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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1880-1886, August 20, 1880, Image 7

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pfl'mi l 'Wudl- f frrlUV-t unice, or amoAtaj
ami imTli it incallod tut, iBprfmuurie evidence
lf im'aN'riONAL VHAL'1.
Whitr nn n htonxnm In tlio korelili-f (pmlnt,
Over Iht Muiijitinni" tiutUdvrH hKiiilv laid;
Frtlrt f thun nav pi' tnr iti"rt fnild Hut,
In th cool wjiaiU' liariicifr light find
Blio atiuiiie And wnltn
some ptmnlvo lram
Her biMiuty wo(;t, rind bows hor rndlant
Iiftiid ;
Thn i ictito pnlo row tlmt alio Uolds
bet'iii to Iihvu borrowed uf liw thufk tliotr
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fibo viilra, Mice Boino auporb but drooping
To feel tin- tourb of mmnltiK anrl tlio mm,
And o'er hT lifinl tin- ulowiiiK puinln nhowor,
And to Iwv foyt tha blllliij( ubmtiM mtu
I follow to hor tort their ptitbwuy fine,
And wlttiu my voice the ehurmeU sllnnee
AVhiit Mitnled splendors from her dctip eycg
Into Unt tfnry rtvnoh flower twiiltrtit
ftiut Wharteti in Berlbnr't MnttAy.
IlriitRl Swonl f-nmbntn Hflwn Clnrmnn
NlinlriilH ;raMi-Hlly ll'.crllil liy mi
J-;,..-vilnii.. A rnmtlii mor,. llarlmron,
limn tlta lull-l''iKtitii uf Uiuilik..
It secm9 one duel had taken place
tcfore our arrival. It did not matter ;
the results were boforo us. Ono of the
conl 'HiiinH, partly" naked, was half
recliittnjr ill ai'haiiswhila'aniit'tfeon was
shaviir th biiir Irom 1lie top l his
head Jn orctVr Wratcli tevfcrnl uly
looking sword cuter Two or three stu
dents were washing the blood from his
face and body ; one of them with small
sponges was sopping the blood that was
ilowing freely from some ghastly wounds
on the cheeks and forehead. One cheek
was entirely laid open, and a deep cut
went aingonnuy across the loTehoad,
from which branched off several smallor
cuts. The lobe of ono ear had disao
pearcd and a downward stroke had split
the nose, which was dripping blood like
a leaking pump. I will not describe him
further. It was a terrible sight. I
should have anld thnt he oould not have
lived ialf ROlicjut; bnt . thore was no
dangor of death,' and I was told that as
soon as the present wounds should heal.
he would probably be engaged in another
duel. Ihe other duohst had not suffered
so budly. lie was already dressed, and
had nearly got through with the hnish
ins touches from the surgeon's hands
His head was bandaged and several
strips t sticking-plaster adorned his
face in zig-zag courses across his cheeks
and forehead.'' lit the afternoon I saw
him promenading on the Leopold Strasse,
evidently proud of his dishgureu face,
Passing the hospital room, in which
we did not tarry lonjr to scrutinize, we
entered the dueling call, a large, high
room aoout tmy icet long, tnirty wide
The second duel was in progress, of
which we had been forewarned by hear
ing the clash of swords iu tho outer
room. Had I not been anticipating a
bloody and brutal spectacle, the sight so
suddenly revealed to mo would have
staggered nvr nerves. ) At one end of
the hall and facing each' other were Hie
two duelist engaged tn what appeared
to be a deadly combat. The faeo of one
was so covered with blood that 1 could
not recognize his features. The red gore
was dropping from his nose and chin,
and red streams wore trickling down his
baro back and staining his shirt and
trousers with a crimson hue. The other
duelist, although his face was bloody.
bad evidently not been so bady pu il
ls-nea as nis adversary, lie nad only re
ceived, so far, two or three slisrht cuts
on his face from which blood was flow
ing down his bosom. Koch wore aprons
originally made irom some wnito ma
terial that looked as if they hud .seen
long service in a slaughtcr-howi, Mifl
so they had, for they were almost black
with the human gore tnat had accuniu
latod from many a previous duel. Their
heads were bare and their laces unpro
tected, save bv black sUol eoeirles with
out glasses which covered their eyes.
Heavy wrappings of silk layer upon
layer were wound around their necks,
and their sword-arms were incised -in
thick shields or sleeves, waddaa or pad:
ded with cotton so that the sharpest
blado could not penetrate them. Aside
from these precautions, they were at the
mercy of each other s swords.
While making those hurried observa
tions and endeavoring to fully compre
hend the ghastly scene, the duel was
tierceiy raging, it was no cnud s play,
as I had once supposed it to bo. liotli
combatants were about thirty years of
age, athletes in size and strength, and
had been practising for years under
skilled professors for such an occasion
as this. 1 ney were in tcrnuie earnest,
and their long sharp swords played over
each other's heads with lightning-like
rapidity, but so skillfully were the blows
parried that most of the wounds were
only caused by: the bending or the
breaking of tho blades. The moment a
sword became disabled, which was con
stantly occurring, the sieges ijititrfared
and cried "Halt!" aad-tke-upUftwi
arms came to a rest. While waiting
for fresh weapons the members, of their
respective carps gathered aboat them,
somo bringing wine-or water for them
to drink, others wiping the flowing
blood from their wounds or faces with
wet sponges, and assisting the surgeon
to hastily bind up somo djjep-aut wounds
with lint or lnihtmi)tti bandages. 'Soon
as fresh swords, whicn nad been sharp
ened like razors, were brought and
placed in their hands, there was no cer
emony or waiting. The seconds gave
the t-igoal.nd the two men sprang
m . L., ,M.U1 1 U 1.
lorwaru at eacuuuiuriiKe uiuuu-uouuus.
