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"Stand guard over your press as you would over your own lives!
your support as never before, and do all in your power to build up
flie people " Debs.
you allow that to be destro yed your hope is gone. Give the Socialist press
preserve that great moral power for the education and emancipation of
Official Organ of the Communist Labor Party of Ohio.
NO. 102.
at Cleveland, 0.
DAY, JANUARY 14th 1920
Goveiment Spies Wrote Planks in Communist
Par Platform, also Laid Bombs, is Charge
Washington Stirred to Depths by Sensational Accusations
Against Government Spies Russian Republic
Representative Demands Full Hearing
Before Senate.
WASHINGTON. Did the Department of Justice
organize the Communist party of America and write into
its platform the very planks upon which it now bases its
prosecutions and deportation proceedings?
Charges that the Department of Justice did these
things are contained in a statement given to all the press
associations Jan. 6, by Santeri Nuorteva, secretary of the
Russian Soviet Government Bureau.
Members of the United States Senate, who had re
ceived earlier information respecting the alleged "agent
provocateur" activities of the Department of Justice, were
excited and furious to hear that the mast degrading prac
tices of the old Russian Czars had been copied by an ex
ecutive branch of the United States government.
Conspiracy to Suppress Ttruth.w
Nuorteva's sensational statement to the press occurs
iirJie-c-dfi?8e-f4i comment on 4he ar88tof- -Gregory
Weinstein, of the Soviet Bureau, in New York City.
After stating that the Soviet representatives "wel
comed the opportunity given by the proposed hearings be
fore the Senate committee to state the facts and refute the
historical lies which are being spread about the Soviet gov
ernment." Nuorteva charges that the contemplated depor
tation of himself and Martens is a conspiracy to prevent
the Senate and the American people from learning the
His statement then declares :
"We have conclusive evidence that agents of the De
partment of Justice have actively participated in the or
ganization of the Communist Party or America, and that
those very planks in the program of the party which now
form the basis of the persecution of thousands of people
have been drafted and inserted into that program by such
government agents. We can prove that the chief figures in
certain celebrated bomb plots were agents of a similar
A member of the President's Cabinet who heard the
charges against the Department of Justice exclaimed:
"I have felt for some time that private corporations
were employing 'agents provocateur' to discredit labor,
but it is almost incredible to learn that a department of the
government has descended to that frightful practice."
W'ale Collusion Charred.
The attention of some senators was drawn today to
the fact' that a well-known character within the Com
munist Party ranks, who was most active in its creation
and early agitation, is reported to have "slipped through"
the Department of Justice net, and they are asking wheth
er he was given official assistance to "escape".
Senators learned that the Soviet representatives are
prepared to offer evidence of the most explicit sort show
ing that the Department of Justice was paying money to
and receiving reports from the man who dictated the most
radical planks of the Communist Party, in the weeks be
fore, during and after the organization of that party.
On every side the opinion is expressed that the Senate
will certainly demand the right to question the Soviet re
presentatives and make them prove or confess the falsity
of their astounding accusation. As one member of Con
gress declared tomght:
"If America has emerged from the world war a nest
of spies and official plotters against exploited classes at
Continual on pare 4.)
- ;t
ni :
J) Ift
Address all mail to
3207 Clark Ave., Cleveland, 0.
$1.00 A YEAR
Our cartoonist has depicted the conditions of American polit
ical life in a striking and livid manner in this week's Toiler. The
drawing tells the story far more completely than words can de- ?
scribe. A few months ago the words "liberty and freedom" were
moving words. To-day they are dead except in the minds of the
world's oppressed. Then, the world was passing thru a saturnalia
of blood. A rallying cry was necessary to lead on the peoples to
more sacrifice and slaughter. An idealogical aspect must he put
upon the face of the struggle . What better catch-phrase than
'liberty" could he sounded in the ears of the victims of capitalistic
world imperialism?
But hypnotized labor to expect the practical application
of the precepts of liberty to their every day lives and to indue-
mi . , ... ........ ... . -
inai cuiiuiuuiiB. iney accepted witnout question tne promises ol
their leaders. They bled and sacrificed without end that the ideala
which were held aloft by the sponsors of war might live afterward.
How bitter is the dissapointmentl To-day, the workers of
The Wrecker at Work.
CHICAGO. Searching investiga
tion into the facts behind the Central-
ia tragedy is demanded by the Indu
strial Workers o-the World in an open
letter which has been sent to the
members of both honses of Congress
The letter bears the signature of Wm.
D. Haywood, as secretary of the I. W.
W. general defense committee.
"We want, and yon want, the
truth," the letter declares. "In this
I Centralia horror we haven't had the
I truth. Somebody has stopped it. There
is something that somebody ia hush
ing up. There are burning facta which
guilty men are trying to conceal. Will
you help us to uncover them?
"Out in the Northwest there has
been a tragedy which has shaken thti
i nation. At Centralia, Wash., a aaturn
' alia of horror has been loosed which ia
beyond description. Throughout the
state of Washington it has been a
signal for mob ferocity and lawLos
ness which has made life a teror for
thousands of victims.
alls Packed With Innocents.
