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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1880-1886, October 29, 1880, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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ASH.TA1) 11. A
KntiTcl t Ihe l'pl Oltlre fit AolttiilMiln h Hii-itiMl I'ln.. Matler
ftlUH Ki:i.l .V HON, PiiIiIihIuim.
Voi XXXI, Xo. u.
inih:i'i:xih:nt in ma, thinom.
IMIICK, a i.v aovam i:.
Wnor.K Xcmuku Ifios
TJfloN. N. ItOOTki, ciiicnil lu-aler In
,.i t i iimil, Wi'Dccrlt-A, l ro. Leiy nml lilusM
.t .:f, lloolMMld Shtii, iteii'Iy-Mmie rinjii
tiiK Hull and Chjik, ToliiireoM and ('Iihih.
unit everything u dually iii-kiIm to fnl or
wear. Nurtli .Main utrcel, Ashtabula. UtHi
TO ?l tlfiti V IlfM'K W ICI.I, ( A. '. T.hiiIm'h
ami I.. Itoekwelt.i Wholesale ami ite-
l;ill .tlcra In iir rh-H nml lrovltiMi.
I i lulM iiml i train; A Kent fur A mci'leaii nml
Union KxprcsH t'oiiinaiih-M Hint t.je elu ml
Herald, Main Hired, Asli t aim In, o. l'ln:;
f I. X ft. V. Wtilty U-tU TK jti Choice
l-iiiiiltvliitM-fi'linii'l I'i-ovImWhih: !", IHII'C
ronleellcnery, ami tin: lineal bnuuln or in
l.aeeoand nuur. l-'il
M t ,vTW I'roiiuci' nml t'njuinlrioii
i Trillin t fur the inin-litvHM nml sale of W i n!
itii ItcMTVf Hotter,! lu-eseaiul In led KniilH,
Main Ktre.it, A-oiltiimla.olilo. Irzi
J. !. KU I.KM:H A NOV, "IX-uI.tb In
wi. eerier., rrnvisioiiH, I-lour, I m, KmvL'ii
nml liuin.'Htlc l-'ruits. Suit, l'1-h, rinMer,
Wiiter-Unie, Hee.is, Ac, Main street, Ah
lithuhi, Ohio.
V. Kl--.llllli.il,lealer In Klour, lNirk.
Main, l,nl,aiid all klmls of Fish : also, 'HI
kin K of Fatuity i roeeriej, Fruits- nii'l ' uii-it-i
I lonery. Ale nml liotnestle Wine, liil
II. Ij, IOIt IIINON, UvnXvv In Ury Jno.ls,
t ii'iM'tM'lt'H, Ho UK aii'l Shoes, Hut, hps.
tlar.l-.viire. Crockery, Hooks, I'mIiiI, i't
Ac, A -hhibiihi, i hio. I--"1
Itl I IITI IX"Si K W II I . lit It ,"l V u g" i: is 1 I ' i
Ap.ttlieearv, iumI (ienerul liealer In hum-:.
Mr lielnrs,' Wtu.-B imd I.hUort for liu-.iiral
iniil-osrs, Fancy nml ToUel (moils Main
stn-rt, rurnrr of Vniri A-htnhuln. .
I l,n;Y 11,Mt F'J TO., Manufarturr-.K
of Lath, Killing, MouhlhiKS, rhiTso IIoxh,
Ac, l'liinlntf, MutrhhiK, ninl Srruwl Sawini:
iloiir on sliort notlt-u. Hlmp on Main ntrt't I,
opposlir South 1'nrk, AMhtahuIa, Ohio,
II. II. HICK A II D, Attorney nt Lnw No
tiny I'uhllo. Ofliru Itrilhc-ad IM'k Ahtnhula.
. !tl. II Attorney ntui rmmsrllor at
I,av ami Notary 1'uhllL, AslituWuia Har
bor nvi'i poft itlj(:e. -- i
V. IC. 1'; I I llMtM;, AUunii' tinlv:olia
srllor at tiiiw.iind Nutary Fuhlli', i)ioh tc
FUk lloiirtu, Aslitabllln. 157.1.
II. W. CALVIN, Attoincy ami Coiin-
hcIoi at jjiiw, aim isoiunu I'unnu.
ianl'f Hlock
JOHN T. HTIiUfJ, Attorru-y ami Couu
Ktrllor at aw.iiud Notary Fuhlir. Oltlcc in
AslHiibulii Loan AHKoclatloti bulldliiK. 1 "!
l ii AKI I N tOOTH, Attoniry and t'-mn-srllomt
Ijiw, Ashtahuln, Ohio. 1(M.
