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J A MRS It KID ft BON, l'rop'ra.
AMITAII11,a; t t OHIO.
f A ror.x dtiiitilln.il (imilll.r to tnn.t of onr
rcii,l, i, bt w.n worthy of r-mlilli.utl,m
auU pitiimi-vallon.
f wa Mnow tha wna null fcrartarhe
U altlna; for tia itnwn thn mud,
if mir llm cmiltt raatu ttio worinwnml.
If our inu'kM i-mild r-nl Itin loud
W onlil we wu.ln Hi dny In wUhlng
.r a 11m tlitit nn'errtin lw?
Would wait with aimli Impallxnc
f or our ahljia to oome from aoa?
If Wfl knnw the haliv flnrora,
I'mwd aualnat th wlmlirw.riflnft.
Would Im- rolil and atlff to-tnurrow
Ni-var trnnMc ua auAin
Would the hi lnh!. aya of our darling;
CiitHi the frown iimii onr hriwf
w otilii tho mint of may flowm
Vex ua then aa they do now?
Ah ! thcac nniot, Ipfrolcl flngora,
' iftw inny foiia our miniortiH bw, "
To th,. tumiy wimia and artlnna,
Htiitwn aloiifr our hurkwiird tritckl
How thaw Utile Manila remind ua,
Am In anowy Krn--e they llo,
Not to m-Htter thorna, hut roaca,
tor our reaping hy and by.
PtrnnKO wa narr-r rnlre the mnaln
81-rnmre thiil wo ahould nltitht Ihe violet
Jin lie aweet vnnvi litril la flown
t oi me toveiy nowor. nave froun;
Btrnuife that atimtnerakiea and auiuthlno
Never aeem nne-half ao fulr,
Aa when wlnter'rt anowy ninlona
Shako the whlto down In the air.
Up. from which the aeaj of allenco
None hut Unit ran roll away
Never hloiaomed In aneh lieauty
A a tidomathe mouth toluy;
And aweet worda that frehrht our memory
With their boanttliil perfuino
Come to ua with aweeter itri enta
'i hroutili tho portKla of the tomb.
lt us irathar up tha annbearas
I.yiiiK all around our pitth ;
lAt ua keep the wheat and roea,
Uubtlmt out tlie tlxirna and rhaff ;
Let ua llnd our aweeteat eomfort
In the hleslira of to-day,
W ith ttte patient hand removing
All the brier from our way.
How the Representative of His Wife Was
Elected tothe
Should yon ever happen to visit the
Department of Trois-Euileg and men
tion the name of M. Verdavin, it is safe
betting that your Interlocutor, no mat
ter wno tie may De, wul exclaim :
"Verdavin! Well of all ambitious,
intriguing men I ever mot, Verdavin
was the worst!"
However, now that the voxpopuli has
pronounced upon my old friend, permit
me to have the honor of introducing to
you the real Verdavin, that you may
compare him yitb. Verdavin the legen-
Horn of honest out not poor parents,
' Amcdee such was his name had from
his childhood up one single care, to live
quietly and cosily on the 80,000 francs a
year bequeathed him by his pa and ma.
He had a cheery little town residence,
a love of a country house; in spring he
made a little trip to l'aris, in summer
he fished, in autumn he shot, in winter
there was the club. Nothing could
have been ploasantor.
Nevertheless Amadee perceived that
something still was lacking in his life.
He wanted some one to keep his ac
counts and oversee his expenditures.
How was he to get rid of this business
which threatened his idleness and pla
cidity P He made up his mind to take a
She whom he had chosen was a young
girl of candid brow but full of resolu
tion, a faot which had guided Verdavin
in bis selection. He had said to him
self, "She will have will enough to see
after all my business affairs, and I shall
be saved any trouble in such matters."
moon as
the crown of his hat, had not yet tilled
her horn six times after their marriage
when one fine morning my lady sum
moned her husband, who hastened to
her apartments, bearing in his hand a
package of hooks to which he was at
taching new lengths of line and gut.
" What is it, my darlingP"
" Amedoe, be so good as to listen to
me. During the six months of our mar
ried life I have been studying your char
acter and scrutinizing yonr aptitudes,
for you know well that a man of your
age and position can not rust in inglori
ous idleness."
"Why, bless me, Emmie, I thought
my time was sufficiently occupied. For
instance, just ab this very moment, I
was setting off for the brook, where I
expected to get you a mesa of fish for
dinner that " , . .
" Ami-dew, be serious, I beg of you, if
you can. I have been canvassing the
whole subject thoroughly in my mind,
and have found the one pursuit "
" Hut, my dear, when I say that"
" That one pursuit in which nowadays
a man can rise to power and honor is
"Politics! 'Heaven be praised, I
never have gone In for politics, and,
Heaven helping me, madame, I never
" In three weoks there will be a bye
election in this department. I will, that
is to say, you will, come forward as a
" But, dearest, yon have not
" Yes, dear, I have thought it over in
its every aspect. Indeed, I have pre
pared your address to the eleotors."
" The deuce you have ! "
"Don't swear, Amedee; swearing of
fends the scrupulous voters. Do yon
think it is very agreeable for a woman
to spend all her lifetime shut up in this
poky old hole, absolutely unknown?
The provinces do not make reputations,
but tney elect Deputies. What would I
not give to hear people say as I passed,
'You see that pretty little woman in
brown P She's the wife of our repre
sentative.'" . .
"Emmie, you are only Jesting!"
"This, then, is the address you are to
issue to the electors," and sne read as
follows : '
FRi.LowCiTTKRm At a tm when the welt
beitiK nay, the vary extHtenee-demanda rbo
biirinonloua unlonof all patriotic, men, I feel
It my duty to dealra an opportunity of com
bating on the parliamentary Held of battle
for the regeneration of oiur beloved oonntry.
What I deaii-e what you muat all dlru-i.
Order lu .Liberty with Liberty In Order"
There were nearly three columns of
this! , .
Next morning there began for the un
happy Verdavin a life the horrors of
which it would be difficult to retrace.
Ho, the friend of repose, the enemy of
emotion! i.