Steel clashed against steel agaiiy snars
llew as u irom a DiacKsmun s lorgo
and tufts of hair, cut as if by invisible
hands, were wafted long disUmoes from
each oUier. i heads.! Ueoasiohiiuy
snurt of blood wouldi tell that
bad wound - i had . I ' beet) ) given,
and the seconds would interfere
while the surgeons could , examine and
hastily quench the flowing current. The
duelist who first attracted my attention
by his gory face was evidently gottipg-
tne worst oi tno Daitie.ij At ntv em
counter he reoeived f rh wounds, and
imagination could not picture a worse
sight than ho presented. Wood was
flowing down nis face and body like
rain, and forming little pools in the taw
dust that was scattered around his
foet. The scene reminded me of the
bull-fights that I had witnessed in Spain,
only this waa th mors brutal Mil inhu
man of theHw l1 suiiiH'U wary .mo
ment as if tJ Jjiap vfoald fr- Tn the hs
of blood falLb :ek iU Jnti . annl fcf
his comradu.wUoware lYkvJiiuK the
conflict with ta ibl iigrns no sue-,
penso. But 'not' -for a rn'omftiiPdld ho'
show signs of weakness, m dispai
tion to giTpp'tlra combat.- Two or
three times be signaled for si Test that
his friends might wipe' the" -blood that
had gathered In his eyes End blinded
his sight. A' 'glass 'of 'water' that! .Was
held to his lips became as red as port
wino from the blood that flowed into it
from his fade, but I aUcd thallie drank
it all the sapin: His- adversary, it was
evident, was nt the end to bo the rlrini
uloii, although h'l r.-.jit.'d soitis
kir his nosH.k II wits , ihe i aaiierlor
suvriisnian, nna had Ritpb. five wouml
. . .' . . . ' .
wnero lie had received one. I he man
opposito him, the bloody man, wa to
us lbs under dog In tho light." The
contest had lasted thirty minutes it
seemed hours, and would have contin
ued until one had been killed hud not
the two surgeons intsi forrd and ended
the fight. 1 Inn examined carefully thu
wounds of tho filmier dig" and found
them so soriouM that tho fight was pro
nounced at an end, and the two gladi
ators, lea, ling and partly supported on
the arms of tlieir brother students, were
led out Into the hospital to have their
Wounds dressed.
Thus ended the second duel, which
was fought by a member of tho white-
cap and one of tho green-cap corps.
i tie nurd duol, wnicii was next to take
place, was to bo between a rod-cap and
a green-cap. There are fivo separate
corps in tho university, which are desig
nated in the streets by the color of their
capsthe -iwbitcs, reds, blues, greens
anu yellows. Among tno w.) orH'H)
Students in Heidelberg only about sixty
boloug to them. The white-caps are
the most numerous, and they number
about sixteen. Tho corps are very
aristocratic and very select. Tho mem
bers are supposed to belong to tho no
bility and U) the best (iornian families,
with only the best blue blood flowing
through their veins. To becomo a
member it requires as much inlluencc,
diplomacy and red tape as to belong to
the most select of the London clubs.
Whoever is admitted is under tho neces
sity of fighting duels that is, they are
not under the necessity, but, if they
don't light, they are tabooed as cow
ards, and Heidelberg would become an
uncomfortable place of residence. If
they don't volunteer, tho president of e
corps volunteers them, or rather an
points tnem to meet adversaries, and
then there is no showing the white
r.n(l.n. 4t.nn ..., .u .1..
In the dueling hall all the members of
tno airtorent corps, wan one or two ex
ceptions, were presont. They all an
peared to be over twenty-five years of
ago, and physically were splendid look
ins: fellows. I uout think thore were
iiaif a dozen among them whoso faces
did not bear evidence of these bloody
conflicts. Their cheeks and foreheads
were scarred and furrowed by deep welts
criss-crossing each other, and occasion
ally furrowing down through the mouth
and chin. I observed that the noses of
two or three had been grafted on and
had badly healed. They were all seat
ed around the hall ; those who were not
administering to the wounded in tho
outer room wtfre seatod at their respect
ive tables, each corps by itself, drinking
wine and eating their lunches. Two or
three German girls were tending a re
frcshrncrit table at the end of the hall.
and appeared to take no more interest
in the duels than they would lu chicken
The waiting for the third duel was
long and tedious. The sword-sharpener,
an old gray-headed man, came into the
hall two or three times bearing frcshlv-
ground weapons which ho placed in
convenientr positions. Another man
came and scattered fresh saw-dust to
cover the blood where tho last duelists
had stood, that those who were to follow
might not " stand on slippery places."
It was like the little episode in the Span-
ian ouu-ugnis wncn mo arena nas ueen
cleared of the dead bull and horses and
occasionally the dead bull-fighter, and
the attendants come in with rakos and
saw-dust to obliterate the traces of the
bloody conflict. Through the open door
of the hospital-room I could see the
surgeons and students washing the
bloody bodies and patching up the
wounds of the two who had just fought,
while others wore dressing and prepar
ing the two who . were next to measure
Ere long I heard the noise of hurried
footsteps, and the two men came strid
ing into the hall, each surrounded by
several friends and a surgeon supporting
their sword arms. The first glance at
them, with their black eroercrles. mullled
throats, etc., reminded me of profes
sional divers with then- armor on ready
for senma. 'There was no waiting or
hesitating; in a moment the men wore
placed in position, swords placed
their hands, the signal given and tho
bloody work began in earnest. I was
told that this was an " affair of honor '
and that some affront or imagined in
suit was to be canceled or wiped out
with blood. It seemed an uneven match.
One was a tali, powerful athlete, while
hi adversary 'wa small and below the
ordinary stature. But, in sword duels.
the victory is more apt to go with the
smaller and more agile of the two.
There were several short and sharp en
counters, in which the contest was about
evenly balanced. Both were splendid
swordsmen, and their skillful strokes
and thrusts wore watched by their
friends with intense interest. Koch re
ceived three or four slight cuts, but it
was ditliciilt to determine which drew
tho? firsti, Wlcjod. Sdveral' times their
swords were duablea and fresli ones
called for. Once tho sword of the large
man broke in the center, and the flying
end Cakie whining past me and struck a
student in the chest who was standing
by my side. : He jumped as if shot, but
fortunately ' Was not injured. Finally
the small man received a blow on the
head which was to end the day's
"eport.Mi -Although twentyfeet distant,
I heard the sword strike the skull with a
peculiar thud, which I knew had a ter
rible meaning. A large lock of hair fell
to tho floor from his head, and I could
see by (he twitohing of his body, and
the partial closing of his eyes through
the sUiel goggles that the blow hud
hoarly Btunneu him. In a moment his
face was covered with blood, which
flowed freely down his body, and
formed a pool in the sawdust at bis
feet. The seconds Instantly cried
"halt," and' the surgeons- and the
friends of the wounded man rushed for
ward and - caught) him in their arms
His wound after a hasty examination
was pronounced serious, and be was led
away, weak and tottering, to the hos-
rionj. vfe The duel, which was now at an
nil; had lasted less than ten minutes. I
think most of the students regretted
that it was so quickly terminated. Those
who did not belong to the corps of the
wounded student soon left the building
and hurried away to Heidelberg for
their dinners. It was after 1 o'clock
and we were all anxious to got back to
i our hotels. Passing through the hos
pital we saw the young man stretched
out OB a reclining chair, the two sur
geons and several students busy at work
over , him. The surgeons had partly
shaved the head and were sewing up a
ghastly scalp- wound that extended sev
eral inches across the skull. We hastened
jdowa stairs, jumped into our waiting
carnage ana drove away,
Among the sixty or Bqventy English
and American students at Heidelberg
none of them belong to the lighting
corps, t They are not cowards either.