K.lfi, I. ;. II l, Attorney at r.uw, .Irlt'rr
nuii.ohio. ojilco in the .smnilry lihH-k (I dij
iTaRDW AKK7&or
s.O. r. llTltllAltl A i Om Drains in
I laid ward. Iron, Steel iul Nails, stoves. Tin
l'ialr,luel Iron.Cupperand .inc.and Man
mart urrr.s ul Tln.Hheet Iron and (. upper ware,
Fisk'H Hlock, vshtahu!a. Ohio. Hfo
Jl. .H.l ill N, Ifl. i'tiyslciau and
i- uiion, at-litubula, Ohio. Oilier liouih
iroin li to '4 aiuMi U 1. M. HJ-Sl k
V. I. Kl4i I'liyslelan nud Surgeon;
othee ovrr Uee A HorrH. t have a cotu
plrlo set ol lr. HadllelU'a FqualiztTH, with
the exclusive rilit of Ashtahulu eounly.
(liyKlrlaiit aro resprrttully Invited to rail
Mild examine the instruinen tn, otlire hours
ii- iiiii to a, in. to'l p. m. Residence nout h oi
M 1'eU-r'H church. U.
DK, I lfOHNK'Kchili I'hysirlan, nr-llri-iiml
rrslUtnrr ad si ury Mis. I'i laser's
itrlek Kloek. 1'roprielor of 'i'lierapeiille
la. Hi. Oilier houi h 2 to (i 1'. M. Out busi
ness foreiiooiiN. .si-ll
lr. U .11 II ill pTl H ifiT,nMu4lc'Hiau7r,
AMhtiibuItt, O. Residence on Lake Short;.
piioK , ix TiioNAv6Ti KSoTMrH
oi Stoves, Flows und i'olunins, Window
apsHUd Hills, Mill rastlngs. Kettles, Sinks,
Sleigh shoes, Ac., I'huenlx Foundry, AshLn
buia.Otiio. lir.'l
k -HS fV HO, and Deal
, .' In Furnll ure of the best dt script ions, n.i .
every variety; also, Oeiiural Undert.iK
and MuiLiitucliucr of 'olllus tt order; . aln
Mtrrot, north ol South i'ublle Square, Ash
Diliula, Ohio, - 4!d
whl dnairklnds'of
Itrpiill iUu ol Wiilrlieti, Clocks and .Jewelry,
at 1-7 Al it l ii Street, la room with Carlisle A
'' J'11'1'' lir,,-i,
U &iK ' W . Vti'i JewcTer; Itepalr
n U til all kinds of Watches 1'bn'ks and
Jeweliy; Store la Ashtabula House Iflock,
AHhtahulih, Oiiio.
ers and iJealers in i'letures, Kiitrravinys,
F'.ironioH, tier.; having u lai'KU supply ol
1 . millings ol various deseriplioiis, aro pre
pared to frtilue any till iik In the l'lcl ure line
at vhort notice and in the best Htyle.
F it i Ac Hit O Til HI t MaTiulaet ilrers
nml Uialers In Saddles, Itridles, Collars,
Trunks, Whips, die. ., opposite Fisk lioune,
AshlahiUn, Ohio. lOio
Iflll.O ti. III A'I'II, Justice or the Peace.
Oillceovrr Ashtabula Store, AHhhihuln.
) VIU SLOAN, Civil Kntrlnerr and Sur
veyor, Architectural und Mechanical
Drnutfhtsniun. Oittee in Fierce und ltttd
heiid's Itlock, AHhtahuln. Ohio. H'(
ri. IC liKLLKY. 1). I H Newher-tti-y'ij
l!lH-k, eor. Alain and Centre Sis.
Kntruneeon Centra Street, Oitlco liourn, U
o ly a. m. 1 to 5 p.
r C I. tit 11(1.1., Dentist, AshtahulH
Ohio. Oillce Centre street, between
Main and Park. lid-S
Wholesale and Heuill Dealer
In all kinds ( Coal, und Lumber. Hewer
lpe of nil Hl.es. Ollico and yard ut Center
mlroet rullroiul cronslmr, Ashtabula. Hall's
dhJitglex HHprclulty. Fine luinbrr.slilliKlrs,
lath, of all kinds, In any quantity, nt the
uwent prloes, and deliverel on curs or nny
w Intra In Ashlnbulu. Oidem left nt the
Htore of.I. H. Cnmby A Suim, will receive
prompt attention. U'j,
jV!HiT.'lB lvril, A(tent for the Liverpool,
Londo A Olohu I nsuriince Co. ('nsh Assets
over J.lHHI.iNN) (job). In the IT. H. i'j,lHi,iMl.
HhK't loldcrs also personally liable 1 1-1,1
' nTftil ITII , I in porter of Scot eh Foliidud
4 rniiHo Monuments, nml Manufacturer of
American (irnnlte. Marbleand stone Work.
All work Finished In the Best Manner.
OillrH and Works near L. H. Ji M K. Depot,
AMuabula, thlo. LsO
JTI'RKNNON KVNN, niaohinlKtV nnd
steam tit tern. Farmers and Mil! Machinery
irpulred, and every drfirrlptlon of pipe llt
tln done to order ut reasonable pi'lrrs.
sh.p t the Harbor. OOtf
1 1 I (At ludnd'iii 1 in. llrkm. Conuar. La&d or Iron
rtrilliout a- id or olduriojc Iron. Any lady oi
m child au and with it. Will end on laiupla
LiUU bi'u..il (with direutiuua) that will cut.