For instance, one day madame said,
" Amedee, I have drawn up a list of the
leading residents of each, parish in the
constituency. We will call on the most
prominent ; you will write ' to the
others." 1
" Seventeen hundred letters--! never
oould." i -
" Yon can easily hire secretaries. In
half an hour we will set off on this in
dispensable Journey." ' )
For fifteen, -tn, th",orily man! one
seemed to meet on the roads, the steam-,
' boats, the can, was the unhappy Ver
davin, (he mnilttNta In "pile of hlmanlf.
In the pnliJticr rain, tn the broillnir aim.
prerywlmre want be. Kvexy (uomlnR
his wife draw up tan programme fur hit
dtiv's iournej; every night he had to
brins: home 61 her good and stifliolent
evidence that he hail hncn at each place
ho claimed to havo visited.
(irand outcome the bront hitU, three
mild sunstrokes, an iwiralile rheum
atism and a confirmed gastrin diaoae
contracted through drinking prosperity
to France wiib Sl electors daily,
"Fmnilo," lie at last gasped, likeono
about to faint, "I feel that my
" To-morrow," she said, relentlossly,
"you will canvas the forty-seven par
ishes on this list."
And on all sidos nothing was heard
bnt exclamations of " What an ambiti
ous chap that Vordavln 1st Whoever
saw any one like him ! "
"Amedee," she salt!, next day, "your
a1. Irons lin. ! liJ ft .
"u'onn nan mi, liKllll i;i lll WlOCiy
vnougn. 1 nave nau ltityaaj extra cop
ies struck off and distributed."
" Hut, dear, printing ooincs ruinously
expensive. This moruing only I have
paid one bill of sixteen thotis "
" You must alao manage to have your
name mentioned in connection with gen
erous deeds. I have ordered six organs
for as many churches in as many closo
parisnes. '
"S-i-x o-r-g-a-n-s! !"
" Yes, and twelve lire-endnes for vil
lages that are unprotected from the rav
ages ol the destroying element and
whore there Is a large floating vote.
Imagine how grateful the poor people
will be. . '
" but, Emmie, I can not make ducks
and drakes I mean church-organs and
pansn nre-engines 01 my fortune."
. " And do vou oount it for nothinff,
then, the glory of being a statesman P
Besides, once in politics, you are sure of
(jetting your money uacK an nunureu
fold." " What a douce of a fellow that Ver
davin is ! " said the outside world in awe
struck amazement and - admiration -,
" he'll spend every franc he has before
ne u let niraseii be beaten !"
was a
wcekt Taefore ' the- elcotion Madame
aroused at early dawn M. Verdavin,
who was still sleeping soundly, not hav
ing indeed returned trom an exhausting
journey to the back districts until 2
a. m.
" Amedee," she cried, "rouse your-
seii ; tue uonor 01 our name nas been
vilelv- thrust under foot and trodden In
the dnst, and tou must avenge it." And
she handed tue nnhappy man a news
paper in which he read tho following:
Itla nbnut time to have dono with the bra
sen llimudem-e of the ekat-?iuaii who la on.
pealiiK round onr atreeta and liiahwitva. This
Verdavin, a iellow of tlie huaer aort) aeeka
but aeeka 111 vuln to ooncotil hta rimnatroirlo.
itiMtliictH. He demand '-Llbeity." We all
know what that word uieana with 1:1m: be
hind it he pi-enarea an ambuaeade foriro-
no, iiiw iiiiiiiiv, religion. mi veruavin,
dealer In votes uud huulitorof low taverua. la
nothing more nor lens than a aoalawaa- who
liaa not even the courage of his iuc-eudiary
" But that is not all," said his wife,
and handed him. another journal in
which ho read : . "
I,et the mnak be torn off ! Our intelligent
votot-a will not let themselves be imposed up
on by a Tartutfe of the gutter. M. Verdavin,
a douhlo-ender politician and a perleet nul
lity, pretend to lu-uiy hiniHelf on the aide of
the cause of Order, it la under auch a gulae
that tlie iriende of deapotiam uauiilly do their
hellish work. This otlioua being, whom wo
will not further pollute our typo by naming,
has evidently been hired to complicate tlie
situation hy his eandidaav. Let the eiectora
rise lu their might anil sweep trout the Held,
tUU vain idiot.
Next morning Verdavin received a
sword-thrust in the left arm from the
Legitimist editor, and the day afterward
one to match in the right arm from the
Radical writer.
At lost the day of election arrived.
Verdavin had conducted his canvass
with unsparing energy : his complicated
disorders had given him a corpso-like
appearance: he had spent three-quarters
of his fortune ; he carried both of
his arms in slings.
But at night the prefect made the offi
cial declaration : .
Elected Verdavih, 38,472.; i t . t
It was a week later when he entered
the Chamber. His wife, radiant and re
joicing, was in one of the galleries. He
had chosen a seat in the center Order
in Liberty, as it were.
He arrived in the middle of a debate,
so as not to be unduly noticed.
Precisely at that instant a vote had
been taken, and as he reached the cen
ter of the Chamber he heard the Presi
dent declaring that, inasmuch as it was
literally honeycombed with fraudulent
practices, tho Assembly thereby invali
dated the election of M. Verdavin.
M. Verdavin fainted. . ....
Mine. Verdavin has brought an action
for separation and the management of
her own estate. The bill alleges that
the aforesaia Amedee Verdavin is hope
lessly possessed with the mania of po
litical ambition.
And the public say of his wifei "Poor
little woman, it is a wondet she' didn't
bring her action sooner. That confound
ed idiot must have spent three-quarters
of her fortune with hiasenselesB ideas of
ambition!" From the French of Pierre
Custer was the name of a New
foundland dog that belonged to a New
Jersey girl; "We trained him to hold
the halter in his mouth and lead the
horses away," she said. "He could
carry two eggs in his huge mouth and
never break one. He oould turn a knob
as well as any one, and on entering a
room would always turn around and put
his paw on the door to close it. I If this
failed, he would jump upon the door,
taking eare not to scratch with his nails.
