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in answer to questions by a corre
spondent of The New Majority. The
presence at a Socialist lecture of 75
special "constables" from the "state
department of constabulary" headed
by Stuart occassioned the inquiries.
Socialization Law is Compromise
BERLIN, Germany. After much
quibbling and more compromise, a
general socialization law, which is to
serve as the basis for all subsequent
socialization measures, has been
passed by the German national as
The act provides that every Ger
man shall be guaranteed the right to
earn his living by his own efforts. It
(Federated Press News Service.)
iving costs still soar. would be no less diastrous to Amer-
SHINGTON. Efforts of the gov- can intersts than to the interests of
ernment to lower the cost of living our debtors."
have been unsuccessful, it is shown He therefore proposes loading this
by figures gathered by the Bureau of debt upon future generations: "Pen-
T nkn CLitintin. maw. F.A nvinninla .t i f alrma .-li-nil,! Iia moila kf ,1 ilf nrfin tr
. I j j- i i. j xi.. pledges the government to afford
ies. and spreading over a later period the if. . , , , , , , .
It costs Mr. Householder more payment of interest which would ac
money today to feed, shelter and crue, during the next two or three
clothe his family than it did in mid- years."
Bummer, when President Wilson asketi j Perhaps the most demaging in
railroad shopmen to defer a threat-1 ictment of capitalist financiering is
ened strike until the government had contained in the closing paragraph of
an opportunity to bring down prices, Glass' letter to Representative Ford
figures show. ney, chairman of the house committee
nun Aran forces sur
render TO RED ARMY.
The Black Sheep j
Red Soviet army.
The town of Krasnoyarsk,
him this right in case it is denied him fcsibena, has Deen capiurea
Up to November 15, which is the
latest date for which exact figures
on ways and means:
"While I fully realize the desir-
. 1 ' 1 " i - 11 U J. J
are available, retail prices of 22 staple mm 01 cuuecung mis interest aim
commodities had risen approximately decreasing at once by a correspond
2 per cent since the president issued amount the taxea which we must
his letter to the railroad men. The collect' 1 should be most "luctant
index number stood at 192 for No- ,without sPecific instructions from con
vember, compared with 18 for Octo- to the contrary to demand the
ber-nrices in 1913 beimr figured at immediate payment of interest which
A m , . wniilr) nnt nnlr cpviahcIv rot n vd flic
iuu. aince iNovemDer, unoniciai aata, pritish DeSp0tism in South Africa
by private employers. It provides for
the transfer to the communty, upon
adequate payments to the present
owners, of such industries as are
adapted" to "management by the
ommunity," and stipulates that the
ational government may assign the
work of socialization to the various
tates, communes, or specially created
conomic bodies.
The act has drawn fire from both
apitalists and Socialists, and appar
ently satisfies nobody. It is assailed
by the Socialists as a compromise with
the capitalist system, and by the capi
talists as too revolutionary.
economic restoration oi those coun
tries without which they will be un
able to pay the interest and prin
cipal of their debt to us, but which
laA wAlllH Hoatrnv fheii nnwor ui
tent to which England is tightening , , , ,
, ... ... . make needed purchases in our mar-
ner hold on Irish affairs may be . .
ii j - i Kets.
gntuereu irom a comparison oi raws
and other activities by the military!
shows the rise has been continued.
British Suppression in Ireland
DUBLIN. An indication of the ex-
and the police under orders of Dublin
castle, during the last three years.
pain Unfriendly to Soviets
MADRID. Forced by the Socialist
I rt i i mi .
In 1917 and 1918 there was a total 'aepuiy BaDom 10 maKe a aeiiniie
of 271 raids by the military and police Btatt as to Spam's attitude tow-
on private houses; in the first nine
ard soviet Russia, the minister of for-
months of 1919 the number was 5,588. eign affairs stated that SPain had
In 1917 and 1918 there was a total "0l Deen asKea 10 " ine ainea
of 99 armed assaults on unarmed D10CKaae &Sai itussia, Dur mat the
civilians; nine months of the present overament refused to take friend
year showed a total of 333. y attitude toward tnat country.