0Bfi'urth Inch pUh. on receipt ol Wo;
hLiOAah. AniNTl W15TEU. Cn ciry on 'lay's
Ouiok to yuur poektJ SaJea ylolil n u $lt pr
Isy. Our M-in llhntrtej Cutalogo otHM
ubromoa. Jwlry. NoreltK i, 8tAtiontirv, ftfl.
108 s. sth st, pbiitidaiptuft, r rni
JtfttionUUiir. I'l
Note Books.
TFNTS will buy a note book, eon
laliiluK lot' nicelv pi lnleti notes at
TELtUitAFH office.
I now linvc In Hlofk tli LiiiKcHt iiikI IIomI Mm- ol' Kip anil
C:ulf Itootx nml lli'iivy Slioi'S, Cor Fall Wi-ur, 'V-r Iii'imikIiI intii
tlm County, wlili li I am hi IIIiik: Very l,ov. IMi-asi! ( all anil -.v
ihnIik- my OiioiIh anil Kt my prlri'.s lx lorc Inlying.
1-13 31 A IX KTItKHT.
I??1 KuliIxT Moots a Si'i-i.illy.
TF fTh "D
is sr.L
Clicaior than any oth
compare Goods and
for Teas and (J roc
Hats and Caps for
est iStock in Ashtabula
Overcoats in great
Blue Flannel Shirts
brated I)iamond Shirts
dershirts and Drawers.
Neckwear the Lat
of Gent's Jewchy.
Water-proof Cloth
Hosiery. The best
gant stock of Gloves
Call and Look Thr
Ashtabula House Blocic.
DORHS, Main St., mm
er House. Call and
Prices. Headquarters
cries Generally, at
Men and Boys. Fin
County, variety.
a specialty. The Ccle
fbr sale only. Fine Un-
cst. A splendid stock
ing, Trunks, Fancy
Knit Jackets, An cle
and Mitts, Overalls, &c.
ough my Stock for
Hall's Block, Harbor.
Desirable Fall & Winter
"Which for Style, Duniliility nnd Cliea)iiess have never licen
surpassed in Aslit'il)ula Ladies, you will find Positive
Rarain at this store ! There has never been pre
sented a more Attractive .Stock to select from,
und every thin is New nnd Fresh. Not
an old thing in stock ! Do not forget
the place. Geo. Willard's llock,
Three Doors South of Post Office.
Wl Uivi; thin Week Wit nddie of OUT
VMUMtf luwn-mnii, Clmrn-s SImm iniiii.yun(f
ett son of the Judjfe, l 0 nem! (Jfitfl'M,
n On- foreiimn Mini leiulfr of t he deb jjni ion
of otinjf voters from tin couniv, who wmit
up, ih Ihu ruin, iJOO HlrotiK n Ki'Mlay lti-t.
10 piy their rt"prc-tf mid robralulaiions
lotlicSnji' ot .MctHor. Tin; effort was n
very c-rwiilitblt; out, hihI kIiom id w.tiuM hin
of the Ititi'iit cnory him promine of Die
yoitii man. In connection with it is the
Intppy rcHiiirte of tin (n-ncinl, who 1ms
t e rfmly fucnlty without fnrcth. udr
"f ni'i'lin the drniuinU of th occhm ii.
iti-lli Hose ifTmU Hit very n r.-iihiii;
for t h tinic. lliMi tliy me ;
(iclicilil J, illM- A. (im-fli'M: I hiiVft tho
ifr.-Kt hoiiur hikI Ihf i-imi pl.Murc of ix-prcs-nik'
to you the estctfin which the voui,
nu n of Atifiitml4, the youn J: puiilicrun
vo'ern, Im vv for you. Owin to thu iu
c!cinei,cy of the went her our iiuiiiUt is
not h iiiife us wh hml expected, hut we
ure iitlliirn in spirit it not in hody. ntul
with joy nud with ileuuri' we yivt't you
upon the y lorif us viclnry m hieved in (hio
him! Indinuii.ia the rarut election, him! we
look forward eonfideu'ly to h Mill greater
ph-iiurc in the neur future. wiu;ii He Imil
uemljle to emim a niittc thy next IVei-d-Mit
of the I'micl States, Jhiim A. ir
I'u ld. f Applunse. We feci proinl of you our
'under u iuhu whoe puhlie life h",is licen
o'ic crowdeij with net ivil ic.n and crowned
with usefulness. We feel prom) we have a
leader who Im hIwh vx in public li ft' exhibit
ed those fpinlities which ever incite the nd
iniration of In. nest, patriotic and intelligent
men; and we vmin men win ure ithout to
a-t out tioi I'tesi.lenlial votes feel proud
that we can cist thcin forand in honor c f a
mull u hn.whcn the tun ion's life wan in peril,
went fortiiiiud fout'lit wit h a nohlr record,
and when culled fnun the liattletield to I he
legislative, hulls ol the nation, there not
only identified himself with every preat
measure enacted for the country'! welfare,
hut hNo unstained with- the admiration
of the whole L'nited States the high char
acter, reputation ami honor of the old
Nineteenth District, so long and nbly rep
resented by that old champion of freedom.