If any one sat down in the house with
out dotting his hat,' -Custer would steal
stealthily up behind him and pull it off,
then dropping it on the tbarr at the side
of his chair would walk quietly away
aud lie down, as one who had per
formed a duty. We would wrap a few
pennies in a paper and send him with it
in his mouth to a stove for candy, of
which he was very fond. ' After deliver
ing it to us he would stand expectantly
by, wagging his tail and waiting for the
sweet morsel he was sure to get. He
was fond of milk, too, but would carry
it faithfully to our pet lamb, and though
he would elance lovingly into the rail
occasionally, he was never known to be
tray our trust or steal one sip oi tne
coveted beverage." i-
Prof, i Thurston, testing pieces of
the wire cable of the Fait mount suspen
sion, bridge, recently taken, down at
Phihtdelphia, after -being in use about
forty years, found the iron to be fully
equal in tenacity, elasticity, and ductil
ity to tne best wire oi the same size
found in the market. This fact and
similar results obtained by another ex
periment in 187(1 rod him to the impor
tant conclusion that iron subjected to
the ordinary strains of properly
designed bridges does not deteriorate
witli age.
Ttr.ff.rtJio) to the (jtiestlw. "wbers
shall tlioan who have so Ice keep cream
Mid btittor this warm weatherr"' a oor
respondent of the New York Trilmru
ays: "Thoso who have wells In which
the oakon bucket jet swings can sus
pend tho ran or pail therein. Wo have
a spring in the cold water of which we
submerge cans two feet lon containing
sweot milk. The cream riacs in twelve
hours and never sours therein. Our
butter Is linn, golden and of fine text
ure, whereas boiore we resorted to this
method our butler was Inferior during
the heated terms. If butter or milk is
kept In tho cellar the walls should be
whitewashed and tho Hour covered with
several inches of sand, after thorough
clearaneo of rubbish old pork barrels,
moldy boxes, etc.
Pi.Ki;it-rNRUHONfA. The first
symptoms of pleuru-pnotimonia are
ireneral dullness, hanging of the head,
running at the mouth, nose and eyes,
redness of the eyes and a slight cough.
Next tho milk shrinks suddenly, and
cough becomes deeper and hollow, tho
animal breathes rapidly and with short
jerky expirations, the breath is hot, tho
coat becomes rough, the back arched,
and the appetite fails. Tho disease
never appears spontaneously, but al
ways by infection, and tlie stage of
incubation is usually loss than thirty
days, but may extend to ninety days.
There is no cure, and the only nreven-
tion is tho immediate slaughtering of
tne sick cattle. J his Is tlie cheapest,
as a lecovered animal and recovery Is
very rare costs more to restore it than
It is worth, leaving out of consideration
the danger of infection.
A woui.imik wise correspondent ol
one oi our city contemporaries, in giv
ing advice about raisinsr milch cows.
says: " It spoils a heifer to let the calf
run with her," and he also advocates
taking the calf away from its mother
immediately and never allowing it to
suck. It is a pity that these wiscacros
couiti not uiscovcr some way of rinsing
calves without havinir cows at all. for.
according to their theories. Nature does
not understand the business she has
undertaken, and it is all wrong to al
low ineoiispring to obtain looil as tlie
Creator intended. Utidor such man
agement as they advocate, it is no won
der that wo hoar so much about cows
haying garget or caked udder, of calves
tlying with scour and other unnatural
ailments. No calf should bo taken
from its mother or weaned until it is
two week9 old, and four weeks is still
bettor for tlie health and good of both
lndther and offspring. If. Y. Sun.
Suggestions to Dairymen.
Wf, as manufacturers, want the full
and hearty co-operation of every dairy
man in endcavoiitig to get the best pos-
sioie results irora ins mule witn the
least percentage of loss. Good cows.
well fed and well watered, will produce
goou num. well wuterett means plenty
of good, healthy water, from a running
stream or good well. It is a notorious
fact that poor water or water from
stagnant pools is the cause of more
taint in milk in the summer time than
anything elso. Salt, regularly given,
adds to the quantity as well as the Qual
ity of milk. If it bo possible, let your
cows nave access to plenty of shade
during the hot days of summer, for
many a can of milk is spoiled by a single
r mil-full drawn from a cow in an over,
touted condition. Do not huri-v voui
cows. Do not allow your men to bettt
mem, nor aogs to worry them. Tliey
will give more and better milk for the
kindness bostowed on them. When
your men come to milk, insist that they
clean the bag and teats with water, if
they need it, and then dry them before
milking; and, for heaven's sake, don"t
allow thorn to drain the dirty mixture
into the pail. Look to it that every
pail, every strainer, every can, is
washed in cold water first, and then
fliost thoroughly with hot water,
drained, and allowed to got tho sun's
rays upon them, if possible, for there is
Is no purifier like good, pure air and a
bright sun. . .
Every dairy farmer should be pro
vided with a good milk house, situstcd
at a good distance from tho cow stable,
so that it may be free from the disa
greeable odors that milk is always sure
to absorb if left all night in the cow
stable. If you have not running water
in the milk-house, provide yourself with
a good wind-mill pump. As soon as
the milk is drawn, carry it at once to
the mjlk-house Have the water about
your cans changed several times, and
the milk stirred to prevent cream rais
ing, until it is cooled to about sixty de
crees for the night's milk and sixty-five
degrees for tho morning's. During all
this time be sure and leave the can
covers off, to allow the animal heat to
escape. Do not mix your morning's
and night's milk, but place them in
separate cans, even if you have only a
can altogethor. Carry" to the factory as
soon after milking as it is cooled to the
proper temperature, using, if possible,
a spring wagon, to prevent too great
ohurning of the milk on rough roads.
Always cover your oans with a blanket
to protect the milk from the sun iu
summer and from the cold in winter.
Charlet B. KUbourne.
Butter Packages.
