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Official Organ of the Communist Labor Party of Ohio.
NO. 108.
at Cleveland
CLEVELAND, 0, FRIDAY, FEPR. 27th 1920.
Address all mall to
3207 Clark Aire., Cleveland, 0.
$1.00 A YEAR
Our Washington News Letter
By Paul W. Hanoa.
WASHINGTON This city will
echo very promptly the decision res
pecting Russia which allied ambas
sadors are expected to reach in Lon
don. The senate sub-committee which
is taking testimony on Russian pro
paganda in America is now marking
time until the announcement for or
against friendly relations with Rus
sia has been made.
The situation here is very simple.
Our official policy, toward Russia is
in the bauds of the Democratic state
department. .But the investigation of
Russian propaganda is controlled by
the Republican senate. Between those
two branches of the government there
iB no love lost.
It is confessed lhat the state de
partment, by following the wobbly
course marked out in London and Pa
flv has got nowhere at all with re
spect to Russia. It has sent a number
of American boys to be buried under
the Arctic Circle at Archangel ami
In the snows of Siberia, and congress,
which has declared no war against the
Russian people, is full of men who
condemn the . adventure. Nobody de
fendant any more.
The Republicans think there may
be a lot of politicaleapital to be made
out of the Russian . muddle, but they
are not wire of their ground. They
suspect, with good reason, that the
allies led by Italy and England, arc
about to make formal peace with the
soviet government. Tf that happens
our Democratic state deparment will
be left high and dry with its anti
Bolshevik program.
And that would give the Republicans
their chance. The senate sub-committee
youl(l proceed to take testimony that
will expose the administration's in
competence, especially with respect
to its lending of moTe Ithan l 00.000.
000 V American money to tV...- discre
dited and irresponsible "Ambassador"
Bahkmetieff, envov of the f-jvitjvo
If the London cat Jnmps toward
friendship with Russia, the senate will
probably call ex-Secretary Lansing as
a witness to explain many awkward
things. And Secretary Baker, who has
confessed on the witness stand that
he turned over many millions of dol
lars' worth of war materials to Kol
chak. without any security except the
personal note of a man in the Bahk
metieff "embassy" here. George Creel,
Col. Raymond Robins, Edgar Sission
and others have also been listed for
On tho other hand, if the smbas
sadors at London should issue a state
ment hostile to the Russian govern
ment, and indicating the possibility of
further war against it, the senate com
mittee will direct its animosity against
K. Martens, the soviet
What it Costs to Live Decently
Ludwig C. A.
representative who is now its star
witness. The notorious Lusk committee,
New York, can supply enough sensa
tional innuendo to "justify" the de
portation of Martens. It will be seen
that fho Republican senate is in n
position to win a lot of political
publicity no matter whether the Rus
sian penny turns up hoads or taijs.
Good judges n of the opinion that
further war against Rimsia is impos
sible for the allied powers. As every
newspaper proclaims, the big crisis
facing western civilization is that of
diminished production and impending
financinl collapse A war against Rus
sia or any other nation would certainly
postpone a cure of the major evil, and
might hasten the feared disaster.
And Japan Is obviously not going
to piny alone with the Russian fire.
Recent news is that an uprising of
patriofs ha? wrested the northern half
of Korea from .lap control. China Is
bitterly hostile to the Mikado and
will take advnntnge of the first op
ening to adjust tho Asiatic balance In
rer favor,
Soviet Russia has re'urned all the
territory stolen by the czars from
Persia, Afghanistan, and Mongolia,
whoso peoples for tho first time in
two .onturies. are free to concentrate
their energies against encroachment
fnmi the west, t'outh and east
against the imperialists of Europe and
By Arthur Thomson
There is an organization of
property interests and labor
exploiters, with headquarters
in New York City, known as
the National Association for
the Protection of American
Rights in Mexico. This aisso
ciation with the long name is
composed of agricultural, min
ing, oil, security and banking,
and "general interest" groups
of American capitalists having
property interests in Mexico.
The House of Morgan, Stand
ard Oil Co.. Anaconda Copper
Co., Doheny oil interests, and
other big concerns .are repre"
sented on the association's
board of directors.