Jo-huti H. Oiddincs. We uImi feci proud
that we are to join the Republican pi.rty,
a party which wat founded on fieedoinas
its bottou, and which lias h record that it
can proudly boast of before alt civilized
nation.-, and wlne achievements within
ihehliorl period of twenty years, when re
corded in the book of history will cover lis
brightest panes. Jlut wliat'slmll we say
of the Vomitf men who would cast their
lot with thiil other parly, with a parly
which by heldint: and advocating thai
damnable and nci iued doctrine of State
rights, brought on and encouraged seces
sion and brought on the civil war, and in
lMi-l, uheti the Union army had almost
brought the war to a victorious close,iii na
tional convention assembled, declared that
the war for the union was a failure, und
upbnfidcd the Republican party for tramp
ling upon the liberties of the people; with
a party which in in national conven
tion, declared that the consi it ul ional
amend incuts were unconstitutional, null
and void, and I believe that they hold to
that doctrine '.o-day in practice, if not in
theory; with a party which would destroy
our national integrity and national honor;
with a party which did all in its power to
defeut the resumption of specie payments;
wilh a party which nt the dictation of tho
free trade South would throw our manu
facturing And industrial interest in open
competition with the old countries of Eu
rope, Htid finally with a party which knows
as h mailer of history that there are nearly
500,1X10 men in 1 hesc United States upon
whom this great nation in its awful majes
ty has conferred the lights of citizenship
Mnd the right of suffrage, but who cannot
exorcise those rights on account ami be
cause solely of ihe Democratic party?
Yet this Democratic party, which tho has ef
frontery to come beforo the American peo
ple and put in their national plalfonuthut
"the right to a free ballot is a right pre
servative of all rights," does not raise its
voice against the great frauds perpetrated
in the South, and even in the hallof Con
gress they seek to repeal a Jaw intended
solely to secure freedom and purity at the
ballot box; and when they could not do
that lawfully, when we found that we had
a President I here that would not let tlieui
go any further, they snid they woud starve
the Government to death if we would not
succumb to their demands. Oh ! how long
can this be, and our Republican institu
tions not tremble to their foundations!
No, thank God, thank the liberty-loving
people oi the North that upon the 2nd of
November a voice will he heard throughout
all the loyal North, speaking in tone as
iniid as thunder, that these things cannot,
must, not and shall uol be, and we will
elect James A. GaruVId President of the
Untied Males by every electoral vote in
the Northern States. Chee,n.J 1 now
have the honor of introducing to von the
young Republican voters of Ashtabula.
General Garfield responded as follows:
GcuLleinou: 1 believe you are nearly all,
if not all, my constituents, that this is a
home gathering a sort of "Harvest
Home," just after the ordinary harvest,
and just before that other harvest that
somebody will gather in a short time
laughter, and therefore I feel the utmost
freedom in meeting you and greeting you.
We have been in the habit in this old
Nineteenth District, or about fifty years
lust oast, of believing in the existence and
sleadinese. of the North star(applaisi ), and
wo have helit ('ed in it in cloudy weather
(laughter and applause), when uub.idy
could Bee a utar. (Laughter.) Amidst
clouds and darkness this people kept on
believing in it until nearly all the world
saw it, und saw the great constellation
wheeling h round its steady and immovable
center. That North star, the symbol, of
freedom nnd the eonal rights of all men,
has been kept steadily in view by the bet
tor people of the Western Reserve these
forty years from a time long before these
"first voters' were born. These young
men were born into the belief in it anil will
not be likely to forget it, because it now
shines plainly In the northern heavens.
(Applause.) To speak without a figure,
the people of this old Nineteenth District
long ago learned to be content with being
right, even when they were in an appa
rently hopeless miuorty.
Your speaker has referred to Josh A K,
Giddiugs. Think of the long, hard strug
gle, when he was ostracised by all men ex
cepting half a dozen at Ihe National capi
tal, denied the common civilities and
friendships of social life; but, believing in
the immortality of liberty, he fought on
and on till his last days lie saw them tri
umph. 1 have never received a compli
ment lhnt touched my heart, more deeply
than wlun, after a speech I made in Con
gress for the same uau&c, there came from
of oit r ij!tl v, h
P-T'rr Tidiii M,f i. Id pi
nml i i,-i' l t'ik"'i up 1-1 wiik, him Mivtng
, I wan worllniV wearing bin in ni'li-.