We see frequent statements of losses
on butter iu consequence of discolora
tion ftom the package. Dairymen
should not trust to oak packages, since
a single stave from the sapwork ol
white oak will stain the butter so as to
reduce the price on the whole tub. And
then the manufacturers are so unskilled
in detecting the different kinds of oak,
that red or black oak is often sold for
white oak, and, when this is the ease,
the butter is ruined by a dirty, inky
color from the package. There is no
safety in using any wood that can give
out a black coloring matter. White
asb. although a slightly more porous
timber than white oak," never stains,
and is much safer to use. Sugar maple
is also a sweet, colorless timber for but
ter packages, and spruce has been
found to work well. But all these tim
bers should be seasoned by steam under
some pressure tvhiuh forces out tho sap
and renders tho albumen insoluble.
Thorough steaming would greatly im
prove ottk and removo what is soluble.
Tho timber, after such steaming and
drying, is not liable to swell and shrink
to the samo extent as when seasoned in
air. We are sadly in want of a com
plete butter package that shall have
none of these drawbacks. The damage
to butter from discoloration alone
amounts, probably, to a quarter million
dollars per annum. National Live
Stock Journal.
A Chicago young lady was trying on
a bonnet, when she said, "Are these
eights?" "No," said the olerk. "Have
thuy cork solesf" she asked. - "No,"
said he; " but you will wear the ribbons
and flowers on the near side." "I
knew these bonnets were rights and
lefts,"' said she.
i a a
Even-tide An artistically arranged
Tift four great coffee eonntries of the
world are Brazil. Java, Kuinatra and
Ceylon. Hitherto itV,0,f"J fms have
been considered as iwl yearly figure
for llraiil, but la-t rear the axt xirt alone
mounted to Z7:i,(SS) tons. Hut the con
sumption of coffee in the country Itself
now amounts to tSO.OHO tons, raising the
total yearly product of Hraz.il to Il.ia.fi'iO
tons. Fortunately for the p'anters In
other parts of the world, coffee has
grown into a necessity In the United
Mates, and Its price" has risen. Al
though the aail of Ifrazil, especially for
coflee culture, is very extensive, yet the
difficulty of obtaining labor daily bo
comes greater, and this renders it
doubtful whether tho above figure can
be much exceeded. The crop in .lava
and Huniatra was estimated at 94,000
tons for export; the consumption of the
inhabitants, although tho population is
double that of Huu.il, ja not half of that
of the latter oou"lry. The production
in Ceylon, though greater than that of
1H7H, shows a falling off when compared
with former years; there were in all
41, 200 tons exjiorted from the island,
the native consumption beine very
small. '
[Peoria (Ill.) Evening Review.]
Be Kind to Yourself.
pays to everybody; hat be
kind to yourself all over, and eapretally to
your ttomich, which promptly rcnenu ill
treatment. Mr. Joseph Ffi-ller, Chicago, 111.,
writes: I suffered with InJIire-Mon and Oa
tpatlon for longtime. After spending a
large amount of money for da?tora' Mlla,
without obtaining relief, I ured the Hamburg
Drops, and waa entirely cured thereby,
a m a
The Rev. Dr. Alexander relates that
there lived in Peeblesshire a half-witted
man, who was in the habit of say
ing his prayers in a field behind a turf
dyke. One day he was followed to this
spot by some wags, who seereted them
selves on the opposite side listening to
the man at his devotions, who expressed
his conviction that he was a very groat
sinner, and that even were the turf
dyke at that moment to fall upon him it
would be no more than he deserved.
No sooner had he said this than the per
sons on the opposite side pushed the
dyke over him, when, scrambling out,
he was heard to say: "Hech, sirs! it's
an awful world this; a body canna sav
a tiling in a joke, but it's ta'cn in earn
est." .
[Moline (Ill.) Review.]
An Editor's Opinion.
certify that I used ft. Jacob's Oil
for Rheumatism, and after three days' appli
cation was entirely relieved. 1 consider It a
meritorious medicine for all forms of Klieu-
R. H. MOORE, Proprietor.
In the height of (he season, a queen
bee lays from 2,000 to 8,000 eggs in
twenty-four hours.
Dr. Tikrcs's Golds, Msdicai. Dtscovr.nr
eures every kind of humor, from the worst
scrofula to the common pimple or eruption.
Four to six bottles cure ault-rheum or tetter.
One to live bottles cure the worst klud of
pimples on the face.
Two to four bottles clear the system of
bolla, carbuncles and sores.
Four to six bottles cure the worst kind of
Three to six bottles cure blothces among the
Six to ten bottles cure running at the ears.
Five to eig;lit bottles cure corrupt or run
ning ulcers.
Eight to twelve bottles cure the worst
Sold by druggists, and in half-dozen and
dozen lots at great discount.
How to Invest.
The JJtmrxrat, Goshen, N. Y., says : "It
may not he Improper here to add that health
la accumulated, the sick made well, and a
largo Interest of comfort and bapplnesa se
cured by inventing in 1 Warnel's bafe Kenie
dles." "
Ask your drtnrgipt for Bedding's Russia
8alve. Kocp It iu bouse In case of. accidents.
WiLnor-r's Fever and Axus Tonic, the
old reliable remedy, now sells at one dollar.
Consumptives gain In flesh, strength and
spirits under a dally use of Malt Bitters.
Tub Frazer Axle Grease Is the best and
only Genuine. We know It
NEW YORK, July 29, 1880.
PliOtm Extra Ohio t ft 10 i 7 00
WHEAT Ked Winter No. 9 1 08 g 1 OS).
No. 1 White 1 09 at 1 12
COKN-No.a 47Xa i'H
OATS Mixed Wostera. 83 id 37
POKK Moas 14 20 to H 60
LAUD l'riine Steam 7 W H 7 65
HUTTRlt Western It 27
CHKH8K Ohio 07 44 01"H
ROUS Western IS 4 IS
WOOL Pulled i 60
Unwashed 15 H Hi
CATTLE 8 00 It!) 10 00
HOGS 4 ! On 6 16
SHKEP 50 4 6 W
- ....