It Is known that if occasion requires
they con fight their own way, but they
have no desire that their good-looking
faces shall be hai krd and chopped up I
bko dog's meat and be disfigured ever
after. Not long ago an American stti
Jetit hd a slight inrrcl with one of
Urn fighting corps students and weived
from him a challenge. Being the chal
lenged party the American hail the
hoice of weapons. He sent wind to
tho German by a friend that he would
meei nun inc next morning at sti o clock
at a place oiiloide of the city, and the
weapons should be navy revolvers (he
hod a good pair) at ten paces. The
German and his friends concluded it
would not be a good day for duels and
the matter was dropped. A student
nere was reading me an extract of a
letter ho had recently received from his
father in Kentucky. As near as i can
rememlier, this is the substance of it:
IIKAH Hour f hAr rtmt thnv ImvA Mwnrrt
iliielt, In Heldolbertf, Hmt tiuititmiivorthe unt
il ft etiKiilP- In Itl.-ni. J fin not liellevn In th(!
Iilll-.MIH Ol'itrtlff. (if riii.-lliiir. lint there lire
ttnieti w hnn utin hft to fh?lit or b hriueleil ft
otjWHnl. Yen know Mint our fionlly lines lint
helnnit to Die lutter eliiNS. Hlemld oneit-ton
ri'intire. wliieh 1 trtift will not liimnen. never
t-hooHe Nwor'U only etiwiooH Hn( Kreiiehuv-n
whleh menu huxfnoiM. Nevfr hIkiw vnni-i.i-1?
lu your n:iltvc lewn with a sword nerntc-ii on
your pernon. From your anectlonui i
The young man asked me what I
thought of that doctrine. I told him I
did not believe in either the sword
scratch or the hide made by the pitol
ball Uiiltlhrrn (Jor. Sprim field
(nuts.) Kciiuwwnn.
A Dangerous Secret Exposed.
A rattier romantic affair, with Ba
thetic incitlents, has devoloped in the
ofliee of Col. Casey, the Commissioner
of Fublio Buildings, within the past few
days. i ne chief clerk of the olhcc,
named Sunderland, is a Scotchman who
has held the place for twelve years,
having rendered faithful serice during
all of that time. It is said that he has
handled vouchers for over $,0IX),000,
and all his accounts have been kept in
the best manner. Ho was regarded by
Col. Casey as a very valuiiblo man.
His salary has been $2,200 a year. Ho
bad a personal friend in the office, for
whom he had obtained the appointment.
Five years ago he imparted tne fact in
confidence to this man that he was a de
serter from the Seventh United States
Cavalry. It seems that he enlisted soon
after his arrival in this country, but not
liking the hard service under Custer, he
deserted and came to Washington. Ho
changed one of the letters of his name,
but did not hide at any time, and suc
ceeded in obtaining a clerkship. Ho
got into a quarrel last week with his
friend in the ottice, who revenged him
self by revealing the fact that Sunder
land was a deserter from the army.
There was nothing for the Adjutant
General to do under the circumstances
except to direct that he be arrested, and
this was done to-day. He wul.of course,
lose his place, and if he is not court
martialed, he will at least be given a
dishonorable discharge from the service,
which will prevent him from getting
any employment under the Government.
Sunderland married a Washington lady
some years ago, and has a family. The
case is a very hard one. Sunderland's
wife appeared at the Department to-day
to plead his case, but it was, of course,
useless for her to do so. Sunderland
himself says he is glad the facts are
known, as tho secret has long been a
burden to him, and he is relieved from
any further dread of exposure. Wash
ington Cor. Cincinnati Commercial.
"Am. work and no play makes Jack
a dull boy." Very few Jacks will be
come dull boys if loft to themselves.
Boston Transcript.
Ant man of public spirit is supposed
to be perfectly willing to lie about the
population of any town he has lived
three weeks in. Detroit Free Press.
" This world is all a fleeting show,"
but it takes mighty lively work for some
of us to keep a grip on our tickets of
admission, however poor the show is.
Boston Qlobc.
"We don't want all this, we don't
want It," said an attorney over in tho
Court-house the other day to a voluble
old lady on the witness stand, " it is
irrelevant." But the witness took no
heed, and talked on, finishing with,
"Thore, you've got it, whothor you
want it or not, and it isn't irrovorent
either." Jtochcster Democrat.
NF.wsrAi'En men, while drawing their
salaries, would do well to examine their
money carefully, as very dangerous
counterfeits in denominations of $100
aro in circulation. Not that it would
inconvenience one of the Btaff to get
stuck on a hundred dollar note, but it
might be inconvenient if he should dis
cover it just when he wanted to put
something in the contribution box, and
had no other change with him. Troy
Tim other day about one o'clock a
bey of about twelve went up Market
Street at such a rate of speed that every
body who saw him was satisfied he was
running for a doctor. A man with a
kindly expression of countenance caught
the flying boy by the arm and asked
him : " " Sonny, is there any body right
sick at your house t" "No, but there
will be if yon don't turn me loose."
" Who is it, bubby P" " Will yer let me
go if I tell youP" "I will, my boy."
" Well; then, it's my brother Bob. He
will be a remains before night if I don't
f et 1 home right off. You sec, we have
cucumbers, green corn, clabber, water
melon, and cabbage for dinner, and, if
I ain't there to get my share, he will
founder himself and die. Please let me
go, so I can save my little brother's
life." Qalveston News.
An Unobserving Witness.
There was a cose In Justice Alley
yesterday in which the lawyer for the
plaintiff bad a sudden drop. It was a
matter of trespass, and the defendant's
only witness was an old man. He stated
that ho rode along a certain highway
with defendant, held the horses while
defendant got down, but he saw no act
of trespass.
" You say you rode down to the Cor
ners with him?" queried the lawyor.