In 1917 and 1918 proclamations and '
suppressions amounted to 35; in the,1 Sabtage Parliament
period January to September, 1919,1 LONDON.-Representatives of 300,
tho fi.rnr,. oca ,0 union men have called upon the
Tn 1Q17 r, a io'i9 ik .., Parliamentary Labor party to block he is not allowed to buy land.
were suppressed; in the first nine a11 business in the house of commons
months of 1919 23 suffered this fate. jntl1 the gvernment has restored the
In 1917 and 1918 there were 98 "employment dole. If the govern-courts-martial;
in nine months of thelment fails to P1?' direct action to
KIMBERLY. South Africa under
British Rule is a country where the
native must get a pass to live with
his wife, another pass to visit his
family down the street, and another
to work for his tiny wage of a shil
ling .and a half a week. There is a
iabor party to which no laborer can
belong, a Socialist party which is
smothered to death, and a church
which has had a special law put
through the English parliament to
keep the natives out.
Natives pay the general tax, and
a special tax in addition to punish
hem for being natives. .With the
proceeds of these native taxes the
British build schools for white chil
dren only. .
The negro in South Africa cannot
rise above the serf condition, since
he cannot leave a job that pays him
L2 a month for one that pays him L3,
without the written consent of the
irst employer. .
Late news dispatches from! Siberia Secretary Lansing has been
disclose yet greater successel of the vised that the Bolsheviki are
practically unopposed at Taiga
eastern that the reds are also advancing
y the south Russia where the forces
oscow.Gen. Denikine are making a further ; folk, and therefore not worthy of sar-
retirement. jious consideration. Like the subject
"There is no definite news regarding i of economics prior to the time he had
Prison visitors.
It was several days after Jack had
been locked up in h cell with Collins
for a mate, and with Rudolph occupy
ing an opposite cage that their con
versation drifted upon the subject of
religion. It may be that it was the
sound of church bells calling the po
pulace of the village to devotion, that
suggested the subject to their minds.
Jack was fully aware of the in
adiquacie: and contradictions of his
in parents' creed. He had looked upon it
of I as a natural plaything for illiterate
Bolsheviki. according to a
wireless dispatch.
The remnants of the Firs'
and Third enemy armies hav
dered, and 60,000 prisoners
have been counted.
Another Moscow dispatch f says the
booty captured by the redi
southern front in Russia
ent offensive includes 400
machine guns, 11.000 rifl
armored trains, 200
10,000 wagons and largi
food and munitions to;
35.000 prisoners.
Krasnoyarsk is situated
trans-Siberian railway, alout
plain, and open to the plfcj of the
bitter winds, traffic with thi town by
caravans is almost impossille in the
miles east of Tomsk. Lyifcr on
surren- Admiral Kolchak's headquarters," the
already state department announced. "At this
time he has not reached Irkutsk
where the Cech forces have taken the
railway station. The station is located
across the river from the main portion
if the town.
Will Confer With Semenoff.
"The representatives of Japan are
going to Chita, where Gen. Semenoff.
who succeeded Admiral Kolchak as
leader, is located, and from where he
is endeavoring to excercise authority
over eastern Siberia.
on the
the pres-
s, 1,000
res of
,er with
knew that they would succumb to
(these marauders, unless their hands
were strengtnenea witn arms ana
supplies furnished by industrious
slaves. That is perhaps the bask
reason for turning a portion of the
slaves into freed men. But the word
freedman like the modern term wage
worker did not mean that these people
possessed true liberty. What the
masters did was to change the form
and status of thtii slavery. They gave
them a delusion which they called
This delusion made civilization
permanent. It became the mother of
industrial progress. The slave believ-
ing himself to be free, and knowing
that his liberty depended upon his
ability to furnish military equipment
to his military masters how worked
with all the energy of his arms and
brain. That is why civilization bios
somcd under the Solonic dispensation.
met George, it did not occur to him
that religion had any influence for
evil on the masses of mankind. He
was a naturalist with a strong leaning
toward the biological phenomena. He
nroa mifa infnrrwf iwl in fhe nil i lncriin -
etic history of man than in his soci- Wth the products of the freed man's
ological relations. But his eyes were S hl8 masters conquered the
to be opened, and Collins was a thoro, worId-
if at times, rough teacher. "There is a legend to the effect that
"There are churches at Anamoose, the first Roman ari3t0crats were
here as elsewhere, they may be called suckied Dy a she wolf and their desc
the gages by which, the concentration endant3 have ever been true to their
of wea'th may be measured; they ad- mother8 mjik. They have always had,
vertise the fact that there are vested and afJ j as mankina will tolerate
"Tn fha smith nf Pnaaia f Via fnrnAa
operating under Gen. Denikine, have!property rights in the community The their existence m haVf3( all the
two by the Belsheviki jIiercer ine W" U1V' pacity of a hungry beast. These aris-
DiVJnn Vah will vtrtfinn tViot tha omh t i i t n.