XX K(d, No. 1 Hi 6 60
Spring X, lied 6 60 ID 0 60
WHEAT No. 1 Hod Si tin
No. a " OS 07
C01IN 41 to 46
OATS No. 1 (CO 86
CHEESE-t'holce Factory... Onii'S) 09
Ohio Dairy 05 ut (M
nUTTER-Cuoioe Ill lul 17
EGGS 11 H 11V4
POTATOES per bbl 1 60 M 175
SEKUS-Tlmnthy S 58 a 2 60
Clover 4 75 4 6 00
Bed Top kit so
WHEAT - 0 6 W
COltN M- 40
KVB It & 75
OATS 82 lit Si
BUTTEtt Choice :. 10 42 la
HOOS Common to light... 4 00 is, S 00
1 10
BEEVES liest (4 55 9 94 60
Medium 4 00 Id 4 45
HOG8 Common to fair 4 80 42 5 00
Heavy 6 15 & 6 20
8HF.EP- oinmoa 4 10 ist 4 36
Choice. 4 0 it 4 76
No. 2 lied Winter .. as'4
CORN High Mixed to OOli
No. 2 41 89
Medium 4 00 4 4 50
HOGS Yorkers i 00 S 10
Phlladelphlas Hi Hi i 20
BHEEP-Ileat & 4 70
Medium O 8 60
Kidney and Liver Medicine,
CITKKS Sll IlifM of the Kidneys,
Uver, lllotltlur, and Vrinary Organs ;
lrpjijr, Uritvel, Diabetes, Bright'!
lleaae, 1'alni In the liu:k.
L.oln,orHitie; Ketenflonor
Non reten Hon of I ' ri ne,
Mervom It Br Female
WettkneuMe, txrtwtx, Jaun
dloe, lillloiisiness, iiesuliiche, Hour
Btomttch, Dyspepsia, Constipation tt i'llefe
FAIL, as It sets directly tod mi one on Lbs
Kidneys, Liver, and Bow-Is, rumoring (hem
a healthy artlcm. HUNT'S Ki.Uhi.Y is a
sf, sure and speedy cure, and hundred! have
been cured by It when pbytlcUns and friends
bad given them nn to die. l)o not delay, try at
Bend ft pamphlet to
WM. E. CLARKE. ProTfdenee, K. I.'
Prices, 75 eenta and 1.95. Large slza
Ihe rhpupciL Aik your drugihs( for
tLKMbiiY. Take no oilier.
Li Ky
iVrer Complaint Cottiwntttt, Bih'out At
tack, Indigtnlion, Jaundic; Lost of
Apprtit; Htadach; D.zzinett,
tiau 90,
Htartburn, Dcpn$$ior ar Spirit. Sort,
Boil; Pimple, Skin Ditait, Erup
tion: Foul Breath, and all 0m0
anting from impure Blood.
The fftmhtirc Drops era rrv-ornm-n41 m !()
ths beat an4 rh-pwt TtmWf HtlrlM ever ffr--i,
arwi sre sold by lm rrlft M I)r M fcQ fu
S Unttla lll.ull,.u i i.. v
,. y., , m.wwm Mnuts. umiiini
Mart the bc-euuile atKnal'ir. pria- pmpne-
a - awaa as JSL. V ' 1 r, I , . tft 1 .,
UtiTiMuxa, to.,t.S.A.
BI.OOJ). To ecco mill thfi frr-at work do nvd
irfne or food to the world so ruc-Mfully comblD-t tty
elements iu ccry to ancneat as MAI.T B1TTEK3.
ptvpMtd from liyrmenied Malt a rut lop, by liM
HALT tllTTKISS COMI'AXT, and fn from the ob
ject tons urgfd agnlDHt malr ll'inorn. rnd-r th-ir etn-r-grtlc
Influence l1 aiouuu b la alive, the liver active,
the kldm-vi hralthr, ilsu huw-la n-ftiiar. and th- brain
at rest. What mon ia d1rrd to preserve health and
checrfulnessr Sold everywhere.
Jonas Whitcomb's Remedy.
Thf late Jons Whit comb, of It oat on, Europe
a few yciiro hn-e for tin: Iv-n' lit of h1a Ivnlih. wliM-ti
wan luij .iln d hy fr ym iit ait:n'k. of ,SiMi'i.,.i"i -1-iA-nwi.
whllf undTiJ:" t rear nu nt of an miln' tn ( nnan
T.hvMclan, who IxTmn' IniftvaH-rt In liii'afcf.h!'a'tiiiui
di-a(.p-nil; hr iirm nn d lln' n rtH' h!rlt litul ilune co
nuii-h fur hJm. Within ibr pwl few V'-ara thi It m- ily
h.i txi-n mud In thoiiBauda uf tlu wont ciu-cit l'h na
UnilMliltig and uniform urw v It contains no poLaon
ous or Injurious propcrtlea whatever.
Extrwt fV'wn ih? 'lfrqf Washington frrnfl." by kit
nfpSetr, fttrrt M. Jtring, Ik V. , p. T&.
'Th- doctor pn-arrlbed. a an experiment, what hud
been anneal t-d bjr lir. ut. W. i llo!m-B on hla late vtutt,
' Jonaa Wliltximb" Hi'medvfor Ami btna,' a lcaaMon
ftit In a wine Klaff of wat'T, to bt: teitcn ever) four
hours. A good uight wsa the resull.,
"I hattt derlvftl vrrv fruat benefit from 'Jons
Whi tec in b'a Aoihtna Kenr-riv.'" (I. F. fiHfHNK.
I'realdeut Neptune lnauranec Co., Button, Mas a.
'My inottter had auffrrcd ejrht yrsra from the har
est aathma. The reenm-nce if tlila lhtvj uioniha
atrnny cv ry venr muat ao on wear tr-r out. 'Jonas
Whltconib'r- Asilima Itt-medy ' smut id thi; tcrrlbk du
eaac, and hna krfrt It off for the whole B-a(in, to the
anal Joy of the family." Ucy. JiS. K. It('Y.
Chicago A (rent of the Amertran Home Mlaalonary Bod-
ely, to the A. Y. Indrpetulent.
Publinheilin fAe "Al'Tiindrin Gat1t.m 3tvWn.