" Yes."
"When he came to the plaintiff's
farm he got out, didn't heP"
" I think it was about there."
" And ho entered a field?"
" I don't know."
" You don't. Wasn't it broad day
light?" " Yes, sir."
" Did you turn away your head so as
not to see himP"
"No, sir."
Was your face toward himP"
. Yes, sir."
" And yet you testify that you didn't
soe hint enter the field P"
" No, I didn't see him."
" Did you want to f"
' " Then why didn't youP"
" Because 1 am blind." Detroit Free
The black fly is a "gnatty littU
Bi)OfT Mill The ural Km
Yorker says: "Cows coming in are not
generally over-fed by dairymen, but at
soon as calved, a grave error Is often
made in tho sudden change to a rich
f km1, which in many instances will give
rise to some disease of the mammary
gland by ovor-stiniulntiou. Cows with
laige udders are liable to bruise the
fflaiid by lying on stones and setting up
utlammation of the part injured lienee
bloody milk. Treatment Place the
animal in a poor pasture and feed on
laxative food. Bathe the adder with
cold water ami give one to one and one
half pounds of epsom salts."
Onb of the latest swindles noticed b
tho following, clipped from the Lowil
ton (Mo.) Journnl. It comes this time
as a " butter contract:" "A couple of
well-dressed fellows drive up to Ihe
house of tho expected victim and make
an engagement with him to take all his
butter for a year at a high prico. A
written agreement is then mailo. and in
duo timo the " contract " is returned in
tho form of a note held by a third party,
which thefarmer is obliged to pay. The
safest plan Is to make no written con
tracts with strangers who thus suddenly
turn up andof whom nothing is known.'1
Df.sriTE the very high butter produce
of somo cows reported from timo to
time, the average butter nroduee of the
United States is much below what might
be expected. Prof. Atwood, in referr
ing to the exaggerations abroad in ref
erence to the production of butter in
tne country, says in a communicat ion to
the Coun'rif fJenth.rruin: "The average
of Orange County, N. Y., is only lWi
pounds por cow. For the whole coun
try, deplorable as the fact is, the aver
age butter product cannot bo over 12.i
pounds a year for each cow, and is
moro likely to bo as low as 120 pounds.
Seven millions of cows would then pro-
uuco oio.uoo.uuo pounds oi butter an
nually." Does not Canada, as well as
the States, need moro careful selection
of dairy stock?
Bitter cream, says tho Rural Ken
Yorker, may be caused by the cow eat
ing outer weeds, as rag wood, bonoset.
willow leaves and twigs, etc. Or it
may be caused by the cow being Iniuri-
ously affected by the hot weather, or by
impure water. Or it may be caused by
a iungtis growtnin the cream when kept
in a cellar that is not well aired or has
anything moldy in it. Or the cream
may be Kept too long, or the churning
may be too long continued. If the bit
terness is supposed to be from any cause
without the cow, a good pinch of saltpeter
in each pan oi milk may change it. If it
Is within tho cow give her half an ounce
of saltpeter once a day, for two or three
days; this will help to carry off the im
purities through tho kidneys. Other
causes may be removed or prevented.
THE DAIRY. Take Care of the Milkers.
The care of cows during the hot
season is ono of prime importance to
tho dairyman. This is the season when
they necessarily shrink in tho quantity
of milk given unless properly fed nnd
looked nftor. Tho results attained bv
those who take pains to keep up the.
now oi milk in tneir nerds snow that it
pavs to supplement the food taken in
pastures by regular feeding in the
stables. You cannot get milk unless
me animal has food to make it from.
When pasturage is short and scarce.
and it takes about all the animal can
crop to sustain life, extra food is a ne
cessity if a respectable yield of milk is
expected. Nutritious soiling with what
ever tho farmer happens to have,
whethor corn or oats or rye, will do
much toward sustaining the flow. It is
even more profitable to feed grain or
snorts or meat-cake when pasturage is
linn man to allow tne cows to dry up.
Drink should be given at regular tunes,
twice a day, when the cows are
brought up to be milked morning and
evening, is often enough even in the
hottest weather, and frequently they
win arms oniy once, ihe lood upon
which they live contains from sixty to
. , .1 "l
pif'iiLY pur cent, ui wuier, auu mis suu-
eiileueo supplies a large portion of the
moisture needed. If cuttle are watered in
this way at a trough or brook of clear
runuing water, they will not ncod water
in the pasture where it is often swamp
water or otherwise impure and filthy.
Extra feeding also allows cattle to lio
down in the shade during the hottest
part of the day, which is a desirable
thing. It has been said that excessive
heat is more injurious to a milch cow
than short feed. Shade in the pasture
is therefore almost a necessity during
the hottest part of the summer. Flies
also are extremely irritating to cattle at
this season, and there seems to be no
moans of avoiding them. If the farmer
is lucky enough to own land bordering
upon a largo creek or stream, the cows
can go into the water and stand for a
timo, switching the water up to their
backs with their tails nnd thus keeping
themselves comparatively free from an
noyance of insects. But as this is not
often the case, the giving of extra feed
will permit the stock to rest a portiun
of the time, and the exertion is nut so
great iu driving off the flies as when
they are obliged to crop the posture and
whisk their tails at tho same time. In
fact too good caro of cattle is impossi
ble at this time of year, and the man
who makes tho most out of his herd is
the ono who treats them with tho great
est generosity, Utka (K. Y.) Herald.
The Home Market for Cheese.
What "A Western Farmer" has to
say on this subject in a recent number
of the IturtU is excellent advice to
dairymen, and is tho true method to
extend tho consumption of this, one of
their greatest products. Hut in order
to suit small families, a sufficient num
ber of cheeses should be made, not to
exceed a weight of over three to five
pounds. Of such sizes they could be
consumod after cutting, before drying
up or molding. The best shape for
them is like that of the common round,
flat form. If in balls, or pino-apple
shape, the rind is so thick as to make
too great u percentage of loss in out
ting up for tno table. These cheeses
should vary from a middling to best
quality, so as to bo sold at different
E rices, and the manufacturer's name
e stamped upon them, so that the pur
chasers could be sure of thoir quality.
A fancy shapo is not requisite to obtain
a good prico. Customers would only
look to the quality.