"It has packed jails with innocent
men. It has enabled a gang of uni
formed hoodlums to usurp evary
power of staU They have destroyed
roperty, ravished civil rights,!
abolished every constitutional safe
guard of cititenship.
have att
whole lalo
shut the in
x ...,viv
come jtwe
and in tic
mpted to exterminate a
I organization. They have
ouths of every man who has
to protest. They have be-
and jury and executioner,
ir hands all Washington to
day is lite a black pogrom.
much do you know of all
Newspapers Glorify Thugs."
"For the newspapers (except for
the tiniest minority) tell us nothing
and they tell you nothingl From the
first shooting in Centralia on Ar
mistice Day, the press of the country
has willfully distorted the whole situa
tion. In a struggle where there were
plainly two sides they have printed
one aide and maligned the other..
"They have glorified the thugs and
stigmatised the victims. They have
used every twistod incident as propa
ganda to exhort their readers to go
and do likewise. And in Centralia it
self a mob of men was thrown around
the town to prevent a word from
trickling out.
On Paper Tried to Tell Ttroth.
"One newspaper tried to print the
troth. It was not an I. W. W. paper,
It was the Seattle Union Record, own
ed by the American Federation of
Labor. It announced that It had In
that in its next issue it would print
the suppressed truth. But before this
next issue could appear the paper was
stopped and its editors thrown into
"There are a few facts, however,
which have escaped the censorship.
They are eloquent of the true situa
tion: "First The four men who were
shot at Centralia were shot while
breaking the law. At the coroner's in
quest it was plainly brought out that
they halted the parade in front of the
I. W. W. headquarters and charged
the door, thus bringing npon them
selves the penalty which they suf
fered. Self-Defense Is Lawful Right
the iron ' heel )i -Sespotism. Of fcfi nations, uh
"Under a cloak of patriotism they veetiga ted the Centralis outrage, and
"Second This would mean that the
men who fired the shots were unmis
takably within the law! for even in
capitalist courts a man is accorded
the right to shoot in self-defense when
an intruder breaks into his property.
"Third But after this, other pa
raders seized Wesley Everetts, an I.
W. W. and an overseas victim, and
murdered him by lynching. They dese
crated his body, dragged it back to the
jail where other I. W. W. were impris
oned, and threw it there. Then they
forced their prisoners to dig a grave
for Everetts on a vacant lot and bury
"Fourth Every known L. W. W. in
Centralia at that time was seized and
M . at a
wunout aue process of law was
thrown into jail. And 10 of our mem-
United States are ground down more pittilessry than any. Every
single Constitutional liberty has been and is now being denied
them. That "bulwark of our liberties", the Constitution, has been
shattered to bits by the hand of capitalistic interests. Free speech,
free assembly are dead. The workers are disfranchaised.Berger has
been denied the seat to which he was elected by a clear majority of
5,000 votes. Every citizen who voted for Berger was disfranchised
by the acts of the representatives of capitalistic interests in con
gress. In New York, five socialists have been denied their seats
in the state assembly. The constitutional right of the citizens to
elect representatives of their choice have been violated by capi
talistic interests. The destructionist is at work in every field and
alw rs it is the same influence that stands in the bagkeround.
Because of the work of this arch enemy of liberty, nearly
half a million steel workers have been forced back to their toil,
underpaid, overworked, and denied even the right to form orga
nizations for forcing concessions from their organized employers.
The steel strike in an eloquent page in the history of the rise of
American capitalist influence over the historic "rights" of Amer
ican workers and citizens. In every steel center, the heavy hand
of oppression came down upon the workers with violence. Every
vestige of personal and constitutional liberty was ruthlessely
stamped into the mire. Meetings of the steel workers were brok-
j en up by armed violence of uniformed thugs. Men and women
were murdered outright and no bones made of it. The steel strike
was lost because slavery was imposed upon the strikers by the
armed power of the state at the behest of Gary and his associates
in plunder.
The Constitution was an obstruction in the path of capitalistic
imperialism, and because it was so, it has been wrecked to bits. It
has been cast upon the scrap heap of history and now marks a
milestone along the path which capitalism has passed. It can never
be rebuilt. It will never again serve as a refuge of the working
class of America. It cannot be used as a weapon for their defense
against the employing class. In the struggle of Labor for mastery
of the world, it cannot be revived as an implement to further its I
rise to power. The Constitution is dead it can no longer be said
to exist.
(Continued on page 4)
Capitalism knows no law but the law of its own will. It will
without a quiver wreck its own laws when they stand in its way.
It acknowledges but one lawthe law of force. The workers must
forge new weapons if they would win against entrenched and power
ful capital. We know now. that we can never win bv merely
gaining 51 percent of the ballots". We know that capitalism has
no more respect for majorities than it has for minorities. Labor
must give ill its activities for shorter hours and higher wages a
revolutionary meaning. It must quit quibbling over these things
merely as s ich. Labor must recognize that in order to live humane
ly, it must control the means by which it lives. It must take out
of the hands ol capital the power to control production. It mast
take out of the hands of capital its unearned possession of thn
machinery of production. To live, Laber must rule. And to nils,
it must cease depending upon the "rights" given by dead constitu
tions. It must by force of itsinvincible numbers, write a Consti
tution in which only they, who labor shall share.

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