CI11T1P, Etc. In the Inten-tit men lv of am-h p'-raons.
without any confi-nnc- with tho.- who advi-nl-H- It, I
earnestly urire all who nuffer by th-e dltn t.f-1nir inula
dh'B to use firrnistrntli 'Julias Wliltminli'" II -iiH-dy
for Asthma, Uoae Cold.vtc.' " T. H Uolll-ntTSdS.
Broad Hun, Fauquier 1., Va.
Joniu Whlteomb'p Anthnm It- m- dv I- to iniifiict'irr'd
only v th-' iToprk-tura, tlUMKPtl BtHXtTTdt
CO., HHt4n.
Malarial Poisoning
A Warranted Cure.
Price,' $1.00.
t JF" tom aau bt all DmoeeisTt.
Crowned with foam la the g-oblct.tmt 'Ua not chain rtafrte,
Souree of headaches, and buartachea, aitd KaaUlo dis
Tls the Hr.i.Tr.im A rmit!rr, a halm for the brain.
And a cure for the evtli tiixmIuovI by exiiraa.
It tiempeni Uhj blooil.the cloiyjrd m t-m relieves,
Correet the foul clonifu-n. the Hver Mtntrols.
Bew life from the ill twucht eerj uinn aehlwea.
And a cloud fnun lh.- nuud or the Invalid rolln.
Buch are I ho 4-tTx-UoM'ARJiAiHT'B Kruaivui'Urr SLT
EKR AI krievt. tliti (milAOlf ix-iireaentaiive of the famuns
Srltiru Hraijfo.and tin- inoul arrin-alile and uffltiuit of
Siterativm. HOLD BV ALL UitUUUitiTH.
SiaS tW SUA bt oil Cruirua
As a FAHIf.V wroi-Ir. for ntemal anj
Internal uws,f;ix;lallj sa a IteirulaUirof theKTOM AT H
LSI) HOnhl.S, HAS ht.t-U lithN tglALh.nl
any nn from KICKINU, No
n mi! n a or clubtiltiai rovn. No
filthy talla In milk orfaw. Calf
sriiniKOM wniioui niovioii i nun
-e-ef 1 WAMMAIasves nne-haU the time
In reneriii nae where' known.
ent on receipt of price, 1 ,im, litt rnt Hecurrd.
AbtN I O iVAll I LU KndorM-meala KKKt
Adlreos a B. UANM, Ulawatha, Kauasa.
. historyoubvjorld
Emhraciint mil annum in ntic account -i . n ij i.nnon
of anient uud niudcni ihnea, and Including a history of
the rise and full of the ttP.ek and Kniuan Euinlna, the
middle UK', i he cnoiadca. the feudal ayaicm. On' refor
mation, tlie discover)' -Hid sett lenient of ihe New World,
It 'eoninlnM 67t9 f ne htBtorlcaJ cng-avlngt, and la the
meal compli'tc Hisiory of the World en r puhlbh. d.
rHlKK'AI. '.
laKKlNft. A thoruutf-ti nrofnal(ii.l dliuut (.ia
and a dtslrable all nation on graduating, can be obtained
at Lhe National lustltute of Steam Engineering. Bridge-
nthofl68Q. NovacaUou. Send far raaaphl
of every
O gall, of srfellcloui and sparkling beverage. Ask your
C aUtclat f or It, or acini ttc. to mannfactor and receive tt
IsKaU. atddTlt.aUaaifiMajMtBL.l-tUlad'a.l't.
a u ri-
ilr.g fl'"' '.'t 'o ar n--and ft.i-ra
b ft OHM.K. mil Mw rhr at., tn-i'iud ft
By Miaa K tssi.ian. TrW tt m.
N eVllifti' fully t- Fin girl Jkh h !o folli m BracttV
sail iu maur recip. " at AuAoiat. Am i vri.
w uir tt i r-r an In 'en im i
.- laoHA'ti nociri RrPiajga,
9t Mka KffaiwTt. Price fi
'It i,r-fij.!-aj hVh'ro un l
a1ltaf,1 ittHr m'. h'n w ll be renaJlr UUi
ltL it." A A', cirotre.
. VfA rlftrsiTrrv. fUe Am MCd
Himry f Wrtters 1,1 (V.
Bf Jnmn ll-iamT'. author of "F'l-n'i SaMea,"
stc. 17 mo , aUfii. t loin. pn- i in
Hr,U ron itV miuk " -A -rtA Atr.ri irm ftrrU:
"liiat w.novrful ciever story ef Lite Wust."-JA
A fUiinaooa. By C. M. C 13 -no., tr pea, rrtea
"Certainly s remarfcaWa romanee. mBo4l4r AOwir
41 II It s nerel of rmarVah1a Intenafty ant ertrfnall
If."-' y. Anrtim kt'ikUT,
"It la far ai-ve the at. rag of worV of Its class,
1p!arlng great stnogta aud tragic pwwur." H. I.
ft. l KlTna FOR TO-DAT. Flret Iterlee,
r rriA ' Dsa WU'"' u m" 03 pcea UntM
.-TilTHI TOM TO-DAT. ftel .
By Prof. DTf Swiv. Ctme., M paart, Uated
Thli volume rontatnath hvt 4(aeonra of Frof.
wiiir. ao IB' of ihin pf-a h'd at 'li- toitrh Chur'-b,
but iii'iti of them k' n si (If 'h-at.-rto 'he ti'-r
C'Of rmi t.hurh cojrrg'l'tn. I la unii raaliy "i Deeded
thst ta ae a s ihe I! tint etTorU Lve Lam ever ujtulo.
Br M '- A. U. T. Hmnrwr. li Hoogate,
Op -o. s- f Frlee, fl Ju.
' Old or Even. ' la not the novef of a 4a or 8 ae
son or s acnaauoa; tt is acapltai novel forever. C4
auo Jtmes.
Br F.cn H. Brwvrrr. t2sao. CD arte icrtV
er hotia. Prlee. ti r.
"A pim l ArriTl'.aa neval. fhia leva II
sown r-aM'-f'! for Ita i;r-ra-y rrirT. prond of !U lofty
n-lrlt and v-tt sorry thai 'n'-re ara not. swtarsl tnora
TOiumea of it. CAtcitM 7tnacs.