My family being small, I am obliged
now to purchase two or three pouods
of ohoo.-e at a time of the grower,
which are cut from a large, common
shaped choose. If I buy moro at a
time, and keep it in quite a dry place,
before my family can consume the
whole the la-st part becomes so hard as
to be uneatable, If put in a damper
place, it then gets moldy. Small
cheeses oould be easily kept till con
sumed, without danger of petting
either too dry and hard, or moldy, us
the rind would protoot them from both
of these for a reasonable length of
time. Or. Rural New Yorker.
Knock iNa a friend down is a suro
way of dropping an acquaintance.
Jonas Yhitcomb's Remedy.
TV imp Jotiw Whifomh. of B'.ft'm. 1ffM Knf !
r. w f uf nlm ' f'.r Uif h'Tt- fit ti! (V nl"i. win- li
' llli! 1p 1 l frwjiM-flt Itlirkl uf Ht.'fitti.ilir A
trvt W Mlt ijinii-f ii.'- ti" fii' fjt '.f mt. tuiri' rn 't- rtn.n
Uv tn' t. who t' irii In" rtl"i In Mi 1(1 as' run
rtlsnpl- iH, he '' -ir"! Mi m (! t. tifl 'I'.ti'- 'i
Htu - (i f-.r hirn. V I'M', tri Pt U-w yrarti H- nclf
hv le-'-n 1 In th't'Hwri'l nt w.rt i ' wHli -
U.nlihliifjf H'l uiilf-irfii U'-jri If rfbtaUtt uo polautv
iu ir Injurious- imtyrrUe wlttTtr,
Tipfiu, J"Urr M. Irting. nl, t, p. 771
"Tii" d'ir"ir iir-wnfwrl, m nn 'niwrlnv ni. -wlmi hiul
hpn iifK' ny ttr '. W. j H ilir- 'Mi ht hir- vUlt,
J'intm Wlilt 'ptniri 1( tn' rljr for Asilirn, ' l'np.i'.rt
f'il In wiff-fjiK' of wa"-r. to i1utd evr four
Ikm in. A KO'id uiKiit wm iht riii it."
"t trmv 4'fl wl rr trml bn fr'-m '.Itnntt
Wtlllri.inti A"hm t-ffi"lr-" '- f- '(-IIMKSK.
rrall'-ti( Si (rttiti-- Irifnirvnry ., Il'at'n. M.
' My mniher tiwl nff' r'! llit 'in frnm tlii fur
rrnt Mtli'ii. 1 In- r,'irr'nr: uf tl.' Uir- iii"ft'h
PC'iny ft" rf yrmr nni"t wun wnr wr out. 'J-initi
Whin :nili' A"t.nui f: nn ly' nrr-"'! tb t'TrlMr !v
ew, ff Ilk k' ui II oft fur the vtiol nrw.n, Co U
r n Joy of ttjf family " H-v. J- V. Jt'iV.
C ti! ''"; AaT' iu of Hi" AtniTlrtati Hume MlMntoiwrj aVcl
ty. to uir a. r. inatpwwni.
XpHMlaKftUn th "Al'rnrrlrii t7wff. SffV 177 .
TO TMK KITKhCKIM 117 Art J MM A.- fllloM'
Cltlll H. K" In th tn'T. t m-fly of m-h p.roni,
WKti'.iK any ronfU'li' with Uio wlio lw rtlu: t, I
eani'-fttly iitk" H who auff'-r br th- dlair-n'mf mU-(Jl-a
to w $irt (tii7y 'Jona W ti!t. ...tnVa J i,,.
for Aathiii. Hok Cold. Mr. " T. Il ttoHKHTs'l.N'.
Itruad Hun, faunuU-r Cm., Va.
JonM Whltromb'a Atthma H'tn-flT m'vifn tnrM
Only lit fit" pf-ITletorm, JUMKft! B l" K fc
I)., tliMinn.
Ijoss of Appetite. Bowels coRtire, Pain In
the HAaYd.with&dullMnaaiioain the back
part. Pain under the houMer blade, full
new after eating, with a disinclination to
exertion of body or mind. Irritability of
temper. Low hoi r its, witb a feeling of hav
ing neglected aome dutr, Woarlueii, Du
llness. Fluttering at the II fart, Dots be
fore the eye, Yellow Bkin, Headache
irenerally over the right ere. Kentleniinesa
with titlul dreams, highly oolored Urine A
n eplallr ad apt fl to anrh cmn,
alnftl 1om rn-t aiirli a rlianga ( fei
tiijt an to afttouUh the ulTerrr.
Office, 26 n array Street, New York.
Von thun rwtmlf of American allmntF art- from
dUordmd Ktdni-y or I.lvi-r. Th' m- ortc:un rv the
aoTtrnormhat rritulatr Hi"1 entire vn-m ami wMle th-y
are nHdom painful tb'tuM'lvii, ino 'Jlwaf' Irive
th-ir orlttin In tli-m. TO only dic: very wlih-h haa
eTr b"' n madp In Un- acfcniinc or worlds th.it
la aci-nnln rciwly for all iui tHnubkB I wimt'ri
Bofe Kidney ami l,lvr Curv. It will run- HrlKtit i DIs
eaac. CaiarrU of th1 Illivlrirr, Oravrl and all ill" -wn of
th Urinary ntvans. Fur Krmalu Coiuplaluu 11 U
Invaluable. For aaiu by alt drut&Uta.
Rochester Jf. T,
The Famous Seltzer Spring- of Uer
maoj in Ercrf American Home 1
Burd nnon a scientific anslyaU of ihta eelebrated Ocr
did Sprlnff, la lu couccntrstfd duplicate, with ttiJrtf
to forty anarkllns; doaea In each botUo. bold bj Drug
(ijU the world over.
XX (not painted, White Duet) $.
VrtiaHr nu a.
. Makprfei't bed. Nomattreaiiorpriows required.
H'-iu r than a Immiti'iok. aa It filatlu1 bodv aa uk'aaanily,
and llia straight. Fulii d or onunc-d fn'atantlr. JsoK-ia-ti
uliiK. It la Just Hip thlnK tut bulvla, otllea, cot
t (.". camp-met i lug. portiucn, etc. Good fur l tic
law n, plitza. or "roolf-n place In the boo,;"!. " Hplm
dlil for Invalid or cliliilrt-n. Pent on receipt of prlee,
OrC. O. U. For AO clt. extra, with urdT. I wIQ
prepay exim-BititKi! to auy railroad atailon raat of Hla
alstfiiM'l HU'it and north of Mm ui and Dlxon'a Llue.
for 75 rrnla. In Mlnm-n-Xa, MHio'trl and Iowa.
