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Strangling American Workers
Kidnapped from the state of Ohio, in much the same
way that Mover, Haywood and Pattibone were spirited
out of Colorado during: the war of the mine barons on
the "Western Federation of Miners, Marguerite Prevey,
after spending over four weeks in jail, was released on
bond from the Cook Co. jail in Chicago last week, in
order to continue her legal fight against the "Law and
Order" "physical forcists" headed by States' Attorney
Maclay Hoyne.
Another dramatic chapter in the rapidly lenghten
ing rule of American Carism was written in the efforts ,
of the state of Illinois to get its clutches upon Mar
guerite Prevey of Akron, Ohio, a life long Socialist,
indicted by Illinois grand jury on charges of "criminal
syndicalism"; when on March 3rd Comrade Prevey was
taken from the county jail at Columbus, Ohio, in defiance
of the orders of Comanom Pleas Judge Kincaid and kid
napped to Chicago.
The Columbus papers announced complacently nexi
morning that this lawless, anarchistic act had been per
formed "on the t'd vice of Prosecuting Attorney Hugo
N. Schlesinger."
The direct and arrogant contempt of court which
was comittod is apparent upon review of what had occur
ed in court that day.
On Wednesday, March 3rd, Judge E. B. Kincaid
after investigating the additional evidence furnished by
Illinois, seeking extradition of Mrs. Prevey, decided that
altho there was "very slim" evidence of any propaganda
of vioelnce, he would rule there was enough to authorize
the requisition, in order to allow the attorneys for Mrs.
Prevey to take the case on error to the Court of Appeals.
To enable them to perfect their error proceedings he
granted a 48-hour "stay of execution."
Tin1 entry containing this ruling and its stay of
execution vas filed about 3 P. M. the same day. And
aborit one Hour later tiie petition in error bringing the
matter on review before the Court of Appeals was filed.
Prosecuting Attorney Schlesinger refused to waive
service of summons in the error proceeding, a common
courtesy among lawyers, and a precipe was filed in the
clerks office to have him served in the regular way.
All this was done before the courts adjourned on March
34rd. Therefore, Mrs. Prevey was legally secure under
tlio protection of the courts of Ohio, her home state,
which were to decide wether it was right and lawfull to
deport her to Illinois beyond their protection.
The next morning, March 4th, the Court of Appeals,
then seating at Dayton, approved an entiy granting
stay of execution of the judgement until a final decision
had been reached in the upper court, this entry was
immdiately mailed to Columbus and filed. Had the sup
posed guardians of "law and order retained the least
shred of respect for the orders of their own courts and
'laws of their own state, which they were sworn to uphold
and defend, Marguerite Prevey would have remained
safe from extradition, in the Columbus jail until her
cause could be heard in Ohio.
"T grant a stay of execution for forty eight hours
on this requisition to allow attorneys for Mrs. Prevey
to prepare their petition in error to The Court of Ap
peals, Mi's. Prevey will remain in the custody of the
Sheriff, I Avill decide if she is subject to bond at one
thirty this afternoon."
"This was the statement of Judge Kincaid on
"Wednesday, March 3rd. at 11:30 A. M. at Columbus,
Ohio, I was taken, back to the County jail and locked up.
"About two o'clock that afternoon, the Sheriff of
Franklin Co., (Columbus) Police Matron from Chicago,
and a local Detective, walked into the womens' dept.
of the jail and informed me that I must leave for Illinois
at once, I told the Sheriff that I would like to call my
attorneys on the phone to notify thorn that I was being
taken to Illinois, he said "you can do that wheal Ave got
down stairs to the office." When Iarived in the office,
I was told that I could not use the phone, I protested,
Baying that it was certainly customary, and tlio right of
a prisoner to be permitted to confere with their attorney,
and that I would refuse to leave until I could do so,
appealed to the jailor Mr. Hill, and to the Matron
Mrs. Robb, but they said they had orders from the
Sheriff and could do nothing, so I was forcibly taken
by the Chicago Police Matron, and the Columbus City
Detective, placed im a waiting auto and driven to the
Station, there I was held incommunicado until
after dark, when I was taken out, and placed in an old
dolapidated two passenger Ford car, where the three of
us, crowded together started a chase over Columbus, up
and down the back streets and alleys, the city Detective
who was driving the car said he was looking for a
gasoline station.
"The lighting system and horn of the car wns out
of commission, and when xho driver slowed down the
engine would only hit on three cylinders, after some time
wo finely started out of Columbus, by way of the re-
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The British
THis is not a Trust -- it ?.s Mary's Little Lamb!