P'hu-c.) And I am gUd lo u,eH
I young enth iiien, U-li.-ying that you an
j h'Htnd by iiiiummI lies to be trie to I,ofm
g ren i prihcipltji th-it Ibe Wc-t.-rn R.-erv.-I
helped lo limit and chen-h, I know vtimt
thi- old dis'net hac done ami what it ha
MihVied for it" convict ion, and I am gi.td
to know dial in rninv nt:d ieinp"-'iiMU-weather,
in en-on ati'f out of naH..h, the
old gu iid will be found wh. n v-r the ban-n'-r
of freedom idiots m viivio b.it'le,
You arf; Welcome lo re to n'., V'tltl' MI' TI,
Thrice welcome! We ar- fM.-nilH. we are
I tieighb-.rs wi-arc couir.id ?. m a c inrnon
ItCiu-e, and I !ru-t thai ic V'-m g un who
I liinki- his f i - clr "ire - f p.u'', rai ion
, to-Uy wni h-unrrv f'-r i' wit-n . i"Ok
jb.ck fr in tut nid oi tl.i cenniiy to the
I shall lie glad to takf each of you by
the hand la' fore you In-tvp.
Special dispatch to the Loader.
Alhany, N. Y., Get. K The c-rlifi'-ate
of incorpoi i'iou oT tiie iJiilf.l , 1 h-wl-md
& Chicago R iiiway Company Im b'-en hl d
hie. The cunpany is fornnd for tli-pur-iose
of cou-ti ucting a r- id from Ruiftlu
southwesterly fo thu State !in in Chau
tampia cniiufy, thenc- vi t ( !ev.-! ivd t-
Chicago, -Tlii- iength of tfi- n ad in thi
State i- Hixty-eight mi!"-". Tiie px:-"micc
of the comp.inv i litnired to 100 years.
Capital stock $'.)0,0W. in 20, shares
of $VH) eath. The following ar the di
rectors for the first year: H. A. V. Post,
Charlen C. Poineroy, J. G. Turk. John D.
Reynold, Monroe Chubb, Morgan G. Po-t,
Charles K. Kimball, Thomas 11. Currv, J.
I). .Miiclu'll, .John I'. Hart, all of'N-w
York; Archer N. Martin, Summit, N. .1.;
C. II. Clark, K. J. Kiml-a!l. Piiiiadt-lplna.
Ninei v-foiirthousand dollars of theoapilal
stock is Mibscribed hy twenty-six persons.
In the Columbui special to the Ltthr
yesterday morning, was the following para
graph under the head of "incorporated:"
"The Ruiralo, Cleveland & Chicago Rail
way Company line, pa-sing through the
conn'ties of Ashtabula, hake, Cuyahoga,
horaiti, Huron, Erie, Sandusky, Ottawa,
Wood, hucas, Fulton ami William!". The
principal office is to be in Cleveland. Cap
Hal stock $(;.500,0M), in .-.hares of $100
This sounded like something big, and a
reporter at once investigated the matter
further. Judge S. Iiurkc. w ho, it i.- un
derstood, hud drawn up the articles of in
corporation, was called upon and said :
"The proposed new road is to he built
bv Eastern cnpitalisis interested in the
Waba-h, St. Louis Pacific, ihe IMnwnre
& Lackawanna, and a few ind'-pcndi-ht
monicdmeii. it was firt proj-ctetl -oin
six months ago, and 1 was employed to
draw up the articles, of incorporation tor
this State. So far as I know nc ('level.. rid
capitalists are interested. The road i- to
be built because these men believe there is
a jiaying investment. Of course the Like
Shore goes through the same territory, but
it is thought there is buine.s enoiiili for
both. It will run about parallel with the
Ltike Shore and will connect with the
Wuba.ih at Toledo nt first and possibly la
ter at Chicago. It is believed that ado'uble
track, steel rail road from here lo Buffalo
will be a paying investment, and surveys
have already been made eat of here. The
time for beginning work has not yt't been
fixed, but it will be shortly. At present
I a rn not at liberty to give the names of
the capitalists interested, though it is sub
stantially a Wabash movement for more
eastern business. It is not likely that any
ruinous competition will be established for
the projectors believe there will be business
enough for both roads."
Superintendent John Thomas of the
Cleveland & Pittsburg road was interviewed
and said: "I know nothing about the pro
posed project. The first I have heard
about lMvus this morning. I have heard
that the'lCrie folks desire to connect with
some other road than the Lake Shore. 1 do
not know who the parties are, but probably
.lay Gould may be at the head of it. A
new road could undoubtedly make money,
as there is business enough for both. I do
not say that it cannot be, foranything can
be. Should the road be built the eastern
terminus may be at Erie. Dunkirk or I!uf
falo, and the western terminus at Toledo,
where it will connect with the Wubuli."
Mr. J. T. Watin, private secretary of Mr.