Hi: KM ON V. LlltU, lua Fulton t., Rot
torn Aii L':iual Hf., Ntw York: Ifti North S- eon J St.,
I'lillHdelpUlai M ilarkel bl.t CUloo. Mend for Cir
2,000,000 Acres
Wheat Lands
baaa la tba world, for aala br the
St. Paid, Minncarolis & MaBltclia R.R. CO.
Tbraa dollar par aor allowed tha aatt)r for braaa
laa and oulUrauoa. for pariicnlara apply to
Land Coin mtMlo ner, Rt. Paal, Minn.
Platform Family Scale
Wi-lfrha accurately up to I ha.
iiHiiiiftoine apix-aranre geiia u at
MS. Other Family Bcal-'a weUh
tut' 2R lbs. cannot iM-bnuirlit for r
u lioiiH-k-c-
A regular 1JUUU t'OK
Trrmi and rapid att
nrjirlci' old Ap- Hta. Senl or pjirtli:iilara. lMl.MKd
TlO 6CAL CO.. 19 W,' Sch Bu, Cincinnati, Ohio
AOE.VTS wlthlnff to eanvaas for the Lives of
Should write at once f,,r Ctrculur uml term of attuuiw
to FuKbUKK MuMAKiN. Cluciunatl. Ohio.
and H'.fff atfiitr.O. P. anywher. WIn-l
on lopiaw. mro-ii u rri. (to-ns tiuarati
eeAl. b.UbTHliml5i WbasU av,L'hliia
YOINH Ml:? learn Telntrraplir and aarnMOUillOO
a uoiith. kW7 grraduaiM imarautend a piylng tit
aatloa. Addreat K ValenUtin. Uanatcer, Jauuvillo. rt'U,
inrUTV Cola money
Uuo, By malLCa. Aodtvaa Chaaa rub'na0o..toledo.O.
HUkn I Rcclul Book.. Oura (hr oulv
( UlliUU, ILl. KaU IViid beKi'ia Bunt, zui, iU.
forCUouian adarcaf UkttUV UuOlU. Cuioajo, liL
Jjjr;t) mark, ffci?
of aiicii nt ivud niodfni tlina, and Including h hlsiory of
the rlsr unu full of tic fln.ek and Roman Kuni!n n. tho
middle ML'i-a, Ihe crunadi'S, the feudal avuteiii. iik- re for
mmlon, tuodlauivory aiulaLLleiucutof tboKuw World,
ttc., etc.
It eontatna 7 tno hlatoriral etirravlnea, and ti the
moal eoni'let HUtory uf tne World ever pub!Mtd.
Bttid for rnlnien Pup-a and extra term to Ak- ih.
Addrcaa N aiiokaL l'lBLisuifcu Cu.,l'kiiut iiiia,J'a
k mtirm-1 ui? in firm mil n.nnc account ..1 . 1 . it on
Scpt.Cth tol0lh,lSS0.
TTAT.F TA RP for F rHfe 4 fm
r&ienng la v,scTeiauo.
Races Each Day!
D!ret iccm t tbm gnvnSt by nft.
Good ar both Fair ana Imn.
Tor Inform ftttnn or CHAlognmrnirrmXht leoretarn
tievclaivd, OLiu.
J. P. E0BIS03, President.
CEO. II. BURT, Sec'y.
I'onralta atd B''.Kraphl'ii of Candid at -, Flaf.
Ita'ltr . 4e. A Capa, Cap "'i1 loi-h't f'f
Wid Awakta. Chln ae Lan'.-ni forlil'iiolna
tlt.z. I.K'ir '.la -"i nt u g n; and d' lra.
H. 8. GlU-i-N. Wl Suptrtor hi , UrTyJid. 0
Malarial Poisoning
k Warranted Cura.
Price, $1.00.
a!a. of a d"llejotiaviifl pa'kllua -v.tv- Aalt yoiir
dru vl : for It. or aerid c. to nit '.factor nd rr calve U
br uiiL Addivaa K, Iliaaa 215 Market St. . Pmlad'a, Pa.
-MR3. POTTS'r-
CoM-Hanille Saftlron
Fruit, Wine and Jelly Press
Ij-icf, Trf"Sl tB3.00.
V' J
For Saadlng and Extracting Julca
htevehy family .needs
tWMI(..l tllirt.f. MIVT.
V- TO r.v,K .-.. - .ur'.V... r,- ... ML
bh,ji.-,i ht.r
MflPmtX Ma M4 I)!,.rm-t rwm-.'. t
tfMtn Taw'i iVmf a " aixt I
Vaallr Im it i hrt i third Bifi il waj ttrlil4
w.-b wn.,r ffiti. T UiH m' h tail n,r ai-.-.-l .r-- r't arA
! a1 tutf-ttrw krm4 la the iaaaa fd(U nf ro artwut ra
two if th' '1 tii of 4r":'nf. H I'LaYT'iO.
torn iim Kiionl Mmnk if 'JRWton nnrf Fnmmr
WHA fr rlnM. uan kn u ) nyW. 1 gar ia a Wr
7' JOaUUA LLATIOJf, im,. Mi.
lPwaWrrir markinjir a;
k' - . , ( i"f P- n. ':
arr fahrle wtth a ora
. jf j . " ii a Vt- i.b-l ma.
Wr.-'(;h',d ya. Sm. ivw
rir r r- hi --r aiaolur Pay
n : Awnn'm omalnatloa.
ttV!r-i ' r i "id (,y 1,11 l'i; 'a. S'aM'-.n'Ta,.
VJ & tfl liNrvi Airrnujuul Fin'HnHnl l-al
J - FM -ranted. F H ri'UAHI
ilaaa ataakiaVaUiBf a i J r or:LmpLoo, Mj.
Atrn( Vir'H'ii! Di'-Tio-.-kt in4
Addr-aa, fur ClrcuJara, A. J. iiwi.MAS A Cu.. jt uioMla
Should re In evi-ry houtw-ln.id. i1!-!. " ' wall.
AdtlTM Jaa.C.IlEcKXL, i b. nth St..ilii:adtiiJlii,Pa
"C In fOO fT'luvit home. LSamr-IesvnrtIi9
J tO tZU " AdVlrau-vTiNaoji kC. Foruand, lia
A WEF1K. tI2r?nTiT hnrneailr mario.
Costly ouUt trm. AUdr True Oo, Auf iuta Ma.