jlhuip. iuu win "uviw fswtvofa rtA unnnnr nnn .mitxiuod meir
bUViuva iiv
been cut in
thrust which has penetrated to
winter. The town is situafei on the gea of AzQV Th(J Bolsheviki forceg lem of the church is the cross, that enemieS( than they turned upon the
in, ucvouac 10 w freedmen whose laDor ana genius naa
Christ. If Christ ever existed he died m fV, -it-wf-. nonsihle. Arista-
1 fi i i r x l ; :
ie oaiiK oi tiie w- havfi e-ntured Rorninansk. Mnrinnnl.
WASHINGTON. A ttreatening'Too . v. ' T.7
. , aaainuu aim uuoi1. j n - uv.) n uil tliab
spread of the Bolshevik " forces inj sefl j h Ca ian , Derben-like Parson8 and SPies' because e cracy is alien to all sentiment. They
soutn itussia anu oiuena ww reyurteu danpetrovak has been captured as well uexe,lueu U,B ll"a ui kuc are as dead to kindness ana gratituae
current year there were 227.
taforce the demand is threatened. It
i declared thit a relentless fight will
n u Ibe carried on agpinst the measure
.iniTftM nst a nrp- ,"""D" uure.'uicn leaves utte
to the state deDartment todJ' in offi
cial advices received frontimeria and
European Russia.
These show that the iyitward ad
wance of the Bolshevik for&s through
Siberia has reached the Jje of Ir
kutsk, on the western Bhori k of Lake
Baikel, which the foreign representa
tives, including the American consul
general, Mr. Harris, have now been
forced to quit for safety, i
Where is Admiral Kolcjhak?
It had been the hope of the follow
ers of Admiral Kolchak thai he would
be able to make a stand at Irkutsk,
but there is no certainty nw that he
will be able to save himself; as he has
been cut off and it is not ev.en known
where he is
oviets Will Continue Peace Offer
COPENHAGEN. Ten offers of
e entente
Lem: e to
and .
Commending the Communist stand
by the Italian Socialists in the con
tteriV' peace nave'llKaTeto
insurrecfO nrovoked bv the without resurces many thousands of j6? soviet Russia since Aug. 5, and of-
eapk-Msts has been sent by Nicolai,nnemP1yed workefs- L T conJt.,nne ntiI " is ob"
Serrati editor of Avantil recommendations were m-ra'"eu WH a statement Dy
.1 thL Tf0non r-mmn eluded in resolutions adopted at a con-,the congress of Soviets recently held
lerence of the South Staffs and Wor- m Jnoscow.
hestershire federation of trades!
councils, which demanded that the Irtish Labor Unites
gress of Bologna, Lenine declares that fvernment make some provision for f or Nationalization
they are right in using political means 118 masses 01 ""employed until it
to gain the platform, especially since nas 80,vea ine ProDem or unemploy
as Gutieff and Krasnovodsk by the
In the nothwest and armistice has
been signed between Esthonia and
soviet Russia and fighting in that sec
tion has ceased.
In the Ukraine the Polish troops
have advanced and have taken over
teritory abandoned by the Denikine
The aim of the Polish government
is reported to be to stabilize the sit
uation in that region in an effort to
prevent bolshevism finding a foothold
The evacued regions are reported
infested witH bands of robbers
was a member of one of the ancient ag wa8 their legendary foster mother
brotherhoods of Labor a quinquin- .m ,i,na. j. ,v drained the trail
alis, or Lord and Master, if I read mJxed milk of rapacity. If you want
history rightly. Just read your Bible to knQW thenl( then read your Bibie8
carefully and you will find much rev
olutionary terminology in the pass
description of Jehovah. He is the
Super Aristocrat. Labor is the source
ages reputed to be the words of i of their power and they thanked her
Christ. But in order to understand it ... th (I Heel". And what was
according to the materialist concep-the result? Rome fell and with he
tion you have to have some idea of fell civilization down into the pit of
the scope and extent of ancient labor the dark age8 to no more toT a
organizations. We might call them thougand years. Wolf like they de
the pre-christian unions. They were ; atroyed the flock on which they prey-
organizea in an tne ancient empires, i . and starved,
T- J li. , '
ir I
ine reaction' in western Europe is
only too anxious to stir up an insur
rection, which would burn out the
whole movement.