J. II. IVvereaux. was next attacked. Said
he: "This is nothing new to me. I have
heard it intimated that such a road would
some day be. built, but I gave it only mo
mentary thought. I know nothing more
about it than what I saw in yesteiday's pa
per. I cannot imagine who the interested
parties are, I do not know, nor have I any
means of knowing who they are. I do not
think any Cleveland parties are interested.
Yes, I think there is business enough for
two companies. I do not know if it would
be a paying investment or not, and yet I
think it would be."
The following special dispatch was re
ceived on ihe subject yesterday afternoon:
Columih's, October lb. John P. Kings
ford, of New York, Steven Burke, Charles
Hickox, William B. Sanders, Charles II.
Bulkley and A. Iv. Sneneer, of Cleveland,
Ohio, have associated themselves together
for the purpose of forming a corporation
for building, constructing, operating and
maintaining a railway through the State of
Ohio from east to west to be called the Buf
falo, Cleveland & Chicago Railway, the
termini, name and capital stock of said
road in tho State of Ohio shall be upon the
east hue of the Slate in the county of Ash
tabula, south of and near to the line of the
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway.
It will run through the counties of Ashta
bula, Lake, Cuyahoga, Huron, Erie, San
dusky, Ollawa, Wood, Lucas, Fulton and
Williams. This county will be the west
ern terminus. It will be run into the city
of Toledo, and it i expected and under
stood that the road so to be constructed
will connect at the eastern terminus with
a railroad to be built across the States of
Pennsylvania nnd New York, and that they
aro to connect with a road to be built at
the western terminus, running across the
States of Illinois and Indiana. The prin
cipal oflioe of said coinpuuy shall be locat
ed in the city of Cleveland, in the Sute of
Ohio. The amount of capital stock will
be $0,500,000, divided iuio 0.2LKJ shares,
of $100 each. Tho sole purpose of thisor
ganizufioii is to construct, maintain and
operate the above railway. This company
is organized iu puisuance of the Legisla
ture providing for the formation of rail
road companies.
The Bradford SVorsays: "It is rumored
in New Voik and echoed in Bradford that
Jay Gould has secured an old charter con
taining tho right of way through Cleveland
and other lake cities from Buffalo to To
ledo, and that he is about to build a double
tr.MK line iu competition with the Like
Shore, It i iii id tf,,u the contract for
buildu p will Ijc t in ten-mi!'; sections so
that ihe work may be pri-di' I as rapidly a
jo ib. Tit" d mi ii off from RufTalo to
I'oiedo is W, mil.-, and it id that On
road will be f"Utpl"ted as aoori as the
Lickawamia MTffij-ion from Piingharnton
to liuffulo. Thi would make a continu
ous line under Gould' absolute control
from the Pacific t, the Atlantic O- can,
but whether either of th-j proposed new
lines v. id be built at all is o,ui-si ioned by
ninny railroad m-n of a knowle Jip d good
The An icau Institute Fa i now in
prore-s arid a thiong of people, upp.ireut-
ly . curious and m'erc-t' d as iu pn-viou
years, crowd the ai-ie-. According to the
statement- of the maoag-rs the crowd is
larger than "vr If fore. Corning into the
larg" building the vj-itor H puzzled lo
kuo when To b-gm -ight-.. ein. and it is
wi-e if he will at '.uc-a relin'juMj any hope
of being able to inv. li'jgate fully every
ft attire at one vi-it. Machines!, farmers
and hou-ekc.pers ate the three clause that
find the most to please their fast. In
machinery hali the hirg.-t crowd surrounds,
the artiian well borer, a machine similar
totho-eiwd in the Leadvilie mines. It
has a'reaiiy Mink a sitaft 10. feet deep,
mostly through -olid ro-k. Th well contain-
j feet of ta:.-r, t.nd furnish" ni'-t
of the water iw-i in the building. A
sturdy machine that cnis.he- pieces of rock
to any desired mz is much wondered at.
A "universal grimier," having .steel di-es
r -duces to any degr- e of finr.nrv a long
li-t of nih-tuTice, ranging fp-in iron and
gold ore to grain-, rulVr and shaving-
the latter being .i"pard in this way for
bedding for horses. A cider mill al-o at
tracts much alieiit ion. Turning lathes
and scroll saw- occupy considerable space,
the latter b.-ing used for such elaborate
work as producing portraits of the Presi
deutal candidates.
Many interesting machines are in the
main building. Here on the north hide
are a large nuinbvr of sewing machines
and buttonhole sewers, with operators in
charge. A machine near these manufac
tures paper bags from a roll of paper,
with great rapidity, and here also is an in
vention that fulls, fill.-and gums cigarettes.