Rf!TolTnr. TUtis. Catalrrrj fra
itrvmt Weawrn Uun Wxru, tu(urz Pa
A WFFIK in vnurown tiwn. Tennan4
IK omflt freft LL Maliatr&ra Portiand.Ma
A.N. K. CleTe'd.
ptrn mnf taaa mmmm f Ati rtTrfiaaraaaaaad
4 thlm ftmpT,
ara Qnickly and irorely enrod. by tha vmm of XXDKET -
luTliisTaraahan imntT-je aale in all par of the country, work on natural princrp.aa. It rcrtora atrmeta
and U.na to Uia duaaaed orana, and Caroxiih them oleaiucs tha ayitem of a--inmlated aad jmiaoraa
humora. Kidney dlraea of Unity yearasLandlnx hJiva brett enred, also ms, OrmsMpaUon, Hh earniit jiar
Co., whleh bava dlatreaaed the Tictira for yaaca. Wa hv volusieaof teatiraory of tta woni'.rrfTjl onrtUva
power. Vo Icnztrnme Alch&Uc Bitterm, whi jli do tncra hAnn ttian rood, or d raj lie p:lj, b-at tua naturea
aamady. XMDNKY-WOHT, aad baallbwlU baqo.skTy reair-.c. Cot tt of yO'ir Drufrelst, Pric, 3
CWIU md portpald.1 W 1.1. 1 A, KUHAtUMN dc (O., Irn', UurllnctM, t.
The Literary Revolution'.
What Is It?
and (To (bhinar. brx-kdM bx Lnyera a--fl mprirtpd to
to be lb PiU
ra'atlM h.u uibjIc ti.o nt Ji. cm r f tin- bw t mor.tin
e Ilk' trie da v tj-'fir-o Chnsl.TW. cnliliur for r hnL(.
vonot anuQ roiTimaaaaay. aoi cjtumaa t4uapoitA, na
August Opportunities. Ksii
oaah, are reoalvtxl duriAC Auvt, aa tolknti)
.-'p u; -i
A Terbatlm reprint of the last Enirllidi edition. In U beaatlfal rt rai
fnrli th for:.iO tlte e&rae pilnu 1 on finiT, lirnvkr pafwr, vide c ji
(I I. OO. The flrrt etfvcn vctiuaaa are ready Xur dciirerj. V utuiue Li 1
wUl bacooipleted by Ocwbar.
To all whoea order and money are roeehrwd frrrriajr
ni.-i, i, ,r ium -.11 nan nuwu-Kitt ujy, ir i.vn. iu voiuuiua ikatutu u u-'teucuwuuti oj espreaa, Him ui
niauuiia T4uineM wheo compl-'tiifT
A i rimn vuljtne in cloth wiJ he aant, poatpald, for Moeota, or la half 'Hoeaia. gl'A top, for I1.M, and may ba
aHinii4l il nniv If n.ituliifivlnrT
the rernairuiif volunw.
1,-10 "t iiAjinKSA rii ti i,'.'I'.ia-- rrrmpnee ine nm
n, cumplrn in thenu -in, wui be
To illirstriil" and dem m -traie the
nutwubatanduitf pricm are low byutul coin .ait-oii wii.'i tli" t :i-t ''t b Icy evtir L;fur
DUbllfied. we i.uliKh twelve toor.k.s In tJiiuk.it U-jtm ai.il aei.d MUllai(u.lLm. Aifiki
Ciinwun urj m wnru ouuuiuuy oj u i-ry otic, even
pecieo, 1:1 "7 arc Eiiir "7 Jie inrn in an cnt iriiiowiujf are ui.aurw
f Item arc in type auiulcr ttiaa brevier. '.'arly all of thcra have I
DublLihed bv other houea at from ftl Cut to ti SS fi-h. !' " Li
Ihevirrat." farltU-'i " Ufe of Kobert Uurua." TV. HuU'
BocUiutn," ry Oaca et Seta Life, by Lamarttne ,
fc-KUAlum," aary yactl -r seat' LI
Books, 5 Cents. &
uiifinaiHf.iwBcuc v)net
n Am nj! neraa
iraia, ny r.iira 1 1117 aiorn, nun uvn cmta. v.iauiaj
Prevw,' pric" atz cent ; and Private '
; .tiitna
Brvalmllae did not bumbita neonle by preVnea of phi Lain
elate g-d books are grnoreily h ineri en.iiH to ba aiiuiie tu pay f
when price are low aa Che Kovoiutiun make them. In tlAs corm.ttn
Stop Thief I Ji
c mlKlarjii pub: Libers h-
II lab- D' erilH. TbeT uvivhrn
nnen or tse ti oenm a:nirence uiu tiu.-rtee (rt, ao joa
Life of I'brlrrt" for fx uo our prioe l- Smyeuim. How
dlffi-rrneet Hfyi letter to us Bare " n-ithinc " Brrlbax'a
tu ( atap Jha rabtlihrr. Tht- pamet'lwtr 'tvpenand pnr.U:r that dn thftr work are workTnjr alen for oa. and yom
want no boJkp more iieantiful than are noyne of our. The great MethtxlL-4 Book O-mcwni qa. rediMwl nrre area
In the advertisltyroolumni of it several I h Hadaa i't !-. Why I Our booke are an eh-ap thev contract triUi aud
Injure the aule of Uicira. Weredueed Smttb'a " Biiile IJirtlonary from $-i Uu to GO ceuta . Kiit'o'a " Cjl loiwilia. y
Ililjlical Literature" frnm J100O to C W . and YounM Analytleal CVnonrdan- to the Blhle.' "thd w.hrter
I'naOridirud " uf relUrii'iu literature, the f-ma;at work iff the kind hlli tlie r nt jry ha prt-Juced, fnmi 1A.X to
tl.OQ. The people taay proiinni-e thn vi-nim bj W K-intj' of wrfing-doiiur we, or the roillK-nalre pubUahera.
n.HA Al PMa aiwreai Ufwat onoe aaid thai the beet way tu rt rilof a bad law U 10 enfurve it. If the
llRnRrHI III rtll I wnt of an International cupvrufi.l ua wrorur to forelrn authors, Amerli an publisher
WUIIUI ui Wl Ullla m to blaine thai thure U none, and could u;n inc tlm paa-iiint of audi a law q'dckly It
they efaoee to do ea. We believe that the Aulh r of a houk in aa ciu.'h entitled to al-olute property m tt fhv world
ever an t the atitlioref any ottier prudut-t of the band or brain. We vote f a law t ifn e him n.ch owLemhip.and
Ya Uiararr lUvalailM m re than ail other lnftuence ia forx-iu the aDMnnt of imlUinaire pubtiahera to the lav-JrC
Of auch a law. But ttire 1 slenty of baaanfin tho Uik uf hifa pn m urli.rf tht' i:eocMry r-ult or copyr-'C
Five oenbi coprrhrht on u boc wuuld inn an author t-VWO t.n a Iwk tt.t w-uid aetl lev 'Ui oot.iea ; and a neott
Intended for die iTiaeea that will a-J, mil 100..XJU If put at a reaeonatil'- pn. e does nut 'Ii-ihv to tx- ixriTIK-J at all.