The association main
tains a high salaried press
bureau, the director, ac
cording to his own testi
mony before the United
States sub-committee in
vestigating Mexican af
fairs, receiving a salary of
$20,000. This press bureau
floods the country at op
portune times with mis
representing reports about
Mexico, and conducts an
insidious intervention pro
paganda. Knowing that .
war is an upopular subject
with the people since the
European war and "inter
vention means war" these
intervention propagandists
r camouflage it so as it will
not be thought that they
are advocating interven
tion, or war.
None of the association di
rectors advocate intervention,
to hear them tell it, but though
not advocating intervention
their organization is engaged
in propaganda for the purpose
of pulling the wool v over tile
people's eyes, and making
them believe i is necessary to
intervene in Mexico in the in
terests of "law and order"
and protection of lives. . Of
.cirarse, they are not interven-
itiomsts! Thev sa thev are
Mexican affairs that the pea
son who reasons superficially
and readingDoheny 's testimony
comes to the conclusion that
intervention is necessary. That
is the purpose of all this in
sidious intervention propa
ganda trnrdying stories of
atrocities, the anarchv and
bandit stories, the murder
maps, etc.
Denounces Committee.
A San Francisco paper has
evidently become so disgusted
with the "investigation" con
ducted by the senate sub-corn
mittee "investigating" Mex
ican affairs that it savs edi
torially of the evidence offer
ed at the hearings:
"Newspapers are being
hooded wun norts or
partisan opinions by un
known and irresponsible
persons rescue from ob
scurity solely $f the pur
pose of stirring up strife
between the tw countries.
No man so ixumuficant he
is not being t&e'n to San
Antonio to tettify before
senate sub-comnittee if it
is thought that he has
some grievance against
"The very nature of most
of the evidence is such as
would be thro Km out of
court in a trial or stealing
a dog. When dc nunentary,
it is usually ivial and
sometimes fai weal, but
more often it consists of
no more than hearsay.
"If America is to go to war
on some of the evidence tend
ered at San Antoilio it tfiH be
a crime aggravated bv the
appearance of a damnable con
There is one thing very
conspicious about these in
tervention its and insidi
ous pro;; , andists against
Mexico and that is they
are invariably either, hold
ers of Mexican properties
or are actuated by proper
ty considerations. Senator
Fall, for instance, chair
man of the senate commit
tee investigating Mexican
affairs, is "engaged in
not! EL. Doheny, the oil mil
lionaire of Los Angeles and a
leader of the association with
the long name, who has large
oil interests in the Tampion
district Of Mexico,- says he is
not an interventionist. But ai
the same time he' paints sucl
a picture a false picture of
mining in Mexico." Some
bold, bad people in Texas
had the daring audacity to
adversely criticize Fall
and his committee recent
ly, and the senator from
New Mexico felt it his
duty to get on the witness
stand and answer his crit
ics. He said in answer to
charges that he was finan
cially interested in Mexico,
that the extent of his
property interests was
stock in a mining company
valued at $75,000.
Of course if the United
States was to intervene in
Mexico and set up a govern
ment acceptable' to Wall Street,
Senator Fall's mining ttock
w.ould probably in a short time
increase in value many times
ever. But then don't think for
a moment that Mr. Fall wants
intervention! He says he is not
an interventionist. Of course
you must not go looking up the
record ot these belligerent
senators, as it mav spoil
things. In 1916 Senator Fall
called for 500,000 soldiew to
police Mexico!
Then there is William Ran
dolph Hearst. This jingo jour
nalist with his string of me
tropolitan newspapers openly
advocates intervention in Mex
ico. No storv is too wild or
fantitstic f otlte Urarat jomr
"Watchfut Waiting"
nals. Anything of propaganda
value, play it up, seems to be
the rule.
Heart s Big Holdings
The Mexican Herald, August
24, 1908, published the follow
ing information, which throws
an interesting light On the
Hearst eagle screeching for
"With over a million acres
of the finest agricultural and
grazing land, with large herds
I blooded cattle, horses and
sheep, roaming over this vast
domain, the big Hearst 1 cattle
ranch and farm in Chihuahua
is the peer of any such estate
in the world whether-it lies in
the green corn belt of Illinois
or Kansas, or stretches for
miles across tho windswept
I'""" I.UAJir HllU iKia-
lioma. Two hundred and fifty
miles of barbed wire fence en
close a portion of this vast
Continued on page 4th.