"Choose the moment for your ac
tion that is favorable from the inter
national point of view," he said. "Then
it will be permanent. The progress of
Communism all over the world
surety for your victory."
ment itself.
.gypt demands Self-determination
PARIS. "How can you vituperate
Germany for having taken away Al
ace and Lorraine without the consent
LONDON. How the British work
ing class pulls together as a unit on
all important issues was again illus
trated in the recent decision of the
co-operative movement to aid in the
campaign for the nationalization of
the coal mining industry.
o u . .
.1(11111' I Mid ncrn it nvna n n .1 ....
of its people, when you are guilty of the Trade Union congress, the Labor
disp osmg of Egypt without a word to party and the Miners' Federation that
er? was the question asked Clemen-1 nation-wide platform campaign
eau by the Egypt.an delegation when .honld be undertaken to win the peo
elegates of the "lost provinces" re- pte to a support of the nationalization
urnea w tne rrencn chamber. lan. At the initial meetings, held to
The Egyptian people cannot accept aeree udoh the detail. f
! he clause in the treaty of Versailles naien. onlv these three hnA;a
nationalization of the mines of Great which refera to them," continues the I represented. Since Dec. 1, however
Britain was made at the special trades statement, which is signed by Saad the co-oncratives have imni.,1 tha
union congress held here Dec. 11 and.Zaglou1' head of the delegation. "As bine, and British Labor is thus mak
12, attended by representatives of
Feb. 20, date for decision of new
tactics to force nationalization
LONDON. A big step toward the
Shepherd : One who tenderly cares
for sheep.
One who
Shepherd -Capitalist:
:A dignified person whe
dispenses justice.
Courts : The dwelling house of
Ballot -
he people of Alsace-Lorraine t)ril- .inn o unit ...1 1Ia
- - x - iiMiuii uiivrj.
ested against the treaty of Frankfort
It was agreed to defer until the next'in 1871' we wil1 continue to demand Damage Claims Against Mexico
MEXICO CITY. In view of
more than 5,000,000 union members.
meeting, Feb. 20, the decision as to at the right of self-determination be
what action should be taken to force P11 s-"
the government to adopt the majority'
report of the coal commission, and deputies Shy at Worker's Declaration
meantime to continue the campaign
view of the
present agitation regarding revolu
ionary damage claims by foreigners,
specially Americans, for lnss.s nlW.
PARIS. The chamber of deputies 'ed to have been suffered in MatiW,
for nationalization with joint control reIused to listen to a declaration of during the past few years, it should
Dy the state and the miners
-: The weapon of Demo
Election : The casting of ballots
by the electorate to de
termine the will of the
Electorate : The citizens of a coun
try who determine their
district. A political subdivision of
the country whose elect
orate choose a citizen to
represent them in Con'
Empires rise and fall as a result of
the concentration and re-distribution I
of wealth. It was organized labor
existing under the ancient military
despotism, that kept the germ of
But I am off my theme. These
ancient brotherhoods were organized
upon Rudolph's favorite principle,
'Mutual Aid'. They preached thrift
and loyalty to one another. They were
One who robs the sheep
himself to clothe.
- One who robs the slaves
himself to keep.
wage- Judge : An servant of the dom
inant class.
Courts : An important asset of
Ballot : A scrap of paper.
(see election).
Election : The place where the
chicken tells whether it
would rather be boiled or
fried. See electorate.
