NOTICKU hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed and
qualified as Administratrix on the estate of
uamei i.ecKwitn, oeceiiRed, late of Ashtabu
la, ANhtubula County, Ohio.
Ct- lu Al A It I L.. WKOKWITM.
AdmiuiHtrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed and
uualttiedas Administrator on the estate of
John Marr, deceaned, late of Shcflleld, Ash-
utt'Uiaiouiiiy, wiiiu, rnr.rijiAPi u. AlAntf,,
Sheffield, O., Feb y IA, mtn. 78-75
Dredging Ship Channel at Aebtvbalm
Ashtabula Village. March 4th, '80 (
CJEALED proposals will be received at the
kj uttlceof the Village Clork, until 12 o'clock
M April 7th, 1880, for dredging not less than
lO.tktO, and not more than 60,000 cubic yards
of earth, at the option of the Council, on the
east s Ide of said tdilp channel at Ashtabula
Harbor, beginning at a point opposite the
south end of the government pier, and ex
tending up the east side of the channel ao
accordlng to plans and specifications on
file In the office of said olerk. All material
excavated to be removed at least of a mile
outride of, and eaLwardty from the mouth
of the Harbor.
The work to be paid for per cubic yard as
per estimates of engineer In charge.
Plans and specifications may be seen and
all necessary blanks and Information ob
tained at the office of said Clerk. ,
Bach proposal must contain the full name
of the party or parties making the same,
and al) porsons Interested therein, and must
be accompanied by a bond of r00 with good
and sufficient surety that if the same is
accepted a contract will he entered Into.
The village reserves the right to accept
any or reject all hid.
By order of the Council.
Attkht: H. Tj. MORRISON,
JAMES REED. Ja Clerk. Mayor.
Ashtabula Village. March 4, '60 f
NOTICE Is hereby given that on the 10th
day of April, 1880, between the hours
oftf o'clock a. m., and 8 o'clock p. in., and
from day to day thereafter between the
same honrs and at the same place, (until all
bonds hereafter named are sold) at my of
fice at the Ashtabula Loan Association Bank.
I will otter for sale, and sell to the highest
and best bidders, (provided no bid shall be
received less than the face value of aald
Twenty Bonds of said village known as
"Harbor Improvement Bonds" of the de
nomination of $100 each, bearing Interest at
the rate of six per cent per annum and fall
ing due 8ept. 1st, 1880. A. A. BOUTH WICK,
74-78 Treasurer.
AHhtabula & PtttHburgk Hall
way Company.
THE Annua) Meeting of the Stockholders
of the AHhtabula A Pittsburgh Railway
Company, will be held at the olllce of the
Company In the village of Ashtabula. Ohio,
on Tuesday, April (1th, 1K80. at i:'.Mi o'clock, p.
m., for the purpose of holding an election
for Directors to serve for the ensuing year,
and Ui transact such other business as may
properly come before the meeting.
1674-7K FRANK HKMl'LE, tiecrutury.
Ashtabula. O,, March 4. Ihwo.
Special Notice to Dairymen.
agent to pick up deucon uklntt, but
this year we hereby extend notice to the
dairymen, that thone who bring their dairy
skins to us at the tannery will receive the
hlghestcash price and in addition the usual
oommUrjion paid agents. As we prefer to
deal directly with the dalrvmen.
1676-811 A. O. WILCOX A SON,
Hock Creek, O.
Investment Emigration
CONTEMPLATING a removal 1 , Fargo, the
undersigned will die pose or s i imiwr of ell
giols lots lu the center of tminess s the Harbor
same block with Cheney 8 lore hlcb msy be
hsfl st bargains. Anv one wishing t go to Far-
f o in the spring the bust wheat ra Islng dUtrict
it the wetu may nut uclaJ mles-sav lift, to
Duluth aud J16 to Fargo Irom Olevclaiid. De
sci I pt ion of the country nirnUhrd on auphcatlon-
uatuor, ru. s, ittfju. 7b JUJLU 1j. ItlUtt.
rKut JliO fc. tvnd full (WafrlpUoai, ptkJ fcrid dlmllom JJf
M,U. lllubU U fr 8r.afUrlt, AMnZr
c.i.fi;jiiixfcoo, wgji
() O li if. I J f

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