By Scott Nearing
Health and deceny cost money in
these United States just how much
is indicated in a recent report of the
United States department of labor.
This report "presents the results of
a study made to determine the cost
of maintaining a family of a govern
ment employe in V'nshinKton at a level
of health and decency." "Health and
decency" are thus defined:
1. A sufficiency of nourishing food
for the maintenance of health, parti
culaily the children's health.
2. Housing in low rent neighbor
hoods and within' the smallest possible
number of rooms consistent with de
cency, but with sufficient light, heat
and toilet facilities for the mainte
nance of health and decency.
3. The upkeep of household equip
ment, such as kitchen utensils, bedding,
and linen necessary for health, but
with no provision for the purchase of
additional furniture. ,
4. Clothing sufficient for warmth,
of t. sufficiently good quality to be
economical, but with no further re
gard for apperance anu style than is
necessary to permit the family mem
bers to appears in public , and within
their rather narrow social circle with
out slovenliness or loss 'of self-respect.
5. A surplus over the above ex
penditures which would permit ef only
a minimum outlny for such necessary
demands as (a) street car fares to
and from work and necessary rides to
stores and markets; (b) the keeping
up of a modest amount of insurance; "
(c) medical and dental care; (d) con
tributions to churches and labor' or
benefit organizations; (e) simple amus
ements, such as the moving pictures
once in a while, occasional street ear
riders for pleasure, some Christmas
gifts for the children, etc.; (f) daily
This modest "health and decency "
standard, for a family coneisting of
boy of 11, a girl of 5 and a boy of
2 years of age cost, in the city of
Washington, during October, 1919,
Two thousand, two hundred-eighty-e:.ght
dollars and twentyfive cents!
Any man, with a young family of
three, whose income was less than
that amount during Odtober, 1919,
could not live in Washington on a
standard of health and decency. Two
thousnnd, twr. hundred eightyeiirht dol
lars a year is between $7 and $8 per
working day. Tf these working days
are of eight hours, that means about
$1 per hour.
Manufacturers journals please copy.
irh liaufe und zahle die hnee.hston
Preise fner alte Briefmarkon und Brief-
marken flnniinlnngen. Im Palle Sl
etwas T.n efferieren haben, kommon
odor sohroiben Bio tnr Redaction dieser
Zeitung, odcr mfen Sio Harvard SCSfc
Old Poatngo Stamps or original
envelopes or entire stamp collections
bought 'at highest prices, if you have
anything to offer, call at the offloe
of the Toifer or phone Harvard MV.W.
CHICAGO Argument of the appeal
before the UnUed States circuit court
of nppeuls for the reversal of the ver
dict of "guilty" in the cases of
Victor L. Bergorl T. Louis Fngdall,
Irwin St. John Tucker, Adolph Gernw!r
and Willinm P. Kruso has been set for
March 11.
Attorney for the five Socialists, Sey
mour Stedman, filed' the' appeal, to
which the government has just an
swered in a brief of 308 pages in
length. Tho bulk of the brief is occu
pied with tho published writings of tho
five. "Free Bpeech is a matter of time
and place," says the document.
Tho fact that most of the alleged
(ffenscs were committed before tho
passage of the espionage law is dis
mistied by the statement that tho pa
pers and leaflets complained of wore
distributed after the passage of that
The storv thnt appeared in the
Hearst papers to the effect that Iho
government asked in the brief fur the
immediate cancelling of the ball bonds
and tho jailing of the fire men 2s
pure fiction, with absolutely no basis
of fact,' according to an official state
ment at Socialist party headquarters
History". This work is especially arranged for study
class use. Likewise adapted for home study. '
You will find this just the thing you have been wish
ing for. It 19 not a dry, brainracking work, but an in
tensely interesting, lively written book that appeals to
(.very Trader. Wo can think of nothing which wo could
puhKah that would givo our readors nnoro-pleasure and
instruction than this treatise on social facts amd their
Organize a Study Glass Now
We want onr reader to get the full benefit of
tins series of chapters which have not and will not ap
pear in ony other periodical. And the best way, to) do that
is to organize a study class. Whether the clash bo large
or small, a greater benefit can be secured by this method.