Electorate: People who are born in
a country as distinguish
ed from those born in
other countries who
came to that country
from choice.
district: : A political fiction when
not under control of the
dominant class. Read
account of Berger's elec
tion from 6th Wisconsin
liberty alive and carried within it the gt for industriai efficiency. They
promise oi tne ultimate reuemytiuu werfl jj by the;r own chief) who
the masvs from tba-crnnnniir. tyr- their W&st9--
anny of the rich. thJ military cast m 80ciety. He was
You may ask how it was that the their pre8ident and often their mast
military over lords of ancient times worUman or the teflcher of the
permitted such organizations. The,.,,. Wa rooa . fW nttnrn(,v -t
answer is that complete slavery not ' - the, magters. from
l.. a f- ii,., i .. i,... jAnA.4.. r
uwm" tue "W "u" Which the christians get their idea
.1 1 . l 1 ' . .1 . I
tne mma. a man wnose mgnest in
centive in life is an effort to keep a
lash from his back has no incentive to
mingle his brain with his labor, with
the result that where the working
class has no such incentive to create,
civilization does not advance. Man
must be sustained by production. The
tendancy is for population to increase
geometrically, while the resources
t i. u ii i u - r-.i J . i
irum wmcn wiey must ue leu uo not, ,vnni.i nffo- Vi. Hfft .
increase unless the tools of production atonement for the quilt of his people,
are improved and the knowledge of ft k perhaps frQm the gay.
agriculture advanced. Slaves do not . , ha.h nn man finn
"61 """ I ' I
that Christ is our advocate, the chief
patrician called God.
"It sometimes happened that these
unions incurred the displeasure of
their master; putting themselves in
danger of re-inslavement or death.
History records in a more or less
vague form several of the massacres
of inoffensive working people. There
were instances in which their lord and
A comprehensive food policy was
OVIlltv lii France liv the u , ,,-L- In.- non V n.j .i t n . . ..
..v ....6 ,,cv,- uo n-Lillu.u inBl 0I ine neany nan a
pie of Alsace-Lorraine because the billion dollars of such claim nr.
adopted, of which a large measure of ?0Td "Socialist" was connected with sented on a previous occasion (in
control by the state and by munici-i"- during the welcoming back to the; 1848), less than one per cent were
palities was a feature. 'cahmber of the deputies ofter almost found valiH hv tha
50 years of separation. Albert Tho-
' I . 11 w vii ouvjr n vie DUUJI11U-
mas, Right Socialist, attempted to ted.
ead the declaration from 112,000 Following the ratification of the
lectors in the provinces. Immediately treaty of Guadeloupe, in 1848, which
here was an uproar. Marshal Foch j brought to an end the war between
nd Generals Pau and Magin left the the United States and Mexico, num
oom, and only with the greatest dif- erous and exorbitant claims arose by
palities was a feature
In a session animated by the warm
est feeling, a resolution demanding
ii 1LUHXIM w 1.4 nnnnion unnnimmiaii.
"l.... WIHtlllllUlUIJ,
rhe resolution included the demnnd
that passports be granted to a trade
union committee of inquiry to Russia.
A labor general staff was establish
ed for the purpose of co-ordinating
the movement.
A Bankrupt World
WASHINGTON. That the world is
practically bankrupt ,is the interpreta
tion put by economists up.m the
move of Secretary of the Treasury
Carter H. Glass in urging that the
short-time credits be extended to the
allied countries to long-term notes.
Some $475,000,000 are due annually
to the United States government by
allied countries on loans extended to
them to finance themselves through
the great war. "The collection in dol
lars of this Interest," says Secretary
Glass, "under present circumstances,
iculty was order restored.
American Legion Sponsors
one. tabular?
CHICAGO. Despite the fact that
the third Illinois legislature defeated
the nationals of both countries for
alleged injuries to their persons and
property. By agreement of the two
nntir.nn. nna renroentnf iwe na.li a'
, l 11,11.11, V lL I . W.
Mexico and the United States was
appointed to an arbitration commis-
the state constabulary bill last May, eion, with the understanding that the
the department continues to function,! two anDontees would in turn ntrrw
upon the third arbitrator. That ar
bitrator was the British minister at
and jailing of political
prisoners, and the persecution of the
religious anti war minority. (Write
to your congressman and ask for a
report of the treatment of the relig
ious objectors).
improve tools, neither do they advance
the sciences.
In those days the masters did no
work productively, hence accumulated
no experience of a useful nature. They
were unable even if they had been
willing to improve the methods of
production and distribution. The mast
ers of the world have never produced
anything but misery to the masses
and ultimate destruction for them
selves. As early as eleven hundred
years B. C. labor had begun to orga
nize. The exodus of the Jews from
he who layeth down his life for his
brethern," originated. Christ was not
the first of whom this was said. It
was said of many Saviors before his
day. They called them Soters. Near
ly every union worshipped the memory
of one of these generous souls. The
habit of giving ones self for his fellow
men is a direct result of the teaching
of collectivesm. It is an act that
inspires awe, veneration and grati
tude ;it is an act which translates man
to God. Christ appealed to the sense
t functions as the police force of the
state society for the prevention of
cruelty to animals. It operates under
the old horse-thief act. Havor
Thompson is raid to be an honorary
fficer, and the American legion is its
guiding star.