Was anybody in the United States
surprised when the Supreme Court
declared that the Billion Dollar Steel
Corporation was not a Trust? If sncii
a one exists, let him be produced
as the most gigantic freak of modern
Let us ask in all candor. how would
any thing presided over by Judge E.
H. Gary be other than holy and
Were Elbert II. Gary the head of
Ali Baba and his Fourty Thieves,
intsead of the directing brain of
thousands of conscienceless profiteers
would any court find his gang of
marauders guilty of misdoing? In nil
probability they would bo declared
a zealous band of Christian apostles
and good Samaritans!
What is this Steel Corporation? It
is a concentration of about all the
great stoel industries of America.
Organized, do you ask, to cheapen the
price of steol to the great consuming
public? No, no, no, not to benefit the
public nt to burden and bleed the
consuming -blic by higher prices
to further swell tno. fortunes of few.
This colossal deal was engineered
by the elder Morgan, and it was of
such a vast and mighty ventury, that
he, prince of capitalistic, jugglers, was
nervous of its outcome but it worked!
After all the best paying plants of
America had been drawn into this or
ganization, prices of all steel products
commenced to soar upward, and in
but a few short years eery cent of
the purchnso of this plants had been
more than paid by the increased
"profits." And at this day the
American public, hns paid for all their
holdings, over and over again. And to
attempt to delude a credulous public
as to their earnings thev injected
fully six hundred millions of watered
stock into their fictitious capitaliza
tion! t
Many people wonder why the Steel
Corporation should pick a jurist and
place him nt the head of nffuirs,
a person bwO perhaps knew no more
about steel, its manufacture Rand ei
plottation than a wooden hobby horse.
A little reflection will show you
the reason of this. There is in tho
statute books a law, moro or less
dead, called the Sherman Anti-Trust
law. This has never renlly frightened
bigger gangs of industrial bandits,
but it has given them a little trouble
and much undesirable notoriety.
It will bo recalled that thnugh this
law, the courts nt times "gnvo a slap
on the wrist," to tho Northern So
curitea Co the Standard Oil the in-
By Bill Smith
famous Sugar Trust the Tobacco
Trust and so on; but not to the U.
S. Steel Corporation! thanks to su
perior juidcal talent. Now you may
more readily perceive why it is ad
visable for these great corporations to
have a member of the Brotherhood of
Judges on its staff. They are con
tinually running foul of the law
dodging it, breaking it and totally
disregarding it. Hence these criminal
orgnniations have need of the most
Cunning and subtle minds that money
can purchase.
Of course every one, with the least
modicum of common sense knows time
the Steel Corporation is a trust and a
most vicious trust at that, irrespective of
tie decision of the Supreme Court or
any other court. No decision of any
court can alter a fact, no matter
how much it may wallop the white
wash brush. The opinion handed down
by Justice McKenna defending this
corporation is of such thin and trans
parent sophistry that it would bring a
blush even to the cheeks of a Jesuit
neophyte, had ho rwitten it; and by
the way McKenna received his rudi
mentary education in a Jesuit insti
tution. Any one knows that a trust is u
combination to control production anil
pi ins and to control more thnu 60
per cent of production makes it amen
able to drastic punishment. You may
laugh here. Judge Gary maintained
that the control of the steel corpo
ration fell below fifty per cent, and
during the war to fourty. Yet this
same corporation was Judge Gary
napping? declared that in ten years
of its existence it controlled HO per
cent, of Americas total steel export!
And who knows how many subsidiary
concerns this trust controls, that
ramifies in all directions in every
brunch of tho steel and iron industry?
It is alleged that it did not "fix
prices or compete unfairly." Who be
lieves this? It is Indeed a stupid per
son, no matter where ho be, who does
not know that his meat prices are
controlled by the Chicago Packing
Gang; his butter prices by tho Elgin
Board; his oil and gasoline by the littlo
old Stnndard Oil, and all his steel nnd
iron by the Stoel Corporator., and so
on. And this Corporation has no com
pel iters except of a fictious char
acter; there arc others in the same
business, but when this corpomtion
raises it prices, nil others by IOSM
strange law of gravitation, raise with
it. Judge McKenna said that this Cor
poration had not resorted to brutalities
to stabilize conditions, but admitted
that with competitors ',' they 'in 1
"trade meetings through the social
form of dinners" etc. A distinguished
person some years ago. said Ibat all
the dark and unholy schemes that had
ever been hatched in Washington,, by
Unprincipled and dishonorable politi
cians had been originated and perfect
ed at these secret meetings-called
dinner parties I And in all history
By Felix Morle. ?