Talk this over with your friends, arrange a place and
time to meet each week and take np hose chapters a
they appear, yon will 1k immensely benefitted :.by them.
'As soon as yon have formed a class plaee write
and toill us, for we want to know how many ftomrades
are taking up this Btndy course. Don't delny. Hie intro
ductory elufpterwill appear in tho next iswue. There are
faurtuen chapters in the book.
Arrange YOUR stiidyciass'now!
rni. . m V- J-J --..!... n. .. B WINNII'KC.-Scvcn lenders of
ine j. oner nas Huccueueu in conuueung tor me
rial ricrhts of a new book, never before published, on
w w ' j mav vii i i iii i in inn i inn m uvi n
Proletarian Science, An Economic Interpretation of chared with -seditions mnspiracy.'
of the Manitoba provincial legislature,
and J. S. Woodsworth for alleged
seditions lihel growing out of tho
strike, arc proceeding simultaneously
ith the other 'trials.
5 1 The men are William Ivens, Richard
1 1 J. Johns, Oeorge Armstrong, ltogcr
In ....... .....
iiraj, Aid. .a. a. neaps, aw. jonu
B Queen, of Winnipeg, and William A.
B j Prit 'hard, O Ynnniuver, H, f
Befere the selection of the inrv
the defense committee nttcmptcd to
defer the trial until the next assises
B because of popular prejudice. This was
R I refused, as was the request to pro-
vent Justice Metcalfe mini judging
Mho case on the ground that he was
irejudiced. The aonunJttM l iimed (hat
I the crown counsel of four, members
Q I were the spokesmen of the Citis'n's
onitnittee of 1,000 during th? strike;
ud thai the inrv panel had heel, re
nted in an irregular fashion. 1'hese
objections were ruled out. A change
of venue was denied. The jury ehoan Is
composed of 12 farmers, most of them
over 60, and therefore not apt to be In
tniu'h with the economic ideis of the
city wage worker.
, The evidence has for the most part
consisted in the reading of sentences
abstract ' from labor resolutions and
Vhe trials of P, J. Dixon, member
8i nnt
I tnr
Soviet Peace Poli
cies Summed Up
. - v. wy rutin
t-pnh'ic upon the conclusion of peace
with Ksthonia was thns summed up
bv Secretary Kilshko of the soviet
delegation to a representative of The
London Daily Herald:
"First, wo do not disuise our do
sire for a similar peace with all the
border states," he said. "Ouracreed
the creed which we are fighting for
it self-determination. But it must be
applied to ourselves also.
"The border states and their bask
France, England, and Amcriea
should have learned by this time that
fcro.it wnrs ennnot be won monov
and munitions alone. They requlro
men. Ours ro fighting for the yision
M the new world which already has
begun to exist in Russia. Therefore,
'verv army fighting us Is overgeneral
Icd and undermanned.
"We bare known that for a long
time; our enemies are beginning to
understand It. flo we expect txfore
long peace offer., beginning with the
Baltic states. On that point it would
be wtll for the allied people to study
the- agreement with Esthonia which wo
hav issued for world-wide publica
tion. Wo want the peoples to under
stand it
"As for any desire on our part to
spread Bolshevism by the sword
throughout Knrope, I believe this
horrid fenr is the reel reason of tho
existing governments keeping -alive
this hopeless and suicidsl war. Our
obvious efforts to release regiments
on the Esthonian front during the
recent negotiations, so that tho men
.-hall return to work, is one little
proof of onr real intention.
It is absurd for sane people lr
rnppoee that a workers' and peasants'
government has any plnce in it for
militarism. Tinngino what a chance
lueh a policy nould have for exist
ence in a country as war-weary as
Russia, even if the soviet lenders willed
it When we deal with the entente
wc shall be willing for more, insist
cn provisions making possible the de
mobilisation of the 2,500,000 men in
the Red armv."
A booklet for the non soeisllst.
Order it distribute it.
Address The Toiler.
il, . . v' a

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