There is a potato masinj- with the appaliing
capacity of a bn.-hel in six minuUs. Per
haps the mt ingenious invention shown
is one which receives looe tobacco in a
funnel, wlc-ighs it accurtt-ly, packs it in
cloth bug-for the pfck'-t. prc.-M-s it into
shape and delivers the filled bag at the
rate of thirt a minute, on a revolving ta
li, e, where a man stands to draw the
mmlh:tof ihe bugs together aad the oper
ation is finished. A second person is ru
ipiired tu feed the empty bags to the ma
chine. Oilier attractions are the glass
blowers, the telephones, the type-writers,
and the art gallery containing many pho
tographs and crayon drawings. There is
a large exhibition of furniture, with all
manner of spring beds and ea.-y chairs to
please the weary.
Periodically some baud of fossils pro
fessing to hold an invisible commission
from on high to prosecute heavenly work,
m the world, meets to discuss the wicked
ness of men. Upon the shoulders of these
intellectual mummies rests a weighty re
sponsibility. Their mission is to turn the
world from frivolity to a serious contempla
tion of heaven and hell, and tithes and
things like that. One of these bands is in
session in New York. On Monday the im
portant question of amusements was intro
duced, and some old legacy from a bygone
age, whose heart seems to have been just
about large enough to fill his brain cavity,
said that Christians ought to find in pub
lie and private pn-.yer all the relaxation
needed in (his world, a:id he triumphantly
established his point by asserting that no
where in the bible are we told to laugh!
That ought to settle the matter. Now let
everybody mope about with a face as long
us inis servant of the Lord pretends to
wear and we shall ail be happy in heaven.
The trial of the actioii of Charles Dean
against Mrs. Theresa P. Bell, the wife of
a San Fiancisco millionaire, lo recover
Sjvi.OOO for alleged services as her traveling
companion and escort, attracted a large
uud curious crowd into the Supreme Court
before Justice Dwight, on Tuesday. Both
of the parties were fashionably dressed.
Mr. Deau testified that two years ago Mrs,
Bell engaged him to travel with her to take
cure of her property and generally to look
after her interests and comfort, for which
he was to receive a reasonable compensa
tion. He accompanied her from San
FraneUco tt other principle cities of the
United States, and acted as her escort to
theatres, balls, or wherever else she re
quired an escort. lie also guarded and
protected a quantity of diamonds, which
another witness, a jeweller, testified were
worth $225,000. lie went with her to Eu
rope, and while they were at Paris she dis
charged him, In answer, Mrs. Bell claim
ed that she had fully paid Mr. Dean for all
his services, which she considered of lit tie
value, ilo had attached a quantity of her
property thus compelling her to stay in
New York at an expense of $d00 a week,
which she put in as a counter-claim.
John D. Towusend fur the plaintiff, Robert
II, P. Tighe for defendant.
Cash-buys are being done away with as
fast as possible in New York. A Grand
Street store now uses a brass railway upon
which small cars convey bundles and bills
to the cashier's desk and return with the
change. This ia a needed improvement,
and the crv of "cash boy I" will soon be a
thing of the pat, much to the pleasure of
our large shopping community.
October 25, 1880.
What a Cuanue Would Do. A change
might, and probably would, produce
doubt and uncertainly us to questions
of financial policy, as to taxation, as to
taritt matters and on other subjects
which affect every business man, and, for
that matter, every person iu the communi
ty. When doubts and uncertainty come
upon buch vital interests, business prosper
ity is sure to be more or less affected, be
cause business prosperity depends for a
great part upon confidence in the stability
of present arrangements. Business men
will say. Let well enough alone. There is
no question that their mtluence and votes
will be exerted so as to make this advice
effectual iu t he elect ion. N. Y. (jraphic.
Wine and Cake for Evenings.
Altreii Speer of New Jersey, tt should be
known, It one of the most extensive produ
cers and dealers In Pure Wines and Hrantlhu
tn the United mates lie mak'-sa Superior
Port Wine, which look the highest premium
at the Centeuulal, known as Kpeer'a Port
Qrupe Wine, ll is told by A. It. Thurber A
Co. 8-9
Wahiinoton, October 18. Secretary
Sherman has furni-hed for publication the
following correspondence:
DOUOKU'S Sl'KINOS, Sept, 17, Ihmo.
To Hon. John Sherman, .Secretary of the
Sir: Som day ago I saw a report of
vour fpeeeh at a conference held by tho
National Republican Commit tec at the
Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, nnd' you
were quoted as having u-ed the following
language: "And now yon are aked to
surrender ail you have done into the Ininds
nt Wade lUmp'on and Kn-Klux, and the
little srgmeiiT in the North that i called
the Dciii'rcratir party." May I ask if yo,i
u-ed the-e words, and, if you' did ao, did
you iriftHU to connect, me directly or indi
rectly with what, was known a Ku-Klux-Klan?
Requesting an eHrly reply mldres.
"d to the care of August iifi Schell, K-q.
New York. Iam very respectfully vour
o' ed.tnl servant. Wauk Hamiton.
WASHINGTON. September 20. 1880.