LONDON Underneath its ;
orderly exterior, in a slow but swBF
thorough-Spin! British manner England
now being steadlv transformed into
a state completely controlled by pro-
luctivc labor. I lie upper class opposi
tion is verv strong, and the ignorant
onscrvatism of large sections of the
workers an obvious drawback. e,
month by month" unmistakoble and
permanent progress towards a new era
is being achivied, and the goal now
wrjl in view is something sufficiently
advanced to make the economic out
look of Oompers and Gary seem
ilentictil bv contrast. Ruthless as is
the present policy of British militar
ism in the sublet countries or
Ireland, Tndia and Egypt, it is now
ust as important for American labor
to appreciate the growing power ot
Socialism in England proper as it
is to condemn the effects of a dy:ng
iiiperinlism in her forcibly held do- '
minions. With the exception of Rus
sia, and perhaps Italy and Ger
many. England has more nearly aut-g.-onn
capitalism than any other
great nation. She is Incomparably
ahead of the United States in this re
spect. Throe things about the present labor
movement in England impress them
selves immediately upon the visitor
from America. They may be summed
up by saying that in spite of the
greater pressure of the war more li
berty, justice and common sense have
been left alive in England than in
the United States. There is first a far
greater measure of freedom of spooch
and press on this side. Eor instnnce it
is difficult to find either a labor mass
meeting where the proceedings arc not
closed by singing the Red ilag and
cheering the Russian soviet republic,
or .a reputable newspaper which
characterizes such outbursts as sed
itious. un-English, anarchistic, and the
like. As for police and secret service
raids, suppression of radical news
papers, imprisonment and deportation
of agitators such things may bo
common in Ireland and the United
States but they are virtually unknown
here. If an alleged labor paper is so
extreme as to be redicnlous nobody
buys it. Tf an agitator prattles of
impracticlo tactics he is laughed at.
This keeps everyone in good humor.
There is no cossack terrorism, no
bomb plots by anarchists or capitalists,
no underground discontent, no imita
tion of czaristie Russia.
The result is no danger of revolution
from the standpoint of the government,
no wasted time for the workers in
laving to struggle for the most fund
amental of rights, and real and rapid
progress along lines of radical social
evolution. There are many elements in
this situation which cause grave anx
iety to the traditional governing class,
hut all efforts to check the tide only
u-sult in an increase of the power
and solidarity of organized labor. A
point for America to realize is that
the iiresent state of affairs in Ireland
ind otlier cnliiei-f ennr.trtno tvill vaMi
the careful student has noticed tPOn ne altered in accordant e with
tho principle
that some of the blackest and most
revolting conspiracies have been
hatched at the banquet table! It is
now used as a camouflage by financial
crooks win conspire against the work
ing classes of tho country. Please note
the "horny sons of toil" who attend
these "dinner parties."
Another reason, not given in tho
courts decision, why the solidarity
of this corporation should not be im
paired, is that it is the most powerful
antagonist that now faces organized
labor! If the minutes of these little
"dinners" were written, no doubt
you would find there, this matter fully
discussed by the crafty scheming
brains about that table and yon would
probably find all the plans, all or
derly arranged to encompass the de
struction of all labor unions!
They have picked the conietnry the
grave is dug but can they furnish
tho corpse? It is up to you, and nothing
but absolute and perfect solidarity in
all ranks of labor can prevent it! If
nothing of a revivifying nature occurs
between Gary and Gompers the
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of self-determination.
when labor gains control of tho crov-
ernment. The British Labor party is
wrrking as hard in behalf of Ireland
as is Sinn Fein.
A second striking difference to the
United States is found in the English
jaoor leaders. The majority of thorn
are real leaders, men of vision and
ideals, democratically chosen, grad
uates of factory and mine who make
it their business to encourage rather
than repress radical ideas among the
rank nnd file. This results in a al
most incredible differcr.o in the at
mosphere of the two movements op
timism, harmony and progress along
fundamental lines being the dominant
characteristics here. It is the fact that
the radicals are in command of En
glisV. labor that makes the psychology
of a Gompers something to the mov
ement here. There is no blinking tho
fact that men like Fob Smillie, Bob
Williams. Frank Hodges, and others
who have a large share in the control
of English balor policy would bo in
Mnundsville or Atlanta if fate had
made them citizens of the land of the
free. Ramsay MacUonald told me that
he doesn't consider Gene Debs more
radical, yet the strength and sohoiioi
of the British miners is such that
their government dare not touch this
labor genera! .Several most prominent
in the labor movement hero would
scarcely believe mo when I remarked
(Continued on pago 4.)
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