All these facts wore admitted re
uctantly by Walter P. Stuart, whose
office is listed in the telephone direc
tory as one of the state departments,
Out of 1,017 American clairae ex
amined by the commissioners, 831
cere rejected, and out of 998 Mexican
laimed, 881 were thrown out.
A donation of $2.00 received from
comrade F. M. G. for Liberation Fund.
Thanks comrade F. M. G.
Reported by SKYGAC.
Peace on earth, Good wife towards
men. According to the press reports of
Atty General Palmer, this in no wie
refers to reds radicals, bolshevlits, or
any persons having an idea of later
vintage than the Lutheran Reforma
"Congress shall pass no law abridg
ing the freedom of speech press and
assemblage". Congress DID pus such
a law, and is now busy considering the
passage of other laws of like nature.
"Millions for defense but not one
cent for tribute" was the cry in 1810,
Two hundred millions for charity and
a two cent raise in gasoline, in 1920
America the land of free and
the assylum for the world's religiuos
and politically oppressed. TMl was
In the days of Jeffersonian Demoera-
"Government of the people and by
the people and for the people shall not
perish" A. Lincoln. Sovietism (which
is government of the people and by
the people and for the peple) shall not
be allowed a foothold in America, says
I the miscalled department of justice.
Produce more and have more. This
nf nnliHnrit.v nf nil nations and was
Egypt, is the earliest recorded labor therefore considered the Lord and
walk out. Three hundred years later Mft8ter f the world wide mim who
unit we may suppose mat auring mat
time progressive organization had
taken place, the brotherhoods of the
slaves were legalized by three of the
foremost statesman of the
Amasis of Egypt, Solon of Greece, and
Numa Pompilius of Rome.
These men saw that a nation en
slaved is a nation dying. They real-
gave his life as an atonement for hit
people to the wolf bred masters of
"The church tmlnv still hours tha
, -
'name of the ancient union. The Greek
word KURIOS sometimes written
KURIKOS and the Latin word CUR
IA are direct roots of the German
word KIRCHE the Schotch word
ized that when the population became KIRK( ,md fche Engli8h WQrd chttrcn
mur, imw nveu mcTllW( WM alg0 Greek name deai-
production in shop and field had tonBtinp ft , . .nHftn nf linion.
1 .1 1 1 J lL 1 i o " " w
Keep pace-, iney realized, mat me
struggle for existence had been taken 1
was the rule in the hand tool stage from the masters and transferred to
of production. Produce more and have ithe backs of slaves; that leisure would
less is the rule of modern industry.
"Early to bed and early to rise" said
Franklin. More than 100 years later
Congress repealed the daylight saving
cy. In the days of Wilsonian Demo- home.
synodoi from which the presbyter
ians and other denominations get
their term synods. The Pope of Rome
is called Pomtifex Maximus or chief
i bridge builder; in fact the whole ter
minology of modern spook artistry is
shot thru with the language of
these primitive unions. The church it
the evil ghost of labor's assinated
Rome assasinated the ancient labor
unions; not by fire and sword and
wild beast of prey; she tried that and
rtnlv MllPCAiwIiwI in hrihlntv fhem infn
There wa- ;wj another and perhaps ithe catlcomb(1. p, lnntlttAt
more pott-, need for the formation j m
of the Colonic trade unions. It may j... u r unj w.
DebV pictures are still selling. They.be found in the constant danger of ' T'-I " v- Ll
ought to at 26c each. Buy one for you invasion from the barbarian "u
Five seventy five is contained in a
letter from comrade A. B. Atenat. of
Charleroi, Pa. This amount is for
subs care's and literature.
develop new tastes and habits of
culture that would have to be grati-
ified with commoditiv.fi which the
stultified brains of Chl'tlts con' 1 not
supply. They were . ."d to realize
that labor needed a nobler incentive
to work than the whip in the hand of
a master; that they needed an ideal
which thy might hope to attain thru
the perfection of their arts and crafts.
eyond the frontier. The masters I
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