From the Frenci of TitnFim.B flirrraTt UtM,
O. P. Putnam fwma, Pi-r. ; cloth, si H.
"InthH 4(ilgh:fiil work Uau'l'T tirfianaed hlmaHf
and produced Ui" model af iaurcaqu roniaaccs."
AVanry JarmtA, Jr.
Any of the at-orff nooks sen by aanfl, prepaid, on
receipt of Uis prtoe nawed,
A. K. KELL00O,
it sBxsa sjaa-wes, fJkli
Coli-HandlB Safl Iron.
For Sssding and Extracting Jules
tend fnr at Cntaloertie, f t-c.
mam m cd,, k
Horse anfl Live Stock
Contatna orer 1.000 Royal OtUvo pajrea, and proftiaHy
illufirated. 1 h-larg.'ai. moBt foini.r li.naUL- and l-t
illm-irai.-O wori on I.IVK HBK.lv evr Stif d In this
country, and the flrat rffun that has h"-n uind- lo ntll
Uf the nopular mcthi-d of ooc-( (e'lcAi'ijr. Miuwa how
every fanner may he-onie h!a own Hurae Iiijctur. as
disc." an- nut only d-crltd hut itluairau.-d. thus
tea lilug hy tho eye u well aa hy word.
Agents Wa nted 'SVv-HZm
and r- liiil-l'- mm only d.-flrrd. To ao li wi ofT'-r p. ma-n-nt
a'v piMfliah'.e -mpl'ivini'nr.sn'l i-j-f'mlre territory
Euarauietd. for full iwnlftilarv viln -
ItLltBAUll 11 ROM.,
41 WV Kuur;b a.-. tiULlnnatl, O.
XX (not painted, lYliite Duck) $2.
f 50 ana
Makes s perfect b-d. N. maTtr-'aaorpI'lows retinlred
Bi-ttertlian a liiunui'trk. aa It ninth' ln-di' aa piciuantly
and lira ttraifiM. Fold -d or unm-d Inai.uuly. m-lf-fantinitiK.
It la Jiitl the th'tiR f r h-ttfU. olBoi, cut-tinc-a,
cainp-meiiliiira, aKin!U' n. vt O'.wd fur ths
lawn. pi.tza,or "rool.-ar place In th- h'-uv." Sp'. n
did fur InvaiidB or chi'drrn. fnt on rvo-lp of prk--orC.
O. V. For SO eta. extra, wl'h ord-r, I will
prepay e.irets;ure io any ra! ruajl atatlnn -oat of Mia
ilsaliil Kivr ami nmh of M.im.n and Dion'a Llae-t
tor t."5 eena, Ir, Mtnii-B'i'a. M,i.!irl and I.a
HKKMU.V W. LAIID, lOM Fulton Ml., Rr
ton, j.17 ( anal St., S. w Vork; lV5 S..r ti t- ..nJ t .
Philadelphia; M Market Sc., Chicago. Mend IW Ctr
New ami .mprovod in atyla
inn nnmn i
rain ever offered.
ii.-tnmt nlatAt Revolver timr 1
lever been oflerrd at such
nonat K-uvb. now In your chance ,
10 own a ipfenuia rtevniver. aenv a
Mia-lr ti.r In .'I 1 fur tl : li ner d.ia. V
' Wfmderfullr cheap TrKnine. Over IN
Bid In Chlf-Ajru. July h. and 5.SU0 In New Yuri
tiiKima: w.LTin Phu-M WILL HI BJltFD is" 1
lva. J. W WIVBLOW O..lraportersklrs- 1
inns, as ia. Btuu , tiucacv, au.
I Our next Preildent. Areata Wanted for the I
only suihoruid edition. Fully d"at-rlh-s hlu I
eany niv anti nis Military ana fouuuu Utrvtr.
nee ai . 7-'i. r or terni" annn-aa
K -a l . M a-aataaa .
ia. aa-a. a a r -a
V Sal MUT. S 1 1 a. Saa,. irMaa,
A AnLATmfi A If Xl
XJklatrr.STaTMtNIB. VATw Iff frx
TrfMlnn. M. J.
Hawwt tnr ln..KIaa
and H((rsentC.O. D. anywhere, WhlesJUa
aiid HMlll. PHnlH.I fru i:.Ja
tteed. ii.L.antEMU163 Wabash av,Chlcaao.
YiilMi hV.S learo releirraphy and earn 940 totlfXJ
a month. Kvt-rj graduate k-uarsnteed s BAjliig it
ftatlou. Addrea il viriUH. Maiiauor. Janeavillo. Vta,
nerpttln IfaJblt Cared In Id
cuany. ."4ua.v till Vurvd.
Eaters Faallv Cured B on
thai uai-d It for l.s vi-hi-4. Adilreas
Jub. A. UL'ls.. fclUaotiu. S. 4.
554 . .ai TVrusHT taa.rffiL J
C- -HVP"-
li. '.. Jk 1
a. a
cutting orr var: ir r.'s .
socrTb la. LIVER CURB
fa I'-altrned ff.r B-leti'' Itayae and ,li a'tin. ( 'h
"In i r v Kf'irva ar.l I lur I 1 t I , I 1- ilii ra
t- ma-i' tfx.n '.- . ai.i; i.i. i-.-d iii,-i,. ..f tt, i. ,-kL.
who had alffuidnoi a li..t and were ti i i ti g I- aiu.
B"tewa the etTr of the ear won -iful orerwoflres.
All perwma .ftrt r a d rl'tn- In h'-.ii'ti from trhmrr-ran-,
will And It Hi-. I Invlg .railug tunh to ihu tuludl
and body.
(Y 4f O-ntlr rerl" th Tt"m. Hy thefr
!l5 ( f Infln. n-' (i l ray to n aii th.' ft. vim
H Itil of Malaria atid prV'lif It-ll'M-,- . H,(J
r Rllidred t.-'illll-fr.lnla. A BlugVUtt llveg
f a. 1 ImpoMluv aheri! tlicy sm viniymjud-
A'l the Boore-nam'-d femedW are for aale h rrt
fliu la every part of the land. Tlcy are invaiuabia.