Hon. Wade Hamp'on, care Augustus
Schell. Kq., New York:
Sir: Your note of the 17th ii received,
in which you inquire whether at a confer
ence had by the National Republican Com
mittee at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New
Y'uk, 1 ued language attributed to me as
f'jllow3: And now you are asked to sur
render all you have d'-ne into the hands of
Wade Hampton and Ku-Klux, und the lit
Mk segment in the North thai called the
Democratic party. In reply I have to ad
vise you that while I do not remember the
precise language, I presume the reporter
tat'-d in a condensed way his idea of what
I said. I no doubt s-poke of you as a lead
ing representative of the Democratic par
ty in the South, and referred to Ku-KIux-Klan
as representative of the barbarous
agencies by which Democrats have subvert
ed the civil and political rights of R-pub-Ik
.'Htn of I lit S"uth. I difj nt fi"nii.'ft von
rerwiiially with Kii-KIux-KImi. IimJwI,
I know itmt you hal, in one or two impor
tant instance, rcsislcj ami ilefeuteil its
wort impulses. 1 appreciate the sense ol
honor which makes you shrink from being
namcl in connection wilh it. Still, you
and your associates, leading men in 'the
South, now enjoy the benefits of political
lower, derive! from the atrocities of the
Ku-Klux-Klan, in which phrase I include
all the numerous aliases by which it lias
been known from time to time in the
South. Vour power in the Southern states
rests upon actual crimes of every grade in
the code of crimes, from murder to the
meanest form of ballot box stuffing com
mitted by the Ku-Klux-Klan and its kind
red associates, and as you know come of
the worst of them were committed since
IsTT, wiien you and they gave the most
solemn assurance of protection to the
freedmeii of the South. These crimes are
all laid at the civil and political rights of
Republicans in the South; and, as 1 be.
lieve. but for these agencies, the very state
that you represent, as well as many other
stales in the South, would be represented
boib in the Senate ami House by Republi
cans, lint for these crimes the boast at
tributed to you that liW solid Southern
votes would be cast for the Uemocratic
ticket, would be but idle vaporing.
Hut now we feel that it ia a sober truth.
While I hare no reason to beliere that you
or your Northern associates person
ally participated in the offenses I have
named, yet while yon and they enjoy the
fruits of these crimes, you may in logic
be classed, as I classed you, as joint co-pard-nera
with the Ku-Klux-Klan in policy,
which thus far has been successful in seiz
ing political power in the South, and
whih it is hoped by the aid of the small
segment of the Democratic party in the
North, may be extended to all depart
ments of the Government. It is in this
sense that I spoke of you, the Ku-Klux-Klan
and the XorthernDemocratic partv.
Permit me in conclusion, while frankly
answering your question, to say, the most
laial policy lor the South would be by
uch agencies as I have mentioned to te
cure again political ascendancy in this
country, for I assure you that the manhood
and iudeeridance of the North will cer
tainly continue the struggle until every
Republican in the South shall have free
and unrestricted enjoyment of equal, civil
and political privileges, including a fair
vote, a fair count, free speeches, free press
and agitation made necessary to secure
such results may greatly affect injuriously
the interests of the people of the South.
CHARLOTTSVILLE VA., October 1. '80.
Sir: Your letter has been, received, and
as you do not disclaim the language to
which I called your attention, I have only
to say that in using it you uttered what
was absolutely false, and what you knew
to be false. Hy address will be Columbia,
South Carolina. I am obedient ser
Hen. John Shermon.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct 18, 1880.
To Hon. Wade Hampton, Columbia, S. C.
I have to acknowledge the receipt of
your note of the 1st inst., handed me un
opened by Mr. C. McKinley a few mo
ments ago, after ray return from tho West.
1 had this morning read what purported
to be an extract of a speech maile by you,
published iu the Charleston Aewa and
Courier, and upon your general reputa
tion as a gentleman, has denied that you
had made such a speech or written such a
letter as is attributed to you in that paper.
What I stated to you in my letter of Sep
tember 81, I believe to be true, notwistand
ing your denial, and it can be shown to be
true by public records and as a matter of
history. As you had, long before your
letter was delivered to me, seen proper to
make a public statement of your views of
the correspondence, I will give it to tho
press without note or comment, und let
the decide between
public us.
JOHN SHERMAN. Eighty-Five Dollars Lost.
"You do not tell me that your husband
is up and about again and entirely cured
by so simple a medicine as Parker's (linger
Tonic?" "Y'es indeed I do" snid Jlrs.
lienjauiin to her euquiring neighbor and
that too when we had foolishly paid eighty
five dollars in doctor's bills and prescrip
tions, and after he had been given up by
his physicians to die. Now my husband
feels as well as ever, entirely cured by this
excellent Tonic." And many a sick man
might bo well ill a week if they would only
try it.
A lady said that she wasn't exactly engag
rd but saw a cloud on the Horrizon about
the size of a man's hand, when a cloud of
horrible fancies envelope you through Dys
peptic ailments, try Spring Blossom.

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