And the really atanUrJ WU thtt the waat ought to ael) and will aell a aUliina aakveai h eeuily -twa Tke
Uierary RrTalailoa tuu achieved Ua luaj vtrtaHr aud made the hiahmtk r -aKr of ftuud ho- tc:-. Ai.d nultlitn tiiok.
paying MjryrlaLt of erort one cent eewh wmild jrl re an aoth r10.UCXi, which ia m ire Uuin Usi tira. m wfcaC ttieaverajra
'i(-f-i-ful author tiw geta. hut llunyan. Uoidaiuith, Miiton and Virili are no It ricr wxntuiif o-Lvr-ui, si-d
H irsitlay, CUrlvle, Oilibm. De Ve. Pltitareb and jp ee,J to reoeiv it luug bi-fire tin; day uf 1k L lriy
BTldUaa. We do pny five tu flileen cenlcopyrl(tht oa pi-vera! .if our b-)ks to Ann-rli-in auth--i-s Ly Lav Uim
rlrai to IS, and wa axe paying regular aaiariaa, many taouaatul dollara a ydax, u wnwra ia. our acxviu
Standard Books.
I.fhrarf of Tnlrerwl ITnoaVdre. 1 $10 JW.
U ilmaii'i Ulti'-n'a ICiune. 6 r.ia.. ,
laca.ilay 'a Hirtory of Lnirland. 3 vols.. 11.50.
icauUj'a I.i fi and LeU.-.f. 60 centa. - , ,
Jfeea' dav's Eiaya and P.x m. 3 r.'la.. tl.SO,
CJiarnbf' fjcloiieaia uf fc.n. Literature, 4 Tola, $)L
inlk-hCi HItory i-f Knirlard. ols ,l3.
J-liiUnh Liv.-auf llli,tnou9 Una. iv.,la, tlO. 1 .
n,-.klu'a Life and Words of Chrlrf. B0 cenla.
Tourn-' Bible Coucoi-dauce, 3U,uuu rt-fcrvuoea (
Uig 1. a.
Airme Library of Rfoerenhy. t Tola. aaeh. Woanta.
Bwkof Fables, ;ip, eU, iilua. 60 cenU.
Wl .U'li'sCoinpi-to 1'oct.i il WorLr. SO cent.
Ch.-UiL'spearcV Compleu-Works. 16 eenta.
Wortaof I'-uile, tiarwIMed by f:ary, 40 canta.
Work of Vlivil. trawlatMi by Iryd-n. 40 oeuta.
The h'.iran of Mohuimiittl, by tiiUe, 36 ceata,
Adventures of IKjii (oiiffte. llloa, 60 oanla.
Arithian Kik-IiM. illua., 60 oenU.
Itiinvaii'H 1 i-iri im't Truui r-.. iltaa, BO oanta,
Uotunauo Uroaoc, lllua, oO oauta.
Earh of the abnre hnnnd In eloth. If ay rratl. pee v Ttu. Mrwt rf the hooki are also pobUahed la fin '
aditi.in.1 and ll.'ie lniidlTia at hitrheT la lera beairlpllw lialfur tent tree m r aal.
Ki'mlt by bank draft, won order, rcaruunxl utter uf by LjLprvifB, Fraetiuu of ona dollar may be aent In rxaaV
kg atanipa. Aadreea
JOHN B. ALDEN", JLamaoer. ' Tribune Building Kew York
a PT'TMlfTT'G Boaton, H. L. Haetl njn : ptiflartelnhla, Tary Co.: Ctoclaaatl, Rohert Clarka A C0.1
AuJltil VXXiO ; IimwnatX'H. Bofii, su-wart IV, Cl.rlajid. Inuhaiii, Chir! A t o.j Tr ;tK.o, iirowa!
aaiur Co.) CiuMao, Aldeu at CLadwick t tn entailer
Woaias Exhibitions
Thirteen Years. -:-,"'
tin riTHTH 5
have been awarded
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Bocks, 3 deiits.
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S 6 Cents 2 Cents.
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Who Is He?
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Unnrhatwen and CQPrverTrayHa, nirt., Benta.
Bt-irit3iavl lloiiadt, bv tL T. Alden. LUua. &0 oauta.
Karl In oueer Land, llltta. 60 cent.
Acme I.fhrary of Itixl.-ra ( Imica, 50 oanta.
AnieHcen 1'ntrtotiwn. 50 odnta.
Ta:nf ' IH-tU ry o' fcmill h Liu-ratara, 75 oeots.
C'ccil'a IVxik of Nutural History, tl.
I'lonal Handy Lei iron, S3 ceota.
84iyinjrt, by author ot HiFirroutfi Papera, 80 eentk
Mrs. Hemaru' Poetlea W L rk". i) cent.i
Kitto'iCyilopeadiaof Bib. Literature, it Tola, 90.
Iti.llln'a Anr-ipnt Hist, rv M9 'JR.
bnitth's Picuuaaryof lha HM COw edUloo
ou oenu. ,
T"oi Lj f Flarlm Jasepbni. $i.
Comu- Hlatorv of V. la., H.'pkma, fUtn-, 50 eenta.
Hoalth l.y Kr fir dee, Dr. Geo. H. Taylor. 45oeci.
lUaliti f- r W, IM, n, r. fW. II Tavior. 35 un,
Library Mnijf.wne, 10 pent a No. SI a year.
Library M..-4me. biund volur'ie.. CO cer.ta.
I .-av,-. il,.- IHrtrv of an O'd lAwyvr, IL - ,
KapuUuau Hq jaL luO, 60 oauta.
Wwm the katluig bvokadlar, eur om la a piaca,
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'XV - ' and "wards: -fsK
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"Sn . prices M'ih,l

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