Ma H. WAKMEat fc CO.,
Plate heetnr. X. T
ConfTtipntion and Piles.
IT. It H n-irk, rV-ottj Hro TV, aara, "lnensw
f U..4mf Tr-tM it hi a td if a fharm. It
baa r-ir d majy vr-T (-ad eaj-i of FU, nod has
air (aj1 U- art effli-i. nt-'r."
S-U'.-j J- ir'h'kl, of H- AJf-tns, Tt.. mrt.nt la
ef jtrloeUas valoe. After eiitn yar ofgiaaA
rirTtug frv.TTi rtlea and CoaUTewss It eoan
pieu :j -weed roe."
C B. H at'ra, ef rVrVaklre. sara. "One paefe
Sw"l aa d"-e w.nd"T i - r me In 'mnleti our
Ug a i" Liver and Awldfiey OoinplaiBt.A
Bsasass 11 L$ ee tl LT7ZX, tU BC Tli ui
Us VZVni at tie nml Us.
Baus49 It clejnnnen th systm of
thopoiaonoua humomthat doveiopw
In Kidnr and Urinary di9nsa, Oif
lounnaata. Jnundlco, Contrtlpatlon.
Piiem, orln Rheumnt(sm9 Murai(la
and nervous a I so rd era
KimiFT.WORT ta n A rj erefnld eeasv
BMkuadnad eaai neaeat by aaall erepalal.
WBay H at tne Drrargiata, Prtee, 9t.9MK
K3A2;::U M., r;riiJn,
12 (WniBtaepMtaaVL) B.rltngt Vi.
Loss of Appetite. Bowels eoatire, Fafn 1 ra
the Head, wvth a dull aensatton la the bacfc
part. Fain under trie shoulder blade, full
Dem alter eating;, with disinclination to
exertion of bo'lj or mind. Irritability or
temper. Low spirits, with a feeling of hur
irifr neglected some duty. Weariness, Uia
sinesa. Fluttering at the Heart, Dots be
fore the eyes, "ieiiow Sitin, Headache
generally over the nqht ere. Best Irenes
with fltlui dreams, highly oolored Ur.ne t
re ewpetally adapted t snesi rain, ah
Injtle dw rfrketa nrli a rhan( mt freta
Laig; aa to atinlt ttte salTrrrr.
Office 34 Murray Street, New srrat
2,000,000 Acres
Wheat Lands
best In the world for sale by the
St. Paul, ItascL's J Kanitola R.R. CQ
Three do!!ara per acf allowed thssettler for I
as aaa cuiurauoa. t or particulars apply to
Eaitwd CswsilMlewer, Ml. rami, if I a a.
Gen. HANCOCK and
ThotsT'lK are wf.l:irs for the hock. It com aim Bteel
p.rra!t. -.f th - C.irnV'tTi-a an-l ottier f ull-rt,- -ncnr-lii(rs.
ktm 1'Uuct.atPi.ia ofltrtd to tboac siltctlua
terrl'on now.
lMjCoLA3riBROS..S3 W. Fifth SL.Clartnnatt. O.
Welntu sec urafclr np to f!5 lls. l:a
bai.d ni atjpfuriuace aell It ai iiir .t
to L"-)USf-k -T'. A ItKfil'LAJt
rTxcIu-ire terri:orw eiven. Ti-rmi
Jf ,. au-pnxeold Amenta. Send for fall par
ho. IA W. I'ilili it., LiiatiuiiaU.'O. '
aa tat SaapU Card of Ifcflr Brailiral folara.
Thore Is no Paint manufactured
equal to it. It Is Smooth, Clossy,
Durable and Economical. Any
Shade. Factories at
CUUUND. NEtlUllk. CHICAGO ,r ST. 10113.
B-atpk-iureaio the murker, sample copy h inafl-
Silc. : 11x14. I(k For dinners. irampaivnid' S aiu flagn
on cloth. 222K.sainnli'l- mall, ll.nciu, i.UJ. I'io
turr cards, iirr aninpli- ly niall onrecrpt of !'.&.
Caniitalr.il btulgi-a, etc. Kxu;i lhu-f-u'eota to Agvntu
Cauiipaign Clubs. J. U- Cuflonl's nous, boiUio,Uaae.
A phfMelsnl gilt to the debilitated
riaiiae ett uause aim cure ol .Nrnoia
llli" sent on rfcftht of two K-reirt
aunips. AuJress lr. CL. :, CI, C V EL. A N 1, t-
lumps. AtuTress lr. i
ICTIITw CtT IBOtut with lr. Caaic'i Km'
Hul.n I Receipt Book. Own itw oair mi-irt.--niae.BTinall.CL
Address Cliase Pub" og Co., Toledo. Ot -
75 Ri'MSt-illna- .A rtlelr In the world - auth. 1
ptere. J4 IHOitO Utrtroit, Mu n. .
f C i On perdaTathome. Sampleaworih-
J W t ZU irea Aulrtu3iiAj a Ox, iorUaul, Ms. .
A U'KEK. $ladarathomeeaailT ntadtt,.
ouLfli free. Aiklr'a True nOo. Augusta, Ha..
HVvolTr-rm. Illiu.Catalosuefrow,
OroaX western Uaa Works, MUahurgQ. Fa.
A WKEK fnvotirowntowri. Terma an
t5outailrea At'MrailUailetlAOa JorUaiMLataa
A. N. K. Clere'd.
peaa My fw eaae tltm deersieeataeusgi
as Ainajaa.
rim; t T c. i inc.
Worlds ExHiRiTinma w-' -
9 T S J""T: 7J1.".;.'V V rftB CACV PAVuruTcu M
Is IMIKIttN ItARa. - '
ljAMCRicAN organs y
yi ,tn1 fc puaaannuLU
D t. d 1 -
L I S 2T
- J!
to tunn
it": i
- .. ivr. Alia
' ' - " LV
1 lunuTu natcia JTZ
i u yu m i uw-. u r a. HJUy, - j. i
jAlTllAAiieM a. i- r-a- 'j. '
nrn a
-A hi

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